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OF MOto I mNA*
, 1924.
$2.60 PER YEAR
M others
Fifty-Four Delegates to
Camp Enjoy Three Day Outing At
Riche! Lodge.
Today (Wednesday) ended the three
day session of the Mothers' Camp at
Eichel Lodge, which from every stand
point was a decided success. The at
tendance this year was considerable
larger than last year and a total of
54 delegates from the various Wo
man's organisations of Carbon, Yel
lowstone counties attended in addi
tion to which a large number of visit
ors from nearby points took in a num
ber of the sessions.
Much enthusiasm was shown at all
the sessions and all present most thor
oughly enjoyed the hospitality of
Richel Lodge.
Mesdames J. J. Maat and E. W.
Draper represented Red Lodge ; Mes
dames H. B. Camp, J. Wilson Reed and
J. F. Kai—, Bearcreek; Mesdames E.
B. Switzer, F. M. Latham C. J. Buz
etti, T. J. Benson and C. C. Crossen,
FVombcrg; Mesdames Thomas Free
man, John MeNcdsh and James Hunt
er, Washoe. Mrs. John T. Kelly ans
wered roll call for Castange, Mrs. Moi
tié Freeburg for Belfry and Mrs. O.
S. Chilcott for Edgar; Mr«. J. E. Car
rol, John Peters and Ralph Hunter
were present from Roberta; Mrs. Roy
Ames from Bridger.
The remaining 23 delegates were
from points outside of Carbon county.
The Billings party was made up of
Mesdames Frink Crosby, Thomas Pur
cetil, Charles Wadded, O.'C. Shorgren,
Julia A. Woods, Guy Young, Boyd Mc
Gee, Frank Krcvi, Eimo McCracken
J. H. Whitt, John Foy. Frank William«
and O. Clark.
Mesdames A. H. Oswald and George
F. Case represented Comanche Mra
Bert'Howard, Osborn and Mrs. H. E.
Snell, Ba (tontine; Mesdames T. S.
Hunt, Robert Henderson, L. L. Hays,
J. P. Swartz, T. W. Wilcox and R. R.
Wohlford, Broadview.
The delegation on arrival here were
taken to the lodge through the cour
tsy of the Rod Lodgc-Montan« dob
with the co-operation of local motor
ists. Following registration the meet
ing was called to order by Mrs. Inez
Foster BdL home demonstration agent
for Yellowstone county.
Mrs. C. C. Crossen of Promberg,
president of the Carbon County Fed
eration of Women's dubs, welcomed
the visitors in behalf of her organiza
tion, as did John T. Kelly in behalf of
the Farmers' Educational and Co-oper
ative union, and Mayor G. A. Jeffery
in behalf of the dty of Red Lodge
Miss Martha Mae Hunter answered
with greetings from other camps in
Montana, while Miss Madge Reese, in
charge of extension work in the west
ern stater, bore greeti tigs from head
quarters in Washington, D. G,
After lunch and establishing camp
the guests spent an hour in eomimmit;
singing and a "get together" led b;.
Mrs. T. J. Benson of Fromborg am
Miss Eva Pack, women's physical di-,
rector at the st*te,oollege.
The days at camp were filled with
exceedingly interesting addresses and
music programs.
on time this weak and Will perhaps,
reach the mails Thursday instead of
Wednesday. New parts have beep
ordered from the factory and we are
hoping that we will have the
running smoothly agate by next
Ed and Gan Club
Hold Weekly Shoot
The Red Lodge Rod and Gan Club
expects to install a new trap of the
'ateat design and wifi bold weekly
shoots to which all who care to shoot
are cordially invited to attend. The
following number of clay targets were
broken out of a possible fifty at the
shoot last Sunday: Ç. A. Nordstrom
45; Dr. P. J. Swoeney 36; Ed Richard
son 34; J. F. Swab 32; Mr. Fickh 16.
