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y* VOL 7.
N K 28
Hirshberg & Co.
General Mflerchandise.
Dupuyer Montana.
iniinmiiniiHimiiiimmii tiUitaiititmuie % kikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkUkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkig
CLOTHING. I I Boots and Shots §
Ready Made Suits
Suits to order.
Underwear. Shirts.
Pants and Overalls.
Overshoes. Ladles and
Gents Fine Shoes
I All kinds of Footwear.
'Complete line of Groceries |
îSmoking and Chewing Tobacco.
Shelf Hardware. Ranch Tools Etc.
jAgents for the celebrated
iStudebaker & Co. 's Wagons.
Proceedings of the Board of County
Commissioners of Teton County
Montana Regular March Term 1901.
(Continued from last week.)
During the Bession warrants were
ordered in payment of claims as follows:
W D Hägen, board for prisoners $
Ooorge O Taylor, board ol' prisoners.
ti D Cooper, J P fees
«leorge C Taylor, .1 P fees
J II Doucher. .1 P fees
($1.30 disallowed—over charge.)
Jos Lessard, constable fees
Win Dawes, coroner's fees, Brewster
inquest 9 5, >
Chas Hllger 150 00
L Llndquist. coroner's jury Brewster
luquesi 1^0
Ray Galbreath, coronar's jury Brew
ster inquost
S Arnold, coroner's jury. Brewster
W R Crockford, coroner's jury Brew
star inquest
Chas Schild, coroner's jury Brewster
R M Majors, taking testimony Brew
«ter inquest
($1.00 disallowed—overcharge.)
Wm Meade, colllii and burial, John
C It Scottin, rebate taxes
A L Hoy, making ballot box
K G Galbreath, transportation in
sane person....... ...
Thos llakcr, mileage, State vs De
«V 1) llajfen, sheriff's mileage
John Wagner, mileage spjcial dpt.
J L Ringo» servies special deputy...
Roy McNeal, cleaning school house,.
J E Webb, taking census and testi
H K Guth, supplies
W u S team.!, travol exp small pox..
G A Gorham, mile State vs Gardner
($ii.5t) disallowed, overcharge)
G A Gorham extra expense State vs
Choteau Mercantile company, sup
B Jones, house rent, elect ion
H M Majors, services special deputy
Fannie E Chenoweth, office expenses
11 F England, office expenses
ti A Gorham, tele. State vs Gardner
G A Gorham, services, under sheriff
Sterling McDonald.office expenses..
C 11 Connor, jail repairs
Jos lflrshberg & Co., supplies
.1 F Hughes, mileage, depty sheriff .
.1 F Hughes, telegrams
John Nicholson, meals Insane pal t..
.1 F Hughes, board of prisoners .. .
.lohn Nicholson, services auci tr He
special deputy sheriff
($16.00 disallowed overcharge.)
Mary M Sulgrove, reni of pest house
Robert Brown, election messenger..
Byron Corson, telephone rent
.lames Heering, land abstract
Wm Hodgskiss, rent court house
A C Warner, offico expenses
C F Moberly, mileage and telegrams
deputy sheriff
C F Moberly, board of prisoners. ..
Geo C Taylor, shersff's mileage and
■fames Sulgrove, office and trnv ex p.
Geo W MagjtV.T P fe<M
Wm Dawes. J P fees
C$ü disallowed, overcharge.)
H W Culver, lalving testimony. State
vs Hughes
Charles Hllger, skinning horse, or
d. r county attorney
J E Evîckson. telegtame..'
vV D Hagen, telegram* •.
(. ti-indard Pub Co. erasers.....
56 50
130 00
7 50
0 50
11 00
3 70
1 50
1 50
3 CO
30 00
74 72
4 00
3 00
12 20
78 40
4 00
17 50
2 00
21 35
IS 00
13 95
404 00
25 00
17 05
5 50
11 50
7 20
10 50
2 05
6 CO
5 20
5 50
103 37
71 SO
2 90
11 00
ti 25
24 10
35 00
10 00
21 CO
14 00
iiii 00
17 18
130 51
5 50
GG7 05
61 70
34 50
3t> 20
15 40
5 00
9 95
Ii C5
H F England, deputy hire
T L Clark, med attendance insane
A M Kennedy, jail repairs
M O'Donahue, plumbing for jail —
S C Acton, mileage, under sheriff—
S M Corson, county printing
($3.70 disallowed, overcharge.)
G er) W M ague, publishing
($10 disallowed, not authorized.)
