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Th ~ifl~4~?rU
-i AIIEN, Till l{t$uI)A .luly ,' l5i".
I'll[ 1%11F11' s:sE1 s7i1v Iii-iJAv e~v
In the desire to make the improve
:nctt in the Mits+aat. Au .os of %%hich
;e spoke last week-discarding the
patent insides a-id printing all-to home
-we has-e went so Lir as to order the
additional z~atcrial, paper, etc., which
now on the road. That we may be
able to meet cost of same cpo~n arrival
our subscribers, whose subscriptions
expire on. the 4th of August, will have
to come to the rescue on the ist.
Itya cash renewal for the coming year
at that time you will materia~ly assist
in the success of our venture and at
the same time assure the publication
of an all-to-home sheet that can more
Fully represent the great and growing
i edith Country.
A local paper is the index to the
outside world of a country and its'
people. On the patronage accorded it
depends it general appearance. We
:.,ire to publish a sheet truly typical
ti~e future County of Fergus and
citizens. Can we attain this end ?
true answer rests with all of our
To accommodate quite a number we I
have carried them soma time over ex-'
pirraon ol subscription. To such we
m na ask that they return the favor
by settling up to the 1st of Aug':st and
.msewing for the coming year. Tod
rue recent arriv-als of Maiden, particu
:. rly. we request * he pleasure of add
gZ their n^-tnes to our list, and thus
assist us to mnake the Axous a first
class journal.
Gen. Grant was resting easy at last
ii Mabdi is reported dead. Even
a fat Mabdi may die.
Gen. Sheridan has left Washington
for Ft. Reno, to take a band in sup.
pressing the Cheyennes. Gen. Miles
is also on hand. With two of such
iaililary chieftains in command the'
"red skins"M will not last lo~ng.
The New Northwest, published at
Deer Lodge, has just closed the six.
teenth year of its useful existence.
There is no better paper or abler
editor in the territory than brother
Mills, the president of the Montana
Press Association.
It would appear that the Monmons;
of Salt Lake, Utah. have possession of
all the municipal offices. On the 4th~
of July, in order to show their disre
spect for the government and to give
some expression to their feelings for
the manner in which the Edmund's!
law Is stirring up their foul nest, they
Bloated the stars and stripes at half
mast on public buildings, and refused
to raise thems to the top until indig.
Isant Gentiles and mnsmbers of the
Grand Army of the Republic demand.
ad that it must be done.
Col. John Gibbon has been pro
moted to a brigadier general. This
promotion was brought about through
the retirement of Gen. C. C. Augur,
who has been in conmmand of the de
partment of the Missouri. Gen.
Gibbon has a brilliant military record ;
during the war was in command of the
famous "Iron Brigade" of Wisconsin.
He was promotedseveral times for
gallant and meritorious service on the1
field of battle. He wili be assigned
to the command of the department of'1
Columbia, relieving Gen. Miles, who I
goes to the department of the Missouri.
A Washington dispatch to the St.
Paul Pioneer Press, date'd July 8th.
"tidlve McCue, solicitor of the "1\"~rfre h
has made his report to the . crd ar)
of the treasury, in which he exonor
ailes Mr. Illarri..on. IV. 1'. Lowner. I
w.owssn omk h net~-t~nspiats in high terms of the sv~ttii
employed in thle oltice Tlhe soiiw:ý.~
report is satisfactory to the store tors
of the treisury. and Harrison will lbe
so notified."
Abouiit June io, two )oun, tmen
whose cognomnsev-John Btuckley aiii
John Clittoril-are alit to lie rcliteie
lierilt li several butsiness men ini this
ciifhiriutity'. arrived in Maiden. o'tT'Irg
0vet the Maiden and Ubet Stile ltie.
Meeting at L'bet as stranr~cr~ they
traveled together for some ,iltaiwe
willwitexcangn a word but err
Cottonwood was reaiehl a frienidshiip
spirung uip that pt~tpe,.l into a titut tal
agreement to secure their bireaid li
ot her neans tliin by the swei.t oii
the lirow." Ituckley had on his er
son a blank check on the M'slaghicr
County Bank, to fill out which and
sign the ninme of lrai Ingram thereto
he offeredi to pay Clifford $ifo. lº
course Clifr, bieing a youtigster of
abotut 22 short sutnmners,didn't know?1.)
that there was any wrong in cowiiii-h
Iing with the request and snaking tell;
big dollars, conseiliii'ntly seizedi thei
first opportunity, where pen aiid ink~
were proieur able. and drew the che k
for the moderate suin of $203o. f rg n,
the nanme mientioned. Clifford iih n
handed it to Buckley with the remr hti a a oda ha. in Ir.
it proved as the sequel show.s 1t
tempts to past the check were made
for every little debt contracted, the.
inability to nmake chang.e giving th xii
free meals through to Maiden. Arriv
inn here the one object of these lire
'itimptuoiis chtimps-for such ii .v
hiroved to be-was to cash the ceck.
