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The Choteau H^use
\YM. IiODCSKISS, Proprietor.
First-class H.CG0H11110r1f|itii011S iO.t' ;
Stock of all kinds.
Good Rigs Furnished
Reasonable Rates.
Dupuy er— Choteau
The undersigned has established a
Li vicky £er\ it between Dupuyer
<iml Choteau Parties desiîing to
\ isit Choteau or Buynm may leave
Dupuyer in the morning and return
the same day. Leave orders at Jos.
Uirshberg & Co's. Dupuyer, or at
the City Drug Store, Choteau.
Cor, Main and Conrad Sts.,
Choteau, Mont.,
riiiler & Longmuir, Props.
Wines and Liquors,
Imported and
Domestic Cigars.
Sole Agents for the Famous Lexington
Club Whiskev.
Choteau, — — Montana.
j ames Sulgrove
Attorney and Counselor-at-Law.
Notary Public, Court House.
Notice to Kiders.
I will pay $2.S0 per head for all 5H cat
tle delivered at C. 13. Perkin's ranch.
W. AI . Foster,
,'boteau, Mont,
Sliecp for Sale.
Old ewes and* lambs for sale or
" ill trade for calves, or mixed bands of
attle. Ad< itfs C.ark Bros, Bynum
$IO Reward.
The above reward will be paid by the
undersigned for the recovery of 1 gray
mare, four years old, branded O with dot
in center on right h p.
Jos. C. MoOyAiu.
Dupuyer Mont. Sept. 9, 1801.
_ M „
Ranch for Sale.
Will be sold for cast or will trade for
horBes, Eighty acres of laud with build
ings mile northwest of Dupuyer. Also
22 head of cattle with hay enough to
win te them.
Thos. Mc'Lain .
1-1 '
WA3N TOD 2.' j 00 to HUOO Sheep to win
ter. Wethers prefered. Good range
dry shed with sufficient hay.
Robert Dixon, Pondera Meut.
Subscribe for the À canïita.
Tops for the boys, at the drug store
Subscribe for the Acantha only o
^ >ear. I
A tin.e lot of stationery just opened up j
at the drug store.
Call for Ale and Porter, rt cool drink at
the Q. & L. saloon.
Choteau county officers hope to get
him later.—Montana Record.
Drop in at M. N, Gordon's, make the
closest guess at the number of beans in
a quart, and take away a pair of shoes.
Charles Tuttle has opaosd a barber
shop in the rear of the Klondike saloon.
His card appears in this issue. i
Robert Stonehouse was lu tov.n Friday !
on his way home to liynuin fron Cue ^
Bank where he has boen engaged as a
carpenter for several weeks.
J. H. Boucher, deputy game warden is
proving a terror to evil doers in Flathead ;
county. Last week out of four arrests i
lie secured two convictions, one culpirt J
being fined 8100 aud the other 825.
J. W. McKnight went to Spokane,
Thursday night, and returned Saturday j
| with his two daughters, who have been
J attending school in that city. They will
J remain here until after the holidays,— j
i Knl'spell Uor. Record.
There will be a masquerade ball on |
' Tuesday evening, Dec. 31st„ New Year's
I eve, at Joae's Bail. Everybody iuvited
L031 1 —On Christmas eve at the
school house a crescent shaped gold
breast pin. Finder will please leave the
same at the Aoantha office and receive a
suitable reward.
Mrs. Jame3 Manix.
The Cnristiuas tree at the school
1 house, Tuesday evening, was attended
1 by so many that standing room only wa9
all that could be obtained by the ma
1 jority. Albert Crone acted as Santa
i Claus Jr. and the little ones and the big
i ones were neaily all remembered in the
j distribution of presents.
j Stock Inspector Lund has returned
j from Maple Creek, Canada, where he
and Frank McDonalcf went to appear
against Henry Larson and recover stolen
horses. Larsou was freed by the Cana
dian authorities. His acquittal was a
disappointment to the authorities here,
as they hoped to extradite him and try
him in this country.
Checker boards, crib boardi puzzles
and games at the Drug store.
Get your boots or shoes half soled
the Dupuyer harness shop.
