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The Mineral argus. (Maiden, Mont.) 1883-1886, July 29, 1886, Image 2

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SThe intraI rgns
1MAIIEN. THlI'i)AY. July "/. IWT,
I' SLI,Hti, fA KtY ..y
FELL & [. IOO . : dl & Preplor
redetal NGteeseer.
I'Ilegate .to t'n.gre,. J. K. Toole. Helena.
e;nrrtno........... ..1..... T. Hamer, Helena.
Nrcrtary........ illianl H. Wehh. Helena.
Trre.rer ...........1). H. Weton. Helenas.
Auit, ...............J. '. Wmualln, iHlem..
C'iefl Juti*, ...........1. I. 4. Wade. Helrena.
A*rr.ciate Justice...... W.J. iltraith.
Nurveyor c(iewral -. lien. II. (ren, Helena.
$npernuater etlr l'ulire lllstruation,
................ Win. '. Wylie, Ilozgemnan.
1'.. larr... lrh l......... R. 1. Ke:ly, Helena.
I:-itrr I'. :4. Land tl Pll e............
......... .............. . W . L.maglHorn. lielen
re esv Oeea..
l4rhril.. " 3. 1. Kumor.
T,,usrer,. * K. VlJoom. I
('lrk andl Hec.rnker, - L lotwitt.
Iui.uty ('letk hnt.'Court. - L. totwitt.
Jidrge of Probute. - H. W. Ialater
Itastrart Atuney, - W. H. Hunt.
Arsresr, M.an. Nnyder.
niuarvealn, . - ieunrge MNtalul.
a'runer. * J. . UM. lule.
1o;at. u, Nchools. - Mis A. M. iPlriy.
t'lat. tafl,rtd, - - laluoln Ferry.
S. . Wall., t os rCrek.
n.elng, Cottuaaaund
The Itrict (ourt In and for Meagher
o'unty Inelts Firat Tueda-y In Aprill,
arod I arl MulodIay iu iei Isebnemr.
'iouruty Coaumnl,,iaionr ornet Virst Mon
day ofu arch. Juaie, elt*uber and be I'
VeON er.
The I'my roll of the Anaconda (tS-n
,pany for June was alnoet $lU(M),t1U .
tlenator Logan will visit Helena onI
Ili return fromn alending the Urandl
Army re-union in akla Franciatmo.
The rvidenlce in the anarchists' trial
now being held in Chicago, is daily b
becoming more interesting and damuag.
ilg to the priouners.
Henry P. Henderson, of Michigan,
was nominated by the President uon
the abth alt. to be ascociate Justice of i
the supreme court of Utah.
President Cleveland visited Albany
last week, the oousainu being the cele
bration of the innurporation of the
city one hundred years ago.
Mlis Clevelandl' book, "Thse Loang
Run,' is a failure. She should Ieave
called it The Home Run, then the
sales would have beet enormouns.
The Inter-Mountain wants to boycott
.ole's circus. The best way to do this
in to slide a small boy under the tent
when the proprietors are not looking.
The coemnnittee on ways and means
has agreed to Mr. Morrian's resolution
providing for the adjournment of con
gress sine die on the tisth day of thin
present mouth.
Gien. Uiblb, conmuadiung the do
partuneUt of die Columbia, sent a mes
sage to the Oregonian last week stating
that there was not the slightest founds-,
tion for the report of Indian outrages
in the Calispel country.
Tne service swords of Uen. Thomas
F. Meagher, used while in command
.f the Irish brigade during the late
wnar,,ve Iaen sent an a gift tlu thei
youlng Irelaenl niety of tie (etlleral's
native city, Waterford, Ireland.
Moomnina is to have a militia regi
lent. )ne tiousani stand of arlmsl
are to arrive uoon. I'his, will several
nlsesess Illitnry punts in our midst, t
Montalna loght to ie well prosteted,
even from mtunsuitones nid Ihook agents. I
The uMilitia will afford ia pastime for d
the inmocus. n.m. of rich parents.