Out of a possible 2$ targets, Herb
Newman 22; Joe Bailey Ife,
Breakdown Of Press
Delays Publication
The serious accident which oeeured
to the big newspaper press of the
Chronicle last week caused more of
a delay than was flret anticipated and
wüte repairs hare baas*
.mad*, the paper will not be out gaffen
Officers and Board
Member Are Chosen
Dave McKee of Bearcreek was
lected international board member of
the United Mine Workers of America'
from the local district No. 27 at a re
cent election . Joe Bosone of Bear- 1
creek wafc 1 Rented as district president;
John Bone, Bearcreek, vice president; i
William Liddell, Washoe, secretary-I
treasurer; A.aton Hammer, Stockett,
board ipctaber. of sub-district No. I ;
Thomas D. Jones, Klein, board mem
ber of (tub-district No. 2; Ed Cunning
district No, 3; and George Coles of
Wilton, N. LI, board member of sub
ham, Wasboo, board member of sub
district No. 4.
Candidates Wiflf "Have To Horry" but
Few Filings to Date As Shown by
Official Records.
While few candidates for office in
Carbon county have filed their nomi
nating petitions thus far, assuring
them positions on the ballot, a large
number of aspirants, to judge from
the names of numerous persons con
nected with) street talk with various
county job*, have failed to declare
The records in Clerk and Recorder
Thompsons office show that the fol
lowing candidates had filed to date
Wednesday. Byron B. Downard Rep.
R. G. Martin, Rep. for coronor; G. L.
Finley, Dertiflftr Clerk of court; Rob
ort Huckleberry, Rep, of Bridger, for
Sheriff; Emily Sloan, Dem E. P. Con
well Rep. and John T. Hays, Rep. for
County Attorney; D. W. Columbus,
Rep. for County Commissioner; El
len Peterson, Dem. Supt. of Schools;
Charlotte Dihfcti-h, Rep. for Treasur
sr; Chas! Wilson, Dein, for Justice of
he Peace.
The attention of prospective can
lid ates is called to the law which ro
ui res that nominating perilous must
be filed with the county clerk and re
corder "not less tbrn 30 days before
the date of the primary nominating
Section." and as the date of the elec
ion is August 26, he time limit for
iling expire» July 26,
The .law states that persona who
wish to become candidates shall send
y registered mail or bring the peti- 1
ition signed by himself to the proper
ding place. If he is a candidate for
■nngresaional, state or district office
i which voting will be done in more
hau one county, the petition must be j
lei with tho aecretary of state. This
■eludes candidates for district judge.
f the candidate is seeking nomina
len for county or district office one
ounty only, or for township or pre
nnet office the petition niwat Be fit
, , ^1
ri with tile county clerk; and recorder.
' ,
- Lag for city offices mart be made
vith the dty clerk.
According to chapter 133, eighteenth
csslo-i laws, 1923, page 381, drcala-
ion of nominating petition;; among
■oters is no longer necessary.
-andidate simply signs his own peti
ion of good faith and files it with
he clerk and recorder with a fee de
ermined by law Piling fees consti
ute X per cent of the annual salary.
Where fees and not a salary are rc-j
eived by the officer, the fifing charge
i based on the preivioua years' returns
if the office.
Registration for the primary elec
icn closed last Friday July 11th and
.he registration will be closed until
ifter the election.
Sister Mary Elizabeth and Sister
Mary Philoiaana CjE St, Vincent's
Academy at Helena were in Eel
Lodge Tuesday calling upon the peo
pie in the interest of their educational
institution, which offen a splendid
course for girls. The fall term opens
September 8th. Prospective students
should write to tha directress, sr. M.
Hypatis, St. Vincent's Academy, Hel
ena, Mont., for full information. To
St. Vincent's Academy belongs the dia
tiuctioB of feeing the finit Rocky
■fountain Mission ef the Sisters of
'Charity af Leavenworth. It area
founded In 1869 and has grown up
with (fee sUte of Montons. It is we
junxiitod by the state board of edue»
tlon aad its academic coarse
ponds to the standard high schont
preas'eonree embracing a period of twy
years. Exceptional advantages are, of
fered in tho music, art, language and,
Exceptional Course
Offered to Girls
JJO.OOJ Additional Placed In Hoad
"Dads" Will
Fmvd- Other oner erase.
•at ion Board Next
Meet \u Equa'
of the board
i oners held the first
of List week besides the
At th:
of county conic
three di
regular amount of routine work, the
ed the budget for the «naue
While the budget of ex
board pi
pense for next year wan placed at
$8,140 more than for the fiscal year .
which ended June 30th, a decrease has
been made in the budget of expense
for several of the county offices, the
larger total being caused by Use ad
ding of $10,000 to the road fund.
