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Vol. -lI. o. :. - - MAIDEN, MEAGHIER COUNTY, M. T., THURSDAY, JULY 29, 1881;. 1'rice 10 Cent.
Eaid ~u vPO aaueemmis
Eft(nr M Yai/ a IO. M rdw claw . t(
Air ls Mass LU. ?
·" F .."--. .»....-»" .... .. . 1.
eve t -- ................_ .... I .
I a- - b ·... *...,r· - ..
I. i wom
1"L~r -'~-·· ,
4"au ogig"as gleaw luau. pass sad amdlq
Ladaa maim ibeemu Mm.r "
s. VON TOdL Js.,
AttOrneY at Law,
r-a..a. Liad ram .1aN *mb
is d.Jed" brim.. sabY"w .r ontla
*mods ewama sath.u
Attrcnq and azo aiser.
fr)ra a! Walnal. MOE)TA!A.
. ' tcftul attastbn. t. jwactr Ia is Sb.1M
C te. Voutrys'rl.a sad dlprrtium.
.aI3..- · - -: -.
rQt· i~
Feed and ake Stable.
mmA fmab ad b
. ' Ma rs .ý.
it is a atra~.ar rM
P. andor, Prep.
Meat Market.
Weom.k BS.,..
Y IbiS o Fesi blos. Pll, UsOa.
Mats stret. Mmaie,
lusv uw er s mr. hSY
S UM* ('slt or1rL
ý Wr@,.I. Vtwetabki. Clow-au. ad iut..
tsr AIWa*J am Ilini.
Sa Full line o Fresh Fruits mAhp linra s
SCigars, Tobbaccos and Cigarette's.
>fscrtara. "::'. =' :v·arr. 5t.. Maid e:
Drug., i"atest d oica', Tuit qwt.
do.. I&~rrjkg, · '
nlw hemat'E dos to Arlrur
Erst Moaia.a IL,
ft 9rn bs Vlu Ss ewba
jliBs 18861
N. T. fbmm a e,
Cor. Main and Montana Sts.
New Goods and Latest Styles
-A -T
This Spsoe is Reserved for
J. J. Campbel,
Sealer in Vl' r(litliil'. ( r uae'rIke. 111111r14I 1F1t41.C$.
A laqie and Well keh.t~da t4tk of Carpets jtus fIeaiw.d.
* A ltwristty iu all itt HJamraubs Colas Curdoask ets Hbijjel to sny part
of t11 Judlth Courrtntr uon Short !(otije. A
Billings, Montana.
lEAl. Kdt IN
:Gerea1 MG~r Chan iSOej
At th ~ m UurhIO r~v-ev ang.4~ time Jun,thLn cetir 1t. YIagdn~airnd.
W. ltu rematlas to~l* kee p a unit actrLne of1~ viu~r i.A4 Etnuda. w~Hie weaU
Sdhgaaar itt at Hreutanehi Vurwa. We. aniet a lar terla. tad arm enawdat that we
iar eashe it am objet to del with ma. We' cordlafl lvite Travrtut sad ic~lteata wha.
qnmr have aweusna to go urrt road to ea and me a ad itapet stock
tie ¶5lt.I NLl)n ¶5 HANI)El.
"rf ...
diapiar .> at Vtw .6.3 SaM sad We Mki a di. tralad ft in s wt that w
(u amI oe c.mr a eai go a a
 JOWN tECK .Agt.
~t~~~Aa STAGE LINE.~laL~ Y ~~ ~~tl~ ,···h~h~
I - *
Dasrelt, MLh, has emauips. Th
Uee,,, W. GiM sti. l wneal, memle ,,
for  Gas. Gant. t
Greedul IWster Worknu rly
,tipp is gipr ale.
Ise Mw York GraMn rmawtemt
George Geuid will M st me I itlk I
ee mit'at . h.r
AOeahdb -atr -oe as Hea*
Theodore a haksre eravea Flrease , iM
HItalyb t eo o d with apur* de
measei memoaral. at
li A. h of B t alo Hi shte las t
man st ate.
I'mblle Fimer d..
e ade ms ., i erhasdr . .
