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Fergus County argus. (Lewistown, Mont.) 1886-1946, December 09, 1886, Image 4

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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..~rge lase't a d eA fadhle AlleH B.
I abg.lr the WbeImIrpe Ilap4.
Sa a hareI.
!GI.i(AusI: FAI.e..S.. V., ov. 2.-
(.eor llxlvett and .~imlie .Allen, of
Bitff.hlo. went thrtush the! rplitleis and
whiriemel. this afterlman in the innter
,mrr.li useI by Ilienlett itnst samllmSer.
Thwy were in time rapils anrlI whirlpon-l
live mlillulte, nnd were t 1llkei oilt lof
tew shkly on thle t'anadinili sir jlust
bllow tie wthirlimol, three-mqumrter. of
ain hor lhate r, in good en.cllitionll.
Mlin Allen i i a re.ltahl" girl.
righiteltne year 1 old, a letite lierllltte
nImle rather pretty. The stanrt wnas
mnlde from tlw lMaid of ltie Mist hIul
ing on thie Canadla ride. 1iwi, the
Iharrel renaeiei t(w mnnlrestromi it ishot
right into t1w renter of thew looh. inhuk.
iln two or tlhre turli. Leatvitm
thIere. twe learrel folklwedl thle eilrrent
olllt toward tiwl I'llntmliail shore al
dlown to the outlet of tlhw plsl., wiwn
it got into a large Bill nolI Inohbw.
anrouil for halt an hour. Friewli
iair I"y sch ote, to tlw cme*,tllllets
of tlw Imrrel, witetn IIn4ett openml a
smhetii dkmoor onl top of tiW, herre.l aniel
Frank l.twton, tChrew a rope fmno tlwe
big ozt of the thirrnml Ilziktt nmdl iimmt
Allen hia.li ai tranip of, a mnile indl im
half throullh bramnlh ndml over inuldhlerr
b)fore r.achiing the top of the pIomi
Iimie. Mis, .lkln. whl,*m ii. nlppmard
at the terry revily to enter ulpom tie
-Irilouiion rney wore sa lwat walking
dra. Lking off her hat anld jmmneket
and throwing a shawl over her hIad,
she steppel lightly into tlhe Iarrel.
through the manilhole, tullking. liwr gUlr
ments closely allmut her, and laugsi -
ingly rmemlarking, "(Cmi. (kurge. jumpllll
in, I'm all fixed." ioon after Ilnzlett
tlppl into the c.rnft, fahteninimg hlim
. 7in the oppomite enld to that oenrl
pied by Miss Allen. Jiut thirty nmin
uIte from the time time arrel was
towed oult imnto tllh river, it ren-.el
tihe whirllool. Miss Allen and liHs
lett retturned to iimltllo this evenllig.
Thie affair origimmat.-d through it pro
position of lArry lonovan to go
tllrough ti.e whirlpool if le lived to
find a girl oif illmicist nervr to rnemoun
pinnyhin, lie was imnin*o ermnfsiil, amln
itt evening wenlt to New York to till
ini tlng"igemlllent mt a im lllllmi'n. Aboullt
, week ago Mi.-s Allen mmii to lint.hitt.
.. inking ayll thalt smhmi aomtuld go if
Itilett would go with her. Tie offer
i+ nt omre er'e'ptlm. linit wimen Sadie
>".:,w that Iwr frielnds were treating it
,erionmliv hlletrieml to draw 1mmk. Tirh
intter. however, talked it over with
ther and mhii ftnally made uii her
aimiid to try it. IarU nlight IIldirtt
lmmil A ntmnlier of a|etnailltlaner went
dlown to the F'lli: hlurilgl te dliy
the barrel had been brouwght fromli
1limiltewa, Ont., iiand wasi miooredi at
Ma d of Mismt lawindg. Albout 2 o'clock
thiin afternoon tihe party went over
thie new suspension bridge mnA walkwed
down to the ferry huiding. Here
trowdsh Y were awaiting anxiously to ete
ti e girl. At 2:4l i,. mi. he te tppel
into the barrel, looking ple anmid
frightened, though sime stated she had
no fear at all. They were at onre
towed out into thm rver. No danger
wa mnet with until tile umpenlin
bridg and c'aintitkver hridge were
paimmd. iHere tle nfit great wave was
imet amd when tie barrel strumk it, it
;momunkled about like a ork, inld was
tiwn fiairly rushing anltom. Already
feehlig tie strengtl of the maeltroim a
Imort distan' helow. Inm an imnstant
imore ttry were imnto thiis. nd after
nimkinia rn crtit of it n few tinew ishot
into the river again. It was suilpposwel
thiwv ihald Lgmne throldh in Mllfety, but
an it turned out, they had a cilow"e
mill. It apperi tile man who towel
tilwlm inlto the river Irewedl the cover
of tihe imiinimole down so tight that
Ilalett was unabllame to open it. anid
thie imarrel rie*l t alout in an eddy lat
ThilomnumlI' Point fior forty linullltes
Ilor it icoul we roughit to lshore.
