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1TOI*. 4.
OUPüYE«, ItfONfT.. flJarcJ? lO, 1898.
HO. 26.
Choteau, . . Montana.
James Suïfrove
Chateau. - - Montana.
Deeds, Mortgages, and all kinds of
Legal Instruments drawn up.
U. 3. Commissioner
lutliorlr.ee! to Receive Filings and Final
Proofs on I'ublic Land.
innVEa . M ontana.
i.. k. e. p.,
E. ALMAS, M. D.,
London. England, Physician
and Surgeon,
Physician : aad : Surgeon
dupuyer, mont.
Dr. T Brooks,
Successor to WAM & BROOKS,
UriN<l *stt' ot tl.tf t
J i.'.,
Stirâ «oh»
Kansas City
DR. G. A. 1NGS,
graduate af Edinburgh, Scotland,
Shelby Junction, Mont
Te«th Extracted Without Pain. All
Work Guaranteed.
OJ -rflF FjEIrD,
County Surveyor,
Laud Surveying Ditch Work, etc.
Torçsori a flrtist,
Hair Cutting, Shaving, Shampoo
A.U work first-class.
OEH1S mflNTOn,
Boot af)<A Sl?oes fT)aee.
F 1 H Federhen.
Useful Patented Articles
Door Cheeks and Sash Locks,
Enterprise Churn,
Convex Hone and Strop,
Indestructable Wire Basket.
ID tjlïd layer. l^Lont
Teton Exchange,
TOiller & Lon$n\uir Props
Choteau, fylof)t
Telephone No. 29.
Hotel lylotto*),
R. M. STEELE, Proprietor.
irst -claas Accommodations for the traveling public. Courteos
treatment. Moderate rates. Positively the best hotel in
Teton County.
The Eclipse Livery Stable,
Run in connection with the above hotel, is the best equipped barn
Teton county. The stable is commodious and comfortable and
the best horses and rigs are for rent or hire.
We have purchased the entire stock of
t^îrshber? & Co.,
aivd J. W. TQcKiu^ht.
Lar)r)ir)g& Co.,
Dapüyer, lyloijt.
Send us your orders fcr anything you want.
J. Mitsfybetçt 6t Co.
... Dealers in .
Boots and Shoes,
Dupuyer, " - TQontaiva
Dou)t) They Go Î
WH-Ö l- T ?
On -A-ll Kiricis of
GEO. A. FRY & CO.,
H. C, KNKLE, Proprietor.
Fresl? Beef atjel Pork fîiuiays 017 Haldol
Of )ly the Best Kept it) I'tock
Tije ©UpUyer flcat)ti?a
Subscription, $3.00 Plb year.
Published Every Thursday.
a RepubHcan Newspaper devoted to the
interests of Dupuyer and Surrounding
Entered at the post office at Dupuyer, Mont.,
as second-class mall matter.
C. E. Trescott. Publisher.
backing down.
Madrid, March 8.—The semi
official news agency of this city
issued today the following an
nouncement. "After a brief un.
easiness there is a general belief
that the peace will not be broken
and the relations between Spain
aud the united States will continue
amicable. Political personages
assert the late sensationil dis
patches are con. pletely wrong in
attributing an aggressive tone to
the diplomatie relations between
the two governments which have
not for a moment lost their friend
ly character."
american vessel seized.
Havanna, March 8.—The Spanish
gun boat Ardillahas captured in an
inlet on the south coast of Cuba
the American schooner Esther of
Edenton, N. C , bound from Pen
sacola to Jamaica. The captain of
the schooner was asked to give
reason Tor the presence of his
vessel in the inlet and claimed his
rudder was broken. No furthe
details of the affair have been re
ceived but if the statement of the
captain of the Esther turns out to
be correct the schooner will be
liberated. The captain has pro
tested against the seizure of his
big rush to enlist.