J o k e r R o t. m N . te . a
reaieay ve m, t he Ae-. . ,.It
wance Asw s lB., l iat ested with a I
Tinked t vae thalt aeree ~ralt w
º hahas athmeg p. p et
lhet.t la e Y, M ,le. smo
rnIeleshawly e iU l th Apalem s . to
The eS.UbwS lede eal to er td
star,,,g, sna/,eese is ewaehe a re, ot aI
Srs slolas hi rashakee a 134 " tati
of 'wthe dinmat tall h iMapk, onkl
that waed hap the ni p lpentaio a
The Maitob con eer. colemi er If
predc aoplation of1.I1l0 -s that -
• eledHe has omInlentre d taink
tlhe eeid w o
Heavy raiet la Kasnsa ad Eastern a
Slradre anllldyl bs eked imps, but -
deesrny sej nse prlperty and saned
r ralrad weashout.
o Miekael Nergiver jumped of the
Vueeat Place bridge at riochester, N. J
ir, deees ded Is) lfe and tre upon !
Yhi. hak. he will recover. h
lsmeas Addlde Emnut, a raas
has asos appoiamted by the N Yk
park heard as gemeral finpentor of the
The inemabers of the United States d
nseate have eoatriated $10 each fr -
the s u of a p rsk of deiator
iate f lmonth Carolina.
SJiho (sanrad has leased inathe North
went Territory SMetlW acres of lnd
from the donsnion government, upon v
chich he wilt drive this season 10,l000
head sel cattle asne el Shead of t1rg- i.,
*t lee mnares. (
TMaUdh d a 1u
i4ome enterprialng grasner naight get
genii returns for his nonley by invest. I
ing in tihetland pouies, and breeding m,
the asle for sale in the cities the
lentek liue animals. The necessary
stock to commence with could be pur
chened at very little expense, and as
they are shout as easily raised as goats,
the range for them need not be very
extensive nor ve choice. The sl
mak sell ileil good pri eon lI
lidering tle alei t sum it would t
cste to propagate them. They couli
pe.aps he raied on the range at a
s or $li to $10 per head, and they r
sell all the way fromn $l5 to 1110 in
cities. They breed rapidly and are,
inclined to gentle and elily ban
died and will do well ,m very snnt!
greas. For some maan with limited
capital there ought to e ample prodts
in a lhetlmad pumy ranch.-%tckgrow
erm' Junarl.
Faud IDt fII
Le 'Paris published an interview be-w.
tween one of its correpondent and
Mr. tladetlc, in which thle Iatter is
Sreported as sylagz
"The Libeals who follow me and the
Irish members constitute a coampct
miirity. whose wishes it shall be les
possible to disregard, because among
ihe vlcnrs are some who. pp s are
less indisposed than is be toester
the athf thoroughl reform for Ire
L.If I listened to the rdi
age, I would retie fre e raising sopbi
!waold be commttinl sse k urs y
Smuch Ire nd spiring so many hopes
if I did not seek to appese theone
and satisfy the other. I have worked
all my ItNe to deliver the egring
l, ael I mean to die a I harve
aw -r= -e -
S satr ao,Man.. July 19.-Abot neon
last dlatrmday six maseed desperadoes
mousated on boresbaek and armed to
the teet held p her s sety% mail
4W miles northwest of here, and de
meadieg thew matter from the driver,
ranacked it aund carried off oIIO0 in !
wmeay, which the mail help contained.
'lHe stage carrying the mail ledt Qu'Ap
Spele istation last Friday and traseled
Iall ,ight. Ti.e following day, when
i nearing a lru'sl, the de.pspr.asdses
Therwe ll e pmin~esm, but sthr
were pwemles e ls st alwa
ill * mm t mell r i
doberywas ee.imbe td
mmsesi t Ofe Humbolit Masn s.d
the ae e h Mad e I mws foe the
meI-ssnw beitg ahel It is the
at time o rer/nd that gseh aso u
-rape as aeem isd isk the iNeIme
Thue moun e hre hes mosed
mad are is tl fwou eueariujg the
Seomtr y.
'I wie u Iimrlt im hit t he
es aihe sU i s the teglasr
lrM w.m awo -r deires of sume
Ub Is the bill, and a have deter
m uor. their Y upert. MKna.
elnlss a h, , ot Idaho I
fed of Dakf ad Wap mi
appeared Msad mthe lest two ed. sin s
a .sturory. A ho lre y he f
enwass thaply to give Shuasof gth
mw a shaane to b heuad, see their
aspsuent were sw Abetiw sad .sa
elusive that the coubeses of th he em
sad setse mwad. the flloAwlmguhalis:
i It was sgreed to s apomt an wmondtu
to the eluse rsstvluo the parestags
o feney i· eI to adrr per nt
, of the alumed valbtei ofis
by which the imetl i bs 4psr
eet. The teritsnlw ddep braes
si uset he b omte t esuaei.
the tesritorist bho to as
ame"m a"fs: I "A
Lt ris will as rehe g a the aw
r to lepuis all osnte s at the
't time the hil hosees a law for enry
9 ppms whateu so that the hill may
w reeroseire .et. The repst
Sof the omiatee will he made in als
ta d (
A -ile b UbuMea.
