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Dr. H. L. Mills-7-8 Empise Bank Building-Phone 739
High Grade Dental Work
Best Plates ............ $10.00
Gold Crowns ........... $5.00
Bridge Work ..... $5.00-$7.00
E. K. Matson, Atty.,303 Bank-Electric,
H. G. Olson of Hobson is at the Day -
house. j
F. C. Conklin, of Utica, is a business;
visitor to the county seat.
P. W. Hastings of Billings is a busl-l
ness visitor to Lewistown. |
W. E. Brassey, the Roy realty dealer,;
is in the city on business. I
Dr. Pleasants, physician, surgeon
and oculist. Crowley building.
E. J. Mundott of Great Falls is stop
ping at the Fergus hotel.
E. T. Lisle of Great Falls is regis
tered at the Bright.
J. E. Kaaro of Fergus is stopping at
the Bright hotel.
C. D. McCullen of Roy is a Bright
hotel guest.
C. M. Clary was in town yesterday
from Moore.
John Eschliman is in the city from
E. W. Mettler, attorney-at-law, Lang
Building, over the Fad.
George Houck of Winifred is a Day
house guest.
F. R. Ras'naw of Grass Range is reg
istered at the Day.
H. T. Corbin and F. C. Merten, who
are farming in the Winnett section,
are in town on business.
Dr. J. C. Dunn has removed his of
fice to the Bank-Electric building
A marriage license was issued yes
terday to Richard Lester and Madge;
Lackey, both of Judith Gap.
if burglars do come if you have de
posited your savings with this bank.
They are beyond his reach. But'
there's another reason why you should I
open an account. Savings kept at i
home earn nothing. If deposited here
they earn interest at the rate of 5
per cent per annum.
■Safe deposit boxes only $2.50 per
Lewis*own. Montana
Money to Loan
Have plenty of money to loan on improved
farm lands in spite of the tie-up of the money
B. A. Cumming
210 Wise Block, Lewistown, Mont.
Miss Amanda O. Swift
Progressive Candidate
For -—
County Superintendent of Schools
Five years' practical experience as princi
pal and teacher in the Fergus county schools.
All grades and high school branches success
fully taught. Graduate from full course of
Normal College as an honor student. First
assistant for four years in Normal School,
with training of rural teachers and super
vision of adjacent rural schools. Four years'
teaching experience in Boston, Massachu
setts, schools.
If I am elected I will devote my entire time
to the country schools and so supervise them
that the pupils shall receive teaching and
training that is sensible and practical.
(Paid Advertisement.)—15-22.
Murch M. Dryden of Gilt Edge is in ;
town on business. He is a guest at
the Day house.
\V. M. Curtain of Sand Point, Idaho,!
is stopping at the Day house while
transacting business here.
Ed Miller of Denton is stopping at
the Day house while attending to bush:
ness matters in the county seat.
E. G. Worden and Rudy Miller went;
out to Stanford yesterday to confer
with the Knights of Pythis there re
garding the proposed installation of a
lodge of the Dramatic Order, Knights
of Korassan here next month.
Frank J. Templeton, traveling
freight and passenger agent for the
Pacific Coast Steamship Co., was in
the city in the interest of his employ
ers yesterday.
Marriage licenses were issued yes
terday to William T. Townsend or
Grass Range and Elizabeth A. Safley
of Wagner, South Dakota, and Leo P.
I-Iefford and Ethel Irene Parker, or
Edgar G. Worden, attorney-at-law,
McDonald & Charters Building, Lew
istown, Mont.—Adv.
E. A. Senneff, representative of the
Erie Dispatch railroads spent yester
day in the Lewistown railroad offices.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wren will re
turn to their home in Portland, Ore.
today after a few days visit in this
Attorney O. W. Belden, who has re
turned from Great Falls, where he
accompanied Howard Weed, reports
that the latter is now resting comfort
ably and the attending specialist is
hopeful of saving the sight of his left
eye, which was injured in the hunting
accident last Sunday.
Martin E. Robinson will arrive in
the city this evening to begin the re
hearsals for the sacred operette pro
duction to be given by the Methodist
church entertainers. The first re
hearsal will be held at the church
tomorrow night.
Fred Munger, who is rapidly com
pleting his arrangements for the open
ing of a fine cafe in the Wise block,
exnecting to be ready for business
about the middle of November, went
to Butte and Helena yesterday on
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Sutter, Mr. and
Mrs. H. C. Brown and Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Plumb return today from their
camp near Forest Grove.
