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Red Lodge picket. (Red Lodge, Mont.) 1889-1907, December 21, 1889, Image 3

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1alil arrives daily by the Rocky Forl;
& Cuoke City railro.. at i1::10 a. m
.kil leaven. daily t I :: 1 p. In.
'lThe::oultern l .'ries \'edl -""ys
and iatur lays and ll t.vre at I o'clock p.
. samrne day.
hMail close. 0 mninte:I . fre cpl:r -
lre. CII.
Aet \ " oouei: ._y wil :, T
We had no talil from the c'est on "i
Robert Laty, of Livingston, is in thi.e
Inlo:cal ,clregoCr, i: rack frolll il.
E. B. .Ae. is bar;k frmo the Ye.! ,w
or one.
.Johrnie ill. r,:t'rncd fmonm ivin~geut.
A check weighrman has bc seen puta a
the mines..
Red Lodge is ::erliy in net of ani
hkating crink.
Tile lPaterson housei c.inge. hs::.i o j
the 20tlh inst.
T!:e timber melenhave lien ordered fror t i
the oIloutains. .
Note the chanlge in the :ad. of Cht.le:,..
Patterssn & CO. t:
J. If. Clrsal. & Cl., hve ru.e:,.d.- a
carlonad olfl Ir;er.
(iG to the nntsgqcurade if you ;nlt t., 1
have a barrel of tnu.
'The good people of the bure luvl Sunii
day school last hrund'rry.
J. if. Weo!f the jeweler, lha m:oved into a
the old post oflrre building. log
Charles t. Neuville h:u gone to New 1'
York, to spend the hollu iaysn . ;I
John 'rriikier, of fillings was in the itl
burg "fridts on legal business. C
Friday w yay y in lied lx1.ge r
About $ 810,000 wr.as dlisbursed.
Mr. & Mrs. Jouhn Burke, contempPl.te (h
locating in Helenall perranently, r .
Christmas only comes once a year, so I
see to tl. that you laveo a good time.
(riadl preparatonAs alr re, bitnr mtole fore
the rmaslr rade allt nexe Tu'tresdrl y night, lr a
Dr. Rinehart, the Illig. .ihysic so
was in town Tuesrlry and called to see.s
Itoleort Grr, a conl miner fell i: front
of a car and was hurt in the hip ''itie.
A. I'reemanl, of the 1. X. L Co , tvr
down to Billings on a business visit this
The ofileers are at last aroused and
are going to ial:ce i peaceable p! i:'iof
the burg.
F. "V. Fisher returned this weerk from
],ivingston and will spend the winter in
the burg.
The Peoples store, .1. M. Taylor, pro
prietor,; hls a ncw silg. Lirlok fur it
wlheni In tlown.
The schools are progressinug splendidly
and the numnlber of scholars are collnstant
ly luncreasing.
Georg, 'Town, thad four ilnquries for at
house he hal to reot this week. hlou:ses
tre l;t a premilum.
WVii. Frost wai the nutecesful bid llr
for the building of Ilho Floiesing hotueli, i
two story etrlluture.
Jr. Keeler the dentist arltived in town
i'ritdly and will remntin till Monday uoon
at Dr ANusser's otlico.
'Th Zen'obia brand of cigar is a delicious
smoker and Is kept Lt the drug store of
IL J. Armstrong & Co.
.1. W\\. Taylor & Co., have received a
heavy consignment of groceries and pro
- visions for their new sto ae.
,John David, of the Fremont Cattle
Company, of Arland, Wyoming, onme in
on the stage last Sunday.
Deputy Sheriff Beller arrested three
men Friday morning for disturbing the
peace and dlgnity of the burg.
Charles ]lisanz, the boot and shoe
maker, has luoved his lhop o:e dioir be
low BLabcock and Mills' store.
It begins to lootl as though we woltldt
have no snow in I0ed Lodge Clirinst nas
and Ihece will have no sleighiug.
W. 1t. Sleeper, of Billings, came up
Tuesday andl weut out on the etnge
Wednesday for rfeetetse, Wyoming.