C B Perkins, telegram
75 00
G 00
23 75
79 00
26 00
554 90
72 00
Total $3,653 54
Angus Bruce, road word supervisor 63 00
John Edgar, road work with sup 10 00
Stanley Ellsworth, 4 00
Ed Bolfrud, " " " 15 CO
Ole Thompson, " " " 12 00
Austin & Western Co., blades scrapers.. 17 52
A L Hoy, posting notices ..... 6 00
Thos Bonsdeld, road work with surveyor 10 00
William Edgar, " " '* " 2 00
John Edgar, " " " " S 00
H W Yeager, " " " " 8 W)
Angus Bruce, team hire, with surveyor 8 00
John W Shields, team hire 32 00
John W Shields, road viewing 15 00
Obadiah Embody, road work with sup.. 12 50
Abram Sa lois " " 24 00
Torwold Bjornstod " " 8 00
A Boutlier, bridge repairs 8 00
Jos Hirshberg & Co. road supplies 2 00
Alex Campbell, blacksmithing 5 35
0 H Connor, " 14 00
H F Guth, freight on lumber 62 00
Flathead Valley Lumber Co. lumber... 138 74
M Connelly, lumber 8 54
Total £433 65
John W Shields, office work and survey. 195 00
C B Perkins, serv & mileage Co. Coiui-.. 84 20
M Connelly " " . " " 72 00
WniMFosier " " " " .. 90 to
Total $448 00
W H Stearns, med cont alul dressing...
L E Black, nursing sick pauper
Jos Hirshberg & Co, Dupuyer, supplie
pauper .
A M Kennedy, boarding Mrs. Packard
J F Thompson, rebate poor tax
Wm Bruce care of poor
O H Drake, medicines contract
J M Hyde, nursing sick pauper
T L Clark, medical attendance paupei'
J M Wilcox, care paupers, Shelby
($9.80 disallowed, overcdarge.)
432 Ol
209 27
lu 00
11 25
10 50
2 00
38 31
18 50
54 00
97 20
General fund
Iload fund
Contingent fund
Poor fund
.$ 880 04 ■
S3,Or.., 54
49u 65
448 to I
$5.484 23
Clerk of the Board.
The Law For Horse Inspection.
889 04 j
Among the laws passed by the last
legislature is the following, which is of
particular inteaest to the people of this
county :
"Section 1. From and altar the pas
sage of this act, it shall be the duty 6f
any and all persons removing or taking
from is state iu any manner what
soever, anj -»e, mule, mare, colt, foal
or filly, immediate. before the shipment,
or removal of the same, and at the place
from which the shipment is to bo made,,
to cause the same to be inspected by a
toc'.c inspector, or the sheriff of the
county, from which such stock is to be
removed, as hereinafter provided. ,
"Section 2. On receiving notice from
any person that he desires to remove ôr
take from this state to be sold or used
outside of this state any of the class of
animals mentioned ia section 1, it shall
be the duty of any stock inspector, or
the sheriff of the county from which ;
such animals are to be taken, to inspect
the same, by carefully noting the brands
upon such animals, and otherwise de
scribing such of said animals as may
have no brands, and to keep a record of
all such inspections in a book to be pro
vided for that purpose by the county
commissioners of each count,. Soch
descriptions shall contain:
"1. The brands of all animals brand -
ed,and a description of animals not
for removal.
The number of animals inspected
"3. The name of the owner or person
removing the same.
"4. The date of such inspection, with
destination to which such animals are
to be taken.
"If, in the opinion of the officer mak
ing the inspection the person proposing
to remove such slock is rightfully in
possession of the sa me, he shall grant
t.uch a person a certificate of inspection
in duplicate, containing the matters
herein provided, with the further state
ment that permission is granted to such
person to remove such animals from this
state. The person so receiving said cer
tificates must deposit with the agent of
the railroad company at the point from
which the shipment is made the dupli
cate certificate referred to, which said
duplicate must be filed by the agent,
and must be at all times during business
hours accessible to the public. The
agent must at the time of the receipt cf
the duplicate indorse upon the original
certificate the date of the receipt of the
"if, however, the oillcers making such
inspection shall be of the opinion that
such stock, or any portion thereof, is
stolen, or otherwise wrongfully in the
possession of the person proposing to
remove the same, he shall withhold such
certificate and not permit to
un til satisfactory
is si\
him of the rightful possession of such
property by the person proposing to re
move the same.
