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Fergus County argus. (Lewistown, Mont.) 1886-1946, December 09, 1886, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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fergue tomaty %rgue.
No 10. LEWINTOWN, FEltGUS COUNTY, M. T., THUR Lt Y. DE('EM Ital 0, 140. Price 10 ('ta
fergst*. 9ustij 3 aus
PYSRfeIlarn wems.. U
FELLU : MLrE £ : InoPdn
Entered at Maiden P. O. as ucond clas. mant
tERMS OF Slt'RI`iltll :iN:
(If pid In , deean )
(tea yeua ........... ...........................»...... 11 -
Sme .................... ......_....... .
Thier ma tl .. .......... ..... . L.
e y r .__..... .......... .. ... ........
Kila wie wm., ........................................ ......
Thre l ............ ........................e s . ......
I Irk, naee hntki ........_.......... 3.
I " musio h. ».. » .».«..... ...... . 4
I * ill " . .... ...................... ....I
i " e eri ....... .. ....................... L
specal- ralte given .m lage pare eed dastad"
Liral mtli|ee I.r il. perr ilme.
Mpe.lal adrrt.lmemnta payabile Svk4ll in ad
Attorney at Law,
*J I'. I . Iand ciee PI'la of all uarveverl land
In the Judilh Realm i. ihlm IMts of all 11lli
made,. ,rrret.e wekly.
Attaney and Counsewo
I *TT* INNWs Il, : oNTANA.
I ahlul n.tts tii nl tlo p rltis l li s n all til.
(',.nurtlt. 1"..iVIl. u e rinl 411141 w'olle t{olns.
1.1":%I.TitWN.. MONTIN1.
Notary Public
Asd JI eTCl'E IIl TIlE PEA (C.
t'nfst alltllntisll yivnl to I('ry.. efla'siey . E/t.
Osl'I:-L.'win.tsol Hotllel,
law/.towe., . * eealW
- Isaklr lI -
Wines, Liquors and Ciga
Billiard and Pool Tables an
All bran..'e . , 1t.." Ill inn.-"- lit...Lu. hly IeIrI"
a l nl r Iprl.ltel y atllern .I tI..
Malim Ire ., Irwilwin, M. T.
l)rug, l'Patrt Medi.ines, Toilet Arti
cles, Wk.aks, Etc.
lPharinly next door tio Argus oitice,
Eat Monti.ia St., Maiden.
Ubet Hotel.
A. 3. SARROWSu, ftepiwtmm.
m r lias.
Stabhle and Iar in Connectiin with
louse. G3oud Meals and Ikds.
Full line of Fresh Fruits, NutCandis,
Uigars, Tobbaccos and Cigatettes.
*. o elooorir Ze~.
lake pleasure in announeing to the public eerseflly, the arrival direct fronl
the Bea ResLate Huoses, of an immlese stock of
:Staple and Fancy Grpceries
Esadwasw, Tnware, Gaaltwar, Olasswa, Oroakary,
Mechanic's rookl, Cooking and Heating Stoves, Chairs, Tables and Kitchen
Furniture, Lamps and amp Stock, Firearms and Amunition, )oors
and Sash, Hardwood, Iron and Steel.
Dry Goods and Notions
Ful and Fine Stock of Buks and Shoes; an endless variety of Prints,
Ginghams, Embroidery, Laces, Hosiery, Men's Summer Gloves,
Iress Goods, Hats and Caps; the "Stetson Cowboy
Ilat." a Specialty.
-i- ---O--- I
Water A. Wood's Mowers and Extras; Twine Binders, Sweep Rake Reapers;
Iollingsworth Rakes; The rancher's favorite-the Cooper wagon; John
Ieere Plows-Breaking, Stirring, Shovel, Hillside and Sulky; Extra
Heavy Plows made especially for Ditching; Steel Road-Scd prs,
Harrows and Harrow Teeth; Bugies, Buckboards,
Spring Wagons and Rodca
Pahated sad Oalvalsed uarbed ears. Wirt a Speoaltt!
81WAll ourUoods havipg come by river, on our own hosts, we propose to give
oar patrons this season. First Claumoods.at Prices that will defy all e'onmetitkm
1888 - -- 1886
N. T. Din smor e,
Cor. Main and Montana Sts.
New Goods and Latest Styles
--A--T-- D
N. T. lDINSMORl 'i.
Broadwater, McNamara & Co., Post Traders,
Ft. Maginnis, M. T.
