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LEWISTOWN, MONTANA ........................
..............October 23, 190$.
TOM STOUT........................................
-------------------— —........SS--=
—Publisher and Proprietor
-------------------— —........SS--=
Democratic Ticket
Vor Representative In Oojngrna*
ffffr Associate Justice of the
Mate Senator—
State Legislature—
County Commissioner, Six Year Term—
County Commissioner, Four Year
County Commissioner, Two Year Term
County Sheriff—
County Attorney—
County Clerk and Recorder—
County Treasurer—
County Assessor—
Superintendent of Public Instruction—
County Surveyor—
County Coroner—
Public Administrator—
Justice of the Peace of Utica Town
Justice of the Peace of Big Spring
Justice of the Peace, Maiden Township
J. 8. KELLY.
Justices of the Peace of Maginnla
Constable Big Spring Township—
Constable Utica Township—
Mr. Smith's Position
Oa another pag.e of the Democrat ap
pears a communication from Mr. Frauk
E. Smith, republican candidate for
county attorney, in Which the gentle
man takes severely to task for the "In
sinuation" that he will not enforce the
anti-gambling law In case of his elec
The Democrat maintains the position
taken in our previous issue. We have
never stated that Mr. Smith has made
any promises to the gambling element.
We very readily believe Mr. Smith's
assertion that he has not "been asked
to make any promise or pledge" that
he will not enforce the laws against
I '
doth fraternity thought it necessary to
exact any sudu promise from Mr.
We believe that the gamblers "knew
their man" so far as Mr. Smith is con
At any rate, they are supporting him
almost to a man.
We Bimply ask. Why in all reason are
they doing this If they do not believe
Mr. Smith will be * better men for
them in -their lllqg&l huaineoe then.
ffr. Smith ware that he to*
".give every man » square deal."
In the absence of anything else the
gamblers will doubtless he satisfied
with a "square deal-" Most any ktfd
of a "deal" will look good to them
If we remember correctly, Mr. Smith
di>d not consider tihlat everybody waa
getting a "square deal" when the city
council, two years ago, passed an or
dinance requiring saloon keepers to
give bonds which they were to forfeit
in case they violated the gambling la-w.
That ordinance waa Intended to close
gambling In this city. Mr. Smith waa
unalterably opposed to that ordinance.
There is nothing to Indicate that Mr.
Smith was particularly opposed to tbs
crime of gambling when he was county
attorney on former occasions.
The last time he served In that ea
paeHtr. the present anti-gambling stat
ute was In force.
People who lived here at that time
distinctly remember that the Tiger pnr
«ud Mg wag uninterrupted by Mr.
The records of the district court do
Set Mow 8 solitary prosecution under
teat law by Mr. Smith.
Promises mads under the stress of m
heated and close campaign carry little
weight when net up against paat per
The friends of Mr. Smith are baaing
claims <of his election upon the support
which he is going to receive from the
gambling elemnet.
The gamblers of Fergus counity are
not fools .
They are not voting directly against
their interests.
If they were, they would be support
ing Roy E. Ayers instead of Frank E.
It is said that the "faithful" are hap
py. John A. Drake's bar'l has arrived
and there is rejoicing among the hung
ry ones of the G. O. P.
Frank Smith and his supporters are
resorting to abuse and misrepresenta
tion, sure indications of a desperate
The week Just ended was a bad one
from a republican standpoint. They
lost ground every day and the retreat
threatens to become a rout before the
day of election.
Judge Henry C. Smith of Helena, the
republican candidate for the assoclata
Justiceship, was nominated in the re
publican convention by a gentleman
who was once disbarred from the prac
tice of law in the state of Montana for
being guilty of a felony.
The Argus says that Roy E. Ayers
has permitted gambling in Gilt Edge
while suppressing it in Lewistown.
Why is it then that four out of five of
the Gilt Edge gamblers are working
tooth and nail against the election of
Mr. Ayers?
Matt Regan's election as Justice of
the peace is another assured fact. Matt
promises to poll the largest vote in tihjs
township. Arne Dahl is pot worrying
any over that office of public adminis
trator and Charlie Williams is certain
to be chosen constable of this township.