WImen tiew lullpnsmtn of tile larrel
were taken oult tiey were in a terrilºle
extitmdt condition. nwl hiiad muffere'
femrfully from mnusee. Mlimn Allen ex
inremed herself as thoroiughlby ireel of
her desire for glory, and' saild im
woukl not take tlwe ride igaini for
anlly allmolimt of money.
* Sasie ns n bw ofs.
"Yes, we lhave ia .ew lqunds of the
sailvntion Amllr'ernllk out ouir wly."
amidt Is ImseImnmr front the went. "I
live in I t llymi., lldl mi few mnmlinmtimn
ago tle $alvntiomisti swooped down
onil mi mitn weiIt throigh thieir usiali
Ierformlilm.. lit tHiwy mhad a tough
tiineof it with tiwe miilemr anld enw
Inys. lNarthicillarlv tihe mowbloy. I
atteidest omw of thiir mi.etimlgni, at
which tle midliers. got very mtimih
inrmed lip. At t1Iwliemnsx of the ex
ex-it it ig ngln amd sholits, tIwir leader
iried out:
S"'liio'n antfriihf tlimevil? I nint.'
."The rest of tiwe giang took up t " re
" 'Whol 'm afrlid of tile mlevil' they
il uhiiteitl the til. of their liumns.
Awnd tilml m,.y all ii ilowel forth tie
·' We hint; we ain't airmid. Who'II
afllrid of ti' dlivil-tiw devil --whloi's
afrmid of tim devil.'
'" "emiin't--wesisi't aifraid-we - i' t
alfraid of tlew de.viil.
"At tisin jUlswtlre ia tall mit l v)
weairing a womllniii.ro l lt Is-lt jllmilmli
imp. In verh of isiii ii1t hllwlas a bigt
tevolver, aid hle diechrwhargeI loth of
timeis laim nmli again int tf ih eiling.
jtet we-in shot n hi iri. r si it :
"'lortlk out for nmtil. sn iii'li| til iw
dinvit! I'ii tht deviil u.l In'ni after
"Inl t i t t h t in' . iir 'e t . Sal
vatioimlist ism thl. ibiill i'h.v hut litir
tilly falleni m r eactim4 othr n1 i tIir
ihlte' it tet Iiw ..he mmirii aind wihiwmN
mmlli it wtasi /lite evident t lmt Ihe saii.
ontt tiw kinil of a Isri iti mIt.v .had, tim. t
talking alllolt."-4 1imLo liieril
Toe SIl s iSnagle s rtL
"' iM r". aLidu pm you iiig mimnmmtl himiol."
"ith. It' liute .lmminrli.. I'miiafnidl
it'll awaken l i.veiry oilw."
"Tlust 'i t ou Iil !!"erxiimmihl rl lm rile,
with every mPiimL.armnmr of ldistress.
•"ut lwhiy milo you wmllit alt to sing
dlear!" ie tenth|drlv iluiliril.t
"Why. you tse.-.' Ihe replie. m fellow
l owe tivedlollart to I.a- ti-m waitiing
oult.side nil the evening for niil. aItsm I
thoullht maybehr if you'd il mg little
l.'d e- awni." -Pittl'-ur...h Iii..mircli.
uIIS, CATTLE MiS 1mur.
etvt".rnl Mileti" y t' a ntI 'tlh mn. il·e
talking of trtlh.tisilng ithe pirolsrty of
tIhe late .Mil y itiy resti I ,lt t ',,.
'Ill, Ima rketitit oif itt t I ,.l st hers is
oni tlhe iIwnrewile'withl l nlelr HoIl growers.
It will Ise foulil the ,orttlie of iiitsidl
iraklle r l'vel lw.
'rake iino ihlljani with . stormni
hlould 1lihe the wattlhwar11 of wool
growers.w'.."Te'i f elln hry llik.- of *",0nw
ire linllle to) IN.n mi ru. I. n e qllUl.0 eillr
ill liy oi'l.I.
Tihe Hushii l.hiisitn Imls just fottsl
out that Ili. t-eterilarv systlin it
m.lluit an is a fraud. 'That hasit iten ai
iprettyi well indili.rst' oodl fcit for a lonlp
tihn.-River lr'ess.
Ex-(i)... Potts, who i,le in frol
tlw rnulr to eat l Ili Th'lnltkitini,
turkey at hiont. slit'ieve' tlhalt the
'onlsiilg winter will liet i mild cmc.. IIe
Ils notlicd thlltt the I.l't irsinl the
ml(ougltl Ihll'e lint storIe al'ly" IIVnI'1l
pIrovision, whiich illieitnes. their fllitl
m. a msild winter.-.loilrnatl.
