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for ;td
the set
>f new dis
and expense incident to an appearance
before said office. There are already
two U. S. commissioners established
at Harlowton; one at Judith Gap, dis
tant less than eighteen miles from
Harlowton ,and one at Garneill,
about seven miles from Judith Gap.
Furthermore, there has never been a
time in the history of the Lcwistown
Land Diisrict or in the history of the
Billings Land District when com
munications with the land offices of
these districts has been so convenient
or expenditious as at the present
time, and with the increased efficiency
of railroad communication now de
veloping in the territory covered by
these districts, the necessity
ditional accommodations to
tiers in the establishment
tricts is entirely obviated.
Better Accommodations Here.
3. The establishment of a district
as now proposed with an office at
Harlowton, Montana, would not re
sult in any better accommodation to
intending settlers within the larger
part of the portion of the present
Lcwistown Land District which it is
intended to include within the new
district. It will be found upon con
sulting a map of the proposed dis
trict, that a majority of the town
ships included therein, which it is
proposed to segregate from the
present Lcwistown district, would be
better accommodated and would
necessitate less travel on the part of
the settler to reach Lewistown than
the proposed office in Harlowton.
4. The establishment of a new
land district necessitates an initial ex
pense of not less than $6,0(X), and
continual additioal expense there
after in the maintenance of the office,
and for the reasons submitted above,
will result in no additional efficiency
or convenience of service.
5. At the present time Roundup,
a town of considerable size, in the
proposed new district, is endeavoring
to secure the creation of a new
county with Roundup as the county
seat, and Harlowton is also planning
to secure the establishment of the
county seat at that place. With these
places in conflict for the position of
a county seat, both places being lo
cated in the proposed new Land Dis
trict, it is evident that the establish
ment of a new Land District at the
present time with Harowton as the
location of the land office is pre
mature and contrary to the dictates
of good policy.
Be it resolved, That copies of these
resolutions be sent to Senators T. II.
Carter and Joseph M. Dixon and also
to Charles N. Pray, representative in
congress, as the unanimous sentiment
of the Lewistown Commercial Club.
Moore Thanks Lewistown.
Editor of Fergus County Democrat,
Lewistown, Montana.
Dear Sir: At a special meeting of
Moore Commercial Club and citizen*
of Moore, resolutions were passed as
follows: That a vote of thanks be
extended to the citizens of Lewis
town, through Mayor Pinkley, also to
Chief Bebb and his able assistants,
for the kindly sentiment so willingly
shown, in making preparation and
standing ready to come to our aid if
need be, on the night of January 5.
1909, when our town was threatened
by fire.
Further resolved, that we feel grate
ful and appreciate the sentiment
shown by Mr. Spencer, superintendent
of Montana Railroad, in placing at
the disposal of the fire department, a
special train, to carry them to out
aid, if necessary.
We take this means of showing our
appeciation which will long be re
membered by citizens of Moore.
Yours truly,
L. L. Bannon, Scc'y.
Lyric—10c, popular price.
Annual Ceremonies Hugely Enjoyed
By Members and Their Friends.
The Lewistown Hive No. 25,
Ladies of the Moccabees of the World
'held their annual installation of of
ficers in the Pythian hall last night,
and the affair was a most pleasant
One for the large number of members
and friends present.
Mrs. Laura Worden was specially
deputized as installing officer and the
following officers for the ensuing
year were chosen:
Com., Laura Parrott; Lieut. Com.
Lilia Young; P. C., Louise Schroeder,
F. A., Della Myers; R. K., Emma
Kane; Chap., Fannie Richards; L. at
A., Mary- Hall; Sergeant, Emma
Johnson; seminal, Julia Deiziger;
Picket, Etta Wilson; lady of cere
monies, Martha Canon; assistant - in
stalling officer, the guards doing
floor work.
Special mention should be made of
the guards' drill which was conduct
ed in a most creditable manner. Re
freshments were served during tin
evening and those so inclined in
dulged in dancing to the music o:
Culver's orchestra.
