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Fergus County argus. (Lewistown, Mont.) 1886-1946, September 11, 1890, Image 2

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L WI:\ITrtWNTIit lbl.1Y.Nelpt. 11. '91
Pt ni.mle wa~rnr say
aga u. vausiAN, Edilhr A Prepddrgr.
for Slats beastr.
Of Ubet.
l usitsdersledtur IT
'~~ ~ ~ ..,..lsiI,.u~ul
Il,.n.Ie.. WY . nk. h rnos
KIed. 11 ,., .t.af erd . Treaurer.
Vis al I * ill E 'it,,,ar
lewintown leer rind rlasn..
.. .. ......... . . ..... ..F S .u h
I Mt... Thoanu 5114or..
Hr.se ider .. ....... .'II. ln ,ar
Ph..sir. ....L 'l. SI.rey
1'e1 ...w ............... .... ..... Ih .nu..I l M14 leirt
l' rust r.k. ....F FI. Iere.y
I', e x Fu rk.. ........................ . 1 1.4I 1."Ilry
'nsist 'rk... ...... . .......... . I1. Rogr n
Klier' se .... ... .... ... ........... . .1. . e
Mae ssinF' .r ..... ....... ..................1.tr M. Roge
l an.. l e...... .. . ............ . a. le. . .a. tn
MV ar ent ..r........... ......................Ii Knackm
Stsu Mart g . ............t........... .. s. e. stud lrd
Ahler Ure' ....... . .................... . .S luter
Judith ............... .... K. Nssrri.
list W.illow . ..1.. S . hherman
t'ruse.................... ...... .......... Pere r y
Tennessee F lat.............J. A. Njacklsas
Halber t ..................r I.. albertli
Lavinias .................... N. C. Smith
Itarrutt ............... 1. S. 31sasseaslasall
L~ewarnoe N, Mont., Sept. It. It*hl".
The executive committee of the Fergus
('unausty Ke.ublicaa cesusnitte' hereby en
des.es. the VFmaLs t.r55TV Anat. a.. the
.ltcial paper of the party in this .'srlty.
t(eo. W. coo. t kszirisan.
K. von Tessia., Seretary.
(.wt. M. STArFroNi. Treas.
Lori,. W. Es.sumss.k.
SSovou. PmI..Lil..
The eamornrats have carried .Arkan
sas. No opposition-to speak of.
Vermont is still in the iRepubliaan
column with good iajorities for an
off year.
Above will be found theendorsement
of the Aloane as the official paper of
the Republican party of Fergus county.
A Kansas paper announces that "it
is so dry in Osborne county that the
hogs have to be soaked in the river
before they will holt slop."
M.lontana is ably represented both in
the senate and iu the house. Even
Mr. Carlisle was no niiatch for (ol.
Sanders when it coame to a dincas.siona
of the lead ore aluty. Carlisle wiac sst
from him range.
Tom Power lays no claim to being
an orator but a Washington stsw.al
says he nakes "very rt~ed ive tuid
businens-like arguments before vor
inittees." He has Iis eye open to
Alonmtanma interedts.
The Fort lienton Review, is the
namne of the new itepubliiati paper
published at the river metropolis. It
is an eight col.umn folio, ably edited
and gives promise of teing a feriia
nent fixture in northern Montana.
The Maine elct gion took place last
Moanday. Toms Keel was among his
constituents last week and wasgreetct'
with larg'- audiences everywhere. Ife
will undoiitelly be elemtel by a good
majority. Two years ago hismimajority
was 2,4583.
Senator Sanders and Congressman
Carter have our thanks for their
speeches on the subject of '"Irrigat ion
Burveys and the Withdrawal of Land
from Settlement." Both are able pre
sentations of facts, and will receive
further attention.
Carter has performed the Charley
Ross act by mysteriously disaptpear
ing front Washington.- River Press.
How closely the Democrat ic prefs
watches Carter. Never mind. He is
always on deck when the interests of
Montana are at stake.
On first page will he found a liberal
extract from James G. Blaine's speech
delivered in Waterville, Maine. It will
Le seen that while Mr. Blaine favors
reciprocity he is none the less a pro
tectionist. He believes reciprocity
would prove a beneficial adjunct.
The Fergus (ounty Republican made
its first appearance last week. It is
a five column quarto, patent inside,
with four pages printed at house. It
is neat in appearance, with a good
local lay out. Rathbone Bros. are
editors and proprietors. May success
attend them.