Tie ithoskin romiul-tup party .lost anil
of tlwir horse lllurilgt lie irenllnt htormll.
The Iwrder ilt charge has livln egoie kl
erverll lsays uidl hlim whLerewnln ltm i at
lnot et kownll A.\ arltll lparty was
Melt olit mo)In its extral Ilum orn' tcoutll
li ilrulrel, ittnd it in not kinllwl
wtletwr or 1nit I 'ly s·lttee~Mbil in lil1l
iag the niiemlit.-ititer Press.
Irllil'l lwet,'er, nIe of ouir siasr4isftul
elttllellten, h.is rltulkteil his sea*ssn's.
work isdl is again in Stll Rliver. hle
Itooik ,uLse very Ill . Ite erves to thie
t!llngo ilmarket. Tlmiy alverlngel the
Iheatviest in weight IulI lbrnlglht Ities
htightest price of ainly rattle lthiliml
from nortlirn i Mulintasa this year.
Ninety-live leancl weigheil 124.4170
itnlllisM lliu l *lnt.4~ wais Itiw lrit".--tis
Ing tll.
loof aisl Ilorl of A.rionlt lays,,
that ia Iianllh'r of llltt1 iiwnI of Pire
rott, rerently l)"rseiited (5latiis l.aw
toll with a gold wacsi.h iinitl c.hini as na
token of anpirt'iatioli of his srvia-e
ill riddling thilt mc'tion of tle arhll
laurdlerer (leronilito. 4eott Mloore
iniule thile prCelntationi with a eliait
little speeilh. IHlt the gillllit (tLapt.
Itawtoll was lnonlplltumil: he slidl lit
haid only iloilt his duiltyl ititl ditdnl't
want ainy watch but Iiey fionrt'e it
litpon liiil. His ptMar'li ini ir*ljo~me a us
colei' le, nitt yet i sloklel of eknlanlmer,
lie leaid "'lets go now, hoys, tllul take a
The. big stehr on exlhibitionll t Ish
ilia lls state fair is Ii years old nent
weighl 3itIi ilsullll . 1lih is six feet
otlt nid a halt i.lWihe ill ligtit. 12 feet
ill hengtl Isit riinrealtri :ln t atrosllil
the io)ly. He is tllre feet 1l ich.les
throiughl te lhouldertll wl Iltensulre
t illncies Iwtween the forelegs. His
foreleg tliove the klte n Ielsres lm
in'hes roundl. lie i three feet tlire
initwsl over the hill nln in otli.rwiie'
gotte up reltarillhes. lie in a regular
laet inopiolyl'. lie is no heavy thlat
ew aniliot lstassl on hlis feet long at a
time, duli the inll whlo stoowi lilby hil
uald uisnhel hitll with a stick to keepl
him fron lying lown said i a wis tlihr'
qullarter dort hornl.-'Tex stoc.kllatn.
prtus is a Saab.
[l'iearr rn,..]
ThempRmnrtanchtnrmterof Mr.Spn rk's
ndminimtrmationl of tiw eniermil insl
ofliv wiNels t'er Iwtter illustrated tHitan
iin tie cneoft Frmnak Heideman agmainst
John Mlage. Thiw ltter went fronm
('anutilm. everal y-eairn ago to laiter
townl, Ink., leavlmg hims* wife and nine
young llct ihlren ill I 'iaulh, inImIie lie
waas too poor to take tlermll along.
He hItidl blit $1.50 whlwn Lt reatchedi
Ilikota. blit Iw went to work tail
maitde a houmtmelt atil liliing oni tile siuth-l
we't quarter of seetion :12, townstili
11+, ratni g 50 Watertown, Ilmuwi mlis
trimct. lit tmremteIl it littl shnlilltyt otn
tlIe plrli'e and hlirdl toim' li.riking
lonie, lm. t Iwillng oligal to work for hisl
ldily breali. hie mcoiMdI not remalin oll
tle liti*l. H vis itjl it tit oftei nim
iimasiblel, however. an till nlymmitmgeli
to get hlis fiamily frmnnl timmll.ii. naili
they wenlt to live on thIe liimn. ViHiei
Malullt two aHil nol-hnlliif yetlrs hIad
ix.piredl im manlii ltlmmtlmi "Heiidimian
birouhlt a conteit againsilt tihe llllaim
nmtt ini .mll 'Magei' iti1 fitille to plow
.minil Ilmnul for him. .All of Maepse's
eighitlmnrs tl'etileml to hlis good~ fith inl
time preime., hisi large fatmily. lhis pov
erty andl delbtm. nml hlis ilmhility to
earn his livilmn if lw strictly cosmijeliiti
with lite imiw ltII1 liived ullon tlwe hlol.
