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VOL 7.
NO. 43,
M^muü»üümi üatmtiuui»uuiuu büüu>iutu»iumM»uituuiuiü»uüüiüiitütmiUMüüüüU üuttüüiuüi>iiütuttituiüüiütüümttüt«iit*tuutütüüiüitüiiiimig
GREAT FALLS Street Fair and Carnival.
Six tos 0! magniîicent exhibition and popular recreation.
. TSie Mighty Midway Shows
Of the
George Jabour Oriental Circus and Menagerie Co.
be in attendance all the Week.
Midway, Streets oî Cairo, Oriental Theater, Streets of all Nations,
Mexican Theater, Algeria Theater, German Village Animal Show.
§The Finest merchants and manufacturers' display
ever SEEN In Montana.
. Monday JULY 8 to Saturday July 13. É
Special Ecdiiced Rates on all Railroads leading to Great Falls. The people of Northern Montana are invited Éjj
to spend the week at the Electric City. • ^ ■ fS
J. M. LAUGHLIX, Proprietor
First Class Accommodations for
Stock of All Kinds.
Will Buy,Sell or Trade
United Status Land office. Helena, Mont.
Jane 28, l(Htl.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler h i s filed notice of his intentio n
to make final proof in support of Iiis claim,
und that said proof will be made before Edgar
'B Nowlutll, U. 8. Ooua'r. at Big Sandy , m ont.,
on Au;;. 1-, 11HH. viz:
Vor Ii K No. S ils i'o the lot 3 sec. 2, tp. "7
n.. r. 12 o., s:>i n .vi a id e.J swi sec. 35, tp. 28 n.,
r. 12 e.
Re names the fallowing witnesses to prove
Iiis continnoii . .jslden >e upon and cuUiva
1 ion 'ii sa'. (I land, vi;::
M:t ;iil Parens, Geor,"} Porter, Peter C. Car
ter, John Becker, of B Sandy, Möns.
Ueoiue O. G BBBNK, ■
■ iu-'gister^
Vii'jttl'uJjUcaiJon JuJy ■!, l!)QL.
The morning sun from azure sky
Beams over land and sea,
The flowers bloom, the waters play.
All nature laughs in glee.
At noon dark clouds the sky o'ercast.
The dank wind sighs and moans,
The rtiin drops fall, the thunder rolls,
All nature weeps and groans.
To life's short day the law applies;
As rain clouds come and go,
So passing sorrows make of life
Alternate joy and woe.
Kipperefi Kipplets.
Is this July or has D„»camber re
For 48 hours last week there were
neither trains nor mail from the east,
caused by washouts pear Glasgow.
George Bird Grinnell arrived on one
of the delayed passenger trains Friday
evening and is the guest of J. B. Monroe.
Hon. J. A. Kennedy is occupying his
suburban villa at Blaekfoot again,
James McDevitt came up from Con
rad Friday evening and went to Brown
ing on a quest for saddle hor3es.
The prospects for a 4th of July cele
bration here are so meagre that many of
the young people are going to Cardston
across the lino to enjoy the holiday. The
races and other amusements there begin
on the 1st and will continue six days.
The woods is full of surveyors now
days. The G. N. engineers aro working
all along the line, the geological corps
are at different points along the foot of
the mountains setting monuments on
which data is stamped and those en
gaged in the preliminary survey of the
great St. Mary's canal have begun their
work in that vicinity.
Heretofore the altitude of Blaekfoot
has boon noted at 4472 ieet above sea
level, but the corrected measurement
makes it -Ü4Q feet. Other points «here
observations have been taken are as fol
lows. Mains' 4360 feet, Swift Current
4700 feet, Mille river ridge 6380 feet,
Duck Lake 5Ü60 feet.
Messers Haines and Collins, Forest Re
serve officials, have been inspecting the
Swift Current country and returned to
Blaekfoot Friday proceeding thence tc
Kalispoll were they expect and hope to
tind a more salubrious climate.
The Bonner's Ferry beef buyer went
to Robare the latter part of the week
where he purchased a car load of steers
and cows which were loaded at Black
foot Sunday.
The new stockyard at Browning is very
complete in all its details and will be
a great accommodation to shippers here.
Doctor Beau pre and Alec Longmuir
left Choteau the other day en route for
the Sweet Grass hills where tney go
semi-annually to gather a few bags of
course .juggets from their mines, and in
cidentally astonish the natives of the
county seat with their lavish display of
wealth. We cannot understand why
these gentlemen should break the quar
antine during the tempestuous night of
the 2öth nor account for their loud call
ing for some oue to come and extricate
them from the mazes of shacktown at
Blaekfoot 7 0 milos west of their destina
tion, unless tho Doctor in the exuber
ance of his spirits indulged in too great
an exhibition of sign talk aud as a con
sequence pulled too strongly on the haw
line. Some unregenerated miscreants
hinted that he had sinister designs upon
tho I D frog pond, but we, considering
our long acquaintance with him, in
dignantly repudiate this insinuation as
a base slander, and rise to explain that
these gentlemen came higher for the
sole purpose of presenting their sore arm
The Blaekfoot and Altyn stage will
leave for Swift Current points on Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday and return
to Blaekfoot Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday of each, week,.