From all that we can learn, the
Republicans af Fergus county have
made a wise a election for Senator in
C. W. Baylies, of Ibet, and we hope
the Republicans will see to it that he
is elected by no narrow or doubtful
majority. It is also a harbinger of
sucress that the Auurs has coe out
straight Reptblican. It is one of the
ablest, brightest and deservdly inlln
eutial papers in the State. and its
strength will be vast lv increased by the
straight-out, unconditional adlvc'u'y
of the only party principles that favor
thw interests of the people of Fergus
county.-Helena Herald.
The mimers of Montana shonld cut
this out and paste it on their cabin
dooms. When the lead schedile was
reached in the tariff bill now before
the senate am anmendaseit was offered
to reduce thedutyonforeign lead from
I,, cents to t, of a cent per lb. tln this
proposition every Rehamblicasm present
except Plunb of Kaneass,voted against
the reduction while tbe following Itent
oirats voted for at: Derry, Call, Car
lisle, Cockrell. Voke,Colquitt. rionnan,
iray, Hampton, McPherson, Morgan,
Reagan, Vance, Ves, Walthall and
Walson. We don't believe t he mniners
of Montana want to compete with
the peonm and half-breed labor of
Mexico. If not they will stand lay
their friends.
m -m, rs ler> tail Power were uii
New 1 ink last at.k. Mnil in :an mnter
t ii. pii Ire-ed I mimi-ieltn it favor of
tih-elvectron (rill. .1r. Power stid:
T 'im leetiin bill oumht ito ise Ina-set.
It is aln initr:ime that it anmint be
jpa-'e'I. blt there are rpujbli:ini in1
lnnl- u-ut In iiiri, wfro opl si e Hoty
.-h:inge- ill tie rise-. so that it i
numossibme t it pi..e-lt It t i e tariff mani
ele-u.tioni bill. I kiiiis ih4ow mint-l tihe
Iuimninet.v of our count ry dIelpends Minu
mmnd re-iucre: - Il-* . majplet ini of I lie
taril? 1it, and I Ipefer to let the
elet ions bill wait rat her than eiiai
eel the tarilT lill. nmider-u i- c-r
hatit'll iiyir faviir-of forcing Tlie
-lect i-ns bill t brough at t his s-suion.
II is lowardly not Ito alss it," he
sait. "Where i iallow a miiuemrble
mimnorily to i mIs of votes tin suMih
ninutwmrs that they make i- apms-ar in
tIhe ninority: when I hey uuceiimpatiy
it with aiaisiinat(ionm. wjl Ii ri-utiii
threats. with tmunts and giaiu, we
desmiiveto ie roimiem. if hating lhi
luower tand almighty justice on our
sile, we do not right tihe wrong. I
don't is-lievet here im a single re-publican
nmembter of the I nitei States senate
who would dare to vote against t he bill.
They dare not vote against the hiii.
They dare vote against changing the
rules, however. and that is the stumm
bling block. .\s long as the :ules are
unchanged they can block the bill.
To-day the Republicans of Montana
will assemble at Iiutte to name time
next Republican congressman. We
believe there will be but one iame in
time mouths of the delegates present,
and it will be that of mThomas H.
Carter. There will be it united voice
demiiaiding him as their leader. It
will be such an expression that Mr.
Carter will feel in dutyo bound to heed.
With this brilliant and intrepid leader
the Repubilicians of Montana would
mairclh on to certain victory. In his
brief career in congress lie has made
it national reptitation by his labors
inl behalf of Montana's interests. lie
is considered the ablest representative
from the northwest, and in choosing
hmi to lill the important position of
secretary of the republican congress
ional committee his ability was justly
recognized and Montamna highly hon
Republicans geumeraily will await
ianxiously the result of the Ituttemon
vention. ihould Mr. Carter remain
lirmn in his determimiation to retire
iromn pohit its tmhen anot her leader will
tue found to lbar the lictimllimnn lain
tier aloft aid lead the party oi to
victory. Montama is Itephlicmnni, aniii
whoeverii it unmmd it latn I is Sure of
Zi,imMI majority.
