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vol 7
dupuyer, teton county, montana, thursday, flar. 14, 1901.
NO. 27
Hirshbere &
General * Herchandise
Dupuyer fiontana.
^ ^ int uiA tt Aiiuimm iUAtmAiüimiAUVJWJg
Ready Made Suits
Suits to order.
Underwear. Shirts.
Pants and Overalls.!
Boots and Shoes.!
Overshoes. Ladies and
* Gents Fine Shoes.
Ail kinds of Footwear.
IComplete line of Groceries
Ismoking and Chewing Tobacco.
Û Shelf Hardware. Ranch Tools Etc.
gAgents for the celebrated
Istudebaker & Co.'s Wagons
Proceedings of the Baard of County
Commissioners of Teton County
Montana Regular March Term 1901.
CnoTiAU, Montana, March 1001.
Board met in regular March session,
at the office of the county clerk, at 10 a.
n.. Present, Chairman C B Perkftis,
Cora'r. Wtn M Booster, and the clerk.
Minutes of regular Uecember meeting,
and of special meeting of January 7,1901,
were read and approved.
Board proceeded to examine reports
of County and township officers for tiie
quarter ending Feb. 28, 11)01. The fol
lowing were approved and ordered tiled.
A C Warner, county clerk. Report of
warrants issued in payment of salaries
of county officers, amounting to$2,150.99
on the contingent fund, and £l,Ooo.G8 on
general fund.
A C Warner, county clerk. Report of
official fees collected, amounting to $258
(i0, with treasurer's receipts for same.
Sterling McDonald, clerk district
court. Report of official fees collected
and paid to treasurer, amounting to
Win D Hägen, Sheriff. Report of offi
cial fees collected for portion of quarter,
amounting to £10.00, with treasurer's
receipt for same.
Geo C Tiiylor, Sheriff. Repott of offi
cial fees collected for part of quarter,
amounting to $13.00, with treasurer's
receipt for same.
* Win D Hägen, Sheriff. Repart of jail
hoarders l'or part of quarter. Warrant
ordered for expenses incurred.
Geo C Taylor, Sheriff. Report of jail
boarders for part of quarter. Warrant
ordered for expense incurred.
D A Periry, Assessor. Final report
showing eollee'ti ns of 812.00. Special
road tax, at.d >312.00 special poor tax,
an paid to 1 re gulier, less ten per cent
expenses of oliection. Clerk authorized
to close r. Peary's account iii accord
anc3 with report.
M D Coo;-' r, 5ustice of pence Choteau
township, Report of criminal actions
for part of q
for coats inc.
■ Geo C Tas
Dupuyer tow ■ 1
actions for p i
ordered for co
J [-1 Bouche •
Mary's towns'.; :
actfons for qu
Warrants order •
Wtn Dawes.
Marias to A-nship
er. Warrant ordered
Justice of the peace,
ip. Report of criminal
of quarter. Warrant
ustiee of the peace St.
Report of criminal
r ending Nov. 30, 1900,
d for josts incurred,
-listice of the peace,
Report as acting cor
oner, of inquest held on body of
11 roster. Warrants ordered for
A; ' . ' P'
i ■ . ■ • noox session.
j> t • ■ ■ ■ 'nbled at 2 p. m. same
men : • n, and continued exam
infati >rls for quarter ending
Fe'i. -
Contractor's poor house réport of Win
Bruce, showing five inmates carod for
during quarter, was approved and or
dered filed.
Reports of Argus Bruce and Ed Boll
rud, road supervisors, were approved
and warrants ordered for expenses in
Report of H F England, county treas- ]
nrer, for period from Dec. 1,1'^OO to and
including March.2, 1901, was considered.
Treasurer's list of licenses issued was
compared with stubs of license books
and found correct.
Lists of warrants paid were compared
with county clerk's books, found correct,
and warrants were cancelled as follows:
General fund 88,155 20
Contingent fund 6,368 47
Road fund 5,703 01
Poor fund « 022 2 G
Bridge fund : 4,842 26
Sinking fund 1,804 50
District school fund 4,027 CO
Total $32,022 70
Treasurer's report,was t^en checked
against county clerk's ledger. Balances
were found as follows:
General fund ?0,00.> 57
Contingent fund 70 11
Road fund 314 80
Poor fund 587 97
Bridge fund 3,996 29
Sinking fund 2,118 41
General pchool fund 2 90
District, school fund 10,653 01
State fund 123 93
Bounty fund 2 3 57
Estate of James Grady 2' >0 00
Total $27,113 62
The following county warrants, having
remain» d uncalled for for over One year,
were then cancelled.