W E Invite the attentionof the Trade throughout the
Surrounding Ceuntry to ourpresent stock which is
by far the largest, and esabruaes the
Geeral Merchandise!
in Meagher County. Our Goods are purchased in large
quantities from Bfrt hands only, by experieuce.l buyers,
and shipped at a low rate of freight.
Our storehouse, cellars and warehouse. containing
over 15,000 square feet of space gives us better facilities
for handlng goods than are enjoyed by any house in this
section of Montana.
We have this Smmner a
It is here to be sold, not to rust upon our shelves, and if
losw rious and liberal dealing will sell them, they will go.
To the trade, who are paying cash and looking for LOW
PICII , we y, some and see us
Forwa ding Company,
Custer Sattiolln, - - M nttl.
Goods Received, Railroad Charges Advanced and Consignments For
warded to all points North and South at lowest Possible Rates, by responsi.
le carriers.
Deathr- in F'urniture.o C'.rsokery. IloustC. F'Iur li.laing,
Winslow Glass antd Slnl.hes, Oil ('loths, Etc.
A Large and Well Selected Stock of Carpets just Reeeived.
A Specialty in all its Branches Coins and Caskets Shipped to any lprt
of the Judith Country on Short Notice.
Billings, Montana.
The hlena and lid Moetain railroad
is completed.
Governor Haer paluommui Tiloe. Keefer
from the preiteatier on Thanksiving
beef steers that .etted hum 541 to $a
per head teat year are oaly yielJlil from
Slt to $87 thisn Yer.
The hmats of the meaton Transportation
company are uow aM at limurrsak and
poie lnto winter qluarem.
The new siaty-stamp mill of the lluebird
company at bItte, the inut mill of tie
kind in the world. Is in aesall operation.
Dwight I. Green, a architect formerly
employed by VrelMa at Miile (Wity ad
Boaeman. committed airklie at the latter
place, on Tueslay of last week.
A great many teams and men are now
employed in the conmtreti;on of the Mon
tanan Catntral. They espect to have the
gradinlg completed to Fort Iinton by
At last advice. Mr. Conrad Kohre we1
umnder medical treatment in Davenport,
andl was materHlly bmenetti therely.
We beiteve he has almadoned the idea of
goIng further.-New North wet.
SGovernor Hauser a few days ngo Imhi
S,t(m) for 514) arem of lanml just mnwe
Ilimini. Hie has ines deMied it to the Ii*l
enm and Red Mountati erailroad, amit it n
susperted that a new towarneme I nhfoot.
The Wrdiner News says the rallroand i
complete and running fronm Ilfaswr to
Cieur d'AlmnenTty and from the Old Minon
to KinMstnn. Haemmr i the new town on
the Nkrthern Parlie hbetween the Idahl
line aml Rnthdrum,
IHarry Lemon of Great Pll.., hae Ieen
apo~ tedl deputy collector of interlnal rev
enue, with healquarters at Miles city, vier
Tom Irvine, resigaed. Who i IHarry
Lemon?-Rtier Prem. ise is theon of old
man Lemon, don't you know?
Dr. llHunter was surpreml .ne day last
week by the receipt of a U. N. government
cheek for 8641.H35,-- satmn the piut olice
department had foundlt hise credit. Whimle
postmeater at Ilunter's the hIkctor had
returnedl to the govermment mlmmre than wa.i
ites due.-tlhronlcle.
It in eaid that a herd of butffalo are grasl
isag nimewhere withmllm a khundml eild iies northl
of Miles (ity, ntl thatat the i oew-hbym ofm a
ranch in the vicinity know the gramilng
grouumn, int a1 far as p,eilule minlead
stralng hunllter's o that the Ierd in yet un-,
Tiwe (;ranlite miminig comlany reports!
himpmaents of siver bullieo frum Jmnuarymv
IBt to ieto,lber 31st, amounting to $1,
I(N),mtOm, and melkhim the alove, ore ship- i
ments from July lIt top M nltober ilet.
lmmummmtming tmo $71e,lMN), imakintg a total of
$1,17t.7TImN. to which mllay IcN amdllled .51,
I45111 hipl.l air.e Ittoler 31 t.
.ieut. t et . W. ih de, tt etmmalrymrrived!