The Dlemocratls of Fergues ceonty
hla e plnced P W1. M1A eIdow in etnii
ciaeon for state secnatr. For vceeeolee
reacseens we regard the selet tione a poor
one. In the lirst peaee it is a ituristiol
whether Mr.Me Aeleow is a resielent of
this cofety. While he hlie mielne
interests lt Maiden, through the eeis
varriege of nc sale. lie hlia built hintiet
leexeeeeeenet Iorne in Michigan % here hls
family is noeehweateel, if we are cor
reet ly informeeel. lie lens lot Ieern in
t eie coet y nor ie the Sta te for te er a
year and it is only Ieucaeu of Ilete rr
vert ing to him again of f ile S11t teel
Horse prolset y is he here now. We
do not think .1r. M.Aedow hets any
intention of lecomieeg or remaining a
resident of Fergns coenty. This has
been commeouly uelerstood. From
what we can learn, it was Mr. MIe
Adow's purpose to put the Slettel
Horse property in good shape aed
then seek a percheser,and that it was
not his intention to operate the prop
erty during the winter.
What Ferguscounty needs and mest
have is a bona tide resident to relre
sent its interests at Helena this winter.
We cannot aflord to take chances.
We are not electing a state senator at
large. We want a man who expects
to remain here and be identified with
our meterests in the future.
How is it now? Practically we have
in part non-resident representation in
the lower house. Must we go to the
outside world for a state senator?
But Mr. McAdow was not chosen
because he represented the true inter
ests of this county. It was secretly
whispered that he had a "barrel"
which lee might Ile induced to tap if
he got the nomination. But Fergus
county has seen enough of secie meth
ods in carrying elections. They will
not work this year.
Mr. McAdow represents a party that
is unfriendly to the most prominent
if not all the industries of this county,
including mining in which lee is en
gaged, and hles election woule be an
endorsement of its policy.
The Republicans have placed in
nomination a enee who has grown tep
with our industries and who intends
to make his permanent home aeo ong
es. He is an intelligent, capable, fair
minded man tend generous to a lnult.
lie is in the coeety for what theer is
tn it, not for what he can get out of it.
Whilee lhas no "barrel" to unduly ie
Iluence voters, lee will be found a hard
and earneest worker in the campaign,
and will lee eletedl by a gooel round
majority. Mr. lceylies should have
the sueelsrt of every Repebliean in
Fergus county. There is no eulestion
but he will get a good eeany Ieenmo
eratic votes.
Oesrasr deesigh and au the Repubbesa
c..genessm Ras-seatss. sees Mam
Iaeresasd MAiarity.
A -i,1 s.t, pt. . 8 I'ieeeeaen Manly
i t fle repeeleletnea state coeenit f lee
sent out at eeideiglet the followine Ili
epatch lte President Ierrisotn:
Maitre gives the largest repeelienn
majority thrown in ace off years since
18414. andi a larger majority than given
in eresidential contests simees Iie,
wIthI single exceptions of 1044 aeel
I 8148.
t ov. Iturleigh is reseleedtel by a tee
jority exeemeg I 1,4551. Speaker
Itemml is re-electem by the largest ams
Jlaraty lie has ever received, excsedaimg
II.ZN. Itemrermamtatmae Ilmigley. Itoam
telle andl Milliken are re-elected by
majoritmea ranging froma :ttNNI to
:.m.tl. The Pine 'Tree state edlormmema
mmomr admmimist rattona and rmsamima lirn
in itsadmovacyot protection to.tmneri
ian laalor.
Punsmumi mSept. N. Two hmnamred and
ten t:: mm1. Iii. Itm tualkagh 4am.t5.. Tlmmhmumpmmm
27.4.... lark l.1.I. eeattering t15N. Tie
sawe tmeem. its I,%N. gave a repmlblinsmm
mtme ml :54m1Cmml; mmemamnmrat. :17.214; prm
lmtlition, 1.17mi; mmuatmerimgm. immsi. A rm
mmelmIaI. plurality .f 1:t.amca. agaital 1:t.
4"., a rmpmilmimna gainm m 5m01. I towana to
hear rutm fall off its the aame prlmllartion
fil vote lhoumlm matamd ifeputalieam alamma
:I.:,smm. mesnmratmmrs I b...aNm, samt-lering:t.
min. 'Tmtal I :t.m"m. lm Insatlmemmtm.stmasi;
Uiepnlmiranmmaa Gatul1ma. memnamrrat.s .m2m..
prohibition :t.ini. watterjie 2:1. Re
publimn pmlra lily 1:1.7mm?. Thi. year Ilsm
pluralily will 1.e almmmat Ita.N1., a giain o
5:amnm amimi imsaei alawmmml um gmsimlmntial
List of Brand mad Petit iams mad Civil
Caase flor Trial.
