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NO. 5©
McLaughlin: a« a Jobber.
There ii more joy in teaching a pilgrim
who knows it nil, than in imparting
knowledge to one who appreciates his
own ignorance.—Cowboy Philosophy.
This is the story of the list Indian
A decade ago a young man came out
from the East to be bookkeeper for T. C.
Power at Port Benton. His name wad
■Charles Holtenhoff; his manner self
co art dent. He knew his West. There
uprising in Choteau county. It is a tale )
that is not i ecorded in the annals of the i
State Historical society, nevertheless i
was nothing that he could be taught of
the ways of the cowboy and his kind.
Theories he had m abundance. One
was that the Montana Indian was a thing
of the past.
It so happened that the Indians who
usually roamed the region were away
that summer holding a sun dance some
where on People's creek and Holtenhoff
took this fact as proof positive of his
The boys at Benton never had read
Kipling and never had heard of the man
ner in which Lord Benira Trigg was
treated a r - a certain barracks in India, as
faithfully recorded by the chronicler of
Private Mulvaney's adventures. Never
theless certain minds run in certain
channels, whether their owners be sold
iers in the Orient or cowboys in the new
and westernmost O ccident.
AU the Indian trappings to be found
in Benton were carefully and secretly
'gathered togathcred under the direction
of George McLaughlin, later sheriff and
still later Ionian agent.
Then o;ie day McLaughlin invited
Holtenhoff to go for a drive and Holten
hoff accepted. They drove away many
tniles from town. As the afternoon
shadows lengthened their road led them
through a depression in the rolling hills.
Suddenly there burst from a coulce a
band of painted savages who, with wild
yells, rode down upon them.
"My God,"' shriecked McLaughlin,
',Indians!" and leaping from the curt he
fled in the direction of the yawning
mouth of auother convenient coulee. The
savages Hired several times in his direc
tion, but did not give chase, confining
their ajtantion to the paralyzed Holten
They surrounded him and dragged him
from his seat to the ground. They
s'.ripped him of his clothes, removed his
watch and all his valuables and staked
him down on the bare and burning earth
with picket pins. About him they
gathered, their fiendish hearts delighted
by his evidence of agony, more mental
than physical. While one savage pre
pared a fire to be placed at the feet of
the prostrate pilgrim, the leader and
spokesman of the party stood over Hol
tenhoff and dramatically, although in
broken English, addressed him.
"Are all the Indians gone from Mon
tana?" lie demanded.
"No. good heavens, no. There are
plenty and to spare," groaned Holten
hoff, " if there are many more at home
like, ou."
■"There are many, said the chief.
Then Holtenhoff begged and pleaded
for his life. Never did man beg more
politely than he, but the only concession
he could obtain was a promise not to
burn him. The sneaking redskin—his
skin, by the way, a trifle too red—who
ward the Missouri river.
Holtenhoff's thankfuiness that his life
was testing Holtenhoff's scalp with the
point of a scalping knife was ordered
away. The party was gathered together
and, taking the horse and cart and all of
Holtenhoff s belongings, it rode off to
had been spared was shortlived It gave
place to speculation upon the smw and
fearful death that awaited hun. Insects
crawled over his naked body until he al
most shrieked in his pain.
Suddenly off in the distance was heard
the shots yf battle. Rille report after
rifle report rang out, the sound mingled
with the yells of men fighting for their
lives, and then all was still. Soon came
McLaughlin, bearing hack in tiiumph
the horse and cart and all Holtenhoff s
belongings. Also ho bore a tale of hav
ing ambushed and defeated the entire
party of Indians, killing six.
There crept into the mina
of Holten
hoff an idea that perhaps ho had been
the victim of something beside an In
dian outrage, but he said nothing, con
tent that his sufferings were ended. That
night the railway agent at Benton sold a
ticket to Chicago and T. C. Power be
gan to look for a new book keeper.—
Ajiaconda Standard,.
Mme. Perrichet'» Blunder. j
Among the ephemeral sensations of
the French capital is an attempt at I
murder which was committed a day or !
two ago in a small house near Pere la !
