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Fergus County argus. (Lewistown, Mont.) 1886-1946, December 09, 1886, Image 3

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my the White. Uinphe Btpmar, Mama...
Adar srn ijHet fIaIe U...
ia~r.. at14, Tmrniur. Tba34pr med 3.ttriqs.
W. W. CDOAThS leM'r. UMatkir Ut.
I... .ad raiiS 4aiJ rse.3paa t.a
Reas. atI' whulia M a a.. itag iars
tin palate aam.d:
aa frtsa Unidga" I. lish....»...........J IAU
"" Proton MIS
" tasnse trip .
.. i.au Matail f...».. _-. )I."
P.aprasfru I MiAWdiatat1r.:Per º......... . Ut
"er itadra Nadlg . pedr ida... .34PI
a Nidra nta JaaHtl ... Us.
lIrmeac Witei. 3 r. ram ram he~ merrli
ba..rthrrm ilan. ItatlaudmaI,. Paul.M.>'
6Xraa AD ASFM I *p
Yaw eL Valdesto Jsw latt 4ky ... .»....17 w o
Yu Wwrk Per b ».» _... » » ... t
I hlo..kv'
harlharwn Imth.. now ready.
rie ad vertisenamnt of homes A.st
"lkhrmllem r h, as pleasant as May."
ee Inot kre of Varn, hk.n elwhere.
Toys! Toyn! T Toy! at lmyth & tNorman's.
Ian Brereton and tiso. Iledi r ure orll
a hunt.
Io'unty t'.mnisnidoeem wetw in msto.mi
this welk.
The rc.unty .oiku will se hrd in tluw il.
herru. lhome.
(ti to. .tnyth A Normmal'l toe your (hrist
Apples by the iarrel or pound at nItyth
& XNormn'n.
Pr..tle pnitdflire, this county, has he..
Tine, will Ie . hall at P'hiltbrak on
1sristnuta Eve.
Irmrnd mbll in Mkles tlhrist.mna eve. Ie4
Wanh Kelly retnrae.l from Billings n
Tnurlny's coach.
ellint is again welinlg into llw a.. a.
cvrning mne'0uent.
tot your Bure e.nough girl fur our of the
S'hrilt mon lAs dnw.
A ,,,lt offunn.y statio.nery junt rPeeIved
t.t Vyth Ik Norman'.
l.n.k at th,.ee elegant lcritmasn rrLse
s;t Slmyth . Nn.rmnoom'.
N.. ('oullllisiomn r advertir.wm0nt fhr
hid. in H.athe.r rohnima.
W. V., Wt,,e, returu.,l last Frkay
tro. i, trip I, th* e' sk te.
M.r.. C. W. :arnlner need daughter, of
%h.i.t.t, ~iit,t I.ewistwn, Momnday.
u l,, nn,1 et it' h185.' aet the new Inelnier
4hoinp- the tllest in eahtern .Montana.
('..I. MNn. e Ptrr.er nl a rnr.y KenneHtt of
it. Mginis, r. .e in town yeste.rday.
tInve Ililer e,d. W T. Sw....f d1 Iog
crk,vietiitl the e.lnsmtye.t. Tuesday.
Mr. J.wpl,ll Ma.n,,n returnml hone on
TIuaiy. much, fron n vur mw.nth,. it
F. i. Wright. . cinlty Trensurer, and
J.... It. Ihltn ,f l'ticr , arrired is town
yeateren . a4t a n..44.
It w ill 1. '..n t1e ih Mr. .'le. hen changed
the date of his part y entil New Yea~n' Evc.,
when i merry time in egp..rt.ml.
An. t,, resl n 'I ,l . rlnnn4nicatio fromI"e 'J
IL. is unm a,,i hly ,rowdem.tl ,,out this w.'k
but will atII er in ,+ur next issie.
W If. KEll, II ..I F. . Wrighlt will go, to
the ,4pris. . to , i. iath." eliance at the inal
.'4,tlte,mrlt I.tweei the two rcountis.
