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The Mineral argus. (Maiden, Mont.) 1883-1886, August 06, 1885, Image 1

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M~.II J.1 __ ____~ AII)EN, iMEAG(IIl~llCOUN'rY, M. 'r. 'I'll1 UH*)AY, A;Ut 4. '(:. I'rie& 10º (cjL-its
FELL & UNf II. : zr & Pvqlmemvmr
Entered at Mmi1en P. 0. as.esd class matter.
(if ,.aid is admasce.)
(hese mesrb . ........................ tlees
Ala meath ... ».»......»..». . ..» ia
There mesiekP.. .» ................... SMw
I lu . ash em i~.......» isse.... ... 1.w*
...»x ............».». .lrs ie
Sp~esisi rates given ean lmre seso med steediug
Lonad saties tl. rests per onme.
Nmiml, advereiuessaie paer" strictly is mel.
Attorney at Law,
*at r. t. lande tt~es l'ime: ee all Pu5rveyed leames
ine the Jedish 11a.,. with abe ssssts ee all Stings
esads. sweesstrel weekly.
Whles+ais med Retail tissler,s is
Winee,Liquois and Cigar
MMaim ba, Cor mm Use Sammsuargi
mhubmliie N ml Ba hr Sin~s
Cigarl Tobacco, Pipes,
5I'gac mod rlgassraee HaMlds.
Club Room
Makm !heam, Unet Is U. T. N.jjgg's
('II Mt. WKl.I. AN, - Proprietor.
WiyX,tSoe Isut the Finest Wieleakiess,
Winese Ileer taid ('igars ksest ill att~-k.
Maiden, - M lontana.
Feed and Sale Stable.
N"U"Mlalm ff. Maldas.
Rigs of all Kinds, Fin. Saddle
Animals and best
*011I y5ew want a Icuteles.e iesggc w.,ek tean,.
eseisll he~.ss orw gessin setelre air a ell
P. Saunders, Prop,
Day's House,
0116SF15 6511K "=CM
RmI:DSOxs MhAw sint Co., M. T.
lia. u'newly bare Aledr up in the very Iw~t .f .4yh.
fir the inceamratdasl.. of the Isave~ii.t puhlfr.
(11)01) STA JLANG FOiR Hit)SlVE
Im .waaaclloa with lbS. hwu~a.
FLANK SAY, Pirwinis,.
A. M. Thompson
ihunga. Patenat Mlesiivinv, Toilet Arti
ciett, iooks, Fie.
1'tmarmaey next door to Argos otlice,
Each 3en~tasnat 1t., Mlaiden.
r4 arn be arnatd way or %IwSt.goa
Meat Market.
O'Leughlinh O'Brien,
SI Wabul Front Saul. Psith, Sella,
fSauaqIa. A
M9ain street, - Xaiden,
PPrNER reaaw .me-.
NWFreeh V. getabtea, Chees' asid lint
heir .Aiwv- Po earniwl,
a' Q
a ti!i. IC
~~II i:*
The Iustafaaae.as Pvsemu Emlplayd.
thyw. ..t M~aidn, andt \"irli.trt',,n~tantly *,n hand.
fafltvr' 3 D.Uyu Abov. Arwua Oarr.
Men ms atttw~ .in ow as t o af ry.ne which
aaWat ae spoo.~eIw htm oty
Ib..eset.. .amiha Orjyua eel. '~.m. t.. or vol
mito.rei. JAkog (th ... U.. t: ,t at~roct
jy.,. .,g~mamtal andn .k"..mabl to, or.. for .oa.:.
.cabhohay ab..e.. biodes, smAi tae. Oot.
COxmMIa.. WAIL' TIla
butmrucile Booit and Plzto Steels.
Olm. sa..d Itlco List..i a.u ar rlkastion.FOEL!
TM Chicago Cottage Organ Co.
Ceaser Imimitph end Am. Stn~s.,
[Franct. F. iteowne.
Not by the bell ow brand,
tigedy   Mortal hend;
Xsby the lighitnng stroke
When l Vwe tea~abro.e;
Not 'maid the wanks of war
Fell the greet raotteea~er!
'unmoved. anditetayed.
In the cwash end eanwage of the eontaceae.
Eyeni that dwnaeyd not,
Oloned that fanied not,
The deauntlese tpiett theat overruled the itena..
