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The Mineral argus. [volume] (Maiden, Mont.) 1883-1886, August 09, 1883, Image 1

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BY I) '
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Dealer i
General M arse,
N Ilt' OF ALL 1I. )$ IK)I(II1T
S. H. ERWIN, a
lItltai Ihraleri' will limid it 14 hoir
*dai'itigC to give ii' at trial.
f. r. l Aura.W. 2M. Uh p.. 3SLLIMU, UM. T.
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tr ~- Iir!"
Maiden, the great miming camp ofA
:astern Montana, is situated in latitude p
N degrees and 45 mltute5, longlde p
s degrees west of W i ngton, and a
elevated 400o feet abo' the level of
the sea. It is in the heart of the
Warm Springs Mining District, cover
ing a radius of ten miles ipsae,and but I
sir miles west from Cone Butte district.
I'ocated as it is, in a beautiful, fertile
valley, and surrounded by ite judith
mountains -proven to contain all the
precious and base metals knownlo the
world-it is bound, at no distant day,
to become the best camp in Tern
Montana, not only as a suppying flt
for the great mining indnstrieSthatsur
round it, and were the d ~Ct cause of
its beaing, but fropn the f, t that as fine
a grazing and agrit ultural district as
can be seen in the territery, or in fact
' in the northwest. surrounk and adjoins
the town on all sidea
'I'he Judith Basin, a trwct ot counny p
sixty miles square-ackn.owledged to be
the finest grazing and agricultural por
tion of the terrtory, is lirectly tribu
tary to Maiden, and the valleys in the
Judith mountain. -.hw g . 1ipl"-1 with
a plentiful suppiv of tine iring water,
are all first-cIl S 41ru ral vinds. as
The eotmniy h1''
alkali, and the wat' n 'iuntain
,pring water, noted t p pet. and
in all of the o ver
two feet in ,1ntl ý t the
beautiful brook t 1. i hts the
heart of the anlel
Several of th I r t "' i thiest tl
ttock companies in em' je hae
tokcmaist }, r ,rhaechosen this sec, hi ir ideal of
perfectionl as t itty among
whom are: Stc~t. rt At riot't & Co., f
located three 1.1 f the ot.pot
who have ,e.r. tint Iergus.,
,eight miles nort has
3.ooo head I
hoses anda
ha ; 3,0 l0" 1e
miles to the st'ut.'
fine blooded h1ea of
Sheep Co., whom es fro
the Snowy ran4re. 1w ` headr
town, have a Ilt hkad.
mostly Merino; Fulnt Il
reek, has a hert *" h a
rente. on Flat ,"llow head..
'I he.t. are but t few e un
hte of stockmien. ider of
>dunwewill toe. it
- arge 'c.' I
;.at nes a ain t ven t
every side, al oat,
wheat anid oti. t~i~
mon sight in the Judith c untrs.ný.
mon sight in the Judithi t ou pt. o
[pto the preseitt tine this par of!
Montana. and partij uarly this end of' t
- - county. has not only bees over
but almost ernidey igndd by
uthe rial pree s in general -hut the
'- ..r,," imple. $'4arly or qluite all
<1n rOal pl~l bhave valuable
it or near thuir own, door, and
h the t .tE in regard to the
'arts S;r,_- I ~i..trigt would be taketi
''m t, 1ir own mouths. But in
tr is e pIatisk to publishl
tl new i'i .erest in and to all mining
(istridctb . the te sewhcre,
we trust that this < ' rdceive
its just dues. . - 4i
~(N'l(. Ii rt 1 sV 'deral ws
wted, made in jo \11 ` l e i
rwI~ Jonem. in MN1s, e8d v. l y jt. thei
r Pary was joiu'. t w CC
ý FI. l McPar 1.11 am1 t it#0 (isit-os~etIs
Prow,. followed in rail sea }. isi'od in
paying qui n i tound in
Alpine gule ,eal clams were
located Jut 'h,. , Oto. Wýarn
,ma. -pritag' bull n,. t stnr' . the
prMe en b aer ths~5.
ddMaIda A few days ilk tha
gulch of wsiden a locaed by
Frank McPaftlhS. J. 1R. Kemper wt
made the next location, i
ground that paid $ S.oo toa
sluice boa of twelve feet. The ground of
in Alpine and Maiden - lchea has P
beea worked every year since diacov- o
ered, toadvantage, by Andersonjofes, C
Landusky, Kemper, Sage, Kiser,SBow, I
McPartlan, Pott Brothers, Hayden, r
Erwin, Bessey and others. The War
Eagle was the first quartz lode discov
ered and was located by Jones and
f Anderson and is one of the most
ed promising mines in the district. It ia
le properly speaking, a Galena lode, but
id carries eighty ounces in silver and a
offew dollars in gold, is fourteen feet
wide, has a shaft down to a depth of
e forty-eight feet, is well timbered, is
er- situated in a change of formation
nut between lime and porphyry as a con
ct. tact vein, and shows a large body of
rbonates and at present is the prop.
Gle erty of Jones, Anderson, McAdow
lith and Dexter. The next lode located
the was the Black Bull, by the same parties,
the is a gold bearing lode, situated nmar
the War Eagle, has a shaft in the
lay, centre of the claim to a considerable
em depth and another one at the south,
tint and recent developments show a largi
our- body of fine ore. The Tom Thuml
r of was the next one located and is situa
ted in Alpine Gulch, is a small veil
fine but very rich in gold, is owned by th
t above named parties. Then followe
fact the location of Baby Mine, Golcondi
oins Sun Dance, (;em, Yankee Blad
Little Rhoda, Snow Shoe, Excelsio
Jessie Trim, Collar, Kentuicky, Favo
intrY ite Montana, Maggie, C. W e
tobe North Star, Florence, Pilgrim, Ha
por- storm, Lone Star, Last Chanc ax
tribu- Sucker State.
