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The Mineral argus. [volume] (Maiden, Mont.) 1883-1886, August 09, 1883, Image 5

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i seehe
the oilt.
1~b 4 tae the rep
rep- is. bright and beau
ripseed slte the asture
ia the wl deveoepmoet of her
cI 4[ and emotion,
joeA.Iremember t
:be had ý de ieneef
ilfe mad heltede. of fortune
xto.V otdzeed those of the
of Deassark or phete. The
mleasehdyp of the priuci
oe~sesmn, ithseinebe, were not urn
te treader, or her sudatore,
leopre and some wir
orhed' -reeeileotloz. Mrs.
r is as v reed.s. may know the
of e lr tter i; who married ez
13at'edaughter, Miss Nellie.
" 6Lerey Noor.
* 'WeeeaOm. Hot,:, o L Paul. Wian.,
11 I $. S. Blackiurd. 274 R at Say
,S. Paul: Dear Sir-It giet ae
to recommend in the blab.
e1! I meaoer your medicine. Dr.t
'a Bleod Parifir. It is all you
elsian it and more. Year, Gratefally.
Emn JoUmr.
A oae of asa.
ir. D H. Durasby, of Oese.g 1. 1.,
.4a that hi. dau iiei was talon wilh a vie
hat cold which tebmtnated with pasamo.
a, and all the beet physicians gave the
sase up and said she could not live but a
few hore at most. She was in this rondi
p when a friend reeammended Dr. Was.
to Bal's Balsam ear the L.ungs and advised.
be to tey it. Sbe. acepted it a a last resort.
iii and was surprised to find that i: prodwced a
in maraei change for the he ter. and by verve
wyiwa in its use a peraameent cure was of.
Mothers. .Attention:
to has. Joncq of Eiizwheth, Spencer Co..
ne Ind, says, I have deait in medicine a nunm
ber at weare, and will say that Dr. Rorer's
thew Vegetabl Worm Syrup i th~e toaSt valuiable
medicine I ever sold 11t acustomears were
MO-th opleased with its etfict that ticry pur
chsda flt~tbf tf ho41e- to nav it on
e iieifl5
o a- treat
ii:t so' a ts -os
twit wdL ~nis wt Le' .'llftenera.iazn weir
Wiae'i Azle Gleaae never :
how tol rnlNuý~r
expLain i TbeV a N f .~rC : 61,rV .and
an by y,,una ooWLoaro allo.ctdwh"I ,vooaon 8le`.ItT.
tr.rnblaas lost a i nnS k ,rdrd tn:'uh~l guar. .'n'.'
sterner aooeJY a.d 10o8 1!111. rn,..no": 1t a
~ea in ,jn.r. Anl'hrc+O a- u'nwor \. lt.- -. ra
y. nay r w-ý--t~t~oatl
h inter- rFee awsl Wgom Dq'uun
hope to gdinr b[N ster a.u rn
ble W#0 ettoe inms ~ Font v ,smtrr sad Agni". ott,
rein- hmtaW.. Ne lurk .54sol b l Denufg.t( . tenaiee
when I agg ss t.kamst bjasoiqpjt
The M Francisco Sinai) Boy.
Ieor F7mm the 6wa Funncioco C~hroricle.
em. I Ins family of bright, pretty cniildle!I
om Is a well-tnown niediitnic of this
y--exists a btlght little boy, not yet
old, whose exploits are somewhat
meed tbdc remarkable. Hii eccentricities, unlike
e mot precocious thildreu's, do not seem
tract from his other qualities either
rt. Not loner sinew, vet
* fellow was 30 months of
r had occasion to look after
at the top of a number of
tdhas of several stories'
Inc the little one along
_ rplading him on his cost at
the a ladder fastened perpendice
d larly against the btck of one of them, he
to the roof so make an lnves
Iniasa1S be, 41 o be done. This
Soccupied more a than he expected.