Henry W.ard lechller writes from
Ilandou that he is amIaned at the great
chlange that lhas taken place in EnKglish
public sentieent siMw hlis visit theres
few years ago. Hie thimnks they are
more demoeratic to-day than we are
in the United ctates. Henry lmost be
reading the proceedings in the bilke
Lanld Cuonmiisioner iparks has weak
ened as to Ii.s sturies of large frauds Iby
ticeher cutters in Muntana. If eparks
would travel through the Wes-t AnI
Northwest A mentlh or two, he weouhld
admuit at the uead of his journey tlhat he
duea not know a m uch as he thought I
he did about his fellow citizens whoae It
lp las" copiously hesemiruhed with a
uns sly epithets.-Pioneer Press.
The act providing for a lfoerth judi
rial district ice Xouutas les. beoommne a
law, but the President as yet gives no
aipg uf ahpointing a judge either f 'h
that district or mhe first, in which a
vca'ncy exists. No session of the u-1!
prenle O(urt can hodd until the new I
juwges are noiuinate sed d reprt here
four duty. The Augus session seens
lible to Ilease unles the President acts
in the matter.--Helen Herald.
ni tel periuciple that "half a lusf is g
heter than no bread," she prolable i.
failure of congress, through disagree.
aeient hletwao e thie k -nate sad House., .
will lease all tilhe lad laws. as _t..e 9.
Ihave been. Their disagreement is
Msaid to I, irreconmilable, and prin
cipally that if fraud be discovered,
tthe Ilhse as represented by Cobb, of
Indiana, wants the patent annulled,;
p5 evec if it hs pased into other hanal,
i- . .. illloe:vllt iptielhner. The osenate
hold for the old principle laid down
for year halnt the innuocent purchaser
a. must and will be protected, and while
it may be necessary to legislate to this
a. effect, yet even were the House to sue
c! eed, we believe that the principle ia so
h. well founded that the courts would
overthrow it. The old lawrof 1841, that
all transfers of land prior to issuance
n of patent were null and void and
i would call for cancellation, was over
a. thrown on the fact that after accepting
proof,* and money and the purchaser
Sgetting the Receiver's receipt that there
.. being no frauld ,m the face of it, the
SIassuane of the patent could only be
dclerical, and was, or could be comn
r polled, andl it was held that transfers
I. could he lawfully made. The govern.
raest fully reeagnised this in Agricult- I
aral College Script issued to states, and
Sby them sold to pre-etmption settlers,
who, after making their proofs and
plncing this script on their lands re.
crived a receipt on the back of which
was a blank for transfer of the property r
described to any one, anticipating un.
der former administrations two to
I three years, and if Sparks prevents
- with his fraud smelling spotters, likely a
The aennte also wishes to preserve a
I~rtion (8-') of the 610 acres) of the 1
lek.nert Land act, with a proviso that ti
thie reclamation made in three years i
he at least ai per acre. Whether this
aIeans water alone, or if it includes w
builingl, fences and other improve. f
nmests, as in other acts, we have not yet b
ascertained. We have caue to rejoice
that Sparks in this is for the present s
squelched, and hope the administre- p.
tiam is realizing that he is unfit for the m
important position of Land Commis
sioner and will have removed him ere
nanther sesion of congress.
.1 Cf kUaY NU Ar Id I
The finaneial dfliufeear etween Custer
I nd Yellowstone counties, that has bemen in
di) pte and litigation ince Cusneter county
Swai divided, has, at last. been settled to
e the satidaction of all concerned. Col.
atnnmler. (r ounty Attorney (toddard,
County (lerk Le anml 'ommislioner Ho-.
kina represented Yellowatone, and Judge
tttrevell and the commissioners of Custer
the last named county in the fInal adjust
ment. After a thorough discussion it was
agreed that the commisaioners of Yellow.
stone county shoukl. at their regular see- I
aloe in i September, lesue a warrant to
('uster rounty for the sum of 145,750 in
full settlement of the claim of the latter P
county against Yellowstone at the time of
diiv ieon n In18.
Mr. Sheldon, of Utica, was in town a
couple of days last week.
