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Fergus County argus. (Lewistown, Mont.) 1886-1946, December 16, 1886, Image 4

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Hatldy &  ark had re mares valad
at about $,01110 killed by Nertherm Pa.5
teal.. dortng tbe past year.
Out of a large Ihmr of hors belonging t
to Iiftey A Clark, wbich were ranging t
the uomntalm east of the Mioeourl river
nirwe last epriog aly ~ an animal was in g
leg. Tbis reelt waou attine-l by keepingi
a lhrder with lb stuock.
P. J. KLese, who is aewelully engaged t
in teewdig shoLrtbr cattle i. tbe Mi t
eoerl vallry, rerled n tler . IP. jury lat i
week. Mr. Keeme tI stromtly oppol d to
the veteriaary errvkle of Memtama. and be t
promonem it a inatlr hraud sad a .- 00
oe.mery esplase totbeeaen.ltion--Av e
itork Jornal.
A syndiate of It. Ionu rcapitalitts has
be.on Ired br t5k porpone of otaeldhit
ing an immease oettle ranchk i Meroo.
Thie Md to be prrhaMed hou already
her selra ted. and lnal arrangetenat are
betig prtested kew the ionugmtaiok n o the
eterptrime. TLe rndoU wll comprime 1.150.- a
0tM armes to what I. known as the rstleesi ,
Sdoe l the ostate of Clihhua.
It is hlrdl ever sp kes of, bat Kobr &
tliletebueg. uo lier loael, are pretty heavy
twUl elsghtewer tuemlve. They sp
y the prineipal pat the bed etem i
BIttet. H e and other mining towee.
Mr. iebk Mtaeboheug pamed hrqgb Mile
itty yesterdeay em rout to lotte ora the
Heet. Upo hi arrival be wil comr s
the killM of enmethiog lke 1,000 bend of
good let bheee whenr oaresem will be
bept o r oulingroom Iand deat nt to es. 1
tome e·st apriag wheo fat pnee luoes e
are ant espeted to be very plentiul.-
tlork Growe.' Joroal.
Every t wboy has within hie reach to
leromr a cattleman. Not simply the own.
er of a ew hend of crttle, but be ca . nnm n,
her them by the huloreds or even thou- I1
*adoif he rhoeues. Slot he (ant4 dl thie(
nd aebud lsd earnia·nge rgau , re whiaky,
and hold the ame oful being good card
player. There no in elsa of eaployera
who ha an klindly to their men as do eat
tisUrme. Nearly any of then will content
to pay a good, eneer, phaistaking moan ht
yraun eattle at the een of a given period.
TheL boy an, ito laSet do, ero tIhebrewn a
thowrougty; earn the capetty of thent
reane snd the arcemlble water. If he dome I
mot wish to go it ahmo he has an excellent t
opportunity of elecrting from among his
rompanions a partner. We know of rev
rerl boy. starting bamnd and giving it into
the care of one, and the rd tnvest their
wan tos eattle. It thum takeLs la a few
years to get a hesd of eufllcpru t number. to i
requlte N their time to attend to.--tBJ
Ad Homt
. ..---.-... . Ii
beud bpn.s as
1. Never allow any one to tickle di
your horse in the stable. The animal '"1
oyeew dlthe torment and does not
un the joke. VViious habitas l
are thus brought on.
2. Never heat the horsewhet in the a
tabeis. Nothhi no soon makes hilt h.
8. at the hors'. litter be dry and 0:
elam understeath as well as on top.
ltaatdun on hot, fermented manure t
alakMtsM hoofs soft, and brings on N
lamsnm. ti
4. Chasg the litter partiall in ti
ome parts and entirely in ot ers, t
every morning and brush out and tI
ahmw the stall thoroughly.
5. To proure a clean coat on your
horse, use plenty of robbing and brush- 1
lag. Plenty of "elbow agrse" 'opens
the pores, softens the skin, and pro- .
emotes the animnal general health.