CeRANG .te a.
. Ja ......................... ....ammt...... . ahars
St itnlidarl................F. . Magininim
W I .aeckanm.................. Lewimaown
I) W Kelly(.m
1. ii mamita .......................... Pmilbruck
J It. Elliot.....................................dahara
A lsageland ................ . l.. eAelmi
James Allen...............................$.tanm rml
John lllateld.............................. ITla
Ni Hobson................................. Itica
TRIAL. JIrautt.
Matthew itaunton.........................Halbaert
tW Barnes .......................i...... t.enton
J hemia NorEnan......................... lewiatowim
J A Ilyon.m................. tIrws. toang
Fruank Cutamamn.................... Haletrw t
J h tiileramam ..............................LeMlutown
Atugut i.timag......................ttmnwmom
Johnm m meta ..........................Maldena
' Fm MReNam ......................s. .....I milaaaaok
Jaan E anmtt.......................... i.taiafo..ton
Wama illnMmigart..............................iewistown
Tahsm J . ..ffy . . ...................It Maetnni
Imemi iodan..... .................... .a.idem
It V uen ...........................I.deatiol
Varmk i'ramnket........................Urtica
Sierrl Jter.............................. ilbeortt
Pt V Meo sra .........................................t ska
It F Lmeppler..................imimtwlmmm
WT liaell ...................t..... .h..etmok
ft A Ilumoamn........... ..............Meariden
Iterry Itreatutreet..............Lemietownm
C BIeamrr , hori ...............ottonwood
ft V XMwras........ tir
N T ieayerma . . . ..l.....fert
lit.m Eastman ...................itamiden
itemjamima Shioatly ... THI.Cuttom al
$ It Flowere ................. Lewlesuma
A J bmieasles .....................htalbtat
mvt a m. m ea FaimTaleam..
panicl Thomas vs. Julias Bain aul lee
Iaain: clammn and delivery. it. otn Totel,
F. E. itmaitl. Butk & iach. for plaintill,
Wale, Tasmle & Wallace and J. mP. Matlam,
for defendants.
Joepa K Wianer et al. vs. Jomeph H Ma
gallma: imjunmeimn; water right. Manmena
hullard flr plaintif., I. voia Tombel for demm
Nathaniel Mmtaialey ve. teaautl Tyler,
ct al.; waler right; iK. von Tmlsml aemd Itak
.5 Bach. Imr plaammtiaF, F. K. tmaith and K.W.
Murrinm faor defendant.
T. t'. Power . lirm.. vm. (lamrk Tingley,
alttahmmlent. F. N. A, S. II. Meintyre, flr
.Annii. . Uimermp va. Edward i'. liat-mrap;
.1irma. V. F. Siimth, fur plainmtif.
Ella It. Siftama ta. Aliream W. mitmem. di
lur"e F. F: amith, las plaialiIt.
Edward \\N Knight as, William Wallace
and limlem 4. Ilmallam. lmmrmlmmare. Aah
aurn K. liarlwr, attmrnmy for plainiimla.
.Mary Mh. iwa.tleand va Ingmbrmem :iaaon.
inj uition. It. mm rTotsI aor pamiatill. E.
W. 11 rrion for dalmaan.lt.
Siammrga 1.. tima.n vs. t. .I. irlma
laraaloiem-. 1: aai '1.a.ml ami N. It. tSmii
ior plaimaial.
Niol.. Elan]h ir. J...pish Ehlnigh.alivaarm.e
:. IW. Mnrri.on fmr plsintil, F. F:. Sail,
for delemnanm .
1: Ii. m'aaiiaims- J-mm. hml lam-k-mo, rt. al ,
wnter right. E. W. NImarri-mm mor plalntill.
F. E. SitaiilI. for dmleaidant
\W'llowl's.ate li:.nc compalnyli . lii Thmar
maram., mm. al., water right. P. W. Nmrsi
rmma. far plaintial. F. E. Smith ailid it. man
Tamtmm ier daletndatsa.