In the city thin nfternmmooinchlrgl of Never
mIl generail court-martial plrismnwrm who will
Iu m..an .m..l tm u.o Foy ... ....a...m
over I.t the lprolwr military mnlhoiriti-,
lprior Ito laminlg ment to the governlmmentl
larion at iLeavenmworth. mn, his eimrlrival mat
Fort mellilng, Lient. (i,.hIe will take a
leave of almence of several monllths.--tive.r
X. ikklmimr in still in the rity me.n will re- -
enuin Intil April. In tihe im.amnwhil he1 im
dlictating the himtory of li life to.u mm m
Ionmfomrd, who in rapidily Iputiting it intol
haple for lpublication. Mir. 'm11mndamrml ill- h,
forlimel nmm that it will sllke aI bo)lok of Itet)
ipmage. It will It puilisel Iby Melur, ,
'Pollnlori Mounts, atnd will mallmke lone ouf ,j
tihe Ieat hlimtorim of MonilItllnn. ever pub- c,
limlel. It iL to he hammimnmlel.y illullthiated, tl
-4 'hrile. I tl
Fn'rrm t ald ltmmreametllatim thle numllller vi
ofl tluffalm in the Lnmit.l mtuten it lromll N
*mhm to 71i hemmad. It rrlmorts shout :30 tli
inm Wyommimg, including the Nationlal I'Prk, , e
in Montana 5G, that were, een iwar the di
the hemal of tle Mlumelmhell ls.t umlllmrwr; rr
in Nembrnslka, on tl hiead of INimai river,
there were about 3:1 thin yealr, andmi imm tile
mand Ilillm of Kanmolm. all tlhe Pan HIInlll e in
mof remxa them re mt rported to lie immtwmrmm tI
34H umidn 41il0. It
II. It. Mlunl, of the Firs' Ntional IIl, u . .:
in thie ihnppy imammstamr oif wo iulx .Im mei
and alill n me omf fanimvy rtiiml,. of tnladl - li,
wmork, take i trm t I th twio SiouR wmmiorm. ,ii
that we,.re overlowerem l :0nmI killed hy the ti
Ptrow mnltimon m.n the IliIa Iorn I "e,,.ntly. '. t.
T. iItim.mmek I.mrwamlem .. iemrlmhih ti Mr. tir
MiImnd,I who dmiwine the I,. lp. with car- w
Ihoir ne'im , thln manlkingl themllil llm..ntilr tl ,
Ito tile lculrimilmn in tiuchm mmli tterm.-- ft iastt,. w
An nelilent mremmrrei in tihe li)h 'Ir,
mine mlmst week which cam-'t nmrll. Tiled atlltl:.
Jerry Ilamrrimngtmon, whll me r nlim; tihe
amimt hmad lii hieamd caught iml t wmmm'm tihe gmmm
and thelitll o t hmi e m . t "haft in a.mu It
manntli' neto nearly wialtl hire, fe. ide frne
tirin4 hin skull mmand ri llrkiingl is Iinmi ,i
The fri.ture, .if nh klll h s t .ll.e akml m la iei I
mlim no" straighteliel, imi. amIlpl m.wmml mii iib,
mmud I1 Inow rmcmupram.ct" in ti,- liithop I.mi--m .
A. i'mmvy thm id brik tindlhr, iconl".
mllittmi to the county" jail tio await th. Ir
timmn f mthe grani jiury, l.m. mhae his imm., i
an is ,niw atm ltarge. While tie, jailor wi .
mm'limmg the priemnners anmmtninmlr two ao.
'normm madm.mmti m , lak ion him withi two p.air II
ofin bl nk.mts a m I gm t mim top of, l til . r.tll, I1l
whmermh'itmitlyrlennin,.d untmm il mmlmltt l1 II.
m'rmcimk. I1is .xit ftrmlm the. j.ail was mmnn- I
tiem-m, th.cer ia'ing mN, "ail, mIm I.im am.lit to
the mimltopolimmltu. Panl il jmilh.r. inppel - itm 1
ilg aill wam. well. temrnmtl th," kiey, mml mn-- mm
tm .eit'.m. I ,'or.ey hi Imw until m ll w'iams mIllt ,i
and tlin skilfilly immaUniiulati. Ini. Iblimmlk- ti
e.ia imhe ntnlme a rms, imy ihm Imen. l. ,f wlmi-h mI
It, a.lcend.h i to tht. ak.k liiilt mm tim. i.mil. .1
mrml.mlni tihrmiugll tile, imer, I0mm.rd lmimm4ml tin
mto tigrmlldnmmmmit lmiit mll. Tie n wasm. imm IIm
tmli-.m ofi hi. eram.i iuntili the inilor inm mm:,k - ti
in. him rumtais a it II p. m. di.,-,. meI ismlm
ans.nime amil gmem'. i,. ,mLirm.,. Tim ,moli,. IT
mandmIetiv',ms. ml now m it ill w:*armh 1 ;l
th, emmemmtmml iri.msa e,-r, but ip t.ii th, im. me ,i
m'mt timesm n. itr eim .I hiim I.... I.". ,i;.. ,. ti
mm*.1. Imm--r m.A nt min. Il
TI illlAL Lita iKgMg
Pwlltesl aned Otherwrl .