No 357 Dec 11 1899 Sam Erickson gen
eral fund five dollars.
No 374 Dec 11 IStiO A Anderson gen
end fund one dollar and a half.
No 120 Dec 11 1899 YV F Laugblin
road fund five dollars.
No 123 Dec 111S99 C F Norris eight
No 128. Dec 11 R Farnsworth seven
No 136 Dec 11 1899 Wm ivlahoney two
Ordered that treasurer transfer 83,000
from tho general fund to the Contingent
Adjourned to 10 a. tn. March 5.
March 5,1901. Board met at 10 a. tn.
Present Chairman C B Perkins, Coin
| mission ers M Connelly, Wm M Foster,
; and the clerk.
Petition was presented by C R Scoffin
] asking for rebate of taxes on 1,180 head
! of stock sheep, being number over-asses
i.sed to him. After due consideration,
! petition was granted and warrant order
I ed for amount of county tixea overpaid.
Ordered, that a deputy be allowed the
i county assessor for the months of April,
\ May and June, 1001,.at a, salary of $75
çeç sijoathu
Adjourned to p. m.
afternoon session.
Board reassembled at 2 p. rn. All
members present. ;
Ordered thar, contract be entered into
with C E Trescott for the county print
ing and publishing for one year from
Maren 10,1901, at legal rates, excepting
books which shall be furnished at ten
per cent over cost prices. Bond to be
furnished in sum of 82,000.
Petition was presented asking for the
appointment of Walter Dolson as Justice
of the Peace, n arias township to fill
vacancy. Petition granted and appoint
ment ordered.
Board then authorized the sheriff to
employ a deputy at Altyu and one at
Cut Bank, from March 15, 1901, at a
salary of fifty dollars per month each.
Adjourned to 10 a. m. March 6.
third dai'. 1
Board met at 10 a. m. All members
Claim of Montana Land and Water
Co., for rebate of taxes on certain tracts
of land, was disallowed.
C E Trescott presented contract for
printing and publishing for one year |
from Maren 10, 1901, accompanied by j
bond in cue sum of two thousand doi- I
lars, with VVui Bruce and Thomas Brooks j
as sureties. Bond approved and con- j
tract signed.
Ordered that county officers requiring
any official priming or publishing shall
obtain an order for same from the county
Board then checked receipt of Treas
urer John S Gordon to ex-treasurer H
F England, for county funds on hand at
the close of business March 2, 1901,
amounting to 82i, 113.62. Same was
found correct, and final report or II i' 1
England, outgoing county treasurer Was
tuen approved and ordered filed.
Beard then proceeded to audit claims
against county. Warrants were ordered
in payment oi those allowed.
Following claims were disallowed
E O Barlow meals f.-r judges and
clerks of election seven dollars, as not a
proper charge «gains* the county.
Wm Miller salary dep sheriff Jan 7 to
Jan 12,1001 ten dollars, dep slif Leech
having drav n pay for same period.
Adjourned 2 p. m.
/ fternoon session.
Board reassembled at 2 p. m. All
members present, and proceeded to visit
and inspect the county jail, same being
found in good condition
Report of Jno W Shields, county sur
veyor, for period from Dec 1, 1900 to ;
January 6, 1901, was then examined, ap ;
proved and ordered filed.
Board resumed auditing of claims
agai nst county, and waarants were or- j
tiered in payment of those allowed.
Claim of una:; D Phemister, for burial (
of R Widall 3150 was disallowed as not
being a proper charge against %\'t -'U
Adjourned to 10 «. m. March 7. :
fourth i> vy.
March 7,1903. Board, met at 10 a. m.
All members present.
Ordered that county clerk advertise
for bids to be submitted at June regular
meeting for painting county jails at Du
pu vor and Shelby.
Report of James .Sulgrove, Co. Atty.
All members presenf.
for quarter ending Feb 23,1901, was ex
amined, approved and ordered filed.
County Attorney was authorized to
employ a stenographer and typewriter
for months of March. April and May,
1901, at fifteen dollars per month for
county's share of salary.
Board then audited claims against
county, and ordered warrants drawn in
payment of those allowed. >
Adjourned to 2 p. tn.
afternoon S ESC i on.
Board reassembled at 2 p. m. All
members present, and proceeded to in
spect the poor farm which was found in
good condition.
Adjourned to 10 a. m. March 8.
FliTTfl DAY.
March 8,1901. Board met at 10 a. m.