Chaise, where for some time resided a j
) couple named Perrichet. It seems that
i the master of the house had been drink- 1
i ng f roe ly of late, each time returning
home in an increasingly ugly frame of
mind. On the occasion in question,
after a particularly stormy , scene with
his wife, he retired to rest while she re- j
mained up and vowed vengance. |
He slept directly under a trap door,
and in the loft above Mme. Perrichet
rigged up a gallows with the intention of
hanging her erring spouse. When she ;
was convinced that he was asleep she ,
opened the trap door and lest one end o f
the rope down through theopening, fast- j
ening the other to a beam; then she de- I
scended to the bedroom and lied a noose ;
around the man's neck and-returned to j
the garret to puil him up. In the mean- j
time he awoke and, being in a fairly
sober framo of mind, he took in the sit
uation. He disengaged the rope from
his neck and tied it around a stove that
stood in the room and lifted it on to the!
bed just as his wife from above began to
pull with all her might.
Mme. Perrichet, fancying that she had
her drunken husband at the end of the,
rope, tugged away until she had, as she |
[thought, his body swinging in the void, j
She then made her end of the rope fast |
to a beam and, going to the window,
shouted to her neighbors to come quick,
that her "good man" had hanged him
self. When, after a few moments, the
neighbors and the police arrived they
beheld a strange spectacle. The stove
A'a3 dangling from the ceiling, while the
supposed suicide was beating his wife in
a corner of the bedroom. Mme Perri
chet was so severely mauled that she
had to be taken to the hospital. Her
husbacd was locked up.
Every thing is a rush these days get
tirg ready to jstart the concentrator;
men cutting and hauling wood others
getting the mill in shape, in fact 'every
spare man in camp is at work and it
makes the camp look as if there was
something here.
There was a very narrow escape from
drowning at the Cracker lake. Jackey
Stewart was crossing in a small boat and
when he was about 150 yds. from shore
the boat filled with water and sank. The
people on the shore saw the fix he was in
and Joe Keating took off his clothes ard
swam to him with a plank. When he
rescued him ho had more water in him
, T , , » t
than Jackey says he wants again f or
son.e time.
T. L. Thompson, J. VV. Burrows aud
W. E. Jeffery were visiting at Cardston
this week and one loolr at the gentlemen
when they came back was enough to tell
you that they had a good time.
There was a very pleasant time at
card party on Tuesday evening
Altyn Hotel. Our genial host
hostess are great entertainers aud every
at the
one present had a royal good time and
all are looking forward to the time when
Sam may invite us again.
J. W. Burrows and T. L. Thompson
leave in a tew days for Choteau where
intend t0 stE '- rfc a nieat market
rAdlam will look after the business nere
while Mr. Thompson is at Choteau.
Keep your eye on Thompson; he is going |
tor more t haQ a meat market.
A new kind of fish was caught in the j*
Cracker lake last week. Joe Keating
.t rituiji
caught it and James Laherty helped to
Ian* it. It weighed 140 lbs and they
call it a cousin Jack.
Mr. Boucher the deputy game warden
is here and woe to the one he catches
spearing a fisti or killiug any kind of i
game, He has both eyes open and the
boys say there is no sport here.
M[ . George Adlam and family, Mrs.
Hed c, ÔS and family, aud Miss Lilian
jj ftrr j s picnicked at the Blue lake last
g utld ay. They report a good time,
Sam Somes tried his luck once more at
the fishing business but he ßays it is no
use. He tramped all day, got wet, lost a
$15.00 diamond stud and got three fish
that would not make a breakfast for a
cat. It is all off with Sam now.
There was an elk grazing within one
hundred yards of town the other day
and he did not seem a bit afraid. Sev
eral of the boys màde the remark that
Bouchetr, won't be here, always..
H. F. G uth returned from the trip he
took west. He visited Spokane and in
termediate points and says Jennings
reminds him of old times, everything
being wide open. While there he saw
James Holmes a former resident of
Shelby, also Martin and Ragsdale, for
merly of Out Bank.
j \i r _ an d Mrs. Herbert Joiner of Rocky
| Ridge were in Saturday and transacted
j an d business before J. M. Wilcox U. S.
Louie Lindquist is preparing to move
; fai8 house tQ VirdeQ .
