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VOL 8.
Of the "R 6 Vf* Kind
Satisfy Good Judgment—When You Buy Them
You're Getting: the Best oa Earth. We Offer You
Flr «t Choice From a Full Line of the
*$ew Fall Model Trousers
With the Stylish Curves of Lesend Hip.
The Great Variety of Pattern s and Prices Will
Meet All Purst».
General Merchandise.
Hans Breitmann's Party.
Hans Breitmann Rave a barty
Dey had blutio blayln.
I felled in lofe rait a 'Merican frau.
Her name vas Madilda Yane.
She hat haar. as prown ash a pretzel.
Her eyes vas himmel pluo,
iJnd ven dey lookot Indo mine
I)ey shplit mine heart in two. •
JIans Breltmann Rife a barty.
I ven dure, you'U pe pound.
I valzet mit Madilda Yane
Und vent s h pinnen round und round.
De pootiest fraullen indo house.
She vayed 'pout dwo hooudred pound,
Und efery dime she give a shoorap
She make de vindows sound.
Hans Breltmann tîifea barty.
I dells you. It cost him dear.
Dey rolled in more a-ih sefen kecks
Of foost rate lager beer,
Und venafer dey knocks de shpicket in
De Deiitschers gifes a cheer.
I dinks dat so vine a barty
Nefercoom to a het dis year.
Hans Brcituftina gife a barty.
Here all vas sous und brouse.
Yen de snoper coined in, degompany
Did make demselfs to house.
l)ey ate das brot und gensy broo.it,
De bratwurst und braten fine.
(Jud vash der abendessen ctonvn
Mit four parrels of neckarwein.
Hans Breitmann ;;!fe a barty.
We all cot trook ash bigs.
1 poot mine mout to a parrel of beer
Und emptied itoop mit a schwigs.
Und den 1 gissed M adilda Yane,
Und she shlo me on de kop,
Und de goinpany fited mit daple leeks
Dill de coonshtable mado oos slitop.
Hans Breitmann gife a barty.
Where isii da« barty now?
Where ish de lofe!y golden cloud
Dat float ontie mountain's prow?
Where ish de himmelstrahlendestern.
De slitar of deshpirit's light?
All goned afay mit de lager beer.
Afii.y in de ewiglcelt!
—Charles Godfrey Leland.
The Rounder Missed It.
Syracuse. N. Y., Nov. 23.—The spec
tacle of 1,000 drunlceo men marching in
aline, or trying to march, was seen on
one of the main thoroughfares of this
city last evening. The men got their
"•jags" at a brewery, which threw open
its doors to the public yesterday and al
lowed everybody to go in and take what
beer they wanted.
The company is making a new brew of
beer, and decided to let the people sam
ple before it was placed on sale. The
visitors began to arrive at noon and jat 1
o'clock there were 500 persons inside. A
luncheon was also sgrved and after get
ting their fil! many left to make room
for others.
There was little disorder and not one
«irrest was made as u result of the free
beer party. Over 200 barrels of beer
were a wallowed at the brewery during
the afternoon.
For a glass of Bohemian beer or a first
class cigar, call at the Q. &_L. Nothing
Vmt, the best kept in stock,.
(To late for last week.)
Wm. Dawes went to Kalispell Sunday
on business, returning Wednesday, he
says things are ooomicg on the west !
Mrs. A. Anderson was in town visiting |
relatives and friends on Sunday.
Ed. Cnristian the Gold Butte wool j
grower and mutton merchant, was in
this week in company with D. Davidson 1
the wet goods merchant at that place
laying iu a stock of supplies for the win
Robert Lytle from Lucifle is in the
market for iambs. He says that all
through the Judith country, he was un
..ble to get any lambs at the current
prices, growers asking all the way from
$2.10 to £2.25 per head. ^
Sam Potter took the south train Wea- !
nesday morning for Great Falls.
W. B. Shoemaker has moved to his old
quarters in the station house as the
house he had been occupying for nearly
a year past, will again be occupied by
Mr. and Mrs. G util.
Ed Fettigrew a prosperous business
man of Cut Bank is in town.
Dick Crockford received a present of a
crate of pigeons. They having been sent
to him from Lethbridge.
Geo. Seaman roadmaster is here most '
of his time now supervising the transfer |
work connected with the G. N. and G. 1
F. & O., from the way things look, at J
present, work is likely to b" stasted I
early in the spring to change the gauge.
Pat Buckley of Roc if y Ridge spent a
few pleasant days in Shelby and a morn
ing or two was otherwise.
Tne land contest case of Simero vs.
Wagnor has awakened a lively interest
in this neighorhood, because if Wagner
loses his land, there will be quite a
number that will most likely allow their
entries to lapse.
M. Connelly has just received a car of
lumber and one of oats and has several
teams busy hauling them to the ranch.