Judith Mercantile Company Store Is
Totally Destroyed By Flames.
The most disastrous fire in the his
tory of Moore occurred last Tuesday
nigth wljen the store building and the
larger part of the stock of the Ju
dith Mercantile company store were
destroyed. The fire is believed to
have started through a defective Hue
and had made such headway before
being discovered that the bucket
brigade, Moore's only fire protection,
found it utterly impossible to ex
tinguish the blaze.
All efforts were centered on pre
venting the fire from spreading and
the hardest sort of work was ex
perienced in doing this. It is doubt
ful if it could have been done had it
not been for a good fire wall which
separated the Commercial building
from the Kipe building.
'rite Lewistown fire boys were pre
paring to go to Moore on a special
train when word was sent in that the
fire was under control.
The total value of the building and
goods -destroyed was between $35,000
and $40,000. There was $20,000 in
suarnce and there were enough good
saved to lighten the loss still more.
Until the insurance adjusters have
completed their work, the future plans
of the Judith Commercial company
will not be definitely decided upon.
Lyric—10c, popular price.
Eighth Grade Examinations.
Eighth grade examiantions will be
conducted by the County Board of
Examiners, Thursday and Friday, Jan.
14 and 15, in the assembly room ot
the Hawthorne school, Lewistown.
Montana. Examinations begin at
9:t)0 a. m.
ORPHA NOBLE, Supt. of Schools.
Engraved visiting cards, including
copper plat, 100 for $1.50. Ten day!
to fill orders. Democrat Supply De
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present session of the legislature, but
it is safe to say that none of these
are as meritorious as the one Round
up is interested in. The big counties
of Montana, iwhich are as large as,
and many larger than, most eastern
states, must be divided with the de
velopment of the country, and it is
hardly fair to expect the great Mus
selshell country, traversed by a great
continental railroad, and which is
rapidly being settled up, to long con
tinue under the present arrangement,
it is retarding the development and
growth of the country to keep up the
unwieldly size of the counties of this
state, and especially is this the case
in the -Musselshell valley where it re
quires considerable time and expense
to travel to the county seats. It is
impossible to properly administer this
section and provide for local im
provements such as roads, bridges,
etc., with the county seat 123 miles
away by rail.
The following figures, which are
not exaggerated, show conclusively
that the new county would be in no
danger of going bankruptcy or work
ing undue hardships on the people of
this section in the matter of atxation.
Estimated value of taxable prop
erty in the proposed county of Mus
Assessment of 1908 in the
portion of Yellowstone. .$1,500,000
Assessment of 1908 in the
portion of Fergus........ 1,01X1,000
New railroad valuation
roadbed) ................ 410,000
New mine valuation....... 300,000
New homesteaders ........ 100,000
New towns of Roundup, I.a
vina, Melstone, etc....... 750,000
Total ...................$4,060,000
Estimated revenues, fines and
22 saloons ................$ 7,000
Fines ..................... 3,000
Licenses .................. 3,000
Revenue annually at 15
mills .................... 60,900
Total ......7. ...........$ 73,900
Salaries of officers, county of
seventh class, $11,200. This would
leave the substantial sum of $62,700
to be apportioned to the various
funds. A county of the seventh class
is one having an assessed valuation
of $3,000,000 and over, this being the
class under which the new county
would come under. The taxation of
Yellowstone is based on 15 1-2 mills,
while that of Fergus county is 16
Selfish interests will be brought to
bare against the proposed division but
it is hardly possible that the legis
lature will overlook the benefits de
rived by this section and the state of
Montana as a whole by the formation
of the new county. It is expecte-n
that the hill will pass .with but few
dissenting votes.
Messrs. Quarles and Carroll will
stay in Helena for several weeks and
will use every effort in seeing that the
measure is given the proper atten
Lyric—10c, popular price.
Kendall, Jan. 11.—The -past week
has witnessed one of the longest
spells of zero weather that has been
experienced in this section in years.
Until Sunday, just one week from
date, the cold commenced the warm
est it had been was twelve bclov
zero, while the lowest temperatur.
registered was forty degrees below.