The Avant Iourter says: "A petition in
b-ing ciculatedl asking congress to m.ake
an appro~rwlntalh of half a million for the
lmpnfovmetaent of the National Park. We
hope everylnoly in Monltana will sign it.
Th e oadn in the Park are simply a din
pgra to the g.overnment. It in visited .by
thonsanam of foreignern who cannot fall to
cotrast its mighty wond,.rsmiththe,eam.
nIe of its rads anml the pasinltony of the
goverdaeneat. The P'ark nas.erittion has
hu ai widely anused i ,r the comlition of the
roads, hut it has nothing to do with them.
Corgr es alone in, or should he nrp~trlmite.
Fully one-bra of the park-and- the most
lateting part-is never seen by tourists,
as it I absolutely innerrmltldl for want of
nay kilnd of rmads. Mllions are als.. t in
Wnasalington for n.eeic enffrt only. Marble
and granite bulildhags, lnonIu.ments. cull.
ture, inalntlllns, larka, amlaeverythinig taste
ena sumg t or laher ltwrform. in dots, there
to mnspire our owa0 ritiesn and foreligners
with wornhipful l rej~ret forthegoverr-nent.
While nall that Mnclntana asks insgtal roads.
While nattrlcrsiwn a.re racking their blr.ins
to get rid f a urplau naccumulatilng at the
pruodllgnt ratte ef ten minilio.ns a monthl
and which threaten contraction of tIne
currenry, a pIarnlysia of lnuslnesas ulal an
overwrirwiling Inipular uplrising ladl ton
alaught on tariff, why cannot they slpendl a
anllli:n on the Plark? Ther- areri n oilddle
ma.n ir vampire contraictors to lnetit by
the appropriatllion. Every dollar al-.at ia
pkid directly to the slui who witelds the
pick aor drives tile teant. Why should .not
the wastern lalnnrer get soIn, enlcourcage
aient and nssistalce We have eastern,
-outl-ran alsd western nmeasures and tlnles,
but the lalasrer in universally atsd always
fraternal and national-ai.y,ltnternatittnal.
The Wom111o1I' Nationna Indian Assoei
atin recently suet in New Ysork (ity, and,.
as stated tby a dtily itf that pIace. "dki
gntei work in arnnnig Ipublic sentiment as
to the rights ,f the Indilan and tle ren
ponhillity of thle nation to, their w.nls."
Thin all reads very sleely but at this dai
tut-,t .und nt this hIaslity, it wtldi seem
that what thitlse godl entern aintiers don't
know anout Indians would inlake it verv
ltnr..e iHok. We imagine that ,our tl,itNN)
Mointna Indiatse tare enjoying the full
measu.tre of tlwir rilght wheli tullle tintl
gnerotnlnt gives thletl nearly .l(t,tnn).IttlH
aeen of the )eat landI in tite territory Itttion
which to uni themnsehta while stowi.g
away govertmell nt ra tions il thrc rattcioulls
mnaws. Thoue good ldlis woukld tetter or
t-upy tlheir titis in arinsaig the public to
"he neceasity of mtinititg thee I.mlians to a
asoreinsittl area andt ttl ntile lcads
they do not occupy to the home se'kers ,of
the overcrowded east.--Miner.
IlahnInst rvnte is lss thnan hailf thait ,Il
n'itlntInt Isand with thle asu of thtle '.Itn
lfcllet woull It, still furtr rnt ln red.
nllt wlouli h our inlho fritnlas sy to e
teilg their atst hern. line t.own to tthe 41 °
snd tln akhag it r nd with then.n ttn
rllt tine nit yoll.n? ioul it tn k-e inl
tnore -oralnoa thannolitl lu .nt. , ittrolll I?