New "ïork, Maich 8.—The
Evening World says: It was
learned today at the navy yard
from Washington to prepare two
detach men '/s of marines, one for
the cruiser Columbia and one for
'„he Minneapolis. There was a big
rush of men eager to enlist at the
navy yard today. Before the
gates wer • thrown open a crowd
of men had gathered around eager
to be the first to reach the re
cruiting office on the receiving
ship Vermont.
on big guns.
Washington, March 8.—The
Washington navy yard where a
large establishment is maintained
by the government for manufac
turing oi guns and ordinance ma
terial, has started work in three
shifts and the men are now work
ing day and night on big guns.
montgomery leaves
Key West, March 8.—Orders
have been issued to the Montgom
ery, wtiich has finished co.iling, to
sail at 5 o'clock this afternoon.
Commander Converse was on shore
during the day and had a lo g
consu.tation with Sicui'd.
with flags flying.
A copyrighted cable to the
Evening World from Havanna says,
'•General Lee said last night: 'If
Spain wishes to declare any or all
of us persons non grata it is her
privilege to do so but if we must
leave town we will leave with the
American flag flying and a brass
band at the head of the pro
cession.' "
The Blackfeet iïesçrve.
A Washington dispatch re
affirms the statement that thirty
days' notice will be given prior to
j the opening of the mineral strip
of the Blackfeet reserve. It is
also stated that all intruders t-nte r -
ing the reserve before the ap
pointed time will be unceremon.
iously bounced by the authorities.
The Horsey Washington corres
pondence refers to the probable
date of the opening as follows:
Thd Blackfeet reservation matter
j seems now to be settled aud the
decision of the commissioner not to
! open the reserve before April will
I meet with general approval. Sen
I ators Carter and Mantle have all
! the time favored delaying the
opening un til spring and the giving
of sufficient notice in tdvance.
! Less familiar with ihe customs of
a mining country, perhaps, the
I commissioner without due thought
decided upon the plan of making
the opening coincident with the
filing of the plats at KaHspell
after approval here, which with
ordinary promptitude would have
meant the taking efftct of the
orders in winter weather and
might have cai.sed much sulering
and loss of life.
Iu Loving Remembrance of Isa
bell May Messecar.
Lips we have kissed, they are faded
and cold,
Hands we have clasped, wili be
cohered with mould;
The form we have pressed, will
wither away,
Gone to Heaven, is our dear little
Pair was the flower that bloomed
in our home,
Brighl was her presence, sweet as
a rose's bloom;
Up to the gardens of beautiful day,
Soltly the Death Angel bore her
Down where the waves of the
river rolled high,
Sadly and softly we whispered
Over the stream that seemed darker
than night,
Sadly we saw her spirit take
Ovjr the stream 'came the boat
man so pale,
Came in a boat with a snowy white
Quickly he bore her over the foam,
Gone is our dear one to her
Heavenly home.
Soon will the shadows of earth
life be past,
Sorrows and partings be over at
Soon we shall meet in the mansions
of day,
Meet with our dear one, dear little
— T. K. H.
chains at
wont lose
Get one of those key
McKnights and you
your keys
Our motto—"Raise the standard
and lower the price." Geo, A. Fry
and Co,
Queen of tire Hills.
The following is taken from the
Anaconda Standard of the 3rd:
"This afternoon a delegation
composed of W .1. Smith, A. D.
Edward, George S. Baiiey, Charles
Warmbrod, John Ritchie and R.
Woodmansie came down from
Neihart for the purpose of taking
the encampment degree, I.O.O.F.
One of the delegation, Mr. Bailey,
has recently bought a iease on the
Queen of the Hills, the firm name
being Gans & Bailey. Mr. Bailev
said this afternoon to the Standard
man that the strike on the Queen
was improving daily and was
running in 300-ounce ore. T h t. j
portion of the mine on which he
and his partner are working is to
the east of the strike already re.
ported, but they are in the same
ore and expect to make a good
thing from their lease.