The Gold Links was compelled to
( lose down because their water pipe
froze up. At the Barncs-King it lias
been necessary to throw hot stones
in the spring to keep the water warm
enough to go through the pipes to
the Barncs-King mill without freez
ing up the main pipe-line.
At the Kendall, one or two small
water pipes were frozen up, but the
damage was scarcely worth mention
During the coldest days it -was al
most impossible to run the ore train
from the Santiago to the Kendall mill
and the drifting snow also caused
some trouble.
School commenced once more on
Monday. Mrs. Murch Dryden acted
as substitute for Miss Myersick, who
had not returned from Spokane, and
Miss Nell Fahey taught in the place
of Miss Anna Clinger who was ill
in Lewistown.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie \\ . Harrigan
were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. O.
Wilson several days last week.
bred Franklin was unfortunate
enough to freeze his fingers severely
while driving the stage between Lew
istown and Kendall, last week.
Deputy Sheriff A1 Morgan, of Lew
istown, was in town on his way to
Fullerton last week.
Miss Ada Myersick returned Tues
day from Spokane where she spent
the holidays.
Professor and Mrs. E. \
have taken the rooms in th
the post office.
Mrs. Jesse Woods died
Woods home near the Ho
Bar, on \\ ednesday, leaving a baby
a few hours old. The body was
brought to Kendall and interment will
take place as soon as relatives are
heard from. A husband and little
daughter who is now very ill with
measles, survive her.
A. B. Fox entertained a few friends
at cards at his home on Friday
John and Henry Fitzgerald were
given a preliminary hearing before
Judge Kelly, on Thursday. They
were bound over to the district court
under $5(X) bonds.
The case against John W. Butler,
of Plum creek, was dismissed.
The hearing of the gentlemen who
had conducted and participated in a
boxing contest, came off Thursday,
and they were each assessed "five
and costs."
rear of
at the
se Shoe
Full line of blank books at
Democrat Supply Department.
The Way the Slaughter Houses
Operated by Law.
Slaughter houses in Italy are public
institutions. The law prescribes that
every town of more than 0,000 inhab
itants shall build and maintain a mu
nicipal slaughter house, where all
butchers are compelled to bring their
live stock to be killed. The slaughter
ing itself Is done by the individual
butchers and their assistants., The
conveyance of the cattle, the removal
of the carcasses and the dressing of
the meat are likewise the affair of the
butchers. The city provides the build
ing, keeps it clean and furnishes vet
erinary Inspectors to examine and
pass upon the carcasses.
The Milan slaughter house is situ
ated within the city and occupies sev
eral acres of ground. It consists of a
number of long, single story buildings
made of cement and stucco. The build
ings consist of either a single large
hall or else a row of small box stalls
about twenty-five feet wide and eithei
fifteen or thirty feet deep. Each stall
has a wide double door In front and a
window behind. The buildings are ar
ranged In parallel pairs, each pair
being connected by a covered passage
thirty feet wide, whose roof is raised
many feet above that of the buildings,
being supported by pillars rising from
the roofs on either side. The air thus
circulates under the roofs of the pas
sages or corridors and over the build
The people of this city are to be
given a double treat week after next
by Manager Culver, of the opera
house. He has succeeded in securing
the Gamble Concert company for
two evenings, January 26th and 28th.
The Gambles were here last year and
gave us one of the finest perform
ances ever enjoyed here. Every mem
ber of the company is an artist and
they are great favorites all over the
country where they have appeared
The opera house should be filled both
evenings that they are here.
For Sale—Slightly used Smith
Premier typewriter. Does first class
work. Call at Democrat Supply De
Hardtime Masque Ball.
The Park Hotel management at
Moore intend to give another dance,
a hardtime masquerade, in Fogle's
hall, Friday evening, January 15th.
They gave two successful balls during
the holidays but they will be eclipsed
by tile hardtime masque in every way.
Everybody cordially invited
to be
Notice for Bids.
