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The Mineral argus. (Maiden, Mont.) 1883-1886, July 29, 1886, Image 3

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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/.. , M ea aLbe Jewer.
ld piP. or nmae at tlhin ole.
hm.*ima' r atlelrimm.dJ ('owhy hat., ut
('owbnya DBlhta at thiMmooee, at h t
Lom peb.
New lo d olkrh idem. . d Ii.e a p t
(Sresebeck £ Phimsd'a. m
fflmrma ree. nr all kind. of localkina
loves. a C. ISleonraeSult'. .
Jlarmeanraa Jew. and Irish ltarpm, l.
bart rarify, at ('. Lnmmnamult'.
na"i ,. Pillr IIkrbrek and Irmed ('~cae
twl- a/ T..lag-r. et Part Ionmd 3OWC.
at atleswe.mely (all
AImeatr o ndduisee in. OveeLt in ohJierc
Jo leos nut bCalmr.a Ofarwock. all and Cd
viiolNneu . olt.*t
uWal p. bilal bata, hurkakln purat and
Etrdn Ima ine am tocle alrtlom f (a .
E rleu aneato *l l pur -
as.. latrou tae mgaoe and roadtekuceu
S that ni ali n. andaa. ba al vith grt i
damow ahe rtiom. A r wvelry. ('aDl at
irnar oe.' ad me It. t h
(mhampLm and 1omuer I'atent (Cet.li
atra t)hr'aa , Imbs.. liunm,, open pnt CU
Jampem and CalitMita rnde....., J u lI
cedlved at c1. Iamonmelumlt'a.
A lamip. Inere of Cutlebr, RMoe,', Wo.
'embolm'. I X L, ltar'ad otaea uplerior
naUb juat olPCEd at ('. DaobUnIeault'a.
Extra line lime of Pocket Kni-ea.
Vma *io la.) tmahull- Neral b pur
hdmiag tabraulh atag. and rallroad titka
to poisata In United litam and Canada, via Icti
lillln., Ibagom and Madaen &tag Line. j,
Cavard machm o ie cralroad. Chaolce ',I & n
route. frm . aul albed mured ur oo am h
tikdet. Vortnl rand thebr artlcala, and
all on ouraddeeg John Ieckrr a t, Nal. S
lea, I.T. • L. I
It|aal*..rrv Jalekigl pn rtiw aar* llnlwrrau.
At IN ailIl oan the elythat Ilennett ,.aI nlan.
lielty aadl, antuothr paa.i.i.a at Fort
J. t. ?hajiwau, ku I'tia., wars in town ag
law c,1im thin wa...k.
Jit rnrelol alig. hir , o line aI ji a.. ai
usiasaerwalr it '. Iltimaonmeallt ,a aag. * I
Al. t4tnAgh and l .lrei. (ioodalle are the
ReapuUldin daelegasta rlaeun at Phitreabrk.
PIatcns iaomelagiaa and agatll t f ue per.
lum ierkejust errl\.ed,atl . Iuamiuesaelte. l.
I.. ILla.a.r eetved &evaaal thonuand
Iiia r arglt fr tln/i alth uaaIii thgi ft
/ gtaerrht ttnd
lthrta ih said ae llnt, asnventin ' . i
cligar aauy, anit tihrk I. s.. nl tnt inaloic i of
aw cuttng their taain ri hae tger arn Ian
asithr ha,l, dt ut. e wae It lwe tt litg ili
l.,,,. th-rn 1 -- -.,lt.rd.ng nr. t1ai
Lte I lwsta5rn h4 aIntr I t'u'enitimn. ifh
morth Itra l oiant ai, thme era ty will aimo
' desk, paimiartlg whii.h ir, arail le ta liirt ail
n4atudy, lat i at a'ataIkk a.i. ,lall(g Ila lla- i Ia
tpuru in u til.