Ordered, that wire screens be placed
on county jail windows.
Following reports for quarer ending
Feb 23,1901, were examined, approved
and ordered filed.
George W Magee, Justice of the peace,
Dupuyer township. Re! ort of criminal
actions. Warrant ordered for costs in
Wm :'Dawes. Justice of the peace,
Marias township. Report of fines col
lected and paid to county treasurer,
amounting to 833.
Thos Cowan. Justice of the peace, St.
Mary's township. No criminal business.
Fannie E Chenoweth, Co Supt schools
Report of transactions of office, showing
official visit made and teacher's examin
ations held.
Board resumed auditing of claims
against county. Warrants were ordered
drawn in payment of those allowed.
Following claims were disallowed as
not properly chargeable to Teton county:
T J Moore, services special jailer $90.
Wm Bruce for disinfectant $0.50.
Ordered, that county clerk draw war
rant on general fund in favor of II K
Ferris, for one car of coal for county
jail, when same shall have been deliver
Ordered, that Chairman Perkins is
authorized to go to Great Falls on busi
ness connected with suit of S M Corson
against county.
Permission to leave tho state for a
period not exceeding sixty days was
granted to Com rs Connelly and Fostc v.
Following apportionments for road
districts for period ending April 30, 1901,
were then maue:
District No 1 one/hundied and twenty
five dollars.
District No 2 twenty five dollars.
3 twenty live dollars.
4 one hundred dollars
5 twenty five dollars.
it twenty tivo dollars.
7 t-wenly five dollars.
■ï twenty tivo dollars
j. b . riccuLLon,
Expert Optician and Eye Specialist.
Graduate of tho Chicago Opthaluaic
College. 22 years experience in re
Classes coiroctly fitted for all defects of
the eyes known to the profession,.
Granulated sore eyes cured by <1
painless method. Free examinations.
Office 509 2nd Avenne South, 2 blocks
south of Hotel] Grand GREAT,.
FALLS, Mont.
" " 9 one hundred dollars.
" " 10 twenty five dollars.
" " 11 twenty five dollars.
Ordered, that consideration aï all road'
petitions and other road matters be laid
I over to June regular meeting
Ordered, that boundaries of Dupuyer
and Marias townships are hereby chang
ed as follows: All that portion of town
ship 27 north, ranges 1, 2, 3, and 4 west
lying north of a line drawn due west
from the northeast corner of section 25'
township 27 n range 1 w, townships 28
and 29 north and the south half of town
ship 30 north, all in raugeS 1, 2, 3 and 4
west, now forming part of .Marias town
ship, are taken from said Marias town
ship and annexed to and made part of
Dupuyer township.
Board then appointed John J Device,,
of Pondera, to the office of Justice of the
peace, Dupuyer township.
Adjourned to 2 p. m.
afieenoon session.
Board reassembled at 2 p. m. Present,
Commissioners M Connelly and Wm M
Foster, and the clerk. In the absence of
jCaairman Perkins, Commissioner Foster
was chosen chairman pro tern.
Board then appointed Geo W Walker,
of Cut Bank, Justice or tue peace for
vi arias township.
Proposition was submitted in „rusiees
•».•£ school district No 1, for tue earuo
lishment of a county tree high se a oui at
Choteau, the county seat ot i'e^on Co,
under tho provisions ot ttie county iree
high school act of March 3, loW9. Saine
was approved and ordered tiled, and the
following order was made Oy lu • ooard:
It is hereby ordered that cue proposi
tion of the board oi trustees ui -caool
district number one of ieto.i county,
.Montana, lor the establishment ot a
county free high school at Cnouau, tue
county seat of said county, Ue and tno
same is hereby accepted uy the Board of
commissioners of Teton county, Mon
tana. and in accordance therewith and
the provisions of the County Free High
school acf of March 3, li&U, saia county
Free High School for Te; hi county is
hereby ordered established at Uaoteau.
the county seat of said Teton county,
Board then audited accounts of its
members, and ordered warrants drawn,
in payment.
The regular March term oi tae- ooard
was then adjourned sine die.
List of warrants allowed will oe pub
fished next week.
Censorial (Irtish
Hair Cutting, Shaving, Shampooing
Hot and Cold Bath;'..
James Sulgrove
Attorney ami
Notary Public.
■ou n iôlo r-at-Lau%
County Attorney.
Hexr> Barber Shop.
When in need of a First-Class Shav*«
or an Um lo-Date hair cut give him it
C 11. Shop near tho Dupuyer Drug;
Du'juver, Montana*.

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