"Today a huge specimen of the
ore weighing 520 pounds and
valued at 54 was set up in the
window of the office of W. G.
Conrad and today has called out
much admiration from passers and
visitors. Brittle silver and pyrites
of copper, rich in silver, crop out
all over it, and the big lump is a
most excellent advertisement of
the silver mines of Cascade county,
The rock is a spar formation, and
crystals of spar and silver com-1
p >unds alternate in the lump. It
has been suggested that it be sent
to the Omaha exposition to be
placed with the Montana exhibit.
The citizens of Great Falls gen
erally rejoice at the good fortuue
of Mr. Conrad almost as he him
self does They naturally feel
that a man who h-.s acted as
squarely as he has in the matter of
the Nor; h western bank failure is
entitled to all that fortune brings
Speaking of clothing, if you
them from Geo A. Fry aud
they will be all right.
To the Honorable Board of County
Commissioners of- Teton County,
Gentlemen.—We, the under
signed taxpayers of the said
County of Teton, State of Mon
tana, respectfully request your
honorable body to submit to the
qualified electors of said county
at the next general elec
tion, the question of changing the
county seat of said county from
Choteau, Montana, to Dupuyer,
Name .....
Sign the above, solicit your
neighbors to do likewise, and re
turn to this office as soon as
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Helena, Mont.,
Peby. 12, 1898.
Notice iF hereby given that the
following-named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made
j before C. E. Trescott, U. S. com«
missioner at Dupuyer, Mont., on
March 26, 1898, viz.:
John Mosher, for H.E. No. 7853,
for the n2 nw4, nw4 ne4, se4 nw4,
sec 25. t 29 u, r 4 w.
Edward E. Haghes for H.E. No.
5916 for the lots 2 and 3. sec 6,
tp 28 n, r 2 w:.
They name the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of, said land,
viz.. Edward E. Hughes, John
Mosher, Hal Herald, J, A. Hughes
and E, A, Morison, all of Pondera,
Feb 17 W. E. Cox, Register.
I'ublic Land Sale.
U. S. Laud Office,
Helena, Montana, Feb. 14, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that in
pursuance of instructions from the
Commissioner of the General Lauil
Office, under authority vested in
him by Sec. 2455, U. S. Revised
Statutes, as amended by act of
Congress approved February 26,
1895, we will proceed to offer at
public sale on the 26th day of
March next, at 10 o'clock a. m., at
this office, the following tract of
land, - 'iz. : The ne4 se4, sec 26,
tp 26 n. r 8 w.
Any and all persons claiming the
above described tracts are advised
to file their ela : ms at this office on
or before the day above designated
for the commencement of said sale,
otherwise their rights will be
W. E. Cox, Register.
Jeremiah Collins , Receiver.
Land Office at Helena, Mont.,
March 3, 1898.
Complaint having been entered
at this office by Cornelius Swensen
aga nst James Walter Prophet for
abandoning his H E. No. 6765,
made January 22, 1894, upon the
e2 se4, sw4 se4 and sel sw4 sec 22,
tp 28 n, r 8 w, in Teton county,
Montana, with the view to the
cancellation of said entry, the said
parties are summoned to appear at
this office on the 19th day of
April, 1898, at 10 o'clock a. ni , to
respond and furnish testimony
{concerning said alleged abandon
ment. The testimony to be used
at said hearing will be taken before
j \ ç. Warner, notary public, at
j his office at Choteau, Montana, on
April 16, 1898.
Jeremiah Collins, Receiver.
Business Announcements,
Rock and Rye at the Klondyke.
Yarn, all colors, at McKnights.
Clam chowder at McKnights.
If you want to buy or sell any
thing examine aud patronize our
•'Business A nnouncements" column
I will guarantee the Enterprise
churn to make butter from fresh
milk in ten minutes or less. F.
Fed et'hen.
A-k for one of those nice calen
ders at McKnights. They do not
cost voii anything.
Land Office- at Helena, Mout.
March 7, 1898.
