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The Choteau House
WM. IIODGSKISS, Proprietor.
Firtt-class accommodations lor
Stock of ail kinds.
Good Rigs Furnished at
Reasonable Rates.
The undersigned has established a
L iveby S ekv ;e between Dupuyer
j.nd Chotenu Parties desiring to
\ isit Choteau or Buynra may leave
Dupuyer in the morning and return
the same day. Leave orders at Jos.
Hirshberg & Co'«. Dupuyer, or at
the City Drugstore, Choteau.
' Cor, Main and Conrad Sts.,
Choteau, Mont,
niller & Longmuir, Props.
Wines and Liquors
Imported and
Domestic Cigars.
Sole Agents for the Famous Lexington
Club Whiskey.
Choteau, — — Montana.
james Sulgrove
Attorney and Counselor-at-Law.
Notary Public, Court House.
Notice to Kielers.
I will pay $2.50 per head for all 5 h cat
tle delivered at C. B. Perkin's ranch.
W. M . F oster,
Choteau, Mont.
Sheep for Sale.
Old ewes and lambs for sale or
•• ill trade for «calves, or mixed bands of
. at*tle. Address Clark Bro s, Bynum
,$10 Reward.
The above reward will be paid by the
undersigned for the recovery of 1 gray
mare, .four years old, branded O with dot
in center on right hip.
Jos. C. M c C uaig.
Dupuyer Mont. Sept. 9,1901.
ltaneli l'or Sale.
Will be sold for cash or will trade for
horses, Eighty acres of laud with build
ings mile northwest of Dupuyer. Also
22 head of cattle with hay enough to
winte them.
T hos. M c L ain.
WAN TED - 2500 to 3000 Sheep to win
ter. Wethers prcfered. Good range,
dry shed with sufficient hay. Address
Robert Dixon, Pondera Mcnt.
Subscribe for the Ac a nth a.
Tops for the boys, nt the drug store.
Subscribe fur the A cantha only one
dollar a year.
A fine lot of stationery just opened up
at the drug store.
Call for Ale and Porter, a cool drink at
the Q. & L. saloon.
The famous A. B. C. St. Louis beer on
ice at the Q. & L. vtlocn.
Queen Mary cigars; wines, liquors
and beer on ice at the (J. & L. saloon.
• /
Checker boards, crib b oards puzzle
nd games at the Drug store.
Get your boots or shoes half soled at
the Dupuyer harness shop.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V Davies are visiting ;
in Great Palls. *
Be^ureand attend the A. O. U. W.
ball on Wednesday evening Nov. 27th —
Thanksgiving eve.
Alphonse BoDnet has leased 2000
lambs and yearling wethers from Jos.
Sturgeon, for one year.
Mrs. Edward D. Forrest arrived home
last Friday irom a visit of several weeks
with relatives in Great Falls.
W. D. Hägen has purchased an inter
est in the Klondike saloon with John
Malone and the Riverside is now closed.
Heßry C. Whitford is now in the Bear
Paws and vicinity where he will spend
the winter hunting wolves and coyetes.
Harry Marks has recovered from a
severe attack of pleurisy and has re
sumed his duties in Jos. Hirshberg &
Co's store.
A letter from Dr. H. A. Gillette states
that he and his wife are in good health
and continue to enjoy the balmy climate
of Florida.
The Q. & L. keeps nothing but the
best in stock and a headache is an un
known quantity to those who sample its
M. S. Dariing naa oeen engaged for
several days with a force of men, reset
ting the head gate for the Conrad In
vestment Co's. Birch rejk dida'a.
One enlarged picture free with every
dozen of our 84.00 cabinets. Art Studio.
Choteau, Mont.
For a glass of Bohemian beer or a first
class cigar, call at the Q. & L. Nothing
but the best kept in stock.
Sheriff Taylor and attorney Bair have
returned to Choteau from Browning
where they spent several days adjusting
an account held against several residents
of th° reservation. ,
The A. O. U. W. will introduce in new
feature in the selection of partners at
the Thanksgiving ball. Everybody is
invited to attend and a good time is
Picture frames made to order; about
30 styles of moulding to select from. Ex
press prepaid on all orders for $5.00 or
over. Art Studio Choteau, Mont.