John Raw and son of Philbrook, were in v
town Thureday and Friday last. it
Mrs. Dr. Hanson, who has been visiting
at the lpot for ,me clays. returned fatur
The next publication of the Aanuni will
he a gala day for our town, when our town
will have a paper of its own r
The horse race was declared off and the
forfeit momney was paid to the sorrel horme. f
It waus cailed the pilnt,, woe not in coo- wn
ditio . Il.
Mr. & M1m. ICaptain Stafford, aecom- ve
Imi~ed bly their daughter Jewie and Miss p
Whaley, of Missouri Valley, will he in town to
this week and will remain a month. Rit
Bennett confirmed the high hopes of his h
friends in the foot race at Maginnis. Mon- At
day, and won easily. There was coenaider- n°i
able mnoney olp on the race and theokdier a of
friendi were left fiat. to
Mr. Kreen, of Willow creek and Dr.
t ie, ,aem taterted lor Willow creek areroI
the IOn.u ttains lst Thursdaly afternooa.
They klat their way and re.nlerd out for
the ,ight. Their homee broke olmew before
morening alnd ran away. leavrlng them afoot
thirty mikes from home. Ileig gooId pe
d.etrienn and walkingl Iing R.l-d, tlhey c
Srevered the distance Friday, without food.
T he repuellan primary meeting was held
he. Sturdlay evening at the f)ay House I
and t€ eplbickans were in attenldance.
The weeting war called to orier b.v T. J.
b Irerd and J.L. (legg was elected chairman p
andl . W. Darlint, secrertry. There wasn I
rouMidcbale sparring as there were two
tickets in the iekld, but the list of delegates
favoring Edd Noble kfr Sherif, I. BIrereton.
for (lerk and Recorder and It. W. Darling
for Attorney. by uniting their forces, car
ied the aeerting, eleetintlg J. I.. (ClM, I. W. I
Noble, (leo. W. Hunater, S. W. Darling and
T. J. Ienrd, as delegates.
-- J.
The Rrpubliran caucus held at C4otton
wood, Saturday evealsg, July 24th, chose
Sthe following delegates to the county con- J.
reation: R. H. aulue, Frank E.eSnithand
I. J. rammery; altereatas, A. McCdumber. A.
IHopkins and J. Lewis.
Latwmoew, M.T.. July S9th, '86. dl
Karoa Ansers:--The delegates to the an
Itepublica. County Convention, elected at
the primary in the Lewistown precincrt, a
Maturday. July 94th. are Thoma Learnd, wh
J. 8 ( CleU, lek Nobl-. G(Iorge Heater and m
I. W. Darling. ha
The alternates are Wm. Mediger. Peter up
Anderson, Marshall Jack.e, teuee Mtaf. vot
lordad Win._e t.erth, woa
is TIh. - tirg wa.* att.ml.l bIv a .m.j..rite
. of tlii. le'pulienn. of toef i.-riti.I, ..nd
I' m.uh irt.'r,.it was minifketed in the lie.r
of titn ,If dltr:lt-.
-J. $. ut:rxa, t.manirmen.
1t i .. W'. It.al.xm. a, .,"..
a , ele us Us Nea Rsaek
n Tihe irntl .rmny of the Iepubliltr hos this
rI Iprinliarity over oall ,ither military orgnni
* sationa-they nreive no new rcrnlit..
s Other arima a.re kept up andl numipnltite
by emlltulnt actnu"rions to their raLnks.
Young hhblood, vigorous muslmrk, mw li.e,
ronstantly loimig natkle, recula'rnat the.ir
d enerat- -id maintain their eflirien.y; Ihbt
I the crippled an.l way-worn veterans receive
e no new rompl,, e no n ew th(ml. ipl;,t
no words of romanmln in young crtnralde'
ear., jl. no timid In.ys in, the disrh.mrgle of
unlfamiliar dutias. Mitletly they move i,l.
wanrd, wroglising the invitabllte i tlheir
marrb. When they dIrop out of nrnks it ia
to take a ret tfrom which no blare. of ibugItl
or roll of drum shall ever o.all thenm iimai.