The grand ball given Christmas eve
by the Woodmen and Women of Wood
craft was the most enjoyable event that
has taken place in Dupuyer for a long
time. The supper aerved by the ladies
at the residence of Mr. aud Mrs. Marks
. , ...
was patronized by more than eighty
, . . 1
peopla and was a success, there being
plenty of fresh oysters and turkey for
every one and a cash balance to the
credit of the new lodge.
Last Sunday night the store building
occupied by Alfred Harris at Pondera
caught fire and was totally destroyed
with most all of its contents. Mr. Harris
carried a large stock of goods which
was only partially covered by a $10,000
insurance policy. Aside from the loss
which he sustained in the destruttion of |
his stock the injury to his business can
hardly be estinatad. The building j
belonged to E. O. Jones.
The famous A. B. C. St. Louis beer on
ice at the Q. & L. nloou.
Queen Mary cigars; wince, liquors
aud beer on ice at the Q. & L. saloon.
I Win Macdonald Wright has received
! the s id uews of the death of oue of his
i brothers, Rav. Alexander Wright of
Musselburg, Scotland, which occurred
at Glasgow, Ojt. 11th. Tha dacaasai
was in his 53;h year and fron his
! obituary, published in the Sjotsm:in of
Ojt. 16th, we learn that ho had attained
eminence in literature, having published
three volumes on religious and educa
tional matters. He was a gradaate rf
Glasgow University and had been pastor
of his last charge for over twenty ti've
The Lyceum met last Friday evening
aud adopted a constitution and by-laws.
The program for the evening consisted o f
recitations, select reading and songs,
followed by an impromptu debate, fhe
committee promises an unusually inter
eating program for Friday evening of
j next week. Every body should attend
land render what assistance l ; es in their
j power, for tlio movement will result in
I especial benefit to the younger portion of
I the community.
Picture frames made to order, si'jo i
30 styles of moulding to select from, at
the Art Studio, Choteau.
Mis-s Rose Eian is in Chateau spend
ing Christmas week "ith Mrs. Geo
Adlatu and Mrs.T. P. Cra vford.
Lee and Garvio charged with the
stealing of several hundred iiead of eat
<le belonging to the Crow Indians, x were
found guilty on Christmas day after
twenty five hours deliberation by the
j ur y
A letter from A. B. Coe, who is now
in Missoula coi nty looking for an oppor
tunity to invest in a fruit farm, states
that the ranches in that county are gen
erally perched upon hill sides at an
angle of 45 deg.. and the only level spot
he has thus far seen sold for $24000 last
fall. One can buy "orchard homes" of 5
acres at the rate of 8200 per acre, with
the prospect of waiting four years for
the appearance of an apple blossom.
The climate is lovely, but on the whole
vye believe Mr. Coe will pine foi the
boundless prairies of the east side.
At the regular meeting of Dupuyer
Lodge No. 43 A. Ü. U. W., last Saturday
evening, the following officers were
P W M Jacob Lauffer
M W-B. G. Trescott
F —C. W. Weaver
O—Robt Harris
G —Alex C. vonroe
1 W—T. Bjornstad
O W—Ley C. Leech
Trustees—Carl Erickson, L. C. Leech.
It is reported that a Choteau citizen
recently stopped at a hotel in a small
Missouri town and inquired for lodging.
The clerk informed him that all the
rooms w?re occupied, but one, which had
two beds divided by a curtain. He said
a woman occupied one of the curtained
apartments, but the Choteauite could
have the other if he desired-Our fellow
citizen accep'ed tne offer and went to
bed at 11:30. At 11:32 he reported to
the clerk tnat the woman was dead. "I
knew it," was the reply; "but how did
you come to Und it out?"
^ lvin ^
W. i. Palmjr, soejial Unite! States
attorney in Indian depredation cases
was in Helena last «r nek attending to the
claim of the estate of Malcolm Clarke
deceased against tae government.
Tae claim is oasal up m ta3 ajao.i of a
numoerof Piegans, who went to his
ranch near tbe i;.outh of Pric.tly Pear
canyon, on the nignt of August 23rd,
1869, murdered Clarke, shot his eon
Horace, who recovered however, aud now
Lves near Midvale on the Blackfeet
reservation, and stole all tae stock on
the ranca.
