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dupuyer, teton county, montana, thursday, june 7, 1900.
NO. 39
ce Callins is in town, looking up •
aring ^rew, to work, in this vicinity«
eo. Beattie has'taken the contract to
ul the lumber for the Gold Butte Mi
ohn was« business visitor last week,
ile here, John bought a large amount
furniture,--more than any bachelor
I need or know how to make use of.
nder what is going to happen to
he F outfit papsed through town
nday, with Sam Deuson in charge.
has a complete new outfit of cow
chers from Missouri, and as they
e never been used, they are expect
to do first class work. In order to
mote a spirit of contentment, Sam
in a big supply of cornmeal, and
h a skillful cook, the culinary den
its of Scotland county will be with
he reach of the boys, and to sheol
the expense.
hearing sheds are being erected 5
~s northof town. The business men
scribed the necessary funds for their
tion, and they will be free for all
era. The O. F. A C. Ry. Co. is go
to put in a spur at the sheds, and
supply water for the shearers. A
lake in the vicinity will furnish
tv of water for the sheep. Shear
will commence probably on the 7th.
e I D roundup is camped a mile be
town, with the genial Jack Miller in
They are working with the
ntyve outfit, from the St. Mary's in
e Clare, foreman of the D H S, was
wn Sunday, and hearing that Stor
Cross bad been hurt, at once start
subscription for his benefit, and
1 over $50 in a few minutes.
r little burg was stirred up Sunday
report that the Q. F. & C. train
been held up, at Rocky Springs,
train crew called up the deputy
ff, who responded promptly and ar
d four men, but after investigation
s found that the brakeman had
unable to put them off the train
fusing to pay fare, and the con
declining to prosecute, the men
hear that Charles Smith has been
oted to the position of assistant
a ter, on the Havre and Black
division. We congratulate you
ie, and you are not getting any
than you deserve.
9 accommodation train was wreck
t Thursday near Willow croek. it
t delay traffic only a few hours
obody was hurt, but a couple of
had a narrow escape. They were
nga ride on the trucks of the last
at was ditcîie.l but escapod with a
civil action of J. M. Wilcox against
?jeld was dismissed as settled.
hael Connelly is having unexpected
in getting his pump for irrigating
work. It was not complete in all
ts when it came, and after wait
ew days for belting, it came, and
nd there is s^me other part miss
it they hope to have it running in
Edmonsto» was thrown from a
few days ago, and rather badlv
eceiving several bad bruises and
es which will take some time to
sheep men are coming to the con
that dipping is necessary for
heep. Several have ordered tanks
and they say that they will pay for
Ives in one season, because the
re so badly infasted with ticks
Stoltenberg is putting in a large
ng ditch, taking the u iter out of
Goulee, which he intends using
orae ranch.
& Davis have formed a partner
d intend to start a saloon at
They are bound to do well as
'ill be a large number of people
is summer, both at sheep shear
e aud at the dipping of the range
that point.
x>ys made Rome howl Monday
Over GO cowboys were in town,
saloonkeepers having anticipat
such a rush, had u big supply of
liquor for the occaakuu
A telegram was received Monday,
announcing that Dave Starkey had re
ceived injuries on the railroad, at Cul
dertson which resulted in his death.
Everyone expressed regret, as he was a
general favorite.
Alas! The mighty has fallen. The
dream of future greatness has vanished
like a mirage of the desert. Utopia is no
more. Where was once a thriving city,
now the gaunt wolf howls among the
naked lodge poles. The streets that
once knew the patter of busy moccasins,
and the grating of loaded ttavois are
now grass grovn and silent. No longer
is heard the musical jabber of the smoke
stained infant or the energetic "sacre"
of the grown man. Gone are the long
haired patriarchs of this beautiful city,
gone are their sturdy, lazy sons; gone
are the picturesquely slattern women
and gone their bedizened daughters.
As the Rounder hove in sight with
thoughts of a royal welcome and gen
orous feed in his mind the vacant space
would have taken his breath away, only
it smelled of gin.