Charlie Myersick appears to have
Paul Smith on the run. Charlie has
been making a splendid, clean, fair
campaign. He is a "home grown" boy,
a product of Fergus county and num
bers his friends among the voters by
the hundreds.
The republicans have given up the of
fice of sheriff although Baker Is work
ing right along. Ed Martin is now out
rounding up his friends of which hs
has thousands in Fergus county and it
is merely a matter of how great his ma
jority will be. The republicans have
attempted to Ho a little dirty work in
connection with this campaign but it
is now reacting on their candidate.
The election of Miss Orpha Noble ti
the position of superintendent of
schools seems almost assured. Miss
Noble, being a Fergus county girl and
known to be especially competent, ap
pears to be entitled to the place. The
I ' unfortunate Insinuations of the Joks
Sheet (unfortunate for the paper's rep
utation for fairness and gallantry) has
materially helped Miss Noble along in
her race.
For county assessor John Marshall is
dally gaining strength, Samuel Ander
son, the Independent republican candi
date, la expected to draw some votes
from the other republican nominee,
Edwards. Evidently the party organ,
•the esteemed Joge Sheet, has quit Mr.
JPsyprdp tor fir. Anderson and with
*}»(* # dtolglcp to the jparty. MarahaH*s
chance* of election ate way bright to-f
Of the legislative Uogat' 'Charles Fag
el and H. L. DeKalb have both made
excellent impressions wherever they
have gone. These energetic young men
have visited about every part of the
county, openly and eloquently pro
claiming their attitude on public ques
tions, whereas their opponents, Mr.
Thompson arid* Mr. Greene, have not
even taken the trouble to leave their
homes About all the voters of Fergus
county know about the republican can
didates for the legislature Is that they
are both owners of ever so many thous
ands head of sheep. They have not
made known their position on one soli
tery issue in this campaign. For these
reasons, the democrats are In the lead
so far as the legislative ticket Is con
«nn to In*
mM But fir CUMra
wigtor PHtLLi#« i
| The republican^ paper* are crying |
that Hon. T. J. Walsh is a corporation
attorney. An examination of the rec
orde of this state will show that Thom
as J. Walsh has won more cases for in
dividuals against large corporations
than any other attorney in the state
He has built up a great law practice
principally because of bis ability to
successfully cope with tbt best trained
attorneys which the railroads and oth
er big corporations always have on
their side.
8tate r . w « lnrr Ray bac bans heard
to say that Edward Martto who tow
been keeptog the hook* of the sheriff's
o®ee while acting In the capacity of
under sheriff, has kept the neatest set
of hooks to be found in all the sheriffs'
offices of the state. The late "Buck 1
Hudn&ll, who preceded Mr. Ray In the
office of state examiner, said the same
thing. Few people realise that there is
some important clerical work connected
with the office of sheriff. Ed Martin
has shown hds ability both as an out'
side and an inside official.
Rufus Thompson and A. C. Greene
consider their election assured facts
and are not maknig any campaign.
Neither of them has taken the trouble
to tell the voters their attiude on a good
many very important subjects. The
democratic candidates for the legisla
ture are visiting every section of the
county declaring publicly their position
on issues of the day. Come, Mr. Greene',
come, Mr. Thompson, speak up, not
through the very unreliable columns of
the Joke Sheet, but tell the people with
your own tongues what you stand for.
Henry Rae is making absolutely no
headway. He is admitted to be a good
single-handed campaigner, but the
people of Fergus county are too well
educated to the situation to be im
pressed by his palaver. They know
that his residence here Is of a very
temporary nature, that he was nomi
nated by the republican leaders simply
to furnish the ''substance'' for the cam
paign, that he is absolutely unac
quainted with the needs of Fergus
county and Montana and that he rep
resents the great monopolistic inter
ests .of this country.
