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VOL 8,
NO. 15;
Proceedings of
Mjatani R3ffular Dacember Maeti ng.
tU Board of County
of Teton County
Ohwpeau, Montana December 2,1901.
Board met at the ofllce ul the county
clerk at ltf a. m. Present, Chairman C.
B. Perkins, Commissioners M. Connelly
and Win VL Foster, and the clerk.
Minute* of regular September meeting
a.mi of of s[.ts : 'ial meetiagof 8t*ptouibar 9
were read and approved.
Board vh si examined reports of coun
ty and township officers for quarter end
ing November 3 •, Id !l. I'oiiowing were
approved :tn 1 ordared filed.
A. . Warner, county cieik. Reports
of warrants ism-d in p ym.-ntof salaries
of cuuaiy otScers, amounting to S3,437.43
o.i c.int,iu5*enc /und and'81'J7ô.'-l on the
gelter* I fund, a is«» warrant issued to
John 1'. Wurptiy for right of way for
er.iuty roa t, Î3Û) 0J.
A. >'»'.ii'ii'M'. eoi ity clerk, .I'port
of fees codec:« J am muting to @744.65, '
with tr Msur -r's receipt?» for same.
Sterhng M.;D >.iaii, clerk district
court, iiaport of fees collected,and paid .
to treasurer, amounting to $114 0 ;.
Sterling Me Dotai I, clerk district
court. Report of warrants issued for
per diem and mileage, September term
of district court, amounting to $317.GO
for witnesses and $373 80 for jurors.
T. O. Larson, assessor. Riport
ing 40 sp cial poor taxes an l 81.60. i
personal property taxes, vith treasurer's
receipts foj- stuue.
James Strove, county attorney. No
Taos. B. Magee, coroner, showing 2 in
«quests held. Warrants issued for costs
incurred. Item i>2"> Dr. W. B. Wine, far
autopsy in .jase of Ohas. Williams, was
disallowed, county having c »utract with
Dr. Brooks for such aervi«33.
Walt r "ithews surveyor. Report of
work performed.
Adjourn -1 » - > n.
i u »led at 2 p. m. All
vmf, and continued ex
•.!)• s Folio. vin. < were
ordered filed:
lor, s leiiff. Report of fees
Board re i
mem !
aminati i ;
approved i>,<
Geo. C. i\
a to $<32.i>0, with
s recoi[ ah for same.
ordered for ba -
Geo. C. Taylor, su
boarders. Warrar
pense-, incurred.
,7. K. DeHaus, J P Clioteau township, j
Report, m . criminal actions. Warranta
ordered for ces:s incurred.
C;i»a.-i. Parker J P Choteau township.
'Report «.-i crimiuai actions. Warrants
ordered ..»r c '-?. > incurred. 1
Geo. W. M'i^.'ejJ P Dupuyer township
Report of criminal actions, showing §15
lines collected and paid to treasurer. j
Permission to leave state for period not
to cxeoüU sixty days, was granted T. O.
Larson, county ass s.sor.
A Ijoarne 1 to 1.) a. tn. D.;c. 3.
Dee. 3, loOl Board met at 10 a. in.
All members present. Following sealed
proposals were opened:
T. Broo.c 4, medical attendance $634
for year.
C. H. Drake, mepicines, etc. $250 for
V/m. Bruce, ca of poor, per capita,
per week oß.'.fo, bui ial of v paupers, each
Annie Austad,-care of poor, per
per ween $0.75, burlai of . paupers
i 34.00.
Final act'.'.'ii deferred.
riff. Report of jail
Report of Win Bruce,'poor contractor,
f.howiu-.: 4 inmates cared 'for, was ex
amined, approved and ordered filed.
Petition was presented for proposed
road b* gluing at N E corner Sec. 31, tp.
25 J, Range 4 W., thence running west
about four miles. W. Mathews, L. O.
Satie and S. F. Ralston Jr. were appoint
ed viewers.
i epurt of viewers on proposed road
from Altyn to western line of Blackfeet
reservation, w
per .one intere
ottered to said
deferred until
is taken up for hearing of
;ted. No objection was
i-i.ad. out final action was
Maren meeting.
Adjourhed to 2 p. m.
lijard reassembled at 2 p.
lyembers present.
a. All
"Rpriort- Was nresented of viewers of'
* ed roa / froft , SoHtVi ; est Rorn er
See 3 to 21 N range 4 w. tn Sec. IS,
^ ^range. Board lixed j
March 4, lîWlas the day lor hearing of |
evidence from persons interested. I
Report of G. W Walker J P Maria« ;
township, for quarter ending Aug. 31, S
1901, was examined approved oud order- ;
filed. Warrants ordered for cost3 in
curred .
