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The Mineral argus. (Maiden, Mont.) 1883-1886, February 26, 1885, Image 8

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r. te im*%R Jsr i.s.
.".i S!37.; tol of rcoal f -re IImined
in tcolor.+i.1. in 1,.4.
T'he mines of (;ra:lt county., N. \I..
s'5ii ;:c. Y,,25c.oco during t884.
I.cadlviilc's I' lli'n stat,-meit for
1884, shows a value of $9,083.443.
The total at:uo'lnt of ore treated at
Argo. Col., in 1884. i. value I at k-4,
America now leads the world in the
quantity as wcll as the ctquality of cop
per ipduced.
In i.4l the Socorro stuclt:r, Ncw
Mexico, returned bullion valued at
*'he Hanrauer smelting works. situ
ated south of Sat Lake CLitv. Utah,
were Iurned recently.
During 1884 the Helena tU. S. assay
office handled $865,167.57 in gold and
$19.747.62 in silver.
A silver brick from ~lexito, weigh
ing 4,oo l)ounds, has arrival at the
New Orleans exposition.
Within a radius of seven miles
around I ahknega, (;Georgia, there are
now in running order twently gold
quartz crushing mills, with an aggre
psate number of 400 stamps.
Soume pieces of ore that will weigh
about 15o pounds each, and will run
60 per cent. silver, have been taken
from the Soo-foot level of the Black
hawk mine, at Silver City, N. M.
New ier SiE.
Representative I)orshlimer intro
duced a bill in the house of representa
tives last week, relative to the coinage'
of silver. It fixes the standard of!
weight at 480 grains, and provides for I
the issuance of treasury notes redeem,
alle in such or in silver bars in pro.
portion. Foreign silver is to be taxed
at the highest rate of duty imposed on
manufactured silver, and its coinage at
any United States mint is prohibited.
The bill also leaves the amount- of]
coinage optional with the secretary of
the treasury, and invests the certifi-!
-cates with legal tender qualities, except
when otherwise expressly stipulated.
Wyesilg Ulsirall
In the heart of the territory is a
mountain of solid hematite iron ore,
witn 6oo feet of it above ground, more
than a mile wide, and over two miles
in length; a bled of lignite coal big
enough to warm the whole world for
centuries; eight lakes of solid soda.
one of them J;:r six hundred acres
in extent ar r.not less than thirty feet
in depth, from which the soda is to
come which will keep at home the
millions of dollars now paid annually
to Europe for that commodity, all of
which is Imported; and lastly, and more
imnlortant than all these, a petroleum
basin which contains more oil than
Pennsylvania and West Virginia com
bined, from which in places the oil is
cozing in natural wells at the rate of
one ant two barrels a day.
The legislative correspondent of the
Inter-Mountain, speaking of the ganib
ling bill, says:
"It will be memuorble in the annals
of Montana legislation. It marks an i
era. It is the most progressive step
ever attempted in this territory, and
its fate is big with good or evil depend
ent on its passage or defeat. Thc'
vote in the council will serve to show
what class of people hold the reins of
government - whether the gamblers:
rule Montana or the men engaged in
legitimatc labor. the producers, the'
,business men and sons of toil. It will
show whether the gaming table or the
fireside is the more potent in the minds
,of our law makers. It will show'
whether money or morality is the basis
on which they propose to enact legis
lation for the government of the;
Prof. Ilailey, on the evening of the!
Loth, talked on the tin deposits of the!
Black Hills before the Academy of
.Science people gathered in Columbia
college, N. Y. Before him were sev.
Cral large blocks of tin. mined near
Harney's Peak, I)akota. The Prof.
said that 3 per cent. of the ore was
vielded in black tin of the purest kind;
a better quality was not to be found in i
the European mines. In the last 34i
years the United States have consumed i,
minware worth $a24.ooo,ooo. 95 per
cent. of which has been iron. With
the development of the Black Hills
mines the casting of tin could be made
much heavier on tinware and sell
cheaper than it does now. Solid tin
ware might be used and even tin water
pipes, from which the sanitary effect
would certainly be better. In the tin
obtained by washing from streams is
tiunm! great quantities of garners--'
so n*llllrous that rever:al wagon loads
.,t earth frel'sently %t-'$l :, a wa~htub
i.. n tne 'irnerr.
will k be mll4 9
01a,71 titltitL It cvot ta tnaltuuttattotlau,pI
tua."itturoa £ .iri ii:.stn If ha~ing m
IgLabtve a t4 Flower vvIL'q. Is'L
a "·l ,.,vk ta I.. ·Ii t all ts.al.ail ll ro.,
,aa~rilr ..Is,*.l _." :0,-niag. Tha all lt.1u a.tt.
rrLpatllatIaval* .h ptt.tt.,ll.a·t n, Ils*ttaatt..vgna
il.. allt·· a, ( ,r ... varl t l ....lafl l,,l txv.l a twill
Notice to Co-Owners.
