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News of Our Neighbors
Items of Interest to Our Readers Clipped
from Our Contemporaries,
(Inland Empire.)
While playing on the school ground
Tuesday morning, Easterly McRae
■ran into a barb wire fence, cutting
his forehead badly. It was a narrow
escape as the wire barely missed his
eyes a fraction of an inch.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stapleton and
daughter arrived Tuesday from Sher
idan Lake, Colo. They left for Col
orado about a year ago with the in
tention of locating there, but finally
decided to return to the good old Ju
dith Basin. Their household effects
will arrive in a few days.
W. D. Valentine and M. A. Har
ney arrived in Moore Tuesday from
Wagner, S. D., bringing two cars of
household goods, horses, etc., which
will be taken to their big ranch near
Benchland. These gentlemen brought
with them ten of the finest mules that
ever came into the state as well as a
number of good horses. They will
operate their farm on a large scale
this season and with their equipment
and knowledge of farming, will, with
out a doubt, make a success of it.
Harry L. Osborne will soon have a
crew of men at work enlarging his
building on Fergus avenue, which is
occupied by the Moore Automobile
company. The building at present is
■40x60 feet, made of cement blocks.
The new addition, which will be add
ed to the rear, will make it a full
hundred feet long. This additional
floor space i> very much needed as
the structure in the past has been in
sufficient to' accommodate all of the
cars that were stored there as well as
those left for repairs. The Moore
Auto company enjoyed a splendid
business both in selling cars and in
dispensing supplies to the numerous
auto owners in this vicinity last sea
son. The proprietors, J. A. Hendrick*
and C. C. Matthews, have ordered
considerable new equipment for the
garage, among them being an air
compressor, used for pumping tires
An engine will also be added to pump
water for washing cars. Hereafter,
one of the company's cars will make
regular daily trips to Philbrouik-1 lob
son. meeting all trains in and out of
that place. It will leave here at 10
o'clock every morning, which gives
the passengers ample time to catch
the 11 o'clock train.
J. II. Morrow and H. G. Merkel
returned home Friday morning from
a fruitless search foil- homesteads in
the vicinity of Melstone. They are
thoroughly disgusted with that por
tion of Montana. It was stated last
week that P. II. Murphy went with
them to obtain a homestead also, but
we now learn that he accompanied
them as locator.
E. E. Maker and family arrived
from South Dakota Sunday night and
plan to make the Basin their future
home Mr. Maker shipped a new
steam plow outfit to Montana,
planning to stop at Lavina, in the
Mussel-hell valley, but upon reaching
there, decided to go to Moore. His
outfit reached here today.
■Contractor H. R. Jensen arrived
here Tuesday from North and South
Dakota, where he has been engaged
in building a line of elevators fo r a
Dakotti firm. Mr. Jensen had the
contract for the erection of several
elevators in this vicinity last sum
mer. among them being the Farmers'
Elevator, of Moore.
Clias. Watts and family are in the
city from Salem, Ore. They moved
to the coast country about two years
ago, but somehow were not entirely
satisfied with conditions out there,
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Office in Bank of Fergus County Building.
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Strictly Standard Bred Poultry
Eggs for hatching, $2.00 for 15, or $10.00 per hundred
Day-old Chicks, $20.00 per hundred. Stock for sale.
and will again reside in the Judith
Basin if Mr. Watts can find a suitable
! location, fie states that W. E. Cum
! mings, another resident of this sec
I tion, recently disposed of his land
i holdings near Salem and may pos
' sibly return to Montana.
John B. Weidenborner returned
Sunday morning from Corwin Hot
Springs. The baths were very bene
' ficial in a way, but his health was all
run down, so he was advised to spend
some time in a hospital, where he
could receive the necessary care. Jas.
B. Lowe accompanied him to the
hospital at Lewistown Tuesday morn
ing and it is thought that after a few
days of rest from business cares he
will soon regain his former good
(Judith Basin Star.)
C. M. Beldcn and P. W. Korcll, the
well-known Utica ranchers, were vis
itors in this city on Monday last, be
ing here for the purpose of attend
ing the directors' meeting of the First
State Bank.
M. T. Rooney returned last Satur
' day from a visit at the Corwin Hot
Springs. Mr. Rooney is a stockhold
er in this health resort and reports
that the hotel there is doing a
flourishing business.
Fo-r about ten minutes last Friday
afternoon the Queen City was on the
war map, when the second battalion
of the Seventh United States infantry,
which has been stationed at Fort
Assiniboine, passed through here on
a special train enroutc to Fort Rus
sell, Wyoming.
Professor and Mrs. J. M. Stephens
and children arrived last Friday from
Washington, D, C., where they have
been spending the winter. We are
glad to welcome them back and to
know that Prof. Stephens will again
be in charge of the Judith Basin ex
periment station, near this city, again
this season. Prof. E. L. Adams will
assist Prof. Stephens at the station
this season and is expected here
about the first of April.