In order to properly fix the teg;
levy, an estimate of the expense
the various departments of the coun
ty is necessary, however it does not
mean that each office, or department.
will spend the specified amount, but
only in a case of emergency w.ll any
expenditure be permittd not provided
for in the annual budget aa aet by the
officers and board. The estimated ex
pense of the different offices and
departments In eampariaan for last
year are as follows: County commis
sioners $3,350; Sheriff $8JW0; Supt.
of Schools $6,450; Bridges $16,200;
Poor Parra $6,075; which an the same
as last year. The office of County
Attorney calls for a reduction of $800;
The clerk of court expense will be$10,
000 lower; a reduction of $760 in the
office of Surveyor.
coming, fa-^wr Mm 4
Treasurers office and »7500. in the
office «I County Clerk and the As
seasers office expense will be reduced
$810.00 and $80,00 will be cat in the
The road fund
ot $M«oeo.
The board also set Monday July
21st aa the date when they Will meet
as a Board of Equalization and will
continue meeting aa sueh as long or
as often as necessary to take ears of
all matters coming before them, prior
to August 11th
All taxpayers who have any pro
testa to make as'to the amount of
their assessments uniat properly place
them before the board in order that
adjustment may be made.
, ,, .
The afternoon was devoted to music
., . n - _
which consisted of the following nura
Thfe Congregational Ladies Aid held
their regular monthly social meeting
at the church parlors Wednesday af
temoon, The hostesses were Mesdames
J. C. Danby, James Leslie, C. V. Lacas
and Nelson Lane.
Piano Bolo—Ehiise McCloary.
Solo—"The Sud Bahy", Master Rus
sel Rowan.
Selections—Carmenia, Eastern Song
Harmony Eight
Reading—"In The Usual Way",
Maude Baxter.
Solo—(a) "The Moon la Playing
Hide and Seek."
(b) "Mr. Squirrel", Jean Nut
Pima Solo—Mrs. Brida.
Solo "At Dawning", Mrs. Nutting.
I*adics Quartette ' I Love a Little
Cottage", Mesdames Rowan, Nutting
Foltz and Johnson.
Colby Dickinson, a New York club
man, is found dead at 5 a. m. In his
bachelor apartment. An autopsy
Miows he was murdered two hoars be
fore. Suspicion point« to the fasci
Rating and reckless Dean Cardigan,
who was seen quarreling with Dickin
son the day hfeore. Cardigan insists
he left Dickinson at 10:30, but grimly
refuses to tell where he was between
10:30 and 5 o'clock in the morning.—
Where was he?—See Viola Dana in
lier new Metro picture, "The Social
Code," at the Roman Theatre nest
Tuesday, July 22.
Ur. and Mrs. Charles Regia are the
patenta of a fin* Mg gM, and who
boa bean christened Cecelia, bearing
"the name name as hr mother, whe ws*
formerly Mias Cccelia (Roan.
expression courses.
Further-de t a il ed Information if this
two of this issue
The Social Code
Iw u ti fe ati op to given on page
c rî yl srr m7n7
Automobile License
Carbon County will ivc. Ivc $18,707
its share of Motor i ic a receipts
since January IM. wir is coostde -
able over the amount -
i|nng time last Jîenv.
lortioo (foe th- -
efc-.- Proportion dike th
tftc total of
amount i>
unty from
uaty ft,>ife
dlectcd bv
i v .i
> date,
is l
ve h
,M ofe the unor
t Ilf
J via* 1 Vf# 1/
John W. Davis of West Virginia
v/aa nominated for president last Wed
^I'nesday by the democratic national con
vent j on after the one hundred third
The oppo(jition of William Jennings
RrV£m and tJw attempt of William
^ McAdoo to dcliver hig 8tren?th
to E. T. Meredith, of Iowa, failed to
stop him.
Beginning with Wednesday morn
ing's balloting, the movement to
Davis gathered a momentum which
could not be retarded and gradually
but surely through the succeeding
ballots the vote* flapped over into the
John W. Davis column, as state after/
tat» either- inrreauxi its offering tn
late either increased its offering to
him or turned over its whole quta.