What Would You Do?
I There are many times when one man
i questions another's actions and mo
tives. Men act differently under dif
ferent circumstances. The question is,
what would you do right now if you
had a severe cold? Could you do bet
ter than to take Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy? It is highly recommended
by people w-ho have used it for years
and know its value. Mrs. O. E. Sar
gent, Peru, Ind., says, "Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is worth its weight in
gold and I take pleasure in recom
mending it." For sale by all dealers.
Address to the Voters of Fergus Coun*
ty From the Young Men's Demo
cratic Club—Record of Achievements
of the Wilson Administration.
Following is a list of the meetings
arranged for by the county committee;
from this date to the end of the cam-,
paign: j
Oct. 22—Grass Range; Ayers, Alder
son and Kelly.
Oct. 23—No rally.
Oct. 24—No rally.
Oct. 25—No rally.
Oct. 26—Windham.
Oct. 27—Denton; W. S. Hartman.
Oct. 28—Forest Grove.
Oct. 29—Moore; Stewart McCono
Oct. 30—Lewistown; Senator Walsh
at the Princess.
Oct. 31—No rally.
Nov. 2—Lewistown; Tom Stout.
For the Walsh meeting on Fri
day evening, Oct. 30, the Princess the
ater, the only available hall, has been
secured. This meeting will be under j
the auspices of the Young Men's Dem-!
ocratic club and there will be an hour's
run of pictures incidental to the;
speaking. Admission will be Tree, of
course, and all are cordially invited to
attend and hear Senator Walsh's dis
cussion of the issues.
The Young Men's Democratic Club
issues the following weekly address:
To the Voters of Fergus County,
Montana—We urge upon the voters of
Fergus county the necessity of weigh
ing carefully all the matter which
comes before them at the coming elec
tion and to use their best judgment
in selecting the men in whose hands
to entrust the future of the country.
All American citizens will ever re
member the time when the democratic
party came into power in 1912 with
Woodrow Wilson at the helm, as the
grandest and most glorious day in
the history of these United States.
It was then that the independent
voters of our land, as a protest
against two decades of unredeemed
pledges, broken promises and repudi
ated principles, retired the republican
party from power, scourged its re
creant officials from the seats of the
government belonging to the people
and delivered the reins of the gov
ernment in the hands of the demo
cratic party. For the notorious dis
regard of the wishes of the people, by I
the republican party it was banished
and for the traditional fidelity to prin-1
ciple the democratic party was re
And by way of expressing their ap
proval of the achievement of the dem-1
ocratic rule, for the unselfish atten-j
tion to the duties owing the people by I
reason of this confidence placed m j
the democratic party, it is regarded
as a certainty that the people will re
turn to office men who have given
service as have Congressmen Tom
Stout and Judge Evans.
During the past months of Demo
cratic power we have witnessed a
great change in the political history
of the country. Never before in the
history of the country has there been
as much publicity in the affairs of the
government and it must be remem
bered that the greatest of democratic;
principles is the one of purifying the
politics of this country. Publicity is
one of the elements of purifying poli
tics and there has been more publicity
in the political history of the past two
vears under democratic rule than ever
before. As stated in the letter ad
dressed to the voters last week, the
concern of all patriotic men is to put
our government on its- right basis by
substituting the popular will for the
rule of secrecv and private arrange
ment, and so the people of the United
States have made up their minds to
do a healthy thing fo*- both politics
and business by opening up the doors
of the government and taking into
its confidence all of the things gov
ernmental and of which the people
should know all circumstances.
The present congress has performed
more laborious tasks than any other
congress that has ever convened. It
was called upon to deal with more
important domestic questions than
any other congress and in addition
thereto our nation faced a grave crisis,
as the European war is a calamity
greater than has ever befallen hu
manity or civilization so far as his
tory records.
President Wilson bravely faced this
crisis of his administration when the
slightest misstep might have plunged
this countrv into the maelstrom of
war. President Wilson and the dem
ocratic congress have, above all
things, remembered that it is our
national duty to observe a strict neu
trality amongst the belligerents and
with whom we are at peace. No one
can question the sincerity and the
honest and rigid neutrality we have
ohserved and there Is not a dollar
mark in it.