I ltaav..t Al Irl 4a. " hI.*.i tl Wm. nth ..al
a lsetl.: ttl-akl ta.r Vatr iw 'h.t..I-i *, ath.Anl
. Ibtan... 41 ao .. . ill. r lIt. jalla hlvt l tw
I nd work ,n I antt-t.."o.lt. atiltrv, tie Al of
V.tal tt" al Itt 'itl1-i hal,,, ;1
+vl" oat It, .t·l ..hav aail .v ltha l.a *ho warI
Itln.. a, a ta l t a t, .:"I . .1 " iI. ro l
part ilular. ,linetlu (...4,. -lit fn.'. Iwo .,, pay
Ainltrl -tre .r al h".lrl t n(. lr 't4,
Notic, of oCo-Owtnr.
X~ettIt.. 3Ivala, r.t.a . .T. iatt ta'. vt....
T. Mi t~Itr . :v!.1~. rf.tt faa"h"n W. lfttha-a nt,
stat.iarhga It. aa'..u t4,t. .t, It Lh..ttl . n.1St i ."
that 1 n,." ",I "rnle the .uu M on uunl int d. l
thell, mlll lit.,.. avd ara aI.«" n .aatl t laywb1 ..
l1aa~a·tie I k I, . : tool.'.v you li ("atttm i alangdtvlat.
at~ik.r .rt,.vM.il ,-a.at ab .tt a l.wt't. at a
tat avallaN r..;Jl. I...' r it ~I.. lhvuaaayau.
:.lplv. .. lay lbi .Nt daery .Ui III, . a patiealaa
your lines,--t In -at l rin ro will 1.".".1111" tit. ilr "
rIrh yaat tilx atvlt,.. rll.a aav,rlvtltt I.at $ra.
aIleaa.c-a~t tale of aj. ei.aa-atv.ya.
It. Aatyla,Lu..
/ I- t Caf. llt1Iuil...
Notice to Co-Owners.
MaLalv. Mragbr, Ma.T..ttaniV 1.1.. IMli.
'I.. '.to1..n laIIr iv Ms .lW... '.. for John hivrau
a... thy '.hvr Mn.,alat lIn TatavI'll.. 1'.1 r ,e
ntt, Ia, t..th F.,, at -lria ai..k. atln Iva-alal
a..e:.,, A t~llt.W nt rvia- Mhat~itia l 11tvlt.' Mva' t.av
1.tailt 71aaa 1all ,.i...: .tljaa., yiiv ga.,twtiaas atIr
II.. lear lt1al.. s.f tela \.aall....tsat,.., ia ii
Ia~aat.vt.i {t :l~a,nn ,ataaan,I taaaaing altivairau.
II. MIta".I a.f Ity. aahvvlv. Trrraaya"a I
onle to hul. .a:,l prvml-." nn"I r tnty .r .. fur
I,,ftahzt2 toI I:.1, Ilv aI Nl u Ilea at II, ltes..d
II. W. . in- l lf1ta .
Notice of Final Entry.
LAST, (Ifn IlL AT IILF.L'A. 0It. 1I'.,
llccraber :3lI.k. 1*41. 4
!Cnice ,i healey give.. ll:U the t,,Ionlnongllat.a
seItler ho. UI oI ntutu. o, Iis luteulluw to In ak
diual Oend in nuppot ..f hip t*alm. and tlha.all
pr,.n( lill hn .wadfre nWe Jhn. Tfe.lhn. ino'
P LHc)at ·Iwivwl,,n. Men'lwr county. M. T., at,
il.4.rary ;tl. t"% ". el,:
J.k.. I. HNIlArn.
who.. r "Iwdle d. ' .-lano.,ry vtnten. nt N'S.
Va't',l~nrI~I I. for the 4',!t'/.'11 $I', SW". ·I.