Whilk the hero peacefutly elmepeth
A trenton to bin rhntetae crept;
Lightly a thI e ubmaheweer roas
Toucahed has bMew aned hbrethed hit satne.
tl'er the etriekta hrow there pnunea
Sadadenly en icy html,
Thn hero waoeker. rose rdenatomnyrl
Beahted death-ned sheethed his binde.
The eanqaereo at hundred selas
Ton aMigbtier eanqetar yieldo.
Se eteetel foannenei blow
Laid ale" greet eoldier low.
Vicetaw in hit Intest Itreath,
Vannuieieed bet by tenth.
Le hI" l U - hhU o meis CEL t
w1b a Fulls Tibdaly Cusy~.
The Peresent end Futurr Outiook.
MIXIti oll'ggATIO\tt.
Few minling totwns ini the went have
a more bteautifuil or romantic locatiotn
thati Maiden. They are usually nitna
ted in narrow canyons, with abrupt
motuntains ont either nide, thusi limiting
thteir rtesidence butilding sites. Maidlet
in nmore fortuntate, being tetitled on
graduatlly slopitng groutnd, at the juenc
tion of severatl gulcahcs, with ant abundi
ante of fuel and pttre water in easy
ataceew. W~ithain the last year the camp
itas taken on a new life, and if there
wan ever occatsion to dloutbt its future
grtwth and prtotteritynsuch skepticism
is dahily ltiting dispelled. Milrrouandtlet
an it in with mineral hearing moutntains,
tawaiting only thte combined power of
eapital aned labtor to penetrate their
hidden vaultts, there cane lie no questiotn
an to its future. Fortunately, too, the
surroutnding country is the ptar excel
lence of Montatna's agrictultulral and
ntanak Iahdan. It" has no eqgual in its vast
area. Meagher han matre cattle, cheep
anti hornesa titan any other cotunty in
the territory, and the (Ireat Jaudith
Blastin atnd the counttry surrotlndintg then
Juidith nmountatiun can claim thei
ntajoerity of thteni, while thte name tcrri
tttry is thte athode of ptroperousl ranch
Itien whto till the soil fur a livelhittold.
'loa the thtaughtfutl, wi1t, wilh weigh ithese
faits, howa tatn ittey tsitt for a ntitonientt
tie gi erititls detstiny t f olir camph.
Tlie chief reliance if thce caimp at
preselit is the operatiolas oft this comr
pcany, slowly lbnt surely brasnching out
aIi yicar in developmuent work anl the
introdluction of new machinery. To
those who saw the insignificant anal in
-compllette mill of a year ago, whact a
tranesfccrnation has taken plaice at thes
base of Gold Hill. Instead of the un
gainly, old fccshionel oscillaitineg pro
cess can now Ice secan two five-stamp
biatteries, direct fromt the house of
Fraser & Chalmers, Chicago, with al
capcacity of thirty tonca daily, and six
Fruo vanucrs in constant agitation.
The company at lcresnt employs
between fifty and sixty men, which
nuimbar will docubtless be increased as
fast as opcerations will warrant. It is
the intention of the manager to ticat
custom ores, a poclicyv that will prove
protitable to both the company and
mine owners as well.
The summer, thius far, has been a
busy onue at the mill and maine. Mill
wrights and carpenters heays been cn
co-stantly at work potting in the new
Imachinery. r'he tunnel and tramway
constructed to cocivey ore direct to the
mill from. the ore Icacly, will be fully
completed in two or three weeks, while
an ore house in the rear of the weill ca
lpable of holding 4151 tons, is being con
strueteci. Thie tuncnel and tramway will
be about 1--00 feet in lengthe.
The general noenalgar, If. J. Brother,
is a most agreeablc' gen tleman, a thor
1ongleh mining maci and always full of
business. fruest early- morn tuntil mid-f
night. He is hlacd in the highest
regard by all who laet- any dealings
with hime, whether in the employ of,
the. complany or others ice.