I'pon thewie evil's'tw of pgwl faithl the
k.w'tl ltoi otit.r dilmissl Weldmlallu'
'onmtes'it mitl gacI' m thl iasl to MageU.
temitmll cai.rried tlew craw to imirk:.
whoi r'veruml time hl (i'li o(lt ,er'm di'ii
iol lli mil amt dirmted t tm c m'ullninliot of
lore'm eniltry. .'lmr·' m.mrrieii him emil
ti, tlt meryoretary. who himt, reverm· il
Sularks derlision. tml dismlisse WHeil
mini'm enltt'ut. rmemiallrkilng tlhait whlile
tle t'i.evide'te waits uIlllloiitedl y W rit e,i'.
tw' gRoodl fitih of Mhigirm' m'tlhl not lie
imgniileml. nmil aiii tie testinsonyrv m1ad
goie to shmow his lhieoslmt intenltion to
maiike ti' iimit his honwr 1't camle is
tlw miore inllteretinlg in that it is an
lxallumllmef tile clioi s who sllter tiw
gr'eatest fromimi $lmrk's lerulintr mllitly,
nllt ilshow tile i ii iowrOs' of Nimnrks'
cmlii timmtt hisiimm uoimmitrat ion iiemntirly
in ti' inllrest of we Iettle'ri.
Ilill Nye. lth grleat ihlilmorit,. is int
liad Iwrlthl. lie himi n serilous illlnem
tlri ymwrsniit), while iei wt - still ai
reihlent iof Wyom'iilng; it wasi ill tim
hiolew thait m challl'm ft cliimtte wolllmm
restore lim to his old tinlwe vir that
ew itonmovii'e to 'iw.uimlliin. T·)h'eihh .eit
dlitll emm to Ihm, li t mihimm for a whilek
liut Bill vNye isin luis- Itinin anli ma i cmI
'ilntiisll nlmlnl: Il imitl il,,ieidrt it to
lit' i lduty to ilmmlroe everyv o'llir
tunity to iprli, ile for his famlliliy miil
for l:imllmwlf agmmiiilat tthe rmlinllIy lmi-'
miil theill. Ilitv.i Ihav ll mmin " flm raint daiyi
in 1ill Nv s' life. I S I(ill N'e has
worked hir di tand liatiently. itlin
tiw last 'yeair itii has ine lin almost in
'.tinlltl -itglegill in l lt riling., ail I thi.
emimploiym'iWit iitls takenii hiu inito aill
iparte dl l thie sit tr inll i 'rry kmimin of
weatier rr, lteieettillgt' mlls'l.. mtuiI
all illo,'' irrml-'hiriti ilw wil ulrely"
ilm air time lhelithi. 'hit' nm'ult "i.mlm's
to ll lt Itt ' ligiemal hulmorit't ') jlmim
eial 'eloldition it uitit'l s l.lrUini g as'
it .a- tlrv ine' ta. ;lla ) hl' Ie i-lm malt'a
fromi th far wemt witih the oisonuommt mf
maitliria in lis vieilns. I 'l4'mms tmtili,
ihaltnule for fe tmtter l ets ii very smilin
lee will ise eu.ilw".kli tim anmlmi lii aill
worki for an i ndiielinite lmiiml.-i'hil.m
tilmii:| North 1'nur:.ili.
** Ma n. WaalaaII~Cla
".Aaallaaaaa'taatlaaw'lll a, (o ta.,e". r.
"''V. maaaat Ilaaara ala.tlaalaul,..?
lll1, ~iala llaatlr Wh."n w."r can,
,,,l II a. nakte lit., happaJa Iar.i~hiar.
Kl.raa·h aaaa t ar Ihie thar alain.
-Lat's 1negin thi.. ve.ry maaaaaia.t -
1aaaaaaaaata .aanuaylairs lly n.r -
V.a.. jusat ga't taop aaaa. anly larra~aaann
Agmal a,anatraaat the kitchena line..
`rall. tai' .0,I.lahi..n eli..aagnai".at aI, ta
Iaataraa .ananaal from every pa.r..
WI.at. hlin 'wnl yaang (atiall. rarpaa.la.l:
tln y: What ala yan tnka' "n." for?
A 11luw Sas Iu a Uom"is
Yaaaaa a't naiaaa it out rt Harder."
sqa tlid the lnt Itar. -Viaa a.laanialal taikLe
,aagaaal liaa injld tat anaawtls.aNoaw,
aTtala raamaaaana athat riaaa at-.
I lt.h lathntttall ri~glat d. aaataar. I'll fir
ltat tall ritat."
Al w~latat w'ait''
Ill Li'.. ang mataar-in-bnw ataerv
aaa..raiauglwefora araatakfitaatl.'-'alara'laaaat
Meat Market.
