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fernne^ornttii 3lr0tt^.
piitl lsilKli W KKKI.V BY^JOHN M. V ROOM AN, Editor ^ Prop'r.
IJiWniOWN,MONT.. April -. *'^*^
A.It. ^ lenient* 1^;^* ffeSCBi MMSUSUstM^for limyor l^^ tin- RcfMfaHeMM ^^f^HctaM.
Itis some Miitirtfiii-tion t^^ know^tlmt Montiuin iMMlM it liiKiiopoly of^Use i^ixl wtmtWr. The rstfsl Ihih IVm^^juste.
The^Hurrtaca ^^f cs-PrnMeyil^ifMM iiiiil .Mix. IMmtniek tnke*^next Momlay in New York citv
TheretHtInwnIMl of the tar*^mrfcal lure^ if nil the report^ ^^f
SpimiHhvictories nre 1 rue. ISut they^)i rr not.
TheHttggeRtion tlmt Senator* Car^^ter and Mantle anil Representative^Hart man should lie fhrec of the dele^^gates to the Itepnhli^ an convention^at St. Louis, we l^elicve will Meal tile^hearty endorsement of the lteptllili-^cans of this county. They have mad'^a gallant fiuht for silver and their ex^tensive acquaintan^e with leadiim^Republicans will enable them to ac^^complish more at St. Louis than^could be expected of any other three^delegates from this state. They are^aide ami determined men. who ran^present tlie demands of the west in a^manner that will In-felt if not heeded.^From present ap|tearanees there will^he a battle royal over the platform^and Montana should have her ablest^representatives present to combat^the gold bug sentiment of the east.^Montana is fortunate in having able^men to present her claims ami they^nn be relied upon to do the right^thing at St. Louis.
AllKentucky is in mourning. Thir^^ty thousand barrels of good whiskey^w ere ilest roved by tire at Louisville^last Saturday.
Anexchange says March is the pu^^gilist and the populist of the months^No other can give so many telling^Mow* that are all wind.
TheMontana l'opulist state con^^vention will be held at Moulder on^Tuesday. June Slid, to select dele-^gales to the national convention.
Inthese ipnet times it might be per^^tinent to impure where are the re^suits of Dot. Kickanls' convention of^governors held about a year ago.
TheTexas Republican state con^vention may have been somewhat^animated, but lor sensations in largi^chunks wait until the Chicago con^vention is held.
Notwithstandingthe defeat ami^rout of her army at Adowa. Italy is^going to cont tame t he war in Abyw^sinia. Italian and Spanish stales^men ale about on a par.
SenatorKavisgot knocked mil in^the lirst round in Minnesota. Tin^sentiment forMcKinley was so strong^^ hat he w as forced to w it hdra w from^I In* race ami did si ^ as gracefully as^he could.
Thesenate has limited the^print ion for a public Imildiiig^enn to #.Mm:i.imni. Ibil in this^Helena fares better than C
approat Mil
andi'.oise, when
Ihe ci ^st ca iinot ex
Noteven a resort to X rays can^bring to light a man anxious to be^candidate for t he presidency on tin^Democratic ticket. The X will hav^to be raised to one hundred I lions^ami to get a starter.
Sixnu n and six women are sitting^on a divorce case down in South I ^^^^kota. The custody of a minor chil^is also involved. Two to one thosi^six men will not have their own way^when it comes to remleringa verdict
TheMassachusetts state conven^tion. held last week, indorsed Thos^15. Read for the presidency. He will^have to get a few more states t^make any kind of a showing at St^Louis. The west will name the prcsi^dential candidate.
(icrmnnbrewers have contracted^for -J.500.000 bushels of Montana bat^ley from next season's crop. The^barley grown in this state is gaining^a world-wide reputation and tin^time is coining when it w ill lie^great source of revenue to our agl^ciilturists.
