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Fergus County Democrat. (Lewistown, Mont.) 1904-1919, September 03, 1912, Image 7

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by the latest process of milling
in the finest and most modern mill
In the West makes:
Try it under our guarantee.
Montana Flour Mills
Of Local Interest
Dr. A. C. Biddle, Wise Block.
T. H. Gietzer is in from Moccasin.
J. F. SpurgeoJt is in town from Buf
J .V. Hough, of Spokane, is at the
New vaudeville, Princess, Thursday,
Sept. 5.
V. Henroid, of Anaconda, spent Sun
day here.
Miss Belle Woods, of Bozeman, is at
the Bright.
R. M. Jones was up from Harlowton
J. R. Lloyd was over from Great
Falls yesterday.
W. L. Harmon, of Butte, was in the
city yesterday.
C. F. William, of Big Elk, Montana,
is at the Bright.
Mrs. W. J. Walsh, of Butte, is visit
ing friends here.
O. W. Simonson, of Malta, is a guest
at the Bright hotel.
P. T. Bley, of Big Sandy, is a guest
at the Bright hotel.
Buy your office supplies at the Dem
ocrat Supply Department.
Harry Giltinan, the Hedges wool
grower and land-owner, George Hurd
and Howard, are in town from Hedges
(We talk Quality not Price)
Farmers! When You Attend the Fair
Look our line over carefully. We can give you Quality in every article we sell
and give you Price in accordance with the best Quality
Judith Hardware
W Company M
Smoke Clitus Cigars.
Frank Perkins, of Bozeman, is a
business visitor to the city.
S. A. Garretson, of Ogden, is in the
city looking after his trade.
E. W. Mettler, attorney-at-law, Lang
building, over the Fad.
G. F. Moore ,of Twodot, was in the
city yesterday on business.
James S. Endslow, the Hobson realty
magnate, was in town Sunday.
Frank Mitchell, of Stanford, was
visiting the county seat yesterday.
C. C. Constant, jr., of New York
City, is a guest at the Bright hotel.
Dr. Deal, specialty surgery, Wise
block. 'Phone 655. 5-28-tf
C. R. Brazier, of the Brazier Candy
company, of Helena, is in town today.
S. N. Nicholson, the deputy internal
revenue inspector, is in the city today.
John Tyner, a cattleman of Ran
dolph, Minn., is in the city on business.
C. M. Batch, Helena's leading mer
chant tailor, is in the city on a brief
B. R. Cole, attorney-at-law, First Na
tional Bank block, Lewistown, Mon
tana. 8-6-tf
Mrs. L. M. Logan and Miss Olive
Logan are in the city from their ranch
A. G. Johnson, C. D. French and C.
H. Estrem were in the city from Hel
ena yesterday.
Mrs. David Nangle, of the Leader,
will leave Thursday for Chicago to
purchase stock for the store.
Edgar G. Worden, attorney-at-law,
McDonald & Charters Building, Lew
istown, Mont.
There was no formal observance of
Labor day in Lewistown yesterday, but
workingmen generally took a holiday
and many attended the very success
ful dance given last evening at Armory
When you want garbage of any kind
removed, call 436. We'll do the rest.
City Scavenger. 6-18-tf
On ETlday and Saturday, September
7th and 8th, we want 1,000 children,
boys and girls, to come to the com
mercial club offices and receive the
Cracker-Jack for the county fair. Don't
let your children miss this. Give them
two days of fun before the fair.
New vaudeville, Princess, Thursday,
Sept. 5.
Cecelia F. Briggs has brought suit
in the district court against James
W. Briggs to secure a decree of di
vorce .alleging failure to provide and
cruel treatment. The parties were
married in this city in June of last
year. E. W. Mettler and C. W. Buntin
are the plaintiff's attorneys.
Wednesday, September 11, is chil
dren's day at the fair. All children un
der 12 years of age admitted free.
This includes children from all parts
of the county. All attending high
school or our district schools in the
county over the age of 12 years, an
admission of but 25 cents will be
charged that day. „
^Do Your OwnR A NK IN
Your earnings eventually get to the bank whether you pu
t them
there or not. If you spend all, somebody else deposits your
The First National Ban!
