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ht t1intral lrgus
1Ai)EN.. 11lfrci)AY. ,t- 24, Io -,.
n ai:.14P1':fs Ia.E Y BY
FELI & MI : Iuter s k melis.
Twh Chinamen are sit the move.
'We trust that no one will impede their
The Indian reerservations in Mon
ta+at cover 3o0lt acres, or over
45,000 aquare miles of the fmeat grau
iug lands in America.
loa Ridl has hbeen reprieved until
Oet. 18th. Hlis rne will he heard be
lore the imperial privy council and
his counsellors are now en route to ep
pear before thi aulgust court. Riei'
life hangs ot: a slender thread.
Even the statue of William Cullen
Bryant is needing miney badly. The
New York C(amnlitte are beging for
ulbscriptions of ()1 each.--E.
If you want to see a mnumOunent
raised quickly, wait until John L. Itl.
livan dies. Merit bas its reward.
(4Nice more the American eagle
snakes the fur fly out of the British lion.
In the yacht race between the Puritan
and the (kenest, which occurred on
the 14th lent., the former wine by six
teen minutes. Length of course
thirty-eight miles. The second race re
suited in the Pnrltan's winning by two
assiantes and nine seconds.
Bishop John Sharp, Utah director of
the Union Pacife, one of the wealthi
at and most influential Mormons liv
ing, appeared in court and pleaded
guilty to the bchrge of unlawful co
habitation. He was fined $00 and
was discharged on payment of the
same. The great aggregation of nasti.
ness is gradually weakening. Biehop
John promises to abide by the laws of
his country in the future.
Barnum's large elephant. Jumbo, was
killed at St. Thomas, Ont., on the 16th
aint. His keeper was leading him
along the track to load him when a
train came up behind unnoticed,
and ran him down. He was injured
so badly that he died in thirty minutes.
The trick elephant, Tom Thumb, was
aleo. luared, his leg being broken.
Jumbo was valued at $200,000. Bar
uant will sue the company for dansa
A Dickenson correspondent of the
Bismarok Tribune says : "It may be
worthy of note that Marquis de Mores
has stopped sausghterinlg at Medora
and is shipping live stock to Chicago
from Dickenon'.' There is no doubt but
the Marquis has saunk a small fortune
in his efforts to plaie the dressed beef
refrigerator scheme o oon a paying be.
aie. He cannot purchase the beeves
at a Agore that will allow a margin aft
ter slaughteringexpenses are deducted,
sand we are informed that the heart,
liver, brains and tongue of the animals
are not saved for shipment, which
alone set the Chicago butchers in the
neighborhood of e dollars. Quite an
Prairie res have done an immense
amount of damage in Dakota. For
five hundred miles alng the Northern
Paelfic can be seen the charred re.
maim of rsiug leadsand wheat ields.
In some instances wheat stacks, farm
hotsts, machinery and barns have
ee, destroyed. The people have
been fighting ire for over a week and
using precautionary measures for self
protection, generally by plowing fur
rows around their wheat stacks and
buildings. The ountry is dry. having
had no rain for several weeks, and it
is almost imponoibse to cheek the des.
uroying element when well under way.
Such fires on Montana ranges would
be a disastrous blow to the stock indus.
try and should be guarded against in
every possible way. Forewarned is
A govermnent eommiasion is now
investigating affairs connected with the
rese- t riot among the miners at Bock
Springs, Wyoming Territory. They
have reported finding matters in such
shape a to endanger the property of
she rued and jeoprdising the intrests
of the government, and call for prompt
isterfereac and assistance. The Chi.
e Consul, Col. Beeof an Franeisne,
i a the ground to make a thorough
aivestigation on behalf of the Chinese
government. Col. Bee has made up
his mind, from conversations with the
eastise and oferra that any attempt
o bring the offenders tojustice through
she loast autsorities will fail. In this
noeclusion the Colonel is right. The
Chinese must depart and the manner
of their departure is of but little con-.
sequence to any one exceppt to the (
The samemI statement ,f the North
ernPacific company for the rear ending
June 31. IfE6, shows that the gIrs re
eipt from freight wre $76-4,j7 ; 
s 0gere $8W07S ; mail, express' 713.
i0m. making ia total ('f.2Ie4.I. The
olprristiwK e'mm.lsH. were SG,1t1.811i..
