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~Ijt* t I~urt A§0
VOL II. NO. 34. _ Maiden and Maginnis, M. T., Thuisday, Apr11 2, 1885. Price 10 Cents
NMAIDEN. THU~RSDAY, April .'85.1
dearllal i~sm R. OM eM 3s wam s tell::
I « ~ a .a v h .. .. . ... .- . a.t t
PMegial rum given as lave. ape.a. mdulaudslag
adr tsuati..r. I.
LegI al gt... I& onto Der line. A
$paaiM aiaeeua pays1bla strlctly in ad.
Will attend to all lH,iiti'uea intriitted to s
our care fruomi M~aiden andi vicinitiy. L
WmnesLiquoi~ and igars1
MA DNMeat M arketa'1
YK. F BYRNES&Ot O., Prop's.I
AN khiisi 111 Fresh Beaf. Perk. Naows%
"navae. Ac.. &a
-~Frosts Vrcat~ai.I'.. 4'hno v' and Ittlt
tar Aiwilty' ~iiIlat 1,,1.
Feed and Sale Stable.
aws Uaatasa DL . Maids..
Rigs of all Kinds, Fine Saddle
Animals and best
Calf c,.ui weta,,i5r~t-r.It .mils watulvarn
aa.Jia h .r..-. ..v a...al .1,1,11:r. aiii no a ~l
Pa Saunders, Prop.
Day's House,
Ri EliI)Sor, Nl,.A.11li.R Cio., M. T'
na. rvarnulY Mean sited tip in, ith very have i ta~yla
for the a..,asuil.laii'it of lb. traveilag pablic.
inu,.,,.eil.n ali thibi baer..
FRANK DAY. PuupMlls.
JOS. 11. WOLFE. Propr.
"-F .i Cla.a
Table and Rooms
74~ g.~.b 110
spwevý Rs hi.MIw. - V.,5.0s s.Wr.s t
ut BGenStS 5.55555 ti
EDT~fORS Axou-Il sent you copies c'
of the Fergtuscounty and jail bills fro ti
Helena on the 13th with a memoran- i
dumn attached, and promised youc
something later about our legislative 4
proceedings g
A new country like Montana needs
new laws. occasionally, ai new cundi
tions arise, as'l changes in old ones.
but to a matter-of-fact man like nty.
self it looks as if the pseople of these
United States are governed too much
and taxed too much.
The genius of our republican insti
tutions is the exercise of the largest,
personal liberty consistent with public
safety. But we have our Federal:
State, Territorial, County, Tlownship
and Municipal governments, wheels
within wheels, all paid for and sup
ported by the people. Our Territorial
Ilegislature, meeting every two ye~ars.
sitting sixty days, acting on over 200
bills as at this se..sion, i~o of them be
coming laws, at the same rate we'.
have a new law or an old one amended
every week. It would take the averI
age human all their spare time to read,
digest and commit to memory, these
rue aefor their conduct. Of i,
course they don't tdo it, therefor there
are mansy laws on our statutes that are
not generally known, such as the one
forbickling marriages between cousins;
many that are dead~ letters like those
prohibitinig killing game and fish at
certauin seasons. proihibuiting minors
Ifrom eambline. etc.
Again, we do not always send the I
best oen to make laws any more than lie
we deletthe best men to fill our county u,
offhces. 'lhey are generally tiotninated b
by a cliqlue at the county seat and for it
the purisise of heating some one nom- f
In:ted by the 4ii..site party, comec
,jueidly our legislative servants are not Ii
(iften mouch, if any, above the average
of our p~eople. Some of them young t
mci~ of only a few mnontlis, at best a
few years residence in the Territory, r
some of them lawyers,atid while goodoi.
sound, conservative lawyers are gener.
ally useful members of legislative bodties ~
-familiar with law and good talkers- tl
they are at the samte time the most ,
combative and contentious body of
mien in the world. It is their business,
they (10 the best they can for their cli
ents whether right or wrong. In the
practice of their profession they are
always oppostng and being opposed b.y! oeoy thscnetosstt
acquired by habit, is too often carried
into our legislative assemblies, hinders
legislation and often deleats good
measures. We had plenty of such
`material in our last legislature and
much time was consumed, at least in'
the house, durnn1 the eatrlier weeks of
the session in useless harangues, like a ;I
lot of boys when given a stent for a!
day's work will often play nearly all
I day then run os-er ant half do their:
work in the few hours left. The ;ov- ,
ernor had fifty-one bills presetitetl to
him for his approval and signature after I
ito'clock the last day of the session,
1and only fifty-seven durnng the other1
,fifty-nine dlays. Another class of obl
structiotlists, (more plenty in the coun
cil than ýi the house) were always,
ready to adjourn, the council only be
. ing in session four 'hours the last day;
lbut one, and until after midnight the
last day; many of the most imle ~tant
hills passing both houses and receis ing
last dlay, among them the salary bill.