N otice is hereby given that the
following named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim
and that said proof will be made
before C. hx Trescott-, U S commis
sioner, at Dupuyer, Montana, on
March 5, 1898, viz: Henry Myers
for H E No. 5997, for the ne4 ne4,
w2 ne4 and se4 nw4 see 13,tp 25 n,
r 8 w
He names the following witnesses
to pro e his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of sa'd land,
viz: John Horn, of Belleview,
Mont.: Fred Savory, of Choteau,
Mont. ; Martin Ransford, of Ray*
mond, Mont , and Jeremiah Caton,
of -Piegan, Mont.
Any person who desires to pro
test against the allowance of such
proof, or who knows of any sub
stantial reason, under the law and
regulations of the interior depart
ment, why such proof should not
be allowed, will be given an oppor
tunity at the above mentioned
time and place to cross examine
the witnesses of claimant and to
offer evidence in rebuttal of that
submitted by claimant.
W, E. cox
3 10 98 ^Register.
Notice lor Publication.
Land Offic3 at Helena, Mont.
March 2, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the
following named settlers has filed
notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim
and that said proof will be made
oefore A. C Warner, U. S. Com
missioner, at Choteau, Mout., on
April 15, 1898, viz: Abraham
L. Hoy, for H.E. No. 4789, for the
sw4 sw4 sec 3; e2 s >4 sec 4 and
nw4 nw4 sec 10, tp 26 n, r 8 w.
Also, William L. Wright, for
H,E. No, 5262, for the nw4 nw4,
s2 nw4 and sw4 ne4 sec 11, tp 26 n,
r 8 w.
They name the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz., James L. Collins, Samjel
J. Bear, Abraham L. Hoy, William
L. Wright, of Raymond, Mont.
W. E. Cox,
3 10 98 Register.
Land Office at Helena, Mont.
Feb. 14, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the
following named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim,
and that i,aid proof will be made
before C. E. Trescott, U. S. Com
missioner, at Dupuyer, Mont., on
April 2, 1898, viz. Allen McPhail,
for H E 7509. for the e2 sw4, lot 4,
sec 19 and lot l,Jsec 30, tp 28 n,
r 8 w,
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of said land,
viz: Carl Harris, Julius Bjornstad,
Jesse Phil I ip3 and Karl Lappold,
all of Dupuyer, Mont.
Feb 17 W. E Cox, Register.
Desert Land Final Prool.
Land Office at Helena, Mont.,
February 7, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that
Joseph C. McCuaig, of Du| uytr,
Mont., has filed notice of intention
to make final proof on his desert
land claim No. 2760, for the lot 4,
c2 sw4, w2 se4, ne4 se4and s2 nei,
sec 18, tp 28 n, r 5 w, before A. C:
Warner, u. S, Commissioner, at
Choteau Mont., on the 31st day of
March, 1898.
He names thefollowing witnesses
to prove the complete irrigation
and reclamation of said land:
Julian F. Burd, David A. Penry,
Hardy F England and .lohr. Zim
merman, of Choteau, Mont
W. E- Cox,
Jan 10 Register.
Notice lor Publication.
Land Office at He'ena, Mont.,
January 19, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the
following-named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made
before A. C. Warner, U. S. com
missioner at Choteau, Mont., on
March 5, 1898, viz :
Charles N. Martin, for H. E. No.
5946, for the nw4 sw4, s2 nw4 and
ue4 u\v4 sec 33, t 30 n, r 3 w.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of, said land,
viz.: William Zimmerman, cf
Pondera, Mont ; Thomas E. De
laney, of Dupuyer, Mont.; I'hilip
Siunmei'sind William Hodgskisu,
of Choteau, Mont,
Jan 27 W. E. Cox, Register.
Art in shoef. Men's, ladies' and
children's shoes, t rim in appear
ance as though custom inade, smart
and sensible. Shoes that are sen
siole and shoes that are right at
Geo. a. Fry and Co,

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