Jos. Escallier sold a car of bucks to a
Mr. Thompson near Malta. Joe seems
to have the corner or. the buck market
ho re.
W. G. Davis of Coutts gave Ja house
warming party at hia home near Coutts
last Saturday. They had a large crowd,
nearly every one in that vicinity attend
ing, and had a most enjoyable time.
The F outfit having pulled into winter
quarters, left a consignment of cow
boys in town, they are dropping out one
by one.
A. Goeddertz. is in town o.n land bu;55t
i oess.
A tempest in a teapot took place in the
red light district Monday evening over a
small account said to be owing to the
restaurant keeper, but oil was poured on
the troubled waters by our J. P. and
now every thing is serene again.
Miss Gertrude Shoemaker resigned
hèr position as book keeper for H. F.
Guth last Saturday and leaves for her
old home in Penn. in a few days. Every
one is sorry to see Miss Gertie leave as
she is a general favorite, and good wishes
follow her from every one here.
Sterling Cross is in town and he does
not go thirsty nor none of his friends.
Fred Buteau has recovered sufficiently
from the rap he got from a hore's foot a
couple of weeks ago to be able to work
his bellows again.
A. K. Prescott received 11 cars of
stock cattle from Chicago Tuesday. He
will unload and brand at Baltic, then
drive to his raujh in the Gap on the
Teton, where he intends wintering them.
At the Administrator's sale of the
e it. t : oi J-^k Denny, deieised, H. F.
Gum sold all the pe;s3nal property cf
the deceased at private sale to Ed Petti
grew for 5925.00, consisting of saloon and
fixtures at Cut Bank.
Dan Sullivan returned Thursday from
Spokane where he had been to take his
sons Ed ward and Michael to a Brother's
J. B. Powers formerly foreman for
Barney & Marsh is down from McLeod
with a party of Canadians for the pur
pose of buying horses, the party went to
Dan Sullivan's ranch to look over his
horses Sunday, and purchased over 100
bead, giving a good figure for them.
Sam H. Wood went to Great Falls this
week on businsss connected with the
Montana Co operative ranch.
John Cameron, Fred Martiu and Thos.
Bell loaded out a cir of flour for Gold
Butte Monday.
Jeff Preuitt and wife were in visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Menton che past
Christian Hansen gave a musical en
tertainment in the K. Pi hall Sunday
night. He had a good sized and appre
ciative audience.
Bob Grinlirg brought in a load of his
vegetables this week and got ready sale
for them.
Sam H. Denson and wife are visiting
with Mr, and Mrs. W. W. Parrott.
John Meade returned from his eastern
trip Sunday.
November, 27th 1901.
Patrick Connelly from Augusta loaded
a car for Havre last week with horses,
bucks and household effects,
Dan Sullivan was competed to drain
his reservoir so that the bead gate could
be repaired.
Charles Ford was brought down from
Out Bank last Wednesday, and lodged
in jail to await his preliminary hearing
before G. W. Walker, J. P, at Cut Bank
on the 28 inst. Ha is charged with
burglary, Chas. Emerson'3 house was
broken into and a fur coat and several
other articles were missing, some of the
goods were found in Ford's possesion,
but "he sajs he found them. While
every thing points to his being one of
the guity parties, he may be able to
prove himself clear, as. word was broilght
in that a man was at Martin Wasesha's
ranch on the Marias Monday and traded
an over coat auswerin^ the description
of the one stolen, to Mr, Wasesha. Offi
cers are on the man's track and are ex
pected in any time.
Justice Walker issued a warrant for
one John Doe charged with grand lar
ceny. On Thursday night a bunch of
horses was left in the corral at Baltic
by Emerson & Raglin. On the following
morning when they went to let che
horses out they missed a favorite sad
dle horse. They started to investigate
and found that a man was seen riding
south with a Jhorse answering the de
scription of the one lost. They lost no
time in following him up aud caught
the man and horse at Bull Head springs.
The Independent says that some cruel
heartless wretch cut the ears off oi Wm.
Mc George's bull pup. Whoever it was
ought to be run out of town for not
making a better job of it and corralling
about two score of the worthless curs
that are running around here and mak
iug a clean job of doeariag the brutes, at
the first joint of their neck.
Herald and Gains have leased a band
of sheep froui Jas. Hughes for the
wie tex,
James Hughes the Pondera eheepman
passed through town with a load of sup
plies for his ranch at A.lum coulee.
A telegram from Cjt Lank was re
ceived Monday night saying that John
Nicholson formerly deputy sheriff there
was dangerously ill.
Chas. F. Moberl» returned Sunday
from a week's trip to the Falls and
Helena. He found lots of business
awaiting his return.