Weossek Bros.,
AN Muds il Frisk Mel. Perk, Mules.
Kain Street, - aiden,
1WFreaalaý VIagnalalaaa, t~leeiaaeand Bitia hu
t..r Aiwnayta aaal Hiandta.
Feed and Sale Stable.
Uerlk UhVaaa u.. Uails.
Rigs of all Eided, Fine Saddle
Animals and best
4w tata! )'n t a r : t. fin.
PlJC l.. - . . ,...... aun e ,r Prn is,
P. launders, Prop,
Blacksmith Shop,
(Genterl~ llakeksnlitlinkl
and lrt'n. Work.
Horse Milneing and (Itneral Relmiring
Wut.n Work of All Kinds.
Lewltown, ontana.
Work prompily done anid aatiafatio
Also, Wlhoesalee lnd retail dealetr In
Judith Mountain
Orders Solicited.
...a.. sn LaOn si aid ste mpe ms
tlrrulate. n every ,ertit.n .d the
Daily. yr, $.. MXlx ntm.$. Three mon.o:..SC
Weekly, S an per Troe.
Aldre.. all consmmuntiralions to
FigsB eae l Nur . 4Misem ;,
mm s M.. .
Notioe of . Fnal entry.
Ltea. Inr*t. r AT m Ja. ar, L . T..
I"Meee ' her u  oIa
X.Aotle It her.4 gle. tha, the e lat r ing-.ate.
lerg. ternty. M e *ta na. .. Janua.ry I. ta
atmaul U. Robley.
.he mad pe-rrmwU.u da xeat... .tatet.m.S !t...
h *, rW'. .tI... a 5 ..r. .I p L'm. w er an"
He sam.s the following riate...to ip." hit
:.Minnoa mrIdv....a. msad rakivateun ... .id
ne. Iea J. [I)WWd pad IJhn grae. .11. oIfPt
xa x. .iaet sa. Jeha ~ti. .l 1 Flat
Notice of Final Entry.
1P.%.N3iP' i t. lit.nI- h at l ..t"A Nll...i . N...
\' keIhehygVc. tht I A l.,litNE. i'.i.l..r
ottt icr ha. ph"A ,,utk." of F inatvlcntiwl ntoy. ke
,itll 3...l in. .,l.e ..I hi . i..lll . .lllll that .ll rri3
chil 1 g.1.. mad. a'...p.,r i hi 4..l r 1.r.d hat 11,1
- .ll gi ll4 Igkla iH, l. IA' l...u itr ,1.t 1l 3I.l
r..i Mahllun, 3,, l.tc..er. I1. ..r , via:
Abahams Nqltrag .
wlor m4e -palth ra. dr-laratory .7at,.t .,.
+.: l. hrt b, the r';as . . N lsN' ' f 'h', N1':'4 Wo'.,
lin. 1. Tp. 17 N . ral::te Idal roo.
3iI .am. thc tlf..l3uag tlo..., 3 peair.,, hi.
llnltlc. r.l..l.ner s.. uad t culti.atl.a if.
.id land. vit: K ly A,. . mhaun t.l 'r. rk l. nkit -
lswn. f aewlk.wcm. N. lnl. a Tli.hy .
1J.Il an, J,,kn Mn, ,,f . 't~rw,.i. Mo,,l*,aa.
P. W. I.3 ANWI3ISIM lt'ci.3.r.
Noticeo of Final Entry.
I.ANIFrIrt 7T IlII.rI.IN. N. T..
.No..r 3 h. 7 1"',. .
7.,tlrr. Ih ha'nhV wi.er 33.1W th. h3.wlnag-uamrd
4enTr h.t.lhl ccli. .t l4 i, l3l,3,1o , i. ihmake
Sild pa.icu.1 I.p..r3 .u his .."!in. antd Ihat cli
pwrId will Ir md u l·,rr the IKli,.r and KR,
,rrrma Iwl3.,au Mhcmtf1w w January I, iJa.
ma.l!eq IPrise.
$W-.'i NW'..
U'muml..nlak of thebisawle witiu II. K.H.rt..
who s de p-rrem Jim 4-rbr..wi~y .I*.*-at IL.
4.3' Surn the N'iY d.. ' rN. arWl ,ulil. tl.
'htplv4 worth. rane a7 r 3.t.
I AlSmus the f Vllowin. wIV t to plAN.e hL
- wllnaas t ..ldee.r npuw and coNTIaolk o ,
aid to vie: Iavid I.. het-r. 3 kk lrd It.
Ca"nnlro, Ynnclis 11... hitae. r W. .icI. 3l.
a't a.w*,iac, M. T.
/ t' I..tNeHnonL. Ikltl*'r.
Nonce~ of Final Entry.