Iwo bills of this : haracter wee, Iclire
the legislature, one originating in antl
amended at length in the council antd;
known as the Fergtus Fee Bill, (on'
which I spent touch time), the uttier
originatedl in the house and known a&s.
the l'ott's Salary Ilill. This bill swas,
amended is the coutncil by addinig
stome of the features of the Fergu,'
fee bill to it, making its opliration towtiC
-uniform, but in tkhg it take eitcmt nm
*mediately as to the otines of asse'ssoir.
justices antI constables. btothi bills.
-were sent to the hous~e fritn the coup
cil on the last div andi it pit~-dl thle
salary bill as amienided iv lii It is now
the law. It will prove to tlw tnut bet
ter for the otiic holder. 1a.riicttlarly
the sheriff's, than the fee bill, (which
loswered the fees ton an average about
30 1~e cent.). lint Hit si, gist for the
*tax-pay'ers. Much fault is founod by
some of tihe assessors. particularly in
those of lewis & Clarke an~1 out
county, for havintg the law t ilo ittc,
at on1ce ini their cae,e anl 5.i cu nii-ni
hers of the , i inicil xi x're -,."!I,
throww the hi-iini'o ii m If ILi
there is; if members could heasr a bill I t"
read three times, one of the times u
read and discussed by sections and ( owa
then not understand it, that is not myw
fault, arnd I have nothing to take back. gt.
I thought the people of the ereeitory ('
could not afford to pay assessors a (ln
thousand dollars a month, and that wil
the salaries fixted by the bill now a law ns+
is ample and all the work is worth. If tes
candidates choose to pay or spend my,
$iSoo, as our assessor says he did, to 1,
get his otfier, that is no reason there
public should make it good. okr
T'he gambling bill consumed much mii
time in the house and was only defeat
ed by one vote in the council It got
my vote because I believed a large at
majority of mny constituents ftuvored it f
and I was only their servant; but I did
not believe then, nor do!1 believe now, [
that such a law could be so well en- iii
forced as to make it of general benefit. Ft
The printing bill caused some ,ad Ia
feeling and unfairness from menabers 5
uf the metropolitan press, The Inde- to
pendent wanted a law recognizing the e
olid contract:, tile I aerald one ignoring l,
it and both retaining the oldoblectional A
featuares. of the G;overmor, Speaker of ga
the house and P'resiident of the council Iii
letting the contract at stated prices; til
wh-eCo ncla Kennedy and oulhcrs
ousreerdto let the peopile buy
itheir printing as they do theit bread,
andbes, bt asowithin certain limits.N
wheorse they coud got sit the cHeralde1
anlndependeiit and they had no ti
good words for its suppiorters, the utile- ,,i
pendtent speaking very disrespecttully n
of Kennedy who wvas a very able, hont 4
est and conscientious member. e
Mr. Stuart has writteli you about
our couuty affairs and 1 sent you a
memorandum with the bill. T he q'
t lines are not su c!a as I desired inut is
under all the circumstances were the s
Ibest we could get. and we are partly "
indebted to the members in the *house a
from Choteau and Jetlerson, who both
-wantel a hart of Meagher, and who
tboth voted against c~ar division for
what we did get, for if it had not beenit
9to save the western partjof the county im
our members in the house wouldl not t,
Iso readily have vrved for a division.
Altogether they had a very difficulttak nl uidthmevswht
s credit. We have no fault to rind with
-them. and certainly Meagher county
4.ought to have none. Mr. hatch is a I
If bright, intelligent young man, and Mr.
'" (Kre, with fewer oppoartunities, pos
sesses a soiund judgment and an integ
r rite above sispitcions.
We aite indebted to Gramavil.e Stuart
''for valuable aid in behalf of our new
t, county and the stock interests of the
d Territory are also under lasting obliga
r tiions t,, him for the faithful labor he
dlwrjormsetl in their bhlailf (whsenever
h his health would 15!rmlitt throughout
the whole session. Withiout his super.
*n sision and aidl I doubt ss hether a sin
of I gle law ini favor of our stock interests
a; would have piassed the legislatuire.
