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The Men's Store
You can do better
here quality Price
for the
Your blood rtill S
tingle at sight B
of our Ready to
Wear, Clothes .
The jiatt- rns we are showing,
the style and the tit of the gar
ments, make them the standard
for men and young men. A few
Fourth of July offerings, many
mort on exhibition in our cloth
ing department at
Men's suits,
mixtures, eu
latest dictate
Staple and
t according
s of fashion.
o the

$ 13.50
fit $15
Superb display of suits; its many
different styles and colors as the
shoe dealer offers in footwear.
Just as certain a fit. Values up
$ 19.00
Hand tailored suits, made for
men who will wear nothing but
the most stylish and perfectly
fitting garments. Dawn and
peart grey colors. Values up to
$ 24.00
Boys' two and three piece suits,
long and knee pants, in light and
medium weight, tweeds and fan
cy worsteds, Norfolks, double
and single breasted, ages 3 to
19 years.
$ 5 . 00 & $ 5.85 suits $3.95
$ 7.85 suits .... $5.00
Of Local Interest
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ward left for their
home in Butte Friday morning after
an extended visit to Fergus county.
Charles Fasel, bookkeeper for the
Barnes-King Mining company, was in
the city on business last Thursday.
Tit best grind stone on earth is
the Cleveland Auto Ball Bearing. Sold i
by Lehman & Co.
Hugh Green of Gilt Edge was in
the city Saturday, having .m t his
wife here. Mrs. Green has been over
at the Springs for several weeks.
Chas. W. Morton, broker, Lang build
ing—should you want to buy or sell
cattle, sheep or horses.
Woodson Badger, bookkeeper for the
Gold Reef Mining company, and R. W.
*Blake, the popular merchant of the
Judith mountain camp, were|,business
visitors in th- city yesterday.
FOR SALE—Good boy's saddle. Has
been used but a month. As good as
at this
to buy
your hid
s and
A. M. Me
ad, as no
me else
is I'll.
ing <
r cont rat
ting for
and Fur
Co. We
ia.v fu'l
Window screens,
wire cloth, all sizes,
Hardware Company.
screen doors and
at the Judith
Murray Deaton returned Saturday
afternoon from an extended trip with
the roundup in the northern part of
the county. Murray spent
years of his life in the saddle and is a
general favorite with the boys out cm
the range. He says that he saw a
great deal of country during his ab
sence and that all of it looks better
than it has for years, pr-saging a
bountiful crop of grass and fat stock
for the summer and autumn market.
Mat Weber returned Saturday night
from an extended visit with his par
nts in Minnesota. His father, the
delicate condition of whose health
called Mr. Weber east, is still very
1 .....rly. Mat informs the Democrat
the ountry is looking very tin that
he visited. Great rains have caused
the entire country west of the Missis
sippi to bloom as a garden and th~
greatest crops of grain and hay ever
raised in the land are assured.
Claude W. Weaver of Kendall and
Miss Nora Ellen Compton of Newton,
Ills., were united in marriage at the
M. K. parsonage last Friday, th- Rev.
| Winters officiating. Mr. and Mrs.
W. .ver will make their home in Ken
dall. Those present at the ceremony
were Mr. Weaver's father of Newton,
Ills, his sister, Mrs C. A. Labreche
of Kendall and Bert d'Autremont of
this city.
A small but appreciative audience
heard th mu deal program given last
evening at Culver's hail by Miss Etna
line D. Sp irit of the Spach Conserva
Guaia«te;s to extract teeth without
pain by us - of somo fome. Office op
posite Day House.
If you want money, you will have to
start gathering it. Most people wait
for a whole fortune to come at once.
You probably have a fortune coining
to you, hut it will com- a little at a
time. If you keep spending it as it
comes, of course you will never have
your fortune. Start storing It—open
an account with us today and make it
grow. Our savings department will
increase the store.
Lewistown, Moitana
tory of Music in Helena and Miss May
•.'alley, one of the advanced pupils.
Miss Spach is a soprano with a voice
of exceptional range and quality and
highly pleased her audience. Miss
Galley is an accomplished pianist and
not only her accompaniments but her
piano solos nn-t a hearty response from
the house. The ladies will give a con
cert in Moore this evening.
