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The Mineral argus. (Maiden, Mont.) 1883-1886, February 05, 1885, Image 8

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A rmio MsidioS h'o IJv.d 5i*-e.uN Scir
lb a Silri*..M ,i Thrh Nia
nsdy--NM, Mssrlr ' M
SNllr Psslii.. d.
The house in colminittee (d the u
whole, says a telegram of the ,9th ult. ,
to the St. Iouis hGlobe-lklnocfrat. h.t '
agreed to the bill ;i:nsioning the .'
mnothes of the late Capt. Charles I'.
Johnson, of Iowa. Gov. Sherman and
other leading men of that state warm
ly urged this action. It is claimed
that there is no parallel in the medl
ical records of this colntry or Europe
to this case. Johnson enlisted at
Leon as a pir.vate in company A. 7lth
Iowa v.iu teers. In the summer of
t8563, a ti..e leading his company in m
a charge at Big aBlack river, in the i'
rear of V icksburg, he was struck by a !
minnie ball, which passed horizontally
through the lower part of his botly
from slde to side, going between the
intestines and the spinal cord, tearing
the former and injuring the vertebre
of the column. The cord was afefted
to the extent of paralyzing the lower
limbs. The hospital surgeon said it was
A IUPrsI.iLsa AusE:,
but by requst, and as a last act of
kindness to a friend, the regimental
surgeon crne and dressed the terrible
wound by drawing a silk handkerchief
h .t t a time through Johnson's bod).
The next day the helpless lowaian fell
into the hands of the confederate,
was put in a cattle car and jolted away
to Atlanta. His mnother, hearing of
his condition, hurried from the north.
got through the lines, and found him
stil! living. When Sherman long after
captured the Georgian city, Captain
Johnson was still salve and the de.
voted mother was nursing him. They
were sent to St. Louis where the
woqml was seen and examined by the
surgeons there, some of whom are still
living a:d will remember it. For six
teen years this helpless man lived and
suffered. The only risition which I
gave him any relief from tornure was a
.ying face downward. He reiuired
more constant care than a child, and
this was given him by his mother.
Eating tomatoes, berries, or any fruit
would open the wound afresh. Con I
gress recognised the peculiar claims of
Capt. Johnson during the latter part
of the war by the extraordinary course
of commissioning him captain in the
regular army. He was then put upon
the retired list, and was thus provided
for. Since his death the aged mother I
o.t ss sI TwrlNdit IsrsL.
The expenses of tlb Territorial Go
.......... f...r....... 0.,...~~ Irlro /..nn in I
Epims d Tewrldl unrasts. i
The expenses of tlb Territorial Gov-
ernment for the past year have been in In
excess of the revenue, 129A!9,5.79, the
former being $118,828.85, and the latter
8tU,270.08. It is highly probable that
the expenses for the present year will
be considerably larger than the reve.
nue now provided for by law, hence, if
the territory remains free fromui indellIt
edness, as it would appear advisable, .
some provision should be made for an "
increase of the revenue. The I,allane e
in the Treasury on the 1st inst. was
5,237.3iJ as against 31U,141.7f on the .
same elate in 1884. Warrants outstand- n
ing on the st inst. anmounted to 1l,.i.
To pay the accounts for support of
the insane and convicts in the peniten
tisry for the nlonth of December, 1?tt4.
amounting to $5,815.76 will leave the
Treasury entirely destitute of funds.
The total assessmnlat f,' the territory
for the year 1884 is $4J,74.1,21'.l1, which
in an increase over 1b83 of i,1W7,8t7.Ui.
(frem the Miming Rieview.]
Dividends paid by incorporated
mining companies in 1884, amounted
to $9,3o5,724.
There has been a falling off of 85,
556,131 in the production of Colorado
orthe past year.
The total output of iron for the
titate of Colorado for 1884, is estimtat
ed at 36,oo0 tons.
Idaho, it is claimed, has greater
mineral belts than any other territory
or state in the Union.
The gold excitement in and around
Duluth, Minn., not only continues,
but is on the increase.
From the Franklin mine, Michigan.
the product of mineral for 1884,
lmonted to 4,6o3,S4o pounds.