111 1, .-I might have suid something
about thme county-seat. I ewistown
v_ was selected as beiiut the ni iist central.
er It can be chaniged if not .'ttisfactory.
The New ShIP/Iq Pelsi tr the Great Jedith[
3mg Errmh-Thc, Abed. w i o 'roep.pmue
%1 st 4uw.weS..
THE NEW STAM ULE 4c., Is. . n ~atiu ea tw
rejiiimteriIImIVItmtimoim to visit thu region
trmmvr'rseal by the Maideni andm JudlithmI
lemmiming Stage Line, mm .ti i s repre
seamtamtiw. on Wedinemhmy oft last week,
foundmm himsmmmelf behin it mm a uimmiof spank
ing gramys, enm route for thme Mlisemmuri viii
11m'g ('reek. Nomthing mif pIeeimdl inter
cmt wasi to him seen i,,itul soicmm distancee
awmay frommm tihe mmounmtmmin m zmmge,wlmen time
aim-i-mie of snomw mud iii aIImm iiemmrmmwo of
grossm grasus iMammi aim :mgri mmhli tramit,
fiirimmlmt ii to thim e of. mt . mIwiimr jim
time mmi imitnitai.-. mmmii null'.'lii ims that
mit, a,-,' rial~ilit auimmimiu uig, them it-i'
11mg ('rick, whimilh I .- i -immnmi- mm
time Nord(h Miimwcm-iim M Ilmntainimioo
e:i.- m ci mnuid-merutimL t: -t .i e",t. mmimee
mmirtim-wmm-t, emmmlitv.mmg iii"~ Ox. 'tim.,.iim
abilimt twom mmii. huIN' 11w tim momth of mi
tlie Judimhi. is- tik"ni upi fur twemnty mmmi.-
ly i-tinier. iiug i1;(i4 i lit,", i.,i inktu. A
ii~i J (imitir mmmii mm, Ir- . ii- f-, u,
,"II - I. iLe~ % . ". ..iit11I a ,
instmasitry a more hopefuli anal cheerful
oualook for the future, notwithstanding
the presment depreasaed conditioma of the 'r
woolmarkt. Toseengaged in wool
rgrowingt on the creek are D~avid Ililger, vt
l(. W. Cooak, W. T. tiwope and J. L.
(l~erde. All hrave tine bands of sheep, a
with goa~t [email protected], in mosat irnsatanaces a
made of boards'. These genlmtinen are
constantly making improvements on a
their claims in the shiale of barns, a
corrals, fence., well., etc. They all Id
poses. convenient And conmfortabale'
resaidenaces and, with one exception (an
old bach) at. 'titious sand frugal help
.ttiwru L~axtuxa;..
Leaving Maidern. a 2 p. nm. wearve
at the ranch of W. T'. tlwope, twenty
five stiles distant, a 7 o'clock; leaving 'r
this place at It A. m. following day. _' 1
p. m. found itam on the bank. of tihe
Missouri at what is now known as 1
Judith lAnding, near the sitem of old
Poen r Cook and C'laggt. At this point. I
last season, T. C. Power A Bro. built
a large atore and warehouse. Here we
found Col. 41i. It. Nomrrls, the wide-awake
manager, postmraster, ainotary public a
Iexpresms agent, etc., full of btuatness antI e
looking down the river for the firat boat. I
As our miassion was to gather items of i
general interest in regard to the paat, I
present and future of the country, we 1
took ad~varntaage of the mean. offredI
for olataimmirng iuch..
Time buildings and inmprovements
nmade at Judith Landing by the above
namemd tirma are as follow.: store build
Sing 4OxltW), larnilt of atone, with 18-Inch
waills, about 8(1 feet of whinch is devoted
toIs warehouase lanar osca; the aide wall.
under front endlof building isacla
441x 141; time whole externt of bualdaiag as
cornverd lay. aire-prooaf iron roof; miak
ing it altogether, sutbstanatial, capasciouts
I andl warm, ifatthere are but few
bette stor buil ingsh the territory.