If I'onngren shoultll pilrsa innw dinhsfrtaniin
ing all Mornn nnts lirst, tstrh.ips it wtnlit
salosth the wlny for the .lialneJ . Wie wttult
nut Utah hit. threadsl. if niset.anly Ito e.*r.t
lilnute te vile insltitution of .31orinnlnsil.
. .....A hard f,,,,i, in , .ig ..... agais.t A -,;::7
attIr linewtn, tof Mts.alhuli.tillls, n it a
haii.ppen tlhat hle ill not anita-edl til lif n
t. S. letnlhtr. tichn i rt rault Nslittil I II- in
forttuatil fr lith nortliwt lit thI. at th
34awehnniseltt mt tnt.or, as th:airnan of tlit-,
nnniinttt. een it tnd.lnt t lffairs, i s friendI oft
this section, his lpoli.-y tItiilnt itn 'nord I ith
that tof thlne ,tltintinstr'itionland wt itl :
nedi tlhought .ni, thille Ilni.n qlltltii.
No all li hal givels iort- enh-id ,r;attho I,,
hit pirtl.. Im, n hit this rttirmni .t from thi .
ciustejusit t lIthe turning ioint i i .ts in
diain npolicy ,,ight Ito Ih an tinter of gt- ' t ,'n -
regrt in tihe went. -Ilivter Pnwse.
The erric Idat Igell l i rapidly rll. tI
iu to ti.e frIiiont th,. politi .cl Ila,,.ihr of
tie lptting-.isn- t h. -tirnat F..1iu Tri .".
Ins ri-Irriintn tt tht, ttnsn, Klhh.r AtIlrd
esys: "".'h..e erratie inl ." liof itrt i 7. IlIu r
sll coIsmliiton in lNlrsonal courinr; Ilisewtal,
lislinet ret-orl a. is tlinel, t ptlitisitnt itlnd
iiisistl Ijutrint; his ot tpoke lstlnutni.n
titnnof rtnt and hI 1pnoriey: hin us.r-in
tt tIhe lprtnslalgatti.nt of s.iy tsttarims s ,--l
rini that sa li ski s eI ilrllly lmytlh
wnrshrilnnre throngh tt it .r .a I..it t. ner
willy r',it ii.t l et r lntr. TlI.t . -ar failt. i .
Will W4. that, l I ,r In,.rseall b s allied his.
self with hl. t'.liilin r .ion l ani t.."
Ingdmd D.cia.
I ~. r-.Ian- u Ij',j. .I..,iquI It. Itligi
i-l itn a, ironi i," st l.Ii l". l
'ahi- eam il,r. Tl i of Ill. I' iiiS.t..t.
1. II. i i n f1i mn1 i-. liit.". i It *\ i. I .. III
Id .""11^t fci I a r, jim Y 01fimaI Itn t -I
Sin\tl,..ic~\- I.111 a"I tuu (. it 11, 1114"-1.":111
aft."r ·Iallrn II IIII '.! it toa111 1, --fit r·
tta. a'l.-II ., or I, it .III 11""·11 1"""". I-I ""n
EI-President Hayen has at 'wet tI
fstate trainilng shool at Knoxvill
Tenal.. a cleek for SI,tuNm.
Norman Mullnro, the chealp Ira
plblisier orf New York. apetis S.tIn
(MMI a yuar aslvertihing Iis Iutnitnea.
The preslident is writing his me
.sal on the desk made frolm tin. tin
lenrs of the Remeae, and lmrev..mtdl t
thew I nited $tate, by Queen Vci.t-tria
It stndsl in a big bhay wilow of tI
Wilitc HKote lilbrary.
TIe PL.astelr ilstittlte fund. Paria
has reswheal the sumn of $1.44,2.tNM.
At thinmlapia, in Mexico, tle othlt
day a Iill wa,a split it two by eon,
*mystetrioul mlbterralneaml fon'e.
A ftrntr manr rnre.ville, h . ('.. ha
lo,NtEn lamal treat. fnr~l whlich' hIe thi
year u*urfl iI a largle erop of tlnlts.
A renmarkanly ric·. gold mine Iha
Iteen cdihmvereal ia tat e.mr'a den in th
('ilir di'Alene cottry-. ThLe mine i
enllhrl the ilacmk Ih.ur.
aat's ihu . Mihr.