Rd. Arohed, throughonut ithe ianr It- hava -
hr e cutting thntr graii fr lay, thein ar 1
w-ather haing lsi asitgtedg ita. grawtl a a to Itin
l'vraat Ilt. hai"ditllg. the,
II. W. Leary, ai Lewiatoiwn, ratgrmil exi,
from a praatraa.teal viait tia New Yark Inat a "
*tturtav. i1e I aft hia hrkh. to hlllaw hinta g"n
to his wgteran hIaga later iai tha .igaga. hati
(iranvilk Sttuart anal aithli.r ,Xlj.t to o tIi
•tart next Tuaiday tiil a triafraaaii .Jsgiaii }yin
nioth tlt the (aiiaiadiaui railroaal, lir thaI aisil
puripo1 of laikigng up a ial aaattll trail. -iie
Fred. Arnold, of ra1iiloiutny t, 2attlh hig. wht
lantry, on ga wager o. 8*iJ a sideg, tlhit lieh i nlah
oloual walk frog. aiaglilaniu to Maildein in a' "phi
hour. wouim the pireit li caivertiag tle ailli4- aaur
tan.. it tltlyaix mtuta' lalga
.. . . . . i . ivi
(ico. Ramplº was in town Tueslday. His i
ewie and little daughter have taken ad rinlt-.
age of the opportunity afforded by tiw .i.
A. II. exc-ursion and ai-ne to I'hliforin to
visit relative.. iiprlge loonk omewhattt
aklien Brewery h ar lanast galning is),peu.
Irlvty. The reent torrid spell brought
mtany t t th round tabir at the BankL
E:xrhange to quall in the exbilerating flukil.
At lwlntown and Cottonwood tht.dmoumla
for this lCer i. on the increase.
With this issue the MiaslunI. Amrol' enom
prtea it. third r.,t.oe. Next Thursdmay.
barring uilavioabk, ldehAy. itl the reemript
of new mIlateribl now en rotute, it will pl-.
ar ai the Perlgua ounty Argue, with
m duartets at the, rmnilty-seat.
W ta it. Ievipt of the 4vemteenuth . An
nuaI IwmI um. lint of tile montanll Agrirullt
ural. Mimrol and .ml erhanical .tAusalation
The fair this year opens on August 2:mi
anld clome on tihe Nth. The raaes ald ex
Ihibitions pruombse to n.e of ulnusuaal lmerit. I
W. T. Swope and tte were in town Mon
day. Mr. Swope hnas rehhaed the ranrhk
adjoiining Mr. Ilfsh'., *M Mo,asin (reek,
and thinks seriously i hilkldihn a a nideme
there. He han muoved his family onto his
new purchbae "al isn m no rimident of
ermmu I('flnty. l '
Theam.('rwe in her from i.A(la and i
Inlinemd t, lint his humlsruel thousand T
pouMnd of wol up at aurction at an early T
date. We trust he wille arry thirnmldutiom
lato e.elt as it woukl he the steppi I s.tone T"
to make lilltap the first wnl nmarket hin
the territory.--;aaett.
As this in the last insue of the Aaolm in
Maidmw. It in appopigrimtr, and we talke!
Ileasure. in thanking ,our maniy frienMlhs
her., for their generous patrnage. anmd oi,
ni.l hlenleforth will he to make Ith PFn ,~i.i I :4
ImrTr Aruora of as great value n"Am illnI
tervet to the CitiUmn of ýi cillmp asl the l
MaJsnAL .tmaroe han been.\ y
A larame mmmn-er of our sf rime a.rip ine, e".
pi'r with thins neum. Iroilnp ,,o e.,!t 4 wII '
-unIt, tin ti. a , u, -l ai, I I, ,
Imaln ,of *xyt,.r vnt l our readern. At
an e-drly dinte we. w in pamo, or attly
illf frtie in a a aldstealtm ra rent
n"amnei that th.. At  Corarr Amt:rn
at., at mill hI. watchf.l he lmteriete oai this
I mt ,~ne ditrict.
Shot Major A. Grin, nominated on the
t Slut by Prdel rveltad to be Rregiter
imt. at o the Mil cl ity ollce. Major Grover
S aerveIlour yea the resll onasea ptain
min d wa afterw major of a ,cim pany
lf Maime vol iia nomination
give ageneral tion, amd Iual-l .ea
I. in hi. asilinton Berry. has re
minmal, It in mut he wll he promptly
(eam confreirm by senate.
orry The 10 y ot rare between Bennett,
Sof lewiw and Smith, private soldier
rder of Ft. M ,which was rum Monday, at.
ad C tracted a number ol citirna from
* Maidem a hmwhere. The race was won
and by Bennet about twelve met. It warn a
S. far aqua tet, and everyone preenat
* was set with the entire management. I
el os ot r sItinem pocketed oldierr
bmet money he reault.
