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Fergus County argus. (Lewistown, Mont.) 1886-1946, August 19, 1886, Image 4

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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mauece.' its dchtier.~t'timt Ntoiihw I )"
umerellt 7;h. tM~5. tand adjnurnc1l cof
the 5th mtns.. totrrnflg a l rniI . .1 a l
days. In that time thicrc strC inetr
ulaced in the twut horse% 12,202 hillk
to,ooo of which were hnu~c 1.,11. 214
home joit resolutiuons,~ii I ,9
nerate Mtwil imni 83 jaunt rr'.dntiut"
Of this number but m. tot pma'swd It~~th
houses. Folkowmgit are a fkir ct the
most important:
A El 11nm lip,.
A atea~r rome.m freon the Park that beat
111411111 11 dtheer leer the. Wakesmid &
Haynese atag' notaamsy Maeme twoe Iteemlbto.
'whie. timml Vetlewateeme lake iN the !Cetlnaal
parg, maew a assemt nrenarkahlee mneoer.
It wa. aml eanrawema reptile which they aay.
wrhile vmalaig through the graam. rcticel
ita head teem or lifter, fret ahiwr the ground
wad tehirt they think meeat haver hees
thirty-Aie feet or more in haagth. Their
.temaor stteny erratrel a gerat deal ofeael aitm
mamilit the Mammoth Noet tpipenge.. and a
larep party atarteet In pu~rsueit tr the meef
airy. White near the rave ot an, eallart
gmyaer hn the vicinity oel the lake Ithey heanit
at heesd tealg in the c~rater, anti after a
trw aellueate the head ol the eptine wag
thremet scat alacat liter,, feet. last jetmeadi
ataly withdrawn. It ham noet teoee amean
savace, butt partiea ane 40ee the kook eeet leer it.
ITem leviathan hF aeeapoaetl tee meake it1Cm
how In theIake and vklinhr.--tlvlntgateea
Ealeepetme. Partlem In thia arrtimen whoe
'realgamptate vigitbte the Park ateould he
waltasmppltmid with "ae,,ke lelt. ' eas it will be:
amemanaty to admianiater the aetdtheet in,
prepethno ttier aiae eeo ier repetile
Te d ti 11110101 TbeleSbi..
fle Interior Dwpartmeneat hate, pro
'mmuatmeI lhe. follewinlg rukerm and regu
Ilellemeg gewteiitg the removal of lane
hber frm. ptwoermetii landa. Thley are
- jeeeerilted by virtue eel the met cef June
s. WS. enttleld "An acl mulleoraleeg
'thedtlham 'of Colorado, ievada and
the tereloueele lee fell mud remuove tim
ber on the pbllc dotmain for domestlic
purpose." I1e meat applies utly to
thbe atahecit t3eelnrado aned Necvada aned
lhe leftrdEklb Of Utah, Wyoming. ha
toat, [email protected] and Koala..a, mad other
wiehoel dihtrlcl of thee folued Slates
'sat aperlafly petevided feur. The bend
fretm whiche the tinmber ia failed or re
emoved made. the pgweeaiana ofl the act
musl he kasown to lee atretely of a ml.
wuttl tibarmactr acid deal it is ntteubjeet
is entry under the eaihtng lawacof the
ITmitad uStates exelt he mineral metry.
Som peeteem meot a cithenm or boon. tide
realdastt a4 the state ort lerriory or
other mine ral diatrcit provided Seer In
sai at, . erittd o ello remove
iinsr fis th minralbeads the rein,
std no p0efd, Areaen at eepurallun fell
its or ftwlaeiwee timber cander liew act
shall Ms"il ori Jiii5a55 of the .alte iii
Itmimmtsr mnaiufimr'llifcnrd i'rmt(roil. lIn
ally iitimr 1Ilium citize.sts aid iimsmn imd.