THu. qf1%NTANA
was first located by J. R. Kemper and
after re-located by Barney Hill 1o,
John Burke, is a gold-bearin miac:
their first assay was seven hundred a nI
sixty nu., dolars per ton that
} M 'at. ofeen feet. The ii .
10 Iolter, La k
atial *!WP''
'&inpany .ti retaiP n t ppt6I
under the name of the Maginnis Mm
ing Company. They have a fine mill
just below the mine, in active oppera
r tion every day and giving good satis
e fation. The mine and mill is sell
e and ably managed by A. M. Esler.
Montana No. a, is an extension of
st the Montana and joins the Ke) stone
on the west. The ouner. Willian I.
of Nelson and Charles Young, have sunt
'g a shaft to feet and have a vein thret
' feet in width and widening rapidly
't Ore is free-milling gold and silver.
Tile Collar mine, about one and a
t iples from Maiden. isbsin
e ot'sd '' the Collar
Partla '
fret 6 n *.
and lime, Wk.
th re and "row,::.
incor!Norated last fall. C. Omh sprsdnS il tn
rihha 1retdet S. Ltot t
Paul. treasurer. W. M. dent fu
agent and manager.
f Supernatendent. The 8arl
connsit of a Lunnel 350 rdw sI
r', ht angle to the vein, and a shaf t 19
feet deepI tonne lng aith the tunnel.f
M,.\ 70 and 120 feet, and on the level of bi
I-the tunnel, lateral drifts are being run
on the course of the vein, and are to le 'r
Af connected before the ndl starts so as I°
.) to furnish the requisite bloc ks of ore to
r inure a continuous run of the mill
hy A larg ore house as being constructed
le at the mouth of the tunnel to which l
1l io connected four ore bins of a capa
ct:ity of 50 tons. owA odouble trac l
id tramway, aSoo feet long takes the ore
heto the mill. A ao-stamfl) mill, with all
Cn the latest improvements, made by Fraser
in & Chalmers, of Chicago, is being rapid
sh ly put in running order. This mill has
ng 85o pound stamps, a pans, 6 settle;
re, and will use the Boss process as long
sve as the ore remains free. It is expected
that ~.alde a iitIl lc eoe awakened bythe
h ni ndre thue b
sound of the ai tlc betore the middle
Ra of October. At ont I c. nie.. are
ravid gaged int the dllfferent (.arts of
teir mine. A sai'piliug mill is Al'
and nected with the .taiul mill. w.
prO l5ctor can ha' a mi!1 runs
dislmaots. which help 50.so 1'
in sae of a mine, or the I
rere his ore of any grade in
arm lJones, np,
the Deter, hay
tan c asted the .p69 d Ho
which they have ata ore
pect, basi a shalt Mtv fee'
owned by Kemper, I.
Chas. Wimn and Chas.s
The same parties also have a
mine appfOZtfltt called the
The Bamo Chief is lc
north-west side of whaj
tCause yus s[a
anid Henry The Mot
Consoliday Kucky,
Ifar in everbur k
are ownedby-L ,.
nDrydenCol, Murphy, Conoly
.and othefs. The Monte Crito, is aso
o clo.'e. is a silver-producing mane -
. ing the Mother Green on the o
w east and was the property Joh
;d Peck, Arthur B
.s, and others. Ira
at Snow, E. A. Erwii
he have several
,le sides of Alpine
th, is the Bullion, cart
ge and joining the W
mb north-west and th
- extension of the 1w
tn across the gulch IraG .1 %
the and Charles Bessey n
vep jointly interested in th, , ilw
Crow Girl and ' "nit c : h,
Iade, I a fine body ,"
iorI Brainerd ,v ,bn & t
ctf have investe' ir re ,ca 1 f notes
pen, among which is A.6 .,r. " "
ail- and Kentucky Favwnf'
and have struck and lauh,. ser
prospects. The tiiidh
C. R. Williams , i"
hat eth it the>
an d Cone l3
ýo~Tm pc. 'rt ra.
gale an e
Mm- vein, contamming no relta
mill is situated in Cone Butte Dist
opera- also the Silver Tip, which is an
satis- .ion of the St. Paul lode.
"ell' (raham, David Jinks, r.uk R
er. anti ethers are identi irllo witht ~
ion of interests of the Judith ;.ld .n i
,stone ('onip in) , and (:ratain and ' o gA~ss
e sunk cer Lodes, which will ~.c n :ed ' G
three a few lays as negotiat ,, u ,tSc
apidly. way in connection with E
er. icon of Overland. The $s
Spencer are situated on
side of Crystal nunted,
( . W oktt ha'e
M the Montana oil the
the Treasurer Box
;-. T. M.
arlhs Rh
Inc k, loran
rapert an
it thre
oi, trespect
dent Ian Io
1olverine, 'v oth,
ashagty nb m~ent AP k ucee4 tipe
trtne by Ti' ý1"F
e level of lies south or di Qs +r
tare to besame character an
ar stos large and well defined vein,,
ofoe Oon it twenty or thirty feet hdut
mdsome arrangements toward I
the mill.' ,aeslln ortion to C. 0.
tumg or sliiaF Js ot
ustruc Davis. Just north
I t which the African Lyon
Ifa caps- nr" rich. It is
ible track ga h. i
ees the ore .m an.
i, with all n n
e c~ae ing rapid sucrk 1 ~t te.
6 settles A ne
as long was 1ocat
issexpectedanF .
ted bmy the It shows a larg col
the middle ` lim'atiand H
in i are I
its of

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