The Fiinaasl and Minisg IRael of
July Isb glam'a sammary of dividendI
paid in the Iated States for the Bruit
six mouths of t18. The total amoennt
pad by edes in sighs dlhreat SItats
and Trritorle danilg that ped wa
,HU ,W,7. In this showg Measas 6
stands Brt with $0l,7l, paid Il d i
,deds daring the sira hba of this year
--mver ocseth of the total dividends
frotm igbht dlreent ltates and Terri.
ties. Colorado enames next with b
$76,115d, Michiglna hird with $780,000,
COifornia .5,781, Utah NDIO.ft i, NI..
eada SISIG00 , and Arisona .V)ON,,
The atimeat paid by Montana mias s
i drivided as follows:
Grmanite Mountaln .................... o,001 (I
Bustosa Montana (Gloster)....... 10.000
Mont. 'o. ULimited (Drum Lam') Is1,750
keelsr ........................................ 3· ,000 e
IYB klor'............. .. . .... ...... 0 t
Hlene, M. & R. o ....................... 16 .00
Total ........ ......................$1. ,50
The above summary is taken fromn
the tabulated statement in the Remord. a
yet we think it is ineomplete. The 
Alice mine, which paid a dividend last
month, is not mentioned at all, sad
there are other dividend paying prop
erties in Montana which are not ared.
ited hi the abhoe statement. It is a
good showing for Montana. hwever. a. I
it satls.-Herald.
A U0UI1111 FLOU.
C unite Wa4=& ra·M k, sv
Some weeks ago, as our readers are
aware, the Elkhor mine was aooded
with water, and the owners have bee,,
making strenuous egori to expel it.
'A gentleman, who has just retUedi
from the mine, es it a one of the
most ýagular instances of mine loud
ing ever eardo. Oneday a wall of
rock ma one of the levels broke through
with a lodreport ad a large coaa o
water shot through the aperture tbus
m made, Ming the mine loo feet froee
r the bottom. The work of taking out
Sore from the submerged portion caa
ed at once, and the upper levels not
reached by the water were at once
hid under contuilmtion to furnish ore
,for the mill Machinery was at once
t ai to pump out the water, and so
I has succeeded in lowering the
Swater 7S feet. The inglar part of
the alir is that, though the pumps:
gain on the lood and reduce it ass.
terially from noon until midnight. the
water gins on theta geatly during
the other twelve hors. Every day s
regular as clock work the same resank
is noted: The pumps gain for twelve
hours and the flood gais the other.
twelve--and this in the face of a drain
I ofSo miner's inches of water, which.
the scaam pumps arcconstantly elert
ing. Still t.e pumps are gainmg on!
* the whole, and in the king run will
come out ahead.
People are puulcd to te' wiat,
n causes the tidal operatien of thts food
• and the reason why the flow of water
is g r daring m at w tEhe day
tes another is a maer d amios
onjdecure. The au d et is i t
knows, aid them e te t ma
way , 'i . The curimaSl
i h mned il ta"ly) lsad t
Mr. J. Pad., J olad atra wi
was sas to Alaka as a pjpselag
eapeditios by two cineas dd Maosth,
ewnes as fireles:
AmtmaL. r isatasa Jua. fa. seI.
y otlp ar hr been a purt/ s5o5
a·a. It ha salaid mea* aey de. bt
-he he e ean doems m eAt h wHag ht.
sad a to -ats mequnesa sad ham
Albs. t Is mea., b-i. We bae %e80
sin the bled hr me teas dft a"l
It is the wost a eatr to peag lat It
ever ea. The veetatis b so Aml m
. md impa.i, to pt thMfag I*t
team appear to have ha Ataye hu la to
.,eds, tw he bes ,ser h h -me.
whMoh bave be bobs. We -a pll E
deersad br.eeaigstdMebtealUII
.omtry - --aL haressm is wvpItr
stams e sed th .ummts ad dt le
way dows are .eveed with s . I n
n e glacer that aUr abet an e-
wle, reaselg bum the se to thee 5o
od a suataes How tbibk ie ti Os. I
uassoe t, bmy.t aadiae m ap ms.
huadveds of bet. We hbans brrI·a
eatio.. o quarts. I tedasm plMla gel
S me by khaseg; hkd a lite IiMi, p
am ahfrd taoo Ual to pay. We t a
Ste.war p theb ad l ad aa bf GasI
eiwer we irtes. Ther quarts Is ssda ia
slat.. I due't se the oraaS. We
have aee edabsm lsty bet wide sad i
Sothem met w er5 an is bet e lat -
e gued. I am arad. They bw have -
Spythtsm f ats. sa the smets. -
ipe"ies l bee ha, to .e adeag ol mMn
Sbest. Imetea ds b ho 's. Te beadh a
Splate I. toe ramy to lad em Ier am h
eto with a sanal best.