R , . I'hilpot tread ton a unit last Sinl
alty anld lDr. F. hrober Mtustcr, was a.li
uaoned to alleviate the sfttering of the
Miss Carrie Turk, celebrated her slx
teenth birthday last 'Tuestday evening Ly
giving a small sociable, to which it few
friends were invited.
The Billings Gazette is out in a new
dress of Birevier typlo land is printal on a
new Cranston press, The lpaper prIesents
It neat tylpographiiol appearlance
W\'e rail especial attention to the large
advertismllent of Mlrs. Leigh T'inkconlu ands
anld Miss lEstelle V. Tiikeon., whol have
just opened 111h finest line of nilliucery
goods over brought to Red Lodge.
Since the editor and printer dto nlo
need to celebrate Chlristlllas or new Year's
the PIlctotr will be is:ue lI nxt iiwek at
usual thils giving our suboert ibher' tlle
full worth of their mionoey in if cceo,iis.
(1ood 1Oh Tinile.
The boiys were downi at the Acme yes,
terday spinning yarnsof thie old times,
when we captured this oneU
There were two clhums whlo hdrove cou
corl coaches on thieanie lie i Clil'lorniaun
Every day they would lleet in it lonely
gulch. VWhen almost abreast they would
suddenly rein up their horses, whetn over i
woulhl no the ptIassengters, wiho soon would
pop their healids oulit of th doors and i
tremblingly listen to tlhi brief conversi- '
I tote:
"H ello!"
Thenl a piuse woutld cussue when the
pracictal jokers wounl glance iat ctelli
other as if murlder was rampant in tlir I
respectivoe bosoms, when o woulldbrlltrk I
the nilpptllting quiet witth:
r'iWhere it Iltade have l seen you tla
fore. i
"I dont know. Where 'bouts in Iade
linr you'lbeea."
"GitS uip lthemre Sutu"
" G'lanul there . ht.rl.y .
w ass f ll> t I'. _.. !:ll"c-- J.ý
rC.oal cn s2; _ , .. , " _.:n .
I' of :l ..
,) , T: Ji,
l'o 'll, t::: ....- . , :. , t'. r. - ;:,:_:
S , " ,,,
t :hy . .r .: .,I ::, , .: ,I n .c `. i. ,. t , ,
Ctoi- . .;'l . I :t : _ :nu - :. · t . , : t
ot e i l I "t ., .,1 y ' .
ir ':' ! ; n t' l ? : v .: < f I : :
T :he dn i ly .: 5 ,:,r 1{ :l`
2 sixt y :io t U itti.:. ac.
fltif l l ti 1 . f t : i . .I
hepro ta ye rl t t ;t:t. t - A .'tI .t 2
of lte t 'l be in ltttr', toh i .tel e,., n
lie. uilvhi'u i, .,.."':' . d
3 .11. ay t Li> :l': a ,'? :r o! 1!! 1::..,'.
Shet. C(ai jl il) 1 nt, v 11:.,,, L 0 ~1c
beL.r adoplted 01 3,; rI:t l?
lie. (can r ite to the d ':o 'r `,il Lt. to
Oi l girl, so far las I nin prs, y nlly ceon
Ivtx;.tl o [a e:.l0 keei l.,:It ni ph:y!L.
kOlid ]h' Illl.
E1,t1 hly I t 101, 0h 1.i :i: l hi :(, :ea t'
head of Ithe i-tt r 1t,01 'ulley .; tLhe col
cbrated .idul rui lill 1 tricl "r t. 'li i;.
o 01'l1:li£ IL 1 S of ] -,.l: of :1iel::. e.s il1-o,
gold, si'ver, o pper, di n si %!
prlinrtinily 0 0lvtq.1", a:pper coil r.fl:le :.
The Ironl Chld m ine li tiflt Im!er, mllint
of that 'er tinle !.le o o f , h
will be ln pt to w .ork ,o, thi.;s 'i s:et
tun ctllllr,--J lefu n;t ,1 ;ur!I+.
Mr Casn i-::t'D:u, I,1
last evening I wai ifo1rmoJ.l thalt a loe
parties looked it ol tI 'I "'losiil ln . o t" o
lily Ried Lodlw so1ek is a ;Jew trio!,'
only int o e llli 0un o1 f ol' te 1 l' oos,
while the faot is leh t I liove ' 1 Iu n'.
