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The Mineral argus. [volume] (Maiden, Mont.) 1883-1886, August 09, 1883, Image 3

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l" his rif e ldr tr.
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nve ata
Saeof ad ats
1 , aembly il ii
f machim, sepr
". * the diedslos Of
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toot nearly all the
4are ending peapers
the United Skates.
I throgh Quebec and
i Yark, the author
nodlsome Isiah, and a
to the forte from which
It we aer told that there
" /ent the British and
T# W em nsiesg Canada
emnotlying their scom
I we have no laws
t ration of such out.
time that the mat
ve attention at the
1 until compress meets
and self-oreserva- i
v ,and if paupers and
tr reons And their way i
it a they should be I
back. I
ýwp !al's a
a$ e snc n h erel Tred Iieh t
t e Oaneb r 10tlan Octo
VO I5.75; uaputottfauijy
r % 44;1 barrels 45A
r, iOc ae bblea, acrd- 0t
O Uno flout. al
Spnioner I fa'Oty prbbl a
Q~a ;acetnbt 'y fo x. tt lard
' iE son Saturejor Chicago 0'
l the aernarg oors N..2 2har
teen bowed delano but at bhe II,
N trog. No. I t..rd. tt.to
bi P.117 asked; Nu 2, $1.04
1. Mes. 01.04 bod.tt
t.1=. fair inootaat for corn. hte
aaat oices stronger by 2,. itan- It
Itho bard, snda some a'atetion was of
-.No. 2. 52casked; year. 14at th
artiot l
i e farth active, spot was to
bat ~irswere Itrosa."r o g~ood ib
tnm showed conaaderabte lits.
aYesal dao" paast alid and asking l
at4 ad abnd rronaosedloedt ire.,
>t3a. l asked for spot sa July; wi
Ibid an Sakai. 1 of:I
ndJz.3; liUtt haw do 3''uded: ca1
idJul, 3c; ~u" bedo. Sentem- t
iM) bit ds. year. 29c, o.
eel is Nthing in time situation that nit
fend ejanImroetement, thonugh the wl
a slightly firmer tons.
ra e quoted In New York la
ieseus are: Patents, bt.7 i; thi
;cearn. *'i.U.1e5.10 lt ow wa
$i J at 05 stodasasp'.. wheat ata Be
lia 1 bard$1.1o wa N-td and Sea
$1.0.1. aortaon: No. 1 pat
Es2 bart]. 1ott; Na~ t so,
60;.a. ^ Norttelam $.01;o No, I.