.tl ltn will 1ha. it "shlmaging matcrh" on
('hristnm. et,. ie;d advertilsement int
ianother ,.ilum 4n.
A. \l. Thomupon. M1istien' poimlar drug
gist, I,.;ll. I n r':,nll M,.nday. "Arndy"n.ay
the rosr,.l.et. .of thei ramp never th,4k4l
lh.'v. W...W. '.n.4 Iel.tl will fill his. rin
4Il4r ;il ,ointenllllt n thl Ith inst. set
',nl.ina.,..l. It 1 ,rhcek and it Lewi
t14w a t 4 1 i4'r..k.
I. ,. Fell, of th,.. Anion, left Mondavy for
Milt. ('ity. 4ll I,huei,'ws connected with his
re,,ent app.lin4t4m4 t. lie will he anl'int
a illlt ten dayls..
1. r. 4I.4larpless h.se well arraned anti
.ry n .1t hllth r.nm i,, onnieted with his
la.r'I.r h,,,o t4,. . hih, h woul mrll the it
Ily .n nv,4r.ight we .mitthi to mention
hlet w. ',k thit th,.re. w.lt Isn a party at
Ithe a.l IH.tl . I htriat0 t..a Eve. An en
jo4yil4 h tim4. is e aXla.td...
A. M1. Thm.w,,n., Mahlen's druggist. has
u-.ught outl his piMrtner' , W. P. Brainm 's
int,.rent as will I.e en bly refrrrnen to hi
ndvertien.,,n,.t It this i.sle.
It is rla.i..nl tl4ht rover 3ii.EaItWI ptunds
of freight lies 4t Itilling. awaiting trantlpor
Iatir.n int, i,. t,, Jldithl Iasi. There is
alai rmnserInhtill at Junction.
(ing Itonn,.,tl.e.rdanee to Ibehkl here on
tI1ristmn I',ve, Mr. .. 1.. (chig has pIn.t
mneIt hil .lrance to .%New Year'" Eve. See
his advertlilnemnt in ano 4ther columnln.
Mr. & Mrsn. ntler alnd Mr. A Mrs. Eid
ritge. s4f ('4ttonw444e, visiteit the eounty
meat, yetell rday. Mr. SIhaler renLain over
to art an one iA the .iappraiser in the Barc
re4 4. '. ..Poland's inw adverttaeint in
1t hi inc. Mr. 'oand il carrn a fall stock
of every deweriptimon . halrdware anml will
illt all eortle to any part of th imMin,
A grand h,.ll ill I.He ian at L.ehman's
ht4t ,,., itt4.nwol, "on 'hristnstmaEre, to
whtlh ev.erybnely inro linlly inited. Music
b thrl i..l4ttnwoa1 hdnl. !4r advertise
Ill4u4nt in an.,i4ther rnloiUn.
J..n, ld. and L. Laaud ra.nl r down from
Mtnhl.i,. y.t0.rl.y. Mr. liek caine down
to ,4141lify ,,s mh.riff. Ie met with an eeii
.h11ht 4y his rte e..lipping nand falling on his
Ieg. l.lt the injury in nit serious.
A. II. let.i,. of l ',tt.nweIst, repnorts that
et hln threelua for vnriu.s partie in the
Itni. during tinw past harvest. .:11.001
ht.helmt oi ..tn andI l.2tt~huheinabcl . whieat.
Tih. wh4at il ,f the littrat 1naliIt.
Uhn.,illlel ice o.,ilt innou,,u inig a hall to
lgi en.. at thl. ttiy lium, on (1aritml-as
t-,e. N%44 4iouht it will Ie an enjoyable
pirt en . "re ill to' ht...ees give.. at thies
l,.uns,. Eve-r.y.i.Iy i4vit,'l to attend.
(terka .4 lb. 0ehoel it0trincta, in Ferg
hhl re.nd. them. t,) th. sul1rinte.dout of
mlde ret4turn i, . 1Mi, I. t i,,.
Mr.W. H. Kelly ha. q asie d and etae.r
upon lm dntie. as ctrk and recorder.