but was fnall cmpleted, and just asbe
Swas on the pi t returning. jt'ge of
s hs surprise to eý hbe little one's head
o d a level with him
self. To secur hi anud descend to the
sed i ground require I se little command of
nerve or exertion et unnicle, but it was
ta s feasiy, to his great joy, accomplished. A
s week or two aute to's occurreace this
e~ a little p rodigy of ar. -esnese was msimiesp
s~etts fromnthe hmvllj 4srl. A moat thorough
seareb, under paternal anxiety,
* for a oona time to discover hie
f, ly th estreet on w e above tion
w 1 ildiu front, ire a i ect of so much
solictue was t vered sitting on the
edge of a pro) cornle, dangli
his ret about a dt beir rate a
o looking at the o a *wlow in a moat
o4 unconcerned r. By Mist of per
severance and t the httle waif was
finstly bruh ~ re fir.oa is safety.
To rec hep osition in which
hw e was found h e diubed the ladder
ug rostage
sOai be l iem 3&r~l to
.inSbyb4IforS quvlskycd by
Thde Saofm bll mhes rom bvlos.
uPewnebi lighte Ly dia I. w vik~b'7 ~el
otmra l ncdntIj .e on
kowaitham Sot e e hii
medlawn.te sies nlsog iia b.ýe, au s
The Union a ae1al
eleaning out of codmesso.s
Lewis, I N. 3. Davia
"Brown's [won Blumae gSve the beet of
bliton to thosn who me.lt."
The editor of the Diemno Ugle enourted
to Santa Fe, New Metico to attend the cele
bratioa there.
teexrrAuow. iae~euiaOsa. ell iidaevue eti mw?
(Corplaiats. cured by eBhs'be-Mibe. 0t.
IBnrgl asileo get O fo- under
the pillow of Mr. Beggs, at Shakopee hut
he wae on the aicrt and emrid them off
G(Rmis.u, IotiA.-Dr. A. T. Hensak says:
"Onc using Brown'a Iron Bitters proves its
eupurterity over all other tonic prepre
The funeral of oir Thumb took piao. at
Bridgeport, Coon.. with Vasonic rerinon
-es lly 10.0 itop'e viewed the re
Doa'r ic f' "':. .w. g. c * 1n ats: " e
Out rai.,mn .ti " ý h.", m -:. It. 1"'
Werec m n ei"t :-' A:,Grease.
Allen'a Iou Tou:c ersi sups lies iron
to the blood. invigoratee the liver, aids di
gestion and the assimilation of faud, and
purifici, tones, ,trengthens and fortimes the
whole ayst "t . Many reve.-e canes of men
ra!gia have been cured by tlrsn sovteiren
medicine. Au genuine ma is Sy J P. A
len. St. Pau'. MI'.
Lord DuderI: elars tth€ Cqnadiane I
from a London banqoet with the proph
ecy that at the end of the next century
they will number 4I,t0sA,000. Thi
prophecy i= at lone range but still may
be fulfilled. L ,rd Lufferin, while gov
ernor-general of Canada, visited all por
tions of the vast territory embraced in
the Dominion, and is amply qualified to.
express :n intelligent opinion. It is an
interesting scheme for speculation, at
at an) rate, but what wi. be the popn
ationt of the United States at the end of
the next century is still more interest
ing It is probable that the population
of the two sections will show the same
disparity as at present, if n >t greater-if
the Dominion shall exist- that time, of
which there is reason to doubt.
Gen. Sheridan s mother, who Is S3
Years of age, still lives in the saws house
in Perry, Somerset seanty. Ohio, in
which he was born.
which he was born.
Om. . w. SENlOU~s
Ia warrante .. Our*
ALL [email protected] SCALY SSUPTSOS.
