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Fergus County Democrat.
Vol V. No. 20.
- s P
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Lewistown, Montana
Alleged Horse Tide! Resists Arrest and Deputy
Sheriff Has To Kill Him In Self Defense
-Few Particulars nf the Shooting.
While resisting arrest last Sunday
evening, John Pfleger, who lives on
Swimming Woman creek, in the
southern part of the county, was shot
and instantly killed by Deputy Sheriff
A1 Morgan.
Few Particulars Received.
Few particulars of the shootin have
been received in this city up to the
time the Democrat goes to press. A
man by the name of Taylor tele
phoned to Sheriff Martin that Morgan
had killed Pfleger and asked that some
of the sheriff's force come down at
once. As quickly as possible, Sheriff
Martin, Deputy Sheriff Riglen and
Coroner Creel left for the scene of
the shooting in an automobile. It is
about fifty miles down there but as
the roads are good, they should have
arrived there shortly after noon.
County Attorney Huntoon and Sten
ographer Gibson left on the train this
morning for Garneill from which
place they will drive to the old
Whelan ranch, twenty miles away,
where the tragedy occurred.
Wanted for Horse Stealing.
A warrant was issued Friday on
complaint of S. J. Belcher, of Lavina,
for ilie arrest of Pfleger for horse
stealing. Morgan left early Saturday
■morning horseback to serve the war
rant. Morgan is one of the coolest
officials in the business and Sheriff
Martin expressed it as his belief that
his deputy shot Pfleger only when it
became absolutely necessary in order
to capture him or save his own life.
One of the worst disasters ever re
corded occurred last Sunday when an
immense tidal wave, caused by an
carthuakeq. practically wiped out of
existence the towns of Messina,
Cecily, Reggio, Italy, and numerous
smaller cities and villages along the
strait of Messina which separates the
main and of Italy from the island
province of Cecily.
Two Big Cities Devastated.
Messina was a city of over 100,000
population and of this number, over
half are dead. Reggio claimed a
population of about 55,000 and of tliii
number, no more than one-fifth sur
Stories of Unutterable Horror.
The following stories sent out by
the associated press, tell of one of
the greatest calamities which ever be
fell the white race:
Rome, Dec. 30.—The immensity of
the disaster in Southern Italy and
Cicily can be measured only by the
fact that it is now estimated that
110,000 people perished in Messina
and Reggio alone. A score of other
towns have been devastated and
thousands of victims in these places
must be added to the roll . In the
The members of the hoard of
county commissioners met yesterday
to approve the bonds of the new of
ficers and transact some other special
business. All of the bonds were duly
approved and the new officers, with
the exception of the county treasurer,
are now at work. Mr. Robinson does
not take office until the first ot
Roundup Would Incorporate.
Attorney Jameson, of Roundup,
appeared before the hoard and
presented a copy of the census re
cently taken in that town. It shows
that Roundup now has a population
of 866 and they have in a petition for
the privilege of incorporating as a
It appearing to the commissioners
that all of the necessary requirements
have been fulfilled by the people of
Roundup, a special election was or
dered to take place February 27th to
Arrested Several Times.
John Pfleger came here about 18
years ago and worked for two or
three years for the Crawford broth
ers. He then retired from active
work and has since lived in a manner
more or less mysterious hut general
ly believed by people residing in the
southern country, by the means of
horse stealing. He lias been arrest
ed two or three times on the charge
of stealing horses hut always man
aged to escape punishment.
Mr. Belcher, of Lavina, came in the
latter part of the week and reported
to the officers that he believed that
Pfleger and some associates had a
bunch of horses ready to drive out
of the country. The warrant was
issued as stated above and Morgan
was sent out after him. For the last
two years, Pfleger lias been stopping
at the old Phelan ranch which now
belongs to C. Yegan, of Billings. He
was about 35 or 40 years of age and
Two Men Arrested.
Sheriff Martin came in Saturday
from Lavina having in charge A
Bruce, a young Scotchman who re
eently came to this country, and Alex
Kethum. They are presumed to be
mixed up in some manner with Pfleg
cr, although the friends of young
Bruce states that lie is absolutely
innocent, having gone to Lavina hut
a few days ago from Garneill where
lie has a brother working for W. II
face of these awful totals, all Italy
stands appalled.