resiilenta of tin' -l:t. oi ii'rritiiry wihire
mill It tiimbier i" mitt. hit fir ttmiy ti1r
1 jlsmrlsise thin fit liii I..gittmitii time oif
111 .ad pr.h-,er orthe Lulwl rlise
orlaumlger ot slid hill mit othetr lut~m.
mont felling itr riiiimilmt tig iiitsr otlir
timte priiviai mu it f tl.is iet .h ili kieeti.
reor osmiifztll tiiimtir -iin oitir rinm'-.ui.
t stattinig im.e tighe whe ."111ii, tIl. 1:4iiii
ot tis ja srtites cnittitg miii -atii' or ini
111 ehn s yly legal ,.iilvsli iiits
e if thei mtirveyi'ui, utimil as, mur atirs prat
cai if immi-irvee itmiiis, with a statetmii."t
of lilte ermolendi 'ttlan whicht it Mutait .ii
'º titat liie landl is minimeral in iiiuraitm'r.
J Sitei stating also ist mimi mitmul mmtd iityii
¶ If lnmli.rr mnamutfsetiirmd thert'frii'm, lii
getimer with tow1 Immalae ot the4 jistils" ti
wlmmitn amly onuch titula~r for lIntimiher i.
-+14 Siusli aimlattle,, ihtt miialt, ttiei mimi pitt
pose form whichi 8iiil, amid .hall timit mi'
~~iiweip sir seai snuch litmihieor ltumitier
mititmie f{omn sitmb timitimmr ttiliiitmt takingit
us- fmimm ithe jmitrcimmss~r it w ritteno agiti
rmttentt thtmm it shat1 tiit top ummd iexelit
flt formillditng. uigrleitilt itai. lmitlitig amidf
otateor (ilimiat p iirisre.s withjmn mimi-l
imsle r terrmtmtty, anmu em-try suhil limr.
1i witht the samid imanelr at csrtitheatmm tmnler
aithi that he litrieiutiisi stuch titmih et or
to I lmbmier exeinsieily for his, miwmt utie
0'and for the pelmnisis afimreatmi.":
yTiammimr fell mit rs"mmmivemi shall he
*s ral, lominmig asti tmtliei pltrlsw~'s within
the state ifit territory whierli the smani
ayis emum, andl all remttivals tltmrof ousmtitle
lie of time stlate mir territoiry where it in vcal.
sir arts timrl,Fiimmi. %m. pe-rson will ieo jmer
to, imittei tam fell mit titliili ally glmwitimg
t.1 rees, If wamy kimimi witalsiterier. ifmisa thimmi
it, right mu-lies iii diameter. Petmmitt
lic mimiairal landsn of time iiniti-d iKistea
Nit muost 1ttili alnl mif eiachl treli cut thatu
m cami lie prmmitalily itsuit anti nimat ct~l
1'- situ renhimymi mime tIII* amid tirnam or mlii
a pise of tite same in iuch miamner aos tso
hepreventh the spreiad mtf foirest ire..
to 11'mm, sct tieader whit hi thmese rtms ammiil
rettthaiots, were pri. s -ilmsust jrovrlilesai
Ireiiimi' t-Aiylm is-riti iir ma~rullt wImui
Cshall vimmts(em. t11 uittlwhtlfls of ttiitse iili'
C- siiy lu1 te f ali witsttitsiaii hii miiiisuamm
Ilisreofmiitsi." iy iiiw psi-ritsr? mioth limihtse
1 iii,. mi1,ti lie uheetimeil gtiiliv min a titlis~t'
eli tay Wsa4 t1.4 eamam-dimlt %tl}., sndail1 wtlmet
to tmay bts smi.eml sa impiiliiimptslt firtoyli
tetit limit extxwie-tlu slut mimimitli.
IThs rules anti regmlatilutis shall
rhO taeitn r ife t iepa'ni' 1t, 18; n l
CS j ore{ i .m ri,mamtim immder time said act imt
ml-. Clmmisimtent herewith are r-viukedt.
