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à» W
VOL 8.
NO. 7
W f I iwma
A Generous
Good n e ss
Of QaaUty, Coloring« and Style, Subject to
Your Inspection In the Great Variety of
Attractive Designs Shown In
Made by the ' R A W" Knitting
Mills—Producersot the Only Strictly
High-Qrade, Long-Wearing, Perfect
Pitting Sweater In the World. All
Sizes—All Prices—No Trouble to
Show Von tbo Good Points.
General Merchandise.
Plau «
The Wivjuk of tîi a "Juli
a TALE of lac 9t. pierke.
ON wan darn night on Lac Saint Pierre,
Do win she blow, blow, blow,
An' de crew of tho wood scow 'Julie
Gat scar't an' run below—
For de win' she blow lak'. hurriuain,
Bimebv she blow some mora.
An' de scow bus' h'up on Lac St. Pierre,
Wan h'arpent from de shore.
De Captin ne walte h'on de fronte deck,
An' walk de hin' deck, too.
He call d<> crew from h'up de 'ole,
He call de cook b 'also.
De cook she's name wa3 Rosie,
She's come from Montreal,
"Was chambre maid h'on lombaire barge,
Ho'n de Grand la Chine Canal.
De win' she's l>lo\v fron/ nor' eass wess—
De sont' win' she's blow, too,
Wen Rosiecry, "'don cher captinne,,
Mon cher, w'at I shall do?"
Den de captinne trow de "big h'aukerre,
But steel da scow she dreaf,
De crew he can't pass on de shore,
I'eeos he loss hees skeef.
De night was dark lak' wan black cat,
De wave run 'igh and fas',
Wen de captinne tak' de poor Rasie,
An'.tie her to de mas'.
Den he h'also tak' de life presprve,
An' jomp h 'off on de lak',
An' say, "Gooï-bye, ma Rosie dear,
I go drown for yoursak'."
Nex' morning ver y h 'early
. 'Bout ha'f pas' two—t'ree—four—
De captinne—scow—an' e'e poor Rosio
Was corpses on de shoie.
For do win' she blow lak' hurricain,
Bimeby she blow some more,
An' de scow bus' li'np on Lac St. Pierra,
Yvac h'arpent from de shore.
Now, h'all good wood-scow sailor mrtn,
Tak' warning by dat storm,
An' go an' mairy some nice French girl,
An' leev on one beeg farm.
De win' can blow lak' hurricain,
An' g , pose she blow some more, .
You can't get drown h'on Lac St. Pierre,
So long you stay h'on shore.
Have Beached the Sea.
Capetown, Oct. 17.—Tho invaders have
reached the saa, a commando of 509 men
having ^penetrated through the rich
great Berg vnlley to Hopefieid and Sald
aniia bay, northwest of Capetown. The
republicans have îequired a number of
îfecruits and considerable quantities of
supplies. General French is directing
the operations against them.
Get your boots or shoes hall soled
ilu' Dupuyer harness shop.
State Will Protect Lessee*.
At a m- ting of the s^ate (ward of land
commissioners last week. County At- ;
tornev Gormley, of Cascade county was
directed.to tak.'; the necessary action to ,
pat iu possession of certain lands in that |
county the person to whom the state ■
leased the land. This lease was execu- |
ted some time since to Louis Wasman. !
At the time that the lease whs made
Michael Krommers was on the land, and
he occupied, in view of the board, the
position of a trespasser, lie refused to
surrender possession of the land, and
Attorney General Douovan was asked
for an opinion in the matter. It was to
to the effect that tho lessee must himself
get possession. But in the same opin
ion, according to a statement of one of
the clerks in the laud office, the attorney
grneral held that rent could not be col
lected from the lassee until he had pos
Tra«n Robbers Escape Again.
The capture of the bandits who held j
up the Great Northern overland expresr !
at Wagner, Mont., July 3, securing §43,- |
000 in bank notes, officials of the Gre^t j
Northern Express company say, has
l/^en seriously-delayed by the announce
ment of tho capture a Nashville o
Annie Rogers, alia^ Maude William-?,
supposed to be connected with the gan^.
Before her arrest the Pinkertoa agency
and police officers had plans which
seemed to assure a speedy capture of
the robbers.
Vice President and General Manager
Elliott of the express company said yes
terday that no further news had been re
ceived at headquarters, aud that ho did
not look for the immediate arrest of the
1 This woman, according to my ad
vices," Mr. Elliott said, "was in com
munication with one of the robbers at
New Orlea'ns. When that man read the
account of her capture in this morning's
papers ho probably disappeared at once.