"Section 3. Any railroad company or
agent shipping or peimitting to be
shipped from any station, siding or stock
yards, without first receiving the dupli
cate certificate herein provided for, and
indorsing on the original the date of its
receipt, any of the animals mentioned in
section 1 of this act, and any person re
moving or attempting to remove any of
said animals without first securing a
j certificate of inspection, or any person in
any other way violating any of the pro
j visions of this act, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor, and on conviction in any
j court of competent jurisdiction, shall be
ß ue< -} j n aa y g UIU not less than §50 noi -
i moro than Ô300 and costs, and in default
j 0 f payment of such fine and costs, shall
j ^ imprisoned in the count) jail until
j such fine and costs are discharged, al
the rate now provided by law. The fine
j herein provided for If collected, shall be
paid into the county treasury to the
credit of the general fund of tbe county
vihere said conviction is had.'
"Section i. For the service of in
ppection herein provided for the officer
making such inspection shall receive $3
per day while engaged in making such
inspection, and shall receive in addition
thereto his actual expenses, to be paid
by the person for whom the inspection
is made."
iJr * c;iarKe was called to Fondera on
Dr. Clarke was called to Pondera
professional visit to attend J. Devine
who had an attack of pleurisy.
The Great Palls & Canada Ry. has im
proved its passenger train service by
putting ou a .Parlor car between Great
Falls and Shelb daily.
The new century lamp has made its
appearance in Shelby. It is superior to
anything in the illuminating line ever
seen in Shelby. A lamp with two burn
ers being equal to 20Ö candle poper or
12 electric lights.
Shelby is nearly depopulated on ac
count of the male portion attending
court at Choteau. Quite a number went
down on No. 1 to Pondera and Collins.
Among the number, were H. F. Guth,
John and Thomas Mead, Deputy Sher
iff C. Moberly, Conductors Britton,
Rhoades, Donaldson and Myers of the
Great Northern railway. J Burns, Hank
Raglan and Mr. and Mrs. Shoemaker.
As Mr. J. Higgins was riding to town
on Sunday afternoon his horse, as he
reached Charley Hunt's livery stable
seized with an attack of colic and died
before any assistance could be ren
( j erec j >
The Great Falls & Canada's pa ssenger
train No. 1 was delayed 10% hours w ait
ing for the Great Northen. Flyer.
K. M. Kingsbury uight operator is in
charge while W. B. Shoemaker is attend
ing court at Choteau.
Dr. Henderson the dentist has re
turned to Shelby.
Quito a number of Mormons passed
throug h Shelby on Tuesday's passenger
bound for Cardston.
Taken Up —At the government bull cor
ral on Two Medicine, one brown horse,
white star iu forehead, both hind feet
white, saddle marked, branded x on
left shoulder, p on .right shoulder,
Owner may have sa aie by paying for
this advertisement
Garkett White,
Family, P O Mont
When at Choteau next week, drop
at the Mint and be entertained.
Get you» boots or shoes half soled
the Dupuyer harness.shop.
J. B. nccuLton,
Expert Optician and Eye Specialist.
Graduate of the Chicago Opthalmic
College. 22 years experience in re
Glasses coirectly fitted for all defects of
the eyes known to the profession.
Granulated sore eyes cured by a
painless method. Free examinations,
Office 509 2nd Avenne South, 2 blocks
south of Hotel] Grand GREAT,
FALLS, Mont.
—— — .
Choteau,, — — Montana.
\J\/ H. TITUS,
Physician an& Surgeon.
317 First Ave. North, GREAT FALLS.
Office hours: 1 p m to 4 p m.
Choteau, — —
Uniteb States Commissioner
anb Hotary public.
Land Filings and Proofs
Mortgages, Conveyances. Etc., Eté..,
Dupuyer, .> Montana.
Successor to WAKSLET & BBOOKS.
physician anb Surgeon.
Coteau, v Montana.
Sensorial uriisr.
Hair Cutting, Shaving, Shampooing.
Hot and Cold Baths.
litlorrwy ftmi <.<oiin$elor-at-ljwr.
Notary Public, County Attorney.
| —— -
; Dupuyer,
James Sulgrove
Hetx> Barber Shop.
When in need of a First-Class Sha v«
or an Ut' To Date hair cut give him a
Call. Shop near the Dupuyer Drnu
-> Montana.
lîuek Herd.
I am now prepared to run a buck herd
for coming season, good range w.-'L
watered, plenty of shed room, and will
fecti hay Beee gsary.
Chas Mvstaho,
Teachers Jlvamination.
A teachers' examination will be held i
the court room, in the town of Chateau
Mont., oa April 19 and 20, 1901.
Fannie E. Chenowktii,
2ä 4.-t County SuperiutenduflX-

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