In 1891 Joseph N. Knack, public aJ
mioiBtratior applied for letters of ad
ministration on the estate of Malcolm
Clarke, and these were issued. H i filed
a statement of tae numiir of horses and
cattle driven off by the Indians,
tae value as 813,213. Tae peti
tioa stated tnat the next of kin «/ere
Helen P. Clarke, Horace Clarke, Isabel
Dawson, and JuJita Patterson, children
_ ..
of Malcom Claake, and Cath-Co-Co Ma,
his wife.
There have been several hearings on
the claim against the governmen . but
no decision has been reached, the matter
being now iu the court of claims. Mr.
Palmer saya another hearing vvill be had
in Helena probably nex t month.
BYom Helena Mr. Palmer vvill come to j
the northern pan of the state, to inves
tigate other Iudiau depredation claims
Angora Goats Raised in Mont-iiia
Some time ago there was considerable
talk in the Montana press regarding the
raising of Angora goats and it was
thought that the industry might be
profitably pursued in the state. It is a
fact, though not widely Known eveu by
our own resideuts, that Angora goats
have been raised in Dawson county for
the past ten years. They were brought
here by Emory à Morgan aud are being
run by John Shaffer, of Redwater. The
original number of animals was 300 head,
and they have increased but very little
since they have boen here, though it is
claimed that they have not been looked
after very closely. The price usually re
ceived for the hair is from thirty to fifty
cents per pound, but the owners have
been offered as much as seventy five
cents per pound for it. While the goats
have never been a great source of profit,
; they have easily paid all expenses for
keeping them aud were thoir raising
made a business of itself and as much
attenti u devoted to them as to the rais
ing of other stock it might be made a
profitable venture.
^ . 4 ' as """
Girl Wanted.
The undersigned vvill pay 25 dollars
per month for the services of a girl ex
perienced in general housework.
J. W. Quail.
Dupuyer, Mont. Dec. 16th.
Only 18 days more to get one enlarg
ed picture free witn every dozen of our
4.J1 j.Vii'-iy.s. Art Studio, Choteau.
Hé Wouldn't Resign.
1 Secretatij^Long has discharged Edgqr
Stranton Maclay from his position as a
skilled laborer in the Brooklyn navy
yard, Mr. Maclay having refused to re
sign when requested to do so'
Secretary Long's action was taken by
direction of the president, and followed
a conference between the president and
the secretary, who took to the White
house wilh him a letter from Maclay in
response to the request for his rcaigua
tion, >ent by thesecretary last Saturday.
In this letter »laclay submitted lhat he
could not be removed or compelled to
resign without definite charges being
made against hiiu and without having
an opporttnity to aus ver those charges
Hugh O'Neill of the firm of Beaupre
& O'Neil sheepmen was in to vn getting
j W. G. Davis of Sweet Grass Station
j was a visitor Tuesday and while here
I became a member of the A. O. U. W.
; lodge. Tne lodge is growing and in a
flourishing condition having taken in
several members lately
H. F. Guth sola all of hib sheep and
improvements to John Town of Cut
Bank. \Vfc understand thai about dô, 000
was the consideration.
Our stores stowed
iiuuduy jji'oseuts.
a line display of
lelegiuui was receivea irdiu iJeputy
Sueritl ivioutsriy uc rvmupuii saying mat
lie vvouiu oe aolo to oo la oueioy ouu
üay out mi uas not returnei ut this
writing, li, is feared lie %vu.s uuai y nuit,
as ue was iu tue wreck t mosex ul xno 4.
oosopu inscallier sea. a aeed lor
récura loi ' muu on tue xVvou ttiVdr wuicu
no pui'cuueeu ÎI' ulu jl . Jfu.ver, iu .r.
.Locaiiier fouve suce^j iu i>ctj meut #uil
win run aut-ep ue u pursuer to X'. kJ.