I.mvigng the t nt esrnisyug at .,t1R7.-t9.
(ormllmar'ed with the preceding year
there um, º at ilTncrm'ase iin the earnings
from collmmer.ial freighlt of t,;,;:, and
from mail, expres-. etc.. of l*211.:52,
but ther waS a decrease inm pimnenger
earnipngs of $l.l21..~ti, making 1t11w net
deerease in the commlnercial Imsiness
of nll kinis i *tm1.t4nml. The report
states that the prinlcilpl cause
of the decrease in passenger
earlings was the uhbeidence of the
.eur d'Alene mining excitement to
which alm, may be added the opening
-of the nnion Pacific road to Oregon
by the Orton Slhort Line and their
city branch of the Oregon Railway
and Navigation comlpany, as well as
the snow blockade throulghut Otegon
last winter and the general ldepremaion
.4t iuminess throughmut the country.
The causes of the decrease were off.
set as to freight by the steady advance
of laIpuhltkmn, and the deveklpment
contiguous to the line of road. The
whole number of votes cast was NO,
678, each member of the board elected
receiving a full vote, wfth the excep.
tion of August Blelmont, who received
tl,80,878, and Norwood J. Ilallowell,
who received .tI0,JiOI. Tie board of
dlirectors met later and organised by
the election of the efllcetr of last year,
save that of assistant to the president,
which is abolished, and Mr. Williams
is made second vice president.
Entara Ma.sss  Amscs: Will you
kindly allow me lspace in your colulens to
present for tie conslideration of your read.
n a subject, which I think will he of In
terest to Lalidenites, at least. and perhaps
to thIoe of the surroundi(ng country ?
Now that our eamp has arrived at that
stage of developtnent, when it has not only
the. proumlse, but the assuranee, of a bright
and prosperous Inture. I think it is fully
titam that umuething should be done to
Sprovdle the ranully increasing population
of )laldean with an abundance of good
reading umatear It amay be argued by ome,
that all who wish to read can supply them
selves with the best of books. etc., a very
nmall outly, and consIequently that there is
Ia taecessty far concert of aetion in the
To certain .rtret. thin. I true, and yet. i
cheap a- books. paters and magasines can
he bought. it is a lamentable fat that a,
large uajority of the population of sucih
ealps as thia. purchaae or read hut very
few of tbheu; and stalt. not fbom any lack
of appreciation of good reading, for I con
tend that the inhabitants of these frontier
canp., will compare favorably with the
brightest enmmunities in the land; but
being here principally in the interesta of
nor pocket.bohnoks, we are too apt to nag
tlet the better part of life-the cultivation
of the intelleet.
Young mten of bright promlte and high
aspfrations, monling to a rabmp like this to
work. generally bring with tl.rm but littlae
.ex ept what they actually need, thinilng!
to furli.h themselves with the convemln
ces of life later on. They find after their i
day's labor, no place of ereeatio, in the i
town of a hi fher grade than the saloon or,
anambling house, and thither they go "to
kill time." anil they generally succeed most
adlirably : for the deadest of all dead
time (as far as any good Is oumnerned. elther
bodily or mentally,) is that which a young
man spends lounging around saloons and
gambling tables. They soon form a habit
of attending these planes and lose all taste:
for good d ld eading or study. and their,
minads, for want of proimh es sei , beesome
in-etive and dormant, their sapiratioua are
deadened, and the bright promis of their
future is never redeemed.
Very touch of this evil maight he avoided.
I believe, lt the town supported a good
library sad reading rooa, where, youmg
and old, could spend their leisure hour
with both pleasure and proi. To estab
lish an ilnatitutiou of the kind in town.
and keep t is good running order woueald
be but avery small tax uo the disene of
Maiden. if but the half as themu would
take an lutaerst in the metier, and the ben.
et mr lting to tie toe n froum such aUn en
terprasa would be of incululatble value.