John Sipple i- circulating among
J !ii< old-time friends in this city and
i vicinity this week. Mr. Sipple has
been doing considerable traveling
since disposing of his fine ranch, but
has failed to find a spot that looks
' as good to him as the Judith Basin
J. L. Xeilsen, a former Louse creek
rancher, was a business visitor in this
city the first of the week. After sell
ing out last fall. Mr. Xeilsen and
family left for Mexico, where he in
vested in some land, but after sev
eral months' residence there has de
cided that there is no place like Mon
I tana and especially like the Judith
Basin, and expects to again make his
home in the Basin.
The Queen City is entitled to far
better highways than she is at the
present time blessed with, and it is to
i be urgently hoped that our board of
1 county commissioners will hereafter
give us proper recognition and con
sideration along these lines. We do
not crave for any fancy highways
such as lead into the county seat,
that have been built and kept up at
a big expense, and tlie taxpayers in
: this vicinity help fljiy the hills toward
giving Lewistown better highways,
while they try and pick their way to
and from town in this vicinity on
roads that are little better than
swamps. We do want such highways
as will give people tributary to this
city easy and convenient access to
the town. In asking for this con
cession from the county commission
I vrs. it is only a matter of common
fairness and justice to the taxpayers
in this vicinity. We have had
promises, yea, lots of them, but these
promises have never been fulfilled,
and the result is that our merchants
; are losing trade which would certain
ly come to this city were the roads
placed in proper condition for travel.
In importance and in the payment of
taxes, this city ranks third, and it is
high time that the board of county
commissioners should concede us our
share of the distribution of county
funds set aside for the building and
repairing of the highways.
(Roundup Record.)
By being discovered in the nick of
time, a disastrous fire was prevented
'early Tuesday morning. About 3:15
a. m. flames were seen issuing from
the pile of cinders in the rear of the
American Steam Laundry, within
close proximity to the row of build
ings on lower Main street. An alarm
was turned in and although consid
erable time was lost in getting the
fire apparatus on the ground, the
blaze was extinguished before any
damage was done to the nearby
buildings. A high wind was blow
ing at the time and it is> probable that
had the fire not been discovered in
time a considerable portion of the
lower part of Main street would have
been destroyed.
Sheriff Fisco made an important
arrest Monday evening, when he took
into custody Harry L. Lewis, of old
Roundup, upon advice from the au
thorities of Muscogee, Oklahoma. A
description of the man was wired here
Saturday and in a very short time
Sheriff Fisco had his man spotted.
The Oklahoma authorities were no
tified and the man kept under sur
veillance until Monday, when lie was
arrested and confined in jail here.
Deputy Dephew arrived here today
from Muscogee, with extradition
papers, and will return with Lewis
tonight. Lewis had been working
for a rancher in Oklahoma and it is
claimed stole and sold a whole car
load of cattle belonging to his em
ployer, after which he skipped out
and came to Roundup. He has been
here about -ix months, having been
employed recently by M. M. Klein,
i he day before his arrest he leased
the saloon at old Roundup from Mr.
Johnny Klonsak, the three-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klonsak,
of West Roundup, was drowned in
the reservoir near the power house at
Mine Xo. 3 sometime Wednesday
morning. The little lad had been
playing alone on the edge of the
reservoir and in some unaccountable
manner fell in, and there being no
body around to save him, was left to
his sad fate. Returning to work
shortly after dinner, Jessie Smith and
John Findisli discovered the body of
the child .in the water and pulled it
out. Life had been extinct for sev
eral hours, it being conjectured that
the accident happened about ten
o'clock in the forenoon. The child
had not been missed when the body
of the once happy and playful boy
was brought home, to the astonish
ment and sorrow of his parents.
Ernest Snelling, of Musselshell, and
William Spidel, of Flso, conducted a
horse sale here Wednesday, at which
about 75 head were sold at prices
ranging from $75 to $375. Most of
the horses belonged to the promoters
of the sale, although there were quite
i few sold for other parties. Messrs.
Snelling and Spidel were so well
pleased with the result of the sale
that they have decided to conduct an
other one here in the near future. C.
X. Moore, of Billings, was auctioneer
it the sale. The sale brought sev
eral hundred ranchers to town and
livened tilings up considerably. In
the absence of an organization to con
flict sales of this kind, the promoters
should be encouraged in every way to
continue the sales.
(Buffalo Bulletin.I
C. A. Gageby, who has been visit
iug friends and relatives in Mound
City, Missouri, returned to Buffalo
last Friday. Mr. Gageby says that
there will be quite a number of Mis
souri people in the Basin this sprin
looking for new location-.
Arnold Zimerman, Will Kaufman
and Walter Chapman arrived from
Dubuque, Iowa, tlii- week. Mr, Zim
erman has purchased the Ballantyne
ranch, near Straw, and Mr. Kaufman
purchased a ranch about >ix miles
west of Buffalo.
t C.l*
the tnisfor
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islocate one
ii- shoulders
bv being
\vn from a
was breaki
Dr. Buckles
w a > c
d and at tlii
s time the young
s improving n
1 yson. ot
( ilci
gary, was a
visitor in 1
it ft'a
o this week.