Scenes of disorder swept the oo..-,
vention as e'erybody ciammored for
a chance to join the winning forcei.
When the fury was at its height
Thomas Taggart, of Indiana, mounted
a chair and tiov«S the jwmination of
Mr. bt ^Mn. '
The met)«« wa.i Larricd with a roar
and Chaiapuin Walsh shouted into the
din before him:
"The chair declares the Honorable
John W. Davis the nominee of this
Immediately he tired, worn and
weary convention which had been
struggling in the throes of a seeming
ly iterminable deadlock for two weeks
—with the threat of going into a
third—broke loose in a demonstration
of joy and relief.
After nominating Davis for the
presidency, the convention would have
nominated Senator Thomas J. Walsh
of Montana for vice president, by ac
damation, had he permitted it to
... . . , . ...
that he was authorized to voice the
- . , ,
senator's declination.
Senator Walsh "finally and decia
ively" declined the nomination for
vice president. Wednesday night
when J. Bruce Kramer, Montana deie
gate, announced in the convention hull
Rumora concerning accidents in Yel
ilowstone park have grown into such
proportions, according to Robert E.
Nofsinger, manager of the Billings
bureau of the Yellowstone trail, that
many tourists have become frightened.
The stories tell of a "coach load of
people going over a cliff with casual
tics of from 20 to twice that number
and the account becomes appalling as
the account grows and spreads.
As a matter of fact the only acci
jdent in the park this season was the
one in which two people from Minne
sot« backed over n cliff several days
ago. Till» accident was either caused
by carelessness of the driver, prob
a 1 ty through fear, doing the wrong
an-1 unforeseen thing in making r
: • -pie turn.
With thousand;» of cars using th
reads of the park daily, the fact is
that accidents have been fewer than on
the main highway.« of any part of the
country. Traffic in the park is care
fully regulated and every precaution
Is taken to guard against accident*.
park and in his utuai
The roads in the park are we® eon
stvuctci with crushed granite and with
wide tares. The grades can be made
ia high wHhos't difficulty. The roads'
are for all practical purposes, one
way roads and the danger of colli*
*ion* is reduced to a minimum. The!
chances are that the average tourist
raus far more risks in
than he is called upon fee
bwetone park.

candidates file
moor says Farmer-Labor Will File
Complete-State Ticket. Republican
Contests Loom In Primaries.
and Dt:
for nominations for state offi
i'.e primer/ election Angus! 28
were extended Tuesday whan 1
did- to.; filed petitions with the socrc
car/ '( state. Although no petiionx
. .V» entered by Farmer-Lahor car.-j..
ilidatca, it was under!,food that a com
ticket would
Republican entries in the race for
state railroad commissioner w e r o
brought to four, D. F, Hains of Man
hattan and Prank Cassidy of Helens,
filing in opposition to Dewitt Peck of
Deer budge and Fred Burnstead of
Two three-cornered Republient, con
teste also were created—L. A. Foot,
assistant attorney general, filing for
attorney general in opposition to Roy
Molumby of Great Falls and E. G.
Toomey of Helena, and May Tromper,
superintendent of schools, for the of
fice she now holds, being opposed by
Elisabeth Ireland of Havre and Jenny
Robinson of Butte.
Will Cava of Missoula entered his
declaration as the third Democratic
candidate for the nomination for state
™dittr, opposing Arthur Higgins of
Missoula and Thomas Carey of Helena,
L - I)uffy > Democrat, of llavre
iled for national representative fronl
tbe second district against Charles E.
- 01 B,on * y '
Filings for district judgeships i„.
^ A Horkan Ra .
... p.,rsvth fifteenth district
K f ^ Simmons', Republican, R^i
^ thirtcenth'district- G F Gil
' RepobUcant Hardin ; thirteenth
j j Qunther, Democrat, Plcn
lyW0 ;,d. tv.e-itSoth «Sctri.l; Job • Lln.l
say. Democrat, Butte, second district;
G. J. Jeffries, Republican, Roundup,
fifteenth district; Dan Heyfron, Demo-1
crat, Missoula, fourth district; Joseph
P, Donnelly, Democrat, Helena, first
district; Henry Stiff, Democrat, Mis
soni«, fourth district: E. D. Elderkin,
Republican, and Edwin W. Lamb,
Democrat, both of Butte, second dis
The period for filing for stete offi
ce» will expire at 6 o'clock Thursday
4p*llv I *»I«1 J lutw
Hakal.i Family and Friends Serious
ly Injured When Car Over-Turn»
Near Joliet.