By last year's returns the value of
the mineral products of Great Britian,
amounted to $a8o,ooo,poo.
New Mexico mines produced, in
188o, about $700oo,ooo, in 1883 $3.5oo,
ooo, and in W884, over $5,ooo,ooo.
The waters of the Atlantic yiekld si
to at per cent. of salt; the Mediter
ranean Sea, 3 per cent., and saline
springs from 3 to so per cent.
*t):,t0,U us tss0rs w"V. b 1 !ear. r sna w
ilMI/II Vauc l d P l-4 t ysri'J waiI
0I:W,tWtUUK vis, tlo will MtIr }w is w.sk thbal
will e se Mra y. Is .msey seei tur ay
ehing rlse is Auseis. All shebut tlbs tAM' 'JIs
g.ets.'l. iL tssb bee. Ae rt m alw everywlTbew.
.4 .tb.rese. f all as.. rw a I ek time. .r.pe' e
lose sstay It. sot i 1 5 S Ibir ss boas+
t..rtime  foe ell shrkne s'.lsutly maleid. 1.'t ,
slly I El.ls. trt A "'*. I e',rtlne 4 dtts.s
Notice to Oo-Owners.
WoIanI. MI. T , .an. ?Jul. I-
1 , .,, ,rý" .A. lhur+h~r. Hitrh d W. . .53.. s2,. l
.9,l:,r -l.- \ . 1 *.llklnor . Y 4 sirs. h."ns l, ll lht-t
t l.., I Ill..,", I+- I lh' -.Inl ".t l .f ' h tll ·l . l hI. l
1:11. M cWl 33I , i 33 lal.l la3 io.l..i'lllt. t ll .l fil|
.. IrfiI.. hl . "itllv, l nl I 3 ll 0l 33ll3l3lill, j3 il3 d . ll
Is..*l 1,s t .ill. 11, . , '.r I 1fII lh' r lt .' I.,
Il w I l..l'k Il.r 1..H· I ..i I.. t1.. l .lslllllll i. l,'tlh
i l .1r 3-1.3lllll 3..I. M .. 1'.l. t. l r h IT al. i .
Ati.-l i.tl 1S 11 il3 .t 4 -l Is io- 1.it .. .4llll b i..: .
Ms \tI E1. M.*aKhr r e-naty. V.T. Jan. Vi. Iu-:"
S M ai..l a al . ." I h , Janl' ary 1h., I ak . lilt.,.
o,,.tr a-.inr "r i" r..i, -t liMit'n. % Urii., l'arlr,'
p ,r l - ,I II.f. i ln.r . ll . t ,.rnl, ; u -"..,I.f
lsa .e, ii f. Wf m er .a rl 1.au Iflnts l i n ,i
, It " H.FA It: II M I I .I'.'K.
ot..u o of F. E11y. u .i.
. Ein . u , ;3 hl."r I l llr. M3 ma.T llrrrt. . in"
A.l n ~fo"ill t, ll . Tttl y 3r, Si l.. . r r I..
iaht-. Wit-| itl- ith i wih .Si.iit . tl t . ft..,
I I1 ter.. 1".a fa l l.l. its .,a ,i bIltl I yhl,-l"r I!"
ij 1wpnio1 |ll·.ll tiiwls r u .rlsr a a flC 11r 3. '1l, 3 r '
l'rn"* ill i w iI , la n s, llll 5,," , Ii. ,|larl -i, o I
t+llle r a lll||' r. uI Ill m *d I lt"" P.:P11lr l
a'l. to. 1A1.'rfa..
NI o tic to pea-Owntrs.
M iptll . naT. iJ PII .1 I:A . i4, T, .ii
Tn eo ir h.l i .It i,l t .. 31r fall.rI. wou In-, olmr
,,I*lM. llh.. tru uIatui- hl lll l3.. u io hall ael
lighty dollars .Wl-lily. If 1l..«. aInd ( tenrr ill Iki
ontIhe1' S1rr illhlllnunan To offset ittl rIllctl.. o
ail s1,@ +lit fillth rl .3il• Iorull .n larl -ii iaal.