Nor has the full death list yet been
reached. Shiploads of "fugitives have
arrived at Naples and other ports and
the vast majority of these are sorely
injured. Other thousands remain
near the ruins of their homes
wander half starved, half naked, over
the land.
The forces that on Monday over
whelmed the cities also destroyed the
means of sustenance. Telegraphic
communication has been established
with Messina, the apparatus having
been set up in a railroad station
Messages that have come over the
line, though they have been meager
in detail, show that hope is gone.
Nothing remains of the- city hut a
mass of ruins that have been swept
by fire. A mere handful of survivors
is being cared for by the rescuing
forces, but their distress is great, and
it has been increased by the recent
increasing wind that followed the
deluge of rain. Destitution is rife and
appalling. There is little food and
less water. Of Messina's 90,000 popu
lation, it is believed that fully 70,000
perished. Forty thousand perished in
King Victor Emmanuel and Queen
Helena were in Messina today. The
king explored the ruins, regardless of
the danger to which he exposed him
self. He was often moved to tear
at the heartrending scenes he came
upon at every turn. The queen spent
the day in the wards of improvised
hospitals, visiting the wounded, many
of whom have lost all that was dear
to them. Her majesty did her best
to cheer them with womanly words
of consolation, often breaking int
sobs as she listened to their dreadful
determine whether or not the resi
dents of that place desire to
corporate. It is believed that the
proposition will carry although thei
is some opposition to the move.
Appoint Justice for Straw.
K. C. Spurgeon was appointed jus
tiee of the peace at Straw. The Vnat
ter of the appointment of a justice ai
Moore is under advisement awaitin;
an opinion from the attorney general
Two justices were elected for this
township at the last election and th
commissioners were not certain
whether they have the legal right t
choose a third. They realize that
Moore should have a justice and art
desirious of appointing one. In cast
tile opinoin of Mr. Galen is favorable
Homer Detrick will be appointed t
succeed himself in a position which li
has filled to the satisfaction of evert
one in the town of Moore and
vicinity for the last year.
tales of suffering. The king left fur
Reggio tonight.
Catania, the largest city nearest to
tile zone of the disaster, is crowded
with refugees, and the continuous
stream of fugitives coming in, the
sight of the wounded, and the repeti
tion of real or imaginary earthquakes,
have so alarmed the population that
they are becoming uncontrolablo.
There is no longer any place where
he refugees may find shelter. Cardi
nal Francica Nava di Bontife. arch
bishop of Catania, has employed all
he money in his possession to pro
vide bread for the fugitives, hut the
people of Catania also are in great
need, as the ordinary business pur
tiits have been entirely interrupted.
The government is finding difficulty
n ascertaining the fate of the many
foreigners who were in the zone at
the time of the catastrophe, inquiries
concerning whom are coming from
ill quarters of the globe. Admiral
Admaraklioff, Russian commander of
the battleship which arrived with
fugitives at Naples today, confirms
the report of the American consul at
Messina, Arthur S. Cheney and his
wife, iwho were buried in the ruins of
the consulate,
The number of Americans in Cicily
and Southern Italy is believed to he
small, and several of them arc re
ported to have been staying at
Taorminia, which is on the cast
coast, about 30 miles southwest of
Messina. According to the latest re
ports, the place suffered no harm
from the earthquake.
Military in Control.
The minister of war is dispatching
order to the military authorities, who
have practically taken over the aliso
lute power throughout the zone of
the earthquake, explaining:
"This disaster lias resulted in a
greater loss of life than any of our
wars for independence. Indeed tin
situation is much worse, as while
war is always preceded by a period
of poverty, this lias happened within
40 seconds. While war only affects
the young and strong among the peo
pie, the present calamity has mowed
down women and children, old men
and youths.
"While in the war the armies an.
followed by the most complete cam]
hospitals, the numberless wounded
in Calabria and Eastern Cicily have
-ecn left, in many cases, 48 hours
without assistance. Even when
rescued it is impossible to house them
everything lias been felled by the
shock. The lack of care and starva
tion will complete the work that tlie
forces of nature have left undone."