1 lItuy l:rnlt e. Zbluayls~ r~ul ote . Inllt.toa.
Notice of Final Entry.
I ,.r..,rr,.n e 1HrteO IIt 1'. T
.l.na r. hsh. lnuu., j
Nat;, I.. I, inateb glry.a I..J InI fi'llt..'vi g-eamr'l
.,tiler hn. I nn.g.jal- .,f Ihi. .llo.iell I.. aIJ.- in
·c*alirIr, D. n mX11111n o t llunl a u . and tlIa: paid
pr.. wail: I., to mb~ldc· . 1,fore.T 1 '. M. 3 wlene1aw. Na.
ta I' l~.li.. t n,oo f,,r tl, ..:her '"'o my )i...aua.
alto,~ torI. 3t. "1' . ,i o !Ian I, 1l'.' viz:
Hl* renv bet.a.
oh., mad.- ir.--y-oloi nh!ar tor. .ontrna ,t No.
! 't l "'s.. u. Fh ' h',. N'' FEE,. NE' , f1t'
n ironl I I .nlirn l. 1. nun l ?,. r.tu',ge . n-wl.
11. 04110' tIn" lII.,,o il, nillno. to po..n hi.
Il.ni. viz: Herr .1,,. Wll,.,,, Han-..,.. Irtol.
7l outs man, Fdieol. r. a.1 at t$tapzornl .1. T.
I'. F rta IIo.L , R..I.(t, r
$300 REWARD.
We will lay a reward Af three hatnir,.. dollar,
for any if.rnml o thallat will kaul o thearn.t an.d
convictionnn. any perrom.r en.... wh.n hall eteal
kannl. or etrle mawy, anyr b..r'ee. wih our Igraud.
VIA: I J of. left hip. Nntalr wk tloe rurao nir.I
ale-n brand lsce nmind Ve1,l-natnr brand an -lt
alnenldn. Iaulm-M, ilnald Vrr."k.
Ht1ILT*ie.I\ tI0 M. T.
flaring eianedl Ithe (tla..,,. Ile1,. A. tad
Yeeioo"'u llt.,ttN~ nod Ino lmn,l ..f utnevend no
young Meck lie-le. ,,~g le..Jam~,, le,.utnt.buh.n
mee pre;'ut,-.l lo Ienid nearens ran eunalele raen. e.r:
on .halen; and. I., ranch hue-a ata,,h at lining raan..
A careful anesed ler.Ier nb-mt. niih ton.. .1b duer.I
lag Ike day. an~d leave .1leong. ,ale r.erraln t Ian h~
lb... in slight.. Foal. Iranoi Ike laallontam ian
ne-a-r at thes ralioh. *d-,ltefrr In Janun ha-egos
Armell ('er~ak. July 'ch. IMIt.
Ider-'s1.. and. .1: 1:t "c
i'n~l-F np".l I.dr. l n.r ..
it bwtl t .ýrnl~e tnrrnP~lft
4'. 4'. Pon t::, Xhaslla.r. 1'. Et. Ft. Iftmi1.um
If . IIU'. 1NbL.t +, Vl.t '1,1,r L.a ia4 iI% . ,
itat, j,-Warn, al.1 it x 4 "' . X"2cker t'e.. N, T
Brat-.l-A. atr..r," .". I."it h.:l., 3144 Willi hurll'ntal
\'rat-*r I, n~ler..,.nt honnr·h."e brand.
Alw ..244,", of 7-, I I hl.11.rr.I;atId
a h fl sI.i.th.
*31 tfT. itton4 &NY 41IIPA'.
.l4An".r-F~it Mu;.in, .. Meughr, c'.nlntr . St T.
Isar Mark,.-tn&d.vl,.,,t nu of I..l a n4.
IIOINF~tL-cosw irr~nl ".uI., Irft loullrr
elit-"s~craa llr i~rrnnll .n, n rh uljp.
Hanitr-Fnita the HI.·Li klctt u. Fint 1Y:llIý.i
lID4 lk; tr..1 .r,,'.4ti Hn,.ntnI() ,. th. . I.ih.kr
1'..twaI.I I.al E -lm .r. l..-k. '. I:..d'al·., M, ·
Fk*I·Ll'. att4 Elm ('nrk..
I, nl:ltter %hiahIh.
The Northern Pacific R.R.
iS 1)[t1 :l1 !NI:.
As it will t:lke vo, in *,ithar dlir.tio.n
ST. PAV1.. 1IN.. iOLI,.