I at W. C tt, who drove a herd of un.
t bha ttle from Townaerd to his range
c dIn n Ith ilasin had twenty.two head
teat cut f the hand that were aubequetly
st dice I heabring a straelp brand. Stock
ve worked up the cane, and last
w arrested Joe Tholmpmon, of nmithl I
Sr valley, am a Party to the crime. t
' pann was taken to Townmslnd waived
C e. inatmn, andl was placed under honds
I he mum of $S,000 to await the action
ur the next grand jury of MeUgher county. C
ktt confederate ik still at large, but the de
i (ctiven are conkldent of rounding him rip. di
.. John J. Davis. superinendaiet tof (ilm~ese "
' &t Salisbury. a tage limei, aecompa Ilned by I
01 his wife, were I Maiden Sunday eveninglj
t,| and left on Moada)'s eoach. The objelct
i- of Mr. Ivis' visit was to naeet Mr.
L. P. Williamsna, owner of tlhe Mkllen
'and Junction (ity stagn linen and ego- I
tinte for the purrhase of at.tck neow
Sno tile ncmtr. Nothing was a.eunm -
Sipish,, however, as the gentlemen faild Nto N
mnet, ibut we anrr informned that the trlans
f,.r in liU)le to ne made next rknlay.
;M hl Mr. IDavir Irchae the stork for t
' hl ;,i mpany, they will, in all prolmblity, an
Sm4.w the mail rontract from Mr. Paul Me- cai
OCureldk. of Junction (lty. and rull the
ae otherwise, Mri Mnet rmiekl will oeper. tie
ate the route after the Int of next month. li
CI ounty Amemunur al .Snyder lan nearly ny
completted the neaeimnaent of the Ferglu nag
en:d of Meeigher 'iounty. and infrms a cm
thllt the ronityv willlhave.neaerly an gmanall s wve
emau1evl vallutionas laatyeelr. This mean NI
tllat tile county hs devtelopedl within tIhe
Ienat yeaeir sufflienttonmake up the hlms llu- a nra
tci.nwl y lthe relired sunme enmt oIn cattle
li LS e.r he1ad afelsnltig .SElt.to. .f. r.
i er'nyder hal nmade a careful and thoroulgh lin
anmsoer, anid .Meahler couelllty will ih the
hnre I.b the, law that Irlohibit a rn'-e'etionll F
to the ofrelti.. We lentre, inidentally., how. . I
ev'er. Iltat Mr. Snyeter ie pr,1'inelnEtle u
Seneetioneil fer tIn. miemesrai lenoinnatlone
fer the oelile, of shellcriff of his rcounty, Inst J. F
his elltlintial frikends inform us tihat ualen J.l
ieo rtcullieillll dotesa he wla Il hin ane to be ( A
-rn'etelti ill tie. c"lclltvenltioe fLor any ofl i.e IaV
nin the gift of the vot-ia of MeItgleHr county. t.
is toe ri,. the F rt m (gus 'l . lltmth 'er.,. 'i. ln
ireant a Im'ttr flt,, ceweite thle, new memmimlreo n
-lunmi msclolholl"ll. emI. .
T ,.hn • . .... ..., . . ..t t 
iry The aitmve w it written by the prgiithe of
Is to1 liars. Thler. hllu inot een snll hoir sillnce
Sthe ewmtlblimInln-lt of tihe .\lll-n tlhat its
rlld existence w.I " eprlr'rioull." It wIa never
lint it "Ha 'tlltre." It etit its f toarit+mIItm e Intio  a
hum generou'r and npublic'-spiritedl e"oph". who
haive stool by uI in Ihe put atlod iItrud
to to do .i in th, fiul ure. Alt llhough hIut Ihr·.
11.i y ur" 1 oldlI i, l(the .1utll i o- n l a sn11 1114 I n nlll.
fi,, I ritl footinli' the' twelve yeair oltl "sttik
:nil. j-ur tnl" " litdl by I l a in t,uri ..buu h.