6. Never rleanahorse in the stable.
Thedust fouls theerib, and makes him k
loathe his food.
T. Use the 'rlr.rromnb lightly. tl
When used ronghly it is a sounre of
f3. r t the heels be well brushed out h
every night. lirt, if allowed to cake a
in, causes grease heel.
9. Whenever a horse is washed,
neverlolve hin until heip rubbed quite
dr. Hewillprotablyehill if nglected.
!0. Let the horse ool slowly and t
then groom him quite dry, first with a
wimofstraw, then withabnush. This
removes duast, dirt andm smeat, and al- h
tows time for the tomnach to recover I
tlseK anm the appetite to return. it
Altdi alt li beMr." I"
Nmty readers do the River Press will i
rsgret to larn d the death of K. A.,
better known as "IBurk" Barker, thei
dicoverer of the Iarker mining dis- o
trict and in whose homor the camp,
was named, which otarret in Mis a
sour a few days ao. He was an eld-r
timer in the country, mad was on the tt
frontier stn of his life, having sbeen -
incafWoreiaintheearlydays. ".Butrk"
nMld his mining property in Barker
thring thl boom and eliszed se*veral
thousand dollars k tfhe Mnme. when h
he returned to hisnold honme at tdessa., p
Mo., and settled. He bmought a farm o
and we umlerstand was swindled out t
of it by meansot adeftmettiv title. We ti
believe he marriedi  ite his rCtulrn to o
"the states" anl leaves a wilow. He t4
was tloofrue and liberal a mans to sae.1
ntoney,. m his thoucsals s.lippedl
thlrough his tlsa.ers, andl ht' ied inor I,
and alnmtnt hsple'ss. Pea a to his o
ds w1-'-River Prseass
s bui mEiheuu1 P1111111P 1
t W ta'4sinton mps in't *'s
asnmar lsas written a letter to t'os-,
missioner Sparks of the gateral Ic.t!d
onit., that will reverse tw lractike 'of
that bumran in isling lpattensta for!
mining claiam. It has beten the pra'
tikp of the departntment inl grantins
patents covmerng slats or mniinig a
tdlians tIhat interfere withl towlnite
c'laims to give urfa'ce inprovemenuts
alnd bettcrtwmnttatothetomwnite c'laim
ants. Itn the ca's of lIksuleach s. r
Hawke, tlwe atrrnc ' costrt deridekl
tlat the fea simple to It's gromld was, ,
indivisible atnd in'ludtd the nsurfast 1
aus well as the Msulterrtuan an l ss'ss
.-ions. On t toner 2'th. t('otais
sion er Sparks addreuned a lett"r to C
s ecretey lanmar stating the practitte
of the departmett. citing the de
rision of the court, and asking for in
trtsctits). TL se~'rretaryretplies thant e
t e1tatcision of $ th c.hutr* utsltt Ie fol
lowed and conveyatme,, made to Isue 5
s-l.,sns includimi the surftan inprove- L
Irn? -.
i WItO N. so". %.. Pswtetalauiv years t.
Is M " r Asake. iatt
If I were a Iby ahhl, e41lowel le i
tie same wild pImaion for plhkilng
waternwlonsl in the dark of the ntl(n.ll i
I would no doubt fall a vi iml to 1 huLt i
Si overmastering pjitioll lts I dlii ts4ore. I.