Hlenlry (lay's recreation for mian
aerta wasn a gtnme of poker, to whic
at one time lie ;".n passionttely ai
ditedl, Itot for thle stake, Ibuit for tih
distras(tion mall tx-item~n ent of th
ngame. Mr. Wiitttl)roI) sIty alters ins
tradlition that swhile (Ity wat, visitin
Itostoi int 1N! i. timd kaditg intat the iii
lExctitnpt0 sotee lttalls' ils ('otmtre.
st r'et, a sert-vitat tnla'all into I hi' Ipta
br in whih hie s-as nt the Iipoker lati
with a few Ig'I tenlenw n of lt.hohl wmhlool
anllm annaommteWal tlait the Ihotel was oi
tire. "(tIl. there will hI' time taongl
I tilank," erieil tIry.tliy, "to tinitsh oit
atamte," ald ti'ithl! it tlmeV tlid htor'
thle hIotel ws Iltarnted to t hI gRromatl
.A similar traditiot wts '.*llrnlnt it
Watshibgton at am latter perioi, tltii
wlhile Mr. (ly wars a*a j'd!er hlitw and ii
friendsu palsmt A woitle lligtitt at nrdl
amid were still going oil witit tlmia
gtames whleml time |lolr wris close at
lattl for thle olplettintg of the itwrniil
nonsion of congrres.
"'aitl fa - mintmltia, geIntlemnan,'
stial Mr. (lit), "anmd I will washlt mmi i fi'
amuti lhansialm nanal run downt to the llomsa
lald cal'l Johnu 'rlylor to thle cilair anll
we will haive nllottler ralltr.--lklt
P'erley IPoore ii Bostoton IIage~ .
Maqin Migp so.p
Thae desigi for IotastW itanpli i- e1
gra'l on steel in sets of two lluntlre
eatcl. TIhee are prinlted emntirely ot
large hImud Irensse. After lt, aitt,t
thave Imeei primtt'l anlltI lnmleientl
tlried ityv are Ment into ti otlter root
for glallnlilg. (T1he lutll it. IIatllle of t
powder of driea potatoes anl otbHe
vaep tasbles mixtl with witer.A Here
ither re again dried ai d pressed is
Ilydlrllnik prnrese of grealt I "F,
''he elheti re a nt Iletxt i-it ia t-two pi*.te
y at girl with n alreg pahir of slhari
this wity Ieinag lrra.tlrr i to Ilalt'lhitlera
lsitti.e It-a sihiets ait' hthas imile I
Inf a singllle atiamta ia intjtt'lad, the wlhoh
slhnt is r'jeateal Ntt less tama as batll
....;,I... ,1...., ..?_,, !:,|,!!,: !.... i! r
trtonyl oam thlis amtt-titmnt. It is saiial
thImat niot at aitigle sImeet of stiimttls hut
:n-it loit lay the ahihitaai-n s f iti
tal~a'ii iltritig tlai lhm-: it ntit V V itS.
Triks ol this Typls
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li-st aittiast thia libl,-lrtia, tukntn ay t
aall lliiiloar witha i- manlll nlltt arilat. w tll
inli.tntiast sh-ltiot. tie.." wtl. Itllr
:ro1'- "'dirti,.t -.,htiln." .t ,listiu
gatialasi r-esidtl-a tat ltrtaaktl- t 'ink
thlat hte hlaas bI 'lIi irtn.tttl aa hnlla V ,lnt
Pr. Hiolia1-,. Mr. e. Jtroti J. Waas'a i
a I·araak ila .-rltthr ammad as sret,.tia-i an.
it'lrefrnvi to hitm at. ".Itlern sI.t. Alas
park ili*nis-tir." aifta ,titna of lii
triiia-tiliar , I ry itiat tt lIlraitatilth him th lat
tIe hI.i iti" gl attitllllats famr aI lil.l stlit.
'I'ua l.:Ml'r whi-h dial Mr. aasa thi'
xaass tnalla-atma-e it Ith s-amman- whiah intllt
helaatalhIl Ila 'it ot f it a ,a t t !t-it
nllet',ing wi!h thi1 o:ilpt ioii "rll,11
.sa1-." It i, lt lt ;r lt i - I at- hlw
'-it', tta:it tha' l tutn li a rot\t ti. -
lau lit.t. wi'ttt th, i- iaral- "Th'
l: as-sa." 'l'lti -.rror tia tl-, (lio tiha
itia.a hiatttt'it4 f ,t a :,'.