Partim having dreamea ntsad papers to
oplace b. shold bear this i mind. He
can be found at the umnty jaI at prement.
he A. B. Beam'elmberard in this le.
Mr. bean is the owner of two complete
mll. in the Judith Bidl, and is prepared
to furnish lumber plumed, rough, dnreed
and tamgue-and-grooved, at the lowest
4nia ratee.
The lst term of court in Fergs. county
wiH lle beld in Lewistown, the flrt Monday
In March, INT. There was not en,gS
husiness to warrant the December termu.
tha priummer occupyM the jail, but he will
doubtlem here company before March.
In anther column will be found the ad.
erthwment of the American Agriculturist,
the old Amerran Irm paper. Every tier
of the mell should maherUbe for this ralu
:ble pNliatlio. Read the advertisement
carefully a ee the inducements oleed.
Frum $10 to $3 aeeally saved by par.
ehuener a through usage and realioea ticket
o points in Unilled Ithat uad (':aad, via
"lilligna, Ilesoe and Midlmn Btge Uine.
'.,overed eaeh.s to the rallrad. ChUote of
mroes Infrm it. Paul allowed purchaser of
k-ket. For rate. sld further particulars,
call on or addrume A. M. Thomison, agent,
aia.den. M. T.
Mr. Jodhn W. (handler, brother of our
county comauinsoner, K. P. Ch9Iamlkr.
passed through town last Thuenrly oun his
way to the ranch of ('handler &t thaml-er
lain, near (one Butte. Mr. Chandler will
remain In tbhs sectkm during the
winter and probably locate here perma
mnetly, at leeast t to be lhoped he will
do mo. He comes from Kaualn.
C(omplaint is medIe Iy our Fort Maginnis
radJr that they do not get the Anowan
until Monday moriag. The delay is made
at the Maidklen pom tle by the postmaster
llling to trandler them to the Maginues
mail mack. The Aneos should reach the
pust every Friday morning, at u o'kcock.
.onsiderabhe complaint is heard about the
conduct of the Maide onlee. The new
appointee lr apparently Itwompeteat to
ill the poniton.
The Attention of our readers is directed
to the advertisement of Munn A (,.. pat
ent nolicitor, in another ehalun. TlMir
name is familiar to patetees throughout
he rcountry. In connertion with the pub.
Ikhtietoui tatn t cireilc American for the
nest forty years, they have nsode thldraw
ig. asnl sliftactiotn for more than one
hundnle thuuand Inventions, anml their
fcilitki for obtainltig patentst wecre never
Ietter than inw.
The L.ivinlton Elnterrrise truly say.:
A doctor will conasume ave minilutes in
writing a lpncriptiou; the ltlient will Ipay
,l. fs or $l0. The lawyer will write ten
or a dosen line1 of advice and get c$5, $10
 $20 front his client. While the editor
rite a half columen puff for a man, prays
lilfty rents or a dollar for putting it in type
prints it on several dollar. worth of iamer,
rend t to v, reral tho.nand plcolle, and
then surprises the pnledl man if he makes
any charges.
Mr. Frank E. Wright, treasurer-eler t of
Frrgan county, •Qtriveu in this city on the
Billings eoach last evening and will remsaill
iday or two. Frank had a clise rcll for
electio n n hi majority over Mr. Vivian
n only fifteen. Mr. Wright in well knsown
tlhru,,nlghut his county andl hae an excel
:nt reputalttion a lusinolm lIsman,. lie
will makse a first Ines utflr, ansl s whn- Ih.
sftem rlupon hi dllstkh* will e,. we haves no
lubt. the lusnt vouthful county trallllur,
In .)Imotana.-R-ivner Prow.
II. P. Brooks, tim pioneer erlttlemnn 1,
th1e Jmnlith Valley, who pw unmen the tith
of "fltovrnor of the Had l.ands," enjoyev
his Thanktgiving turkey at tihe tIrauli
• rettral. He mayntvtere in no mserim,1m ulnrin
in hils rcuntry tamatt the cominhig winllter
the gresn arl onIIdiI the watering plrnes ins tfm
ldown very 'mlmnu, bilt thamt further ount IIpf,
thI. hbmuhel the feed I. p nmauibily gmood
tattle, he say. will fare better tlhan othet
stock sinel the snows will frmishll then
uitlicient water ms that they will lnot In
emmiplleli to leave the grais to get tc
water.-.ive Stmock Journal.