-s but lookitl at It as I so ow, I wodo o I ll I
Sbe wi*sr. Ioys talrnnot. hIowever. Ihve i *
PI the maturt juilgnwnt of manlllll l
without the explriene and rlwhnman
tism that go with it. wo it is letter I
that in otr chliklhood we nlly I- atl, b I w"
Sto eat a raw turlil with nafety. andi
:know lomthitg later on ill Ilfe. I el
Stntise a greatt i'iihangt in mn.vaIf while
VI co rlpwring lliiy prestltt eoaldit ion with I ti
that of joyoun boyhnal. . Then I lhadl
no settle, bint I hatd a goodt dei stionl. .
aI Now I havllt even the digestion. TheI I
hulrryin yearn lhave iavortedl over tly at
. slunnly ulad till they halive worn it
i nmootll, blt tlwy have left a g(mdl,
re deal yet for lme to learn. I anil still
e elgagrd in learning lduring thie day
,n- and putting arni.ca on msy experietwr
ai at nllit. I
childhood is said to It the most
gladmonse period in our liveit. and in 1
mome resperta this stateenwt lmity Ie
r7 rarIdd as reliable, bint it in not all
o- . I have had just ar munch fol it
in latter years as 1 did in bioyhlod.
. though time people witlh wlhoei I hLave
le been thrown ill ontac"t claiml that
e their experience lutse en different. I
Shope they do not mean anything per. w
monli liy thlat.
dI o Ionttinrs wish that I truitld lle
ea 1boy aqnil, lilt I smothwr tlht wish l
on aMoI)ut of mny laretwts. What l
Sthey ilur mmot is rest a n chiange of Iº
- same. They still enjoy hllildrten bt it
they wou kllike a clrhsee to select the u
to children with whol tlhey nassoiaite. i.t
pMy parents were ,lesasil with five
h raight-eytedl beaulltiful little I , three '
' whomllrew lp unllv tb halt llan
ssaerteadlitults. I t t i t Ihat toili
ts tion myself. I was the lnst of the
, family with the etepltt ion of my IPr
tt ents. I amn still t lit wyv. My earl:
tm life was rather t etlt tiuotts in plaes,
e nwaionally htillIke withil Iltisle'in,
Iat nt nore freipnently with retrilbution.
I was not a very good roadhatr wlt to
young, and so retribustiotn nts 'most
always junt in the nOt of overta king
mue. While ocutragl justiie was get
Sting in its work ont ite. the otlher Itys
+ elnrayed through a turltil aleure lr li
at ' tie fene.
il. That in another resonI why I do not
v. yearn to e a iboy agalin.
to When we ran anway frntm w-hutl to
atch ch , lhIb ant whenl we tuilt a tire
to cook them, ant the lire got into the
tall, dray gratn and burned four m iiles
to of fene and sixteet touts of hay for a e
s ientlenan for whom I lhadl at high
r read, ard I went l hrk to put ou the
lre, tte otlhr  ioys etwthiled anisd have
so remained ever sinth e.
A just ret ritlt iou has lnever hald rlny
le ditineltyint overtakisgmett al walkiing
atl and down over mytt wishbone.
tl tind , ilorn o onlyt nll laine yiagaugti
n Wien at party of urs id Wei engaged
tr in gathering Easter eugs in the htarn of
a gentlenmar who wasawaty froim hlonite
loo at t tinw and w returnedl just Ia we
int/ had HIldour pockete with thteuhtictat
vintage of his sut-kilated helns, and t e
other hoysestraped while I was occltpy
ing the attentioni of the dog, and Iha d,
r to slide out of the serond story of the
re barn. It is still fmreh in my mmd as I
write. I worenly fther'svet at that
in time and it was larger than was nIu s-I
se mry. My father was larger than I it
,d that time, for I was only nine eetrs of
age and had not arrived at my full
or stature. In sliding down the batten I
o diiscovered that the upper end was
loose and that my flowing vent had
slipped over it, so that when I got
.downbout four feet I lhuing by te
ItI hoard buttoned inrside ny bosono and
the seramlhwbl rg t coting out of nty
in knickerbokers.