"Know Mark Twain" Well, in those try
dlayts," staid the veterani 1ilt4, aim baaM
gave thme wheel a Stirs io stiarlanarti, b
"didns't we runt tintether on thme WAar ; am
V Eagle? Always said thast boy wotuld tPwl
comse to somsething air tither. Itid I a.
aisls It? thaºt a big Stank acctosatIll
now, bist then lhe dlidln't baimk ansythintg tt
but lila boat once ini a while. lieo watts
as droll fellow tatd wint always gettisag
ofi sornethilng-sometuiaastu it was a sand
"thoe day smemi younog ltidlets cante
tip inito the pailoit houmse tind saiti they t,
had always hasd a desire So tuokl inito 0a
thse ateerage amid see hotw a steamboait a1
was steered. He was int a tileasiant
mood amid talkiI eking, keeping one at
eye politely oin the ladies andi Ste other
jutist in frmt tof She how of the boat.  
and mentitinaed a trip ina which lie taisiks
lilm batatu theatlis(imit river road So Ptits-, .
liur. all
fwark a steam~amlsat til sthe Otile river Jtl
ruad?' theiy exclaismed. Nt
Wetll, yes. You set!' said he, 'ttlse
I titil river was sits dry Stsal it was troth-'
Iisig limt a road. auad awfutlly dusety in
miost daaces for navigation.t
"'But how did yosu get the bsoat.
tttb, we went preparetd for that.:
We hsad a great miany barrels oif water
on board which we pourest ini front of a.
the boat, and got along real well. Moast
boats didn't think tof sitting that, thoitgh ma
some greased or soaped Sthe bull of the rt5
boat and mamnaged to slide alosgag
"We wers paesinig a small town, sod :e
1 be told theti *lsiut Sthe chainging of the L
river shores. He said. 'ttstaerve that "
plaee. You wotultn't ithink it. but it
I was ato Itse hi1gh issitsi ptui iatik nppsu
1site mist a mnistha agot. Thse aitscksaalsi y
washed out from natsder it, asid onie
r morninig thse pieoplle got out to fiod their
Itown had shial clear acros the river and
was a pantti Arkiasaas. It mit thesia
ou vr badly hecause they didn't like
º .fTiat day at dinuier Ise rat opllutsitei
l be ladles', and onae of the lest
sloskinig of Sliesi asked bism, wita a* a
a smile, if It woulnlt't 1' Settler to have
1.grace bieftare meat. lie begged he~r a,
ispardosi anti replied, without a smile,,
'Indeeds,, dear miat, grace and beauty
we already hsave litfaire this mieet.
ils "leant. ?d V.a's hens lie S taidts maesout it rI
mabelieve i~ adtat alle Site j'ltedsltý were:
K ai(one day, when lila turn came lie t
a, was miheing. sand whetn he put in an'
appearanee lis looked qutite ininocent
as lie explained htiw lie most hsave
Igomie into time wronig state room. for a
na n e : ~~lot, n huhb okd l rudfrhimtself tsinder the berth,
and behind ethesioorand caliad hiii
name aloud. it was an hour after timea
r befitre be fomisd hmimself, stanasl asleep5
w1asid snoring like a couiple of 'escapel
me miipeu; theib e shook himiseif. around
beratinig. anid pushed himaself toward.
I.1the pilot itooe."-A. i. its Tid (fibs.
-ssl soft
rThe River Press says that Mr. TI. C.
Power is booming judge Wade for
delegte to congress and thinks he
wol etestrongest man the re
publicans could nominate. When the
reporter suggested that the commo
dore woukl be "no slouch" in such a
race his native modesty prevailed and
he maintained more strongly than ever
~that judge Wade is the most available
Iman,no exceptions to be made. If
the judge had a few more "boomers"
like Mr. Power scattered throughout
the territory he would hatve no trouble
',in walking oIf with the nomination.
His election would be another thing.
unless the democrats commit the folly
of up their weakest man. Hon.