Or lered that on 'presentation of proper
,.1-v t " " : ng for Marias
bridge, clerk draw warra it for same in
lUv'J' y>
Adjourned t > 10 a. tn. Dec. 4.
Dec. 4,1901. Board met at 9 a. m.
All members prose.it. and proceeded to
audit claims against county.
or( i t ,red in payment of those allowed
Adjoufned to 2 p. m.
aetebmoon session.
Board reassembled at 2 p.
members present and continued business
of auditing claims. Warrants weie or
dered in payment of those allowed.
Report of G W Walker, J 1* Marias
t. ,j I
' township, for quarter ending Nov. 30,
1901, and report as acting coroner of it.
quest held ou body of James McKillop,
. was examined approved and ordered
for costs in
i filed. Warrants ordered
Adjourned to 10 a. tn. Dec. 5.
fourth day.
Dec. 5,1901. Board met aflO a. in.
I All members present and resumed con
show-[«"deration of claims
i Warrants were ordered in payment of
against countv.
those allowed.
Adjourned to 2 p. ni.
afternoon session .
Board reassembled at 2 p. in. All j
members present, and then proceeded to j
visit residence of Mrs. Annie Austad to
asc(;rtain facilities for caring for county
poor, under her bid, and to examine
road through Moore ranch. On return
ing board continued examination of
claims, an I ordered warrautsiu payment
of t.hobe allowed.
Affidavit of Emanuel Jacobs, Manager
Sands Cattle & Band Co fo> rebate of
taxes, was présenté , and being found a
just claim, warrant was ordered in re
Adjourned to 10 a m D;U. 6.
1001. Boa i d met
All mem Oers present.
Raport of Joan î
at 10 a
Gordon county
treasurer, for quarter ending Nov. 30,
1001, was taken up for consideration, j
Lists of warrants paid were compared j
wir. ii county cleric>. books found correct, j
no.« arraats were cancelled as follows
General fund
Contiu„eut fund
Road fund
P..or fund
District School funds..
District Road funds..
High Sciiool fund
,?2, 475 51
. 2. 351 88
. 504 25
. 2ö0 5C
4,000 01
. % 176 35
. 7ö4 59
$11,309 00
jî licain.as isivi'i,
0J was compared
books and found
Treasurer's list
amounting to ci2,81'
wit u s'.ubs of lice usa
Adjourned to 2 p tn.
Board reassembled ac 2 p m. All
members present, and continued ex
amination of treasurer's repor*".
Following warrante on general fund
having remained uncalled for more than
one year, were cancelled:
No lDi Sept. 12 1000, R S Brown. .SI 50 !
No 100 Sept 12,1000, T McL lin 1 50
Report was presented of viewer
proposed road beginning at ne corner
of ;
öe 2. 31 tp 25 n, range 4 w. thence west
about 4 miles to eastern terminus of]
Corson and Teton Canyon road, and !
board fixed March 4, 1002, as the day for j
hearing testimony tor and against such j
road. :
Petition was presented for certain !
changes in that portion of ttio Choteau j
and Birch Creek road lying in township •
25 n range 5 west, and W Mathews, S F !
jLv.iUion Jr. and Leonard "Lounds were 1
appointed viewers. !
Petition was presented for discontin
uaftce of old Dupuyer and Pondera road
from town df Dupuyer to Dry Fork
bridge, W. Mathews, Wm Cowgill and
Thos B Magee were appointed viewers.
I Petition presented for laying out new
' road from sec. 15, township 23 n, range
6 west to an intersection with North
Fork road. Action postponed to. March i
Board resumed ^business of auditing
claim« <w.in»t county, and ordered war
rants drawu in payment of those allowed,
Ordered that hereafter the county
purveyor shall not be paid for r-ad sur
veying uutil plats of survey s'aatl have
been completed and tiled with county
County clrrk presented the Annual
Ftuaucial Statement of the county for
tiseal year ending November 3J, 190 L.
Same was read, approved, and ordered
Adjourned to 10 a m December 7.
Dec. 7, 1991. Board met at 10 a m.