but found no one willing to take it iii
their guarantee. At Maginnis their
mission proved equ illy futile, as sthey
were unable to proc~ure an aci'i1 tald
endorser. fleturning to Miaie te
offered to accepit $25 on the rhl m,
wait foir the balance until it ss'.,. hI on
ored by the bank, but no one en,
desirous of securing possession 4 t
In this dilemma a brilliant idea flase~d
across their mºassis; intellects. I lieL
would buy clothing and tius el jo e
of the "~hoodoo." After selectin
about $140 worth of gooids at the~ One
Price C. 0. D. store they flashed thec
forged paper. Mr. Itinsimore ma de
diligent inquiry as to the maker. and
on the assurance of several parties that
the check was all right, gave thema
the goods and $a~ in m~oney.
t nc next mail carried the paper to
the :Meagher Courtsy Bank tahrer it
w::! protested and acturned. In the
meantime Buckley thought the dlim-te
would be more congenial elsewhere
!and, like the Aral,, "silently stole,
away," while Clifford secures employ.
meut as table waiter at the la~tarnjs
boarding house. .1 warrant was imt
mediately issued for the arrest oif Butck
ley andI Constable Mills scuured thre
country for miles but fsild to fec.
Upon returning to town he ascertained
that the object of his sear-h hadi Iton
'at Ubet the day before and jminmeoi.
ately set out for that point, where
he learnt that his game had started)
toward Billings. Mslills lost no timte in
getting to Lavina where his eiiorts to
support and sutstain the majesty ooi tihe
law were rewardled by securing the,
prisoner with whom he returned to
Maiden Monday ni.;ht.
Arraigned before S. G. Sloourloes.,
court Tunesday morning. the horisoner
admitted passioti the checkbu
"sqluealed" on Clifford whto he brasnleol
as the forger. Clifford w-'rs then ar
rested and he in turn "peached" roo
Bluckley as employing him to exLcriU
the check. The evidence showed a
clear case of forgery, implicating both
prisoners and the court bound them
over in the sum of $Soo each to apo
pear at the fall term of court. Con
stable Mills left i-esterday' mornin'
with these cute "sure-thing workers'
-sure thing they will reach the pens
tentiary-for the county seat where
they will lay in durance vile and have
plenty of time to reflect on the ways
of the transgressor previtius to a
further trip to Deer Lodge.
John Bluckley and John Clifford I
hail from the state of New fork. thlv'
latter's home being near kochester
where his parents reside in modoterate
circumstasnces. Clitford has beers in
these parts for the past three years
employed in various occupatirons.
Buckley is a stranger to all.
A Psrtsy for J. J. Udes.
Whoile in Madiden on the 4tlo of Juoly,
lionl. Jooaoes Fergoos inforniooe usa that
this sprinog thtere waos otalk of otakioog
srt~ie osctiona ilo regaord to the tarode fing
of J..J. Iloolna sent to tDeor L~odge' abhouot
ioo.'.ai ear "to for slotatraug at Wiliinort
-irt. Atn. ',-!o'.i!!o'. .1t tlo trinte of
II, r. ii di- r- at.r " a i:fbot,o r into
-:, un it~ lo -air o ,e tro . itto 'as 'sil-I _it
s i. , --reodtrtl tquickly sigin a IKot-tiioit ascking for his
;tardono. NI r. Fe'rgus favors sulo-l a .tp
lit. liau . tintr Iti huh fir uintni tujr'
iii]l cr~il:u.Jou, aai ilu lt 1'ty nliilt
Iullt~rent 11f. if ri.",'.ti ii.
1*Vt laroll.: knew lIi t" n i
a namijierir of iitr t"it /ir't it tn-i", lit.
II. t i ta*.e ii rtaitila I." sl t; ii ."l t
iioitlilt-. :ie at the ti iii of ice( -illoIt.
to (Ili' pi e of ocar iii higito-inI nn
'-ee~k awi:wii' ic.,ora,!. eaphiiyvuai.ct
ini .aottI CL ortieli of tin" tnuri. Irv. fI'r
dlit.t:tiit touth .1*aalerun~eiia ', Nta ttiitil.
fiavor ack ii. eiceeitivt I l~lijit,.
.1s tit, iexL (u.iveraiir of Mleectttt.
I't TF 11": er, is X expeutIe' hetre thila
wee'k, iuaul liai. ilialethiet.: knonfrnu ya" i mghliiiaea"' hi.I.
"I little ntrik ill :alvaoatc . 'a\a. 'at-l
this sugg~ictliil Ie thoite iutati-r-eil.
Lewistown Items.
c I ii ' 1..1 "at. lii'i .:1"t, i n-t.
Ihicate."iti ti. ur -f i
lia~a~ieiti..' Ii k Ih"I!,u .:rr. r..:.