The Board of School Trustees of
School District No. 1, of Fergus
County, Montana, will receive pro
posals for a site for building a school
house in the City of Lewistown, ai
the office of the Clerk, on Saturday,
the 23rd day day of January, 1909.
Sites must not be less than 150x
200 fee; in size and a 'solid block
Plane Facts About Hardware
J here s a lot of tools and other
articles made to sell—and that's all.
1 here are tools and other . things
made to sell and give satisfaction by
their wearing qualities, and that is the
only kind we care to handle. If you
buy your hardware here you can have
full confidence in its durability, and
upon its always giving you satis
factory service.
The home of all people who think.''
Wf)t Hemington V%tt)le
New Escapement.
The greatest single advance which
has ever been made in the mechanics
of a typewriter. This new single dog
escapement insures a speed and light
ness of action which is absolutely in
comparable. It is also remarkable for
its simplicity and the ease of all ad
New Column Selector (Model 10)
An absolutely new feature on a
writing machine—one (which is un
surpassed as a time and labor saver.
The unique merit of the column se
lector is that the carriage can be
brought instantly to any one of sev
eral starting points. In other words,
it skips columns at will.
Reversible Tabulator Rack.
Used in connection with the
Column Selector and Built-in Tabu
lator. Invaluable when the same ma
chine is used for various kinds of
tabular work.
New Carriage Governor.
Removes all jar or strain on the
carriage in connetcion with the oper
ation both of the Column Selector
and the Built-in Tabulator.
New Key Levers.
Of improved shape and design. A
factor in the splendid key action.
Type Bars.
Drop forged bars of approved Rem
ington strength. Bars hung in double
row. Broad pivot bearings. The
type bar construction is a famous and
exclusive Remington feature now in
corporated for the first time in a
front stroke machine.
New Carriage.
Moves on "V" shaped roller bear
ings and is unrivaled for ease and
lightness of action.
New Carriage Relase System.
Complete and perfect. Two release
levers, convenient to either hand.
Variable Line Spacer.
Vastly improved by a new locking
New Paper Feed.
The very acme of perfect control.
Paper of any shape or any size, from
that of a postage stamp to the full
capacity of the cylinder, may be fed
from any angle with perfect accuracy,
and any part of the paper, from the
top to the bottom edge, may be writ
ten upon with equal ease.
New Marginal Stops.
Of improved design and convenient
ly located in front of the operator.
New Back Spacer Key.
A grand feature. Saves time anl
labor a hundred times a day.
Diamond Block
Lewistown, Montana
The Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all proposals.
By order of the Board.
O. W. BELDEN, Clerk.
First publication Jan. 12-2t
Sheriff's Sale.
William M. Hodges, plaintiff, vs.
Peter Shields and Margaret Shields,
To be sold at Sheriff's Sale, on
Wednesday, the 3rd dav of February,
1909, at 2 o clock p. in., at the front
door of tile Court House, in Lewis
town, Fergus County, Montana, to
the highest and best bidder for cash
in hand, lawful money of the United
State*, all right and title, equity and
interest of the above named defen
dants in and to the following de
scribed property, to-wit:
The land and premises directed to
be sold by this decree are situate,
lying and being in the County of
Fergus, State of Montana, and par
ticularly described as follows, to-wit:
Lot No. Six (6), Block No. Ten
(10), of the Janeaux Addition No. One
(1) to the town of Lewistown, Fer
gus County, Montana, as shown by a
plat thereof on file and of record in
the office of the Clerk and Recorder
of Fergus County, Montana. Also
the southeast quarter of the north
cast quarter (se 1-4 ne 1-4), section
thirty-three (33), the south half of
the northwest quarter (s 1-2 nw 1-4)
section thirty-four (34), township six
teen (16) north, range eighteen (18)
east, Montana meridian, containing
one hundred twenty (120) acres, ac
cording to the government survey
Dated at Lewistown, Montana, Jan.
11, 1909.
Ayers & Marshall, attorneys for
ED MARTIN, Sheriff.
First publication Jan. 12-3t

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