Hierlwr .tmkiisan mma Fras a. Akinaon;
divmrme. F. F. maniilli, aioraiy amr plain
Williams 1 kaaaame v-a. m larlutm Kr,-n-.
alitsmrmm. Jmlmaa P. Macli,. allnas.at laur
Impressioes Gathered in Reoem.
Ilimas:A, wept. I. 1`WO.
E'lorous Aito .: T1o anl old-tinwer
who has -Yeln Montana in the lovuli
ness of nature. umiared.l by the hileii
of mlau, Ileleia with her railroads,
elwi t ie and horse iars, elest sic and
gas lights, her bmattiful dwelling iamd
business houses,apptears like a dream.
4 ud chumus who wore flannel shirts.
"foxed" pants.guia hoots, and cooked
tlhir 'grun' wit Ii us in the miner's
cabin, are met with on the st reets in
"stove-pipe" hats, "boiled" shirts,
"store clothes," and live in palates.
This is the result of our mines. profit
able trade, or rise in real estate. Be
ing the county seat, the capital of the
state and the iinancial center, with six
large banking institutions, all sections
are tributary to her. It is doubtful
whether there is another city in the
world with as much wealth or as many
beautiful homes in proportion to its
population, and its cit izens are wort hy
of mt, for it would he difficult to find a
more warm-hearted, generous people.
The state fair has come and gone, as
usual. The attendance was large, the
racing good, but the agricultural dis
play poor, in part due to the want of
water and consequent failure of crops.
The old-timers, who were present in
large numbers, held an interestinghus
iness mieeting Wednesday forenoon, at
which Hon. W. A. Clark was elected
president for the ensuing year, and a
baiquet was given at the Hotel Broad
water Thursiay evening. Supper was
to lie called at ti sharp, but was not
ready until 1i:3u0, which gave time for
everyluody to renew old acquaintams'e
amnd feel happy. Soup served in small
teiatimps, which some of tihe ol
"codgers" dosel with sugar, taking it
for tea, was a mystery to thei, and
some of the suplwerles old chaps
looked as though they would have
preferred less style, fewer dishes and
more fonil. Ilonorahleas A. M. Holier,
Sandwood, Martin Maginnis, W. A.
S'lark and Iir. Steele male good but
rather flattering m sis'ye''s.
Messrs. J. II. Mo.:. David Italiger,
aun. Fergus and threw sons, whii were
here from your count y, have returned.
Mris. Iie,. i utir is visitiig Major avd
irn'. ..ouain iof the iiithead agtnciu .
Thel. ltoseenan Register halan hue he,.e
w.hl to It,. Mr. Lisingstonu, who will
Ipublisha lainr party orgau.
The output of til liransitc Mouutaiso for
the week endiig Autust 21 was forty-itte
latre of helliom, rontaining t i, :3: ouneso
fi,.e silter iad I73 ounces Atee g*ild.
Mr Kvi.v Price. a well kuow, stck iuini
of eturtheri Mintaua, and Mline Aina. 11.
ingalls of Milford. New York. iere earrieai
at tiei, Prem'mymterimn mithsrnI& It that it, the
imti. lmlt.
Tile I'eormm tm hon. 1.1ti it...a 'vth dirt
datedm111 f ooer reaonm per ..hit r., umakimmm It
total of 1I3lm.1mcIl ist within a year. It
in epecrtlei that it will iernflmter Iay
,nommthly dividend of five mentmt a "hare.
It ilm rmmmmsre.t that is to n.s will m Iii I. rt. - I
ten tfle itulhammk 1..i.11..1 jaui east ..f -\+-,1
ibtaaiue. on the liar.em the bIreas Nmrt i.ruc
mold tham t herailsmm mmimommm1mp.my in interm.temi
aim it. If thin Ile 1i.n. tm w ti fe w ill Ihmom m e
tie termmmismIe of thiem dli.i.m. tau Ike
4.reat Nmrliwrmm .n "h1.1n tle I':cm. mifim
of tham rmmami mhmimlilw i omertalemi. Riefer
J. L. Nmlmmefrt m..II lhi- ilterei t it the
lqurjmeemmumi a , allht 1 mf lot .al. may .mr
$11t.1551. It was mrmimnneamd by smith 1
i.ismemow.ummnmrm of the IImmemaLmke mnd
mllamri.., prompmrtigmm. Ttemar imem timem ism 1mm
ina".rinerate the .herbe Wilted .11.1 "Itock
the !e Witlm i.,I, 1mm.. Im.er,. .*mmmnm t mmf
witmI. arcim I. miemma.mmry mi.r . emeagher
1'0111 v New,-.