The batten had sprung back againIst
tlh the lart iuh iha a way as to prevent i
Smy unbtottoning nmy vest, andl while I
ut hung there on tlhe side of the barn like
tn  dooen kin, the proprietor cate
k around anl and tar d e of glOtlerin
t ke I had heard tlruthl very highyt spoken
ofm hby people who had daibledI in it
ymore or len, and no I resolved to try
Sit in this instance. So I admitted
11that such was the case, an l it was the
• ;heat thing that I couki possibly :
have done, for tes ,man said as
I had heel no frank with hint he would i
take ise down as soon as he got his
other work done, and he was as good '
as him wotrd. After he had milked nine
rcowsnl fed ninecalve he came with a
ill ladder an took e down. He also *
spankenl me and net the dog on me,i
' but Idtl not tiind that for I was ae
heustometomd toit. Tol hang on the side!
is- of a arn, however, like a autumn I
p leaf, trying to kick large holes in the
I,,, atna sgtherr, in disagreable.
Thinidnwlentat a gloom over nmy
whole life. It has also rr riled rmse
he to the awful decree that I can never
V' be aloy agan.
i,, ----- -- i!
General Jobi It. (lark. clerk of the
m house of repreenltativte has om-rn
A. pftal I MI cxnxeu to Ile printed lea un-.
m ofickial liHt of til ulwmi'hxnoilw he house'
,at for the. Fiftieth (ibogrean. HIe' chlani
lien thlella as I t(I Elelhlo rat , 1:12 re
publk411144. alnd 4i illidel-wsldetM. with
to one -a,*:,m&,v. R hode Island, whicjhi is
I. to 1w illed. probathl lo.a republicaln. l.
14 he shit- 1111d41a 1unk 14i1! V -Ivel of the
numlvberreold Ot~nl~eW(,d In~ilig tell
t' I w'. ;,11 Itewnetl t o, 4gr.44n*. (f t he.
is old ineolsl-nr 1 (MI ti r deru l r bind
tl3' rl-pullhi4':4Il. If tilt i114,j~wlldllitb
divide, as the. I s11' l*j444l 44to I i.
cwcl'aII I*ttatrl tllr two sides,, it w'ill
gi.ve 1w;i lllllcsrjlsit ma Eljority o(f four
1It' H r OIf mEMuT.
Honttio I. .- hiie' .'ijt.L 4141,1 of
nor hl tlalnl. is 1141.
Ill Tie jew(els of fii ass.- Mrt.. St.Iwart.
lt Are' wortlh E7O.HINUI.
ir knentor Mlalhonl. 114*1,le $,l(1)(( I(t%
.1w tile resenlt ri-n-ill kti,411511 I& 1(1411 jIll
raillroad xtlosk.
p*44i1141i 11,51f4th (sxtIfts~ l .llI." r *s'(llgt' UP
And Mllrs. (t:ietrl 4ie.,'sN- 01oswt 4(41t2411
IC 10.4 tbree hours. withoutlr t sltolilngli.
in. John S. Mothv. hll ex-coufllf.4t'utt a
at cavalrylman. i,. pr' ilsitir law ino San
,I_ Frui4-iwl-14. lie mIt e tw14 t1.14 11oi1(ey
Ile dlurtflfi- (1,il..s.4 ,s "ui.-u.l hip. It I.sth
t- s'j'ft it all. a
('n)uin": -attain l lo4 Ftnl" y of hell
i i e.v will aiu. t I.i' t'oirier-Jour nal a In
'Ti"i..n . i L.uiat ill.' for lil.., .lihming.
ito I l ,4aI aml la "'-". for u kingh char 'e I
nt skT. int hg his private lcharamcter.
itr DOW hen rm
AnI .1 hair of lend knwlklekh weithitg
uat i se,.vt or eight oulmg" were taken fromnt pa
a pri.t'ir whlo warn Iheiig m*tn lat I it
Id hvllmnarter t othetwr day. nld thello
v serieant pk'ck tIlem p and asked: I _
:! "ilWhat o nyou use thee for?"' ie
n "To kinok on the door and 'rouse :
r .up ny wife wten I get honme late,"
mleI wn, the' reply. ,
iul '-Tiwn tlwy answer for a door hell,
It lm?"
bilte 'Thlat's it, sir, only they are ten
hit1 tines as relialie. You can't hit -olr I
n, wife with a door hell if shewoinsdlown ;
ol. tairs jawing, int you 'can with time. 1,e
1l 'mn a Ioor msm, sir, and have to '
astudy a k rts of econoy."