1.:' Pl. 3. 9;c": hltttternsBao,ejaatago
aid. 01.07: No. " lard 'tO 1; Sealt
tt. Ner. 2.:,7._l; Noa. 3,r 57:rN. the
Noea ,.2 l: uot rat; iaor 11: . lg
f o t'ttte
.atoner:. gn 1tl~O~ot A
upwretoted. 42a; l... wo tre :e. fCu
k ato.No tame1 1;N 2wL t',t3 :o.dg
M al`tagdoat. holt t*
d*o O1Talg Ia Aogtlmna*Ie
ret j ;t.toitat. barey itat, thei
tint'..dtame No,2 w tso t1'.t., o
.[.-tt.cr. qartetaotaesui, .,,t ..NSF
g-a , doemand, F psettra adtoe:kotfoTh
1ts-Fnlouer; . .14 1bbti wea.o
t oer fay at. .Ilbo.N . e-luty Yn dut
m.,t'temhnr: 11et Otbarer: Milt hu thet
afideant, ne atirad lowet; I kn4
J~ul); aI0iR.zas1Augu st; =tnnou
.MY-e, Auust _7~OSeptember:mt
r: O7ioc the year. PRys. tsedy and kenI
late.,Fa seedlwer atelqt; and
t I; g.. o aoi $lM0.$1.u.she
deac&od antd ;wee: copnedt strong and She
:tesedut tntj prirts,; $3t.9i71,414
341:1.80 Jo., AsanAugusn.t;~ r11a74 it
ttmbe; *.:7tecfld October:. i
i 1e0the year. tarded. fan it detunad I Jout
a$J .9_ lt. ,to. Juty and An~tattao rains
43tebr , t17'., st to OeM- make
yest. Iul o tt toate, to tait
lat er. 0.5c;.Dtort rite. $, 40; One,
r. L nutatrr, pgsiat whimahy tab- over
.,dew t- IS~loft,. $.it~ee-tFt., :,ar. The
1par 3,0(10 to: teen _033.0(c b-a: t tret.C
1t ba. SrI, 'tej'0 ho: battey. 4.0'01 bsn
4J0t0 hoa: oat.., atdtej be: rye. 40.- Nernst
asp ]ttok, b On
~~~~~uo itnafa4', J ~ ant eta eyre
i" Ia. hk LLoti at n; ter ;.o,. 1 (ama taineti
a t. d id a..taer. Can;' Ia with i
r I a a~iýctt, clttaatnasbedy. with
y~'0 o.; r sto- hil. 14t;.toota brt - en 010
red, bat; No. 2 spratesI it io, 1.0 ots.,
end, 1 el;j a .IC; att: "'.m N. end, the ci
No `1ral i4t ttal.14l In b." of
oetaono, .. f *1 talc l. It. alto:" "aograeid rof
e t'I;N" S~ white. ]0, 1.00t0tia thirty
te 2rJ Jly. quo,. I it t1 1 t; Au. During
4 Inttoa $1 ;4'a .1 t3i tatlting rear.
f a nob.t ''I, .I.24t.,tca ito at dtteen
at --7: Odtolr.r 41tP4 and
rrL1. - loaicitat *
hl 'N.oa to ugh
'46r WIT and ai
upee- fit to a erwsrd reacted is lg doti
416I a f s~tan, I y ' _ blcel' an arts
ýt* /. .1uut 1; i', _",~Ra u u
5a~t, dtani0t11 data, . oatetn be;wne
a. 1,a beinUhit. wag an
Alt jt~j
Y a Vohs soy
1ne nat hipre ifin I had was that light.
niog Struck the hui.ding, and then vs
thing wan dark; but I could bear a to e
noise, like cra'hing oftimber, and appar.
enty childrn or women wailing-thiw
no doubt, the noise of the wind, Then
came about a half minute'a dead calm, and
tagain, on the oter side of the home,
tebildinga falling, and I hegan to realize
that a cyclone or tornado bad muck the
town. Alter feeling around alittie, I found
that the building had hllmn on mne, hut 5th.
forg enupported the rules, and I was
Sthat ocrawled w out, and gazingron
wata sgt met mny 5jyarn-the ground coy.
ofe furitu roen womberuads rt
lytmlue;I around with mchhildren [i n ý
arms, and deslation cm all adea. tMy
nest more waa to look in the direction of
my own housne, that I had intended to
wove into next weak, having just butit it
Uakadafe rknew. Nfot a atlingie or board remained in- h aor fbchme eam t0
was Left. ta
Alter leveling the ulackainith ahop, the v
next resistance tha Iittefr o h tr
warn two grain eleeatfra and a hoistig ap. a
paratua owned hyIL Iyrnt Bros. and John.
Sots. Thesre huildig were built of oak ,
timb~ri and filled with grain, but the force
was so great that it whirled one around off
the foundation, and took the rooftand hoist.
ing apparatua and landed :hen. in sections
on the railroad track.
I tor railroad track. _. -
A few yards further tihe only tragedy' or
irred. )ire, Thayer, a otilfiner occupy.
g the firs: floor of a two story framie
use, was taken Irum toe ruins dead.
As soon as it became grown that some
*e was buried ini ruiate cerybody seemed
forget their own fots and hastened to ra
ove the debria. Butt they bad hat dli'
maeneed when a little child's hands and
ad appeared crawling out from the mass,
r eyes tilled with tears and har clothing
a to ..treds. Tilt was Mfaud
ayer, and When qurestionad
to her motber she said that just be!ore
,buildi ng went down her mother was
tog to hold ite door shut, but was
ned down by the force of the wind.
said she eailej her mother to rome ma.
the countes, where ase ran to, but her
t d laughed and was about to make
Srelo, but ttusig the building aea
en wlt aCrsao. The little one exptlaied
tab.e crawled out. buit nut iuiditig her
ther she retumnaed, acrambled over hr.a
glass and pile, of bricks and sand,
couldy Dud her mother's hand. ln oI n isdi n lae
Iher parent to speak to har, but finding e
nt vain she cmie out the second tints, K
assve speope were at work on the t'
aanhe itwrswere:." ca'
:e mamma speak to ma." Th. little tI
with hand. all bruised from crawling nt.
the debris, refused to be comforted. cc
dead body of her mcther was foond ti
Chad across the counter with ahber, ,
ufalmoat sqezn e ori 5av .S .,
ross her atomatch
Ont the opposite side of ti:e vtree anotbei
Yene and probably latal zjary warn ens
laid by Edith Di!! on, a yoatng ;sdy who,
th her sister, another and trp father, oc
oied the second story of L. Mariat'.