I. . rý
___ o9an 3r.w uI"i 0lby
a& roý air M
t~r.Ai sane,4t som a"tl a.s ev,-ir
= ="W~~ha, -,. a.r. me.
ba M.S .t. Th~as g3V*MT*31s :"
eainsMa imaSag.Ma 3.0 - b sse bar
tatsl gg r..a £,~asa. .(hlaagm 'II
.M 1
R *y..1.,l
It l il "
it ~ . N lK K ..1 it r.'at'twc+,a.'
Wt .r t Lsl itMina.t e. 14 MIl. ll
Ie ' 1 V.trec.l I ýý"aatNe vsIsý 6*1.
II cftet nnamid ft-c Ile~ tlhee '
u 1 lt M~ti. Iae ,-.ittiml Itt--.,14 I
ti.n in -minr w i, a the It*'l c
CttttlY gF ~pa~iw p1o ats-ml,5 am.. at- iu la). Mi
a. tm.lrtreIewseiatt e I C Is /I iIls
lNO INoTimbe. C slr. l
Sit I.au ~ t . ly 1T . 1,- "'
Jacailtrt. si cc Lr 1a ralutJ,--.h Ih...lie. ifar. 5*14
t,..-.ma.smrt~ ial'e lwit li aa a.loar y lat' w,,1~ l...ksi' a
. rl..t.- A.gw-t i:.ft2r43.1 tayi II. NW'4 e a N-ti, 3.
tieala Nl a..w h at ra11c 14 e manam. o lmir lcat h
Il-.mt. ha ill. le Ini.., ithsrmsvthe mm a a f.
mep try ..thee t,,,tlv.. atheelag shat ,Ialaeaa, hwill1.
itt rc,".a-gt prole atnid n land c~- avcr elaaym by
.j Ilh.Ina t~chIe aponey ca g thithe ha.r hork.ma
e- .'.. .hl 5*554 atet.4,1 .4lr Ihu mutltl m t waee
the fees in aN d tv a . rcl--r too.rl,
111 NOTICZ---T~imber Culture.
Itt July ;Ith . 1111
t.m.,1mlalat buataw lava cinterd at thla..Su-, by
Jathsuta J. Kerra a~i..at tic.,tr I'. .k.. f14? ftalrr
5W i.... emy witItm law. fitm.?Iobccl~re afatary ..i*
SiC alle. n thap t 13%alasalm l.cw c, 11 W. I- ,la o " ha . II .I
Iawty l.i'h .. caaac ta k twam-ltrcirc.of.alai dtts
laetaylclwe~alauc alein. the y ea cla4.mat ba tec talesc
t. want hany raid m.wr P.d claim Iaw ,,, .~ I.. tirm
gf~I1.ury. a.. ha. hg.an landaa141,mc that h ha e am- ~awa
1I I ta.atl..~ ~ tae. n.. toece"rc.d ta- d fpnr-.
ath ,k- w rcty aams..ata t 14i Sliwac fat lur; .aid~
trte t Jab Toass he taken hsbll T.P. at 1.-e. noe)a
lt pic.athe Esmaafly. N.. an,. onthe '5ay . daya o
tit; 1 .'. 41. Lraua wr.aat. H.-glm-.er
lotto, of Final Entry.
ILA~a lirii.3 A.' lliral IIN T. I
Cutlr I herl~r11ns. hat lb., kb.mlaning nwaaa.
".111... ha' £Ikd n.fle of.. hi. intrlk.al. t,.z...hr
Lual 4110.4 In .upp..rl .1 hi. claim, ,s..d tha.I sit
..t ( k., Thitn) J11dkieia Itit ri.I t nt'ur of.r m
lag.. in, saltatdn )laaghikr an..ty. al whit. 41al
'phar sprian.. .m l1.pt.'mi.h r 5k, inN. .,.
wh.. mit.tr ga.-.npiim dnelar~aquy tal.awnut N...