A special of t)reember 2nd, frIom Fi,i
Whaw to the Imlependent, says: At half
Iint five last eveintg the fie ie Imlians on
fined hre for stealing hormse from the Jt
dith, mande a break for liberty. They han
Ifren clamoring for water, and mm thie er
glant of therglma oplene the door of the
rll to give it to them they threw a mlanker
over his head ann made a rush. Three o
of thema earlated in the darkness. Thn
gourd held the other two, one of whom wam
wouamled by a bayount thrust. No blamn
ran be attached to any one. Lieut. Averd
went out at daylight this morning, re
turned aml started with a ldetachmenl
them afternoon.
J. V. Staflkonl and Tho. Wall, commim
ioiners of Meagher county, and John P
Iarnmes, E. P. Chandler, oomnlnissoners o
I-eruas county, and Wm. Berkin, eommis
tnoner of the two rounties, are i1n seusi
for the purpose of adjusting the mattes
betweretheeountieof Meagherrand Fergut
-Iusnammdnan. Mr. Chaumler wits not ii
nareonm with the commissioners at th.
Springs. Hie t no farther than Marttin
dais. But the lnstanadman is "a territo
rial paper," youl know, and don't prete
to, keep istaed in county matters.
"J. A. C." writing ti the Billing.s Gastte
fronmm lakhara, has the following in regalrd t
a thanktsgiving supper amn dance at tin
restmence of Mrs. J. H. Hfightower: "It wae
a very pleasant alffair and erveryrld
sermed to enjoy themselves. We all re
gretteml, and were surprised at the anlmen
iof Rufus Thompmn. for it in an uneala
occurrence for Rufus to miss a dancre. a
if yountiink for a moment that Rufus can',
dance anl don't dance just make us a vis'
and we will exhibit him.
Fer. whesn Iftsf taeas be daleca
As ms mal mw sever daan hefomr.
While hkin ke4 ssi mhssn each from wall
to aill.
And his rimed feet equally ever the Csmr.
Ami ys saght to m him eLde shkule;
Oh, my ! Thbe lasst Ie RiM e ' niggrer
While his bae wens the Psfulattem
"'n* as i et tha'" mitle.
The grading on the western extensiomn i
the Manitoba is about completed to th
Mrimwnri river, weich they strike smim
twenty-five miles belrw Fort Buford. ans
it in erperted that the rmad will Ie coma
pilted to that point before te first t th
year. Whmn navigation opens next Iprnr
SI linle of iimatsa to operate between Butfon
Oland Benton will ie lipt (,n and time opera
tkhou of thU Manitoba will be farilitated in
this maaner. If t is necessanry in order to,
complete the him thrugh to Helena next
msensm, material will be carried by steam
ne to Port Denton and road constrtnwhti
commenaed here. Taking it for granted
that the amervatioa will be opened this
winter, or ieduced in area, andml we can
eaMly do so, there is certain to be an i..
mense immigration into Northern Montana
next spring in advance and in the wake of
the railroad. A more favored field for the
settler cannot be foundl in the length and
breadth of the land, and it will not be long
in filling up. Everything itndicate a tre
menlouna bIwom for tihe rcountry north of
the Missouri river next year.-liver Pream.
Ourcommnikmnem, in ,omplianee with the
law creating Fergus ,~ounty, were on hand
at the ptrinp, (with the exception of Mr.
(anmlma, who made strenonus e orta to
gt there) Ikr the purpose of making a
settlement with the old county on Ire·nm.
her Int. FPiditng thle ruonmhnianers o
Meagher not ready until after their qunr
terly nmeeting an adjournment was taken
until Ieremher 13th. Fergue commission
era then returned to Lewistown. for the
pnurpoe of hokling their drat regular see
aon, the poroceeding of which will be found
in another column.
narm, pleasant wether--may it so con
tinue through December.