[ALb (t"l'r AT I.I .laIa.. . Tr..
N..Femhr 194. )Wit
3.lr. c. k fulrI.aiven that Wikedll.. nts'.,.'hi
miellr bc. mikd.i'h uo his In.t ,livtlc m .ke
Anl f Ilsi mippu o hi. ,clalm, ca t ha .aid
II n I Wim... 3k'rrg.. th . r Jrtr lI g,,
rot.:, .m h, r Ml· tawa. at I'nteIs en, M 'r, u
lairn ctl.4V..r Mlagirui. Inc~.nn..:. ..~
S.wr W.k l.1W. a~l. ltigicrr
w otc made o p fmý h *..lrat~ry F a ntty.ed .o
77:.;.'. For KimW.y f ,. 3. lb.-4, $ . NW'.,
*aewL.. 95,l. .4hic irl'Rni, I
..ar s the v llewi. : wltl .c4.1 n towspe Lah
",,mtinaon resi.nc aima. aml euklrathn o..
.aid pla via: Agllna M3..mr. kicmhald II.
('allow. ecmtyl ust.en an t..rn Kellerl. 2l1 .
Ia . W. LAmlNll. I.el.ter.
Notice of Linal Entry.
|,aND (WV. R' AT XH.LIUIA, N. T.,
L. ,vmdtc r ly 1a. i.
Itp.ee h he t.y gv that. the . wl3$-n-arle
ettlrc hca kied aolhw ic hll intent" a* mankh
Ir.l IcW*f fn v.dpealg o( cad snlacmtl IiAu a.id
ir-.d will b.e inca p ik. I'h.cu Ja..g of rIle.
! i'.wn Mawtna at (wlstow. Monaca. on
Iv rhmher'2 IN. Fit:
Walter II. Pek.
who1. ai ht..mlqa giv"a. tat b.f..l.iu sttmentNd
rn-ukt. tethled c..ti.'. In. 'rh. ia.. u a I n .e23.
aIu . ims the ( .4i3rl.l witli. u td Mht hiid
p.'cln wll ha 1nr 8 pl... mI.J alllil.. oi,
aid land. rvia: William ne rn. Hclhrrlt Mhatlh
an. Wtilliam A. Prmslu al William t'. 'hamber
5:- W, io.url I' W .l.n . T.nl..Mt.
cie Fort kaum.' lm Mai.
A. W. IArounrnr. Rcltrr.
Notice of Final Entry.
L.AND lt ( AIT A tIaLSIA. N. T..
Novembemr It. 1Mt.
tie is hereby I lrr i iht t.tl f ii.clt.rind
atet tlhrr has L.ti4 *ho.. of hll I .tnttim tc
mie pdal pitc In c pgP of I. lcla.m, c al thati
par..i will 3ibe made *r. the PL'mh. Juge.
em l4. ra .couIn. y m ..l wlt.i ltn. Nllwt.. ma
i e Cmarrt.. I AM. wiU:
JOhnS 1. Tadaala
who mde prenoptiu . .claratnry sttement No
TWp. V.4. .an4. mi res.
He it.ra te tkulawing wit.as., to p..e bhit
amtiaaw. rei..en.. c u ngl. oad n ruliaticon .4,
mh Id lnd, via: JIamo..Wpk. Ikii. J ire J. WeTde
e..awr Wlliam lanadp ch lJ., lombs, all ofi
l~ewistown, Must.
P. It. Irae., llalr6.. Re.it..
Notice of Final Entry.
l ..w , h rifte1 IT lrl.aa. N. T. 1
SW. LANtIISIh. WI al .
.1i11 is briefly givea that the I'ollowlag astt,I
antler hell 1l notice et hi. intention to sak
sal in a ,p wrt -o3,hi slaIn. and (th s
InwC ll be aide Iwfon elm Prbate Judge I
cadflr Fa r r no uaty, Mwlana rerritory. at
itewl ,.wn. M,,ntuat on ll|cemlrr IrCh. IR¢ vl-:
SIkr/lal f It m C Net.,
win made. pre-empltII dw.lanrsiry. (ntml,i No.
5,1Am; t he WIl eWM!~ , NN''K~.,. r~er. 1.3, 1'1. IS.,
N. Range 17 E.
It, ano the follwilngl witne. ,. t pr,"e hi
€ Sntialous rwi~tl nte upp., lnid ,'sltitaltio ,A.
acid land, vil: William lonrtp., Lrwlown.. Hon
tans. and Frank Kills. K-imrt Kelly sid John
Trt.eh, of t'onw,*d, MaintanP L
I. WY. ]lsno,. HcrIlo~r.
Notice of FLnal Entry.
LAND ()Flnlql AT iIIsI·. A . T.,
(ht ,r 3t h.l5l it.