As it was he sat down
on a stone and took a long pull at his
bottle. His heart was broken. All his
dreams of future greatness as mayor of
a metropolis, all his ambitions for these
dirty, thieving people were busted like a
toy balloon on the fourth of July. He
was sad with an unspeakable sadness,
and'he lay down and took a sleep in the
mellow sunshine. When he awoke he
sauntered through the deserted streets
looking for mementoes of the departed
people. A worn out moccasin, a batter
ed tomato can, a piece of a petticoat, a
shred of a blanket and a picket pin,
these he found and placing them in a :
heap he sat down and scratched his ear. {
Like Longfellow he stretched his im- !
agination to learn where these modern
Acadiaos had gone. Far and wide over .
the boundless wastes of Montana are
they scattered, burrowing after the de
predating coyote, trolling the limpid J
brooks for scanty fish or with stealthy j
footsteps approaching the big, fat range :
steer to brahd"him for their own with a j
small hole ié his hide. Tilling the soil? '
Nary. These Utopians are no sin cursed
mortals. The earth is theirs and the
fullness thereof. But they'll come back. I
Yes! like the cat, they'll come back, and
in the meantime the Rounder will have
to do like other christians, watch and
wait, but if they don't return before
November he will be in a bad fix, for it
was on this vote that he bankod to get
him an easy chair in the county court
house. There are a few things the
Rounder would like to know: How
much is tha fare to Butte, one way? Is
Marcus Daly at home? Why don't the
doctors prescribe a dose of Carter's
Little Liver pills for Montana politics?
Who put those eagle's eggs in the politi
cal dove's nest? What is the difference
between fame and notoriety? (see Mon
B*d Year for Them.
This is going to be an awful hard year
for the fellows in Montana who subscribe
to democratic dogmas. They can't hur
rah for the soldiers on Decoration day—
that's militarism; they can't help hoist
the flag on the Fourth of July—that'f?
imperialism; they can't toll their friends
to come weet and take up land on the
ceded reservations—that's expansion;
they can't welcome the nation's presi
dent to this state-—that's McKinleyism;
they can't cheer for the queen of the in
dustry exposition—that's the pomp of
monarchy; they can't even get in with
the rest of us and brag about the won
derful way Rad Lodge and other citie-;
of Montana are gaining in population
and wealth and industry—that's pros
perity. And when the election returns
come in,—well they can go away out be
hind the barn and weep and wail and
wrangl« over their sore defeat.—lied
Lodge Picket.
Tlie Cattle Queen.
In all that broad expanse known as
the West there is probably no woman's
name better known than that of Mrs.
Nat Collins the 'Montana Cattle Queen.'
Although time has worked changes in
hor fortunes the title still jling» to her
and probably always will, for many
would fail to remember her by any other
name. The great broad plains of the
mountain state where once large bands
of Mrs. Collins' ca'.tle roamed have now
passed to other hands. Her stock has
all been sold and for the first time in
e she has turned her back forever on
the scenes that have surrounded her
home for faver a quarter of a century.
In speaking with a friend last week
Mrs. Collins stated sho would never
again return to Montana. There her
fortunes were made and lost and in new
fields she will seek there recuperation.
She is now in Seattle en route to Cape
Nome, where she will open up a wild
west show after the fashion of Col. Wm.
Oidy and also pay some attention to
mining at which she is said to be
expact.— Ex.
From Eating Wild Onions«
The camas or wild onion, known bet
ter perhaps to sheepmen aB death onion,
is causing some loss of sheep among
fiockmasters living in the northern part
of the state, according to Prof. B. V.
Wilcox, of the agricultural department,
who is in the city, says the Helena
Herald. Prof. Wilcox and Prof. Chest
nut were sent to Montana by Secretary
Wilson of the agricultural department,
to gather all the information possible
relative to the growth and goneral bad
reau lts of various poisonous plants grow
in 8 in this state that are harmful to the
*' ve stock interests. The two B)en of
science will spend the summer in Mon
tana, gathering such information,
Prof. Wilcox has just returned from a
trip through parts of Teton, Choteau,
Cascade and Fergus counties and will
leave this evening for Shelby Junction
to make some plant examinations in that
locality. Prof. Wilcox says that where
ever he has gone the sheepmen have af
forded him every courtsey in the way of
assisting him in gathering information
assisting him in gathering information
respecting these plants. He has had the
chance to take certain deformed and
practically worthless sheep to feed them
upon certain plants to enable him to
watch the result. Some of these sheep,
after becoming poisoned have been saved
by the application of antidotes.