The btachelors am purchasinlg Christmas
Cards for their best girls.
Cal. and MNt. Smith and Mrs. Wagner,
visited Maklden on Monday.
Liket. Cuhman I repairing the telegraph
line between here and Rocky Point.
We are to have more light at Maginnis.
HIles have been dug for the street lamp
Mr. O. W. Kelly, antl his son William,
our County (llrk, were in the post, laut
Mr.' Keene, steamboat agent, pamsed
through the inst last Saturd ly, en route
from, Rtcky Point to the railway.
Dr. Gray and Lieut. Mael nald, went
hunting last Monday and succeded in
magging everal chickena. a prairie lion and
a large numblar of jack rabbits.
"They all come back."
E. T. Manrseo. the Jeweler. *
S(owbarln are "pllenty"' in t.own these
This town needs a goodl Irtr, a ron
Itable and J. P.
(i. W. ook of Ilg ccrk. , wasin town the
first ,of the week.
Wooi boots, (Gerlan lsoc ks andl over
ahoes, at iMnenmore's, t
Johnnly Fi.her lan sold the ltunton real.
deance to Frank GraOh.
Ai. MclhmatHl, ,,I ISpring creek, i haul
Ihg are for the Glardner mill.
A (briattman tree anld dlalnce will e Imlrt
of progranmme (heristnant Eve.
Trr. Veterinnary ullreon Keefer was in
town na coaaple of days last week.
A nutl,ler of oflier and al adhai frm ,lli na
ginnie paid our town a ai)it, Mfladay.
Ed. Kniye roantetaphlte leaiving for his
old hoane in Nebrakn nab agt the Iit.th i.nt.
Miss Winnie Iliglen has Iman sfflll.erl far
naveral dlays with aneere attak lof net,,artl
Dan C'rowley, of Lewistown, was in
Maiden firsnt oif wtk on his wayt tio t
(:en. Etatman. who was injurad while it
work i. the lra('.f'ihe mina litst weeak, i.
anow able to ibe iabout.
Will ('ulver fihts la,r.a.hdl Murr;ay &t.
O'ltriln'a huse and lot on Erwin St. unad
i now make it hi place lof reali.lg.
The ipst boys have hle.n rustling in
town, several dayes. mnkig preparntions
for their grand hall, which our'nltr the 3tst
The Spotted Horse ha. upward. of fifty
tuns of high grade ore on dlumpia, which will
soon be haukll tto the Maginni mill for
Ntveral parties in town are expecting
sieters. nieces or rousnt!ll from the staite
in a short time. Keep coming. ladie, lots.
of room here.
Frank Stocklen has been awardedl a run
tract to furnish the Maagiini to',. with 1M1
Ionrds of wood, to be deliveredl Isfre the
first of January.
(iro. Ilrker had at tund.l wit iit hb,flafr
in the Kelltucky Favorita a it fw dal:y a;oI.
In which (Goa. wast. ullit• pltinflllly, thou)gh
not ,a.riously, iajuiren'l.
tPal M a 'rmick, if Junction Caity, wan in
town Sundaty. ccom.lpaanial by .1. .. Dat vi,.
Rliut. of the ensatern and western stage
iinem, which teruhinaite at this Ioina.
It ia rulllrtal th;at lllne aof oulr r:acllllh.ra,
who o appens to t a Ihicalaor, will be
treated to at surplrira Iptarty t.o-mnorroaw eve.
Ionllt Ia flarm ifl Iliat, thisi ilaa't leaIla tear.
Jas. Mlitlhell and Fredl Ilrch raturnae.
aturday from the head of Srlag.e rreek. Itlil
range, wlierae they haad ia.ll fIorai mo)nth
doing unawsamI.ent work ,.n their mining
eai ima.
Mr. flinj. Ialxter has a ill it fora c of n.n
engtaied erettitag at raw mill shout fair
,Ililaes alaa t.w tll for teatiatl wi!,,k. sned
will ia fona' faa'fparal to lfurnish first-cl.lass
lunllr r at low rait.'.