Sidney Brother, thce mine foremnoc
tie eugh still young in yeats, has Iced
cousidlerabule esc."rieuh'e in milling natt
Ier-. amid the unlergrouncd workinags
undccer his direction are showing sub.1
stantial result,. Sidney is also noted
for Icis urbanity- and dexterity of mlove
td. Latharcap thce mill foremain,,
like tlce otthers frmcu the upjper couintry,
thcoroueghly unidcerstasiccs his busincess I
ad iell oilm lets hii- teucc jer yet out
ge ,ar. He i. held in hcigh esteem Iby I
fthe mill hands and has made numerous
friends throughout the camp.
The boarding houme, located near the.
mill, under the proprietorship of Crid
dock & Lathrop, feeds about fifty Wren,
and be It said to the credit of the pro
prietors, that the table is kept up to a
hi1gh standard of excellence.
This company, the outgrowth of the
Collar Mining and Improvement Co.,
under the supervlsiont of Eugene Smith,
an experienced minter and nilneralogist,
is prosecuting development in the
S~kookuna (Collar) mine, running drifts
and sinking shafts. 3wenty-seveni
miners are now employ aid the force
will he Increased as rapidly as they can
he worked to advantage. From every;
level and drifeore Is being taken out,
miuch superior to any heretofore -
posed in this property.
The 21)stamp mill Is being put in
repair. The engine was started last
Saturday and put in working order.
When the chemticals arrive, which are
now en route from Judith Lanslieg,
there will be no further cause for delay,
in fact the mill is liable to drop stamps
in a very short time.
The business-like manner in which
Mr. Smith is conducting the work is.
satisfactory evidence that the Judlith
Mining Co., composed mostly of pit.
Paul capitalists, propose to thoroughly
prospect their property, starting the
mill as soon as sufficient ore is muined
and exposed to assure a run of ninety
srt'O'rmo tsoRAsi AtLAaTaF..
'The arrastres now being constructed
In Maiden gulch, by MeAdow, Ander
son anid Jones, will add no incondiler
able iniportance to the millintg optera
tions of the camp. The building is of
quite pretentious proportions, being
30x75 feet ini dimensions. Mr. Attner
son informis us that lies expects to lIe
ready to treat ore from the mine early
in Septemtber, though they have son
siderable work yet to do. lther.' will
be three arastres Instead of two, its at;
fIrst designed.
A road has been made up the moun
tamn sde to withini about otne hmun.lresd
feet of the ntine, from whicht poihnt a
chute will be built to reach the ore
htouse. S~everal men will lbs put at
wo~rk gettinig out ore in a few days.
The Sp~otted Horse is otne of thme
richest gold prospects in Montatta, for
which thte owners have been offered
Wil.OOO. We expect to hear great
thitngs from this muine in the near
The Alpitne arastre is now rcdtuuing
silver-bearing ore from thte Alietn buite,
Cone Butte district. Mlessrs. liutitot
liros. anud Brown & Davis hatee It-zsed
the Alien for eight tmonthis antI are
putting forth every effort to dlevelop
the property and make a sutess~ful
treatmnist of thte ore. Should thme ex
perimtential ruin of a few weeks eulettti
strate thte practicability of thte schette,
two or three stanmps will be addedl t.s
the arastre and steanm power emttployed
in lieut of water, as at presetnt.
Lm 00 gd
pork your prospects. Ucet out ore.
The Mlagjuuuas Company are dli~gging
at well near the iaill, cruss-eimttinig tli
gulch for ai watter supp~ly.
D~insmore huas a apecilnlet of ore
from the Skookuni mine which cuot
taina fully $l1O worth of silver.
The partica or ownecrs of lproiiect%
in' this catmp who will be the first to.
get out ore for home reductionl will Ihe
deserving of at gold medal.
Mounn & Fletcher are din jg as-..-n
Incut work ott the Silver Win~g on
Fordsm Creek. Thecy have taukeni out
several touns of fair grade silver-tIeriritig
'rhe first glaiice at the batteries of the
MIugituulis maill runminds a thuhl irf
of a itpe: organi wtiuti the anti.. .f the'
statuih, are a^ good at. a "'Putiit :uil
Carpenters have miale th or, ugh re
pairs on the Maugitutus Co.'s' waiter ilitum.
anid have built a reservoiir at the minitt
spring for the iilvitig of water n1i 1rr
tectioti iii wintier.
The Miigiutui. I o. have oi 1ii Icn the
(1141 iii ill luli1111) with it ttewl ue.if :1 o
jaln~ty of aiaottt 14) gallon"i Ie ~ta iii.