D Thus they are pmasing saway. neveliti,lo
thousand ded last yerr. ar nd ech alti-rt-l
Sing year wiN show un i-. ilnrem inllg list.
let fraternity, charity ',.,1 Io.y Ilty gr,,w
stronlgrr with the hIlatenilng y.yvea, untl Mle,
Ie"am"ip witlh whlia.1 ti-t. ,ill Ia,.ya ,nghl ]
ierome unlnr pfreri~l as their li,,. di pi.
pear f.ever.-M-inneatlliJ. .sh,,m.nr.
Ihtm ratl It
I pasled several hoaurs t ?loutt 3r.'
(Iregor to-day. The Drexel couttagec
remains almost literally as when ie. .1
Urant died. There are the bed uponl
whiLch the illustrious commander
breathed his last, his favorite chair, lais I
garments, indluding dresaing gown,
slippers and hat, antd even has mmcli
nines, cups and the sponges witll hilch
he was wont to moisten his Iltes. Y. .1
are shown pens with which he. wro d.
the latter portion of his hoJk and atil li. I
ties of paper, cut in small size... Iby
means of which he was won't to csirry
on his share of the conversation. A
number of the beautiful 'flower pines,.c
wr m ht in immortellem, sent b.y the
friends of the General, includintg the
huge iillow from the Philadelplhia I'mt,
are also on view. All these relies are.
looked upon by the visitors in uolein.
silence. Some of them might with
ropriety be removed--notably the
mediinesand vessels. Outlide tile 1"
eottge rall looks clalm and be.atiful. "u
--oy Time.m
S s rail T lrW lcosw dlem
The demoeratki territorit rclt ral rom.
mittsee has called the territorial rcoavention I
tobe held onthei4thprox. The napplrtion.
San ment of delegate. to thle -onv.lz ti0ni fromiil
In the meveral eoantie. wan made on the Iaqi.
ty of one delegate for every 11i votr." or frn,.
to tion thereof, polled at the Ia.t lhactioan.
". This gives each county the foll,,owing:
ScfOUNw. DIa.. VTE. :.a:.K, tTne.
( C'hote u ..................606 t i
. (CL ter ..................... 7* t 27
Ie wo st ....e.............8 :
Ieer Lodge......4.....l 12 I
Gallatin .................1571I .
] a Jefferson ............ l .....
wI Lewis and tlarke..m1149 It
to Madison ..................724
Mdnr her................ 10 3h u la
Missoula .................1964 to
ar Silver Bow............ 2484 2
SYellowstone ............417
PFegu .....dsince created 8
Total .........................
lelemna wan decided upon si the l!.ar, .
netinlg. The central committee l., leh.,Itl
Smost generously with Meagler county, a.
lowing her representation for the total
a vote cast at the last election notwithtanld
inlg the fact that she lose. 800 deaa.raaatia.
Svote. lay the creation of Ferlu.e rounty.
Ropublicma Oonvention.
S Wa'aaas, there is no Republicain parlty
organisation, in the County of Fcergin. Ter.
ritory of Montana:
Therefore, we. the undersigned menallars
of the Republiran party ill said eounty,
would respectfully request that the Ie.pnub.
lian voters of Fergus County meet it the
voting places in their respective election
Sprecincts. on the 24th day of July. I1NN1;,
I to select delegates and alterates to ati
Republiran Cuunty Convention. to be
hebhi at Lewistown. on the 14th day of'
August, 1886. for the purpose of plaring ine
nomination canlidates for the meveral
offitcs at the coming county Aelatio, auld ;
to traniait such other buhsir I nll may
properly come before it. If thel:r elc·..
gate aor nlternate he prelent ino proxiex.
will he aidmitted.
Each precinct will he entitled to one (1)
delegate for every twenty (iyo) vot-., or
fraction thereof: mast at the hiut general
elrtion for Hiram Knowhl for ldelate to
congrrsm, to-wit:
d. PUWINY E. 01L. PPXtrqn. OEL.
