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VOL 6.
NO. 40
y O
Loudon, June 11, 3 a. m.—The Boers
have torn up twenty-one miles of Lord
Roberts' vital line of railway between
America Siding and Roodeval. It is a
bold raid and vexatious, but it does not
disquiet the military authorities as yet,
for they expect Gen. Kelly-Kenny to
drive off the marauders and reopen the
The rapidity of the advance of Lord
Roberts cannot have permitted him to
have accumulated large reserve of stores.
Therefore the interruption of the rail
way even for a week must embarrass the
army and must bring the forward opera
tions to a standstill. Nothing has been
heard from Lord Roberts for three days.
This raid of the enemy,'the strenuous
opposition to Gen. Rundle and the nim
ble escape ot' Commandant Gen. Botha's
division have forced the war office ob
servers to tiie reluctant'conclusion that
the war is not jet over, although even
the occasional hopeful Boer sympathizer
can not see how the Boers can do any
thing to change the result,
Gen. Bullet- i.-: in Boer territory. Dis
patches of correspondents with him lited
yesterday at sunset describe the corps as
camping at Galonsell, close to the point
where the frontiers of the Free State,
the Transvaal and Natal meet.
"The British marched eight miles yes
terday," says a Reuter correspondent,
' without encountering any opposition.
The Boers, who had one gun,-withdrew
under heavy artillery lire to a ridge just
past the s wamp."
This long range, running skirmish will
doubtless be renewed this morning.
Gen. Buller is expected to make rapid
progress now and to throw the weight
of 20,000 men into Lord Roberts' Trans
vaal combinations.
The war oil ice has,"received the follow
ing dispatch from Sir Redver* Buller:
"Headquarters in Natal, Juns 10 —
With reference to thy telegram of June
8 We halted yesterday to get our trains
up the pas?, whidh is very steep. I find
the enemy were abmt 2,003 strong in a
very carefully prepared location, which
the»' must have been very, disheartened
not to have held longer than they did.
They have all retired about twenty-six
miles to the northwest. I iind our
casualties were more than I lirst thought.
They were one ofiicer wounded, two men
lulled and thirteen wounded."
Lourenzo Marques,.Saturday, June 9.
It is reported that the British have oc
cupied Komatipoort after lighting.
President Kruger is said to have a large
quanity of personal valuables with him
Tien tsin, Jun e 10. The special train
that went to examine the line and re
connoiter returned last night. The rail
way was found clear two miles beyond
Yang Tsti. The engineer, with the
g tards, walked a mile and a half further.
Tney found the ties and two bridges
burned and the railway torn up. They
siw a few hundred persons, apparently
villagers, gathered ahead of them.
The lirst repair train, with Admiral
S-ytnour and stall, G5Û British; Capt.
McCalla with 10'J Americans,-10 Italians,
and ÛU Austrian^, left here at 9:30.
Hotchkiss and other guns were mounted
in toe center of the train. A second
train left at 11 o'clock with GOD British,
Japanese and French troops. Repair
material and new rails were taken along.
Tnere are thirty-one war vessels at
A message from Peking to the ad
mirals reports that the situation
hmrly growing moro .-dangerous for
fore ;ners. All those afc Peking have
tak.' 1 i refuge in Legation street. The
vi 1 . , is are under arm? to night to ;u:t
with the regulars if necessary. The ap
proaches to Legation street ate sur
rounded by howling mobs of disorganiz
ed soldiers, with rifles and cannon. The
air is full of threats.
This was the situation, yesterday (Sat
urday) when the courier got through
with the latest dispatches. The dowager
empress was amusing herself at the pal
ace with theatricals. It is rumored that
govermeut arms are being dealt out to
the Boxers. The troops of Tung Pu Seh
a:e said to be assisting to kill native
Christians, after malignant tortures.
London, June 11.—The Peking corres
pondent of the Times, telegraphing Sun
day, says: "The American missionary
buildings at Tung Chau, twelve miles
from Peking, which were abandoned by
the missionaries, have been looted' and
burned by the Chinese soldiery who
were sent to protect them. Within three
days seventy-five native Christiana, well
known men who have been trained for
years by American missionaries, have
lieen massacred near Tung Chau. Many
of them were burned alive. The in
timidation of C îristiàns continues with
in Peking its ' f "
New York,.' une 10.—The Commercial
Cable company has issued the following
"We are advised from Shanghai that
all lines between 'Tien-tsin and Peking
are interrupted."