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Thth- tlol-win- ira-iklar sill I it ; l,
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l,1ntiiai-a ia aiia w 1.1. .a t uII tl.es it will
ri--ia- thentuntl-iinie at 'iry out:a lila is r,
ahl ,ill I- iii Inl ti l'ta l lta r-it',mll.tlaa-a
iah. lt-,iina it tir lth 'Ia r, talkii. hby him . ,
pre\ sin that a ili ahi-,I.-aaiia---rl tl b
ittill, le'e , frm trritita
Iil aaaa-li alll Ill - I[,," lh . ltl ,il
.tf Mri. t. .. i tll,, hi: si, ala r.. tir aii.ha hi.
u-' if taith, it hi- ,aii a. lua... . h i'
th a ra--i-in aaa- ift ail-ut li a-aly :
b. rl of t w, nity-four iiv.;il ., Ib h iI , . w0,
-, i. r-Ial na a i.a .l. - air . t,--ai l . u.- ,
s-eia--lt--iaaa I. it--a-no-l tor 1i1.i1:a
h i a-I ih-rita Ia- lkult ia- h li-ia I..
ipr, aai.. nu ,Iur ranslt.i .-ia killinu th0
i.st t t iaar aatlt . itanl thaI hi- at-tl
aaaay iaot i., tw'-alart l ,-talti-la i , as .
S aiitil ta r h; l all -l" t.I-III, -I t - . I- i
,it -at ' fia r hi:-u l fto li. ,.r i , l th
t srr is Testes Elsetac.
f.I1'.." .".k. tinm.,.f J. KI,. T.I .,q t', i .'-,
fli. .3cti..". lau*rll..r, \I. I.. pi~i- . r"
it I." n.i .lttiti 1.t i., , .. .! "..,. t. ,..!,. ,...t 11' ii
i3*3. . t.*t*,ý j33fl3 IL.1,i.. F'.. 3.3,
IL' lntn~r. .. .,. , ,.?.I. I' .1',~.. " I tit
I...n..' .,,,,,ir... !...I; ,, t.i ', r
11i,, 11 j33I..t~i33 333.3 .. .r 33..'' .,j i. 'I ' "
t, t. :'L i "' t..).iý W ih ,
Wterm Our Iaslar (llr'eawo t.i
WAsslHIxr o,Nov. t. 20th, 118at
Thanksgiving day in Wadulloton
Was quiet, as it unsally is. The only
public demonstration contemplated
was a parade by the. lire iepartnment,
hlit that was spoiled by the torremnt
of rain. There were family reunions
iand dinners that represented the high
ret . nlinary skill of ealh honralhokol:
religious vori-ies at the cthurchens
I'loed governlnmt departments and
liherated mlerk,, while at orphan- My
ham. and public institutions the in-
hnatts enjoyed additions to their or
dinary bill of fare, throu4lh the gene-
ronity od the chairitale.
The city has a sombre appearae
niow on aounnt of the Arthur mourn
ing. Flags fly ut half mast from hued
retsi of stalls, nnd public bUiklinhpa are
heavily drapel in black. It is quite
an itemu of expense to the govetrnmneint
to Imt up official mIourning. It took
twe-nty nn three days to drape the
lartent office alone. Each of its big
pillars. and t.ere are forty-eight in all,
rIluiral forty yarlt of btunting. All
together about II,EWriI yards worn utal
for the ilnterior depiartnllent at a cost
nor ir from $1 .lMtt. When this de'
Iprt lllwlt was drnapl for (len. Grant
thie cost was nearly 1.T7M)1. Hlit a
great deal of new nmaterial wasa lsar
a-lnasnl at that tine, somie of whhicl
was uttiliz.t. for 'ire-Prl'esident liendl
ricks. anil soiue of which is now being
la.tl for tihe t hird time. a. f course the
expense'a of drapin the interior lIe
Iutrtllent il greater thanl tlht of any)
other. ltsriatn it injlllaiea. Ithie patent
oftli*, Indiatn office, lension burean,
hulrlrit of Mlucatioin, the Pokaogical
slrveyV, and others which trin all inl
aIaarate Ibuildings. TIhe cost of drap
ing other tlepartnentsi is aloult 1 .0)
or $175 ea.uch. Thlt sItperitelmltnt of
thel lajWt ottfie departmlent, for iha
~hln, " ix disloseml to ecanooaile. Hei
. ibuys . l lltilst anli employs hi ownl
nll-n andul ct'arpentters toalko the work.,
hooking after it Iliamelf. The hunting
iai.d cost.4 thirty cents at yard. It
renutins top for thirty days and tlhen
it is tiakekl down anall sul of it it is
not tatttered anal faded by tlw winli
mail rain is packel away for thfi next
oetaasion of public sorrow.
