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Store of Vickers & Baringer Entered
by Youthful Burglars, Sons
of a Rancher.
Proprietor's Young Son Slept in Store
and Allowed Boys to Get Away
Without Shooting Them.
The store of Vickers & Baringer, in
the old town, was burglarized Thurs
day night of last week and but for the
forbearance of Teddy, the 13-year-old
son of Mr. Vickers, a well-known
rancher of Red Lodge creek would
have found it necessary to call a phy
sician to wait on two crippled boys.
On the night mentioned Teddy, who
sleeps in a glass-partitioned room in
the rear of the store, was awakened
by the growling of his dog by the
bedside, and, on raising up in bed,
looked through the glass into the
lighted store and saw and recognized
two brothers, aged between 15 and 17
In addition to the faithful clog, Mr.
Vickers had supplied his son with a
rifle and a shotgun, both loaded, and
had told the boy that if ever he dis
covered burglars in the store to take
aim at their legs and fire away.
But the lad, recognizing in the
youthful burglars sons of a rancher.
and knowing them quite well, couldn't
find it in his heart to shoot. Instead
he left the guns in the sleeping room
and proceeded cautiously out into the
store. By this time, however, the two
young scoundrels had become aware
that there was somebody else in the
room and they beat a hasty retreat
and got safely away, but minus any
They had effected an entrance by
removing a pane of glass from a rear
window, the identical window from
which a pane of glass was removed a
year ago by suspected youthful burg
lars, who at that time got away with
a quantity of candy, tobacco and ci
Though Mr. Vickers' son is certain
as to the identity of the culprits, no
arrests have yet been made.
All Over i
Owen Dowd, a well-known miner
and pioneer prospector, died at Liv
ingston last week.,
The Northern Pacific enabled its f
employes at Livingston to make mer- C
ry on Christmas day by disbursing r
$5u,000 in pay checks.
W,rlt on the new machine shops
of the Northern Pacific at Billings is
progressing very satisfactorily and it
is expected that the plant will be in
use by Feb. 1.
It is repc:rted that all the big gold
mines of Fergus cotunty will he merg
ed into one great combine by eastern
capitalists, and that an era of won
derfel development will follow.
As a result of a political fight in
the senior class of Helena high school,
the girls combined against the boys
and won out, capturing all the class
offices except president and three of
the six members of the banquet com
Helena will make a bid to entertain
the Medal of Honor Legion of the
United States, at its annual conven
tion next year. It all depends on
whether the railroads will make a
rate. The legion is largely made up
of Union veterans.
The Montana Co-Operative company
has pirchased 160 acres of land near
Great Falls, and will next year move
to t:-at locality a big woolen mill now
located in Manchester, Ia. The mill
will be, operated by a $100,000-corpora
tion to be known as the Manchester
Wt'c:len Mill company.
As the result of an attachment be
gun during the Elks' convention at
Salt Lake, Roderick Morgan and Miss
Annie Lindsay of Minneapolis were
married in Aanaconda last week. Mor
gan. who is employed at the smelters,
was a delegate to the convention and
Miss Lindsay was visiting friends in
Salt Lake.
Great Falls has a new lodge of Ma
sons, organized under dispensation
until the communication of the grand
lodge in Ifelena Sept. 16. The follow
ing officers were named: Worshipful
master, S. D. Largent; senior warden,
Charles T. Sweeny: junior warden,
Albert B. Tootell: John T. Athey, sec
retary; W. F. Brown, treasurer; F. G.
Se. 60., Drugglta
Genuine stamped C C C. Never sold in bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
"something just as goad."
Woodworth, senior deacon; B.P. Mc
Nair, junior deacon; Fred D. Wright,
senior steward; J. T. Andrus, junior
steward; B. W. Hanson, tyler.
The state of Montana now owes
$182,692 on bounty claims, and this
amount is increasing each day. It is
expected that the board of examiners
will order at least one-half of these
claims paid at its meeting in January.
It is prophesied that the legislature
will take some action to amend the
bounty laws, which are said to bhe
grossly transgressed.
A Fort Benton dispatch says that
business men of that town and Great
Falls have filed on lands which will
undoubtedly develop the greatest coal
field in the northwest. A vein at Bit.
ter Springs coulee shows up on the
surface for a mile and is from three
to five feet thick. It is said to be a
splendid quality of coking coal and
the company starts with 1,000 acres
of land.
Alvin Bitle is dead near Miles City
as the result of foolishness on the r
part of himself and Emmett Darcy.
The boys were snapping their rifles
to see which could do it the fastest.
A shell was thrown into position from
the magazine of Darcy's weapon; it
exploded, and the 30-30 ball, after
passing through the stock of Bitle's
gun. still had enough force in its flat
tened condition to penetrate Bitle's
body and come out at his.back.
The annual report of Major John
Pritcher. superintendent of the Yel
lowstone National Park, shows that
13.431 persons visited Wonderland i
last season. Of this number only
6.307 were guests at hotels. W. W.