"As the twig is tent, so the tree iLn
dlined," is a proverb that is oftet applied
to youth and manbood. and I brlieve that
it utay, with a good dteal 0o froth he applied
to the growth of towns and cities. A lit.
tie well directed effort, in our village of the
present. will largely dtrtermine the char
acter of the city hIt the future, when it
numbers its populatiool by the thousands.
Will the eitisens of Maiden make an effort
now, and by their actions, show to the
worid that they are here to stay. ad hlave
an abundanue of eoatlidesne in the stahtl
ity of the esup.
I nuight here suggest a plan upon which,
I think a library suight Ihe onned and car
ried forward ·uousefully in Maiden, but it
would take up too much space at present.
and I would prefer to here others, who are
better qualiied and .roebalyv more inter
eted than 1, to take the matter in hand.
There will be obstsles  and objactius to
meet and remove and considertabe hard
work to be done nlaore the trojest can
be successfully carried out.
sut to a well ordered mind, "difleul
ties are but the whtstuneU to exertion."
and the reults. I liruly believe will pay
'me hundred told for all til iasm.r invoivel.
frustung that other., more able and ex
perietesui will take l ihii ti~ ll uj.Lt aend
sift it thoaoughlty.
I ea youlrs resur..tfully. VctAWr.
cape"i elemy's CMnMs
HlsitltUlTEars 3% INlt ~AlltL,.
Iit rAt, t age: º. M. 1.. Se.pt. a. I,5. )
('aptain tiart'ey 4-.lllrana0 ( is n4ow is,
pierusaneset aunp ame tihe lmtdiaa trail
crorsin the o..a'y rersire amear the
old tturgis r.al I'w ".esi" ham hbetl
scouted raily, as a. i;. A. t!... .leuntry on
tlasidl. of the rant;'. . lltw aiL inst..
a snall larty of Pegrns India s was die
covered south of the range and sever pye
iles uere captured from them after quite
an exciting chase for about three mile.
No Indians have since been seen by the
tr.,lps, although every efort has been
twotl Iatel to disenIvr them. Several
r.nchlnen have rendered valuable assist
Since in the way of giving informanntion and
luidance. Mr. Isyle.s bas been exeeting
SIv kid and obhliging. Otier, less lontl
ineat settlere-wlso have sogt t' yeselve
bIen troublcd by Indianla-l pear toderive
amusement by endeavoring to set the
soldiers out on a false sent whenever they
can; doubtless so that the "hLt eval-ry
horses" maiy O proierly "eseresed." It
is not at algprobable that any more ladies
will allow mheneetre to be found by the
troops during this oint; they (the l-di
ins) are doutlesees keeping daily watch of
jour alvelusnts, and will not de marb
mIore raiding and stealng mutil after the de
parture of the troops for the pout. The
setlers enjoy our being here very much
and it l rumored about camp that they In-.
tend giving w the rredom of this sL - on
of the country, and a arties of bhlls, muil.
lriels, receations, ete.. during the coming
Ilul and winter, provided we are to remain
here through the "gay season." *
L anIue-Vauve-w-At 6 p. i. on the lth
inst, at the residence of se brides a -
renta on ios lder, Miss AgnesP P. -
gus was joined in the bonds of matl.
mony to Mr. Newton L. Ledrn, Rev J.
r. ) .hnner, oklltslag.
The bride is well known In thie vicinaty
as the tw oiollbd duobhter of Mr Wan.
Perue and nieces of Janms Fergus, and by
her many endenring qualitie has madi a
large circle of friends, who all wish the
newly weldded pair untold blessings anad
The mroau sl an lantelligent, ladustrious
and unassunlnilne gentletan and has been
connected with irovdwatrer, McNamarua
C(. for sotse time.
Only the relatives and a few invited
'friends were present and after tleceremony
all enjoyed thenmselves at a sumlptoun re
past prepared by the well kInown skill of
Mrs. W. Fergus.
MIsi Nellie Frgue asisted as bridsesiad
and L. C. Moaler with his genial counte
nance. performed the utnce of groom itn
good shape.