0ilq.a,& k.e Ih4K:' 141K Pa. On ;.4W S! ap . ia
La,.T. 1.so So ad n0 ;L n.1a IsI and 2. Wt'wi.U :. Tp. li morth .4 rand.. IN'
lie. nwan.. 1h.r iollwinmg ailga....~ to ...... hi.
t..4timli'll. re ,ide.eqr ap......aid .ultivats.a. 'C
maid land. .1.: Jobs ha li.any, John~ aiaecn.v
lkhart. L. Meyer and lt..I~fl Vaknline, all o
Maihra. Moneaiwa.
41. W. l.aa.:uaumr..l~ltr
Nlotioe of Fins] Entry.
l.A'.~i l, I.a AT 111.1 .1'.'. t1.TNTAlA,
Naller I. h~rn.'l' Nice" that ith t.,llw, ,minguawnt
stall,.. ha. Gird mali.. ,f hi. iuagwal l.a It ake
snal p*.aof In aiupport at hi. .Cafam. andi that
said -r~t will ha mand. hwat.. I.. Ilalwin. Ilh'niy
Slack of th. This'S JuIalwlt Iiatlrti 1,r0at1,1
luau. ia an4 for liaaahev Con.,ty. N. T.. at While
iulphur l"p.ing.i. a '.pla.Iaiil.r lathudN. via:
uhe"1 ho wadt pr-weapGlion d..it-iS laey tteweel Nl..
&Att, foriihe NA. a NIC.,. it.. IN,. Tp. 1:, amenh
Iie maaa.. lbe faloingi wila..ffa Ia pro... hi.
eawn.1wal.. wtlldtaic am..a. and Cuitivati..a a..
MMi lead. via: Jaya Bh..wnay. llahutt N~ahatl'.
(`hark'. W. Myr.-t and AhanI Bansh. all .1 Mahld..
41lra a . LANr~I.Nomm. 1141i.1r..
t otta. of Flin Entry.
.a~ni l)Wl.P AT IlIrnesa. N. T..r
a Nail.. Ia hneety tIvan tkat the ftloimaig-anammd
intl..., ha' 11.4 Noiongi of hi. lbetgtlSO to manke
mnat qa In .npprtl of hi. elam, iad that saIl
ItN will he made huisaml. the qaial, and
fiver. N1 Itl.t.a. N. T., an Aigtaul ::1.. 1.11.41
tvi: Ababuaknt Eagelamid1.
* wha mmd. IS.anatnd Ap.~~t~io It.,. 27Ai fnr tke
Tp.ll1 mtkaty a ...lr.w
le mama.'t laVwln wulimn. I.o ptac'. hi.
..wntln em, sldrnme .paa. and eu.lvtlaiaa o..
said land. via Nmtar A. Uman and (lath It.
Phi .mt IatlIaw. N. T .; JnW. WnINN..
l'allon.a~d,N. T.
M'. Ii. W. Laa.i51aa..k I1.5i.1C1
N otto. of Finwl Ein r.
P- .A.orrl~.l ATff~mtA.a'N. T..
a July 71k. 115141. I;
d 75.4k. I. hetrhq gi.en thai Ike fmllawlag-namad
.sik'r kmn tad 11ll.km a hi. iai..tlan I. mask
IT aat p a in, 1111934. af hi. claim and Ihat maid'
e ..s. will ha m.ad. hates. L. Mamilt. lIrtepa
ir le hr judiia l orict Co.urt in awl
"T..an P941m"b..' .k. Jail,1 via:
ui . * LidVo h n-a * ta. 'UT IdI. le.wºa
I. jTs W. metartho ..s~agemd.
It. w"wothe Sai"uwaim wilnaa to pawn' hi.
nteuntlana mad.den. apenan d ckstivaionm 4f
mida land. vi.: Rlati It. Thmmua Laanmrr
Jasa.b. Willtiarn natlam and JupsA.bvlN. all
of .ta'n3.agkNrw fi' tawi. .N T.
N' II .aw... a p.e Keqla.'
Notice of Final Entry.
Ii ,knl : tl...t
t1.. ' .. n .. "I i.be I t." " t" ..1 e ist~.'.