, ^ ^ ^ w are ^
. .
j In ° 111 a s '
I Mrs. James Spurgeon fr-.m Culbertson
; is visiting her sister Mrs. Thos. Daly,
j Maurice Carney has located a ranch
j six miles north of Shelby having sold
out his former location to Potter and
j Miller.
| Mrs. Wm Meade is recovering from
j b er 8 i c kness and is now able to eit up.
j M W alker J. P. at Cut Bank is
j touring the west Ho intends to take
in all the towns along Puget Sound be
fore returning.
Harry Hauser and Fred Suteau took
a trip to Cut Bank Sunday.
Ed Cummings who has been in the
employ or H. F. Guth for the past year
He has accepted a
position with the Neihart Mer. Co.
Success to you Ei.
Chas. F. Moberly deputy sheriff
tur ned Friday from Choteau where he j
had been to take James King and John j
Skiffington who stand charged with !
burglary, and iu default of §1,000 bail
were committed to stand trial before the
district court.
Jack McDowell had teams in for lum
ber Monday for the purpose of erecting
a new store building. His rapidly in
creasirg businesï makes more room
Sterling Cross is sojourning with us a
few days.
Robert Grinling brought in a fine lead
of vegetables Thursday, and disposed of
them in a few minutes for as soon a3 it
was made known that fresh vegetables
were in town there was a stampede for
Bob's wagon.
Ray Gilbreath took a trip to Ponder a
g Hn day
, . ...
one pair to his brother in Minneapolis
uuc t" 1 " •
We miss the familiar yelp of the kit
foxes these evenings. Geo. Jacobson sent
and Conductor Waghorn took the other
pair to Great Falk). Now the gophers
will have a chance, as it took at least
half a dozen every day to feed the little
Dick Crockford went to Sweet Grass
station Thursday to take Willis Nichols'
f° r a f° w da y s . as Willis has to ap
P ear Helena on tùe22nd to answer to
a charge of selling whiskey to Indians.
H. F. Stoltenberg passed through
town Monday with two teams loaded
with lumber to fence a couple of claims
at the Sweet Grass.
Jimmie Hallett is day mi^ologiat at
the palace during W. R. Crockford's ab
Wm McGeorge took a flying trip to
^ ^
Lethbridge ]agt week .
her bab >' laat Saturday for medical treat
ment. The little one is suffering from
^ ;ind tWg hot weather
^ serkmg
Hardy Clark came in last weeic to re
ceive-the Dr. s cattle. Ha is going to
run them during the coming winter.
Mrs. Gainsof Fifteen coulee brought in
A Canadian breed was bound over by
Justice Price of Whitlash last week for
killing a calf belonging to one of the set
tlers in that vicinity. On the arrival of
the constable with the prisoner at Ft.
Benton and after County Attorney
Pray of Choteau Co. investigated the
case he found it necessary to become ac
quainted with some of the other breeds
of the same camp so he filed several
more informations, and now the sheriff
is looking for them.
The school bouse is receiving a coat of
paint. Chas. Rawson and Will Clark
are wielding the brushes, and have im^
proved its appearance considerably both
inside and out..
came up
him out
face was
C. B. Toole of Round Grove
from the Falls Friday. Chas.
met him at the train and took
to his ranch.
Abe Wallenstein's familar
seen on the streets Sunday. Each time
Abe visits us a fresh consignment of
Queen Mary and Chancellor cigars is re
ceived by our merchants.
â -c^o -MHXXHX«« X
Cha3. Klockler arrived from Kalispell
last Friday, and accepted a position with
the Choteau Mercantile Company.
Charley has been away from Choteau
about one year and returns with the in
tention of making this his permanent
home* Mrs. Klockler will follow him in {
a few days.
John A. Kennedy is visiting with his '
Mrs. O. G. Cooper and daughter Fan- j
nie are visiting at Dupuyer this week. |
George Monroe of Pondera transacted /
business in Choteau first of the week. j
Geo. F. Miller and family of .Belleview ;
were shopping in Choteau Monday.