The medicine lodge in an abbreviated
form will be permitted on the 4th, but
the affair will be devoid of its usual sen
ational features.
The Groat Northern has about com
pleted its big job at Willow creek bridge
and will nest move its force to Brown,
ing where there is another big job of
excavating aud filling to be done.
% 5
Choteau aud Augusta will play bail at
this place on the 4th.
James Gibson has purchased the old
Zimmerman proper*"}' in the southwest
part of town. Mr. Gibson expects to
repaint and remodel the buildings for the
purpose of making for himself and Mrs.
Gibson a home.
John V. Davies is looking after busi
ness matters in the county seat.
Mrs. Wamsley returned Tuesday from
Pondera where she had been visiting
with friends.
County Attorney S ulgrove and J. E.
Erickson attended to legal business in
Pondera on Monday last.
Dr. Brooks returned from a trip to Cut
Bank last Sunday. He reports that his
smallpox patients at that place have en
tirely recovered aud quarantine has been
While Miss Pearl Kennedy failed to
secure sufficient votes to elect her tho
queen of the Carnival at Great Falls,
the vote she got was a high compliment
to her popularity and her frieuds feels
well pleased.
R. S. and Ora Brown, of Dupuyer, at
tended the funeral of their brother Solon
H. last week.
T. M. Mead and William Aylward, of
Shelby, transacted business at Choteau
Friday und Saturday last.
Charley Thomas, o? Birch creek, was
shaking hands with old time friends in
the county seat, last Monday*
Geo. F. Miller of Bellview was in town
MoDday. It is rumored that he ha3
purchased the Dan Gray raDch on Wil
low creek. Price not made public. This
ia an excellent ranch and together with
what land M r. Miller already owns will
be one of the best atock ranches in
Teton county.
S. W. Mack who has conducted a
shoemaker's shop here for the past year
has closed shop and quit business. So
that Choteau is now without a shoe
r~ s
Sam H. Wood has a force ot men em -
ployed on one of the Montana Uoopera
tive Ranch company's ranches, fencing
and otherwise improving the same, it
being their intention to raise thorough
bred rams.
Peter Wagner arrived here on the2Eth
with two full blood hereford bulls and
j six grades which be is holding here for
! cale. These, together with the Durham
bulls of Raffenburg Bros., will give the
ranchers a good choice. H. F. Stolten
berg, Frank Hughes and Hilger Bros,
i have purchased some bulls from these
j bauds.
; No. 16 east bound freight on the Great
I Northern railway struck a band of sheep*
I belonging to Hb Rose on Sunday morn
; ing, killing and woundiug over two
Pearson Bros, had the misfortuue to
lose upwards of two hundred yearling
and two year-old«heep last week by eat
tig. poison weed of some description,,
near the Sweet Grass station shearing
sheds. 1
1 Some women of the half world thought
: they could rnn an establishment any
! where they choose, but no sooner had.
they moved into their chosen location
than the deputy sheriff waited upon
them with a couple of warranta. They
were taken before Justice Dawes and
entered a plea of not guilty as chargod,
in the complaint. Their case was set tor
hearing on the 2nd and 3rd -of July
respectively. They furnished bonds for
their appearance, one of them in the
sum of 8200 and tho othar in §100. By
the determined action of some of the
ladies here they w.il not be allowed to
run their establishment, it being directly
in front of the residence portion of the
.town and a petition is in circulation
asking the county attorney to enforce
the law in regard to such houses.
What is the matter with Uncle Sam?
In this neck of the woods the Canadian
Mormons take contract work from the
rail roads, import their teams and
machinery without a word of jjroteit
from anyone, but if an American goes
over there, under their new regula
tions, he has to give a bond to employ
none but British subjects.
Did anyone ever hear of a woifer turn
ing a full grown wolf loo-e, in order to
breed another year, us charged by the
Great Falls Tribune? If the fools- who
write such stuff would get an outfit ancl
go wolfing for one season thoy would
acqui'-e a little practical knowledge and
know better than to inüict pain upon
the public by such imaginings.
Shearers are plentiful enough, but
shearing weather is scarce.
Doc. Beaupre. Alex. Longmuir and
Jesse Taylor were some of our Choteau,
visitors last week.
Dick Crockford took a business trip;
to Great Falls last week.
It was no fault of Shelby that Pearl
Kennedy was not elected quean of the
carnival. Every one so far as known,
here has voted for lies, some as high as a»
dollar's worth.
What are we going to do with our
county roads? It looks as if they would
have to be fenced in to keep them m
repair, as no one here wants.the honor of
road trustee.
Wm. Aly ward and Tom Meade took a
trip to Choteau last week.
Frank Hughes and Thomas Meade
bought a bench of 130 head of yearling
and two year-old steers, paying §24 per
head for them. They will take them te»
the Rocky Ridge for the summer.
F. D. Kingsbury & Co. are now un
loading a car of wagons and Deesiay;
mowers at Blaekfoot,.

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