While enroute to Billings early last
Sltturday morning, where they were
toiattend the Congregationaiists tkm
, .. . ,
venliou aa delegates, the Hakala fam
ilg met with a serious accident when
thair now Nash touring car turned
turtle on the road about a mile this
side of Joliet.
Mr. Hakala was driving and had
just passed another car and while
endeavoring to get back on the road
the front wheels stuck in a deep rut
•which dangerously 'skidded' the
end and becoming excited the driver
instead of putting his foot on the
bieak stepped on the gas, with the
result that the increased momentum
completely overturned the car, break
ing a wheel, thç top and windshield.
In the car with Mr. and Mrs. Hakala
were their daughter Mary, Belle
Brownning, Elinor Schneider and Es
ther McDauiels. Mrs. Hakala was
the only one thrown from the car and
received a deep cut on the back of her
bead and several cuts about the face
but feels she was very fortunate in not
losing her eyesight as the glasses she
wore were all bent and twisted but
the lens were not broken. Mise
Schneider received a broken shoulder
and Miss McDaniels had her back
badly wrenched. Mr. Hakala and
daughter Mary escaped unhurt. All
the i.ijured are well on the road to

Mrs. Geo. Moses is enjoying a visit
from her brother, Ralph Madsen and
family of Set)bey, Wont., who srifi re
main here a few day* bfore continafog
thoir trip through the park.*
James Staley of the Red Lodge Drug
left Monday morning on a two weeks
li;Vacation, he will visit his parents at
atertown S. D. and expects to tour
park before his return.
The DancinsCheat
She gave herself to him in the trust -1
g faith of a heart full of love. Then
at their trusting place si;
self alone—disillusioned,
to know that
i\ vent his son
found he;
:1 him
-'i ;
ho was cn
e r
d U:
M c
it cd by Louis H. M
e Ro-I
Sunday and Monday, July 20th
' -
Imported ripe olives were the cause
of four doatns, three at Cody, Wyo.,
and one at Billings which occurred
from b duliam last week according to
the Billings Gazette. Dr. L. H. Cher
noff, federal chemist who has been in
vestigating the case, declared official
ly Tuesday afternoon. Dr, Chcrnoff
made his report during the afternoon
to the departmnt of agriculture sta
tion at Denver. The report read that
potted chicken, sliced tongue, peaches
and other canned foods had ail been
eliminated in the investigation.
. thiouirh investi
r ! ^ « CYlv
cation f.ir the go.eminent at n ly
an d a conferenca in Billings with Dr.
R », i „„.„..„i,.
Movius and R. M. Johhson, Lacleiolo
gist at St. Vincent's hospital. Mr.
This conclusion was reached by Dr.
Johnson is examining spedraona of the
olivea. Report from the specimens
Kcnt to 1118 government laboratory In
Washington, D. C„ by Dr. Chemoff
for analysis should be made within a
tho vhmlst says.
° caaes were as clear. y cases of
botuliant as any I have iwn," Dr,
chernoff.declared. ' The olives we have
do not look good and they carry the
characteristic odor. There is no doubt
in my mind tnat they were the source
of infection."
See Woman Who Give
A gambler with fate, Brownlqw
Clay knew himself to be when he
realized th»t he was proposing to
"Poppy," cafe dancer, and toast of
«• «■ -
gambling resort he operated was
open only to the elite. Formal in
every detail, he became the envy of
the petty proprietors and the cheap
little gamblers.
Poppy had beckoned him on when
he hud first beheld her doing a half
mad, entrancing Spanish dunce.
Smiles, nods, beckoning», she had fung
, . . . . , ,
his way, yet he ignored her,
», I ... .
Now, she was in bis own private'
apartment, apparently ill. He could
not have refused her admittance. Iris
code of chivalry demanded that he
care for her. fi j caring, he came to
realize that he loved her. And love
was urging him to beg her to become
his wife.