In the special edition of the Joke
Sheet issued last Friday it said con
cerning the rally at Moore and the
democrats: Charlie Myersick and John
Marshall were present but could not be
Induced to face the audience." At the
republican rally a few evenings later
Henry M. Rae was also present and
could not be Induced to face the audl
tnce. Mr. Rae is a candidate for the
state senate and la supposed to be a
spellbinder. From all indications, he is
doing the greater portion of his spell
binding with a big roll of greenbacks
furnished by—that is earned as an
humble laborer in the employ of Trust
Magnate John A. Drake.
For county commissioners the re
publicans are making a desperate fight
Waite, von Tobel, Belden and) others
of the old gang are co-operating with
the central commute in this fight, and
It Ib said that everything with he pos
sible excepon of Frank Smith will be
sacrificed to get Billy Neill re-elected.
They want Billy especially. The old
leaders know that they can depend up*
on Billy to do Just about as they want
him to do because they have tried him.
They believe that Billy, if elected,
will be amply able to handle either Im
islund or Ross.
But the people of Fergus county are
weary of being Jobbed and the senti
ment is in favor of a change in the
commissioner ticket. Petersen, Mal
colm and Parrent are all working hard
and effectively and it looks very much
like a clean sweek for the board.
It Is the policy of the great trusts of
thlp country to get as many friend* as
possible in public positions. For tp
stonee. Mr. Henry Rae is sent to tfce
stete senate of Man tana tewp
county. A measure affecting ^ lft .
tereste «f some great railroad or other
corporation might come up . In looking
over the list of state senators, the at
torneys will come to Mr. Rae. "Who is
he," will be asked. A litUe investlga
tlon will reveal that he is a brother-im
law of John A. Drake. Now Mr. Drake
is one of the organisers of the greatest
trusts In existence, the United States
steel trust. He is connected with vari
ous railroad) corporations. Is, in fact,
one of the very men responsible for the
trusts. Therefore, because of Mr. Ra^s
connection, the men looking after the
Interests of the great corporation will
set down Mr. Rae aa one of their
friends and supporters. And Mr. John
A. Drake, In whose employ Mr. Rae ad
mit* himself to be. will show Henry
wllere It is to the Interest of all to stag
| with their friend., the corporatism*.
Mr - R*e will be governed by Mr.
Drake'* suggestion In that matter. By
electing Mr. Rae, the people of Fergus
county are sending to court another
friend of the corporation 8 end trusts.
Instead' of upholding the hands of
Roosevelt, they are upholding the
bands of Rooeevelt's foes, Aldrich, For
aker and other members of the trust
oligarchy. It to a matter which Use
people of Fergus county should ponder
well, ttois election of a state senator.
The Dem o cr at toss endeavored to
fair at ah times to Mr. J3ae and with
all the narniatesss at our command we
urge tee detent of Mr. Mae.
(Several month* ago it was staged ha
a certain saloon man that he and oth
ers in the same business would raise a
fund of $2,000 to defeat Roy E. Ayers
and elect Frank B. Smith to the office
of county attorney. As a usual thing
saloon men are good business men also.
Those of them who run or desire to
run gambling as an adjunct to their
business want a man in the office of
county attorney who will not disturb
them in this little side issue. Without
saying whether or not Mr. Smith has
promised them immunity, we submit
that Mr. Smith is receiving the support
of wlhlat is commonly known as the
gambling element. We do not believe
that they are supporting Mr. Smith for
sentimental reasons. We believe that
they believe, in fact, know, that with
him in the office of county attorney,
they will have a better opportunity to
ply their gambling vocation.
For treasurer, B. F. Gordon has E. P.
Chandler guessing. The last election,
Mr. Chandler got in by a scratch. He
was then living in Kendall and because
of his residence there, polled a few
more votes than his party and' those
votes elected him. This year Gordon
will get a great majority in Kendall
and he is going to run well all over the
county. There is much diesatisfactloa
with the manner in which Mr. Chan
dler has handled the county funds In
his possession and as a result of this
dissatisfaction, he is going to lose many
votes. Then, too, the people would like
to see some interest collected on the
county monies and converted into the
county treasury. The valued opinion
of the Joke Sheet Constitutional Law
yer to the contrary, this can be done
and will be done if Mr. Gordon is elect
ed to th* office of treasurer.