If her arrest had uot been made public
we would probably have secured him
and perhaps the rest of the men. Their
capture will probably come sooner or
loter, but it has been delayed.
"The published account of tho arrest
of the Rogers woman is correct. She
waited into the bauk and aeked to ex
change part of the stolen notes for others
of larger denomination. She was of
course, arrested at once."
Mr. Elliott says that the 'express com
pany does not know how the bandits es
caped from the mountains south °of
Wagner while pursued, nor what their
movements since have been. The iderx
tification made at the time, he says, has
been substantiated. Trainmen on the
ovenand have identified photographs of
"' C0 ° S """
Notice to Tax Payers.
Treasurer's office, Choteau, Montana;
October 7th, 190L.
State and County Taxes for the year
1901, are now due and payable at this
office If not paid on or before G o'clock
p. ra. of Saturday, November 30th, 1901,
the law requires an addition of ten per
cent to the amount of said taxes, and
that property upon which taxes are de
linquent shall be immediately advertised
for sale, or seized and sold for the pay
m°nt of said vaxes and costs.
John S. Gordon,
Treasurer, Teton county. Mout,
Fatal Accident.
Coroner Magee received a communi
cation from A. E. Paisley, of Milk river,
lust Saturday, stating that a young man
named William Hanrotte had received
injuries that had resuled in his death.
It appears that Hanrutte was haulin?
wood from the mountains and was
thrown from the loaded wagon, the
wheels passing over his stomach and
hips. As he did not return at the usual
I time, Mr. Paisley started to hunt for
him, and found him lying where he was
' hurt. Mr. Paisley eectfred help from
Henrv Powell's and took the injured
' * •
! man to his home. He explained the cir
cumstances of the accident, and was
rational until his death which occurred
about three hours after he was injured.
The neighbors examined the body and
found the hips crushed in. As their ap
peared to be no reason to do.ibt his story
of the accident he was buried near Mr.
' Paisley's ranch.
From the statement of facts by Mr.
Paisley Coroner Magee concluded that
an inquest is unneccessary unless further
: informatioa tends to raises<>mequestion.
For Cattle Stealing.
Stock Inspector Lund returned yester
day from Browning, where he arrested
Robt. Hamilton on Wednesday for cat
tle stealing. Hamilton will have a hear
ing before Justice Dawes at Shelby,
where he is now confined, upon the re
turn of important witnesses from Chi
cago, where they have gone with beef.
The steer he is charged with stea'ing is
a live or six-year-old bearing the mono
garm JH of the Conrad-Harris Cattle
company of this city, whose range is on
the Marias. After taking it up he turn
ed it in to J. H. Sherburne, the Brown
ing trader, who has a beef contract at
the Piegçin agency, accounting for the
brand being different from his own by
saying that he had gut it from Jos.
Howard, formerly of Choteau. Howard
denies that he ever had or claimed the
steer and says that, though he did trade
one to Hamilton, it did not even remote
ly resemble the JH steer.—River Press.
Dennis Halpin Dead.
Dennis Halpin, who came to Fort
Bentoc between 30 and 35 years ago ana
wao for the past seven years had made
Iiis home at the Columbus hospital, died
at that institution yesterday at 1 o'clock
from paralysis.
For. many years he was janitor at the
Fort Benton court house, aud while
there managed to lay up a small amount
of money, which he always said was for
his declining years.
In 1894 he grew sick and decided that
he would take what little money lie had
and come to the hospital to spend the
remainder of his days. W ith this de
cided upon he bade his friends tùere
good-by, and that is the last time ho had
been back.
He was a native of Ireland, aged 78
years. He has no known relative, but
has been heard to speak of a brother in
The boti'y is at McAllister's and will
be shipped to Fort Benton Monday
morning.— G. F. Tribune.
An Answered Prayer.
There was a young man of Laconia,
Whose mother in law had Pneumonia;
He hoped for the worst, and on May
He buried her, 'noath the Begonia.
—Harvard Lampoon.
A now ioiiiedy for biliousness is now
on. sale at Thos. B. Mageo's drug store.
It is called Chamberlain's Stomach aud
Liver Tablets. It gives quiuk relief aud
will prevent tho attack if given as soon
as the first indication of the disease ap
paars. 1'rkje, 25 OButs per box. Sam-j
U» B. to*. «».|
Just An Ordinary Pipe.