SThr ae a sweeat m day lals ear'I
phaid.. I wmast to pt bhath he has -y
ce.s : Trly. I b
I C~rMU(J11 Vases~liurLy.CC
Wawda.re. e, l ew t~der d'Alwe aas4
at. Iass a NW,000 hotel.
imoristls T lY.dl sOlima, is,
aled p to meae . A1 ith pm
t in estimae the the aodu .nleIa
Ril, Mar Ike Hf s .was asitel
reported route tnu Justowa. Pa.
Thesalatalty willbve. street eae unes
slag by Aeued 1at.
o. ol. ,e. oI. klatsa, of the as llH
Wialeg io ., alan of tbh Iepubht AliWg A
smeul.ag Co.. ef Coolk. .r. U smeld
rwustly to Mi Enuman1 (Cla f1tes r. d at.
Paul. Minn.
leo. ('aUdl. a cow hoy l tbe eapisy of
E. S. Newman. was drowned while rosin
e) attle over the Yellowetour a tw mirse
showr Fl. Kegh.. Hi, hormse droad hbl
I K H. hill., of Vtetou. ass aw ow that
I gave hirth to triples last week. ab weI
S0 agd of ulied te. A ChlMs see a fw
Soe suere eows s d a hbraadlg iefo ie
make him a eaitr kilg i s eles atri.
, Chie Juetlew of the U. S. laeree Gamt.
S. R e.Waite, wa Is ls tse eb r u tb
a msd ta last week. a route toetis Prat
ar coast. Mr wa royally eatartaisi by
membesre d the bar is Heesa sod Ratte
dourig his visit to those gerit.
Waller ertklgh.Jr.. d Miles lp. kM ae
arteslas wei no his pmplemir hat piMb
1.,00 harsela .t good, pan weg.fafy
Stwsaty lor bhote. The well it lusg tess
in ,liameter. ad 478 1est deep. T efw
is attosugs nou to lofe the watte Mrse
best ahove the sarse.
At Sliest Falle, last week, JabelgstA a
'tHeie gambLer knows as Jew JaM ~tA
'sad killed a etrwalgr who ISuabla to
Suake mi.er meat out of Jakeuwih •a ime.
Harries was arrested and aseequeiu es.
tleased as the sLhotlg was a esr sass od
h' A.W. Reddsing a. s Mumlsebesi ellbsa
(' came down to Mimiasla IUt week, ae
departlag took song na of otw !dar
Syoung Idlae. Miks L. ,'. Feas. aM
the weddiksg reremo will hi peAml to
Sday, at lest all reportes gues6kmbisl
take plae immediately.--Mt edb"ls1 '
W. W. lMsasefy, of Halwq, ae f
•our most .eeceedl woot g:iwem, hbeas
;! diposed of his ·ip tas ood piles 0le is
; eing at Sasce with all tssibad. U
Savera on about 3,500 head ld Mslas
was elght ald osa-hal pesis te At h ass
sad on a special btset of S.I1 wlbAe
that had been heded parse.As tlbs Vam
west as hhle as h als snd ths.quaA-
tockgtrowe Joural.
The Rat. Grand a -r, bas W a  ,r
row ew apel Irm fllra weiks O ast Tiges
bday night. . large sadises ws pumsto
C enjo. ing th. drotaa. A havy Shuader'
: .tor:d came up aid lighledig slrekC sro
Sthe ..pera hoams. the reurrae lSswlag me
, te.letoir he and Oi pipes Mthe hias
toat of trthe alildiug. saetin ge S. te
ao! d ow.r . The ass me, ard sa
I pr.Upt work. were estKsisled bass tlb.
audtlae mlern.d of the dantgr. Thr I*
it .ing got intuo a pinee us thelowerdloeo and
.l d ... npltly ruined the '...instin!a by
It i.., " ' :t *.* *** *m

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