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The Greatest of all White Sales Begins January 2, 1907
$1,500.00 Purchase of Muslin Underwear ÄytÄÄwS
producing possibilities of this much-looked for ANNUAL EVENT are well known to the "prudent, the wise,
and the Economical," AND THEY WILL PROFIT THEREBY. We are all smiles over the most successful
holiday business we've ever done, and "you will be all smiles" over the greatest savings you've known by
taking advantage of these SPLENDID VALUES IN MUSLIN UNDERWEAR. Every garment made of good
material, splendidly finished; every stitch taken with conscientious care; every garment of liberal proportions;
nothing skimpy, nothing trashy in the whole immense assortment of white, neat, and exceptionally pretty
lingerie, and you'll say the "prices are extremely small."
*• . *
W 7j, M
r / f )\
r. [
Ladies' Gowns
Ladies' Gowns at 50c.
Ladies' Gowns, made of a fine
grade of Muslin, trimmed with ten
rows of tucks and embroidery- in
serting; some have rows of tucks,
hemstitched ruffles; others have
low neck, short sleeves and fancy
ribbon. Its easily the best
value in town for . . ...... 50c
Ladies' Gowns at 85c
Ladies' Gowns, made of cambric
muslin, trimmed with nine rows of
hemstitching and two rows of em
broidery inserting, hemstitched
ruffle around neck and sleeve:
some have tucks, embroidery in
sertion, and embroidery edging
around neck and sleeves; others
have low neck and short sleeves,
embroidered insertion and hem
I stitched ruffles Take your choice
of these grand values
for................... 85C
Fine cMuslin Gowns $ l
Ladies fine Muslin gowns, low
neck and short sleeves; high neck
and long sleeves, and low neck and
long sleeves, trimmed with lace
and embroidery insertion; ribbon
bows; a most excellent garment;
made a good full size, and
only .... ........... 01.00
Ladies' Gowns $1.25
Ladies' gowns, made of fine
cambric. Nainsook and Masonville
muslin, trimmed with embroidery
and lace edging. Also a number
of other styles. Y our choice
in this sale only....... 01.85
Ladies' Gowns $1.50
Ladies' fine cambric Nainsook
: gowns, trimmed with full yoke of
all over lace, with ribbon drawn
strings and ribbon bows sleeves;
have two rows lace inserting, and
one of lace edging. You can find
a nice and varied assortment of
high neck and long sleeves, or low
neck and short sleeves.
~ Specially- priced at..... 01.50
Fine cHainsook Gowns $1.95
Ladies' very fine Nainsook gowns
in either high or low neck, long or
short sleeves; some have yokes of
very narrow tucks, lace and em
broidery, inserting collar of embroi
dery, beading, and ribbon with lace
edging, priced in this special
sale at ... . .......... 01.05
Beautiful Gowns up to $5
Our collection of highest grade gowns
are handsome specimens of the needle
woman's art. You'll 'find them beauti
fully, trimmed with dainty lace and
medal ions, they come in either long
or short sleeves, high or low neck.
They are without a doubt or
question the finest and largest as
sortment of gowns ever shown in
Lewistown. Price $2.25 to.. ..$5.00
Ladies' Skirts
Ladies' Skirts at 50c
Ladies' skirts made of a good grade
muslin full width and trimmed with
five rows of tucks. Specially priced
for this
I sale at.............
Ladies' Skirts $1.00
Ladies' fine muslin skirts trimmed
1 with 10 rows of fine tucks and dust
1 ruffle. Some with tucks and embroid
| ery, while others have two rows of
j lace insertion and lace edging. It's
j a grand bar
■ gain at .........
$ 1.00
Cambric Skirts S/.25
Ladies' Cambric Skirts trimmed with
three rows of wide lace insertion. 5
rows of tucks, 1 lace edging, while
others have deep embroidery and
tucks. A splendid value put in this
sale at
only ............
Cambric Skirts $1.50
Ladies' Cambric Skirts with ruffies
of long cloth and trimmed with em
broidery S inches deep, tucks, and
some have fine lace: all beautiful gar
and only .......
Ladies' Fine Skirts $2.00
Ladies' skirts made of fine Cambric,
extra deep ruffle of Long cloth, ten
rows of narrow tucks, embroidery in
sertion and wide embroidery edging.
price ...........