Notlre I. IMh, gLven that the f,leh ta-an Lr
srttler has ik~t aeti..e of hi,. intention 1o make
ainal printii supplo oi hLs claim. and that mli
prloo will In, mete IrtLor the IProiatJudgle l
and fur Ferglu .ounoty, Montaln Territory. N(
!ewtown, Mmtan. on ,rether l15th,16,, vi:
t'karla A" NmrwU.H
who madre pn-copllIo rrlarm one Materrwt No.
74t, f¢,tLo Wl of IIWl, *f le. T,, t % ** o
NW!- uof du. :1, ad the NtE*. e! NF' uf r. it,
IT"1. rsh of range 15 real.
-Int nlaw the followig witnesses to prove bi:
M...llatluli pr.l.llm . ,nd cultlvalon -a.
.aid Ind, vii: Pamn)l W. llrllaq, John Tombs-+
(:rng W. ttka. an Yrank Bnlky, all fd Irw_:
tawa, eshelr( (esat M. T.
P. W. It.Ntl;lktIhR IRlgfar.
Notie, of Final Entry.
.'i r te s . A I. I04.
wak ere1 I rm n tLatsL t fh lail-llawne l
srttleoa. Il msHle 41 hI. Inntetlol io aLke
;inal parsE in ,ergu t( i hll rha, ald hib ald
.osia he L dheJrtreu the Jades. o the Third
Mdlal)isric 'eaurS. a Meltamis Ttriter.
in sad OEr ieagher comit, or is hi ahrtee.
t--sa the Clrk of said m.ce. tn White Sulphur
'prinus, M. T.. am ltlseerraur 1. ItRl, via:
Ladtte1 Jelans
he uae lloarm tead qplletir n Nr . Ii., for the
u!+4l, $', 1t W. hec. Ii, twnahip 1'2 nrth
tua m 14 m",
I:P area the li laiuint witne..e In pre. his
said htnd. via: Ieiait1 tir.iny sad Leeward it.
Ivirs,. of I'tIlke, Monllaa. Iavnd ). Reed nd
Jan W. Wi.nter, uPt'illt.rL. Mllutia.
¥. W. LstiOla.atar Melieter.
That thli
Fergus County Argus
Is Peeparve it Fill iriler for any anwl all
Kimual of
Print ngl
fta2?t -~t a" a
patasrrasi - - -t. bMw M
muiee. gui in t a- m- - W
bm ýA wIN. imlr mvaarnu
I- --.--
i mS ar ·1 trM an ara
Cr - --9Llr
Te indepr mel nd.ent
lFlMC. ti l.h, NU .
Is a 4IPU9N PlL.Let () ... Mato.USP
M WA~t ~ RD & 006
'The Independent
IICI.. l . IOTAN . tlb.
IeiItey. Lar lied .1 lb. 4'aptai. It I. lb. saga
f1 lbe domino. pIlys tad aMusts. tlb (Lem
hanl. Tenrrto a.l amd 1.1mph. sews.
inst. /we Tow. 06 .4 aW I. Mhivs..
Phlss P ad re b.Aiva.ms
1'. O. Addras-Vsr N Wap)... N.T.
Itanag-it.a rid.. amd An..)). a
Ear )larks-ltsp sad mdwM btarn om..
Vnta--V pMsIdmdn atm. bar.
Ilit... brmmdmd V as tIMh shinshts.
P. (I. AddIer.-r. )slmsls. (assig
smarl-u as haitd 1.
Vstst-'aola brnmd sMm hA ehslist.
Addmsr-Fast ~aglsmh., l ea5Y(sull,. ..
ilrssd-As a), em h* ritb..
Ear Nesrh. -ladea.h.t 1m)a bat eats.
IIORPEM-Pas. basm as ifl.bmsldWrt.
Vast-Pall. bNusl as hAf hip.
Rastc.-Fwrna the me 3l. it). Ia 71.1 Willow
('"b, Warn Judith Maimai".. Io Iba LiII).
Ss...ht. o as KIs, Ea, Yaords'. tlleh Me
isam ow sadl El Casb..
JumnaT CATr1 acesPArv.
T. C. PowE, Mansger. P. O. Ft. 1lReto
II. P. BRexes, Iupt., P. . Lew.istown.
Rage-Wearm Ppdrieg wk, Memher o ., C . T.
Irard-As hee oe tuft hip, Ihe with IhuIl
let we r ight rib.
Vent-f (T-P eamb.ed) oe left ehlMer.
Iarter--rwlep em briket.
At..m. ewenwr. e. . lrt hip. Hores branded -
we ler thigh.
No erhk eso witheet vetles.
MIU TAVAM MhM Am 00g40S11=1
btaieed, l. all ot ete, heume I. et I'. P. Pet.
e.t 44e..e timadd .o her MOIERATE PE1P.
oaer elo I 1utse the s I e sohe O (am.
we calw. e l fit less tier lh thee. m-.