John Long of the Kallapell meat mar
ket was here after a car of mutton he
had purchased through Win. Dawes.
Albert G'oeddartz, William Henning
and William Simins are in town to en
gage shee^ shearers.
Shearing has commenced at Escall
iers and the Shelby sheds. Escalher's
bucks are shearing 17 to 25 pounds each.
When the G. P. C. train arrived in
Shelby last Monday, pieces of the flesh
and clothing of the unknown man who
still cling
was killed near Steell, were
* !l S the trucks.
The town looked like a British camp
in the Transvaal, Monday, the result of
No. '1 jumping the track west of Mid vale,
where seven persons were bruised and
cut up. They were brought to Shelby
to have their injuries attended to, and
it is fortunate that no one was killed.
County commissioner Connelly's irri
gating pump is a grand success. throw
ing 100 inches of water over 23 feet, and
furnishing sufficient water to irrigate
all the land he will want for hay. Quito
a number of settlers went to see the
purnp working, several say that they in
tend to get one,.so it seems that the
problem of irrigating the Marias bot
toms is solved at lust,
The town reservoir has run dry, so we
all have to taae beer, and there is some
talk of the beer halls combining and
raiding the price, as they haue to em
ploy more help.
The trials for selling whiskey to Indi
ans are on the docket at Helena, and be
* ul ° ieav ' n tf> the boy a placed several or
ders for bridles.
Sunday school seems to be the fad
since tiie B.jv. Adolph Stark passed
through%ere.. How long it will last,
time alone can tell.
Bob Reid, manager of,the S T sheep
outfit on the north side of the .Marias,
passed through town last Sunday, on
his way to Conrad to take charge of the
shearing crew at that place.
Since the G. F. & C. resumed its daily
train service, it is possible to go to the
Falls and have ample time to transact
business, am! return the same day.
Carl Evans is in Joe Briggs' place at
the Palace saloon, and Henry George in
Charles Sehildt's at Sullivan's while
they are at Helena, and 1:0 telling how
much farther they will go, or how long
they will be away.
I now have my twj stallions at Dupu
yer. and parties desiring their services,
can call at Miller's livery stable, or leave
mares with cite te,r< I which 1 am holding.
Terms 68 for tht
M, E. CowEi.i..
District court convened on Monday
the 4th inst, and the following business
was transacted during the term, the jury
being called Friday, aud dismissed Sat
On motion of plaintiffs, the divorce
proceedings in Rosa Crouch vs. Edwin
Crouch and in Maud Crockford ys. W.
C'rockford, were dismissed.
John Hunter va Olive Hunter a suit
for divorce, was continued for the term
An information charging the illegal
branding of a roan cow was tiled by the
county attorney against .lames Hannon,
bench warrant issued with bail fixed in
the sum of S1ÜÜ0.
George Barron vs. Elsie Barron, suit
for divorce, decree granted.
F. D. Cooper ys . M . D. Cooper, order
of foreclosure.
John Fur man vs. Mary Fur. man, suit
for divorce, decree granted.
Geo. Andreas v3. Geo. I. Smith involv
ing title to land, taken under advise
State of Montana vs. John Hobbms
defendant withdrew plea o£ not guilly,
and pleaded guilty of assault in the
second degree. Fined $250.
11. Strain et al ys A. J. Cowell, suit
fcr pofsesfeicn. Oral testimony taken at
the conclusion of which, the court t( ok
the matter under advisement directing
the attorneys in the case to subuit
J us tin Liembach vs. A. D. McDonald
et al, suit for title to mining claims.
Argument of counsel on defendants
demurrer heard and case taken under
advisement by the court.
State of Montana vs. Edith Herbst,
charge grand larceny. Tried to a jury
au ^ acquitted.
S -trah E. Connor vs Chas. II. Connor,
suit for maintenance. In this cause the
counsel tor plaintiff tiled a transcript c;
a judgment obtained against the defen
dant in Iowa and the defendant filed
transcript of a decree of divorce granted
him in Lewis & Clark county Montana.