O lied' O lied! Delicious lied!
That heaven on earth to weary head,
Resting on an emrich pillow and an
Ostemoor mattress, sold by the Lewis
town Furniture Co.
John H. Charters and J. T. Wun
derlin w nt to Ruby gulch, this side of
the Judith mountains, Wednesday to
inspect some mining property upon
which Mr. Charters is doing some
work lhis summer. The property looks
most encouraging and it is the opinion
of practical mining men that Ruby
gulch will some day furnish a big
mine to Fergus county.
George S. Wells and E. Ellsworth,
two experienced contractors and build
ers, have formed a partnership and are
cations for house building. They are
experienced men at the business. Call
on or write to them at Lewlstown.
Montana. 2-27-tf.
Mrs. L. A. d'Autremont, accompani
ed by her son, Ray, and two daugh
ters, Rose and Florence, arrived in
this city Thursday evening from Min
nesota and have taken the house for
merly occupied by C. A. Delzell on
Seventh avenue. Mrs. d'Autremont is
the mother of Art and Bert of the Fad
Shoe & Clothing company and will
make her home In this city. Bert, wh*
rented the house for them some time
ago, has now established his innocence
of any matrimonial intentions such as
were attributed to him at the time.
The Cottonwood creamery is now in
operation and some of the finest but
ter ever made in the countv is being
turned out. Give the butter a trial.
Bert d'Autremont. the popular shoe
and clothing man. was the victim of a
josh yesterday morning and has been
looking for the perpetrator ever since.
A certain very charming young lady,
toward whom 'tis said, Bert has a
brotherly feeling, was scheduled to
leave on the train. Some individual
who said he was Bert d'Autremont,
called up the two buses and the hack
Sunday evening asking them to call at
the Darrow place fur a passenger. The
convenances got there about th
same time but Ih re was but one pas
senger. Needless to say, they all had
it in for Bert, who, they thought, had
ordered them to pull up th - muddy
street and they went after him when
they found him down at tlie station
about train time. The young man had
a difficult tint explaining how it hap
pened at the same time raining male
dictions on the head of the "josher."
I have a number of lots and five
h uses and lots in good locations that
I will entertain a reasonable oger for.
Owner is not in good health, wants to
go to California. "Morton."
The Nichols was in from his ranch
near Garneill the middle of last week.
Mr. Charles Hughes, more familiar
ly known as "Grandpa" Hughes, one
"* the old timers of Fergus county,
who lives on upper Beaver creek, has
b,en at the Sisters' holspital for sev
eral days past undergoing treatment
for his eyes. Last Saturday his light
eye was operated on for cataract,
which was successfully remov -d, and
should he continue to improve as rap
idly as he has done so far, he will lie
aide to r-turn to his home In a few
days more, the happiest man in Fergus
countl. for he has been for several
months prior to the time he was ope
rated on, practically blind. The oper
ation was very successful and liis
many friends will # be glad to hear of
his good fortune in regaining his
Take an advertisement In the Lew
lstown and Fergus County Directory
Every live advertiser in the county
will be represented in the next issue.
The directory men are now making a
nw hook. Don't miss it. It will pay
B. F. Gordon, the well known ranch
er and stockgrower of Straw, was
business visitor to the city last Thurs
day end Friday and while here, pall
an appreciatice visit to the Democrat
office. Mr. Gordon states that the en
tire bench country looks better than
he has ever seen it and that the pros
pects for a big grain crop were never
so bright as at the present time. Straw
he describes as the liveliest "camp" In
the county, a large railroad grading
camp being established on either side
and hundreds of men and teams being
at work grading. The Billings &
Northern railroad runs within two
miles of the Montana railroad at
Straw and grades have been thrown
up for switches, indicating that It Is
the intention of the new company to
establish a station which will be a sort
of twin sister to Straw.
W. S. Smith has a nice large sized
mahogany Case Steger Piano, in good
shape, but second handed; cost $ 450 ,
will sell for $200.00. This is a bargain!
Don't wait. It will soon be gone.