Free:—one 20x24 framed fruit study
worth 810.00 to be given «way Christmas
Eve. One ticket with every dollar pur
chase. Art Studio Choteau, Mont.
Dupuyer Lodge No. 48, A. O. U. W.
will give a grand ball on Thanksgiving
eve. The best of music will be furnish
ed and all should attend and have a
good time.
E. M. Johnson has purchased 110 head
of stock cattle from Johu Ilobbins on
private terms. The cattle have been
run by Frank Wall at his Farmer's
coulee ranch and are being delivered
Last Sunday's Anaconda Standard is
embellished with a fine portrait of
deputy game warden Boucher leading
Seth Low and Gov. Odell in . an
assault upon Tammany's jungle.
Jos. Sturgeon has sold 2,000 ewe3 to
R. R. Lytie of Lucille, at 83 per head
The sheep aie fine grade Merinos and
Mr. Lytle says that they are the best he
has seen during an eAtended trip in
search of stock to replace those he re
cently sold to Knight & Son and E. E.
Jacob Lauffer and E. A Savory are at
work on the road toward Birch creek,
with the grading machine. The trustees
are sparing no pains to give the district
good roads, and intend to do thj work
thoroughly, gradually covering the en
tire district. The board met last Satur
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets cure biliousness, constipatiou
and headache. They are easy ,to take
au& pi osant in effect. For sale by!
Thos. B. Magee.
Robert Clack, a brotner ofj John H.
and Philp A. Clack of Birch creek arriv
ed from Manitoba last Saturday and
will make his home in Montana. Phil is
I visiting friends at his old home, being
unable to work on account of the in
juries he received in falling from a bay
An interesting feature of the church
services last evening was a solo by Miss
Malone of Michigan who is now in Du
puyer visiting her brother John Malone.
Miss Malone has rare musical talent,
and an exceptionally tine voice which
have been trained under the directiou of
the best teachers in the east.
Geo. Hall has received the appoint
ment of Stock Inspector for Northern
Montana. His territory will be between
Glasgow and Harlem. He has also been
appointed Deputy Sheriff of Valley
County without pay. His headquarters
will be at Malta. It is believed that
Geo. will make a good inspector and it is
known that he can shoot about as good
as any of 'ein. —Chinook Opinion.
Rev.F. L. Buzzell, of Choteau has
been in Dupuyer since Saturday and has
been preaching every evening to larg®
and attentive congregations. Rev.
Buzzell is logical in his argument and
has tne rare faculty of making his dis
course interesting as well as instructive.
The series will close this evening and it
is hoped that the people of Dupuyer may
look forward to another visit from Cho
teau's pastor in the near future.
George D. Patterson, of Fort Benton,
yesterday filed a petition to be declared
a bankrupt. He placed his liabilities at
810,880.59 and his assets at 891 50, all
exempt. His principal creditors are T.
C. Power & Bro., of Fort Benton, 84,508.
09; Northwestern Natioual Bank cf
Great Fall, 82,208.50, and a balance due
on the settlement of the partnership of
George D. Patterson & Co., 83,163.30.—
As Mrs. George N. Campbell was en
gaged in her household duties yesterday
afternoon a bullet came tearing through
the window and missed her head by but
a few inches. There are several circum
stances that tend to prove that the shot
was deliberately fired at the house acd
the,sheriff will be called upon to inves
tigate. There has been a great deal too
much promiscuous shooting in this
vicinity recently and many complaints
on that account. When eome injnred
citizen ga thers the courage to make a
formal charge, the law will be enforced.
Wm. Gray, the well known Highwood
sheepman, is a rather irascible old gent
leman and about 10 days ago one of his
saddle horses, a gentle old cayuse, wise
beyond his years and hardened in
iniquity, absolutely declined to enter a
corral for any elderly Scotchman, par
ticularly when his pursuer was on foot
Mr. Gray got his trusty shotgun and
fired four loads of No. 7 shot into the
buzzard head, costs for cruelty to ani
mals. Mr. Gray triumphantly observed,
however, that the crowbait now makes a
run for the corral the moment some one
opens the gate and yells at him.—Great
Falls Tribune.