The court directed counsel for the par
ties to prepare and submit briefs of the
law relied up m, the plaintiff wag given
ten days, and the defendant until July
1st next. j
Tellleïson vs Burton, suit for personal
property. Dismissed on motion of coun
sel for plaintiff.
Burton vs Thompson, suit on acct ap
pealed from justice's court. Judgment
by agreement to plaintiff for 8110.
Montana Land & Water Co. et al vs
Farmer Cooperative Canal C:>. et al, suit
for title to water or Teton river. Con
tinued by stipulation to Sept 1th next.
Farmers Cooperative Canal Co. vs.
way. Dismissed as settled.
Robert Twiggs vs Mary J Twiggs, di
. yoree. Decree to plaintif? with custody
; 0 j minor child reu.
Daniel C. Gray vs Charlotte A. Gray,
divorce. Decree for plaintiff.
In the matter of the estate of Charles
Buckley deed., Henry Ryan Admr. Re
port of sale of personal property ; p
j proved, final account of Administrator
j showing all the debts paid and remain
I ing property turned over to the widow.
Approved and decree for îinnl discharge
of Administrator and his bondsmen
signed and tiled.
, In the matter of ti e estate of David
Able deceased, J. 11. Dunlap Admr.
I inal account of Administrator approved
: and decree of final discharge signed and
! filed.
Chas. II. Eugli;-'.. Guscav Wetten,
Hugh Robinson and Paul F. Ha.ugan
were admitted to citizenship.
— «**>-«—«*.« —
To those desiring to shear by ma
caiuery; I am uow ready to book dates
j for same to shear at shed three miles
! south of Collins on the Great Falls■'{
Canada railway, comniciicing June 15th.
Satisfaction guaranteed. County bridg
es will be completed over the Teton and
384t. W alter S. C lahk.
iSsf ray Xotice.
Came to my ranch at the Uillette place
on Dupuyer, one bay pony, bald face,
four white feet, brat led on right
Owner can have same
this advertisement.
by paying for
D. Fo.RKr.s r.
United States Land Office, Helena, Mont.
May 7tl). 193t»,
Notice is liereby fciven that Charles I). La
Breche of Pieman, Mont., has tiled notice of in
tention to make proof on hisde:sert-land claim
No. 35£>, for llie se4 ne4, w2 nel, ne-f se4 sec. 3J
and sw4 nw4, n:3 sw4. nw4 se4 sec. i'4 tp. 2w n. r
Cw, also that David D. La Breche of Pieman.
Mont., has filed notice of intention to make
proof on his desert-la-..fl claim No. 35:23, for
the s2 nu4 see. 31. and stv4 nw4 sec. 35, tp 23 n..
r 9 w, before George \V. Magee. t'. S. < 'om'r at
Dupuyer, Mont., on Saturday, the 16th day of
June 1900.
They name the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation Of
said l: nds:
Michael II. Embo(ly, Barton F. Embody,
David Howe, William Rice of Dupuyer. Mont.
G ëorge I). G reene.
First publication May 10, 1900.
United states Land Office, Helena. Mont.
May 4, 19tX>.
Notice is hereby given that Timothy A.
Lennon of KelmviUe, Deer Lodge Co.. Mont
has filed notice of intention to make proof on
his desert-land claim No. 3312. for the v;2 set.
e2 sw4, sw4 sw4 sec. 23, se4 sei sec. 22. ' n2 nw t
sec. 23, tp. 28 n. r 9,v, before Geo. W. Magee, U.
S. Com'r. at Dupuyer. Mont., on Monday, the
2nd d:iy of Jnly 13.K).
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said land:
Edward M. Miller, Griff .Tone?. William
Miller, Arthur II. Morin. of Dupuyer, Mont.
G eorge D. G reene.
First Publication May 17,19J0.
United States Land Office Helena, Mont.
May 17, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that Oliver S. War
dtn, of Great Fails, Mont., lias filed notice .of
intention to make, proof on his desert-land
claim No. 4034, for the s2 sec. 22, tp. 30 n., r 5w,
before M. s. Darling it. s. Com'r at Fondera.
Mont, ou Monday, the 2nd day of Jul v, lSX*',
also that Herman G. Löscher, of Great Falls,
Mont, lias filed notice of intention to make
proof oa his desert-land claim No. 4778, for
the set net.e2 set. sw4 set sec. Ii. nw4 nw.4 sec.
