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Everything the Newest
and the Best.
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Msrctjant: TPailor
The Ghoteau House
WM. HODGSKISS, Proprietor.
First-class accommodations for
Stock of all kinds.
Good Rigs Furnished at
Reasonable Rates.
n , j t- — " ja
Passengers and Express.Carried at
■«Aais X.XXVXI.
Stage Leaves Dupuyer in tfie
Morning for Bynurn and Cho
teau, Returning to Dupuyer on
the Same Day.
Reasonable Rates
Offices at Jos. Hirshberg and Co's,
Dupuyer, and City Drug Store,
S. L. POTTER, Prop.
The , "MINT,"
Cor, Main and Conrad Sts.,
- Choteau, Mont.,
Miller & Longmuir, Props.
Wines and Liquors,
Imported and
Domestic Cigars.
Sole Agenis for the Famous Lexington
Club Whiskey,
See Dr. Brown about your teeth. 38 -2t,
Teeth extracted without pain by Dr.
Brown. 88-21.
The very latest styles of Stetson hats
at Jos. Hirshberg <fc Cos. *
Thos. W. Parry is in town this week.
Tne county fathers are in session, this
A full line of poles and fishing tackle
at the drug store. *
Dennis Hennessy is taking a rest in
Dupuyer, after a long absence.
E. D. Stonehouse of Öynum, paid Du
puyer a visit, Sunday and Monday.
Julian F. Burd of Choteau spent a
couple of days in Dupuyer, last week.
The Modern Flora cigar«, the best in
town at the Medicine Lodge Saloon. *
Wm. Sherman of Cut Bank, passed
through Dupuyer last Monday, on his
way to Fort Shaw.
For Ate and Porter a nice drink. Call
at the Medicine Lodge Saloon. *
S. Y. Penrod is in Dupuyer making
preparations to build the new bridge
across Sheep creek.
B. F. Terry was in Dupuyer Saturday
and Sunday, making preparations to
shear sheep at Pondera.
G us Momberg came in from Backfoot
yesterday, and went on to Choteau this
moaning. *
"Scoop" Lloyd paid a visit to Dupuyer
this week, and°*proved to be in his usual
optimistic mood.
For a good cigar. Call at the Medi
cine Lodge Saloon. *
Get your boots or shoes half soled at
tne Dupuyer harness shop. *
The shearing season commenced last
Tuesday at Pondera, James E. Hughes
being the first to use the pens.
Rev. A. W. Hammer will hold services
at the Birch creek school bouse next
Sunday morning.
S. Y. Penrod the official bridge builder
for the county will complete the Sheep
creek bridge today.
On and after June 11th the Great
Falls and Canada By. will run a daily
train between Great Falls and Shelby.
It is gratifying to learn that one can
get a good drink in town. Call and find
it at the Medicine Lodge Saloon. *
t Charles Audrey and George Wren of
Blackfoot passed through Dupuyer last
Sunday, being on their way to Great
j Miss Alice Burd of Browning came to
Dupuyer day before yesterday to meet
.her little sister Phoebe, who has been at
tending school at Choteau.
M. N Lease is putting the finishing
touchas on Wm. Cowgill's new residence,
§nd will finish the work on Tom Magee's
house next week.
- v Deputy sheriff Clark is busy summon
jurors for the district court, which con
vened last Monday. The jurors are call
ed to appear tomorrow at 10 o'clock.
- W anted : An experienced girl to do
hoU8e workon a ranch . App f y to
Jos. C. M c C ua o ,
Dupuyer, Mont.
Wm. McDonald Wright has garnered
his crop of lambs and reports unusual
success. One band of ewes registered an
increase of exactly 100 per cent.
Dr. H. Brown, dentist representing
Dr. F. A. Ironside of Butte, Montana,
will beat the H^tel Morton, June7th
—21st, inclusive. 38-2t.
Mrs. Jos. C. McCuaig and daughter
who have been visiting with relatives in
Philadelphia since last fall, are expected
home in a couple of weeks.
Frank Orr pulled in last Monday with
his freight outfit consisting of 16 horses
and 4 wagons loaded with the finishing
lumber for Thos. B. Magee's and R. P.
Dean's new houses.
Mrs. Carl Harris is recovering as rap
idly as could be expected from the ser
ious injuries sustained in the runaway
accident of May 25th, and has been able
to leave her room since the first of the
F. C. Begin has access to the largest
stock of wall paper that was ever shipped
to northern Montana, and now is the
time to select your pattern, and make
your home pleasant to look upon. 35-4 t
Hon. John A. KenLedy, deputy eus
to ms collector, stopped over night in
Dupuyer Tuesday, returning to his
station in the northern end of the coun
ty, Wednesday morning.