J.H.Boucher deputy game warden has
just returned to Blackfoot after a ten ;
day trip to Belly river investigating re
ports of Stoney Indians depleting the
country of game in that vicinity. Ile
found the Indians camped on Belly
river about two miles north of the Inter
national boundary line. He saw three
of them afoot who immediately took to
the timber and made for the British
side. The deputy trailed one of them
afoot to within a half mile of the camp
He reports the snow from three to seven
feet deep in the high mountains and not
even solid enough to bear a. man on
snowshoes. He went to Cardston to
interview Inspector W. H. Erwin of the
Northwest Mounted Police about taking
prisoners arrested in United Statès ter
l'itory. through Canadian territory back
to the United States. Mr. Erwin re
plied. "At present it would be impossible
to permit you to do so, but I will corres
pond with aiy superiors and see what
cau be done and let you know." The
deputy seeing it was impossible to do
any thing at present as prisoners can be
got out only through Canadian territory
at this season, and by only two trails in
summer, one across a spur of Chief
mountain on the west and the other
over the main range iuto Flathead
county via head of Bell} - river, he report
ed these facts to his chief and immediate
, ly 3 " ught other fields to operate in which
P 10,mse( ^ botter results.
To remove a troublesome corn or
bunion: First soak the corn or bunion*
m warm water to soften it, then pare it
down üb closely as possible without
! ^ raw ' n o blood and apply Chamberlain s
Pain Balm twice daily: rubbing vigrous
]y for live minutes at each application.
A corn plaster should be worn for a few
days, to protect it from the shoe. As a
general liniment for sprains, bruises,
lameness and rheumatism. Pain Balm
is unequaled. For sals by Thos. H
. Teachers' Examination.
A teachers' examination will be held in the
court room, in the town of Choteau. wont., on
Friday and Saturday November and 30,1001.
Fannie e. Chesoweth,
County Superintendent,
I am out 12 head of cattle that are
branded Z on left hip and ear marked
on back of right ear. I will give suit
able reward for recovery of the same.
O rd A. A ynslfy,
Collins, Mont
Mr«. Nannie McLain, at Rest. !
The community was shocked last Sun
day morning upon learning of the death
of Mrs. Nannie McLairi, wife of Thomas
McLain, of this place. It had been re
ported for a few days that she was not
well, bat no danger %vas apprehended
until Saturday, when Dr. Wine was sent
for. Her physician found her suffering
from terrible pains in the head atd did
all in his power to relieve them.
He was called again during the early
hours of Sunday morning but found his
patient unable to respond to treatment
and in spite of all that could be done she
breathed her last within twenty minutes
after his coming. Her death was prob
ably caused by the rupture of a blood
vessel in the brain during a violent
period of pain, as she maintained her faC
ulties to the last and displayed no other
symptoms of disease. Mrs. McLain, was
an earnest Christian, a dutiful wife and
a loving mother, was beloved by all and
will be long remembered as a true wo
man, bearing her burdens patientlv and
making her little world better by her
presence. Her husband, lonely but for
the presence of five young children who
are hardly old erough to appreciate their
loss, has the heartfelt sympathy of the
entire community in his sad bereave
ment. Funeral services were held at
the late residence of the deceased and
the last sad rites were performed at the
Dupuyer cemetery, Monday afternoon.
The Schiey Inquiry.
Washington, Nov. 18.—According to
information which has reached the navy
department through channels in a meas
ure controlled by the department, the
verdict of the Schley court of inquiry
will practically be a complete vindica
tion of Admiral Schley.
Moreover, instead of a long discursive
opinion covering all the complex' details
of the inquiry, the court will hand down
a brief and terse verdict which it is .said
will uot contain more than 500 words
The three admirals comprising
court decided upon this form of verd
very soon after they began their session.
Appreciating the desire of the public,
and everybody concerned,for a verdict
that would be neither long nor involved
they agreed at tne outset th^t they
would be exceedingly sparing of words.
Admirials Dewey, Beuhatu and Ram
sey, who co n pi if e the court, have worlc
ed industriously. They have devoted
; long hours to the task of arranging the
evidenc? so as to arrive at an intelligent
understanding of its application to the
charges preferred against Admiral
Schley in the precept.