Wylie of Bozeman conducted more
tourists through the Park than any
other one individual or concern, his
record being 1,87(). Big game is on
the increase, and the fourteen buf
falo cows recently taken into the Park
from the Allard herd are doing well.
Livingston is making a divorce
court record. Maggie Clark married
Charles Clark in Sheridan, Wyo., in
1899. She says he treated her cruelly
while they lived in Missoula, and she
wants her freedom from the galling
yoke. Iaura A. Thompson is like
wise tired of Thomas S., her husband.
They were married in Anaconda in
1894, and have a child of 7 now resid
ing with Mrs. Thompson's father in
Bozeman. Isabella Graham, a second
wife, says Michael 'Graham is intem
perate, and she wants a divorce.
During the past year Governor
Toole has granted seven pardons to
inmates of the penitentiary" and one
to a county jail prisoner. Two dimin
utions of sentence were made and two
fines remitted. The names of those
who were pardoned are: F. B. Gard
ener. Charles Gordon, William H.
Hall, George Handschu, Herman Keil
hauer, Urban Mosher, William S. Sel
fred and John Yank. Those who re
ceived a diminution of sentence and
remittance of fines were: Henry E.
Clarke. James Gilhooly. Orlie Swor
den and Jesse White.
A dispatch from Billings says that
B. E. Palmer, division civil engineer
of the Northern Pacific, gave some in
tercsting statistics concerning the imr
mense bridge his company is building
across the west end of lake Pend
Oreille in Idaho. The bridge is ap.
proximately 4,000 feet in length, and
will rest on eighty-seven piers of solid
masonry, built upon piling driven to a
:lepth of seventy-five feet below the
bed of the lake, In the superstructure
,!,,00,000 pounds of structural iron will
be used, and the bridge when complet
ed will have cost the company $350,
A hard-hearted sister of the ri:eh:
spoiled the secret matrimonial ar
rangements of Charles Stockwell, for
merly of Billings, and Miss Rose Cei
pelt of Minneapolis. They fled to
t Rockford. Ill., but there the marriage
was prevented by the ubiquitous sis
tei-r. It appears that Stockwell. who
has wealthy relatives in Yellowstone
r county, returned from Rock Island.
a Ill., to Billings, about fourteen months
v ago. He then brought with him a fair
I one, whom he claimed to have mar
ried. The girl remained in Billings
r for only a short time and then went
Robert Stickney, who claimed to I)e
hiring chorus girls for the "Crystal
Slipper" opera company, was arrest
ed in Great Falls, charged with ab
duction. Instead of taking the girls
before the glittering footlights, he car
ried them in a hack to a house of ill
fame in the red light district. Claire
Eileen, who was "wise," obliged Stick
ney to stop the hack and let her out.
She informed the police, and Mabel
Horn. Minnie Ward and Hallie Wal
cott were also soon released from the
"Harem" by officers. All four girls
had been lured to Great Falls from
Denver, where Stickney advertised in.
the papers.
Those who. contemplate committlinog
matrimony should not forget that The
Picket has a fine line of wedding sta
tionery in the shape of invitations and
announcements. These are priilted to
order with neat script type, put up in
boxes of fifty or one hundred, with in
side and outside envelopes. Mail or
ders solicited and promptly filled.
SAdditional' Local
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hyder today
departed for Polo, Mo., for a visit.
Attorney Oscar G. Stone, a former
resident of Red Lodge, is in jail at
Butte for passing worthless checks.
The Elks gave a dancing party last
Tuesday night in rj)mpliment to the
resident and visiting school teachers.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Ames departed
last Monday for Los Angeles, Cal.,
where they expect to spend about
three months.
Special Christmas songs will be ren
dered at the regular services at the
Congregational church next Sunday
morning and evening.
Miss Leonora Lennon left on to
day's train for Carbonado, accon:
panied by Miss Ray, with whom she
will visit for a few days.
The annual meeting of the f.nngre.
gatio.nal church of this city will take
place at that house of worship on
Tuesday evening, Jan. 6, at 8 o'clock.
The Red Lodge City band enter
tained its friends in a most delightful
manner Monday evening with a con
cert in the opera house, followed by i,
Judge C. K. Brown was taken dan
gerously ill the first of ,the week, and
though now somewhat improved he
i. still in a precarious condition.
Judge Brown is 76 years of age.
A Christmas donation party called
on Rev. and Mrs. Dunlop at the Meth
odist parsonage last Tuesday evening
and presented the pastor and his fam
ily with a wagonload of groceries and
a neat sum of money.
Miss Elizabeth Johnston today die
parted for Billings, where she will S
be the guest of Mrs. T. N. Howell for
a couple of days, and will then go to
Bozeman to attend the meeting of the 1
Montana Teachers' association. a
In the special election made neces
sary in Yellowstone county because
of a tie vote for representative, C. C.
Bever, republican, seems to be elected
over S. F. Morse by one vote. It will e
take the official count to decide.