The brde receelved a nuhmber of valuable
presents in the shape of checks. The hap
py couple are oast upon the em of matri
mony with the good wishes of the entire
conmunity. One pleasant feature of the
evening was the prennmeditatel remark of
oneof the bachelors present, that "he hbd
picked all those berries for nothing this
Tihe greoom is to be envied kfo his muncres
in glaining the hIanl of the "onnie notcrh
laSe." ftt
hiit a lgetmr.
Our esteemed friend. lon. James Vrer s
had a romantic encounter with what is
commonly known asm "4kunk," the.other
day. Going t, his cellar for some pot
toes he anme in contact with Mr. Skqpk,
who proposed to hold the cellar and pots
toes, an for this purpose prepared for a
"defensive" eampaign. Mr. Frges, actua
ted by the spirit of "priority of posession"
set out for an ofentive and strategetle cau
paWlal to regain possession of the premnles
Shot suns and pitchforks were called into
requisition, and the result was a dead
skunk. But unfortunately, Mr. Skunk.
*-with his well known means of defenso
managed to get his work in. and Mr Fer
gus (who was just getting ready to attend
the marriage ceremony of his niece) found
himself badly perfumed. too much so to he
either pleassnt for himself or near friends.
Soap and water, a wash tub, and change of
clothes felled to pruduce the much de
sired result, sad it betin time for the ears
mony. the ladles suggested a "ounter irri
tant" the shape of "ruswa." It took
one and one-half bottles of rou-water and
it was then a stand of between skuak vs.
rosewater. Verdit-"disageed." ee
Taken Up.
About seven weeks ago. One Small Ora
Horse, branded circle (with pr tdicul
bar through center), on right shoulder, sad
blaosbed brand on left shoulder. Owner
can have ain by proving property and
paying chares.
FAwal CNArsuaaAr .
Grass Range, Sept. 17th, 11s.
The opartnership heretofore elacing
between Mathew F. Byrnes sd . M.
Dryden. is this 1b s day of September, IS4
issolved by mutual consent. M. r7
dsen retiri. All socoemts due the ml
nm, ob paid to Mathewr . Byrnes,
who awuee all the liabiliiws of the late
dlira. M. V. Buasl.
I. M. I)Dves.
$10 Newmrw.
dsed w a Maed f m r tMe
!bee,7 is M oltf ev-flowles, v4a: OUse denl
hey e ma baes, bee ad hidL bee white;
g , eet us; m ad, ISis lef thigh. iee
es eIDesld euwek bt July. H l eit  ll.
. . h Mea=ghi-a
136 nS It., Wmhk0i... D. ..
Tuo" ALL rou or
I oh..'. usi Nwkru Dim...
b~lc « kdbe N o M a AVIn j
D lava N g..L.Uypp pinu.,d f .at, . a .t ofn all swukMa eP sorm to JIaM rr ots
It, s o.aa N. aIOS1'I tS obw~Y w.at. rb AM .a w abatk.s MEq. d.d 9 ae~i oftal
rha " t wVFiS. W. IMALE iUA .M . aw sa D. C
13w W th.tord. oU. w= Mess
tI:L Io.a. 2~i tr..fr .. fr M r ea Ibl ·pa rcr .
t r...rt" a>w~w 7hISS,~a. S wtOS rtotM. . AII eAmmbiOA.- Sa do.. at am USdf .awIau,.
Ire. J A ttrl~ao lt rY·C
rr~f u t ..HUr+ C. Olrl
w~tl.Y.MiiWsba ono a roLM..w.ý.A....rfr./r
I mm p repare to do all kindeof hauling.
moving. etc. LrNvesrdne at Interationei
b hotel. P U. 1cEIJtRY.
N oute of nFal anty.
p LAsItWrIm AT Mam-,. MNTaaMA,
s al proef in u. t of his dtwa. sad that maid
nwiena . he . d rank Marnn. a Xetar
WoI. tro Csd me.O-L -w 1rtekatl. I a
Mhs. d. Maomna oir. Mntana. T.