_ JJ
I. B. Kirkland, attorney-at law, Imls
lund Building, Lewlatown. Mont. 6-13tf
Nelle M. Lindsay, of Hobson, was in
the city Sunday.
R. C. Pugh and wife ,of Buffalo, paid
the county seat a visit Saturday.
Dr. Wallin. Specialty, diseases of
women and children. Office over the
Fad. tf
Mr. and Mrs. John Snell left last
Wednesday for their .ome, Creston,
Iowa, after spending three weeks visit
ing their son, Ira Snell.
Joe Montgomery was down from
Hilger at the end of the week doing
some boosting for the big celebration
at the terminal town yesterday.
before „
Start a bank account
—and start today—tomorrow never
comes. Millions of old people in
this world are spending every re
maining hour of their lives bewail
ing the fact that they did not save.
Don't you be so foolish.
Open an account here now.
Lewistown State Bank
Ayers & Marshall, attorneys-at-law,
Abei Block.
Mrs. T. A. Boyce, whose husband is
train dispatcher at Aberdeen, South
Dakota, is in the city visiting her
brothers, A1 and Will Heinecke.
C. B. Power, of Helena, was in the
city last week looking after the ship
ment of a train of cattle by the Power
outfit. The train consisted of over
thrty ears and went through to Chi
New vaudeville, Princess, Thursday,
Sept. 5.
William H. Gardner was the victim
of a painful accident last week while
engaged in operating the planer at
George Anderson's shop. His left
hand was caught by one of the blades
and badly cut.
Miss llerna Goltz, of Wisconsin,
after spending three weeks in Lewis
town as the guest of her aunt, Mrs.
Wagner, left for home Friday after
noon, accompanied by Mrs. Wagner,
who will visit in Chicago.
Dr. Nichols, specialist In surgery,
eye, ear and throat. Glasses fitted. 5-16
James Everin, of the Roy country,
was in the city on Friday last and
while here filed on a desert. Mr.
Everin says that although there has
not been much rain in that part of
the country, crops are looking excep
tionally good.
Ed. O'Neill, of Deerfield, transacted
business here at the end of the week.
John Menglekoch, the well-known
Gilt Edge business man, returned
home last week from Cleveland, Ohio,!
where he attended the national con
vention of the Eagles as a delegate.
Dr. F\ E. Corwin, specialist in
chronic diseases. Office rooms: 7, 8
and 9, Abel Bros.' block.
A freight wreck on the Montana
railroad near Straw Thursday after
noon delayed traffic for a few hours.
Several cars went into the ditch, the
wreck being due to the shifting of long
telephone poles, with which two cars
in the middle of the train were loaded.
These two cars upset and several oth
ers went over with them.
Wanted—A position by experianced
and competent lady stenographer. Ex
cellent references can be given. Ad
dress, Miss Georgia May Briscoe, care
of Democrat. tf
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Sackett re- j
turned home today from a long camp-j
ing tour, which was entered upon im-!
mediately after their marriage here:
during the summer. They spent some
time camping in Yellowstone park and
enjoyed their long outing thoroughly.
We are the exclusive dealers In
"Remtico" ribbons and Paragon type
writer paper. Democrat Supply Dept
Miss Mary Sullivan, of Anaconda,
who has been the guest of Miss Gene
vieve Schmit for several days, left this
morning for her home. Miss Mary !
Wies, of Anaconda, and Miss Maryj
Brady of Helena, who are visiting Miss j
Schmidt, will leave Thursday and will
be accompanied to Helena by her.
Wheat, bran, wheat middlings, at
all Montana Elevator Co.'s elevators.
The cheapest and best feed. 5-9-tf
George T. McGee, who has taken i
charge of the Plegan-Gloster property
at Marysville for the Barnes-King De
velopment company, which recently
purchased it, went out to Kendall Sun
day to supervise operations on the
North Moccasin, which were started a
few days ago by F'oreman Heatherly.
C. F. Iligley and wife, of St. Louis,
Mo., have been in the city several days
visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Monger.