Mrs. Dan Kauffman of the Rosebud f
last Tuesday successfully underwent i
a delicate surgical operation, at the
home of Mrs. J. F. Rich in this city.
The patient is now well on the road
to recovery.
Will Greenough is in bed as the re
sult of having been kicked by a horse
in Virtue's stable. The accident hap-'
pened last Tuesday, when the aniimal
planted both hoofs in Mr. Green
ough's stomach. Will was rendered I
unconscious and had to be carried to
his room. While still in a critical con.
dition, his ultimate recovery is not
Last Saturday Sam Taggart filed
with the county clerk notices of lo
cation of ten more claims In the
Butcher creek oil fields. Sam says he
is confident that the.coming year, in
view of the operations of Thomas
Cruse of Helena and others, will show
a great development of the field.
From J. R. Painter, who came in
last evening from Sunlight; it is learn
ed that Ben Primm's saloon at Cody
was held up shortly after 8 o'clock
last Sunday night by two masked
men, who, with drawn six-shooters,
compelled the entire crowd, more
than a dozen men, to throw up their
hands and face the wall. The ban
dits secured what money the roulette
table contained, between $200 and
$100. and backed out and disappieared
in the darkness.
Mrs. R. B. Fleming, who, for the
past twenty years, has made her
home with her daughter, Mrs. F. E.
Stewart of this city, has returned to
the scenes of her early life in West
Virginia to spend the remainder of
her days. The change was made nec
essary by the ill health of the aged
lady, who is now past 82. She was
accompanied on her long journey by
a trained nu.rse, sent to Red Lodge cs
pecially for this purpose by the agedi
e woman's son, ex-Governor Fleming.
In the official report of the proceed
ings of the county commissioners,
publshed in The Picket two weeks
ago, the bill of George F. Day for $6
as judge of election appeared twice.
leaving the impression that he had
e put in two bills for $6 each and that
both had been allowed by the board.
t Such, however, was not the case. Mr.
B Day only presented one bill. The
mistake was made by the county
e clerk, who, while only drawing one
warrant for $6 for Mr. Day, in some
manner made a double entry of the
- bill in the official report furnished
Th'Ie Picket for publication. This cor
rceetion is simply made in justice to
SMr. D)ay and the commissioners.
is _
Carbon impression paper for type
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ill-health in women has its ori
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St. Cuthbert's Comb.
It was formerly the custom to bury
combs with the dead, which clearly
shows that these articles of the toilet
had sacred significance in the eyes of
the people of the old world. Tne comb
buried with St. Cuthbert and now pre
served at Durham, England, is of
ivory and measures GY6 inches in
length and 4½ inches in width. It is
ascribed to the eleventh century and
has a double row of teeth, divided by
a broad, plain band, perforated in the
middle with a round hole for the fin
Famniliar Proverbs.
Mr. Churton Collins, in the New Lib
eral Review, traces the ancestry of
some of our most familiar proverbs.
"It is a wise child that knows his own
father" is from the Odyssey; "Famil
iarity breeds contempt" is a saying of
Plutarch; "Set a thief to catch a thief"
is of Cato's coinage; "One swallow
doesn't make a summer" is cited by
Plato as already proverbial, as was
"His bark is worse than his bite" when
Quintus Curtius wrote it down.
The Reason.
Wife-I think these new women who
affect masculine attire are ridiculous.
Husband-I'm sure there's no dan
ger of your wearing men's clothes.
Wife-Well, I should say not.
Husband-No; men's clothes couldn't
possibly be made expensive enough to
suit you.-Philadelphia Press.
Maud-I think that -it is just too hor
rid for anything. Here I've been stand
ing over the side of the vessel for half
an hour and can't see it.
Ruby-Can't see what, my dear?
Maud-Why, the equator. The cap
tain said we were crossing it.
Unreasonable Question.
"What happened 400 years ago this
year?" asked Freddie's teacher.
"Don't know, please, sir," answered
Freddie. "I am only seven years old."
This is not a gentle word-but
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There are so many ordinary cough
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Consumption, where there is difficult
expectoration and coughing during the
nights and mornings, there is nothing
like German Syrup. The 25 cent size
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Regular size 75 cents. At H. J. Arm
strong's drug store.
Stockholders' Annual Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Carbon County Bank will be held
on Monday, January 5, A. D. 1903, at
the office of said bank in the City of
Red Lodge. Carbon county. Montana,
between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m.
and 7 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of
electing seven directors, and the tran
saction of any other business that
may lawfully come before it. For the
purpose above stated and to.determine
who shall be entitled to vote at said
annual meeting, the stock transfer
books will be closed at 3 o'clock, p. in.,
on Dec. 31st, 1902,.and will be re-op
ened January 6th, 1903, at 9:30 o'clock
a. m. All proxies must be in writing
and filed with the cashier.
Red Lodge Montana, Dec. 3, 1902.
22t5 Cashier.
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