The professor says that the wild onion
appears to be causing the most trouble
i ug t now. It grows in thp * bottoms of
coulees, in some instances upon the open
prairie. It has a bulb like an onion,
with loug, grass-like leaves bearing a
cross between a white and yellowish
I flower. The leaves have a very astrin
genttast*; for all that the foolish ani
[ mais will eat them. It is a remarkable
; 'act that in some instances the ewes that
i have eaten the wild onion have been
known to live while the lamb that was
j being suckled died suddenly
The professor expects to gather a vast
&naoun t of valuable information respect
ing the growth of this troublesome wild
onion and the best manner of treating
, animals poisoned with it. That it is
very poisonous substance is shown by
I the fact that Prof. Chestnut made an ex
tract from the bulbs and gave some of
the liquid to a rabbit, producing almost
instant death.
The trouble from larkspur is not
prevalent this year as formerly.
Children's l>ay Program.
.Singing by Congregation Do.xology
Reading scripture lesson and Invocation
Singing by children Bringing in sheaves
Recitation King of eternity Delia Humble
" The First Sower Kyle Jones
" What would you do K. Helghton
" Good Intentions Reid Jones
Singing by Children. .The Throne of God
Recitation Uncle Dan Phil'py PHelghton
" Knowing and not Knowing A Cowell
" How they do in China Flor. Leech
" Little Tommie McGill Geyer Cowgill
Singing Gloria By Congregation
Dialogue Self Denial Mag. & O. McLain
Recitation Lost Opportunities A. Leech
Our Mission Jesse Cowell
Singing The Gypsy Boy By children
Address Our Missions By Pastor
Sunday evening at 8 p. m. Every ona cor
dially Invited.
JEstray Notice.
Came to my ranch at the Gillette place
on Dupuyer, one bay pony, bald face,
four white feet, branded tS on right
Owner can have same by paying for
this advertisement.
E dward D. F orrest.
To those desiring to shear by ma
chinery: I am now ready to book dates
for same to shear at shed three miles
south of Collins on the Great Falls &
Canada railway, commencing June 15th.
Satisfaction guaranteed. County bridg
es will be completed over the Teton and
W alter S. CLARK
United States Land Office, HelenAMont.
Mnyîîth. 1900,
Notice Is hereby given that Charles I). L:i
Breche of Plegan, Mont., has filed notice of In
tention to make proof on hlsdesert-land claim
No. 3522, for the sel ne4, w2 ne4, ne4 se4 sec. 33
and sw4 nw4, n2 sw4. nw4 se4 sec. 34 tp. n. r
9w. also that David D. La Breche of Pieman,
Mont., lias filed notice of intention to make
proof on his desert-land claim No. 3523, for
the s2 ne4 sec. 34. and sw4 nw4 sec. 35. tp 28 n„
r 0 w, before George W. Magee. U, K Com'r at
Dupuyer, Mont., on Saturday, the 16th day of
June 1000.
They name the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said l:nds:
Michael H. Embody, Burton F. Embody,
David Howe, William Rice of Dupuyer, Mont.
First publication May 10* WOO,
United States Land Office, Helena. Mont.
May 4, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that Timothy A.
Lennon of Helmvllle, Deer Lodge Co.. Mont.,
has filed notice of intention to make proof on
his desert-land claim No. 3312. for the w2 se4,
e2 sw4, sw4 sw4 sec. 23, se4 se4 sec. 22. n2 nw4 i
sec. 20, tp. 28 n, r 9w, before Geo. W. Magee, U.
8. Com'r. at Dupuyer, Mont., on Monday, #te
2nd day of July 1300.
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete Irrigation and reclamation of
suid land:
Edward M. Miller, Griff Jones. William
Miller, Arthur H. Morln. of Dupuyer, Mont.
G eokob D. G rkenb.
First Publication May 17, 1900.
United States Land Office Helena, Mont.
May 17,1900.