Ihe aI iiu." I ".i n l' f h' " t . n . iIii w:1
u.,".ý,.~aii I I.. iiilii L ary
Malrntn:I,"1aI c-t:n hut,,lct aho *iia." I." ona
":nitit) 1'..'lrI It a ct-i tgu.-, I'iin )I ,I~tir
u -)epluty ."a Much~al forn ;al uiiaii.
I. -' littlt o,.. f.K- lit."r tt!il:ti "1. I.. -ura
\l~n. IlL "i f ."ante, l n! .iiitrt¶ 1h iT . :I,".
run r.. it'..'taitra (.ual,:tI Ih"l"".t;a
Tit.- Ju1*'Iurrihaa-. J ~oh Wriw 1.u . (lira. ,.
in -wtt: , S. 11,*.I.. .1. II t he C).r." . I, I, t. i ,i..
fund~ n . r.. ut :I
Hortop's Hotel,
Lewistown, - Montanai,
-u\ 'ii :L . ý(, .
Friday, July 31st.
Music by the Cottonwood
String Band.
Tickets, - $3.50
Al n ,.ii _ n i I
W.. . F:RPrpretr
Meal, at All Hours,
I'ay or Ngt
W hen Hungry gzive onm ":I (i
MIontana, foot of .ain I
`''til "NNtl .:iý:ý " 1I U l .ul
NI N I' "~ýt.+I V..0 n'. t . ll ,u N'
ý_I~~~~~~ ~ ~ *N1,1 I~ .t,.I ~. ,. ",.1 i .
*I .u t I Ii Ih:.' G l t.. ,.u. u"rk1.t
The Only First-Class Hotel in the City.
Fine Sample Room In Connection.
BYRNES & DRYDEN, - - Proprietors.
Successor to Thompson &- H~igley,
1r'1 Irr IN
Montana Foot of Ma-lu Street, - - Maiden.
Ohso~ws. XIL
KW St!rm t i St8 Iad] Ma1nry for VarjiGo1N,Sitlrcr4Ciur
C~Id Eiljg;za fjlr RcCIUMTRTN
[Ilw ra" i 1 f fL ,ý,MACHIUERT
Laglam. *~ '5 0 o o° .ii.Tw~
BOILERS, e " Cililug' 1
dI(IrlUMlj - ;1t TRAMWAY.
pa ne . , a:4 -' 0 0i
F eLb.rowyA " " Q
.. , JtNN C 3 S ý
li. [email protected]
D flL r t ile an Sfr-T __ TR NT j~an r 4s o" .
B1 oad rater, McNanara & Co., Post Traders,
First of Ma
New & Saleable Good~s!
M~iking; $ 14 ir "'to:i: C'1 (m pjlet e ji nlll t i i l~c~a ttnn . .la1w 4 h retf, ui rY
we hl milt41 to keep i Il lt)'' k THEII BEST ofI (inn ouli4lt4411
cabj4 j~lji. .3uiu 1ed ioa ?N''~aii AIG
QUANTTITIEs $ metanid ,FO,ºri LCABSnH. 11e will beý8
Unlirsold 141'til no 441. Our Stock of
Plows, Harrow Teeth 'Garden Seed
I,' lt P'" no"t (' 4144,il't.". We lirvi' thte iv1i1 knu'wn aon.l 'p ijiiar
""\1ITC'}IEI L" WA( ioNS. :t 4.oiijl.'~te lilt 1)f SiriZ4i tondi ll roll
liiiu at I vI I 1104k Prices.
Al4 4,,viai we wil iinertrthih. to It )civ-tr iill of :on' Size' to Yl~la'iil ii,il
th '-rouiii ; .10 uttin 0'. o:t i , s i-f trjiailti't1
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Hardware, Tinwa~re, Granitware, Glass'ware, Crockery,
\iIecI 1:i'.'' , 1. 11o .'.i an ' . ,:: `tiutn. lCI.Ai., 'Yth le,;ad d l it~l ichel
andt St s:'., I lardun 4,1l. 11ro1 azid StckI
Dry Goods and Notions!!
I~a s.I I;st'rv .tt~ 'is ummer ( Ivec,
Waltetr A. Wood'-, \iowtand I"xtr Tint 'lculr, Sweelp Rake Reapers;
l I din g~wni li artil Ti it 1' uke ,n":.-tic 0 o jC1r wagon; Jolia
I "ccrr 1'liiwi-jiri:ki n. st'ur~ n. 'hi i.' I!I sil4'tll ; il ulky; Extra
I o t 'l.w lt i itii fI r I 4ith .int ; .itec k4.a~i-Scrapers,
Painted and Galvanized Barbed P3nce Wire a Specialty!
I , 'Ill ou(413i414Ii t .vii "_. l4' uIlii' Ii'i.iO n.r on14 'i4.: 44 omit li4 , we lirolliwe o'44givC
Iir t,44 ,. II 1116-ti. I4 4,441 l"i~t tt(i"',.", :.t ii liii that trill defy all eolaip4.:141o3

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