The hottest contest of the campaign
is for the office of county attorney. Be
it saiid' to the credit of Fergus county
that Roy E. Ayers is decidedly in the
lead in this race. The supporters of
Mr. Smith are resorting, to about every
sort of politics, but the people of Fer
gus county who believe in the strict
enforcement of the law are not being
fooled by any such work. They have
never yet heard or seen where Frank
Smith has said that he will, if elected,
enforce the gambling law. He has
promised to enforce ail laws but the
people want something: more specific
and even if he does make such a prom
ise now, it will be taken with much
salt, as Mr. Smith's attitude on the
gambling question is too well known
to the voters of the county. Ayers is
especially strong in the country pre
cincts and is gaining daily in Lewis
town, Kendall and Gilt Edge.
Hicks predicted a hard freeze last
Friday night and the republican ora
tors who went over to Forest Grove
can testify to the correctness of the
prognostication. Oliver W. Belden, J.
C. Hun toon, Henry Rae "and others,"
went over to Forest Grove in a bunch
but the faithful of that part of the
country refused to be stampeded!. The
crowd was small and would have been
great deal smaller had not Fnsxdt
Millsap widely advertised a grand ball
immediately after the speaking. A lot
of young tolfcf nm to tome* toff
to the «mktog- Tbs audiensp me
roenKestly -nqrvpws while Melton go*
Huntoon were eftylog tfretr pfcce*. A*
ttougl, Mr- Bffe got busy after Afcff
^peaking and burned # p <*ofne Unite#
States Steel corporation dividends- Al
though It Is considered a republican
precinct, there are a number of demo
crats who are conceded good toajorl
ties at Forest Grove.
The republican campaign meetings
ar* proving frosts of the most killing
sort all over the county, it Is the —
old story wherever they have appear
ed, small crowds and absolutely no en
thusiasm. Henry Rae'a minstrel stor
ies have failed to cause much merri
ment and Frank Smith's sonorous
promises are really more mirth provok
ing than the funniest of Henry's jokes.
The meeting at Kendall was an esped
ally hard frees* for the republicans.
In the second largest town In the coua
ty, a town which has a voting popula
tion of four hundred, She republican
spellbinders were able to rout out Just
47 voters by actual count. They had
all of the big guns of the party up
there. Wyllys A. Hedges made a
speech in which he intimated that there
are certain connections between the
sheriff's office and the horse thieves
who have been operating in this coun
IF- Mr. Hedges said this to knock Ed
Martin, democratic candidate Sac coun
ty sheriff. It was the dirtiest piece of
wet* heard of during the campaign and
dtd more to knock Dick Baker teffp to
tosoqtAim- The republicans wosdd fxte
ter keep Hedges to the land office. Ton
Ttobel also made a a pns d b tost did not
arouse a solitary ripple of applause.
Henry Rae's effort was of the usual
minstrel variety. There was something
doing, however, after the speaking was
over. Mr. Henry Rae of Chicago, Ills.,
had evidently Just heard from Brother
John Drake and proceeded to distrib
ute. It is estimated that the bunch
spent over three 1 hundred dollars
around town during the night, Rae
handling the bulk of the cash.
For over two weeks past there has
been abroad persistent rumors of a sale
Fergus County Argus. Although th#
rumor is flatly denied in the last edition
of that paper, the Democrat is relia
bly informed that there are negotia
tions in progress which may ultimately
result In a change of ownership of the
republican sheet. According to the ru
mor, which is confirmed somewhat by
an editorial in the Inland Empire of
Moore, there is some dissatisfaction
among the republicans of the county in
general and the leaders, Waite, Eld 1 -
ridge, Hobson Croft and von Tobal
in particular, as to the past
conduct of the party organ, The "old
gang" is, therefore, considering the
purchase of the property, Jeems Croft
being the gentleman who Is conduct
ing the negotiations. One vary relia
ble rumor has it that Senator Jack
Waite is anxious to get absolute con
trol of the paper In order that he may
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county have had no trouble, especially
since the last county printing
contract was let to the Argus,
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the paper. Brother Vrooman has per
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