Warmest sympathy and deepest
condolence has been extended by I lu
nations of the world. The message
of France was especially warm, and
she is dispatching five warships from
Toulon to Messina.
This is hailed as a token of love
from a sister race.
The minister of marine tonight re
ceived word that the steamships Tuar
mina and Campania, laden with 45,000
beds and a large supply of provisions
had left Genoa hound for Messina.
Other steamers, also hound fully
stocked, are on their way to the
stricken city, from various ports.
Water and Food Scarce.
The rescue parties, military, naval
and civil ,of different nationalities,
are performing prodigies, hut the task
before them is almost hopeless. Add
ed to the difficulty of obtaining food
and water, there are no drugs or sur
gical appliances. Temporary hos
pitals are being rigged up, hut com
paratively only the men can he re
The survivors of the earthquake
are suffering cruel extremities, and
in Messina they may be seen every
where vainly searching in the dust
and debris for morsels of food.
Late dispatches state that the only
city of Palmi contains 1,500 dead and
twice as many injured . Two-thirds
of the town was laid waste. All the
villages adjacent are damaged se
The king has telegraphed Premier
Geolette informing him that Reggio
is in* the same .awful condition as
Messina and announcing that a Rus
sian steamer with 500 injured will
arrive at Naples tomorrow. His
majesty asks that all preparations he
made for their reception at the hos
pitals, and requests that the ship lit
sent back iwith all tile doctors that
can be mustered.
Dispatches from Catania describe
Messina as appearing like huge in
candescent furnaces. The fire lias
spread to the buildings that had not
yet fallen, completing the work of
destruction, The strait nf Messina is
now covered with corpses of men and
animals. At the present time there
are 12 warships at Messina, four
Italian, four British and four Rus
sian, as well as a number of destroy
ers and steamers. The injured are
being carried aboard the steamers and
will be removed to Naples.
The second act of the drama, "Mer
cedes" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich,
given by Mrs. Wilson next Friday
night, is one of the strongest dramatic
sketches in modern fiction.
W. W. McDowell of Silver Bow County Chosen
Speaker of the House By the Democrats
- Norris Delivers Message.
Special to the Democrat.
Helena, Jan. 5.—The Tenth .Mon
tana legislature was organized here
today and many of the preliminaries
to the real business of the session
disposed of. There were no contests
for places to speak of, all of these
matters having been disposed of at
the caucuses held last Saturday night
by the two branches of the general
McDowell Chosen Speaker.
W. W. McDowell, of Silver Bow
county, was unanimously chosen
speaker of the house, having been
agreed upon at the caucus of demo
crats which was held Saturday night.
Ed Burke, of Deer Lodge county, was
chosen speaker pro tern and C. 7.
Bond, of Gallatin county, chief clerk.
There was a large number of ap
plicants for the score or more posi
tions to he given out by the house
and senate hut those with the best
pull got the plums. Almost every
county in the state is represented
among the employes of the two
Republicans Organize Senate.
The republicans organized tin
senate with Tom Everett, of Choteau
county, president pro tern; Nate G"d
frey, chief clerk and O. Hit I le, of
Rosebud county, sergeant at-arms.
Governor Norris sent his message
to the two houses and the reading
was begun at 3 o'clock.
The most disastrous fire which has
occurred in this city for several years
destroyed over twelve thousand dol
lars worth of property Iasi Wethics
day night.
Parrott and Slater Lose.
G. A. Parrott lost a big furniture
warehouse, a lot of furniture and a
small dwelling house, the total
amount of his loss being about $10,000.
L. P. Slater lost his barn, a fine team
of horses and a lot of hay and grain,
the total value of which was over
$1,(HX). Mr. Parrott had hut $1,000 in
surance and Slater hut $300.
Fire Starts in Barn.
The fire was discovered about 10
o'clock in the Slater barn. It evi
dently started in the hayloft and it is
believed that a cigarette or pipe
originated the blaze. Mrs. Slater dis
covered the fire and telephoned the
fire department, and also to her hus
band. Len jumped on one of his
hacks and drove home in the hope of
saving his little sorrel team .which he
knew to he in the barn but by the
time he arrived at the place, the flames
'had made such headway that Mr.