Detroit, Mich., Oct. 18.—"A surprising
s ory told in Detroit today by a prominent
Mich., young society woman of Petoskey«
who is visiting friends here, but
who does not wish to be quoted, She says
that since the condemnation of Czolgosz
the wives of three of the most prominent
citizens of that place have received anon
ymous letters, threatening them with
assassination. The letters state that
the recipient is one of one hundred
women throughout the United States
selected to be killed in retaliation for the
execution o( the assassin of President
McKinley. Mrs. H. O. Rose, of one trie
women who has been threatened, is the
wife of one or the wealthiest real estate J
men of that part of Michigan; a second ;
is the wife of Attorney Wachtell and the
third is the wife of Judge Newberry.
The matter has been in the hands of the
sheriff and is causing a great deal of ex
l>e Wet Reported Killed.
Durban, Natal, Oct. 19.—General De
Wet's recent inactivity has produced the
impression amoog military men that he
is either dead or incapacitated through
illness or wounds. According to a letter
from Pretoria a promineut Boer recently
wrote a friend the-e relating the terrible
hardships suffered by the Boers in the
Geld, especially from a lack of surgeons.
"De Wet, for example," wrote the
Boer, "suffered the most terrible agony
before h*i died. He was wounded in the
shoulder by a splinter from a shell, and
the wound gangrened in consequence of
its being dressed with dirty rags."
Five B^ers captured at different places
recently said De Wet was dead, but gave
a different version of his death. Against
these reports is a statement of Piet De
Villiers, the field cornet recently prisoner
in the northwestern part of the Orange
River Colony, who said that on th9
morning of bis capture he took breakfast
with General De Wet.
Raymond, Mont. Oct. 17, 1901.
H. L. Hailaday wa3 a Choteau visitor
last week.
S. J. Bean returned a few days ago
from Helena, whi-re he went about the
first of the month. Mrs. Bean and Mrs.
J. L. Collins went on to Deer Lodge to
visit with relatives before returning
Miss Belle Peebles, sister to Mrs. Ora
C. Knowlton left here the first of the
week for Choteau where she will attend
Harry Collins returned from Dear
born a few days ago.
Nick lioser left Wednesday for Great
Falls on business.
Wiil Campbell returned from Great.
Falls Tuesday. It is Mr. Campbeh'sii"
tention to improve his ranch this fall.
Ora Knowlton was a Choceau visitor
last week.
Chas. Mustard of Dry Forks is build
ing a sheep shed on his ranch. Mr.
Jas. Malone will run his sheep there
this winter.
Clark Bros,
their sheep to
per head. Your correspondent was ur
. it is rumored, have sold all
3 Oregon 'parties at 52.03
J able to learn the names of the parties,
J Remedy and three doses relieved me en
tirely." This r'iaiedv is for sale by Thos
b «.g.
W. Woods and W. Eklund are in the
mountains getting out timber for their
Mr. and Mrs. Roy McNeal returned a
few days ago from HeleirS where they
have beeu visiting with relatives and
friends for some time.
J. W. Eklund paid Great Falls a visit
last week.
"Willis Woods returned from Helena
and Great Falls last week.
"For three days and nights I suffered
agony untold from an attack of cholera
morbus brought on by eating cucum
bers," says M. E.Lowther, clerk of tho
district court, Centerville, Iowa. "T
thought I should surely die, and tried a
idozen different medicines but all to no
purpose. I sent for a bottle of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea
Dr. J. B. McCOLLUn,
Expert Optician and Eye Specialist.
Graduate of the Chicago Opthalmic
College. 22 years experience in re
Glasses coirectly fitted for all defects of
the eyes known to the profession,.
Granulated sore eyes cured by a
paiuless method. Free examinations.
Office 509 2nd Ave no South. 2 blocks
south of Hotjl Grand GREAT*.
FALLS, Munt.
Specialty , Gold fillings, Crown and
Bridge work. Graduate of North
western University Chicago.
County Surveyor a\û l\. Sv
Lands Surveyed.
Filings and Final Proofs.
Choteau, +
S17 First Ave. North, GREAT FALLS;.
Office hours: 1 p m to 4 p nr..
Uniteb States Commissioner
anb Zlotary public.
Land Filings and Proofs
Mortgages, Conveyances, Etc., Etc.,.
Successor to WA3Ï3LEY St BROOKS.
Physician anb Surgeon.
r .iioteau,. v. Montana.
Land Surveying, Ditch V» ork, Etc.
Choteau, Montana.
0. WINE.
Physician ani> Surgeou,
Special attention given to Con
and Surgical Cases.
! address,
Office Next to M'agee's Drug Store.
Calls promptly answered day or night.,
Dupuyer,. Montana*
Helsen (£ollarb„
Plans an i Estimates famished on
Lambs for Sale
I have 1500 lambs for sale.
Call on or
Jame* Miller,
Slieliiy ,,Moufc..

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