Th rsetwrehrouse on river bank
t is :a' x1n;this will he replaced thial
sp~rirng by a btaiklisag lt(t'c40t, and devoted
ý"wholly to woaol atorage. Its capacity
aaad arrangemnent will he auch as to
naake it cuperior to anythinag ha the
west-a potint for wool-gprowersm ta rne
~ menmber. Time1 next bunalding of imi
p Inartance is time sheep shaed, cornstructed
.1 last sumnmer to accommnaodate sheep
yaten whmo drove their bands to the river
t to athear. This ahed is large andl con
Lvenlet t; every appinoltmenat for sheasr
It ing and packing a. complete, butowing
htin thme refusial of a number to drive
1agairn this year, thae shlad will tbe tarna
diaownt imnrnmediately and thae material
Y usced in constructing warehaouse at time
a landing. Near the store is a tine stable,
r. 25x44m. cap.able of shlactering twenaty-fiv'e
hrs- mres, als restaurant and caloon build
itag, dwelling house and various other
srmiatll buildirngs. Mr. Norrism has comte
I mgg0 corals maf wood on thae batik of the
rtMissouri, for steatboorat consamaiption,
w and over sixty Iota of ice stowed away
1efuar cuuram er use.
A 4&irt) 1 iW?' iTt.
The site of Judith lammdinig commn
prises over 1500 acres, with tlme fertile
valley of time Judlithm river near at hanud
immitaimle for farominmg amid stock ramisinig. *1
Mr. Nmrrimm intendsiu to take omut anm irri
glting ditchi over two miiles in lenmgth
time commming summimer, fromi thims stream,
wh Iich will irrigate at conisideramble area t
of lamed in time almleemme of rainmfmll. tim
'Ihere ism not a (letter locatiomn for a town tl
onm the shores of tihe Mismsoumri thman that ti
found at time nmoutht of thme Judith amid
it him emurprisiing wihat a great scope of
coutmmtry anim settle'memnt iii directly triti- C
mimiry tim thmis pomint. To time wool- I
growers mif th)mg creek. Smalt creek, Ar
mmmel's crioek, lox Elder creek, Wolf ii
creek, andii iin fact tim time grm'ut Judlithi re
hlumsin, is ism not river at three day's drive a
fomr as mairket, omveri giasi roads' anmd aim
almmmunda 'ce oif waiter. Mr. Norrimi is
miuw eoimmmtrmmti't g mm rimmd tom Stmmmmfmmrrl
onily 3m.; wmiles diltamat. Imm fact it is In-l f
remmdy a level, namtur'al higheway, e~xcelmt
ing onme oir tm, hmillsm tm tie em emmountered
Sat itie lirake'. oif thme Judith. whimch are t
tbeing gramleti oivu an, nmine im am east v 14I
1maiummmble toi all kindmm mif tm'umuids. Wimifs
creek rummcimmmem will readilly see the mm
advantage of thisi roumte four mm o,sm
mmarket. They calm buy gimoda4 as rum'a
smuiahie aim thiey maim ini ilentonm, amid e
have Imetter rridmul ammil a shmorter mdistanmme it
tim mammrket. Time hill onm time imog cremek a
rimad will Ile gradled dimwit six feet this
suiimmmier andm other mmlm mpromvemmenits mmimde
mon thme rismte. s
M l.RN)-`t:3:C N '"''.Time mamil roummte establilshmedm last fallr
bietweeni Maimuenm asid Judiithl.anmminmg
is. dilaiy grmmwilg him impolrtamnce. lime
limmm ii well m'mjmi impe' ammi mmaimaged
"'Jack.' timemi'+vir dhriver, didi nmmt imew mm
trig, mdurimigim Iem'st winmter. Tisiim he it
will evem'mtullhy mm. commmtinufed oni to As
sinimmmumim mim n cii frommmm that point to thme
~tmamliuumi Pieilme. fiad itim reM-rvmm'
ii.l bee opmimmhened'u thisi mlprinig time linei
Ciuu haimvi' .mmmi msiin iii oleratmimm. Ii
limt I liere ii liiil regm'ret for time failure
of thme bii! tit its iimm'mmcit shape. Thme
mituu iii rm-mrvmil foui thme Iianlmmmm is time
iriamm i f time vai't area. eimbrairm nmm all
.imi' m~imieril limumli mmmi mime rich valley. I
northi imf tlii -itnimmmit mi thme Bear hum.
Ipnl~r i- fumimmn'' mf thin bill mvill
C-m. r~'i it, nil iii'-m...gm'o mint mm
*l up . t , u. *i; .t yiuu I h
muf l'.' rm'.m mini"- mumm-t Iumm~lm'tivi arlia
ViiiIT.iIy 11O1fL
This is the shortest and most direct
route between Ft. Mafrinaia and Assin
naholne, heingonly 11.i miles via Juilith
Laflding,while itis. 18D via Rocky Point.
With a government ferry at Judith
Landing it would be far the most desir
able route for the movement of troops
and supp~lies that could he made.