It is known they have made progress
and will bo ready within a comparative
ly short time to present t leir findings to
the secretary of the navy.
School Notes..
The following pupils 011 account
sickness have been about the whole or
part of the last two weeks. Pearl Hurt
ble, Delia Humble, Frances Yule, Ada
Wilcox, Vernie Davies, Albert Crone
Earl Heighton, Willie McLain, Maggie
McLain and Henry Hägen. The 100
mark in spelling was finally reached by
three pupils at the last 100 word test:
Mary and Tommy Magee and Elsie
Ryan. Other standings were: Pearl
Heighton 97, John Arnold 96, Guy Wil
cox 99, Maude Wilcox 98. On 200 words:
Kyle Jones 92, Ad V i t ox S9, Mauc'e
Wilcox 90, Ernmett Ry;m 99. On KO
words: Pearl Heighton 94, Ada Wilccx
98, Fjinmett Ryan 99 1 a , Elsie Ryan 93.
United States Land Office. Helena. Mont.
November 11. 1991.
Voti«n I- li^rehy given that John N. Büith
of Great Falls, Mo it. has filed notice ol' Inten
tion to nia .u proof on Iiis desert-land claim
no. liriiiT, ii r the n2 nw4 and w2 ne4 sec. 34, tp.
3ii n., r. 5 w. before M. S. Darling. U. S. Convi
ât Pondera, Mont, on the 21st day of Decem
ber, lU.il.
He names the following witnesses to prövo
lie complete irrigation and reclamation of said
Thomas M. Chamberlain. Edward Tanner,
f'nberr Craig, John Hamilton nt' Dupuyer.
M int.
K nrisu-r.
Holter LumberCo.
Lumber Shingles
Building paper and
Builders' hardware.
Car lots F. O. B, your station.
GEO. R. WOOD. Mg-.
Great Falls & Canada
Ry Time Card.
Going North
Thursday &
10.10p. m.
13.30 I
12.10 1
Going ko.y it
Thursday .t
Lett) bridge den
Stirling "
Tyrrell's Lake. "
Hrunton "
Milk Kiver ••
Sweet Grass.. . "
Kevin . .....j... "
Rueky Springs. "
Shelby .Tun
Conrad "
Brady "
*Collins ,. "
Steel. "
Vaughan "
'GreatFalls.,.. "
7 30 p.
8 55
}t> 15 a. « ö
10 40
11 40
12 40
2 "
3 20
I4,-5 -
( 7.3(1
C.J. B.Stephens; DD
H. Chase, D D S Associate
We practice modern dent ist n
only. Sign The Golden
Tooth, Ford Block
Great Falls.
"The Time to Get Cake
is When Tt is
, „ . , . . . ..
tllC Li|LltQ.L)lC LÜC 01 AC./ £0I ,r .
The lime to take life insuran t
w hen you can get it. One dt-y you a : ■ ■
insurable—the next you cannot se;.:i:
i insurance at any price. Do you krusv
! when your day wiil come? Do yt-u
lcuow that it isn't today?
For rates and full particulars apply !
At ent for Northern Mont, io;
ftoom 10 Dunn Block
Great Fails, Mont
Desert Land, fin .tr, Proof .—Nonce 1*
lïnitod Spates Land Office Helena, Mouta."
Nov. 7. 1901.
Notice is hereby given that- Riitwell
B rown, of Dupuyer. Mont. I.as Hl«>t ihm 1
of intent ion to make proof im his ii(Sfrt.-l:i!»'
claim. 1.0. 3tï>.">, for the e2 sw4 >ee. 17 tnd rv
nw4 sec. 20. tp. 27 n.. r. H w. before George W
Magee. IT. S. Coiu'r. at Dupuyer, -\to.. oik tn
21st day of December .
lie names the fi Rowing witnesses ♦.» pro.,
theconplete irrigation, aiul yc-.*.Uu;>«£iO!k il
said land:
Adolph Aman, Raymond. P. •V.vtb r*w
Timothy Connor, M\ Thoir^vs Maul:', LK
p.iyer. Mont..
11rs*. Public».tkiiv Va 14. l>Jt.

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