"v-c (ten. Mios, who is to lecture in I
Boston oon.lhas itn his psesson the +
t its lat letter of Gen. Brant. It was dik- !
Is tnted the day before lien. G(rant died, t-'s
ll and was adudresal to (ov. $tanford,
nill asking hil inflmenm to sesre C'ol.l
-:' Mo ly a situation in Californin whrl,
e wouli help hint to enter on the prac
te `tki law. This letter wasthe mnnns
of obtaining an appointment as coon'
eel for the $louthern Paific railroad, e
ir" i whklh Mosby, still holds. (len. Urant i
had a very strong atta'lunent for
Ise ('ol. Mlody, which was fully 'reiprol- J
int cated by the latter. (trant always
af mil that Mosby was one of the very w
of lest olkwiers on the Southern side dure
ht ing the war, and one who thoroughly
, understood and lapprciated what war Mi
ive, "nennt.:
"` Meat Market.
. ) Woosok iroe.,
oiP o Poprietors.
Al M hob of Fretsh eel, Purk, 1u .1m
Ies ter Always on Hand.
_o, ne MeatNes , MCMa
0 Rigsn of l Kinds, Mlue sddi
ad, al y eat n e. .-e.m blg. wef keam.
the e.md41e bIe. or geed ,etbllee, gte. sem e eell.
Sat P. Saunders, Prop,
S FrT. xAGIeIas
lad RMIE nMiW, Stepelt.e I
got -
and General lllackesimitllingl,
my and Iron Work.
iset i
'ct Storse loeing and (IGneral Rellirlng.
le I Wagon Work of All Kldnd.
nl it7
ibly ~UUW W~
n Iadr.Wbkkwa, Ngstmaa "rr
a Work promptly Alm.w ald atwlahtlea) `
m. Alaso. Wholeaaaa sad retal dualsr is
ade' Judith Mountain -
ever Strdm$olitahd.
b~n a s Mar lerpi Uai U r.
un,- . r
tlee' lIweulatro in every Section of tb. n
h is, atr'MRIpT~loll
J llytllyr,9. tl4zna.a.*. Threemoa.2.f .5
telln wekly. WAS pe aw .
ad Addrea all commnuinrations to
1 of
wen - " II
"'I,· -1
yt a r tL
San MrOw"A 96
141 N.Moin of llnma 3Ut7.
lil t -ab i·ir tJ
un i , h .I w L mb N i e a? H U L O b ig B t" *
wads uds 1oIs. L i * talvar wil
Wmwmhý  oru p.
~k~li' thor(~U~ - -
.a~ Nasha auIging ES. l~wM v veina:S e'
who miade ,-.almwo imin1ghoam.
mid Saud. via: hu.e1 A. =26 CIchoh
,,a" awmsu. Ew.tam W l WO
dII, Xn.M.. !trmad
en L*N50PI'VH? N? UEL,O. U. T..
11r Ri.y W. Iull
Nil 2i.dre I hamy grv. that the r li-at dc
ma rl ' -" 'ln~· l
Anaa &I* at him bial.. am hN. am
to m~e~( umO he ahe f iad N.
veletw at N.Wu. Namiam.. -. SO. 5107,
Nrr rt N r0$..ru
wham damimamimmj o11 amamt lif
*a.1o s~ty .{ gwmeSi 1. tawa.