--wlte fees W N ImlIt 4 .
Peed MObEL Of DRAWING. We adviee aM tS
W.e reu bees. o tbh PeemNet, tthe . . a
e.y (ds iii.. ead tio e a . the '4,
PoM., um Vet S. e el , r i eneiee. a edwin. i.d
re-e.ieee I. eetadm sest. is year ewe Pae eof
County. writee
C. A. 585W &at
tiopelie Paest Ole. Washbete. D.C.
----" -- .. .'--t_ .... . J . ·-.
Two Through Trus Daby
Withet eewea with the FAPT
ItiA $ of alt 1iege for the
The IltniRT rad oNI.t 10 I I.I s .SeL THRfOl'tiH
('AR. I4mwa.. I.XKbAItILead
MinneopIslZSZt. Louis
wed the Peieelpl (kee ef the Nimimippi Vai.p.
ea eee IT. A Pael Me te awli1ah
+ mfe re .I aU r..
!Hn tlus. Io(bPt. Paul, Mis Ai  uu aLt;
aethbee. Ple-le; 4.. Peel A Deluth atihwajo,
fSrm ed eapeieM. NORTH at NORTHWEPT.
_ENUSnMIU The Tee oo th NeI'N<EAPO
.IP A . LOt RAILWAY we esemw 4l
nnietiwe te e seeeltelee l(heit (ae me
Pet Juiiy egihseted Pea..e itihg cae.
a-t" LWI. Of MIOIG.E CWEnrlEll I.
. Par. weahr mw lwt Is heLtwe!" e
ift.. TaeLii. TheeeLh TirLeul.. "k.. call spu the
n.en TChe Agen e write a 1
w. F. 8V.
neet TLt. A tras. Att.. )-5'eapea.u. St..
Oook, Heating and Oamp Stoves,
Tin and Granite Ironware,
Table and Pooket Outlery.
D., 81 and mouldn gsU. , Shll andl Building Ildnlar,,
Building and Tar IPae.r, Hsrdwe.od and Wagon Rhefair.
paints. OiLk a k e, hisil. (Ilh l asdI
I krtw h s I l ,, i* 11 111
Window Glass. Putty, Etc.
Blacsramiths' Supplies,
Buffalo Portable Forges.
Powder, CapM aMd Fue.
liek, Drill and Npring Nil.,
ioluld, Square and Tire Iron,
Malen, Mntanna.
T. C. Power & Bro.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Judith Landing, M. T.
New Goods Just Received!
Speelal Attention Given to the Trade of Ranch and 8tocknen.
L' ItI:('EIV' IN( .\NI) FRI\V.\llA)I N(; At.
Special Inducenmet offeredo o thuae hirinK Ore and Bullion for hst'mrn
Shipmenut from the Maginmna Mining Region.
Large Warehouse on the bank constructed with a Special View to tthe Storing
of Wool. Wool (;rowers in the Judith and Wolf Crick county will in I
this the nost convenient Ipoint to haul their woud, whether
desiring to *ell or ship.
--ORh)ERS i$ I M L (;IVEN IMPiT .h '' NTi .
Transcontinental Passenger
lh'tir 't tilt' w ';ast uill I ltu il l' ('ti.t+t.
[lt 'ats to illI lli" tM l*i'st naiul .1 . , e I I, % . " i- .,j.
"ule. leace Ullagw aSt arse" Sand. p. m.s. W .re semd. s a. . Ureerers
InSag Cuats, leet amd o*ed lam eethre AUtaehed.
OCAS. I. rM1,
flewh Pas ede l amed tI Ageet. 5a. Pawl. Uime.
The Popular Live Stock Route:
STOOl OAl] Uquipped with Suspension Trcks and Air
Brakes. Large ead Commodious Feeding Yards
Are furnished kr feeling al rerting cattle in transit. Thrwee. sla rr i chargr of I.fn
Wentm wa who 1uloald, feed asul reload stuck without ezpesmtorhtp.ipr ex.epr
'.e.tling ar nlr supplirJl willh clise hay anlI plenty of wate.
It" tlakin h11,1i ru ter . t fast ta gumadl aeronwufatni.ions. Ihrrehy getting your
rlli t.. t.lw iarket qlkelr andwl In htter enlitili,n than by lIy tither lile.
Try this lº.i.ular otue andl he colvince.l.
For inforainall regarding rate., etc., addlrss,
Ireseal Vwighi At , ma. Paul, Mle..
- -
Tlrhela a All PeeI a Eass sad Wer amid To and rem Earepr.
f BlieLt sf Am.cc onnse lti.sn , alli,.g tlte IIiit A. I. THOMPSON, Ag't.

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