Many Interesting Events Will Make
the Day a Notable One
The various committees having
charge of the Fourth of July celebra
tion are rapidly closing up their work
and the indications today point strong
ly to one of the grandest days in the
history of Lewistown. It is now as
sured that there will be three bands,
Kendall, Straw and Cottonwood, and
there will be a world of other features
to make the occasion a memorable one.
Great interest is being taken in the
parade. The float representing the
45 states of the union will be worth
coming all of the way here to witness.
This float will contain 46 young ladies
each representing a stat in the union
and a Goddess of Liberty. The float
will be drawn by six while hors -s pro
fusely decorated with the national
colors. The labor union float will al
so be a notable one. A number of
business men arc getting up appropri
ate floats, some of them being comical.
The ladies are making arrangements
for the flower parade which will be a
distinctive feature.
Hon. Martin Maginnis, who was to
deliver the oration of the day, last e\
ening sent a telegram to David Hilg
er that he has been appainted super
visor of the drawing of lands of the
Craw reservation and will he unable
to come. Another state orator will be
present but just who it will lie has not
yet been determine;!. Following is the
program in full:
Salute by a tremendous canonading
at sunrise especially prepared for the
10 o'clock a. m., grand parade.
At the conclusion of the parade,
music by the band at the grand stand.
Reading of the Declaration of Inde
pendence by Irene Johnson.
Adjournment for the noon hour to
1:30 p. m.
1:00 p. m.—Gun shoot between Lew
istown and all comers at club grounds.
1:30 to 3:00—Field sports at the
3:30—Ball game at high school ball
7:00 p. m.—Band concert at grand
9:00 p. m.—Fireworks.
Dame at Culver's hall.
The parade will be under charge of
Marshal Ed Martin and assistants and
the line of march will be eis follows:
' From First avenue directly up Main
street to th- intersection of Fifth ave
nue to Watson street: from Watson
street to Fourth avenue; from Fourth
avenue to Boulevard; from Boulevard
to Fifth avenue; from Fifth avenue;
to Main street; thence down Main
street to Fourth avenue; from Fourth
avenue to the stand.
Program of field sports at the grand
stand at 1:30 will be as follows:
100 yard dash—Gold medal.
Three-legged race—Purse, $5.00.
Sack race, 50 yards—First, $3.00; sec
ond, $2.00.
Boys' race, under 15 years, 50 yards—
First, $1.50; second, $1.00.
Girls' race, 50 yards—First, $1.50; sec
ond, $1.00.
Potato race, und r 15 years—First,
$3.00; second, $2.00.
Standing broad jump—$2.00.
Egg race for girls—First, $1.50; sec
ond, $1.00.
Climbing grease! pole—$3.00.
Boys' race, under 12 years, 50 yards
—First, $1.50; second, $1.00.
Girls' race, under 12 years, 50 yards
—First, $1.50; second, $1.00.
Ladies' free-for-all, 100 yards— First,
$3.00; second, $2.00.
Tug of war—Lewlstown vs. all com
Hurdle race, free-for-all—First, $3;
second, $2.00.
O. W. BELDEN, Judge.
Open to all shooters of Fergus coun
First Event—15 singles, $2.00 entr
ance fee, divided Rose system, $-5-3.
The Silver - Dollar buffet will donate
to the low gun of this event one box
Second Event—10 singles, $1.50 entr
ance fee, divided Rose system, 8-5-3
Ross Mercantile company will donate
one Stetson hat to the high gun.
Third Event, the Wilson Medal—25
sfngles, $2.00 entrance. Targets de
ducted at 2c each, balance of purse to
go to Charles Mclean, present holder.
High gun to win the medal.
Fourth Event—J50 purse donated by
Fourth of July committee, between
Fergus county gin clubs. Targets de
ducted from purse at 2c each, 25 sin
gle to the man. Fad Shoe and Cloth
ing store will donate a Deaton hat to
the high gun and the Big Bear buffet
will donate a tox of cigars to the low
gun. Ed Wright will donate a box of
cigars to the shooter making the long
est run in this event. H. C. Brown will
donate to tie shooter who Is unfortun
ate enough to make the longest run of
misses in this event, a fancy vest. The
Montana Hardware Co. will donate a
case of shells to the club winning the
Fifth Event, Warren Medal shoot
25 singles, $2.00 entrance, targets de
ducted at 2c each, balance of purse to
go to William Hirsch, present holder.