V few years ago the American^farmer, at least a great many of^them, were made to believe that they^derived no benefit from a protective^tariff ami that free trade would bring^them prosperity. While the Wilson^law is not as bad as its author would^like to have made it.it is bud enough^experience has amply demon-^trated. Instead of securing ^the^markets of the world^ the farmer^has not made any such gain, but on^the contrary has seen his home mar^^ket^his true source of wealth^in-^aded by foreigners and the demand^for his product greatly lessened in^|^lllj and cheapened in price.^Plie figures on the imports of farm^products for the year lst^4, the last^year in w hich the McKinley law was^in operation^until August^are #^^.^^,-^t-M4,5B8. for t he follow ing year, under^the operations of (he Wilson law.^91MfNM,-MM. The exports for the^same |k-riods show fMtJMBJMB^ainst #7.)-.lli7.'.l'.l7. Nothing could^be more i list met i ve t ha ^ these ligun-s.^They show that on the one hand tin^imports of farm products under the^Wilson bill MR more than double^those under the McKinley law the^year befoi-e^these imports of foreign^products, invited by I he lower dill ies^f the Wilson bill, driving #f,!i.uon.(HNi^of American productsotlt of the mar^^ket. On the other hand the exports^of farm products under the McKinley^ict were t w enty per cent greater un^^der the Republican than the Ilemo-^^ralic tariff. It will be seen t hat the^iMfkM farmer caught it coming^ami going ami I lu re is noipiestioii hut^the larger import at ions added great^^ly to his financial distress. Yet the^demagogues and the lying press will^be on hand again in a few mouths^trying to make I lie farinel^I hat he is robbed by a pi^tariff
Anumber of Montana ladies, ac^^companied by Mrs. Thus. Tarter,^called on Mrs. Cleveland one day last^week. While t; rover may not be in^great demand there is only one opin^^ion as regards the mistress of the^w hite house^ ^she is just loo sweel^for anvt hing.
Severalpetitions have been started^out of Helena asking for the commu^^tation of t he sentence of Hill (Jay to^imprisonment for life. ^!ay has been^fairly tried and a just verdict ren^^dered We believe the impression^prevails in this county that he de^^serves I heext MM penalty of the law .
Lnslcriigold-hug papers that are^timling fault with the money plank^of the Ohio p|a i form because H comes^out too strongly for bimetallism,^may have to revise their comments^after the St. Louis convention. The^west cannot be ignored altogether^w lieu it HHM to formulating resolu^lions on the monetary ipiestion.
Committees in both houses of con^^gress have reportii| favorably bills^for the eleetloii of senators by direct^uli'nf (he people. It Is doubtful^^vhfsUier sik Ii a bill would receive the^mnfftion of the grave and reverend^senators whatever the action takin^iucoiumittii-aml hvthehon.se. There^is a growing sentiment In this direc^^tion, however, ami it will some day^be recognized by the higher branch of^congri-ss.
HelenaHerald: The legislature of^I'tah has passed a bill abolishing the^office of coroner. That is a very sen^^sible reform. It would puzzle anyone^to tell why that medieval survival
hasbeen permit I ed to evift so long.
Thechief function, that of holding in^^quests on the dead, can tie better pcr^^formed by the MMftl justice of the^l^eaee. The only other duty that he^has is to serve papers in cases where^the sheriff is a party and that might^la^ easily covered by a provision au-^i hoi izing the court to make a special^deputisation in such cases. Let^^crowner's quest law^ be relegated^to the limbo of the past. The very^name of the office shows that It Is^out of place in a republic.
Stateuf Manhattan.
AnacondaStandard: The matter^haugs tire, but recent legislation is a^pret ty sure indication that I he^^greater New York^ isto be a reality.^The opposit ion t o t hisconsiimmat ioti^is earnest ami even bitter in the city^of Itrooklyn. in Long Island towns^ami at other points which it ' is pro^^posed to annex, but this opposition^is proving to be unavailing^the in^^dications are that the city of New-^York will absorb Itrooklyn. Rich^^mond county. Flushing, Long Island^City and a dozen other eommunitii-s.^Thus there are rivers and fields ami^farms that will soon be within the^corporate limits of the city of New-^York.
Withthe present scheme carried^out^and it is likely to prevail^New-^York, within three years, w ill out^^strip London and take rank as the^largest city in the world; we find^interesting statistics lately printed^which show that within the limits^of the city of New York one tw enty-^sitond part of the people of the^I'niteil States will live. The popula^^tion of the city will be about :!,l.'^n.-
Forthe accomplishment of consoli^^dation the legislature has provided^for the appointment of a commission^of fifteen men lo whom all I he pre^^liminaries arc entrusted \ vote is^to be taken w ithin Hie territory to^be embraced in I he en|a rged city: the^election will be l|e|i) jn November of^next year. l)oi|bt|ess I he scheme^for consolidation will carry: if it^ilocs. the greater New York is to^organize under a new charter. .I.inn-^ary 1. UK
Thereafter,another slep is prob^^able. The wealth and population^included within the enlarged city will^^Met, many times over, all the re-^ipiiruielltsof statehood The Harlem^river, long famous as the dividing^line for election returns, is likely to^become the boundary of a common^wealth, and. with i he.-id vent of the^next ceiiluary. we may read the^president's proclamation of tin- new^st a le of Manha 11 an.