That this government has, by public
appearance at the capitol of the presi
dent. emphasized the ending of gov
ernment by secret conference and pri
vate arrangement is not doubted any
where .and that It has been a great
benefit to all the people is granted
not only by democrats, but by those
A complete list of the achievements
of the nrpRont democratic administra
tion. imder the leadership of Presi
dent Wilson would take much space
♦e rereent them and We milSt Content
ourselves with a hurried reference to
the following
Divoroement of the government
'row o'H-'nooa with v.w York flnan
cl n l Interest In International affairs.
n'orm evtonsiop measures
uvtension of special delivery sy»
♦ ow to TJoroel Post.
ir-.r,he.is given bv the President
j in the presidential preferential plan.
A firm foreign policy, one of watch
ful waiting, which prevented war with
Mexico and avoided the untold loss
of life and a staggering debt whicn
always follows war.
A currency law, the tariff revision,
the income tax, federal trade coai- !
mission bill.
To the voters of Fergus county and
the democratic party says "Read our!
record." The democratic record is!
one of faithful service and deserves j
your fullest consideration as you go
to the polls on November third.
The Young Men's Democratic club!
simply asks the voters to read the'
record of the democratic achievement!
of President Wilson and the demo
cratic congress composed of men like
Stout and Evans and then choose;
which of the parties he would have!
for a servant.
In bringing about the reforms we
mention herein, the democratic party, j
naturally enough, has not met the,
approbation of all the people.' It
would be idle and vain to expect the,
approval of all the people.
But in the long years to come even |
those who opposed the president and
congress will gratefully remember
this great president and the men of
the Sixty-third congress, for they have 1
worked untiringly for the best inter
ests of the American people, they
have worked with a sincerity and a
morality new to our political life and
have valiently striven toward na
tional tranquility, constitutional free
dom, and all the noble sentiments
which make for and elevate human
congress is democratic legislation, hut 1
it is more than that, it is legislation!
on behalf of the vast majority of the!
American people. The laws enacted
by the democratic party, like the re-1
cord of the democratic party under
the leadership of President Wilson,
rises above party lines.
To all men who are concerned in
the continued publicity in the affairs
of their government, the continuance
of the rule of all the people, a vote
for Tom Stout, Judge Evans nnd the
entire democratic ticket will be appre
FOR:--Economy, Efficiency, and the Prompt Administration
of Justice.
Republican Candidate for
County Attorney
Son of Edmund Wright, the pioneer real estate man; born in
Fergus County; graduate of all the local schools; two years academic
course at the University of Minnesota; and a graduate of the Law
Department of the University of Michigan.
(Paid Advertisement)
The First National Bank
of Lewistown, solicits your banking business on the bnsis of
real merit. All our departments are under national super
vision. Open a savings account with us. Interest paid on sav
ings and time deposits.
The First National Bank
To avoid extra bookkeeping, the
Democrat does not open new ac
counts on Want Ads nnd terms
are cash with order except to
those having a charge account.
ICR if A 1 E—SADDLE, llll.il GRADE
in good condition; vary cheap; in
chiding blanket and other extras. Box.
Buffalo. All under cultivation. A
bargain. Terms easy. Address G. S
Monroe, Portsmouth, Ohio.
two year old heifers and steers. We
also buy fat cattle and hogs, also a
thoroughbred Shorthorn bail. De
Wolf & McCullum.
ments; fire insurance. A. Larson
Land Co., room 6, Bank of Fergus
County building. 4-28-tf
sacrifice. Two Amberg letter tiling
cabinets; one liling case for I eg a,
forms or Insurance supplies; one
combination letter, legal form and
card index filing case. The Cook
Reynolds Co., 'Phone 40, Lewistown.
u-ns, line largo
els at
mi son i
able prices. 1
tin iro
1. F.
Glengarry, Mont
IS! 1 SI
raised from prila'
teen acres of new ground, broken
and will pay $,",.00 per acre. A. H.
Floaten, Becket I', o.
drilling. All work guaranteed. See
F. W. Taylor, Kolin, Montana. I0-l-3tp
tr,tiling a good amount cf money -
tills was found at Rogcrs-Templeton
lumber Co., by Mr. Morrow evident
ly left by some rancher. Owner can
have same by describing and paying
for this ad.
acres seeded to fall grain; terms.
Address owner. P. O. Box 1395, Great
Falls, Mont.

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