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We have bought all the SCRIP the Northern Pacific had,
and are offering it at
On account of the available amount being limited and as it is selling so rapidly
this is a case of "first come, first served." You will see scrip selling at $l 5.00
per acre inside of 30 days, and at $20.00 per acre by fall. Good Soldier's Ad
ditional Scrip is now selling for the same price and if it should be rejected later
on this fall and as scrip is bound to go up in price about the best you can figure
on will be your money back. THEN, WHO GETS THE LAND ?
Brings the Total Number of Precincts
In the County Up to Ffty-five—Form
er Judgest Ahe Named Whenever
Possible—The New Polling Places
Are Christina, Suffolk, Roy, Kolin
and Smith—Work of Getting Out
Election Supplies to Forward to the
Judges Next Thing in Order—Will
Require a Lot of Them.
The county commissioners spent the
day yesterday in appointing judges
of election for the primary nominating
election to be held in August. The
commissioners created five new poll
ing places, Christian Suffolk, Hoy,Ko
lin and Smith. The location of all
these except the last named is well
known. Smith is in the southeastern
part of the county, near the mouth of
Elk creek. The next thing in order
will be the getting out of election sup
Following is the complete list of the
precincts, 55 in number, with the
judges for each:
The Polling Places.
Alton—James Cape, John Oliphant
and Jonas Z. Watson.
Armells—George Caulfield, Charles
Fowler and George Gilpatrick.
Benchland—Burr Hill, Jack Holmes,
Ernest Luekett, B. F. Williams and
Charles A. Munnier.
Buffalo—J. A. Dover, Fred B. Sel
lick and W. B. Shiell.
Crowley--Tim Crowley, John Clegg
and A. B. l ong.
Cruse—Joseph A. Oien, Donald Fow
ler and Frank Pick.
Day—R. G. Jackson, Amos W. Beck
and Frank T. Bowman.
2a Folding Brownie
A bigger, handsomer brother of the orig
inal little dollar Brownie—from which the
Brownie family grew. Takes bigger pictures
and meets the demand of bigger folks for a
Brownie equipped with every essential for
high-class amateur work. Simple enough
for a child to use with excellent results.
BROWNIES, $1.00 to $12.00
KODAKS, $5.00 and upward
Kodak supplies of all kinds always on
hand. Experts to do your developing
and printing, or material to do your
own, in the famous Eastman quality.
Wilson-Seiden Drug Co.
Eastman Kodak Agents

Deerfield—M. A. Johnson, Theodore
Hogeland and Charles Benton.
Denton—William McElroy, J. G. Ep
pers, James Johnson, Charles P. Smith
and S. B. Norcutt.
East Fork—T. G. Bromley, W. O.
Hoskins and George H. Shepard.
Edgewater—John Eschliinan, Forbes
Leslie and Clarence A. Meserve.
Flatwillow—Tom Iteisater, John F.
McDonald and F. C. Millsap.
Forest Grove—Charles J. Forman, J.
J. Fleming and Toni Casey.
Fullterton—L. F. Border, Frank
King and T. S. Fuller.
Garneill—Hugh R. Dawes, W. H.
Peck and Dan McKay.
Gill—T. A. Green, G. J. Dickson and
L. E. Gier.
Gilt Edge—E. C. Abbott, W. F.
Sherman, J. J. Garen, P. G. Burnett
and E. J. Barry.
Glengary—Herman Otten jr., I. F.
Tyson nad Tom Kelly.
Grass Range—William Shawlmn, T.
O. Ayers, David Foreman, Charles G.
Brass and B. H. Tipton.
Lewistown, First ward—E. G. Wor
den, Oswald Lehman, Rev. George
Hirst, Paul Tabor and J. O. Gilker
Lewistown, Second ward—J. W.
Hughes, J. S. Mayfield, W'illiam Hanna,
John F. Abel and W. C. Boniface.