Mrs. Higley and Mrs. Munger are
sisters and are enjoying a real visit.
This is Mr. lligley's first, visit to the
Judith Basin and lie is highly pleased I
with Lewistown and the surrounding |
Miss Lucy Washburn, instructor,
music, harmony and history. 807
Spring St. 'Phone, 719. 8-6-4t*
R. M. Bardsson & company, having
the contract for the construction of
the east side sewer system, have es
tablished their shops, etc., near the
corner of corcoran and First avenue
and now have a force of men at work
digging the trench through the Crow
ley field. They will complete a good
portion of the work before cold weath
er stops operations.
I am after a homestead. What have
you to relinquish. Give full particu
lars and lowest price. Answer care
Democrat. T. C. Henry. 9-3-lt*
Rev. E. W. Wright, pastor of the
Presbyterian church, returned home
la . at week from A gage Beach, Oregon,
where he spent his vacation of three
weeks. Sunday Mr. Wright conducted
the union service at the Methodist
church, and temporary arrangements
will be made for holding Presbyterian
services until the basement of the new
church is ready for occupancy, which
will be about the middle of October.
During the electrical storm yester
day afternoon lightning struck the new
Farmers' elevator in this city. The
bolt struck a corner of the big struc
ture and shot down the shaft of the
conveyor, where it exploded and filled
the house with smoke. About all the
damage done was to splinter the cor
ner a little and break the chain on
which the buckets were hung and to
shock the workmen, who were gath
ered inside the building, out of about
a year's growth.—Hobson Star.
William Muiiger returned from a
trip to Canada last week, where he
went in company with some Mlnne
sota parties. This is Mr. Munger's
second visit across the line. Some
weeks ago he made a trip to Canada
and secured control of a large tract
of land there, and his later trip was
made for the purpose of interesting
the Minnesota party in the land, in
which design he was eminently suc
Wanted—Good separator man and
! engineer for threshing time. Apply to
Joseph A. Vavfovsky, ten miles north
j west of Moore. 8-6-4t*
Will Leard, for many years a resi
dent of this city and section and who
for thirteen years past has conducted
the Cascade Laundry at Great F'alls,
was in town yetserday greeting old
i friends, coining over from Billings on
his way home. Mr. Leard attracts con
siderable attention from the reason
that lie some time ago abandoned the
practice of wearing a hat. He goes
bare-headed winter and summer and
believes he derives benefit from it.
We are the exclusive dealers in
"Remtico" ribbons and Paragon type
writer paper. Democrat Supply Dept.
'Phone 7.
W. G. Long, well known to old
timers as a rancher on the now fa
I mous Rock creek bench, is visiting his
| son, A. B. Long, on lower Spring creek.
Mr. Long came to this section in 1880,
taking up a homestead on the Rock
creek bench. Ten years ago he sold
out for what was an excellent price in
those days and moved to Oregon. He
is simply amazed at the changes that
have taken place since he left here.
Mr. Long is in excellent health, al
though 86 yenrH of age, and after a few
weeks will go to southern California
to spend the winter.
For Rent—-A restaurant, all fur
nished, with livery in connection, do
ing a good business in a town with
two railroads. Cause of renting is
sickness. Terms reasonable. Address,
B. B. Palmer, Palmer Cafe, Moccasin,
Mont. 9-3-tf
The M. G. Mang farm of 320 acres,
located three miles oast of town, was
sold Tuesday, tho purchaser being J.
B. Downey, of Easton, Illinois. The
price paid was $55 an acre. Mr. Dow
ney has been spending the greater
part of tho summer with his daugh
ter at Hedgesvllle, and a few weeks
ago came up here for a visit and was
so well pleased with the Judith Basin
that lie returned the first of the week
and lost no time in buying a tract of
land, lie considers the Basin the best
farming country he has ever seen and
says that tho price of land here is very,
reasonable inasmuch as It is capable
_ .................
I ra j H j nj . HU ch enormous crops each
Mr Man(? wlH remaln on the
place until the first of March. The
sale was negotiated by P. IT. Samuell,
of this city.—Moore Inland Empire.
New vaudeville, Princess, Thursday,
Sept. 5.

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