..so wi lt 1w ma.le he . lrdt . .Jnru . To sas.'r tal
!ithlat . iiW an1..w rin. s Mil n IHor tlll. i. ..l r
ie uary 71k. .. sit..ry.
litf .l r fll t Io i.otr ilac e your pm, tl, n of. the
alsoerexja'talltan+. w hin min." l y l. I0 llyl. o.
Sll ill.bllo . , fl ml'. iue k I.m '.
ie.plli . a t+wn. hlp . ih1.h. a.nge an  l.
cu llII"r In Ilr lm, a..•tr-0aid rt(lo,, w1hll' ' .aa
tIe nlame "l isl .ut rl rlot ii . hwitnonwltno p ..ld hIs
lui " ' 1 k tl"r Koel.fd Icl'tut k of ther.t"Ll
.-td tald. di: Tt~r lr ,. Putt... lUd irl.e
tlc l If t.j tilt I- i nminltrll Joh t ,r, r .r altl.3i
lsoticn of Finl Entr..
llIpXu.IIF, II:kI~. AT If · bo... T.,l
h I f 1 ll Vtl r :;si . 1!' 4
settl-. r Ill llled a oe o Intn- aklle il l
+'bli, af 1Aerce+. Me I.r county A T., 1 on
job . M. . K-I 1
ime iii. twranllia l U. l tin of n une r .ng
, mtlnl ,+widenewlr upsr. and euflya, ll . f.
eold la b. Fill: (t79 r ult . Davi M :rety
Ilnrller M|. HIurm and..ohn Ilrnrir* l lllh o
i.ra.. aelc. Mlelhr r.watly. Montana.
r1 L .rrr.... .. ... I
lc 1t L.mi tO vtnu. AT Hea.ruiA M.T. T
d ti I Ja ar 17th, It.30.
* teo Is herby g ieve that the foit owi r-na~om e i
Stter ha liedotice of hi. in too mke. 0.
[ finn/tf 1M J aofhis eiain. iid thati said
pr W i Jown r. ibe0.
| tavllr Public. I.. aatd for Mvaigralwr ounty Mattai.
a llianfd . M. n..e a abh 7. ewi vti: .
who ial pee. w .lwL delaruton tateme ot
621, fortbe {,f nf "i Nl ill lead NE ar l.
conv. rctionof ay~ I i~.lsoaor mrons. wliensa.
Srlage , to diwuilp 1e. norh of tngh 1"lr rdt.
i: Hemo te t~he i follnowin wilaI to peave hil
eoutlioa w reidnrtee Ilp. ,ind etmlvralin onI. waI
in hod. viz: Hcnar Ad... WLIillie ,lanatla, I's.
Tlahoues d Rndide t nlitter. il l o a t. IT.
ill - LEVt. T
t LAli' OJFtl AT !.V.AIA. M.T. I
Notice is he.i'b given tthiit i  lowT 1-n0A. I
I- uttlr ha.i Il ..iik. of bi intention t itatike
e, nl pRne iua Itlit of his Ihait, and abi n ,sid 5
L· f will is lle ii.,h John Tl7'.ll,, .lt r
U ' l ileit iat t.,I A. 7.1". . I,, to i ..rua.e tab. lh.,..'
d- ,ararthkfr nga I tE.
ieg I ai tit tAli owI ia aeon it. i e. , tnt. hi =
laln . re.: William halrts,.. I l tt.h 1ri o K .i. "I
tli a.r.iW I'. (lar iy sia i'm. ll W e ri. silt of lewi, -
I4 l" T. -. T. AHIlxa.%. Hrtiier.
N otioce of Final Zntry.
" . I.**t iFeICrt AT IIII.t). , MIONT.A.A. )
It Ii ,1SI b '.0. I
Not iJ e I. Iher .tly g lent hall toe (la i.wi hlg-oai -d
"I ltklr hi l lis it iti , o, hl , i tat.loM to make I
tiLal pois i auto.Wl at ila .nlolm. al that aid
ana.of aill Ite m dic IA.vl.o .t.,r. P. 1ia t'wa .ao v.
