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and west through townsite of Men
On a road proposed to run as fol
lows: Beginning at the southeast cor
ner of Sec. 24, Tp. 18 N., R. 14 E.;
then running three miles due west
on section line; also beginning at
southeast corner Sec. 22, Tp. 18 N., R.
14 E„ and running north one and one
fourth miles to connect with laid out
road running on north.
On a road proposed to run as fol
lows: Beginning at the section line
running east and west between Secs.
28 and 33 at the point between the E.
H. Huffmaster homestead and the M.
L. Durstine homestead; thence north
one-half mile; thence east along the
half section line one-fourth mile;
thence north one-half mile to the sec
tion line running east and west be
tween Secs. 27 and 22; thence east
along said section line about two and
onehalf miles; thence in a southeast
erly direction to again intersect the
now traveled road.
Board met as per adjournment, May
7, 1912. All members present.
The resignation of Homer Detrick
as justice of the peace in and for
Ross' Fork judicial township was re
ceived and accepted.
Moved by Commissioner Gallagher,
seconded by Commissioner Parrent,
and ordered carried by Chairman
Petersen that H. N. Klinefelter be ap
pointed justice of the peace in and
for Ross' Fork judicial township, vice
Homer Detrick, resigned.
The county attorney was instructed
to notify the officials of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railway
Co. to put the fair grounds road in as
good condition as it was previous to
_ c
A depositor with the Bank of Fergus County is assured more than
the protection afforded by assets of one and three-quarter million dol
lars; more than the daily routine of a well organized bank.
He receives the careful and considerate attention of every mem
ber of the bank's force—each one intent on efficiency and genuine ser
Bank of Fergus County
Capital and Surplus, : : $425,000.00
'scrip for 'sale?
Santa Fe Pacific Forest Reserve, $15.00 per acre.
Northern Pacific R. R. Selections for Surveyed Land $12.25 per
Northern Pacific R. R. Selected for unsurveyed land $15.25 per acre
Miller Furnaces w„ k . REPAIRING
113 E. Main St. ycjb
Telephohe 1S8
the building of the Hilger line and
to have the work done at once.
Retail liquor licenses were granted
: as follows:
i Lottie Knapp, on road near the
brewery; John Jelinek, Stanford;
Albert H. Ross, Stanford.
The petition of M. M. McCollum for
a retail liquor license to conduct a
saloon at Alton was disallowed.
The clerk was instructed to request
the division superintendent of the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound Rail
way to have a crossing constructed
across their tract at a street just west
of the*Lewistown cemetery.
$15,000 was transferred from the
general fund to the contingent fund.
Bills were allowed as follows:
E. O. Kindschy, salary as bailiff,
$ 6 . 00 .
Geo. Van Cleave, cash advanced
and drayage, $8.33.
W. H. Smith, professional services,
H. A. Davee, conducting examina
tions, $30.00.
R. A. McKee, posting saloon no
tices, $1.00.
DePree Chemcial Co., merchandise,
Cook-Reynolds Co., insurance pre
mium, $80.00.
Myrtle Wright, conducting examina- !
tions, $20.00.
City of Lewistown, water rent and
irrigation, $69.35.
John B. Ritch, cash advanced,
Lewistown Furniture Co., merchan
dise and repairs, $18.15.
J. H. Akins, supplies for prisoners,
J. P. Kelly, publishing registration
notices, $8.25.
I. N. Klinefelter, publishing regis
tration notices, $9.85.
Glass & Prudhomme Co., supplies,
$ 220 . 00 . !
Henry Brink, wood, $5.50.
Henry Brink, wood, $5.50.
Will W. White, merchandise, $1.85.
C. A. Nolen, posting notices, $1.00.
Frank Babcock, expenses trial State
vs. Murphy and Houghton, $18.80.
H. E. Gaugler, posting notices,
$ 1 . 00 .

■ C. C. Jeffrey, repairing bed for Jail,
$ 6 . 00 .
A. F. Camp, cash advanced, $13.15.
' Gladys S. Owens, conducting exami
nations, $6.00.
John M. Vrooman, publishing exam
nation notices, $2.00.
H. C. Strause, ice for court house,
$ 10 . 00 .
Lewistown Electric & Blue Print
Co., prints for surveyor, $10.84.
W. W. Tisdale, team hire, $50.50.
A. A. Stapleton, plumbing court
house and jail, $57.55.
Fad Shoe & Clothing Co., clothing
for prisoners, $20.95.
John O. McGinn, opening grave for
Billiard child, $7.50.