turs. Thir house was at the angle where
s cnrrent Changed to southwest. Tbe
of was taken off tbat sda carried caout
my yards. one portion at it slightly in.
ring Frsnk Roesover, whn resides in the
tr. The second story wa~ carried about
een yard., with its loed of human freight
d the floor deposited levelly on
eold, bat t Just d s it
abhed terra grmta, t hei d walk camiecrasrh.
down over it oneof tte pieces of Leaken
her striking MIs Dillon on the Fop of
artery. For a moment she warn ettmaned
suddaenly recovering herself. she bas
ed to aid her triend. aa.i tt was not tor
rat minute that it wa noticed she
sevr hntred She was taken to the
desel vfs hpaa few doors frees
reselvd, sad attetded by Dr. Adamna
t~ie opehal, hut not confident, of the
- gig, toe meg. of the disater. is situ.
S the meith beak of the Whitest...,
I emly. sad heft. the visit..
f thse 21stwass o
tt I In an a
ofthe "aTh
is to lb. inor be nd mlTi
"0411 ton;
D Of aR the pl-s wh i athy
a aesi a MANm ineth ia, w s
t every bean that Nen stania g, her
though they bhe shboewsoe amiauka o the
storm eat de'treged asst Sum** worth of
property in that , s laningtas dwell.
n, hrew, stMreiajla and bornes,
R ow. en her bels the oeem, whiro
scouen about .' 5 f the
W Intah ea d o beoese aqw
d rk, tsky ee ohostmd thheaskNei
where lighted i o thou ratain
felltoe a h alium..war heavily, when
the air, "meemagmdealy illumbiatd as it
hy dalari"Vatl ndl the hurriomne came
edim Mary people rualted ito te elare c
.een as that .trm baks, and remalned
there until ali pasesd over but all tell the
i story, that the air in the
wes alatoet timposible toesbr i.s
The dri houses truek,.6a that of Hie.r
Clausees, on the northwest cor er af the ITl
lug. Mfr. Clams..n was at wart a tew nmiles
tram hmen,, and his wik sad little daughter
were at boms ]hrs. Clautssen tried vailay
btei hold the deer ciosed' bust warn burled
U hrook Inth room, and looking out she mw,
thoes aed bein. beas ender and breaking
like twige. tnder the excitement of the
moment h= ede erltl daughter In
Pmrghand thenet tinto tha tre. et.
by the gdeah0,te oyng elemtent was the Byan mt
windmill and a blackemitt shop, owned
and oeraatediby Frederick Mteyer. 'In has
tn fy codsall1 that was lest to Indi
cate where the blacksmith .hop and wind
mill stood were a few Pests standing like
aentinala, sad a hear c'I bent iron, borse
shoes and broken beanie, front unzder which
a hew momnenta later ith, b~acksmitb and t
Youtsr malt crawled into light. In Meyer'
own wortds
a- mama Omua anyJ 1wjup
.oe~ t the gbe how d a weard 0.
Am a doen lotalitimo th ae Iise of
from the Dakota border to the
____________________________________ M 1p river. ep.t ovund be tilled
Saeconuta, but red., are so %i
as _ spait cyclonic operatlama that more etkn
- - 6IA TIc UH OLEiK A .
=,_ f the Plague on the Nil..
ýý~ - :Lc PhtladeI;,hijaBaIlet.'..
ý a ppa~rent Qai the moat tnalignant
_____________________________________________ a~ ho r asde ganly ap-.oar-ml on the
LCetween aste and West. Dam.
___ TK E on the est braech of the Nile,
amj quarter of the distance from
* .1 to AMexandrla I-v see. Man
where adlitional cases are re
lies a short distance up the Dam.
_ _ _ _ w msº z - s an c h a n d R o s e tta a n d P o r t S a id
war~~~ -Aba -war is also said to have
v r-ý .a~ a ut. on the east to the weset
ra r. . e at_ Damietta itself which is the
** w -t -If contagion is separated from
Sonly by the shallow salt mere
L___ - + M c rn z a le h t h r o u g h M . d e L e s s e ps
________ _ - Ja~out hsepreat ditch. The scourge
n _ i areo in a ouarter where it isdi.
r a '- -a w am uunicated to Greek, Italian,
a - a :nd English ports, where it will
IL-____________ _ .a lkle of reproducing itself.
: s - cholera is adiase as old as
ý s rantca and Oeien, for they de
gý iit in detail, although each has
lk :ame for it. For a century and
jra irts periodical movement has
s Lributed to the dense masses of
_rgathered together every
,ý ý ý s KL=scar at the great Ht doo fes.