S. T. t er . , a lv :.
S F ran We.hel, m, id .
d. ha: W 'de inkw.ed nm VAtnit ...
d, tsia th u . Snr. od tn. Jod bt.h
Maa wies. da. ian. .
Yot~ur a * . Aba tere s i ser.s
SeNod r iot 0o nd ei-Owaetmw.
upon oie Uited t r-ae.ode. mlumm e4 m
wMai.. o aasnua Coto y, Ionin.
Torbane t blendl. andel C. An r land
Winfred A. savieg: e em. e
tio an hehdleb nMtrd thaie I have t.
pni a in laor old o upcnnh . taes
N wupson the Urny R Lode. Sitan.d
Watres rloblMag. IoNtrictn .r 1 a
cAt( Mor tand TS)ortind Papers adoieln
eUm wll Dog on th pilar e' of She ub
contrite or proportion of uch eripen
acriher undir mection 2324. reviard atatute.
of the United *aiu.
' U ,F MFeedSale Stable
w. N. WUNm. t4, tO. p..
loriw Stabled anti Fed by I)y or!
• Week at LReasonable Ratn.
r igs n tti laddl Ioo,t.tss.
I TArltS,--ltear a Pa lHr o as. Mate.
PI)O,'l' OFFI( 'E
News Stand,
All Story roand Sportinlg Papers. Nvehl.
Stationery of Eavery IPscrip
titon. Etc., Etc.
saeertptlnna Taken fr anyl Paper.
ror (WITM' I. AINIC, ..
i N H I- - -------
r 11
-' 3 12
Reserve Your Orders For
Maid.e Brewory
Ready For Delivery September 1st.
. IF'irit-('hlasst Beverage Guarunteted.
Maiden, M. T.
Broadwater, McNamara & Co., Post Traders,
Ft. Kaginnis, M. T.
'E IInvite the attentionof the Trade throughout the
Surrounding Cauntry to our present stock which is
by far the largest, and embraces the
General Mecha.dise
in Meagher County. Our Goods are purchased in large
quantities from firat hands only, by experienced buyers,
and shipped at a low rate of freight.
Oun storehouse, cellars and warehouses containing
over 15,000 square feet of space given ts better facilities.
for handlii.g goods than are enjoyed by any house in this
section of Montana.
We have this Summer a
It is here to be sold. not to rust upon our shelves, and if
low lprices and liberal dealing will sell them, they will go.
To the trade, who are paying eash and looking for LOW
PfRIC , we say, come and se us.
Take pleasure in announcing to the public generally, the arrival dlrect from
the Best Eastern House,., of an immense stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Hardware, Tiawam , OGraitwams, Glasswar, Crook\ry,
Me hanic's Tools, Cooking and Heating Stoves, Chairs, Tables and Kiithen
Furniture, l.amps and Lamp Stock, Farearms and Amunition, Doors
and Sash, Hardwood, Iron and Steel.
Dry Goods and Notions!!
Full and Fine Stock of Boots and Shoes; an endless variety of Prints,
Ginghams, Embroidery. laces. Hosiery, Men's Summer Gloves,
lress Goods, Hats and Caps; the "Stetson Cowboy
Hat," a Specialty.
Walter A. Wood's Mowers and Extras; Twine Binders, Sweep Rake Reapers;
Hollingsworth Rakes; The rancher's favorite-the Cooper wagon; John
Deere Plows--BreakiLg, Stirring, Shovel, Hillside and Sulky; Extra
Heavy Plows made especially for Ditching; Steel Road-Scrapers,
Harrows and Harrow Teeth; Buggies, Buckboards,
Spring Wagomns and Roadcarts.
Panted and OG nstid marbed Peace Wire a 8pelIalty!
a All ourGoods having come by river, on our own hoats. we propose to give
our patrons this season, Frst Class (Good, at Prices that will defy all comtpetitinm.
gagse a sm
,-, a iMAIeI E R
mns. Iot llet
18118008 Iron.
Capii4 ecn. .
uuL, YruU l
S-el. e.t.. . .. . .

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