The old one wilt Ibe lilaced initi ii. ll tno
beting dug. The tewipu m ilip l' o f
the Canmero n mannufactumre.
Slince " Jhiueral Bill" left camp we
h~uv"ut heardl attytlting ahuouut iiie M it
eraul Argu, lode, located oniii' ht.iigti."t
touritutmit in the cone htutu. 'li-triit.
The ;ricet Ott il tisi I.rlihieti i_ Pt .:a
for six nui ane Veiyr ft )mi
Williasii Wilson, who has been work
ing pdiicer ground in Alpine gulch for
the plist two moonthis, is nlow cleanintg
up the pits. He has not touched the
bed-rock yet and is ntablije to give
any inforniation as to the richness of
the ground or the reward for hisa labor.
It will require a couple of weeks to
1finish the Clean-up.
Burgess &- Armoki started for the
Cone Bitte district Monday morning,,
with a waugon load of camping aind mitn
lug utenitlls. They will commence
work immediately on their recent pur
chase, the (lolden KEgle. They expect
to have a% considerable quantity cof ore
for reduction before quitting work.
ing and assays well from the surface.
Henry Born and Jimmie D~eare are
building as roadl to the Blamboo (hief
lode, in the Warm tiprings Dtistrict.
Thme owners contemiplate getting out
ore for reduction here or elsewhere
after the ruad is coumpleted. The
lanmboo is a flue looking prospect, the
ore carrying ruby silver. Several tons
from this property were sent to Wtickes
for treatment last sumnimer,whici mtade
a good showing.
A. kiridg lahir is Shep, CNN. ad ami
W hag wasn a wi54mrraes. roer veera s
New she Abmir of Thrifty West
EOrawmr. snd Rasuha~ra.
ihmu imimiumi. July 3li, l8MB.
In Ailgucit, laimi4, we fleet croneed tihe
Judith valley liv what is now the Maidend
&t Okia sagame romute. emiit"'11 Iin" thme stir
rimmmmiblmi cimmantry by thse very nelmi/emhtuat
imitie of comiveyanca, viz:; homrseb-ack and
leadinhg aum umiimmai imlledl a 'tmem'k'lores."
whimli "lomvedl alontg easily althomimgh upommn
hile back wasm flmetetmed an entite catmip out
lit. ipreviaoii amid bedinhimg Ior mmysmelf and
Wie rumnimlmmier at thai~ time, ltme only
ranchelis noirthlo mit g Spinglmu creek were.
tlime oin Jamei'm Feitngua &iimt o, on Armuells
emil time JudIth Cattle Com aniimy. on Wartm
Sprinig en-eke, and while passling thronugh
Maliden we eaw limt two log buildlings, amnd
not a mmiil put lii an apipearamnee.
Tim comnteimplate time cumntnimmt that has
tmaken place dumrimig thme peat four yvuare,
woumldl cilial ithe mdleep of a Hip 'amiWimugle.
11. 1'. Birooiks is time piolneer of time lower
Juithll andm thme folloiwing year Jameim her
gusm mrnce leia stuck oni Artmiclmi creeik,
where lie nomw resumlem.
Tiii licet handi mit imiml dri'vmen imorthi of
Blig "Sprinig crmik, was that nf Bromoks k
II ilmer'-a haumi miimmimirnimmg 2,700) bead anmi
werec wihnterum-d omm ?ill creck, a cumali struamim
ii rtm mit time Yulimm'i'mici mmmiiimimtain. Thin
iicmm imittie to iii me.i'i i'grmazimg mmuaim a tlmimm
'mimi huls,'' a-ire thommim iii thei Jilithi imattmi'
ilailetlim vlleim'. mimider itme mimlmeriiitmrilummiui
oi it. P'. Brimiml,..
ihimmte ire miow nim Smmlt, limit. Armeiclhi,
li uer, ilmx Elmlm , ilum-k hlmtte,' 'lmmmi anmi
Warmi $Smring creikis. mimic "l:.im4 mimmii.,
amloneic andm imatile Il~cimer.ly miwulmic miner the
maiii ranmge'. th em actii minimm cr we ar istii.
mamic tim asertalim.