I" whlicker," mtuli ullwl bly a tlltrtgspr. We
l i, tIl e tohe i liett-nt t.Twl t tuo el lt
to I*Itl. uIIIP h ill in lu llln, r of t he .11viltn at
sphurd of rh. 110ul n drl f yt ra for
Juarttim and itimatein it totriun itor thue
i' hmailotrt mlltl I. PaT.1imit.ruk atl t lit.i I.
ht Ilv will dtin hkeri rnly teix. to 'hll nlith
ills Tihe ithw lh Trcitti l rat, is lrrritg tio,
tot- duster in shell.
"t. f. P ounsuilm . .t. . a nd .d tlltMtie t n ,o f Ir
lit v .lum.. aa , will iet' isI.s. I( . th a,. tl he
gI ltStuIi ' I I'oY . Amita, at i Iwiatelil tho l
Th'e Tow ta nd Ttlhralsl toit t turee'ilhesI
tIt tlie,. Tlld.itr , hu, ram ,r ',tben .ti1 ol nui
Ethi aos uneR te-it.rl usir t a mm it. will i,,
t. Tlst. " guatue I, nA utir m to I t s ;n
il voml ume L oan d wl ter.ponr i T 4h thelt
yI a ok' it,. nhe kltme. It llo u evr un h .i o our r
- Uai t. - i aper, i tr u tw hl tin th. .lltt' outts
g ani l ntl in tti ttll . t " at:ini t " e
" H~m; " 'W e o v ine
I m . r __ k r "u * tlttt li ill, L
S.re it. ors llhe nmt i.lll.lie, thorough
, el Tlt.i.till V a C ba .
The bullowisgf EM it alit ttult'il of ret' elltt I .
'ild expeldlitura t fr tIhl :*l oifr July e'ek,
T1o ca perk. VP.I'rutldhck rosnnit- . . i
Itt I ' ll e " T.. ; .." " . ...... ........ I). the
Ti, uL' pltu.T. **,, 1110'tt" I"
t I . iate st ' ";t.......... ......... . .. 7 . / I au . ) I
Ts, iash per nt'lltllitint'. tin eeiit
itat'k racr nut rut ) ....................... .4l.tti "
Total ................ ............ . Ylti.ncl -
ly.v . irrli .hhuti , tamh f.tr :I dina.
wtrk in tr -k ............... .... .. t..im) TI
.Itttutintgsss s.tilo Is-r IN.-t
l t ri pti""I ' ............................ 7l. tht
.liv e" r..r, .k 1,+ !%,1,,,I -! fi er..... I . l.i ilto
B iY l' umh ,i n hav,. ............................ 4. L Ner t i
I-'(IrI*l nntl ib,. ; lio:t|l~
W\ '. T16 "Fh. , . h I ,,,, ,,,
At m ~s f th ln
l o thr et.atrmant Ilat week ,q the stock.
h. h.hlrm of I cllar Mmialg and Improvemect
Si omnamuy w i.. aeir nrily ij mwoplete and
I" w ir,. e an addlitmnal liet t hm thrI, now.
S.i thly aar, ar.ullr our statut.E., ldlidu.
ally7 lislk, any ar ean -e fIrma the
r I nme, their wecith in sc well known, and
-i will, as we roughly stimsted, pIlly awre
I any amount adjudged naginst Ih.,e. Th1
i tHit and mnidrenee in aun Irlow:
M. M. Eaton, it. Pmnil.
eE. N. nau.nters,
Sil. .L Mo,
SW. I1. Alexander.,
I A. lit.A (Iraff,
- e. W. Kittwmn. *
. Milrhael lkleran.,
n Of the Judith Mining and Mitnag Corm
Spny all the alhive parties with the ceep.
a tion of oimsn and Ih)ran. hut including R.
t L. Frae, of Fraure City, Mina., the pro
prietmcar the remta brm1 ill maklng 4 Aseu
r ad Royal mtrrlkt flinr. Peter eim In
to the Inn of items R Anrmagton, sheep
men on Belt reemk.
Michael IDora uned Eaton for rasdu
lently obtaining money by mi~nepresenta
tion of the mine and property, in sellg
him the stock, and was Iheaten. He willlot
now relish a alit in IT. M. ourtL with a ral
by them lfo an additi.onu l sum to pay ont
tle- rrtitori and Contyl lrhoot flud.
unsi. ullmm Cmas.
Mti Praunant tlin cill to In. found in another
nty. rolumn of the Aartn,. the Rtpublicansof
le. Makien pireitMct met at the oflire of Masn
up.I' der's livery stable, a 7 p. un., heit Saturday
Mor evening.