SAmersionvill I avina
Me Berril I aiden 7
e. l'bhamberlain 1 Mo;easin
J. Cottonwood 8 Philbrook 2
Flat Willow 1 Stanford .1
In Foret Grove 1 ituart a Ranch 2
-_ lbet S Ahara
ro Utica I Trout Conk I
a lNlNe Or CALL.
James Fergus John L. Wjyldemao
H. P. (handler Wm. T. Me"0'heantl
W(Lua. A. Younlg Flyd Dwinell.
SJake Han(ltord . W. Eldrdge
V. /(. A. Parrott .I. R. Richards
d IC.. .(lark I.w Roberts
W. K. Vinson '. H. Willin m.
W. W. hekley Jed Grnaberk
J. C. Johnaon A. M. Thobpuuu
E J. Barnarl M. J. Keith
Frank Martin . (i. harprw
D. I.rreton Frank . Smith
S. WI. llulng Rudolf ronTol.l .. r
J. T. IDouglams John W. Reck
IJ. W. Hamilton John M. Vroonn.,
DmIOC~tio ayOti ozL
W as.ls, Thee is no Democratrk party
uorgamaitlon I PFergus nounty, and llier.
ing that it is the mole right of the ms'a,nI.,
directly interested, to delegate sunh p,,w,.r
and duties to committees,
t Tmmnamn., We, the manderign.t citis'r,
and taxpayers of Ferigu county (to I'l
who believe in the principles of the Ih.mo
cratle party and ar willing to accord a
hearty smpport to its reptementatives, re
spectisly nquest that the Democratit
vows of kaid Feigns county meet at the
:otlng-plaesuI their -s .,nertiwe nwee.h...
,.a ab e 3tia.; * o sil .t1W... I 'a,.i, 11: 1 n.h'lcrt
I ali' li'tatr lelii Inltarantai.at, .  lttaa l I lllas
a- ra'irl railalalatty arnoa.antlia,,l I 1. hrlhSi it
I ..i' t,.otla. oin Ih.. It.t daya o.f Augaiaut.
lx, t:. l ir Ih purpoasall ial. af ! iail ii, noilinailla
til ianaltadilait.i far Ithl. a,. v'rnl *'aiunty
aaflirw a? 'fai an.. r annty, I. Iw" aaartwalnt
t!i." aansi-ag N. vmalalw-r rIlatiniaa. anll It,
- I .'at la.t a!.i .,tllha'r l.aiila"a. a iUi tay plrop
i- rlay cni. l;,i.r i . If n-itha'r alahlwat' or
a. ialt'raa lt, la.t I ,.it i p n r..a a raiaw will I.'
I aisah jar,.a!unla wil . Iw nttiatl.rl t. lo.,'
Si"l.wa l." I., .aaas 1 i., tlaai, or fira-tion
r th'r.lf, rti-It at tha I ..ltlia n ail 1J4. foir
Ia Jaaaph K. T.aal,. alLgauta. to IEaaag.arws,
latt:l I1. a T . 1,;:1.. g''llar:a'Y . ..l...
ArmiraaliJ I \1 s.sini ii
&-ri tni ul I Ihlahr..k
r1' hltlivinr ' I , la.Ifo r 'Li I
FIat Willis 1 $nl.u.r:. 1
Fisrwt , r ir ,* I Tlreait i a'ls k. I
i l Iaraa I I . 't (I
IT.'wiu i.towan :1 I 'ti'
ia:lfl  i s. 'a : l t:.i' Ta ,T..
Ya,.. Ij Maalnialweil IP. ). I
A.l llirimarklris will ta' i*. alit 2 o'rhrwk Itp
ItI., iut the' uiaiii l aia oif vtig, llr al.uch
pil' a luny Iwis" a un'llr aa up ini by majority
'i t.iatrn lr.wtal t tunil aliating plira' at
taiaI hiour slata,l.
ranvll alrt.................... . .Ft. )taglaiaali
T vid Il il,.r ................................. I1lnrintina
T. Tk. l'i il ............ ...............1i'..lt, aialt l
W.' Ih nkin......... .... ............
Ia . KI t r .......... ....................r a
'is . K illv..................................... l l n
. . ' ri. ...................................