TESOSS rVONmSOSe.amn.",rw
3r uahm 0..L .kawb.. B s..d .sameh
s...+mm~ ter did r1.. LaS V 3Y. SEAT Cire
-T WORLD. .gsiaMy put inp. See
beedmb - p.k.g.. .a.t.e e(baik ,e,.
huM.1.dym~aw~ beL C314wrp k wi
I ktLLte.I:mah
*.nrYd "d t~ ae
~3. Dn~aM.D.2*4LhhaM.r 3tnmar N~a
Wasagao.. o
erakn Ph2tain
W r l tLI,,
Inig. No ofmmemls lb. ml4.0" aMe
mtlatl.. tlhel em..-l. t ommb.. Is eleminm
rlat fIn mb I.. hnis.. or. wviM-t
amte. lb. olcatom m of h. bloat," .: ,.m-to.U
sero.. .y~.'m inlmbt melds. flen mud tin
msat .Nmm dyhmemmf sr... t~.. haI teal
ebttootoýa"I m~t. A plreasan rn.dplm. A111
dre lab ItIQr .ead. TýT t .- ap T I.
lInvaluable .r I .bout l hoi fo V.:rº
on 0les 1 Dloltto..
C,.rea 161:1. and h'3.3,. fa,.
flats Hedad..e, flhiew.. Cal I. n. I. t
ties, ukha'.,...33.. Plal. 1. a 1., . " --s fr.3
FemalefeI,,.a.3.wii*3. It .. 3ý ,
eerya .0 .. *.* r I ttAn ~' '3" '%" 1,wAe L
a.In.Pic. !5"" 38a .t 31r.y
A StahIUmflaiS.r3.ae[ V33midW
m waadb abafares ab.aamah.
hMeale is aia hww bo.,t, etihbib.rma tar
daq M58dyN amnhW "De i.dksewer..,
mum 81 mSeol.54 ar. 81v 81 arba. 3m -
of a 3O3UW. i a. mayd tm 6p daa mlair
sh aw paslsgis ape ter smamb b~wta Saa
tos- inaasin or Jar*131 a !iebnLtewi
aS.. is 13tw.. Ie. a8 uobd mo ql OM So
wepps 53535 iasmtmbpIaubS...y'
rrea ofIr ps keagw seasioml
sapeIO b Wair :=ab e~tier
pas, U.Hn ar aDW W aba.pmbtw omals!.
- - Y.ram k.ami b raaHerSM aked
*paudo. usew a Dm5881 ra aMw
!mw5moal 'S.wr. b -am am -~pdl
"arnomm-aS.58r in- mrit .uatausthi
w~a 'par. Is -aw 33msl8 3rla.I
58va ,am?3maaS. 0....1 k81njs.Uinep.aw
Dupeammad s Daam W. h CSlat t~a6 brass/
Swbm.S. al. Now 8u0. WamibU . hia
amo Ir .m~m wo a.? .58 myweas iS em
aingdirmmidmeamm. loONSbe ow
as bu b~saMS lame 81~a
B~a58awk .mim 0.pa at sm ne.a mal
hE mlmr.am smm. *a. !ora wl.m mbmr
5b da53 sM'i pplm
B( IýIE' Seat s.e~k to th. U. s or lb. m I~
mM WnL, I,., Cata.MM.o io. 1). 1
mAS u*a OA=ZJD.
0 r. Mem idi.
"oGZs rrTOOLL. £c.
N auwMninSCM u/un/&l
rrml t t * m. .M nvm.1arInrn &hdkm 44
y it - P~ -
masu.y7 w .ýn
IWr 3w 4.., U Y dALO
.'rK « .iý ýVt
« M.t~ t ~MýM
.eew .anto te aI
our ruamlatla on mall2 or iau/n mauri'. 7.
lMA PcrIN I & a 0 h 44 Mn. o le a Armau . U a
puteo nt. National PUbl hC b (oq0l i!hwp,nC
tad ta gº tratal t . 'u1
aud ~t al1ao so tao cuo taaad. '
Us"kat W. o a..r gau tn.,s yo la . ela d M~rou
m º yafl £44r I II~rr ~ .Ptadu W0r
SPECU~aaa0.NLATOSall b i.PU
%"mas ALL D wW~ o
*F. b. G~t.ar.ý....e"
41* E
wring -~ f s
NMI Un UA sill m 4"magý
A lýeC~g .e
on ii il t 4YA, I
Rw Ei
-WI- ;r~d I ý ---"º
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