8hllre of trade out of tl;et Cliip after the
railr.toll ilo in and nS every il11llu in the
lcamp klnows i deil erve r n all u :ll llornlll of
ptr, n I gll e l l.. I si td Sl 1.y the Cop whton
lli, l) ly else in ily line did i ridi nonl t)it
there is no c !hance for me to i0 f1i'
bull ines therel ;:i, v, illip t Ii , ' r ell t e
.ocek at, ll "e 0i lowevr Ilorec t1hau y.u
nlow c.itl, if ersyo oc wii't, to go itt buJlsi
to cot let at:ybcdy talk yoiu d.o.'i.
t;hat pricille, for the g oo, illlilp tlo tire.
oit orke. t pere :isely i a lls i. ii' .i l.hle,
anol Im' large trade hre this faltl hla<ks
e112 tilhtt ll'y Igoidll hlee yvo e mn:'r:cd 2I:0 t
I Oe . lpos.'ibl:,- llgu:'e, lie lly ctl .illnlii :'
h:! oe ' n' felt (,: you IIiow) is 1 :_1
A' llnny Cf lily nI l , .g f . i
klaow I like tiles e 11 a 1 rea'ly i 1I.e
a 1 sla 1111 l iltha ly : pe : _' is e lla t,
hllr ll the timelt' i l,,rri'il, eo eve 'u . ii iuse
alily h il'le 1io 11 111 to :i all tith golils
yl.p 01t fo.' ('-A7 il, tS I nlet l thIa n:o:' y
iind I hereby nil c ht' ltht you live up to
11iy circular and ,giv' 2) per cent elf
tkl0 lillepriles, for I 5Tit my l oild il 1
11lin 1 ;.,rlh in lRed lodlge as elst1 where.
'i'ruhti:1 you tire well and hopiniili to
1i iCt fr..n you o i:e, I remi lini your we.11
UriCf .'itni' 1 l11 1.
Catch oi to Ills h et; si fl of the PIoe : e;
Tf ry o"lr ll r .n-iltiiln l I n't'lujll in
Jha-v,t co!Tve,'-PEOP1 L "; SI TOihI:.
For Id year o1ld iclhlry,_r whlisky call at
thil sloon of 2Cuid'ck & t'own
Oiilr N. N. C. hip. ti 01 are the iest in
Go to Dollard Ilrotlerl. for Lleoh:l beer
or cider. 'They keep it goold alrticle. 1ti
if youl \.1:1 t a yltlh' n il l the extract
inf we 11ha1. i.---PJt)P'I.ES O111 i
C:uiick &i Tiwn hLve Netli riCetirdl a
large stock of ii:u ie m rti civi.lr;t..
If you '11 t an:hflulg i Sfi i' l t: ,
whole or grollnd , we have it - EI)IOPIl.l.
C i'it lli,'.
For ..nheiser-Douclh l-",r:" si'lt t-e
renW'ery of lunlau d Itothe:s, Red Lodge,
1ont .in1a. I if
YtiIll V1m1 131ik'rl P w'.l 5'.der. Ii st io
the ma:,rket, three pound, 8iC0.- 11O
For a1 first cies- mg of tosi & jse Irr
call at he : i).'l of Cullnic & 'l'l.w- r 0
00 1110 t l ye ', I,
aui Llacz' ]Mihe kke. .L.r Letr
S e (ii -
t,;. . u ic;i .-d1 i_ t..1 ix. . ,r.a'_ : r;. . .C
·.e!! i'..' ·l i C: i C;iir-_. .e I e
t : i C H iibe Cirx ii
'4 nt of CuIlBtt
i' : ; . ., " : . ge. -
:....... '.. .. ; i , : ... I;."... .. . .: I
(y :. : ., j.; t.. a: . T:: . t 1 u:;, -
.i tI ' .. a!ra - L: . .-I
" 1, : 1 :... "l ,:1 I. ' t, L-. e.
1 7. 1 l .t . . : N 1 .'e 1c
1: a u oi .. , \- h0 . re ,. ::ced : ' ) vu ::.