Suddenly, a ferocious rap on the
door, interrupted: before he could turn
about, a scowling individual entered.
Indignation was written in his every
"1 have come to get my wife." he
muttered, cold and menacingly.
Clay was stunned. He turned to
her for a word.
She nodded.
Waa she his wife? Was she only
« blackmailer? Did «lie really love
him? who was killed us a result?
But see "The Dancing Cheat," co-star
ring Herbert Rawlinson and Alice
Lake, Thursday, July 24 at the Ro
Five To Ten Years
For Attempt To
Wreck Spec ial Train

C. H. Denning plead guilty to the
charge of attempting to wreck the
Burlington Park Special near Wade
teat Tuesday, July 8th and Wednes
day was sentenced by Judge Strong to
from fire to ton years at Deer Lodge.
Hfe' Will commence serving time at.
once and'in custody of deputy sher-J
Iff AlbartTéft the same day sentence
was pronouheed A- L. Martin a youth
of 19 year» also p|«ad guilty to the
dhargb of fofgery and received a sent
ence of one to two years.
of $l6.*t00 Su'tuinod by irtie»
v. In i'nrly Morning Blaze last
"limit two
■dug t
l n lv
rear of Dm
mes wore
from the bi
building no.
moment in
: the dryii;
The fire department prompl
«ponded to the alarm but the fire bad
gained such headway that it vas i im
possible to save any of the contenir
and i l,c interior of the building wav
completely gutted.
The loss as arrived at by F. A. Hen
derson insurance adjuster of Bnllf
was $16,500, covered by a policy aft
$10,000. According to the Lehto
no definate plans hove as yet
made for the replacement of the,,5ujW
jng or equipment, however they are
getting estimates on a concrete »true
turc and a modern up-to-dat/ laundry
plant, For the present I they are
carrying on the business haf/lng made
arrangements with a Billings laundry
to do the work,
Despite bank 'allures, low crop put
es and general butines» depress-««
la Montana, Internal revenue ierc r ;«»
from thin state for the fiscal year I'vA
in;; June ,10, 1924, roadbed the hick
figure, ?
inussos announce,I recently.
These receipt* include Income Ui
as, special taxes and miscellanea*«
federal taxes.
Though last year's figures exvtwft»
that of 1024, the showing Is regurAot
by federal official», business men as#
financiers ns excptionally encunrxg
ing and filled with bright pro.sp%*Js
for future prosperity.
"Considering the stringency Did
has existed in Montana lor the put
12 months we are more than plcaaet
with the total receipts, which exceed
ed our fondest anticipations," Mr.
Rasmusson state*.
The 1623 receipts aggregated |3,
216,667.84, or $312,468.86 more IKaa
03,657 LB,.Chari»* A. R »
those of thin year; but they inclurf#
earnings and income» of a period of
greater prosperity in industry, agri
culture and mining in Montana.
The decrease represents less tha*
10 per cent of the total receipt;«. , <
8 Brid 6 er visUir Wednesday even»»*,
duties calling him her*. Mr.
Ba Y 8 n, ade formal filing of hi» c«a
(iitiacy for re-election this week. Mi
Hay " is »''ekiUtf re-election on his ps«
record. He says the office has pa«*
* ts cost under his administration
of fines collected from the hoaiie&
gers. He can show some real rewalar
when they arc necessary.—Bri4#er
County Attorney John T. Hays ««
The budget as completed by ft»
school board for the city schools far
the enmgpjf year calls for an appm
Tho teaehetjf
pristion frf S78.988,
salaries toko up the greater porlios
of the amount, thé total being figure®
at $46,340 with an additional
set aside to be used in cases of illnew
of teachers or for substitutes.
The budget will be presented to th*
board of county commissioners whs
must approve t before t becomes vafi
id and the school levy will be figure*
upon the basis of the budget for ft«
coming year,
iiss Marcella Littlefield ratomnf
Wednesday from DHIon where »he has
been attending the Normal sehad
there, and taking np a regular
mer course,
Jean Fredericks genial proprltrmu
M the Busy Bee Cafe was a bus!
visitor to Billings Tuesday.

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