1~ mos 0 ý _ I roan the shrine. in the inte
Inams beon carried to the ceast at
v or Calcntta, Mauritius and
Mo r along the caravan roads to the
the Caspin and the Med
___ __ __ __ er~~ then Rusa.aThe mnat ter.
iesitiatons of this plague which
e o~s rred since 1756 have followed
d wrio dic law. The disease broke
at-t ý am din in 1817, and ran its course
aam - t ýe~rr.In 1829) cholera readied
Or :3mr~ T- Ei :-W. "read to Poland and
1~~ ._ ? a! ,lip to America in
tm-t a e w a fre sh out
br 116- _Abm- i>at" 6cow "4 u e c
t ?y - ~ __ E in fection 'waa c crn in.1ja gj
nao Jiu- Ii steamship-e ýaravin1 ft b
_______ *P Z 2ýf and Lnglanný and flnailx to
e ýJ tr - r .c - The next i,-iit.rt,,. W.ap duo
I 't~ u - 4 tu ro u g h nr it A ri aria , a n d e '
- __ - --.-_ - -ainea were repetetd .n andJ car-.~
-x as - ICa rkae--etrr. ea f l u nua. IgE
it - as nis 3L or the l a aaajn . It .. , e a t
l'& 71 - _____ s= < tom-i.: terrrbla. rt s fi., -~
Z r a neaa paorts. to
Lie a = t ra-am to drrLtc a te
the - - E ° r_ apm (-araaue of .i.c ro-r in
tily z - - -a. t r ettla anfoaun. d wuat ti hr
Eyt lý * '1 v ta- yars ago in Aret#&a., kis
N w yr r . w*:r.u to rmort' recent infertirn Malk
is froum. __ a isa. 4 Whatever ~av be i broad
f. mro i spare, and wher.er r may water
-aveg - c r 3a rrie angina: poit el "'art- nmeani
-r ure u 'ras iter whost appr£racrr has not t
r not -e_ to be an awful warning. Ito quen,
" nor - s -a the soutt, Mediterranean inclin
d port s o ýk t not, however, to cause the enfor
satrprtn jr Ee o~f apprehension as frormer- tempt
ry sa . ' er~arrr routte of crmunica-~ grass
Iv. w -e rand Asia Minor and Egpt on that e
° the -- - t rad and tae hives of ndian and 1
tbe I _ :r= on the other are no longer hurne
so ,t -______ thmrond a' to open an easy hoards
g e `__am__ - -o n ta i o n . T h e raiiro a d sye - e ra or
tra -an- <in., te ut'J, Canal and the been
t si- P- - ý 3= r lrk her hanre irokn np Soured
It _ hap the -eeirrtanlishtd hld oi
sartc- k __ _ ______ in w-e 1nedtterranri, tIo
b n % - .ze 'o > ti r I t p l a gu e y 1 ,. ,- t , . I m
by ar- k3 m :.d ;s~c-:bh' br.r."i",i ,.:"ý .t., siw~"ott
Pr. ccint r.:
Lr.re for nmaA*pot. stories
T ___ _-s ri Consui in Madrid, - sin,
Tunde r3 o f A pril l , 18 SA, wrote tu wor .,
ri e zr - a- - as a t in fet s h e as follows, ~t o -
Irriiws "iI.
I n - . E ir l , m e n s p a p e r . sh ic h i r a iat
p bfie k = a th is city, appeare 4 an item ihi v ar
bi m I sic_ w e to be of p iblic in terest d u! ar
tov Mai z - a fer n in our coun try, n order
that t -- - " - --n - entK faculty rnay study 1a;" . al
make _ v f the information which
it gives - 1W ýe of humanity of the a
treatmas - Mý s ich ought to be -used to
cure m p N 1g '- the terrible drseaae of
cure ~- R.Axot CAao YA.