L'o.ver, air. iiisjaltier to ha' ; e nui man
l'iïua Aiugues cuuje iu oaturaay to
UleeL UlS UdU^auSi' vjai'i'lti vV'uO uas uttu
itaciiUiüg oouooi at tue couvent iu Jjet.'i
ornjgeiui a ^ear past, i iuuk ana uis
oaugULci njotv xuesoaj s train lor
Uiujiiiijau 4vaere tuey will spend tue
noiiaaj s.
tiay çèaioieatu returneU ttaturday, ne
lias oceu , vorging oa aacsas ior vOUi'aJ
laves.uieui oo. ou tau nouie rancu on
Duyiij er.
jL'ae nrat car of piling tor tue
ol'iti^u apploacaes was uauied last
öeVerai rta^oiis were~«»ro«ie Uonu goiug
aowu tue ums into tue Marias, lue
l'oaus are tu ^ ooq saape uo»v U uu as soou
as tue oaiance arrive vvill aoou oe nauied
aua vvoi ti couiiueuced.
rt U HOlüü
Tom Gui iand leu i 'ueBUay for a visit
to nis pcireuts in Uulario. Tom has
beeu away a long time and no douut
will find many cuauges at tne old üouie
Jos. Milter was in from Rocky Ridge
Tuesday laying in a supply of good
things lor Christmas.
The Lucky No 271 wins the $10 F>uit
Study at the Art Studio Choteau jMont.

Baldy Smith has charge of the jail
duriug the absence of Deputy Moberly.
Miss Josephine Moberly was a passenger
on No 3 on her way to Kalispell to nurso
her brother.
Dave Sweet has returned from the)
hills where ne has been doing assesment j
work op his mining property. j
James Huliett is in town. On account
of H. F. Guth celling his ranches it lias
let several of the boys out of a good job
including Jim,
I The Children vvill be given a Christ
j mas tree in Guth's Had, where Santa
I Claus will be weil provided with près
! ents for all.
Thesd long evenings have worked
good for the two lodges here. Themem
bers of both seem to take considerable
interest now in tbe lodge work. Either
one or the other have meeting every
Ed Hughes made a business trip to
Great Falls l ist week.
Otouetsu Ninomiy a Jap is confined i.i
jail here on a charge of working the
dead man graft on the G. N. The Jap
has notified the Japenase consul at
Seattle complaining of the way die is
i being troate 1. II j vva? arrested o;i the
8th and held in jail until the21st beforo
being arraigned, having been held all
that time without a caanco to furnish
bail or to ltnow what he w.v.-t held for.
Holter Lumber Co».
Lumber Shingles
Building paper and
Builders' hardware,.
Car lots 1*. O. B. your station. •
GEO. R. WOOD, Mgr.
Great Falls & Canada
Ky Time Card..
Going North
Thursday &
10.10p. m.
iGolng sou: h :
I Tuesday,
(Thursday < r c
I.etlibridj^c dep
StirlinR "
Tyrrell's Lake. "
Hrunton "
Milk River "
*Coutts. .. "
Sweet Grass.. . "
Kevin "
Hooky Springs. "
Shelby Jun
Conrad "
Brady "
»Collins "
'Great Fallu
7 30 p. m.
8 55
10 15 a. m.
10 40
11 40
12 40
1 25 " '
2 25 "
3 20
) 4.25 "
t daily 5.101
t 7.H.'»
1 7.N»
ô.r»r> .
p m K ill;
12. j0 >
' J -
C J. B. Stephens, DD S
G. H. Chase, D D S Associate
We practice modem dentistry
jiiiy. Sign The. Golden
Tooth, Ford Block
Great Falls.
Free:—one 20x24 framed fruit study
worth ilO .OO to be given Bway Christmas-)
Eve. One ticket with tvery dollar pur
chase. Art Studio Choteau, Mont.
"The Time to Get Cake
is When it is
The time to take life insurance is
when you can get it. One dty you un
insurable—the next you cannot secure
insurance at any price. Do you know
when your day vvill coirre? Do you
know that it isn't today?
For rates and full particulars apply t
„ , . c r v v ,
tllC k(jllitdl)lC Li iL 1 Of ACW it'll..
Ai ent for Northern Mont, for
Room lO Dunn Block
Great Falls, Mont.
8100.00 reward for the arrest rwd con
viction of any person found disposing of
or tampering with the b. andsof my cat
tle and horses. Cattle brand ^ left ribs
horse brand LA left thigh, vent for cat
tle v on left ribs, vent for horses y r I on
left thigh.
Louise Avbkky,
Browning, Mont.

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