Mrs.'W. H. Titus and Mr. Rivers left
day before yesterday, for a week's visit at
Kibby accompanied by Miss Rise L in
dry. who will remain with her parenfs
until next fall, when she may return to
Dupuj er.

Dr. R. C. Hill of Great Falls, "who has
been for a number of weeks visiting
hospitals in eastern cities, returned to
Oreat Falls last Monday, where he has
again resumed his practice.
Fine gold crown, and bridge work a
specialty. Call and investigate. All
work warranted. H. Brown , Graduate
of Chicago College of Dental Sur
gery. 38-2t.
A meeting of the people of Dupuyer
and vicinity is called for next Saturday
evening at the A cantha office. Let
everybody attend and take some action
toward proyiding for a Fourth of July
If you desire anything in the way of
ornamental painting, including frescoing
and sign painting, epeak to If C. Begin.
Satisfaction guaranted. 35-4-t
Last Friday evening while Mr. and
Mrs. Calvin Stewart were returning
home from Dupuyer, one of their horses
became unmanageable and started to
run away. Mrs. Stewart in attempting
to leap from the wagon, caught one of
her feet in the wheel, and received some
painful bruises.
Byron Corson stopped over in Dupu
yer Tuesday night, on his way to Swift
Current, wbere he will count noses for
Uncle Sam. We hope that while pur
suing the lonely prospector *to his laii,
he will stumble on to something good in
that land of promise.
F. C. Begin is prepared to contract for
all kinds of painting and decorative
work. He is a past master in his line of
business, and guarantees his work. 35-4
Mrs. Fannie E. Chenoweth, county
superintendent, visited the schools at
Birch creek and Fish Lake this week"
and thus completed her tour of the
county for the first half of the year.
The birch creek school will complete a
three months' term in two weeks, and
the Fish Lake school will continue for
six weeks. Mrs. Chenoweth was ac
companied by Miss Franklin, of Burton.
Gracie, the 7 year old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Kyle Price had the misfortune
to loeejan eye recently, in California.
The little girl had by some accident,
been severely cut on the temple, and
was riding with her-father playing with
an open pocket knife. Probably the
bandage on her head caused some in
convenience, as she raised the hand
which was holding the knife and a sud
den jolt of the carriage caused the blade
to enter the eye, destroying the sight,
There is dafigér that the other eye may
also be rendered sightless, through. sym
pathy. Jlv-jj ; *
Aguinaldo is reported as.killed again,
and as he has noW^uffered the extreme
penalty nearly as many traies as tne
Great Falls bäll team has accepted it in
the neck from Helena, to say r othing of
the segregation of his helpmate from
her lingerie, and the presumable embar
rassment and mental suffering of that
esteemed lady in consequence, let us
hope that his earthly tortures have
The state board of .land commissioners
Friday afternoon decided to relinquish
school sections 16 and 36 in the Black
feet reservation, for which lieu lands
will be selected. There are about 90,
000 acres of school lands on that reser
The board yesterday authorized State
Land Agent Neill to make selections of
unsurveyed timber lands in Flathead
county and to eliminate from applica
tions already made certain lands found
not to be desirable. The state land
agent will go next week to Kalispell,
from where he will begin a "cruise" for
timber lands for the state.
A. Mr. Colwell, representing a Minne
apolis firm, was here last week, and took
an order for school supplies for Dupuyer
district. Mr. Colwell intended to go to
Blackfoot Monday morning, and under
the skillful guidance of mine host Steele
loaded his bike and other effects on Mike
Gahagan's yellow legged wagon, rever
ently kicking the accumulation of Du
puyer real estate off his shoes as he
mounted the oughter-mobile. When a
bout three miles out, it occurred to the
passenger that he was traveling toward
the Crow reservation instead of that of
the Blackfeet, and in reply to his anx
ious inquiry, Mike,—honest »like!—con
fessed that the suspicion was founded
on absolute fact. Right there the Du
puyer—Choteau stage line lost a passen
ger, and Colwell also made a losing, but
his loss will not be permanent if Joe
Hein will only wrap up in fire proof ma
terial and ship to the Minneapolis firm,
any stray bits of temper he may find gra
zing around his ranch. At last accounts,
a bicycle was madly penetrating the at
mosphere in the direction of that Mecca
of irrigation enthusiasts, where the
waters of Birch creek fondly blend with
Peoria's product, when coaxed by an in
fusion of natural leaf, that spot so dear
ly beloved by the candidate during the
even numbered years, and which ap
pears on the election returns under the
delirious name of Robare. Vale, Col
well, but return when your seuse of lo
cality has hurled defiance at the anti
axpans'onists, and get even with Bob, by j
olowing yourself with the opposition.