Slater could not get to his horses and
the poor beasts perished.
Kendall, Jan. 4.— It lias been re
ported that the numerous cases of.
typhoid fever have arisen from drink
ing the water from the spring in
Mulligan gulch. A bacteriological
analysis of the water has been made
by Emil Starz. of Helena, the state
bacterioligist, and he reports that the
water does not show the presence of
bacillus typhosus, the germ causing
the disease, but recommends that
under existing conditions in Kendall
that the water be previously boiled
before using for drinking purposes
and so prevent any risk from con
tracting this dread complaint.
It -would he well for people to get
rid of all collections of empty cans
that usually accummulate in the rear
of their houses and which afford a
good harborage for disease germs of
every description, also to see that
sanitary arrangements are as perfect
a possible by using plenty of disin
Big Inaugural Ball.
I'ho social event nf the season was
'he inaugural hall given last night at
'he big auditorium. The immense
hall was crowded by the hundreds
who were fortunate enough to re
ceive invitations, every part of the
state being represented. All of the
state officials were present and the
uniformed officers from Fort Harri
son helped to make the t ; cene a mos*
brilliant one. >
Week of PrayeV.,
:iyer s
ervices will he
itown fr<
ini tile 11th o
ive, by
the M. E., Prc
list churches
tile services wi
1, be
lyterian church.
he "C
livic Kigliteousn
der wi
ill he the Rev. 1
\ A.
!, (1
f Ken
dall Tuesday -
. v. T1
ids. L. Huxley
! at the Moth
\ the
subject will
' The Rev. 1
. A.
ill lea
.1 Wednesday c
"Young J'
Dimmick v
ing at tin- Baptist church and the sub
ject, "The Allied Churches Abroad."
Thursday night the services .will be
held at the Presbyterian church with
the Rev. J. L. Lemmon, of Moore,
leader, and the subject, "Aggressive
Upbuilding." The final services will
he held I'riday evening at tile M. E.
church by the Rev E W. Wright,
whose subject will he "Our Lewis
town Churches."
The fire department turned out
promplty hut met with a mishap
which delayed operations for half an
hour. They found the water hydrant
frozen and ilu-ir wrenches would not
open it. After two wrenches had
hc-en broken. Street Commission F.l
lison produced a wrench large enough
to open it.
Before the fire hoys were able to
get water on the bames. the lire had
destroyed I he barn and had practical
ly eaten up the big furniture ware
house a few feet away. A dwelling
belonging to Mr. Parrott was also
caught and destroyed.
Other Houses Saved.
Only by the best efforts of the fire
men were the residences of L. P.
Slater and Bart Noble saved. Blankets
were soaked in water and spread over
the roofs and exposed sides of the
buildings and a bucket brigade assist
ed in keeping the flames away from
the houses nearby.
The fire was a hot one, the flames
shooting high into the air and illumi
nating that entire portion of the city.
Despite cold weather, a large crowd
gathered to watch the efforts of the
The difficulty In opening the
hydrant was due to the fact that the
city sprinkling cart had been filled
there a day or two previous and it is
supposed the hydrant was not en
tirely closed up. Chief Bchh has fre
quently cautioned the city authori
ties against just such an occurrence,
claiming that the sprinkler should
always be filled from a stand pipe.
Messrs. Parrott and Slater have tne
sympathy of the community in their
losses which fall heavily on both of
fectants, such as chloride of lime, for
matin, sulphate of iron solution and
others too numerous to mention.
Too much cannot be said in ap
preciation of the public-spiritedness
of James Whittaker, who had this
water tested at his own personal ex
pense . Mr. Whittaker lias the care of
this spring for the North Moccasin
Gold Mining Co. and lias made every
effort in the months past to see that
people should use clean buckets in
dipping water from the spring. The
spring will now be cleaned out and a
pump put in and the spring house
The causes for the typhoid epidemic
must now be found elsewhere. The
county health official has visited Ken
dall and recommends a general clean
up, but no steps were taken to enforce
any such action. From the frequent
(Continued o.. i-. T- 4.)

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