Lewistown, Third ward—Tom Ve
hawn, F. W. Wright, George W. Bau
ley, E. C. Russell and W. J. Little
Maiden—J. W. Dougherty, Charles
Horlin and Owen Murphy.
Middle Bench—Frank Maynard
James H. Schwaderer and Phil Jim
Moccasin—J. W. Beck, M. A. Brown
I lee and J. L. Berglund.
Moore, First ward—R. W. Clifford,
■ R. F. Shaw, O. C. Osborne, A. M.
Matthews and A. G. Olds.
Moore, Second ward—G. B. McFer
ran, C. M. Clary, A. G. Denton and
J. H. Morrow.
Natal—P. F. Elston, James A. Pratt
and Paul Ahrnes.
New Year—Otto Anderson, Mike
] Gibson and John Smith.
Nordquist—A. W. Nordquist, Walter
Allen and Ed Healey,
i Heath—Perry C. Heath, W. D. Jack
son and Frank Piper.
Jones—John S. Barnes, David Lake
and George Rohrbacker.
Judith—Frank C. Palmer, C. H. Trot
ter and Roy Gaines.
Kendall—M. J. O'Leary, Andy Smith,
T. R. Muskers, Henry Parrent and
Jack Huber.
Wunderlin—J. E. Wasson, T. R. Mat
lock, Joe Shumate, Joe Peterson and
Ed Bussey.
Philbrook—Thomas R. Murray, Eu
gene Learight, John F. Milne, J. J.
Jewell and T. A. Gray.
Ross Fork—Sam H. Powell, Anton
King and E. M. Neel.
(Continued from page one.)
Bernice M. Guilliams, Margaret C.
King, Anah Luella Kirk, Frances Wil
lard Logan, Alexina C. McMillan, Eliz
abeth Parrent, Evelyn W. Shannon,
Winifred E. Stephens, Ethel C. Stone,
Joe F. Whelan.
The motto of the 1914 class is "Tibi
seris, tibi metis;" the class colors arc
blue and gold and the class flower
the red rose.
The class officers are Glenn A.
Dunlap, president: Joe F. Whelan,
vice president and Margaret C. King,
secretary and treasurer.
The Junior Prom.
The Junior Prom will take place at
Armory hall Friday evening. An un
usually large number of invitations
have been issued and the attendance
is certain to be the largest in the his
tory of this popular annual event.
Alumni Reception.
The alumni reception and dance will
take place at Armory hall Monday
State Veterinarian Surgeon Butler
and his assistant. Dr. Nash, arrived
here yesterday from Helena and left
immediately for the N-bar ranch, on
Flathead creek to investigate a report
that glanders is spreading among
horses there. Much importance is at
tached to the visit of the officials and
the result of their investigation is
awaited with considerable interest.
Whereas, Petitions signed by the
requisite number of voters and pray
ing for the initiation of a certain meas
ure to be hereinafter more particular
ly described have been duly and regu
larly filed in the office of the Secre
tary of State within the time required
by the Constitution of the State of
Montana; and
Whereas, The Governor of the State
is required by law to issue his procla
mation announcing the filing of such
Now, Therefore, I, S. V. Stewart, as
Governor of the State of Montana, do
hereby proclaim the filing of such pe
titions for the submission to the quali
fied voters of the State of Montana, j
for their approval or rejection, at the
regular election to be held on the third
day of November, A. D. 1914, of a Bill
for an Act entitled:
"An Act providing for the safe in
vestment of the state permanent com
mon school funds, and all other state |
educational, charitable and penal in
stitution funds in the securities here
in designated, for the prompt collec
tion of interest thereon, providing a
method of procedure in making said
investments to guard and protect such
funds and prescribing the duties and
obligations of the various officers of
| the state and the several counties to j
whom such funds are intrusted."
In Witness Whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and caused the Great
Seal of the State of Montana to be af
Done at Helena, the Capital, this,
the ninth day of June, in the year of
our Lord one thousand nine hundred
fourteen and of the independence of
the United States of America the one
hundred thirty-eighth.