Michael Connelly took a trip to Cut
Bank last week. It is said he went there
to investigate the bills tbat were put in
against the county during the small pox
Miss Moberly received a telegr. ji from
Nebraska, telling her that her nephew
had been accidently shot in the head aud
was dangerously hurt. Miss Moberly
took No. 4 Monday morning to see the
little sufferer.
Several civil actions were entered this
week, in the Justice court; Sullivan vs.
Hay den to recover for injury to a horse,
and team hire. Case settled out of
court. Daley vs Mabel Stone for house
rent and merchandise, ar.d Guth vsPike
recovery of account for goods and merch
H. F. Guth has entered an action ;n
the district court against .lohn Joiner
for the sum of one thousand dollars.
Papers were served on Joiner there and
considerable property of Joiner's was atj
taohed in this county.
Rumor has it that a former resident
of Dupuyer, of the Missouri persuasion
will be married on Thanksgiving day.
Jack Shields returned from Chicago
Saturday. Jack !-ays lie spent a very
pleasant visit with His relatives who live
.Lee Wilson was in town Tuesday get
ting material for a house which he will
erect iu Fifteen mile coulee.
Hardy Clark came in from his ranch
Monday with a load of hay for the Dr.
and loaded supplies back for use on the
School Notes.
Enrollment this month 3H. Honorary
list. 100 in deportment, Roe Wilcox,
May Dean, Mabel Cox, Lester Cowgill,
Frances Arnold. 100 in spelling, George
Magee, Ader Arnold. 100 in language
George Magee. The highest in arith
metic is Linkie H umble 99.
A Village Blacksmith Saved His
Little Soil's Life.
Mr. H. H. Black, the well known vil
lage blacksmith at Grahamsville, Sulli
van Co., N. Y., says: "Our little son,
five years old, has always been subject to
croup, and so bad have the attacks been
that we feared many times that he would
die. We have had the doctor and used
many medicines, but Chamberlain's ;
Cough Remedy is now our sole reliance.
It seems to dissolve the tough mucus
and by giving frequent doses when the
cruupy symptoms appear we have found
that the dreaded croup is cured before
it gets settled. There is no danger in
giving this remedy for L contains no
opium or other injurious drug and may
be given as confidently to a babe as an
adult. For sale by Thos. B. Magee.
When you feel that life is hardly worth !
the candle take a dose of Chamberlain's '
Stomach and Liver Tablets. They will,
cleanse your stomach, tone up your liver J
and regultate your bowels making; you I
feel like a new man. For sale by Thos.
B. Magee.
$100.00 reward for the arrest and con
viction of any person found, disposing of
or tampering with the biandsof my cat
tle and horses. Cattle brand ^ left ribs,
horse brand LA left thigh, vent fur cat
tle V on left ribs, vent for horses yrj on.
left thigh.
Louise Aubrey,
Browning, Mont..
$15 Reward.
The above reward will be paid for the
j recovery of one sorrel horse, strayed or
stolen from the undersigned and de
scribed as follows: One sorrel horse
branded AM on left shoulder, both hind
feet white, blaze face, larfee white spot
between front legs, weight about 850 1
Peter Marceau,
Piegan,, Moot..
Dr. .1. B. McCQLLUfl,
Expert Optician and Eyo specialist».
Graduate of the Chicago Opthaknic
College. 22 years experience in re
Office 509 2nd Ave ne South. 2 block»
south of Hot il Grand CREAT*»
FALLS, M.mt.
Specialty , Gold fillings, Crown and
Bridge work. Graduate of North
western University Chicago.
County Suroeyor anb U. £,
Lands Surveyed.
Filings and Final Proofs
Choteau, *■ Montana.
317 First Ave. North, GREAT FALLS,
Office Hours r 1 p m to 4 p m..
Hniteb States Commissioner
anb ZXotary 'public.
Land Filings and Proofs....
Mortgages, Conveyances, Etc., Etc.
Successor to V7AMSLEY & BROOKS.
physician anb Surgeon.
Surrey or
Land Surveying, Ditch Work, Etc.
Choteau, ❖ Montana.
Physician anb Surgeon,
Special attention given to Con
finement, and Surgical Citses.
Office Next to Magee's Drug Store.
Calls promptly answered day or night..
Dupuyer, * Montana.
Hclson Collarb,
Plana an i Estimates f urnished on,
$5.00 Reward.
The above reward will be paid: f Gr the*
pect.very of one bru .11 horse, weight
about 1100 pounds, branded ^ on righi
IP on right ehouldsr. and A-9 on
right shoulder. Was i s • - 1 seea, neùr
Birch creek at tho Kingsburry ranches,,
and was shod all around»
Wm. Miller.
Bucks for Sale.
I .have 43 head of Merino bucks* whicU
I will sell at a reasonable price.
Call on or address.
Jos. Sturgeon

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