A party ..I herry pi.-kera were nearly
"-ornre -illt of thevir wit- -,%-r afthaoes
mmrtet 1. . *,itm. Mlin. m im. I.N. mewmhmgmry
MINmi other. from this place wereim . Nin Ieher y
pa~tri. 1rn. .ile, who li,'n~w seeyun rival
out to jonn timke metal an p.imkin. Iwrriee.
ieaaurely almmem when.. lemrimeig nomwnmeing
apprinqmhmm I.. raiim. i ap anim I..! m inmuraimne
within leer tihuse twenmty joist-P. Btruin. al.,
raissal mlipm hin igmiiityy. lmrprim am tlmim
Intruder ill hi. realmis. lNet c'mnmelummim iw
had no further hlmminheat there anmdm mipmmalaml
as rapidly a.. he rokmil down timt immmunmtmmaim,.
while Mrs. tile went ePlatamly as fmmt im tle
opposite dirmmmtion. - Imnmtumi mdman.
A. U. heresy reveivmmm lately m mene
pliluentary easily of "stadiali, of W'mm.tern
i." an atiamrtyie .iti mn mf em mmu of the
helt paintinlga of lt.ha. M. Imunnell, itmteer
klnwne an the mmwhmmy artist. The Rift in it,
acknowlmdgmnuenl of dmermiptive artirl.e. of
Itusseltta amrk, written while MIr. IMersey
wac conuimerteml with thelletnea ImIn ei em.mmmnt.
It is pulmlihemd by the Albmrtypl I m. ....
ammdl mm Spriig Mt., N\."w 'mmrk. fni in ropy
righted by item iU. limmitrts, I amenmm. tM.
tans, to ahmmm tilmer d.airing vi*anm
apply. iMandell. thlmma mn mnumt.m..rd.iiot.r
of the brushmmaid imn.,m i..a wmmmdrmfmlgerimm.
lut in tiem mI lt mures of min e i ei.t. mma firm
P. W. MeAdew. ot Maid.., the emaise, and
Seertslela Lamh.
A Peer Atteedeamea ead Lask ot lathesiasm.
The .emnmmmramlm of Fermua mmunty held
their monvenmtiinm loot mimurmimy. 'Therm
were iut thlew prieinete cepaememmtlm I.a-w
iatewn. Maheir mtamm tmmttmnwomom. 'II.,
rminatol mm.aimde pr.camimm all theml ii 11 1..,y
have hmm ad .nethinm tm o II.. Wilm the mImiml
Meeting %;I ranitan to o.rds t 1.% .1 F: \11
ray, '. I knitise 1't n e in ai . .111ag
W. F. Imlmmetol m asm . am.. 1,1menm priry
chaninnage, .11'1 1~i..l..i 1 ofm.ml mimmemm. I upor o ý
niil mrtmi... .;m 1 in m. sinmitee of tm m! s..
.15111.l1 wam almlwinwmm .ml 1my 1h.m mm mm 1~ . 1..1
lawn .1. 1" : i r11t.t M. mllmm. mm. M I
111 mo.tionl It contalth9 .,f Iib~ I"""1 .
1 .."mml, m or m mm mmm'i.*..N. 1 ii.. I1 I m..f mm
1 m.1 1 .. i,1mm, I' ,\. mm1.,.m, m.
mm .., i ne.. ! II 1 . a me ." .mmm m.m mI'm
:. eo 1im Itte," of o ue ..,I r. *nsa t
mm1 11. ,1 11; 1 . mm...1 tha ll neg +,,s.. " *
tamke)m to al..., ...m.lw terin I0mmm 1,e r"imor
i,.mmmmnmiInem led tI orlsm e :,t :t i. tI.
I' analinith»* ,n e. ntlents eld. 1 me., f. ,! .s d
Leidc t11 1 ": f l Inn .1. I'. -iel. 'I. \
:+1 n.11 " 1I. \I.tr e I, A. .a.el w. I..1.
Mmmrray, mWimeimi Sulli mm..