Noti. er+1 mof inl Enx::!, try. -
J eI. 11h "tt i
I' ...t heA . n m,. tha lb. -.I. ~ egl mr
11. ih.eaalh tae 4hin - I1I." iat. ain .U I 6ma..
"".. ..+1" h.w iiat. I n h tha t maid'
.a nlla.. Thirt i\t.tifn I it. l.tait. N~aglyi : M
a Jl.dt di. .' al iti,.11 Mo l ust , .1. ..eta>
Jiim Ju. y *it. .I "
Inlps1 In 5hi art~j1 . i4 e~ I.p.t hi. 1.adta 2d
Inw willl It-l 7iaai...rI.w .imty.)lStm~Tt lttl7r *
ofti Tid.1 1kt1{. IrItSPA i~t.~m i 1.Nut I
Navrit I.rh) tqgtml ban hI., the .. ikw Wl.m At mailed
.44 t..u t.Itri s, M .1., Hamn mm Ifurla'..i. aa hee ls ith
elf.4N awlt. a ht.t
- e" IihS.r jfihwlos 1. 'h.:rt and 4,7-- 1. is ft. 1i:.
4~..m.1b.1.hn. pe ritaate deaatfs.amee 71.
"he. Umaw.- thr Mfatamf1 s Iwim.a.et Iag.. b~et hi
en.mti,,..ma .m .s muidle a. aind r.mttitaii' .4.
.aid iammd. tim: William. A. M..eehead. Wlml1md ii.a
IT41imI. Jaba V'. pau~idti awl Lydia 11, Jmehmae.
ell at thet". . Memahei"" 4 I..mty.M Matntain ITa.emtfy.
Notice of Final Entry.
'ii LAS.tltt t nll . A? Itl'.L.C.A. N. T.t
4...Jmty7ith, .11. 5
\.41.1.tlee im hy git-.. that th lb.ia Imheteg-amd
mrtdite ham hnd math. o I.4hi immtanlain.. tahka
Stat pl~raet impau .44 him es~tai. mWadt.4 maid
w~tin an.4tlttw(rm.dtm. I.. 1laitritt~. l4wk tptimeh
.h.Third 1..1adi mlrt 1'.n.1 iiit aMrt.4Mtaina Ta
Territme i, mand fire Mttahtev eammt7. m We Whim.
Saphmw tipriega. its Thttalay. .hag'MY.t 1.4.th. t'eU
Mlinfltu M. PT.Mrw.a
win .11. tt. pl,.mstatiatl decmtirtr ataofmYt Nmrr ..
bt?'*. Net. it. Tp. Itaahit t.. se-t raugee I IA
by te 114111otthme Itt..mimla mWitlseWe to' prso.t hi,
e..ssti.....a roieairrte .,altn. s..ts " itta atm 4.as .i.
sald laitd, tim: Witiat. A. Mtn ehe, iat. Wla. rtsi 1
lalsi. tidhit.. mpad Aism. Nawl iyieai D.f tattkso
m~lallofmtl~ . Magher 1'aamty. tMatasa. erioy
.r W. N I.Altilmumaei: tetti.ter.
" Notice of Final Entry.
sinh N..tier Ia herebiy given. that the tftattwsgt-eeatmd
maid .'.ti, has' iard mdik..1 .iht imltlati'1.a tna mi
t1 l tira prmanpttpatt. hate ctalm. bad that '.aid,
- .1 - t mafim Uw. . TlwltatpaIn. y l
iii the m' thirdJ416 ratlkra1a witiee. t' pmana..hi
Tritr .a~imns:nd ris Mi'a.tee ml~. adly .rttatt Wid.
Iupu .aid gM ia nd timr: ay Aaam'.m ti1ii... 1ith, tlatas,
Leain ner Jr-raimis ad Jlara .Amd..r al t 51aha4...1'.I
foevir 11a.7Mt1. %Wt. t. i IIJS !.AdX -
by ia aa .t Wh . 'l. 71'g .14'~w 'INE l.. p .itt'.r.