Martin Munson who wa3 injured in a !
run away la3t week has been taken to !
the Fall? and placed in a hospital for j
treatment: His injuries are more seri- j
ous than were at first supposed and he j
will probably be' laid up for some time, j
Sheriff Taylor and Attorney Bair went j
north last Sunday to be gone for a week ,
or more.
A team belonging to W. W. Gamble
made thing3 pretty lively on Main street j
for a while last Monday. Mr. Gamble
was in the wagon driving wh?n the
horses became unmanageable. Mr.
Gamble was thrown from the wagon but
was uninjured and •"he horses after run
ning about a mile were caught.
Kenneth McLean of Augusta visited
in Choteau Sunday.
Jos. Hirshberg & Co., are building a
large ware house uear their store.
B. M. Richardson of Collins was trans
acting business in the county seat Fri
da v.
The county jail has been repainted
and thoroughly renovated. "Shorty"
Rus3elldid the work.
County Treasurer Gordon is having
the Dunlap property repainted, and
Uuder Sheriff Acton will occupy it after
Sept. 1st.
The Helena Record man was in town
Wednesday hustling subscriptions for
the paper .
Senator Mitchell and A. J. Cowell have
bought a large tract of land on the Teton
just northwest of town and are now at
work fencing and improving the same.
These gentlemen expect to engage in the
cattle business on an extensive scale.
Mr. Cowell expects to dispose of his
sheep and will no longer live on the fat
of the lamb.
"Through the months of June and j
July our baby was teething and took aj
running off of the bowels and sickness j
of the stomach, ' says O. j ?. M. Hol iday, ,
of Deining, Ind. " "His bowels would
move from five to eight times a day. I
had a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy in the
house and gave him four drops in a tea
spoonful of water- and he got better at
once." Sold by Thos. B. Magee.
A Minister's Good Work.
"I had a severe attack of bilious colic,
got a bottle of ; Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, took
two doses and was entirely cured," says
Rev. A. A. Power, of Emporia, Kan. "My
neighbor across the street was- sick for
over a week, had two or three bottles of
medicine from the doctor. He used,
them for three or four days without re
lief, then called in another doctor who
treated him lor some days and gave him
no relief, so discharged him. I went
went over to see him the next morning.
He said his bowels were in a terrible fix,
that th?y had been running off so long j
that it was almost blcody flux. I asked
him if he had tried Caamberlain s Colic, j
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and he j
said,'No.' I went tome and brought him |
my bottle and gave him ono- dose; told •
him to take another dose in fifteen orj
twenty minutes if ho did not find relief, 1
but he took no more and was- entirely,
mired." For sale oy; Thos. B. Magee. I
Expert Optician and Eyé Specialist.
Graduate of the Chicago Opthalmier
College. 22 years experience in re
Glasses coirectly fitted for all defects of
the eyes known to the profession,»
Granulated sore eyee cured by w
: painless method. Free examinations.
Office 509 2nd Ave ne South. 2 blocks*
I south of Hotjl Grand GREAT,
FALLS, Munt.
G. BA1R,

County Surveyor anb U.
Lands Surveyed.
Filings and Final Proofs.
317 First Ave. North, GREAT FALLS;,
Office hours: 1 p m to 4 p m..
llniteö States Commissioner
anb Xlotary public.
Land Filings and Proofs....
Mortgages, Conveyances, Etc., Etc;,,
Dupuyer, Montana.
Successor to WAMSLEY & BROOKS.
physician anb Surgeon.
Coteau, Montana.
Land Surveying, Ditch Work, Etc..
Choteau, * Montana.
Pfyijstcum anb Surgeon,
Special attention given to Con
finement aiifli Surgirai Co, ses.
Office Next to Magee's Drug Store.
Calls promptly answered day or night,.
Dupuyer, >5- Montana*.
Holsen Collarb
Pians an i Estimates furnished oxv
The laws of health require that tho^
j bowelsve once »ach day and one i t
j fche poualtte8 for violating this law i,
| piles K( , ep your bowels regular by
• taking a do38 ot'Chamberlain's Stomach»
^j £ ivor Tableta when neccessary and',
1 yQu wiU uever haye that severa p un i sii ..
ment intiicted upon vou . p r ; C e,25«e»U*.
I ^ g&k by Thoö> B Magftv .

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