Fomyr imarmi ago. Ilii rm. sem, iiimlvm'ml aumm
ainm cmiplmla-m at .1 mimlhl laiimling, as lielm-i iii
wmimm; mime f Imlimwimg yecr, c l.:: hoiliu were
Imaimlleil ai then mimei 1.imii: 1m 'ei, hleii' were
*-hipmmm.e mil mnimi th immims mimi-,t re arm' i'ui
mmali' awauitingitransiicimrtaim onmi. 'I'lil,-,iiia-i
lime woum1 iirmdeimiiilmi mr lirmlmirtiimimm Iin
mni'mmi'ilurimmg mime limit limmr year-m. Ii famci,
tlie ii imimicy lie u mereameil Iio scmi anm ex
limit. ihit if. It. Ncn..r, thii m'lli-eiiit milnium gir
mdl"i. '. itmimwir Ali~rm.'mumminore-1i,lmm hammiin
limiciu huh-mi smmid it is ,'-iiiiiii.l thaeint mii
m.,;4.m a leen,- mmmli bei Iiimmimliil at .liimlmtii
mmimlti i,. mmmxi cm'iii.ii
miniIi mg am lvaailmmm.' mthm e mum-mircmma..i I minler
rmml,m-, iii mlimi emaiclmim. a, tilly inimum miami
ml catmtle are ri- rio-mm mi-i mm hmii Jnmimlt
i'attle i'mm.. J, II. .~Mingm I. S. I'immm.lm-y. J. I,.
Stumiet, laiili c Co4m., i ilas. Hiiiti'..iauie'
iill i..mi.y Jamimsi Fergusm A. N,in h i. Si. hlamm
il..,,1mm loN liiml i ra c,. ammii \. mimiii mmi..
A.a- mmcm a ie morm cmimmiiim'mm n.. c-ritm m' m
them .miijmm- iit moii gcrmw~iig am' i'ru-.'c ti
lit ,imiiimimiim ''mritim mmh' the' m'i~ilei' 1mmmmmc
l mmmcr",k Ie 'mwii gm-mi-m..': mii it,. hill'.
mmclii cam-el~l i-im wo ii r~ m~iuii- thir imimlm
Iammmliim2 mmmiiiot cmi-.
i-mimic \imc' mm-mm til- /mimminimg clmim-. iiit
r,, I 11m.g mci- k duirlmml; ii smet!m ere mmCw
'itirmm xl.iii mii- immii-im cimimmt l milmimim 12
'mcI~ bei li-i: ulmim izircm w.m' am-rc om mur wa'ia
tomm~ "mm-m.-.. mmmin .4cmm -It. .mmlI mmliii
lec o, it-ilc i-hIm-c r.. cii ,in I'., icm-i-k,
iwhmmi NI,. i, 'm. il..I ora ~ mwicnr" imimmi ." -mmi,
pa mi ,"mi-mmi m ii; mm-mi~ Hojimt~ e mlimiic, I'..
'ilier- mic try' tinr.- cii 'mmmc --;irauiiii a1
-mmii"" o emimm.mii Immlinl" im.iriiin.t Ic .ii ilu
''mm"ý.." t miimyi Iree; a. sctu.m' mmi
l..-cbc6 n~ltie, :r .el."s~",ln. mci
t: ''1111:lt , : t tram .trl mh.wu
the creek with miy "'purl" when we were
in secarch of sheep mnacthen with the rents
eagerness that cdamueterized the lilke's
Peak godhuntera, or Alder creek sain.
plate wisere W. T. Swope noew enjoy. Iii.
cunifrssni ofeitvliud life. About soindown,
very soddenly, some eix or eight Indies..
aitieeercd. conl ac theme were Indian daeys,
we brought themi to a halt when within a
hsundredi yardis of camp, by tie. never mil..
taken signal 'it a leveled Winchester rite.