13. n2 net. net uw4 sec. 14, tp. S3 n.. r. Cw, before
the same officer at the same t ime and place.
They name the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said lands viz: Thomas Crtrry, of Dupuyer,
Most., John M. Laughlin. of Dupuyer, Mont..
Daniel Miller, of Dupuyer, Mont., Walter
Mathewsaad F. ii. Morrison, of Pondera,
U. S. LAKD OrriCB, II EI .KXA. M oiît., »
May, ::o. i'm», i'
VOT1CE is hereby given that IVïary Bole, of
A Great Falls, Montana, has filed notice of
intention to make proof on hei desert land
claim No. 5i: u >. for the NÎ4 SE'i. SEH NEW.
Sec. 8; Shs NWV,. N!-i S\VW;S\VM NE^.Soc. 'J.
Township 30 north, range 4 west, before M.S.
Darling. IT. H. t'oinmissioaer, at Fondera,
Montana, oa the ihh day of .1 a'.y. 19:>1.
She names the I'oilotvin'z wit ne.-ses to prove
the coniph te irrigation unci reclunr.itîou of
sait! iatid:
Thomas Curry, John M. Langhlin. Daniel
Miller, of Dnpnyer, Mont.; W alter Mathews,
of Fondera. Moot.
(jKor.rtE D. GRKESF. Roister.
[First publication May SI.]
I will sell my irrigating ditch ttiken
from Birch creek, and carrying 2550
inches of water to the right party. This
ditch irrigates some of the best land in
Teton county and 1 will sell either the'
whole ditch or an interest thercir. as may
be desired.
T hos. M o G ovehn,
Dupuyer, Mont
Cuttle for Suie.
300 head of stock catll•> for sale, at
i the Birch creek ranches of the ttndt
! signed. This bunch of cattle are ex
j ceptionally good stock, and include
; large proportion of steers from yearlings
up to four years old. The cattle have
b Qen f e ^ during the past winter and are
; n ;- ni , eondltion. The entire bunch can
be se
> cont;:tion. x
■a at any time.
M rs. A:
C .:ll oa or address.
NÎ:: M. STI'ell.
Dupuyer, Mont.
, -
Wö llmen of the World. Until far
ther notice the regular meetings of
Mountain Meadow LodgeXo.23-1, Wôod
a of the World, will lie held in the
ning. on the 2nd Saturday, and.in the
afternoon ou t«»e 1th Saturday ot each
monta. Fer Order.
Qro.. i-. -MCCIXL, yet:.
We carry the largest stock of Wall
Paper, Ready mixed House Paints,
Roof Paints, Marking Paints,
Br ushe3, Varnishes, Stains, Enamels,*
Window Class, Alabastine, Gypsir-'-.
Pictures, Picture Mouldings, Etc.
of any house in Northern Montana.
There is no order toolarge for us to fill
or to-small to command our immedi
ate attent on.
Leave orders at Jos. Hirshberg à Go's,
119* Central Ave,
Great Falls, Mont
Clioteau, — — Montana.
V Clioteau,
y \f H. STEARNS,
Physician anb Sur^cou,
Suooîs&oî to "WAMSIiEY & B20GK3.
physician anb Surgeon.'
Clioteau, v, Montana.
pî)îj5tctan anb Siv:q,con.
Dupuyer, Montana.
Land Surveying, Ditch Work, Et-. 1 .
Clioteau, Montana.
llnitcb States (Lommissie:
aiiO Hokuy public.
Land Filings and Prôofa,...
....Mortgages, Conveyances. Et:.
: "
j Tj a j,.
M op.'.;
'(Low: orial Ctrttsi.
Cutting, 'V.tiivim. - . Shampooing.
Hot it ad Cold Baths.
- "TS
5k *U À. ? «Î >
justice Oi the lv:uv.
Deeds, Mortgagee, i i c. a carefu
record kept of all business ie: ;1 or
otherwise, whi -h passes Vuvough
:T vm /
Ternis of C ourt For HXî J.
March Hth. June Ith, Sept.:;: bv. :":u v
December 3rd,
March 19th, June 18th, Septem b. : L ; h. \
December 17 th.
D. F. Smïtft, J
Filed d.an. 5th liOO,. S.-.M ;I\ t p,
< *ii. «' .l

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