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Apples,candy and nuts at W. R.^Alilridgc ^ I'ii'k., Foster building.^Main street.
TheMontana Hardware Co. keeps^on hand a full stock of Caskets and^Coffins, and will attend to all de^^mands, da}' or night.
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Some-Political Hlstor^ .
Areview of the general elections^held in Montana since its organiza^^tion as a territory, in ls^U. develops^a few matters of public interest. It^shows a steady growth of popula^^tion and a gradual change in.the^political sentiment of Montana citi^^zens.
Theterritory of Montana was^organiziHl by an act of congress^approved May Jtlth, lx'^4. An elec^^tion for delegate to congress was^held on October 24th of that year, in^which Samuel Mclx-an idem. I was^opposed by W. F. Sanders (rep.)^The total vote wnn fi.i*V^. with a^Democratic majority of 1,'JCl.
Thenext delegate election w-ns in^September, lsr.7. W. F. Sanders again^being the Republican nominee anil .1^M. Cavanaugh the Democratic can^^didate. The latter was elected by a^majority of l.KIs in a total vote of^IMM.
InAugust, lstiil, 3. M. Cavanaugh^was again the Democratic candidate^for delegate in congress. being^opposed by James Tufts. Republi^^can. Cavanaugh was elected by a^majority of 1,447 in a total vote of^lO.lfi:!.
Theelection held in September.^1S71. was one of the most exciting^ever held in Montana territory. W.^H. ciaggett was the Republican^standard bearer, while K. W. Toole^championed the cause of the Democ^^racy. Ciaggett was declared eh-cted^by a majority of 41^^ in a total vote
0f Ul.l.Ti.
Anotherelection occurred in At -^gust. l*7i\ when Martin Maginnis^appeared in the field as the candi^^date of t he Democracy, W. II. Ciag^^gett being again put forward by the^Republicans. Maginnis was given
1lie election by a majority of MM in a^total vote of s.711.
Maginnisdefeated Hedges (rep.) in^August, ls74, by a majority OftUl^ami I^'avitt (rep.) in November, ls7*i,^by a majority of M7. In this latter^year the total vote cast was only^i;,SI)7.
InNovember, In^*, Maginnis de^^feated Sample Orr (who ran as an^Independent candidate, the Republi^^cans making no nomination i by a^majority of :S,7'2S, ami two years^later, in November, 1KMI, downed W.^F. Sanders by a majority of IJK2.^(hi November 7. Inn:.', the returns^showed (hat Rotkiu i rep. i was de^^feated by Maginnis by a majority of^1..VU. in a total vote of 23,411*. The^above elections w ere t hose which^Dcm^s-ra (ic ret iirniiig boards were^alleged to have got in their work,^and heavy votes were recorded at^Wilder's Lauding, Woolley's ranch,^and other remote precincts.
InNovember, lss4, Hiram Knowies^w as the Republican nominee ami .1^K. Toole the Deims-ratic candidate^The total vote cant van 2K.IKR), and^the Democratic majority. 2251. In^November, ISSfi. J. K. Toole was^elected over W. F. Sanders by a^majority of :i,~\s in a total vote of^^:2,2^i2.
InNovember, MM, Thos. II. Car^ter was the Republican candidate,^the DoaMOMCJf being represented by^W. A. Clark, of Butte. Carter was^elected by a majority of .^^.lis in a^total vote of 40.2II2. As Montana^became a state one year later, this^election closed the territorial serh-s^On October 1st, 1SK9, an election^was held to vote upon the adoption^of the state constitution and choos^^a representative in congi-ess and^state and county officers. Thos. H^Carter I rep. I and Martin Maginnis^Idem.) Were the contestant for con^^gressional honoi-s. Carter being^^Metal by a majority of IJMH in a^total vote of *^i,17ii. The state otfi^Ban elected were also Republican^with the exception of J. K.Toole,^governor, who ki-ciuihI a majority^of .V,i;.
Thenext congressional election^was in NoveinlM-'r, lStMl, Thos. H.^Carter being opposed by W. \\^Dixon Idem. I A total vote of MJM^was cast, of which Mr. Dixon se^^cured a majority of 2s:!.