Sby W.P. rainerd was ewetesi chairman and
4in . l.  orplns, seenetary.
On imotism the enraus adjourned to the
Mr. Iller ,kating Rink.
kM ctilg entlel to ,ml.r by (hlirman aid
mthe aI Iw rnlad ly S.rr.tary.
Oin motion John M. Vraoman and
S\. W. iheinkley were apodlnted judges of
to ,lec'tion. asdl Ii. W. llitley. Frank Martin
nand Jowsph Ms,s,,o, tellere.
A g Ilene Smith movedl that a coammittee
of three In. npilxdantd by the rhasir to retire
landl sehrt a thkket to be voted 1upon by the
ii* raurun.
he :'. Robett objected to Mr. manitha mao
er. tion and moved that the caucus proceed to
th. nominate by acclamation. Carried.
I . (G. ha'rples moved that when nomi
nathins were erhlaed each voter write seven
names on a slip of paper and the seven
randhlknte receiving the highest number of
votes he declared elected. 'arried.
S Noiasalinations now bring in order thirteen
lie names were placed befiore the enues anml
ethe lint read by the krretary.
After a rnes of ave minutes the camuet
proceeded to ballot for dlegate, which
e resulted as followa:
Frank Martin...... .........................11
0 I K. T. M ratt.. .........................................
w. H. E. Vin m n ................................... .Y2 4
SEugne nmith ................t............ ..............8
.'I. M. Trhompon ..n............................... I
i W . P, lirnierd ..................................... ..1
it J. F. Armok ................ ....... 7
r .lse, h Inl,l ilt ................... . .............2 I
(V. A. Archer ..... ............................1
.h · 'l7 ;h Ma 'n . ................... ................. l
SI1|. H I .ih............. ............ .............. I
r. R. F. 'radlock .......................................1
J. . Washburn.....................14
S s'sattering, 5. Total vote cant, 42.
k Eugene tmnith, W. P. Itrainei, E. T.
IMrnston. J. Y. Armokl, R. F. ('raddlok,
II. E. VinsMIm UandI Frnk Martin receivingl
the highest nmuslntwr sof ,tes, we.r de-lari 1
Follhowing are the i iternnate" e,"ted,
stsndinlg fr the deslergten in the oritlr
ln,,nml: - ---- Jcmeph Molrehead,
.Iaseph lamilton, II. W. iigley, A. St.
Thmnum, ('siria Wektianin andi lalrt
Movetl that the ieeretary flrnish the
Mi.asstl. Ai'sau with a roapy of the prs*I
swmqqlinga of this ilrimlry. ' nrrkll.
It wise noval that I vote of th niks Ia
extendi toa the iprolprietors for the use ofs
the hanll. Carries.
Adjonurnie l.
" I)al .News: The West Texas patri
a ts wine la tely nmade pilgrinnages to
E W casehiimton, searching for an estray
et tileehlh.ip, are straglling homne onu e
lee at a tilme.
S "Bill," said one of the latest arrivals,
acceting a frie.l whoen he hand met
h the strec, "'Bill, congratulate mne."
"Winat fer?"
r l've been teo Washlingtonl."
"l)id you get an)ything ?"
toe "Ye's; I Kut h)men,.
Notite of Digmolution.
he .Notice he*rehby given that the partner
r bship leei.etfeN 'xisting between Jlohn ..
"r Weildeenn ,aned 't harkt. P. Tho,,nli,,... n-.
it der the. lirm n,n e of ci eidenma e . t Ilihe
I'- senu,. ilns i'en dihsolved by nnletenlcnseUlmn.lt.
s Joue I. Waci'nesIeAt
it -
nl All persone, roncernm l will pleace take
notice tiehat I lln rletheol with lowee.r efl
attorney by n the heirn of the estate of the i
late. E. (;. IMFratee.
Ecewes It)FnI.T:,
.Iuly t1o, "'M. FPt. alslinni., M. T.
I evea Inrle el.rtnen.t of Ladle Fk.' i.
h,~. t ml ientl~~ie'nnu h t Italnd l lewe,t
ilthat I ipropose to 1u." nut t LtIom'*·
PI P'aes. Ti.ee ge.e re, the l)st that can
I icr..irell ietrn e mrse nrkets.. f iil :ee11
Iget it hirtll..