That the I
Fergus County Argus
1, P'ie;4r~l to Fill * irdrrs nr any and all
Kind of
H"I ill li t tli..
h all 4" tow Pio
?VATARLI.IllH31 ll;.t
The Indepuident;
3Aeg% and N WES%.S
114 NTA SA.
Il.11.. Im lrawi.rlefrlill..SmE amy pmgper Is lh.
1.relt..f7. Lw.74am IMdmlb ('mpilml. itIN b. lh. Wem
..( h 11wdimlmmi pilly. mSd raaleim l. the 1.1~
lm-al. Telnllmttal mid4 tel.graphl* mew..
* M~p, VM. STatr.. b d,0la1mb Ia Aiwim.t
d . diV ii. aid ram dAtawait
a- siam
ed wMaýý ý
I. m.-m K~ar mid Yul l w.6
mi . I glddrr-I ilm. Nu g .t
.1? ~ '~ra Vrl$am ]ui m51malr
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Aýd- iFl igmi.Umbe asy .F
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T. C. Ptewru, !itnaug r. P. 1). Ft. Wlenton
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RMu.-W~ns Iltpen Finn. Ii3nghu C..,1. T..
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Two TruhTraim. Daily
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without Chm ew mnanetiug with the EAS?
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The Dthrriasod ONILY LINK vunaitflTttKti(t
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tin AL3KRT LRA ass IT. DeODuR.
Min pols'tI t.Louis
enaning .Two TRAIUCK DAILY is kt Sa CT~.
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RaRUEUU Th. Trainofa the NINNEATO.
LIP1 A tT. WACU6 RAILWAY am our mowniaJ
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I*.A8.ER+ IN All. KIM, 1
Cook, Heating and Camp Stoves,
Tin and Granite Ironware,
Table and Pocket Cutlery.
Nowusr, Cajs sawl rame.
Powder, Caws sad Vam,
" Wfr&, Drill sad Fipring Steel,
1'fk, Drill sad Spring SteeL.
L Rn~nsl, Square and Tire Iron,
Hondt~. Square and Tilee Iron,
IBlacksmiths' Supplies,
Bu to Portable Forges.
h DosWI, a.i.h and 3Ifoldiar, Shelf and lkwhlding Ilnisrisre,
Eilding and Tar raper, H nlwrd ii and Wag... I. fte ir.,
itpaints, ofls and w ttut Blue.. k..d
i Bushs, nlwIIitt. . n
1Window. Glass, Putty, Etc.
-In Cousaeetou where alK Ruamof Job Work will 1ee Done on Short Notlec.
+ Maiden, Iloutaga.
iT. C., Power & Bro.,
whboeasal. sad Retail Dealers in
- Judith Landing, K. T.
New Goods Just Received!
Special Attention Given to the Trade of Ranch and Stockmnen.
L? l E( 'ElVI\(; ANDI) 'Olºi A \lº')l I (.c
Special Inducemnent offered to tinsme haying Ore dud Bl Dalion for t~a'.tc"ru
Shipmoent from the Mtagtinni.. Mining Ilegion.
L~arge Wasrehouse on the bank constructed with. a Special Vi.ew to the Storing
of Wool. Wool (rowers in the Judith and Wolf Creek county will thnt
this the miost convenient point to haul their w.ol. whether
desiring to sell or ship.
Transcontinental Passenger
NUALS ONLY 75 Cents.
()thaei Itoutili.
healma raawe Mtlking. Sellp. PaM esutd. 1pr m.: W...E  aued, I¶Mt a. ma. Il~epea.
3.Mg ainarn. Flmel wad Uetemd Elwa~a metir. .%Statlhed.
(.4.1 Pwameegrr aand Trirht Igret. Si. raul. uine.