M . . I M. 11. mmitmI. " . I. 4.inm \1e
mmLmime, I. Vale tie. in". F: . . t .
r t . I. Si cI a
rile ent11o1n 1tt e .If p" asto,1 1.', .1x;11 .r s
11.01n r putiel ill f;.% .o ni .1. F:. \111 as1. t""
Swrena.. .r.t A .a'i 'mam m, m .1111 Italwal 1 let
tilm e, am m lm ry.
I mm.nimli me cmi order of mmtjninmm re
r mert!i nma foIllwm
I. imeport ..f emm.mmiti,-" m' elenti.ls
2. Itelmmrt of mm!n 1""r11,.. 1.". t
I:. fntllmlatiom of geit..m m m m l im r
1. Nmmilimnmtmimm of mhleamlem a',.1 .1mm.r
lInstell to Stat.e renvegtioses.
:.. \osuinntion of camelishote" for ýtater
GI. Report of I mernlittee son m..llintio-.
al Noeint it on1111 for 1 ounttly i' mannittee,
consiisting f ..1fie et1enll r front elarl, Ipr."
einvt, and rentlrun. rm1iitter messintin olff
five useuntwwer.
lhmtmmatmm and alternatei to mmtatme'mm
"veninwere obsm."1 :n tln fathM:
m .N.st.:,mm mmmii. m! m 1m.1i N lla..
V .. A. m Imm alm ..... . .....1'6na...1. lmell
II. 1'. Kennell.... ......... .....A..\ MI. Ifa
S.I. It. Itarronos..........................\I..\. It oan
in;. M . r wley ...... .mm .. m ......I l
mm 1'..1. M\cNcml lamm....lm..!mm .im....ohn I'. IMartin
W . E..I n nton ..................... m F.m oW. an
I. . A. .mm w omli..en. al. ihomemi
mtinhe mimee for tatl.e demator.
tim mmmm mthe fmmc Irrmtie nmmmmtmmone.ton
mrsum emottnty
Pour commitltee on rmuolutiouns hw. lease
to authait the tellowingi
iZte ,ni.vilm. That we p1i1 inmr fain ith I
lutely to the primcimlhw of ith. im.minaramrism
party al lai) lmwsm in mmar Nmtiinni sonmi
$tmte conventionns.
That we denmmnmme in the atronge.t trinm
the aetione of the iRmjmubtlican pmrty in tihe
mutrammmua ideat of 'rmnimmt No. :1i, andi
mmmaenad the attitudmenu, mntanly .ewrtionm
om Mmginmnia and i Clark in upholmming it..
righta of the party.
That we raganruimae mgrammmmlt thn ttnrtitamt,"
and to time nmtion the fail that W. F. Stiln
demr and T. m'. Power obtmimmmm their .mcatl
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acorrupt admninit rim)io imm ntuinmmtitnm
fraudulent immaum t.
That we glmemie mour m ull eialinmiamrt tm.
nmnine mof thinme 1mam of tim. State mammm.in
The fmlttminmg moumni0 mmmmmmsinme wamin
J. F. limrramy. mnmirmnan
L. A. L.aphmme. Xmmrrtamry.
It. i. arow iey. Treaanrer.
Ws . F. mhmmn.mt..
1i. 1. -Kmaler.
Lewintown . .. Smmmm
inmottinmmim nm t 4 li .ttmoan
immmtmm mmml.ol wa ........ . ....A IS .a
linit.... /..... .... ....... 1.V Ieders
I t ...... I A I timw s
P'hlilbr.,.k .. ... . . .. .... .. I r at ."'
timimim ti lmminti
Trinmt 4ir.m .nn
Kn.eu' Fork. .. . ... .. .... . \\nalk r
1M m.... r im i . . . . ..... .1 ,..- ',u
Fmmct 4r Im .. . .. . ...m
Alth rim .,tint . I im-.-mmml
tmt.mm n itmcnmu............ .... . . 4' . It mm,: cl.i.
mmamatin. ... ......
m1tm"run ............. . . ... ..
....llnrt......... .............I I? Ii. 1mm..,
I-....on ..n....lr.... .
Taenr - t t . tr. ...... .
tiarmmtl-. . . . .I . \itn1.min.
tri1nm . . . . .F'. I.tiný..ý,m
1lror Trade.