C. W. Buntin, professional services,
Edward C. Russel, professional ser
vices, $50.00.
Western Union Telegraph Co., tele
grams, $4.95.
F. R. Cunningham, cash advanced,
C. H. Streeter, livery, $10.00.
Geo. Kemp, board of prisoners,
Daily News, publishing notices,
H. C. Brown, supplies for prisoners,
Rogers-Templeton Lumber Co., plank
for crossing, $55.00.
Jas. L. Martin, insurance premium,
Frank Swears, bridge stringers,
Alice O'Hara, expenses, $132.10.
Alice O'Hara, cash advanced, $10.30.
Judith Steam Laundry, laundry for
court house, $1.05.
Continental Telegraph Co., tele
grams, *7.01.
Windham Leader, publishing no
tices, $5.50.
W. R. Woods, expenses and mile
age, *154.25.
W. R. Woods, board of prisoners,
Mountain States Telephone & Tele
graph Co., rent and toll, $108.20.
Geo. C. Berry, transportation and
expenses, $69.75.
Geo. R. Creel, burial county charge,
Geo. It. Creel, coroner's fees, $39.00.
Mrs. A. M. Lindsey, witness fees,
coroner's court, $3.00.
S. C. Perry, witness fees, coroner's
court, $3.00.
A. E. Myerick, witness fees, cor
oner's court, $8.00.
Chester Grow, witness fees, cor
oner's court, $3.00.
M. B. Darrow, juror, coroner's court,
E .A. Foster, juror, coroner's court,
H. H. Shaw, juror, coroner's court,
Homer Bowman, juror, coroner's
court, $3.20.
E. L. Newbury, juror, coroners
court, $3.20.
W. R. Walker, juror, coroners
court, $3.20.
Dr. H. K. Wilson, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
Steve Tus, witness, justice court,
Frank Thomas, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
George Mikicli, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
John Stoll, witness, justice court,
George Pipinich, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
Charles Marsh, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
Mary Pipinich, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
Edward Brassey, justice fees, $17.50.
Thomas McCann, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
A. J. Lish, witness, justice court,
Dr. H. H. Wilson, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
Stephen S. Sloan, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
F. B. Scovel, team hire, $14.50.
Wilson-Seiden Drug Co., supplies,
Judith Hardware Co., supplies,
Bernard H. Foley, justice lees,
$5 j.50.
Clarence Osborne, witness, justice
court, $15.50.
Lester Holt, witness, justice court,
Alex Huffman, witness, justice
court, $15.50.
Elmer Fuller, witness, justice court,
Hugh Wilson, witness, justice court,
Alec Nash, witness, justice court,
Thomas Jackson, witness, justice
court, $14.50.
Charles Huffine, witness, justice
court, $6.50.
John Brown, witness, justice court,
John B. Ryan, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
Roe Poynter, witness, justice court,
Frank Wilson, witness, justice
court, $1.50.
J. E. Mosely, witness, justice court,
Geo. L. Bartz, witness, justice court,
j. C. Dunn, witness, justice court,
Ray Johnson, witness, justice court,
John Malone, witness, justice court,
S. Grundy, witness, justice court,
E. L. Newberry, witness, justice
court, $3.00.
Emil Kruger, witness, justice court,
August Kruger, witness, justice
court, $5.50.
Mrs. A. Hogle, witness, justice
court, $16.50.
W. K. Reque, witness, justice court,
Glaco Casterine, witness, justice
court, $8.50.
D. D. Murphy, witness, justice court,
George Hubbard, witness, justice
court, $8.50.
Fergus County Hardware Co., sup
plies, $8.05.
Judith Hardware Co., supplies,
Montana Hardware Co., merchan
dise, $79.55.
W. E. Curtis, logs for road, $20.00.
J. A. Fryberger, road work, $12.00.
C. Carr, road work, $600.
S. H. Cobb, road work, $76.50.
Geo. O. Kenney, road work, $17.50.
V. D. Gilmore, road work, $35.75.
Mike Gibson, road work, $63.00.
Irene Desy, road work, $191.75.
Leonard G. Bebb, road work, $10.00.
Frank Swears, road work, $72.00.
Andrew Knox, road work, $85.00.
John.Knox, road work, $42.50.
J. J. Jones, road work, $6.25.
W. F. Sherman, road work, $15.00.
J. H. Isaacson, road work, $16.25.
Fergus County Hardware Co., sup
plies, $135.30.
Chris King, blacksmith w r ork, $5.50.