- - srv of foreign relations: "Vaitq
A s a e 'English army in China was up
ha mues -* ý e 3 a rcmed r Very efficient and I ea
in d- _ _ - T he disease is treated as over To
i hn e a - e er has reached the high- did. a
obe-lr the eruption ap stittw e
Poem,~~~ eM=;-abeest of the patient wit could ha
c4 tnartaric ointment. which long, lea
a-uution appear on that part raised h
sa- o on ternt of i. ;et ark
__________ no they alan acquaint
of cnng the eup5 him lone
Itseatmasat adopted in tb
sa da, Yod bnte "a
Kegiismum - m wo e ene,.-Nw Y
Mewed as he wn*
La m a.I - -f Gntite eneety, Vi-h a be wt
: "le lam be
et bsat Mr~. Lrk%& theYbtto an>
tarabot thema117n
1(i. Etearwwwhrtis* I1
ably bmcaded )mh~a, t
Jay Glould sad a twlMead. w.*..,
- s aJw meam weant t'
Phladetphia on Saturday ad tool r
Sittiz of his matguien now yacht
ants, which ham cost nearly ran
a tbe afternoon they taorted down
)elnware, under the mukiance of C
Ain Shmckfowl. The yacht ham a
traed-power engine and
eventeen knos per hour.
Sitting Butl'a battie otnj
ought byv a -. rgeant
av-alrv. -tat! t r 1 at Fort
reapon, era.i.e, r'.-' *bi
candle, ., it e . a
pper odprr or.. e. ' ' '. j e." nht
even cn.che j. , ,.t.g.! r. the
Idammite mmmal, .. re ! .. r
teams of the ,n - r. t. - tn.,
'as paid 11(0 tf
FaellsIt.I.,a .it r'netKt
birthday recen: evIg h.
He baa been m~ar- ,Yt' itg yea,
and ias eight ': vn "'-*:drea aa
thirty-two ^rV. . h !tre* . II
son, Daniel Pea.. . eixrp .-ti
is saidtn be th ,.;.',pp N < End
land whose par
Mali i.aI m a. n . a
xoupla " n1
about P'.ar.
the-wa. r. hri ,
he isii pa.
school : -he Z .tand as-etaa..
eacher. ' it a venty~six year;
aid ana' wC:' :. ",se captain wb
rot lonc.u ia .i' 'rat horne. "et
reghs tw.,, b::a., .. '.unds, never hat.
shoe on her fyoo:. and if necesauaw
ould swim off ton ahip fod miles from
he island and hack aga.n to shore, an..
ben go into the little church and play
oe organ nearly a. ,re:I as any you
tdy in th" sttj"
The .ate Mr. .:Ntl
LondonI, i,~t a nnn." ;,
Je~ial ;tar:,.;.:( t mtLt
therm as-r'h' .(S ,ý ne~ a,
Portur -, a.
Marks r ''i
Neneag.., P (ele
of Hop~e t~usr~tv "nfoowt, fHt ..&Fe L~a
£1,000; :paniehi and I ortourcs (Oznhan
Asylum, ervis Mark,,, £0O; Sp n rs~~d
Portngeee Jews, Hcmpitalcajlled B"'h
Hoi~mj, Mlile-en d Road. 1,000; JeK,,
Infant sciaoo:,Cctnnrt .1 Street, Whit.
SOf he 52ypoui.g If .1" wno ups, hc
Eyitaisan aLS Rai ..Liwa tntv
ngh in gr i rar. nvi ".eisc t in ail
ftll: and pa~~.F.( a I. e~i.ai nait
very tk rig. eii ~a ark to IIg~to
gu k n~"euý...ir_ lio '.g r
;enrlen.,n~v I~~ra!.,;. lie prýed a,
00. ti. I 5 flb. He
ears lnie . Ii.~~ i, !1en 1(
ielin.." ',rang jarý"I :" '.
Abe rta>.:i;:
Kate bane. the . rnt A
*lawerg ;has wri::er a bktter ton a 1:"
ap ,: paper it: n ni n se saps Jr; t
tiort r at onre rt r irta
entel ee
lined to *c)l peth ar...g
for ed leisure e ', In pr.-on for
apt of court. sae heard of heruela
tae tidowt ine a'eria2gaft, '.r,
t te had m rclred one hu,
I had di iorct- from three, an
ned titi n Fteptciadrcitn had *
rdang-ht. cc , t:a v d the -
on tha l:.e n : mt teat el
n disafa ' art d
aAon tLI
unt.ie klaai, & '
II. tltRr&i, iii. Nj
cStlrL' Ne111 Stard
stories Were SiSt) fI, UI. gor,
S1i~lc llateningt.I o :1-111
"tsL listening to 1.44er (hi.j I
N :"waSJa ",:t itJ.jz m,
Hank s'liicned his t: c,
hl and re-c':ir;ed. ic
dzany o You arfpear to
tligabout thie raveu, I 1 2
was up at rr
mud I raw ý
)ver Tow sbo
Doulght see ILotato t..
mould have ILeard a
ong, lean man troy
" iaod hin,,e" ut
'! evidently ar
h'qiamed: wYo
soked cve.
)ng and4

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