Naary putoIia. at tmIa0faa. M. T.. on eiuary t
td . i. le i m, ~aI.-ca . 'laltes ory  latIoant No.
id 17"1. f.r 1I. PI I:'. M i".IS$ !t0 k'.. II Ip.
It Illlta. ihi f, illowi witnrtar to ttproL0 bini
I .ai oo .o rraidla sa a a...o, li culad vtlion of. rild I
. . !aal. ii' :t.licr . oI talera.a, Jol n 1'. Tho.o(,
10 liid Tlaaus a ll4 htlitr) t di. tllllo , al of .la:n
f el, M. T. F..1'1 Al i. 't"g - r
l $30 REWAR-D.
1 Wwll paya Nnl .. -,er bad. d dolla,
fIr any l. inllf. i.rulll tilll will lead lto the l r ad
t ro avlct itn ol any 1ar ll.O ar per.ono, who ahll i lteal
br hamo, um drivt away, soy hmar, withi our Iraid.i
7Y via: I Jon left hiL. No. asi to he eratrnimla
nulnt imraali iliclttli. %la1t-omn hbrand an left
I houldar. Raatre--hlltann aak. IT
-' "OtlUiT MAMIlNl!. M. T.
H1av aielng Itk htalliattr I" ltn. A." -a
""Yat'at\. aoxsi' said ale hond of naives aod
youngl t.I.k l,."linglag t Jan.o reri!eAt& tto,. I 1
am1 ýaredmrd . Iortoi aomvt at na.toaide al. .r I
In, ont itan'r; lnd to rarch haaeo oatak m linng rue.
A rneful inail herLr always with the t.Lk daar. i'a
ia the day. and have a-ram. toe ..mie to keep
thtatm iniLkt.. FhImI ifrm ta"e sallian .al ha e
" i&t im TIItlM "lI -"EA.
" rimell_' ek. July :t. 14 . -ii
21 JA.SUmA .
Ull1 I
P. ai t Allrraa-F..r anginln l . T.
eve. i Ra ,-DLIa IhFr anal .k\rwlh.i"nlo kL.
'O a i. Klark--4"ra aa'n l oaniatrl.ilt feaaa rcighl iar
Vt Ve --I upoiai , dlwn t,vr ar.
Ilumia .. tritntatl "' a. rlllt ahllal·let
JIrTNr 4 'VLE t(P41)II.
I'. 1". PIunal:. Manager. I'. 0. Ft. Ienton
I i 4' I alIn A..sp,.. 1'. 10. Lewi+stowIl.
. I
Itnlae-Wrm sprntg t e.-k. M1Aegh.r t .. . 1T1.
Itraln--A alh..eo l eft hip. ale. with h.,rirustall
le ,n t rio ht ril-.
'Vent-iK ,.n.dernwath t,.r we-.hat hnteed.
)Mark.--Iltwhap . n hri..kt.
1-. .wet.rr. of 1.n It hip. It.r bram.rd d .
i.ne t. thllh.
mar Mahrkl--·.trtilt .".t oI tbth earn.
IlO4Mtlt-anie. bratt, onl left hotbuuitr.
Vrt--ame bras I on Ikt hip.
Raagt.---l nm th ltll .k IlRute tii Flat Will-.
tiast...: i te 1k tlke. Fum'h . autae?...
U4 l ral'. d Eli ('nwk
No matter which,
The Northern PaciflcnR.R.
As it will ttke you in either dir'"iion t
I, .·t we t .
e MO5 (RH !.' A1. FA RG;O,
(Devil's Lake,)
ld TE;_ %'TE P OITO!A. I. r'..
All .Itintt in
BRITISh O II;%illl.. 11i(d A 1..L1KA. i
b1M.lI, AI.lANY. Al.4)
UL JltllI'V;It. , 11iE.
id 3RXE$[E$ TIhat tihe Northern
Pacific Railroadl runi
The Only Emigrant Sleepers!
The Only Day Coaches!
The Only Pullman Sleepers!
The Only Dining Cars!