^ " f — ■ T-r--» .« . -<
United States Land Office at Helena, Mont.
^ ^ April 25, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that Arthur H.
Morin, Of Dupuyer, Teton Co., Mont., has flled
notice of Intention to make proof on his
deaertj 'land claim No. 3307, for the sw4 sw4
sec. 13, sei set sec. 14. n2 ne4 sec. 23 tp 28 n r 8«r,
before Geo. W. Magee. U. 8. Com'r at Dupu
yer, Mont, on Saturday, the 9th, day of June
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said 1 and : vie.
Peter Pfeiffer, William Gordon, Henry
Pfeiffer, Gaorge Therrien of Dupuyer, Mont.
First Publication May 3,1900.
United States Land Office, Helena, Mont.
April 30, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that Philip Yunck,
assignee of John U. Winjfard of Cut Bank,
Montana, has flled notice of intention to make
proof on his desert-land claim No. 3844. for
the 80 acres of unsurveyed Public I^and in
Teton Co., Mont., before James M. Wilcox, U,
8. Com'r. at Shelby, Teton Co., Mont,, on Sat
urday, the 9th day of June 1900.
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete Irrigation and reclamation of
said land;
Jno. K. Stauffer, Albert K. Stauffer, Egar
Martin, Budd Allison, of Cut Bank, Montana.
First publication May 3.1900.
United States Land Office, Helena, Mont.,
April 17,1900.
Notice is hereby given that Henry F. Stolt
enberg, of Shelby. Teton county, Montana, has
flled notice of Intention to make proof on his
desert-land claim No. 3330. for the lots 1 and 3
and nw4 ne4 sec. 24, tp 31 n., r. 3 w, before
James M. Wilcox, U. S. Oom.r at Shelby. Mont,
on the 13th day of June 1900.
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete Irrigation and reclamation of
t^aid land :
Nlnlan Edmonston, John Rathyen, William
Dawes, Olef Chas. Fjeld of Shelby, Teton Co..
First published April 28,1900.
Notice uf Forfeiture.
Teton county Montana March 8th. 1800.
To H enry F. E dgar , his heirs, executors,
administrators and assigns:
You and each of you are hereby notified
that we have expended one hundred dollars in
labor and improvements upon the Black Chief
quartz lode mining claim In Swift Current
Mining District, Teton county Montana, dur
ing the year 1898, and one hundred dollars in
work, labor and Improvements of said claim
during the year 1899, in order to hold said
premises under the provisions of section 2324
of the Revised Statutes of the United States,
being the amount required to hold the same
for the year ending December 31st, 1808 and
the year ending December 31st, 18J». «ad if
within ninety days after this notice by pub
lication, you fail or refuse to contribute your
proportion of such expenditure as a co-owner,
your interest in said claim will become the
property of the subscriber under said Section
The Michigan and Montana Copper Min
ing and Smelting Company.
First publication March 15.1900.
-A. 0-I5-A.iTIS
Will Be Given by
Moarfoure -Me&eloW
Gîvrop No. 234,
Woodmen of the World
< H> »000»»0«0»C»0 « 0»0»»00»
Fourth of July Night
»♦»»»»»»»»» • * »»«»»» »»
AT THEIR HALL Dupuyer Mont:
Fresh and Salt Meats
^Djpuyer, Mjntana.
The Cascade Bank
Incorporated under the laws of Mon
tana, April 5,1881.
capital mm
S. E Atkinson President
F. P. Atkinson Cashier
W. W.Miller Assistant Cashier
S. E. Atkinson, , F. P. Atkinson,
Peter Larson, Vf . W. Millerf
Jahn Ellis.
This bank transacts a general banding
business, pays interest on time deposits,
buys and sells exchange, and loan» mon
ey at lowest rates of interest, Invte»
correspondence and offers its service»! U>
responsible parties, and will extend tho
accommodation and courtesy usually of
fered by a conservative banking house,
C. J. B. Stephens, D D S
G. H. Chase, D D S Associate.
We practice modern dentistry
only. Sign The Golden
Tooth, Ford Block
Great Falls.
Stage Line.
Office at Kingsbury's Store.
Daily Mail Between Dnpuye
and Blackfoot
Passengers and Express Car
ried at Reasonable Rates.
X. 1 Stonehouse, prop
I will have arrive at Great Palls, M -,
22nd, two carloads of choice yearl; :</
Hereford buUs. Prices will be rent
Great Falls, Mont
Holter Lumber Co
Car lots P. O. B. your station
ltanch for Sale.
310 acres of good hay land, wel
good buildings, well watered,
east of Dupuyer. Enquire a A

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