I : 1, 1 f r.C o n, !t- l.: 1il- t ,
S ,o :."., 1-,1 ' r l- tf.
y am '!,
i Ih:: :, .t:,, : ! I , d as5 ":: :"{ a
l);;.'t.: -.: j II,,: Mq . ;:r 01 ht gi i
ALL tI. Largest Conmianios
Conce i ".ondnc e '! i'ted.
Peoples Grocery Store,
. full lint of laple a t fai 'y
v- t t a ti rti is guti:rn ttt.,l to Le
t'e.! l nd i f>t cloaso,
lnt of toin ordersc rec.i ive promptip
'i tn'e i t ti l iog l!{i ttit. Otci
1;v A. Gillsdorf.
(ivl"' Ine t call.
J. i. Taylor.
(!dsi) L(ltt L, - - MONTAN:A.
BI.e Front N.ew's Depot
Conecti knery.
Fite iiue of Stationery kept in Stock.
i"r ,h Fruit I r tce wl IMt{111.
TOsIliS. PERSON & C&O., I'roprs.
Bakery & Lunch.
Fresh Bread, Pius, Cakes. etc., clt.
Oysters in Every Style.
A.\gnt fir Phil Klulmtb'l elebrat
Id C(.lt ARS.
Ill.liday :,.lgol in great voti.'ty.
Next t T. , i A:i , rn .,riug's Idrtu
..,, ..is-. Mh ,t.I
1J. H. CONRD & CO.
lE---OD E.., .,- -T ., -.
r r
Drafts Issued on all Principal Cities in United Sts
antd Europe
J-41 f ' t'ral 6. 'O '11 pae -s oP ý e 'nited 7y c s ,a
U .L. , :"/ aos .ef . Z ..
by Te, Pegr .phz.:
E. E. BA TCH ELOR Cashier.
Calls your attention toi r ....lin of Chris mas.
Ve have a Fite Line of 2SIL PLUSh ?L:t PTP2E
F.ncy Embroidered .and suitable for a present.
SILK HANDKEROCHIEPFS, in fancy figures, color
ad borders, hem stitched., in China " a- apnne ,
solid colors in red and white we can suit you in therm.
We have the largest and 'newest designs in solid
and rolled Gold, consisting of chains, charms, scarf
pins, cuff buttons, etc. In
We beat them all. We have a large line in Tog and
Windsor in all shades.
We wish to call your attention, to our line of boys'
and men's suits, J. B. Stetson Hats, Fine Cardigan
jackets, fancy initial embroidered suspenders, high
grade overshirts, especially purchased for the holi
days. Come now and make you r selection while the
assortment is large. I. X. L. C ompany.
Clothing and Shirts Made to Order,
oJOHN L. BJ;RN` & 00. Proprietors.
Ci, the aeat of Liquors mn CiLat RUr. Stys; G?1 . an:" SW .
.k gA ency for Val, B.nt'z Czlebrat., W ie!ner BC.r.
HOui.y & .Pottei*,
Red Lodaa Mcntana,
y 'I, Propructors,
:. . L< <.). (.C t
uI a CO!
- ) , I l '.)
1,1A: UTT G,
'iA CUl in rknkn e pl
!I T \.¶ (._. ¶ .Il1) T ! .
Cigar Manufactory.
51. .,. fO Ili. . ,.N , - * P ro l,
11 ki;,l- or ci trs n n tlf: eture" I j
:ul kept in sh1t k y .lb.
.tu l lietafil huts.
I 1r'tis ('ntihInpliti; huiling
ill (: d lI,, to,, c ll on us. Weo fl r>
11ilsoml & .: od4ger',
Gem Saloon.
A FINI (i.t\D) (O
U(tuos, Lu3luorsa, B
.ies and (°iga,'r.
Give u's a Call
I air p1r-par(d to do all kinks '
raintina, Paper Banging cnt
Located in the Piullai'd l'Iladiig,
J. J. ,M I i i, [ L, , i.
Pioneer Ci "ar
... .C. O-.......
Mliauifiiactur-rs of [11A VA\NA anaJ
DOMEFTI(' Ciggar. Q(uility of'
G;oo0ds t;UARA.NTEEI l),
Mail Orders Receive Prgomp

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