I) 1.U T II.
.1I(100111.: I1), I-.\%1 0.t).
VA LLY ! 'ITY..1 . M 1 ,alF'N.M111 1 -
t Devil's Lake,)
Mll.NtXl, I. ,IM1 It1' . 1IiI :AII' K.
1 LINt , I :LI.:NA.
DEER WS11aE. lITtE I IT. . StMo I LA.
hrbLw% i: rA.UA.
tJLYM'lI.A. NEW T.l't0MI. ..%T:
TEI:, vi t r IA.. 1;. '. '
All 1,iintis ill
I1:iTl h ll t iclS. I Ill.%. :inid .A I. . %< .,
.AI.I:1. It.l,.NY. A Nil
REMEMBER 'i'h til lh Nrtlhl.ca
P'.w~: R:ilr,.oai ru,'is
The Only Emigrant Sleepers!
The Only Day Coaches!i
The Only Pullman Bleepers!
The Only Dining Cars:!
't-U .. -1. -
W ili fe I it t" ' .f1 , ;t: ;:
:LEtý.1 "T lOITi I0 'iAllllt Ai:-11
are runl betwetani 1 R". k AluI NT.''
l'. i"I..
1'.I it ,f. r . t hi 1,,a r .,rp . t. I,. i1. ~.,, r 'a
. .t¢ Il a.. can I' obt-n .. " : 1- t,, ii I,:i, .
N. U.\I'l.it. I(.. %1114v
N .C*',1 8 ,11,', .'. i '.t, .4anl,
! Minneapolis & St. Louis
-A\hI T11? FA11
Two Through Trains Daily
PPrt -i III '11 . , t I\M 1 Pu.1111
TUA*.'II .'4 all Ii.,.-. Ii..
.'Alt.- I~et.,tra MIXSI·;li·,r I- .,r1
- -llI:TW lI..%-.
MinneapoiIs'4St. Louis
a InI (It,,- 'ri K lprl l',' .". lh.4 V1., ""II \ all r,
Nlfu/ V 7111; 1 ..N* Ni Il l.. p (..11 t .
MANY NO1"R% A%%1'.D and I tL·.'S.. I.IS'
'Ii.'Ing TWO, 1111. I N- 11. Ai I r I... hawaal ily.
Iitr wvrwIwtwl. 1Il' an 1 (* ltrki A(C nuAi. r"...u.,"
Ii.In.NII 1wit If 1IN nI.II, ParoNIc Alrhiw.,. 1..:.rka
A $amgp 1Il I:.if.a)a.
I·I1U~it"J f1.w .',.r.l ..utl..l,.,. ........, 1l..1. .1 M.,
X..'C ·wb 1'1.w11.: Pt. I'.1 A .h III l..laaa..
I1I:uuuuEm: Till 'Rain. u.. th lrHIIVLtr,.
rkrp.ua Va c I.'.mr...l I~rrli W nlal(r '·r an
war .,u"'!} cl.,.r.i-.i P. Ia,,r UIM IngPara.
aI.. I,,"11,'.- . ,. 1. o .1 ' i I..
!~·rr- 1~1·Lll SiltS,~rt
Ti:,c 1114" 'Ih ". 1" .1 t . ... .i.n th
Cor. of Main and Montana Streets,
The One Price C. 0. D.
Has recivtd a .Most Complete Mtork of Winter (loods. including Ui,
Oerroata. (hentsi' Funaishing (tcids, loouts and Luhoe, Hats and
Cal'. Blanket: and (Quilts, Overshows, Guan IAoo(,.
tasrastur., of amn Wheeale aid Mad a leer ia
Harness and Sadd1ery,
i"ine I larne.. and St(k SaidIles a Specialty. IILNTON, MI. T.
Pool acid. ýilliard.
First-(l:q lBnr in ,om ection, alwa:, :lP,.lit ! ith thr ILRet of Wiaee
Liquor, . 1 ( i,...
North Side Main St., Mlaiden, M. T.
Every Description of
Executed at
ahtnio. Ill.
b'ier' 81M lI allm f f t llscant ir0s
andm., ° digs, Treeume,
wome** IB tllers,
Pa..nc, . ....
..nii ...... r. . * *-
5. 11+ena6i 1 anm
t. W.ell, T
,-- *...- O -. r_ ii_.-_: .._ I S k. e Sw. w ,

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