Wt HOW U r C.HANE u;-!
are run Ietwelen IA :RGt; autd 'lT'
hi h Flt InflEmlit,. I l reard t K tht t. ,n
ri B l. ITA. a. tEE,
I . AiV tIit i A. IK'i AllC*r .
i A .. .DAVt . "T. P.i.', ., ,
A,>'t /~.n'l I'amw .,a'r .'gent.
Minneapolis & St.I uis
--.D Till. FAW-I
U Two Through Trains Daily
rKaon T. P'Lt I. .xo MII't .nAPOItII
Witbh.ul .han.r, ,nan~lrll wi ht e VAnT
Q TIRAIN r alIlia.- for the
('.l\1 bettw MIN Y AIN) I.lS awl
via ALIKRT LlA *tAs IT. Dill;:.
, MInneapolle·rp t. Louis
r 1 and tiI. ih'r I 'tal 'itlJ. ".f I the · l.|'sJtlpp Valley, i
, ftilnlC.,1 I It.lin It1.1. e.r all ,int.L
- , tlIl t ., nit TIS HE4 T.
MANSa1 HIC' wA\I3 owl the (ItI.Y LNE'
Srunning Ti' TRAINS l. IIY I.. al -'.e6 IA.I
i I1a.ar,.wll t An.1 AIhaa. Lraking a.-
I i".%an wt IlT. r i. l .l awl .ll1 . hia.,. T.l.nk,
a . l. k , EI.u .rt l r i.k L. I'ni.n Il ..t will '
a traia ..  ktw PL. I'aml. MittIj.a-.I, . MaolaI..laI;
tram ltl lall! 1 T r. r SKTI IlS. MIIKTI T.E l
RE3333l32 The Train. .. I hI ENNlAlhl'tt
l.II & 4T. I~)"Il1S RAII.l.IY an r.upr.l w1.
4',a4I.rlal.- Ilan (C'..bh.. .lla niM.l I'lll.l.a
Sin g l l . 'ar-. l l..r l.I"-IIn.a * bair l'al. i a i,
our J~t~ir.w.I.rH,.l. talw Dla1n1 Cana.
i l Id LIl. OIF lA4.lti.;t: ('IIFI':FII "IIEF.I
e FIar" alI ... .t. 1..n a. lb. I,ar1 .a$ F,.
Ti.w a Th.I., l'hTr.tllh Tir.b.-. .4... -all ,... lbt .
,nan.t. Ti, -kr l l.ll ".r arit.l t..
I,.n. I.I 1P.
f'I fkt & l'-i. A. .LaaeahlIt.. W, .a
Oor. of Main and Montana Streets,
The One Price C. 0. D.
Has receimcd a Most Complete Stork of Winter Goods, including Eluita
(hercoatt, (Gentt Furnishing oouds" Boot. anid NLoen, I ats and
Calm, Blankets auI Quilts, Overshoes, Gum Blooti,
I m' lw of d Whlmhala md IbuII Dbekr i.
.Harnmess and Sadd ,
Fine Harness and Work Hmaddks a Specialty. BF.'TON, M. T.
Pool andd. 3Ll5. aex d
" Taebles..
Fairst-ClaS &I'r in cnnnection. alwny"s smlqplied with the lcat of Wirms.
,, Lu, M a . .ri (M:adn M -
North Side Main it., Maiden, M. T.
Wholesale Grocers,
A.I, DI'.rr°Est" IN
General Merchadise!
BFLEIJ : OF M1 001HE.\D FIaOUR lt r p ,k ..-............... .. .3.
FOUR .\CE F[A)Ut, Ixr k ......................... ..... $3.75
Declakrv rIl4l the trde. eulplid i wilth ullrcthludidn of all kiads at ELatra r
-t pricee Price lint forwarldel on appllietion.
Bllin., Monums.
Uwds.... r.. V aa
SJiges. Trum ,
Pump. Stilts
tt slake Gaeasr fMALI.r 8
Alllllalt~mK near1SA
J AN rWAc.
ani sn, ___
. TTLr - -..- -a c.r.
aletr ther
hi iaram,
VF; For oa. an
'.5-w 5.5.[ O.
No. a Wall Stsre
,., o.a..r 0 a01t, tr.. -.. 4. TRIMT. mpeao. 4= D=lak s"eA

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