4'. ieeeaen I.,
r, a-idee.. M. T.
P*"' . -Ite eoet. ctl .~i .e- te 'rdere . is
S5|.e'e-ih alv.
The c.'e.l.rlt.cwehip hl retf e(,ee.. ietiua li
Ie'I w.teee .. 4 eeCeele ecel mid. Pieek. ca.rryiencg 'l h
tlhe hlatl'ks.mihillg buric s., uceder elee tirrl.
eeeeee" ee e'olw ne It Kiek. tine n5cn eiLeceel v B
hy 1ece l ainct "''fl,eelet .r. 4 'ewenI sill eec
tiiee' I1e leb iiene,, at the old stcll* . .All
bills and inenAc,.lct. will s.-ttl uelietily. N I
i . I','i:.
To the Pblio.
SI have opened a boa.dlegn d d,,ay . .-,1
. at r my lence arar Ro' Fork, t.-twan
. ottotwuuood n Philbrook.
e Muiime, i rawing. Palhting, ad fntIE&
-r heameem taught. Tultion for Mica.. am
Fminld hIacn , lnrlding bonald, $23.o u
p r month.
A A oy time in fully occupied, even 4Matur
day and uanday, I can 1 rmive nemither vin.
it.am nor travrlem.
Mm. .. fi. D)Awmuaa.
Ae ! '
To res Eta.cauma orp Pmas Covxgyr:
IAt the aret oiielitation miany frienmda
I Lrh •er ao y am a klate
Mo the nomination d Coumnty Attonmey,
uhct to the sctionl - of the icn
omnety cnventiot. n
Sottonwaoajd, July 18th, 18to
Hatvlug been er. tedin mutd by
here-,,amoum e mymqf mas a adidat for
the o of Sh eiff of Fremgm ('oumty, nao
imet to, the decimion of thme Republica
Comity Conmietion.
J. W. BErK,
Made.., K. T.
nes sO ltafaO ntl I
AntWr AuD RaoCgDim.
ChOn renuultations wit~ other. better caps.
hi of judging, both mu to my ability and
nmpetentcy to fill the position, their lu-or.
able repopae ha led ae to aunca.ne my
el mfa a ca.ndate for der and mronler,
auh4p to the action of the rspublka n tun
antion that convefre in Lewistowmn on
Am.uat 14th, ISMI.
Wu. T. MCFAs,.Uxo.
n red
haiti. "
B iMI·a EU
aunt.n __
M: C
i.imig I...u - 3
he.r of y
whicr 4
I. lO
IIi r
33. , r7 w Im
: "IF
4" hMmuca..-.. WuMa.
prs. r wno Un. bi Mw
.me sa' .in% s- .v,¶
wa.. f.m W. mm 3NV*ZAUSJ I. b
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Uim mehi e.. m~r E
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C. A. MO ! Ca
OCFMM Paae Ou.. 04Wm s D. C.
Full Blooded Polled-Anus, Durha
and Hereford Bulls,
For Sale on Reasonable Terms.
Apply to or Addrei,
D. P. COOZ, J T 00.,
H. P. B]NOO]J, Spt. Low~up, . T.
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Custer Or WaIrd jn
Ouster Station, - Montana.
rw Goodj. &loejvtl, flaifrotu l Claarge$ Ad~vanced and Cor~net
Forwarded to all Pointea North mitd iMo'th, at' Loweet Posisihie Rate5a,
Responaible~ Carrier.. b
N1·· r lw C 'w i __m ~· wwC.r~w~~'crU
New Good ! New Store I
New and Low Prices.
..... - -T -
Mammoth Stone Store.
) lo.,h l ,, :at ,I Retll I'a ,-ra r sI
Notions, Drugs, Jewelry, Olothin,
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Fancy and Staple Grocerles.
- Is* litnmduw oif -
Wines, Liquors, Beer, Ale, Cigars and War oods. t
\ll huKind of
LI~All any goods ale Lbu ght fro, I' IRS'I" han,;. .an d i l large ' a.tlti , ,
I prolpox to give ltonnt.rs. the cI-netit o ni"
Low Prices + First-cass Goods
(';l;  a Eramiue auy toak an atL k rice,. .atistfactio n Ou ntteL
.~isiito _ t. _oor

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