At thme landing can always he found
a Mackinaw for carryuing men, horses
Iand light rigs, over the river. t'artiea
desiring to go into the Bear Paw or
Little Rocky mountains, will find no
trulei rossing at this point.
T. C. Power haa offered liberal induce
ments to min, owners who have tor to
ship east for reduction and we huave no
doubt but the same liberal offer will be
made this season. The Neihart and
liarker districts will find the Landing
the nmost desirable point to ship fromt.
There are prospct of considerable
ore being chipped from the former dis
trict this season.
41.11 FOar's A!ND TKAI'iO& l04's .
Among the objectc of interest to a
"tenderfoot," found here, i's the remt
nance of the old forts, Clagget andI
Cook, the latter built in iflulfi and the
former in 1871; the sites of which are
not half a mile apart. This was a great
trading point at one time with the
tirus V'enires and River Crow's, and in
later year. with the Dlackfeet and
4ssiuiiusb inies. Here lies hurried,
While Eagle, who, at the time of lhis
death was leading chief of the tiups
V'entre's. He died In '71. Afterward,
Fenmmse Assise (sitting woman) be
caine bead chief. died and hurled here,
likewise a large number of their people.
The style of their burial is very airy
and peculiar-a funeral up a tree, as it
were. Nearly every cottonwood tree
on the river bottom has a"goad Indian"
tlated in its branches, tied up in
lblankets or placed in boxes. There is
a funerki pile here in which the bones
of some two hundred Indians lie
bleaching and decaying-a rich deposit
of cross-hones and skulls. These, like
the bileaching, glistening bone. of the
majestic elk and noble buffalo, are but
~rudle memorial tablets that nature
has erected for her departed children.
Dan Crowley was in town last Friday.
Fresh eggs, 40 eta. per dozen, at L.
Belanger's store.
The air is full of schemes for the
construction of quarts mills. Whilen
any one of thment rises above the foun
dation our readers will he posted.
J. J. Campbell, of Andersonville, lisa
en route from Billings a consignment
of general merchandise. His friends
will find himn prepared to supply them
with provinder, in a short time, at the
lowest market prices.
The Landusky property, opposite tihe
Anurs" office, was sold last Saturday,
by Special Deputy Sheriff Wash Kelly,
to satisfy judgmisnt held by lien.
D~exter for $16t). The property sold for
$187.00t, to Henry (Jirard.
Richard Noble and Harry Wheeler,
both of Lewistown, purchased the saw
mill at Andersonville, of Bent. Heater,
taking possession last Thursday. When
the necessary repairs are completed
the nill will he run to its full capacity.
iR. N1. Dryden, proprietor of tihe
Clieqoanmagaim remutauranut, has enlarged
his dining roomm nearly one-thmird. omak
ing a decidecd improvenment. His teat
rouus cani now enjoy all the privileges of
a cafe, as any meverauge will be ,scrved
onl call.
Stencil Plates-anmy nman's nanme cut
for tine Dollar, at (iroesbe'ck & !ioland'm..
I lilon, the cowboy of upper Spring
Creek, whom we reported as hmaving
lti linIsreason, tat x Lei TaP1VCkfTo tlle
'4mrimmga, fronm which place line will prob
itol be remit to tihe Ikor Lodge insane
asylan Jmmm lmge Roberti. of Iteedafort,
was emnphatically cumnvincedl of time
nmani s inmanimty Iy a blow jin time face,
aiminimmsteredi by Miloim.
0mn the :,'Atim day mof Apiril, as will be
i..Žem by nomtice of shmeriff salem published
inm thins issue, tihe Collar mill, mimine,
n mill site anmi all immmprovemmmmts amid
tsbuldings thmerei ii will lK .oe ll toi sat~etv
four emx'cutiomis. Thits saiie, we aime
tinmformedc, i. them initial stieli towardl mite
starting of said guill and dmvelmmlimmcmt
mfith tm nimmo. The otli r, min time Co limar
compmiany hmave bemim 1mmmrrelimg inver
a sijuce thme comnplutiomm iof time mmill, oliic
ratlimn, wecre ,tsu.IKaedlli illcmummcclimimcm
imimtil a .atiinfactumry aeljnittmmmn ii ii l~l
te beaude, and as thmat has Imemin diimm.oi
* stratod to be melt of thei questionm ci~r
ý aii creolitimr. Iimli,-'l tim secoemi ihi
t'poety e:re ,mmmtidi.iii ii It at..
I: ill be mamlc tim tm,iI."r mlh t'.1;V:
. tmmminimg ndiiill titi ii i* .
withmim :';, ii .

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