All members present, and continued
examination of treasurer's report. Same
was checked against county clerk's
M aud ca8ll 0 balanC es were"found as
follows: 1
General fund $22,113 85
Contingent fund 6,Giïl 54
Road fund (general) 5.44Jt 0J
Poor fun " 2,035 5o
bridge fund 17« 42
Sikiug fund 4,070 5Ü ;
.enerat School fund 6,117 65 :
Distùct School funds
Personal property taxes
institute fund
Fisu and game warden fund..
District Road funds
titaie fund . .>. ••
Bounty fund
Stock losp and Det fund
Stock Indemnity fund
! Sheep Insp and lud fund
High Sctiool fund
Estate of Jos Scharbach
8,25 1 34
£>15 83
it) uo
2-18 48
218 45
6,354 50
2,7tJ8 78
560 54
37 84
260 90
2,312 30
144 05
employ a deputy for the y ear 1902, at
aslary of one thousand dollars per year,
Ordered that warrants drawn in favor
§6'» 14° 73 '
Board' then authorized county clerk to |
of persous who are delinquent on their
personal property taxes ehall not be de
livered until such delinquent taxes shall
have been paid.
Adjourned to 2 p m.
afternoon session.
at 2 p
counted and found correct, correspond- !
ing with balances, aud treasurer's report j
was approved and ordered filed. j
Board resumed auditing of claims!
agaj,ast county, aud. ordered warrants I
drawn in payment of those allowed.
Board reassembled
members present.
Casa in hands of treasurer, in currency
checks and Dank statement was then |
.. , j .. . . , „„„
Ordered that countv treasurer trans- j
fund to i
fer sum of $75 from General
State Examiner fund.
Ordered that county clerk draw war
rant lor 81,804.50, on linking fund, favor
coamy treasurer, to pay semi annual in
terest on county tionds.
Adjourned to 10 a m Dec. 0.
Dec. 9, 1901. Board met at ID a m.
All members present.
Reports of road trustees of districts
Nos. 2 and 4 for period ending Nov. 30,
1001, were examined, checked, approved, j
and ordered tiled.
Report of ro t I trustees of District No.
1, being incomplete, was laid over to
March meeting.
Adjourned to 2 p m.

T- Broods.
Board reassembled at 2 p m. AO
members present.
Board then awarded county contracts
as follows:
Medical attendance county poor, Dr.
Care and burial of
Annie Austad.
Mvliciaes and. surgical
H. Drake.
Dr. Thos Brooks presented contract
for Medical attendance of county
charges for year 1032, accompanied by
bond in sum of 1,40J with C tl Connor
and Wm Hod gskiss as sureties. Con
tract signed and bond approved.
C il Drake presented contract for
medicines, etc. for year 11302, accom
pauied by bond in sum of 500 dollars,
with S L Mitchell and Wm HodgsUiss as
sureties. Contract signed and boud up
way for county ro
Ordered that hereafter the County
attorney shall draw up all deeds for right
of way for county roads free of charge
to the grantor, data to be furnished by
the county surveyor.
jy<; rs
C. :
Ordered that hereafter no warrants
ahall t>e issue ! in payment for rights of
until cntrymen
shyll bave taadc flaal p.ruof.on the lands.
through which roads are laid out. and
that no payments «hall be made for
rights of way for any road in part, until
dee^s shall have been furnished by all
partu.» mit reste ^, covering ie • «
ua > 1,1 1 ( eBlieroac *
Ordered that the treasurer transfer ;
the following named amounts from the
general road fund t? the several dis'.nct
road funds, viz:
District No 1.
District No 2...
District No 3
District No -1....
SI ,150 00
,... 1,000 <>0
... 125 00
50 (JO
Adjourned to 10 a m December 10.
eighth day.
Dec. 10,1931. Board met at 10 a
All members pressnt.
Report was presented of viewers
proposed cnanges iu that portion of
Choteau and Buch Creek road situated
in township 25 u. rauge 5 w. a nd board
fixe i klaren 4, l.>0_^ as the da\ tor heai
iug testimony for or against the proposed
Board resumed business of auditing
; claims against tße county and ordered
: warrants drawn in pa\uient of those
Following claims were disallowed:
Dr T L Clark 25 dollars for autopsy
on body of Chas Wiilis at Cut Bank
same having already been paid to Dr
Titus, the then coroner.
Dr T L Clark 25 dollars, treating small
pox patient at Spring Coulee, not a
proper charge against county.
.Mrs. Annie Austau presented contract
1 ^ 0i " (:are anc * maintenance of county poor ;
I for 1J J 2. accompanied by bond iu sum o j
^Q®0 dollars, with Julius Hirshberg and ;
H » eau P re as sure ] ies - Contract signed I
and bond approved.