Montana Lumber Co., lumber,
Montana Lumber Co., coal for poor,
Wilson-Seiden Drug Co., supplies,
F. B. Scovel, team hire, $2.50.
1). S. Jones, rent for county charge,
$ 6 . 00 .
Farmers' Commission House, mer
chandise for county charge, $20.00.
The House of Good Shepherd, care
of poor, $10.00.
Peter Shannon, merchandise for
poor farm, $4.50.
Wells-Fargo Co., express, $2.40.
Peter Shannon, supplies, $51.25.
The Leader, supplies, $14.25.
R. L. Igel, merchandise, $14.00.
W. S. Smith, supplies, $7.50.
St. Joseph's Hospital, care of Mrs.
Norris, $70.00.
St. Joseph's Hospital, care of Mrs.
tola Carty, $30.00.
Owen Biglen, care of typhoid
patients, $61.00.
The Day House, board and room for
county charges, $17.00.
Montana Lumber Co., coal for
quarantined patients, $13.75.
J. L. Collins, helping county sur
veyor, $54.00.
James McGraw, helping county sur
veyor, $54.00.
John Rowley, special deputy sheriff,
Jas. A. Pratt, deputy assessor,
Wm. R. Woods, Jr., special deputy
sheriff, $6.00.
A. C. Birkland, work in county sur
veyor's office, $21.00.
H. T.' Swanzey, deputy assessor,
Donald McKay, deputy assessor,
Joseph Gallagher, salary and mile
age, $92.00.
Bert E. Kane, special deputy sheriff,
W. A. Lacock, special deputy sheriff,
M. F. Baker, deputy
Chas. E. Smith, deputy
Geo. B. McFerran, deputy
John Mcllhone, deputy
B. E. Gibson, deputy
A. F. Camp, deputy
Julius Petersen, salary and mileage,
J. M. Parrent, salary and mileage,
Bills were disallowed as follows:
W. H. Montague, room for Geo.
Brimble, $8.00.
In the matter of the application ot
the Great Northern Railway Co. for
a right of way through the county
poor farm, the following resolution
was duly passed.
Board adjourned sine die.
Attest: Chairman.
Minutes of a special session of the
Board of County Commissioners of
Fergus County, Montana, held on the
8th day of May, 1912, and called for
the purpose of canvassing the returns
of the special election held on the
27th day of April, 1912, to determine
whether or not the northwest quarter
of section 16, township 16 north, range
12 east, should be incorporated as the
town of Stanford.
Board called to order at 10 o'clock
a. m., May 8, 191z.
Present: Julius Petersen, chairman;
J. M. Parrent and Joseph Gallagher,
commissioners; and F. R. Cunning
ham, clerk.
In the matter of the election for or
against the incorporation of the town
of Stanford, the returns were can
vassed and found to be as follows:
Number of votes cast for incorpora
tion, 46.
Number of votes cast against in
corporation, 15.
It is therefore ordered that a
special election be held in the school
house in the town of Stanford, Fer
gus County, Montana, on Saturday,
June 22, 1912, between the hours of
8 o'clock a. m. and 6 o'clock p. m., for
the election of one mayor and of two
aldermen from each ward and that
the following proclamation be pub
lished in the Stanford World for 30
days preceding said electon:
Notice Is Hereby Given, That In
pursuance of the provisions of Section
2310, Revised Codes of Montana, 1907,!
the first election of officers for the
town of Stanford, Fergus County, I
Montana, will be held in the school
house in said town of Stanford, Fer-1
gus County, Montana, on Saturday,
the 22nd day of June, 1912, for the!
election of the following officers: |
One (1) mayor, two (2) aldermen
from the First ward and two (2) aider
men from the Second ward. Said offi
cers to hold office until the first Mon
day in May, 1913.
All persons qualified by the general
election laws of the state of Mon
tana, and who have resided within
the limits of the said town of Stan
ford for six (6) months, and within
the limits of the respective wards for
thirty (30) days last preceding the
day of said election are qualified
electors to vote at said election.
Polls will be open from 8 o'clock
a. m. until 6 o'clock p. m. of said day.
By order of the Board of County
Commissioners of Fergus County,
W. W. Galt, E. Wineman and A. C.
Edwards were appointed judges of
said election and J. H. Finnegan and
F. W. Mitchell were appointed clerks
of said election.
A petition asking for the appoint
ment of L. L. Bannan as justice of
the peace in and for Ross' Fork ju
dicial township was received too late
for action, the office having already
been filled.
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Board adjourned sine die.
Attest: Chairman.
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