The signala of fretrauhiphatngmstiaiacetory,
they were allowed bs approach, and they
too pitchsed camp. They prepared capper
by stewing driedlbhlle leect and a aide
dla.i comsposed of wild cherries. lout.
sugar, dirt and halt. We were InvitaiP to
partake of the repas with the "senate red
man." cod invitaliena meet always he
accepsted, out went, enpacially when sailed
to the bar. We are wekltg thia for the
a ussueesent oflh isa lie who may per.
chassce acans thsee line, and wilt there.
tGsre comp~lete the story. Next morning, the
eldeset sof tie. indians. wit. acted an apokre.
msan, conscluudedl tiat ear pack-hsorse was
of msore service to bslae than a young
sqsuaw who waa in bte party and piroposed
to "swap," in other worde. "tradle;" cog.
gosting at the saaae time that the yousng
lady of Indian pareontage would ha of more
serrvic. ansi do snore work than the pack.
horse-a very narrow renni for the 1Mg
creek bridete.
The agricultural industry hac clan kept
pace withi sheep and eattie, andu almosut
every available lotaioa is now taken nis.
The finanlcia sieprantion and 'lapreeic'
lionsa in valise of property, have checkedl
for the tins. being, the vartousa industries,
but one extreine feilowa another in an
oppoioate dirxiwioe, cad Ia course of tiuse
the busineae cbannels wili open again
with more activity than errer before.
Wool hta been em a eanetant de.-llae foer
tie. ead eix yeara, felling buon 3flc to Ile
par pondi; but during the las tofw weeks,
an upward tendeney In the prices ia notira,
bie, coil the liroicear. commisanion nice
coil ianaufacturer will be able to operacte
once. ismoe on a thinlg market.
Ansong the saneamalki aheep men on Jksg
creek Ia (I. W. Cook, at the Arm of Pabody
A Coog. Locating two yeere ago, he bee
in that tiu. increaned hi beand fense Igols
ewea to 211110 head, and aheerasd thls year
froiss 11000 ewre and lamaI., 13,011t! the. oif
tise, clean wool, sad Ic the hightail average
of any cheep In Ilida eawlon.
Judith Landing hem opened favorably
ac a wool point, and tile. per vi~nod haat
been offered for the wool there, Inc astraight
lot, and Msr. If. V. Mactie, a comemission
mats and an rxpert en wool, hoe stated
that the Judith larding wool, as a
whole, wiould equal, if not surlass ansy
general lot isn the territory for quality and
llrooksk lime, and Chandler A t'isassber
lalis are ther most extanalve wool growers ot
the lewer Judith, We areapecklieg oii that
atripe ofi country nsorth of Dig ttprlng creel,
east set the Judith River to a peoinet nothii'
iii Black Butte, and ia abiout thirty silees
elice its 2,ie- iier pound for wool a~si i'ay
is. p1.eN) ier hieads for sheep and we will he
lihe msseut vtiiisessted lot on. earths.
Weorn. ticiewee.
A Csutawy /bat tkms.
I~ai, Frnasios p.4.
Three men suddenly stood on their
heads, uttering frightful shrieks, at the
circus the other evening. The clown
had actutilly gotten off a brand-new
joke, and the unexpected occurrence
hadl unseated their reason. Old cir
cus-goers rose from their seats and
rushed about embracing each other
with emotion. One white-headed old
man was carried out, exclainuing :
1"1 always said it would happen
some day. Now 1 am willing to d~e"
Mlany of the audience spenlt the
night in the middle of the streets,
tearing an earthquake.
trade as -style F" state casket, cloth
iiivered, metallic." It is six feet long,
handed with solid silver frames, The
metallic part, which i5 linside the red
covered -hell, is of highlv-polish~l
(copper one-eighth of asn inch thick.
Flie 10, 01 o French plate beveled
glals. ,pcpti nl length. The inside of
the collia is lined with light cream
SaLtin, lbeautifully tufted, with an ele
gant pi!low", on which, in raised letter
on an linlirojileded ribbon, ai-e thle
i nitial, "U. S. C.." The handles are
,u,, 'Iii r. e'.lecially designed for the
rottit I le outaide box is of irn
p0-hic e'di r. highly polished andH de.c.
-rated with handsom~e tnountings, and
is lardi heav-ily with lead. Tjhe cedar
Isortilli is perecetly air tight, and '~rae
tically indestructible. The fear that
an attemipt might be made at s site
time be gii iiils to remose the tier;i
eral's remainis friu his cotlin his in
ducil the fami-y to aidopt nuiiuual
pret lution". A Bessemer steel burial
case has been ctwderd which will lie
air, water aiiid burglar~proof. It will
be ovdal sin iihae, with a hin~el dor
on theC endtit'. a the reception of the

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