Ordered that present court house be' ;
leased for a further term of 4 years j
under option in original lease.
Adjourned to 2 p m. I
ai'tkepioon session.
Board reassembled at "2 p m. All
members present, and audited remaining
claims against county. Warrants or
dered in payment of tuose allowed .
Wm Uodgsiciss presented lease of court
h mi se for term of four years, at the
annual rental of 1,070 d dl.trs, which
chairman was directed to execute in
behalf of the board. Same was duly
j signed aud tiled.
Report of Fauuie sit Cbenoweth, conn
I ty superintendent of scuools, for the six
j months ending Novemoer 30, lUOl. show
' ing schools visited, examinations held,
j s '
i iea collectious of 5 dollars, new school
) districts created and boundaries of old
i dis- nets changed, was examined ap
proved and ordered liled, sue a new dis
trims and changes being described as
•School District No 0, change of bound
at s w corner see 16 tp 30 n r 2 v
"Changed the boundary lines of No 6
Dis - , net. Beginning at th» se corner of
arc 13 tp 3J ti r 1 w on the p m or eabt
county line, tmmce ruuoi-jg west on sec
line intersecting tne old ".'est boundary
north on sec ime to n w cor sec 2 twp 32
ii v 3 w, thence east on tovvuship line 8th
parallel intersect-tig said old «est bound
ary at its um-c i c uMi.a.iao i co r
of'sec 4 t.'. p 32 u r 2 w, and contin dug
to n e corner of see 1 tp 32 ii r i sv, on tie
principal meridian, thence south to
p.ajoof beginning."
Pondera School District No 10. "
"Established a district to be kn -wn as
Pondera District No 10, with boundaries
as follows : Beginning at n e corner sec
25 twp 27 north range 1 west, thenco
westerly 2-1 miles to s w corner of sec 10,
: thence north 16 mil .s ton vv corner of
sec 6, twp 29 north, range 4 west.- thence
east 14 mih's to n e corner of s e cerner
of sec 5 twp 28 north range 2 west,
thence souti 7 miles to s e ooruer of sec
5 twp 2g north range 2 west, thence, east
10 miles to ne corner of sec 1 twp IB n r
1 w, tUence s<)uth 9 miles to place of be
Fish Lake School District No 11
"Established a district to be known as
Fish Lake district No l'l, with boundaries
as follows: Beginning at that point oil
Great Northern railway where it crosses
the summit, thence southerly along the
county line to the North Fork of Dupu
yer Creek, thence east along Dupuyer
creek to the surveyed line, thence due
north to n w coroner of Unvnship 23
north range S west, thence northwesterly
t(J Mid vale station on the Great *7orth
J ern E:iihvay, thence west along the Great
, Northern railway to place of beginning,.
Continuett on another page..
Dr. « B. McCOLLUn,
Eirpprt Optician and Eye
Graduate of the Chicago Opthalmic
College. 22 years experience in re
Office 509 2nd Ave ne South. 2 blocks
south of lîot„-l Or a Ii (I (, ÎJEAT.i
- Specialty , Gold fillings,Crown and
Bridge work. Graduate of North
western University Chicago.
qr. t. brooks,
Successor to WAMSLEY & 3S00KS.
physician anb Surgeon.
'"'aoteau, <- Montana.
qlaf fjeld,
Land Surveying, Ditch Work, Etc.'.
Ciwteau, v Montana.
yy b. wine.
physician ant> 5urç>cou,
Special attention, given- to Con-
finement ami Sur Jim I Cases.
Office Next to Magee's Drug Store.
Calhj promptly answered day or night..
Dupuyer, Montana.
ilvHinry Suroeyor d\ib il. b
Lands Surveyed.
Filings and Final Proofs
Choteau, %• Montana.
Helsen Coücirb,
Plans ar i Estimates furnished on
317 First Ave. North, GREAT FALLS
Office, hours: 1 p m to 4 p m..
Uniteb States Commissioner
anb Hotary public.
Laud Filings and Proofs....
Mortgages. Conveyances. Etc., Etc.,,
S 100.00 reward for the arrest and con
viction of any person found disposing of
or tampering with the b,andsof my cat
tle and horses. Cattle brand ^ left ribs
horse brand LA left thigh, vent for cat
tle V on left ribs, vent for horses yj on
loft thigh.
Louisk Aubrey,
Browning, Mont. '
For a glass of Bohemian beer or a ii
class cigar, call at the Q. &. L. Noth
out.the. best kept in.stock..

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