Mr. '
m i- the <
r of the old
* 1
anch, whie
a i
e purchased
the real est
ite t
rm of Miller
& u
mis. lie
i> much pleased
bargain aiu
s that he in
ding to his
e?tate hold
every o>ppot
Gil lam returned
from Marys
Mo., where lie
s called >ev
ks ago by
telegram an
cing the seno
us i
line.-- of bin
Mr. Gil
report- his
Louis Voigt, who owns a fine ranch
lbout four miles from Buffalo, was
in town Wednesday. Mr. Voigt says
that he has 90 acres in fall wheat and
if the elements are kind the coming
season he will be "away inside the
Phillip Thompson, of Red Lodge,
Mont., a practical coal miner, was in
Buffalo a few days the past week.
Mr. Thompson closed a deal with
John Miller for a lease on the Miller
coal property and will move his
family to Buffalo in a short time
(Musselshell Advocate.)
Handel Bros, are going to do some
experimenting with a gasoline irriga
tion plant this season on some leased
land they have along the river near
Delphia. At the present time they
contemplate disking the sod and then
sow it to alfalfa. If this scheme is
not carried out the water will be
turned onto the land to promote the
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German millet. Siberian millet, Canadian field peas, silver
hull buckwheat, hog pasture mixture, dwarf essex rape,
Kaffir corn, early M ; nnesota, North Dakota, Northwest Dent,
Yellow Prosperity Dent, Early June swcetcorn, Peep-O-Day
sweet corn, golden bantom squaw corn. Also whites and
red and yellow onion sets, as well as ground bone, ground
mica crystal grit, ground oyster shell and baby chick starter.
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We also have a full stock of Planet, Jr., garden drills and cultivators.
Judith Hardware Go.
growth of bluestem hay. J. A. Wal
ice owns the plant and will super
intend the work during the season.
Lome F. Boston, of Weede, is in
town today after a four-mule team
load of supplies. Napp Gonion ac
companied him as chauffeur, having
red out to Mr. Boston for the sea
son to keep the engines in repair,
wheels from getting flat and car- J
burators in order. A brand of alfalfa .
gas will be used.
lien Steele, who bought the Wright!
Harvey improvements on upper Hawk |
reek, about 22 miles south of Mus
elshell, was in town today with his
cousin, Wm. Steele, buying supplies
for the ranch. They have about 2,
500 head of cattle among them, there
being a couple of other boys inter
ted in the enterprise.
The Advocate is informed that the
doctors have decided that the only
relief for Perry Bailey's little boy,
who was severely injured when a
baby by being thrown from a run
way rig, is an operation. Dr. Gilhus
has heen attending the child of late
nd some time ago called in Dr.
ledges, and their consultation rc
ulted in the above decision. The
operation was to have been performed
today, but we are told that other pro
essional calls prevented.
All sports are supposed to be on
de square," but when it comes to j
pulling off a ''badger fight," the sports :
have got to know that the badger's 1
second is a man whose integrity is 1
above reproach and plays the game !
on his honor. Tt is therefore un- j
necessary for the Advocate to more i
than inform the Musselshell sports j
that our esteemed bank cashier and j
iveryman, who is now convalescing
at Hunter's Hot Springs, was duly j
honored a few evenings ago by being!
selected from among a large number
of prospective candidates to see that
a Hot Springs badger received a fair,
square show in a death struggle with
a fierce bull dog, upon which several
thousand dollars had been wagered.
The badger was one of the fiercest
that had ever been captured at the
Springs, but untrained, and had to be
kept in a secure box until the psycho
logical moment. The badger, how
ever, was not without friends, and
only those who follow the game know
how important it is that some honest,
lisinterested person should pull the
badger into the arena when the ref
eree gives the word. Tt is therefore.
ary to
ary to
state that the honor easily
fell to the
gentleman from Mu-sel-hc
11. And it
was a great scrap. \fter
the referee
had rendered his decision the Mussel
shell man bought the "!>
ulger" and
will ship it here upon his
at the springs.
(Lavina 1 ndependent. i
The Fullmer coal min
e, a short
distance north of town,
which has
been operated by A. T. Kendall dur
ing the past few months.
has proven |
a very successful venture
Tons up- :
on tons have been dispose
d of to the
local trade, and it lias
been pro-j
coal ever
nounccd superior to an>
mined in this region. A
sample of
the coal is now on exhibition at L.
H. Box's land office. The lump is
about 15 inches square and is as fine
specimen of coal as anyone ever
saw. Mr. Kendall stated that the
mine is now over 20 feet deep, and
the supply is steadily increasing.
Mrs. D. W. Slayton has been some
what under the weather for the past
few days, but Dan is in the harness
again, and bis calloused hands already
show that sitting in the Twelfth as
sembly, and rolling down bill behind
a gas traction plow rig, arc two dif
ferent stunts. One would naturally
suppose that his hardened hands were
due to excessive bicycle riding.
J. C. Johnson, the western man
ager of the Goodridge-Call lumber
yards, was here from Lewistown the
first of the week. Mr. Johnson was
very much surprised to see such a
change in Lavina, since he was in
town a few months ago, and states
that this is the only town along the
line that has commenced its growth
-o early in the spring.
(Continued on page 7.)
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