High gun wins the medal.
Sixth Event—25 singles, $2.00 entr
ance, divided Rose system, 8-5-3. High
gun to get one pair North Star shoes
at Lehman's department store. Hugh
Wagner will donate a medal to the in
dividual breaking the most targets in
all of the previous events, same to he
ctlled high average medal.
Seventh Event—Handicap shoot foi
the $15.00 combination woding pants
and boots by Power Mercantile Co. 20
singles, $2.00 entrance. Handicap bas
ed on general average of anyone shoot
ing at 25 or mohe targets in the pre
vious events. Those under 70 per cent
to stand at 14-yard line; 70 and under
75, at 16-yard line; 75 and under 80, at
the IS-yard line; 80 and under 85, at
the 20-yard line; 85 and over, at the
22-yard line. The targets at 2c each.
High gun to receive pants and boots,
balance of purse to be divided 30, 25,
20, 15 and 10 per cent.
The Fergus County Hardware Co.
has offered a $4.00 gun case to the first
high gun on the 14 and 16 yard line,
and a $4.00 fishing rod to the first high
gun on the 18, 20 andand 22 yard lines
In events 2 and 6, the man winning
the prize holds his place for the mon
ey. In event 7, the first high gun wins
the pants and boots only. In the di
vision of the purse the second high
gun becomes first. All prize winners
in this event, except the first high
gun, hold their places for the money.
The Glorious
Fourth of July
Nearly every man, woman and child will want
something new in footwear for the occasion.
We were never before so well prepared to fill these
wants. Our stock is complete in all lines. We men
tion a few items below, just to remind you of season
able footwear. Now is the time to buy, when you can
get your exact size and width.
Women's Canvas Oxfords and Gibson Ties, all
sizes, all widths, at Si.75, S2.00 and up to S3.00. All
have large eyelets and broad ribbon laces.
W omen's Oxfords in plain and patent leathers,
also tans. Several styles to select from. Hand turn
and welt soles. All'styles of heels. Here's where
3011 get the late, up-to-date stvles. Prices range at
£2.00, S2.50, £3.00, S3.50.
^ omen s Slippers, in all stvles and patterns.
Cuban heels, military heels and French heels. Prices
range at £1.75, £2.00, S2.50, £3.00 and up to £5.00. We
carry the most complete SLIPPER LINE in Fergus
Misses', Children's and Infants' Footwear in all
styles. Canvas Oxfords, Blucher cut, patent colt ties,
ribbon laces, tan Gibson ties, and everything that's
new and up to date. Prices range from 50c to S2.00.
M liy not buy your Footwear where vou can get
the best selection. Don't wear shoes that pinch or
hurt vour feet. We will be pleased to tell Vou the size
and width you should wear, whether vou buy vour
shoes from us or not. Ask the people who are partic
ular about their footwear, and are hard to fit. where
they buy their shoes, and nine cases of ten will tell vou
at the
i t
Telephone 1TB ^
When You
Are Thirsty —
There is nothing that will
quench your thirst better than
Club House
Grape Juice
Made from the Finest Grapes—Non-Alcoholic. A
beverage that everyone will like. Don't let
"Profit Greedy**
Merchants palm off other brands on you. We sell
Club House Grape Juice, the very best. It's
65 Cents—Pints 35 Cents.
-A. Hopkins Sons
How you can have good luck?
How you can succeed in business?
How you can make your home happy?
How you can conquer your enemies?
How you can' marry the one you
How soon vou can marry?
How sool your lover will propose?
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How you can remove bad influences?
How you can become a clarivoyont?
How you can hold your husband's
How you can keey your wife's love?
Just what you want to know, no
matter what your business is—Love,
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ONE you love, how to overcome ene
mies. A visit will convince all. I teach
Palmistry and how to develop as a
Clarivoyant. All questions answered.
Skeptics and unbelievers Invited.

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