inI Imhrlusmmthw, ,nloa S.opm, pewU
he emattlmoeas" mMidamm .win mmdaeSivamimem
ittw Veiimmwamd.f
ret, w T . LaummaSU. UNbum. .t
rd, M~ll·U cI 1 Yr
. NVss of llamA 3m1w7
Lass omý.r A? L¶ I ,T u , l M
In. rWl rr~nkll U n
Ins BeeoSpami hoM ammme a his aimiam mmd ihat said
for ~ th ,mlmmm its aw.ewu.U. ..
ro" Jason Tth . Il: a witw.1.
ly x maaShelmtrl~eiSWmIhmammho
Itr-f . Mtr n-W$/ nr, s
or veitsawm mmda..n wm, mud eelieiim of
I iaraO., nUaammmh aid Naho0l · 49
a('..td.awad. Ugem . & .Ng lr
P. . L ammmiemua. Um sew. T..
S.l a
eamS nt ho.t inmaet a him mii. m thaot
eee1 L Mmo 111.. M hw .1 /M .
D. v, irwr 21L UK Thu n cr·I
who mmla .m fayt I-s
H ss the Lwmwul..aaS UiAm. a
sold 1.laud, 5.5p1a. vla. Nimab.
aed. Wilfa, J Fameset md NMnafw C.(hmmhmw.
la ·L Wive oet l apMiaL s~woslI N·lwK.
Alt- Ned" a llS1lat 7.
Lawsw¶~OU~ (c INus.N
m~~ Ulmamimahhoeamim Ual
a Oed.als r $.111t o MsMNti. I
m~ake GmS piematho amwpm~aet hi ehlmm. wl Sam
mid piat wIN ho mr um tmh (e mhimJ.1.
If whe mud 1,5. IwMasa I
' , ilaae.a linkma spi
A.ah faud vim s leebam. Game.. S ~rSt (1wa1"m
j3 . IS 1(.h. ,mee am Jahl Tamh. SSa
L~amaSs Ouvw asef Macsa S.pe N
sad10. il a mmueha,4 11.. . 1 .ed.
WNod tmote h..em muk ii0. Tarow luau
lt P. Ia m-f lt sue.o a mahlc
wall ao Nagt Lewlalin, 3mS aitu7 S.
11157, v IE1J 1151.
Smaim 3.3mb t .. Ih.t ,
niamed o..i Jim 11. Nthe of hi~m. 1N.15
NK Sue.t m2. Lowupouf In soUph. rta o? h
claima ant ibm fellowl wilueml mina lit
Into hllm euscitoomum~L peeldmi ua. m
s(.r tho Y aa N J odde.d of Y-it ouMY.
wood.r Mis o i. WI e . W
wholds pp of b L nltowi. Ummiama.
UK h c . tt*fl sW.ih h Loaunmsa. agloi 17
ibkn w Toa IL PYM· d r of I umldr
Pd L~II . W. Laawsosss. nr C.(~e··
N.A . No a 1..11 73b.
LasslOn*ra La 1t. U. T..j
_ Nan.. Sm bu·he jiva that Ih YW~im7
BaIp~ah wwmm atJ him obum m~··~l Sa ai
wiNLe hsow mmt~ blsh mEaJdet
B.mm . . to
____ BOI S b.a LUme a . hIm
Ice ý ý. ý. Me sgw i ýLNrrd
Nr~a~rº.ae t. ý ý l ~wosa. N ldg
hmd·~.dam ~ k~ c~·~l
L~ ammimeer
3.~~~~~oll·r mI
Nod" ed 11a6 UBd7.
LaaeOmca iv UNLaai. Uaw*.ar. 3
Iletelw~r(~ Ia IIU-g.J tPUUPII~md
ra*Mr bd N book cifM w1Mw611 --- lwl o
ha air Dulw~ sami.b -w T=La U
hubm IhErI eanemt A= Wh ltutpin,
0 Epetaga. . aaba Is bgll.wli..
Fab .ai .uaaI agJelaNa. hll "
IaU 1W34. USE.5. w xb t 1inbt . sase
I. a arnrn eh a M a 2W4 1r M
1ý. wrwtl. ~lwlw wr~a.m to pmvS k
M eatleeau (M wn~6y~ ./ milj~4O
ald la. vtp. D an d .M I
JIaW 1t~ .. ti, I ?tL.0.1osa. Ne ldee.