44mtlI tmnt- mal. ,,,,Imo tIn inin innmnar" 1. m ini fo tinlin.lin,. . 9 sc .1..t
Jommtmintaimlnaln mill in tt . .tti .
irrpl 0th
u F. .,1Y.' T. I .' I t
41 1AIJ1"11`: IlL\I \I.
Ir I1 ITZ iI
CA-zea t " e.11c Z1 T LZor Cc ,
bill t SII II0 I N1 N
Agts.Ifr Vai.Blatz MilwaI kee Rev. 1if ll ah, ,, K .:FAr 1u', ¶
Of Great Falls, Montana,
William Albrecht, - Prop'r.
Rugs, Baby Carriage-, Window Shndes.
VI \V I X' XI A II I \ I:
S. t" IIIr I
Celebrated Mc(JormnicU
MIowers aeaid .mdcs.
Thomas Rakes, and
Keystone Hay Lon ders.
I itantatit*, I sit. I no i i, . 1 I -i
lint imn.
'Extras for McCorniic Machisii at t.I Catt rve v.
Groceries, Hardware,
Crockery, Stoves and Tinwa re.
We carry til a 'rge-1 I. k .. li n a lI
~-ooozey "Dep2rt.CZ zut
i III uo % -41 ..1 I 11,,
Hardware Depart ent.
TIat r . h o .L?1e I 11I. '
ý1tal .1li"n of all kia l-. thaIlhh - 1ý. .. I "
Billings, Grt. Falls, Ubet :n. 1 ciden,
Good Roads. Quick Ti me.
Easy Grade.
Thirty-Six Hours r . .t .: "1 .
necting with Mat .i :
II.'It A A iiil...I . . J. W . (thAY. A t
1 tINI F. (i'I I: F
Lumber, Lath and Shingles.
Finishing Lumber, Dressed and
Matched Flooring, Kept
in Stock.
MIIL, Three Miles South of the Hogue Station on _
Little Rock Creek.
Lumber Delivered to Any Part of the Judith Basin at Reasonable Rates.
I'. (. .\ hi{rIý", ( (Y'II'i N(º\ \' ( I), M ciit.
%6.1 \f- I sell TiII
All Steel Aermotor T
I luI un l ,n inr I n earthmil I. hl l 1 .4 ti l 2
.ll th it rIns when othi ii mi lei. yme ntI .
t,1\" 11i'. alII,,n nr 1414":11 I ll ui nf, a o4rr y u buy.
r > ntr It t,- i.. tchusk hill i if int it, h fltin--;v wits 11,4 n Ov
O i~ th, i.tel'h111n ile real'
\\I, If %41 r n i-it m on" 1is I 1'1i et I41 uriný Ihat bIII l. m 1
Steel Skein and Tubular ,Axle
Road Carts in Variety. Barbed Wire
\\'. H an .lr the IESE T F" Nti' I'I 11 I' I.\ 11whI.
I l i n lin r( I% m . C' 11 1 i f )1l I '
Main Street. East of Bridge. Lewistown. Montana
Dealer in
Cigars, Tobacco, Nuts
Fruit. Candy, Toilet Articles.
AOGNCY For ill Standard weekly and Monthly Papers
and Magazines.
9i'n. Izn-ported. Ciga ar,
P. O. Building. Lewistown, Mont.
Harness and Sad.dleryT
Hi . I :\\, IM i l \.1 4,1i . II IIll :1) ss
.,\ II \\ 111\ \1.111: T " I',1 miII
Stock and Side Saddles.
} Freightllrs' Outfits. Cowmen's Outfits.
Collars, Whips. Saddlery Hardware.
\'I" I P.ir I.. {N%,ul Ihe Thur". \at tali./ a1.N I... un11red.
II . I 10 1 EY I \- IVE Ill\ rI 11:1.. L . \\I iii \ t|iM L 11
Livery, Feed and Sale
\\ : \ is l X \\ I I' I NGLE\R 1 'Ithis r1 ; -11) \lii i: l'i'IIJ \\I'
Sa ilI \ 11'; .1:.\ 1 *T-l.E.W T AS H ini
Lewistown. - - Montana.
Wm. HORTOP, Prop.
l"'I sT-CL..ss "EECTSE
In Every Respect. Table Unexeilled. Fine Rouun
and Beds.
First-Class Bar
And Feed Stable
F'n"t -t M:aus Streot, N.-ar Big Spring Creek Bridge.

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