Theelection of November K, ls!^2,^was the first occasion upon which^the people of Montana voted for^president, the preference heing'shown^by a plurality of 1,27(1 for Benjamin^Harrison. At the same election W.^W. Dixon was the Democratic candi^^date for congii-ss. with C. S. Hart-^man as his Republican opponent^The 1'cipidists and Prohibitionists^also had candidates in the field.^Ili.rtmau was elected by a plurality^of 172 votes.
InNovember, lstlt, Hai'tinan was^again the Republican candidate for^congress, the democracy being re^^presented by ||al. S. CorlH-tt. the^Populists by ICobt. It. Smith, and tile^Prohibit jonjsts by B. p. Maiden.^The ret urns were as follows: 11 ft rt -^man i rep. i. 2:1,14(1; Smith (pop. i.^l.~^.24(l: CorlH-tt (deni. l.lt^,:^HI; Maiden,^i pro). 5W. Hartinan's plurality.^KJM, in a total vote of 4!^,2t^v
Theabove record shows t In^^growth of Montana's vote from a^total of about i;.i'.ihi to one of nearly^atl.tMHI. and a Democratic advantage^of .'1.7INI changed to a Republican^majority of s,:M^(i. Watch it grow!^^River Press.
EvesI .cm Than He Deserved.
Missoula,or the citizens of that^city, have set an example in the way^of punishing a certain class that will^lieyond question have a good effect.^One Charles Allen, who lived at the^neighboring town of Yictor. circu-^Intiil stories affecting the character^of a young woman that, though^afterward proved false, gained such^circulation and credit that the victim^sought refuge in suicide. The fellow^went to 'Missoula and when his^identity became known a band of^indignant people took him to tin^outskirts and after administering^100 lashes on his bare back ordered^him never lo show his face in that^section again. The punishment^was heroic, but who shall say it was^not justifiable'.' Morally Im was a^murderer, yet the law could not^reach him. Men whose debasiil^natures find satisfaction in blasting^reputations, es|M-cinlly those of young^women, should be shown no mercy^The only mistake the Missoula^avengers made was that the cur was^not whipped in the center of the city^in broad daylight.^(ircat Falls Trib^^une.
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curshabitual coustfpa*^tiou. rrica iio. Bar buz.
Muiiilavlast Snpt. Mimlfoii appnr-^ionril IJCLSMjfsl BrMrk this county^received from the sale and rent ill of^m-IiikiI lands anil fl.Kltt.1A received^from delinquent t a xes since IIiitiiiIh-i-^last. atiloiit; the several school ilis-^t liit h i if the county as follows:
M^ jo.
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.1ml f.tf-1 ^ ^ tllflll 1 lint of
;inyother initroud.
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P.YEGEN ^ CO.,^Billings, Mont.
J.H. CARROLL ^ CO., Propr's.
BaledHay and Oats Alwayi^for Sale. Also, Second^Hand Wagon and^Harness.
(iuaranteessatisfaction^in the boardinc of stock.
Pricssto Compete with Any in the City.
Lumber,Lath and Shingles.
1am doing nothing but custom work but am prepared to^furnish such materia] as is needed by the ranchmen^of the county on short notice.
Millon Spring Creek, Above Dr. Williard's
I'min the business and going to stay in it.
TheInter Ocean *
Isthe Most Popular Republican Newspaper^of the West and Has the Largest Circulation.
tbrmsHY MAIL,
lullY (without Sunday)$4.00 per ycat
DAILY(with Sunday) $6.00 per year
1he Weekly Inter Ocean^C 1.00
Asa Newspaper THE INTER Of EAN keeps abreast of ths times in all
iespe. ts. It spares iie:tuer pains nor expense in securing
The^Weekly Inter Ocean
Asa Family Paper Is Not Excelled by Any.
rvs=H has something of interest to each m-mber of the family. Its^1 ~^ YOUTH'S DEPARTMENT is the very best of Its kind. IU LITER-^ARYFEATURES are ^SMqu^^4.
Itis a TWELVE PAOE PAPER and contains the News ot the World.
POLITICALLYIT IS REPUBLICAN, and fcives its readers the b^nefit ot^the .iWest d.scuss:ons i n all hve po meal topics. It is pub.ished in Chicago^mi is .n a-c jrd with the peop e of the Wst in both politics and literature.
Fle-.seremember that the price of THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN is^uNi.V n.\r (MILLAR 1'i K IKAR. Address

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