By the Governor:
Secretary of State.
First publication June ll-4t
Alias Summons.
In the District Court of the Tenth Ju
dicial District of the State of Mon
tana, in and for the County of Fer
Louise M. Pfister, Plaintiff, vs. Wis
consin-Montana Land Company, a cor
poration, Defendant.—Alias Summons.
The State of Montana Sends Greet
ings to the above-named Defendants:
You are hereby summoned to an
swer the complaint in this action,
which is filed in the office of the Clerk
of this Court, a copy of which is here
with served upon you, and to file your
answer and serve a copy thereof up
on the plaintiff's attorneys within
twenty days after the service of this
summons, exclusive of the day of serv
ice; and in case of your failure to ap
pear or answer, judgment will be
taken against you by default, for the
relief demanded in the complaint.
This action is brought for the pur
pose of obtaining a judgment and de
cree of foreclosure of a certain mort
gage made on the 26th day of May,
1910, by one Julius J. Pfister to John
W. Puerner, Aaron E. Puerner and
George H. Bruns of Jefferson County,
Wisconsin, which said mortgage has
been assigned to the plaintiff and
which said mortgage was recorded
August 5, 1910, in Book 15 of Mort
gages at page 130. The complaint in
said action prays for judgment
Boys' Suit Sale
E are now offering
you your choice of
about 200 of these
dressy, manly little suits that
will serve as an education to
the boy in the matter of good
form in dress, besides making
him the pride of his parents.
Large variety of patterns to
select from in double-breast
ed and Norfolk style, with
knickerbocker trousers. Some of the suits have two pair
of knickerbockers; in pretty grays, browns, tans and
blues. Every one is stylish and up to date; not a has
been in the entire lot.
Regular values are up to $9.00 at
$ 4.75
In Our Millinery Parlors
We are offering a large variety of beautiful dark and
colored hats which we have been offer- A p*
ing at up to $12.00, at special..........................JpO»vl\/
For those who are thinking of trimming their own hats
we will offer a large variety of untrimmed £ ^
shapes, values up to $3.00, at special.............Jp X
And floral trimmings that we have been offering for up
to as high as $1.25, your choice g\
now at ZOC lO 9UC
against said defendants for the sum
of three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00)
as attorney's fees and the costs of this
action, all of which facts will more
fully appear in plaintiff's verified com
plaint, to which reference is made for
greater certainty. That the mortgaged
premises described in said complaint
and affected by this suit are situated
in Fergus County, Montana, and are
described as follows, to-wit: The north
east quarter; the north half of the
southeast quarter; the north half of
the southwest quarter of section twen
ty-nine (29); the southwest quarter
of the northwest quarter and the
northwest quarter of thg southwest
quarter of section twenty-eight (28),
all in township sixteen (16) north, of
range sixteen (16) east, Montana Me
ridian in Montana, containing four
hundred (400) acres, more or less, ac
cording to the government survey
That said mortgage is declared to
be due and payable; that the premises
conveyed by said mortgage may be
sold and the proceeds applied to the
payment of said mortgage; and in case
such proceeds are not sufficient to
pay the same, then to obtain a judg
ment and execution against said de
fendant for the balance remaining
due; and also that the said defendant
and all persons claiming through or
under it may be barred and foreclosed
of all right, title, claim, lien, equity of
redemption and interest in and to said
mortgaged premises, and for other and
further relief, as will more fully ap
pear by reference to the complaint on
file herein; also that plaintiff have
judgment against the defendant for
the sum of three hundred fifty dol
lars ($350.00), being a reasonable at
torney fee as provided in said note
and mortgage and for the costs and
disbursements of this action.
Witness my hand and seal of said
Court this 10th day of June, A. D. 1914.
(Court Seal) JAMES L. MARTIN,
Vroman Mason and Stewart Mc
Conochie, Attorneys for Plaintiff.
First publication June yl-4t

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