Tiem lita
Fergs t my Argue I "
In I'ee.edI. tFill ontee Am amy and all
Pi~ti~.g T
U ý- c -
w - 6-..
-ý r - ~ i ., Wb Pu
-- - - .r
- - 0'1I~r - 'rC
-k "r - -- ~
r.- .fNr
- ·u m .
The Independent
U.T. a.i wRUa.I.,
g3NUUia rem...... (in.. reaLWu.m.
urn s I. legsp" .IeeuIMhm. daa pop"r1 is b
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Qua I Thi. AP~ l~a's Ant..r~ 35l% Mis
took, Heating and Camp Stoves,
Tin and Granite Ironware,
Table and Pocket Cutlery.
u o. , ad u.....li , Si.1r and lluildik lllarnlanre,
- tulding asad Tar Paper, Harlwini and Wagion 16-panira
pa ints, (Hisand hilisg, lhl. : iwi:
Itlmlcmw, Kl{ :, I i ins
Window Glass, Putty, Etc.
Blacksmiths' Supplies,
Bufdlo Portable Forges.
Powder, Caps sad u..,
Piek, Drill and Spring Steel,
Ilouald, Sluare andI Tire Iron.
Maiden, lImttmtna
T. C. Power & Br o.,
Wholeale ad Retail Dealers in
Judith Landing, K. T.
New Goods Just Received
Specal Attention Givea to the Trade of Ranch and Stookmen.
Si:" IEt'EI\'ING .\ND Fl1.'l\\I ,\llIN(G.e
Special lnduteament osertm to those having Or. and Bullion for Eastern
lhipuseat from the Maginnis Mining Region.
Large Warehouse on the bank constructed with a Spec:ial View to the Storing
of Wool. Wool Growers in the Judith and Wolf Creek county will hfind
mim this the most convenient point to haul their wool, whether
a. desiring to sell or ship.
Transcontinental Passenger
S114tweein tI le' e t 21114l i':i'iflc (' l:i" . t.
a MEALS ONLY 76 Cents.
Sitates ta all Points East 11ul \I -t .ts i.,L, :s I1 . IIyI
le Otli r lioutte.
4efm lve I.awSIta0 aMsl Ei 3st 3ari, I p. am.: N're BoUnl ed.. a. m. tnirrprra
M USs Carea, reDss ad Keaed n I oath ..reae Attaeeld.
3l5ma Pasrag.er and Tlhet Agrnt. Mt. Paul. l.I*n.
The Popular Live Stock Route I
STOC OArST Equipped with Buspension Trucks and Air
Drakee. arge and Commodious Feeding Yards
Ar fumrnishel for feeding and reetIn tatle it tras, i'. 'Thee rrd+ are itn h:,r. ,I rw , , l
I nt mn who maloIad, fal and reload Mtock withll, t etpnllrre to rhilp.r rct4 l.r
',ting yatnl apdile,l with cihdi hay and ple.nty of waer, r.
fly taking this ruale 7y0n g.t le tin,,e and gn.Id aerlnlll'ln lltia nn thlre.:y gn.tinK t ,i r
cattle , the market quicker asd in etter colldition than by anlly iothr lie.
Try sl.r l.apolar lru ne sad he aainwihced.
For Jlaerntolrl ntal rgaP Ilng rate, etc., addlrm.,
ia reelal t Agrl, Nt. Paul, lan.
s. tWboa go AI PalmS. Lees smd Wedt and To sad twain Eawep.
on )liD-e at of eosuuliaiuansl.aI ali the isw. A. W. THOMPSON, Agt.

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