1'. $IN . Fta11 .l.... . ......... .... ........
-. 1'. Ilt ,...a......... ..............I.. . wkataawn
T. J. Vj'it . ............... ....
J1. iillaIg"Iir ... ............
. n l I r ........................... hil r k
'i .A . tin a ... .......................... .
.I aiaa I.a. ... ... ......... .............. ..
Ubet Hotel.
A. R. UARSO&*f, Prrpri'a*r.
I.ia.t.l at alaJtl amll aaton i th l. 4t!llauaa and It...
a.... a .a rtaaial taiala' naal Waalla. 'aala ar .arlagi"
.tatg' liaIa..
Stable and Hlar in Connectiaan with I
House. Gooal Meals anti eds.
Bailey Billings
Billings, Montana.
Correspondence Invited.
1 11
X r
"i, c
a1 4
.> C
MAaiden Brewer
LANDT & CO., Proprietors.
i-, -
2. Our Brewery is now in perfect working order, and we are preps
furnish in any quantity-R ottle, Case or Keg-a First-Class article of leer*
In Connection we have a
Where will be found all kinds of Liquors, Cigars,. etc., together with .
wiches and Cheese I unches.
Dr)1o]p i, :Ital try" thi. Mililt', l]r'w 'tV Re",r
Maiden, M,
Broadwater, MoNamara & co., Post
Ft. Masinni, IL T.
E Invite the attention of the Trade'throughout tie
nurroudting Country to ourpresent stock which is
Iy far the largest, and emlmraes tihe
Geeral Merchadise!
in Mengher County. Our Oous are purchased in large
qnauntitien from first Imand only, by experieneed buyers,
anld shippedw at n low rate of freight.
our store,Iouma.. aell:.rs and warehmouses containing
over 15,inN) lsquare feet of paceu. gives us better hfailities
ftr h:millb,. ; g~ino than ar. enjoyd by uy y house in this
Netionll of MoNlitanlli.
We have thi.s t.urmu.mer a
It i hi're to Ihe sold. not to rust upmn our lshelve, Land if
low irie"es atmd lil wndl ,aling will ell them, they will n.
To the 1 trade, who amt Im.ing cash and looking for LOW
PRICES, 'e sy. e and see ui .
-Tlake ple,-t.re , a ,,,nni..,_, to, I r I,,t li, gen.-s:ally, the arrival dllret from
lth" Hf . i" Kt 1t rt. 11 *s. , of :n ita,,, n ,w" stittk of
'Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Hardware, Tinware, Granitware, Glassware, Crokery,
Me.hanis Tl'ools. Cooking .nl Heating Stoves. Chairs, Tables and Kitchen
Furniture, I.a;mnls. anl li:up Stcwk, Firearms and Amunition, I)oors
an, S.-si, Illarrlwotl, Iron and Steel.
Dry Goods and Notlonsl
Full and Fine Stock of IHots and h~ , oes ; an endless variety of Prints,
(inghams, Imbroi-lcry. I.. rs. I oIicrv, Men's Summer Gloves,
i)reass (Goods. lts ;l ('Cap.; the Stetson CowIboy
I lat,'" a Specialty.
\Valter A. Wood's Mowers andt I xtras; Twine Binders, Sweep Rake Reapern;
Hollingsworth Rakes; Tthe ranchesl' favorite-the Cooper wagon; John
Deere Plows-Breaking, St.rring, Shovel, Hillside and Sulky; .Extra
Heavy Plows mIade especially Ir I)itching: Steel Road-Scraper,
Harrows and larrow Tcelth; Buggies, Buckboards,
Spring W'agons and Koadcarts.
Painted and Galvanised Barbed enoo Wire a Spelialty
-l-- an.
lltsl'A l onrU,,od, having come I ; river, on ine own boats. we propoe to
our patrons thie season, First Class Goods, at PriurtW will defy uIMu UUt
I- aar
O mm
w.. a ..... --- * e W
OWar igh
pereelesss _o
1s.Ntiat bi 04100- CL Y I1atis Nw t

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