The Popular Live Stock Route!I
STOCK CARS Uquipped with Suspension Trucks and Air
stUrkee. Large end Commodious Feeding Yards
Ar. fututmihed lust (mileg mtd rertitmp catlei.In ttnaait. Theme sa.I. are in, chrg of .
i'nr~tlimar ra. auptryittot wilt. ctnie~f hay aunti plenty of watt .
II' takingi 1thi oUts, 7.IU get fast ltmswui iu c.Ill.2l.1 trh Iln '
~ ais te t.. ther uiarket , Itulker anti tu, 'rIC?,C41tlinl ttnti by any3 ~tlirr liii.
Try sthts itmputar rolute iui tw t'r .gvitw:.t..
Fur Ial.,rratlioe rrgiantsttg rate.. etc.. aedirri.,
Edeeuuel Vratghl Asrat. ka Pealnt. ih.
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. tebete S. AlltPalm. Kaetlimd Wrel ad T. sad im.t EMPu.pe
*fr A Weat of .%e,wumnwtmttoll .balng the tine. JOHN N B CK, Agt.
The presidential succession bill; toi,
provhid for the study of the na.ture and
efitst of alcoholic drinks ant narcot
air; to retnuve the charrre of dc'iertionq
agamisit uiokhets who re~enlistrd witl -
net having receivetd a discharge fu m
the regiment in which he hail prey
nusly s~i5W 1, to legalize the irofirhiira.
tUMn of naetionali trades unhirons to give.
the rviceltwt of nattional l)anks lasiees
to put mn assy property of the banksi
wild utider a foeuclosuire when nere-s
sahy to protect his trust; tio regnite !
the promotion of graduates ot the`,
Unlted Slaess Military academy; to!
permit the onuiers of UnIted states.
luetchaMt vessels and of any property
tin board theresit to sute the U~nitedil
States urt damage by collssiain ails
ting from the msistuanagterent of any '
governmaent tesael; acceprtinig tie
tstwot suwdak and trophies; to provide
that the wrveyed lands granted to
hrfoa&ls co termiunous with the corn.
ipleaed purtions of such roads and its
iegaalsetl counties, shall not lie ex-.
wuigiots fromcal taxation on account'
oft lhen of the United Stares upon
them for the cast of surveying, selec
'tie oe conveying. It aleip makes a'
heovis rut for selling such lands on the
refusal or wieglect of the comwpanies ion
pay thse ostof the survey. Tlhe oleo
lmasgati ne bill; the bill for the increase
01 the navy; to provide that homne
elead truetts within railroad limits re-'
eitected to less than iho acres shall be
gitwiltled to have their additiwnal en
't iea patented without any farther !
proof 01f settlument and cultivation; to
provide a building for the accommo
dation of the conigressional library;I
providing that after July i, 1586, no
fu*s shall be chargerd to American ese
sees toe tmeasurensett iii tonnage, ism-.
pnsg licenses, granting certificates o,
registry, etc., and amneoring the laws:
relative so shipping and discharjging
crews; to forfeit lands granted to the;
Atlatic and Pacific railroad compsa-:
,n y aud restore the same to aettlrnent;
to ncrease to rot2lper month the pan
slame of widows and dependent rely
110,15 of deceased soldiers and sailors;
declaring forfeiterl certain land grants
'made to the states of Mississippi Ala
,hams and Louisiana; to amend section
.3534 ofthe reisued statutes so as to<
require brewers commenicing business
to give bands in a sasm equal to three
Mtimes the amount of tax which they
will he liable to pay during any one
suotith, and to execute new bond
w~uever requiredl; directing the sec
reslirj ii the treasury to deliver
to :proer climiuants or owners
sihrer15are, jewelry, etc., captured by
the United States army during the
late war sand so sell at auction; reduc
ieg *es on domestic money orders for
-suma not exceeding $s, from eight to
-Ave rests; so allow steam towing yes
:eels to carry in addition to their crews
is many passengers as she supervising
,inspectors may authorize; for the re
4Ws of Fita John Porter; to provide
foe the yrtle of the Cherokee reserva
tion; to enable the national banking
association tio increase their capital
and to change their names or bra

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