The President has completed por
tounr of his mmeap to e reess aad
has read then, to the cllabinet. Time
arnewialat will be shlorter this y.eair tllan
L~st, which is a kindI of reformi that
will I lacaprovedl by everytboty. Thle
Presient's friecdla as well as hli l
Iremalt eLemsI ar knr' leat lima* l,,taia..
what the newslplnresuraise tihem iof
saya'ig mlal thinking lanlI pllina n ailn n
at I anth iiir. Itiai ea- l l. w Pl tli- n r.I lr.
Itise-I1. who les j,-t ht..i hlaere, deniesi
.ier irr'lviint ilolght to inillaeniIe tlhe
li're.-i.'i-t in Iºakitg iatpplintaiats.
II. :ys y Ir. I 'aveluailn, wtthoaa he kneitw
.s iheriif, iataty r. ansi govetrnmir, .il
iayvs dti-.hargt'.. the dluhtiei of tmhel
allh.ies wit lillit alattlak ilatelt-w' sr misaist
nlln . Itilti It.' will e.' tqinla:lly simcaessful
i lllii pmnrtia trusLit. lie alsol - dtlh .i
lhavi'ill :lviise.i ti. I'residel at to tall
ai a ni. trmy platae ias aquickl-y a Ii. "i
h.le hitlizse of tIh lDi-,'m- i lautll tlht.
yvlailitlla foirimeal ove'r hliis prole's'rt
t1 n iu usua' tea' l er tIat'- i tl a :t I liire
I ,sin.
\ii 4 t~lcl· 441 I14.14144*. tli& PIi:~ii
.\tiI ?eftn F lntnd . te ItIII's it) !!loi ittr foe', dvnii~~ r mot
SliLy.. IHe inim.. I lat he is Ijrreprr
jfl 1444 itttirek to ht mule I his Wilitel
IclU"' 1 the I'rtrci~id."nt ceivil set ieo·~ Imcl
upon. Iti.' Itr- i14a 1 4t " (Sttemp! tit, Ii itie
1i/.i Mr. I 'Ieveh~nIi: iii eotia. " ionI withI
tie ii:iriei:iii of Ias, 014144 rv Im~iiii.. it
lInifiir. 'Tlle ext,4ItiVI' iiljrloveilwiit 44
View haivjhltlltei , 04 tile Ii.t tiii 44 ')y·itk
1:11,1 tIii,' 54l4e: cime tlll Iii i144.ti'4.4
Io.ii lieforin the l'iisj"I *1it I4 I Iv."i
IVf111,41 . t i i I I I lill l. 4 4lU"lt
44Iiill.41 iiiat 14 414,4l' liotijiiitliit
II.. . inili ltrtlt :1t' t I'i.ls 4 I I. 114 · It'l 1
iii 1114 bfr thein1tl**i liii'st in Iss44. 11.
I:4ý 5 11i4 4,444144 his+ i I..fittj .4 1111
t ..tLtitii tIII".t Sil: :4- lIILZ 1; I :4. l
hint t WI T l."ii.'141 I' 1.14).; 11h,"
li.: \ fL. lit.. hr iL2 nab ii' V44
ltf"If 44,144 Ii n14 jinV.i.I al4 111.4l Il41
ti~ Ii'. tl~to liliiliiii Ii"'Y ii 1
to 14 li-l tt lt. t~r iblt. I t ti44 14i1.. 4li
'II i~i-. i .in,l iiii if %,4.141 V\r 414t,,
t"i.V4 .11,. :I4440 114-4 ioill1.1i m 'cr 1 4 4 1
1.1 4! .1114 II.444 IIu . r 14411 111 :.Il fil
114" f.4141111 .". 4444 . , 1:'!.-; :. Sit Itit
411144.. lil.t lut I fr.44.444 411
-'~hl 1 tuti io in 14 44i .4lle, i n or l. .
rant4 nIV ! t4I i- '114i p.4 l, II 4l.. 1 4
44 4in W 44 itt nu-..t h t i

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