Jolhnt Kel rettlrnedl ) o this Ifaarg Ilt S,.t
unlr after .sevraal niolth. alwallte. dullrial:
which time he visited Youg, N.eiaairt, I;rleat
Falland otherpoints. Jack seeums.r"atitly
imprbesed with the flattering otut-look aof
our camp anl asserts that her.eaftcr this
place will he gtant enough far him.
WlavT - Reliable girl tato doa genera;l
housework in smnall fatmtily. l-t:f'rearn,,a
retairer. Addlress or apply ato
So,.or B. Prosz. 1'. It.,
Fort M.laginis..
ql66 IS A FIfI6
Between Ed. Maguire. of Michiganl adnl
Hlugh Livingston, of Mlontana, ta to tka
pitne at the Bullion haill. n tlaa tawa of
Mahlden,. Moantana, for t.- hundrted dlalrla
a side; wianner to take sixty per cat. ,tf
gaite receipt. The fight to, take pItlacte ion
Chrintmin eve. at eight o'clock. Il)ars
openel at T. You art all kintlly ii;,il, i.
and we isiura you it will ble tio hipp
Absoiuily Pure.
Thi. pawder elyee varies. £ eared of purity.
nmcg and worhalaonnue . Mn. raonomtcla
than the ediuary kiwi,, mand tino.the .toad i
iometatltlO with thin miutuitdo" f low htrot, hort
wsight alemr lmepafahat. pasinme. told ur1 i
Cems. RIOYAL AIaalO VWIaM CO., lls il
urest, I. Y.
Wines, Liquors
Keg Beer on I)raught, 23twta per Quart
All other drinks. 12!. cts.
Taken Up.
Dark Imy gelding. three ye.nrs oi, no
Ibrand; ai"tll curve rut out of right ear.
First sen inl my Iaynd about the middle of
June, INN8I. Owlner cln hoare ntame by
provinl property and Imay iW rhiarga..
le. V. IAIn.6,
Dee. Uth, 'n6. Lewi*town, M. T.
Dids for County Bupplies, R3o.
lids will I. received up to titl first Mon.
day in January by the ta,, Im. I ('mcnuty
Itntliaesioneri , for medntil ati ,ttt|naaniaa on
ralnlllty potr antl Iprintrner, tilt for the
rnre ald tlatinteatuance o( ,otaunt) far.
Alls, for twllty lrdstl of wcanl fiar use
nt jail and counltt t)tliy o s. The. Ifllrdl
r.merve the right to reject .Iny Anil ail bids.
W. 1I. Kia.v,
IDe. Nth, N6. t'lrk ,L1 ItotRf.
For bale.
A first-claso ltillilrd Table at very ,low
prike. Apply to or adldrso.,
J. IIoI,%l 1814
ilay IItel, I'ewintown.
Novemltr 11, 1 1'84.
Natire Is herely giavln that the t, ,art
nerhlip herntoaret I luwn as lI. W. 'olae
at (o., in this day alinol vhit b"y ,lautlaal 'itn
s.nt. Ilt. . N tltl.l:,
II tilli.I iM.
Dittedl O)rt lx.r 2.ith, I10i.
Iowlea Rgca.ky T isht o latlI l.,r %fl ,li-.
two lrrg, work hrs.,,. In, Iav aln oar
gr'ay: hath iarailalt TF: M m,: ,ilt ahethlh r.
Weilt iaay Flo rewaral fatr iaformaa tion that
will h t' at ttheir rcorry er taita fr th i,
TIIlt I.A F. M ,I'ftAN
Dubuque, Mont., Itit. t,1. 11h1.
Taken Up.
Near my rantah two ail 1.i- faralla ,il, s
,oultll -lu t ,d ' 'I .t , ,,r, l. .. II la ,l,-::
a ll ne jn le, l - i , , it1 ill i ll. I a, 1ll1ia
olan Irniehaall anai jaa:aaii'a latr olaar Iiaiatai
ran laiei Name ay japratit.e pr.lwtty and
paying for otla atia 1 iem, et.