$ 2.00
Ladies' Fine Skirts $ 2.50
Ladies' skirts made of fine Long
cloth with extra deep ruffle; 7 rows
of tucks and wide eyelet and shadow
embroidery. Specially priced for
22 ...................$2.50
i Ladies' Longcloth Skirts $3.50
Ladies' skirts made of Long cloth and
three rows of extra wide lace Inser
tion and lace edging, with two rows
of tucks between each row of lace.
Ladies' Skirts $5.00
Ladies' skirts made of fine Long
cloth with a deep ruffle of shadow
embroidery and tucked with_ narrow
short tucks.
Sale price .......
Extra Fine Skirts
Our 3tock of extra fine skirts ranging
in price at
S7. so. x/o. OO. S/2. so. s/s. oo
Are real swell—a Joy to all that be
hold them. They are made of the
very finest and filmiest materials,
trimmed with the nicest lace embroid
ery and medallions.
Ladies' Chemises
Ladies' Chemises, made of fine Muslin, trimmed with
Lace and Medallions. Special Sale Price
Ladies' Chemises, made of
with four rows of lace and
at the bottom. Sale Price
fine Longcloth, trimmed
edging, and tucked ruffle
Ladies' Chemises, made of fine grade of Nainsook,
trimmed in front with rows of lace, and one row of
insertion, and one of lace edging at bottom.
$ 2.00
Ladies' Drawers
Ladies' Drawers 25c
Ladies Drawers, made of fine
grade of Muslin, with 5 tucks, and
hemstitching, only........85C
Ladies' Drawers 50c
Ladies' Drawers, made of fine
cambric and some very fine mus
lin. Some are trimmed with tucks
and hemstitching, others with five
rows of tucks and wide Swiss em
broidery, some with tucks and fine
lace insertion, and wide lace edg
ing. They are all well made, and
of a full size, and positively the
best value in Lewistown at 50e
Ladies' Drawers 85c
Ladies' Drawers, made of fine
cambric and the world renowned
Masonville muslin. Some are
tripimed with two rows of Valen
cienes lace inserting, and wide lace
edge. Some have tucks, and fine
wide lace; others have three rows
of tucks and five-inch embroidery
edging, and only, for your
choice..... .......... 3Be
Ladies' Drawers $1.00
Ladies Drawers, made of fine
cambric, with a Nainsook ruffle,
trimmed with five rows hemstitch
ing, two lace insertion and wide
edge; others are trimmed with ex
tra wide embroidery. A most
excellent value, at.. 01.00
Ladies' cbfainsook Drawers, $1.75
Ladies drawers, made of fine Nainsook, cut in ihe latest style, some
thing entirely new, trimmed with one row of beading, and three rows of
lace edging, and the price is only...................... 01« 75
Ladies' Extra ^ine DraTkers $2.00
Ladies Drawers, made of fine Nainsook, trimmed with embroidery
beading and wash ribbon, two rows lace insertion and one row of wide
lace edging, made extra wide. Special sale price.........08,00
Ladies' Corset Covers
Ladies' Corset Covers 25c
Ladies corset covers made of a fine grade of muslin
trimmed with 3 rows of tuck hemstitched ruffle
around neck and sleeve, some are trimmed with lace
and ribbon while others are trimmed with embroid
ery an<d hemstitched ruffle. A special grand bargain,
2Ï ...........:.......................25c
Ladies' Corset Covers 50c
Ladies corset covers made of fine cambric and I0114
cloth trimmed with 4 rows of lace beading and rib
bon, also lace edging, others are trimmed with hem
stitched ruffles down the front and some have embroid
ery and lace trimmings.. Your choice of this grand
collection CZ.f\ *■»
only ..................................... OUC
Ladies' Corset Cokers 85c
Ladies' corset covers made of fine cambric with beau
tiful lace and ribbons, yokes and a host of other beau
tiful creations to select Off -
from, at your choice ..................... OÜC
Ladies' Corset Cokers $1.25
Ladies' corset covers made of fine Nainsook, very
daintily trimmed with lace and embroidery Inserting
sleeves are made of lace ffl* 1 QC
with fancy ribbon, and only.......... «P X >wU
Ladies Corset Covers $1.50
Ladies' corset covers made of finest long cloth trim
med with lace and embroidery inserting and medal
lions. A most pretty piece of lin- fl* 1 C A
gerie specially priced at..............*P A .UU
That 20 per cent Discount sale of Men's and Boys' Clothing is now in the light of popularity that shows that the people know. Eh?
The Largest Distributors of Goxl flerchandise in Fergus County Without Any Exception.

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