Notice Is hereby given that Oliver S. War
dt«, of Great Falls, Mont., has filed notice of
intention to make proof on his desert-land
claim No. 4954, for the s2 sec. 22, tp. 90 n„ r 5w.
before M. S. Darling U. S. Com'r at Pondera,
Mont, on Monday, the 2nd day of Jul V, 1900,
also that Herman G. Lescher, of Great Falls,
Mont, has filed notice of Intention to make
proof on his dusert-land claim No. 4778, for
the set net e2 so4, sw4 se4 sec. 11, nw4 nw4 sec
13, o2 ne4, ne4 nw4 sec. 14. tp. 29 n., r. 6w, before
the same officer at the same time and place.
They name the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation at
satd lands vi«: Thomas Curry, of Dupuyer
Mottt., John M. Laughlln, of Dupuyer, Mont.,
Daniel Millar, of Dupuyer, Mont., Walter
Mathews and E. H. Morrison, of Pondera,
} Register.
U. H. Land OrriCE, Helena, Mont.. I
May, 26, 1900. (
kJOTlG'E Is hereby given that Itlary Bole, of
Great Falls, Montana, has filed notice of
intention to make proof on hei desert land
claim No. 5100. for the NH SEK, SEH NEW,
Sec. 8; 8% NW«, NK SWK; SW* NE*, Sec. 9.
Township 30 north, range 4 west, before M. S.
Darling. U. S. Commissioner, at Pondera,
Montana, on the !)tli day of July, 1900.
She names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said land :
Thomas Curry, John M. Laughlln, Daniel
Miller, of Dupuyer, Mont.; Walter Mathews,
of Pondera, Mont.
G eorge D. G reene , Register.
[First publication May 31.]
I will sell my irrigating ditch taken
from Birch creek, and carrying 2550
inches of water to the right party. This
ditch irrigates some of the beat land in
Teton county and I will sell either the
whole ditch or an interest thereir, as may
be desired.
T hos . M c C overn,
Dupuyer, Moot
Cattle for Sale.
300 head of stock cattle for sale, at
the Birch creek ranches of the under
signed. This bunch of cattle are ex
ceptionally good stock, and include a
large proportion of steers from yearlings
up to four years old. The cattle have
been fed during the past winter and are
in fine condition. The entire bunch can
be seen at any time. Call on or address.
M rs . A nnie M. S tbell.
35-tf Dupuyer, Mont.
A car load of thoroughbred D urham
B ulls from the best herds in northern
Illinois will be at Chuteau May 25th«.
No C ulls they are all good ones. They
are the kind of animals to tie to an<J
they will improve your herds.
Cowell & Webb»
Wc carry the largest stock of Wall
Paper, Ready mixed House Paints,
Roof Paints, Marking Paints,
Brushes, Varnishes, Stains, Enamels,
Window Glass, Alabastilfcc, Gypsire,
Pictures, Picture Mouldings, Etc.
of any house in Northern Montana.
There is no order too large for us to fill
or to small to command our i&HMedi
ate attent on.
Leave orders at Jos. Hirshberg & Co's,
119 Central Ave,
Great Falls, Mont.
Choteau, — —
J G. BA1R,
Choteau, —
physician aitö Surgeo«,
S bocmsm to WAK8LBY *
pijjjstdan anb Surgeon.
Choteau, » Montana.
yy rt. titus„
Physician anb Satcpoxu
Dupuyer, ♦ Montana.
^urr>cyar. ;
Land Surveying, Ditch Work, Etc
Choteau, •> Moniana.
tlniteb States Commtssiouec
anb Hotary public.
Land Filings and Proofs.
..Mortgages,, Conveyances, Etc., Etc
Consoriat Ctrtisr.
Kaiï Cutting, Shaving,. Shampooing.
Hot and Cold Baths..
Justice of the Feace..
Deed«, Mortgagos, Etc. A carefufi
reeord kept of all business,, legal or
otheswise, which passes thsough
my hand»,
DupuvfiK, - - M ontana
Terms of Court For ISHMJt
■seton cocntw
Marcivjith, June 4tlv,. September 3rcH
Deoember 3rd.
pt-vthjïad cqcîwy.
March T&th, June 18th, September 17th>
December 17th.
D. F. S mith , Judge.
Fil ed . . la«, 5th ULCL S. M c D onald,

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