.i IIN .\..I. IlaAW"'f.
'L.t, M11at.
Mounttin Li.n, (u'ilt=,um*ut, Wilt, 151f
anlill I:awk' rl, t. I will pay 1(.'i If.r
doei oilr a' y therShaa e ctlaws.rit nat I.
.Maiden, Monit.. Nta. , ,io , 2. .2 1 at.
Notice to Creditors.
F'tn ,at .dd.<l.Iph itu t., he.'al'L i : \.. ~-."
i hereby giv'en by the lu.lrigtzelI, ih.
Inn M. IErickson., ot.lnlihi-:r.t.r .I Ih,,
,estate of Adolph lUir~ teh*tml, t~ the
rrlditurs ~l, and All iper11,n ha,+ing hlail.n
Aigainst aid ttetlnedl, tI, exhiblit tilt...
with the neenu.wry v hoi,"Ira, withill tln
Inuth- after tIth tihat lau+.lii.ntinl of thi,
notie. te, the aid Ni-htltms Ma. Fri.ks..,,,
adainalintratart at liytlic. at .ewin+town.
-. T., .,r to Ittuak I. lllalt. att.rteyll., ut
their ofire at I.elea. M. 1'T.
NIt'Hll..1 \. M. El l('KS.N,
Administrutor oaf Estate of.\t,.pllh tharo,
lantl nt l.widtotn, a. T., TNo.. 5, Irna.
Notice of Final Entry.
LnA Orrtnt AT HnI.CIA M. T., 1
h.nltwr 4Ith,. U1,6. J
Naltice is hereby Riven thatlthe ftllwinat
namel ,ettlt'r ha' filedll ntiv of hisa inten
talln t make fiallll pro. ill .upport .f hi.
haini, adll that IhI pIr',,of will te madeat
Ialeure the P'robuate Jltl aft,. Icrgau. rtuaty.,
MLntan:a. at llwi.it,.Lw. n Jan uary 2l,.
"a;7, vi:
1ine M. Balker.
alho maide .pr.-aaptia. h, .r.atry ntate
t.,tt No. 4.I0u fo.,r Ine ."i + ,. 1. NI
Xl:} fee. 12. twn.shipl II ne'rt:n, raie I,
H.' t. atnr.a the f.,ll.wirg wit n.--e. ,
pr ,vr lid- contlllih ,, r,-.aA nee ul, , , u
eultivatti' l .,f, -1,1,1 lawl., vii- \' 'i: .
Ikrk:n and ThI.tI.ua F. ',lun, l. (I l,
t.od, .Il.nt.. 'Williaml W. lkt.Witt and
W'illianm lortop, of lIwi-t a~., .'.t,.tatt..
W. W . I |.am no, . It, ,itsr.
At this Office.
Grand Ball
Christmas Eve.l
TICKTS, $1.60.
Ohristmas Eve
Lehman's Hall,
Dc. 24th, 1888.
hZwrybody Invited.
TICKITS, incltding Supper, $2.50.
i ._
a Z
P omn
m~.o 3
Q ..
o 0
The County-Seat of Fergus
County, .M T..
Apply to or Addrees,
Cottonwood, - -" Xontana,
Genera1 Merchadise,
Handles a Complete Stook of ro.eess, Crokery,
Nardware, Dry Goods, Gets' sand Ladies' reMn
ishag Goods, Noties, Hats and Oaps,
Soots and smho, Laqtors sea
The public is most cordialy invited to inspect my now and Iaset stor I
Fergus county.
New Goods and Low Prices for
Cash I
W A share of your patronage s solicited.
HI. CLA R & C0,
Wholesale Merchants,
Orders illed and Delivered to any Point in MuselsheU
and Judith Countries.
All Goods Consigned to Our Vare
will be Promptly Forwarded to
In Every Respect. Table Unezoelled. Fine Rooms
and Beds.
First-Class Bar
And Feed Stable
Foot of Main Street, Near Big Spring Creek Bridge.

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