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A nrnici I ^
j Chapter 97.
"An Act for the Submission to the
Electors of the State of Montana of
an Amendment to Section 10 of Arti
cle IX of the Constitution of the State
of Montana, Relating to the Qualifi
cations of County Superintendents ol
Sehe „Is and School District Gifieer,.'
Section 1. That Section 10 of Arti
cle IX of the Constitution of the State
of Montana be amended as hereinaf
ter provided and that the question of
said amendment be submitted to the
qualified electors of the state of Mon
tana at the next general election.
Section 2. That Section 10 of Ar
ticle IX of the Constitution of the
State of Montana be and the
hereby amended to read as follows:
All persons ppsessing
the qualifications for sufferage pre
t scribed by Section 2 of this Article
• amended and such other qualifications
us the legislative assembly may by
law prescribe, shall be eligible to hold
the office of county superintendent
of schools or any oher school district
.Section 3. Separate officials ballots
shall be provided at the general elec
tion to be held in November, 1924,
which shall have printed thereon all
of Section 10 of Article IX of the
Constitution of the State of Montana
«s amended by this Act, and below
the same shall be printed the words:
For the above written amend
ment to the Constitution.
Against the # above written
amendment to the Constitution.
Each elector.shall designate his pre
ference by making "X" in the square
Before the proposition for which such
elector desires to vote.
Section 4. The votes cast for and
igainst the amendment above pro
■josed shall be canvased, determined
,'«d declared as provided by the gen
eral election laws of the State of Mon
i 'Section 6. All Acts and parts of
■.Acts in conflict herewith are hereby
I Section 0. This Act shall take ef
fect and be in force from and after its
liassago and approval.
R Approved March 7, 1923.
IJniled States of America,
I .State of Montona. ss.
I I. C. T. STEWART, Secretary of
»'late of the State of Montana, do
Hereby certify that the foregoing is
I true and correct copy of an act en
Hlied: "An Act for the Submission
E> the .Qualified Electors of the State
L , of Montana of an Amendment
Rltv?/. t0 Section 10 of Article IX of
It ' ^ the Constitution of the State
ft Montana, Relating to the Qualifi
ft Hons of County Superintendents of
ft bools and School District Officers."
Ive hereunto st my hand and affixed
V Great Seal of the State of Monta
I at Helena, the Capital, this 1st
My of August, A. D. 1924.
same is
"Section 10.


Chapter 137
\n Act to Provide for the Sub
»jsion of the Qualified Electors of
Ip State of Montana of an A mend
«it to the Constitution of the State
H Montana by Adding thereto an
Side to be known as Article XXII,
B iding for the Payment of Adjust
5 „mpensation to Bona Fide Resi
■ s of the State of Montana Who
led on Active Döty in the Army,
a y or Marine Corps of the United
Ls in the World War and to such
l aid Persons Who Being Citizens
She United States Served in the
B »1, Military or Air Forces and of
lovernments Associated With the
t d Slates During Said War, and
orizing the Incurring of an In
f dness; Authorizing the Issuing
mds; Providing for the Levy of
• lIon 1. That the Constitution
ij. State of Montana be amended
rcinafter provided, and that the
; .m of such amendment be sub
pi to the qualified electors of the
I. of Montana at the general elec
K î be held in November, 1924.
K io,» 2. That the Constitution
P State of Montana be and the
K is hereby amended by adding
t,.. an article to be known as Ar
i XII, and to read as follows:
€ de XXII, Section 1. In or
| promote the spirit of patriotism
Svalty, in testimony of the grali
if the State of Montana, and in
■ ition of the splendid services
£ itana men in the war between
■nited Slates and the German
■ • and its allies, there shall be
ft each person who was regular
Hd, enlisted, drafted, induced or
■Lkmed and who served on ac
Bty in the Army, Navy or Marine
fTi f the United States between
• h day of April, Nineteen Hun
ft »,1 Seventeen and the Eleventh
ft November, Nineteen Hundred
ft n for a period longer than two
ft: and to each person who, be
itizen of the United States
c of entry therein, served
hity in the naval, military
of any of the governments
cd with the United States dur
with the central allied
„nger than two months; and
,me of his call, enlistment,
commission or service, was
nie resident of the State
said war,
vided, that persons who
xtra compensation from
between the sixth day
Nineteen Hundred Seventeen
eleventh day of November,
n Hundred Eighteen, for
, the sum of Ten Dollars
for each month or major
thereof that such person
o sendee durin
liefere or after
t to exceed, however, a total
Two Hundred Dollars ($200.
other slate, or nation other than the
United State* for such active service
shall not be entitled to compensation
under this Article unless the amount
of compensation so received is less
than they would be entitled to here
under, in which event they shall receive
compensation already re-1
eived from such other state or nation,
rovided, further, that persons who
„ave received greater compensation
than the regular pay of the Army,
Navy, or Marine Corps and commuta
tion for quarters and subsistence,
■ihall not be entitled to receive com
pensation under this article unless-of
thc amount of the extra compensation
so received is less than they would be
ontitled to hereunder, in which event
they shall receive the difference be
tween the compensation allowable
under this article and such extra com-1
pensation. In case of the death of
any such person while in such service
an equal amount shall be paid to his
arriving widow, if not remarried the
iime compensation is requested, or in!
case he left no widow and left ch.l
dren, of in the event he left no widow
>r children, then to his surviing par
ent or parents. Persons of the female
sex, or their surviving children or pa
rents, who arc in all other respects
within the terms of this Article, shall
be entitled to compensation thereun
the difference betwen the compensa
ion allowable under this Article and
.he extra
"Section 2. The word 'person' as
used in Section 1 of this Article, shall
not include persons who, during the
period of their service, refused on con
scientious, political or other grounds,
to subject themselves to full military
discipline or enqualified service, or
who while in such service, were sep
;;rated therefrom under circumstances
■.mounting to a dishonorable dis
charge and wha have not subsequent
ly been officially restored to an honor
able status, and such person shall not
be entitled to the benefits of this Ar
"Section 3. All disbursements re
quired by this Article for compensa
tion shall "he made upon the presenta
tion of a certificate upon a form to
he prescribed by the State Auditor,
which certificate shall be duly veri
fied by the claimant under oath and
shall set forth the name, residence at
the time of entry into the service, date
of enlistment, induction or commis
sion, date of discharge or release from
active see vice, if the claimant is not
on active duty, a statement that the
claimant during the period for which
comensation is allowed did not refuse
to subject himself to full military dis
cipline and unqualified service and
that he has not been separated from
the service under circumstances
amounting to a dishonorable dis
charge, and such further information
as the State Auditor may require.
Such certificate shall be presented to
the State Auditor or his reresentative
together with an honorable discharge
or release from active service, or in
case of its loss a properly authenti
cated record of service, or in the event
that claimant is still in the service a
properly authenticated record of all
active service performed by claimant,
or if sumo be presented by the widow,
child or parents of a deceased veteran,
then with the proper evidence of
death, together with a properly au
thenticated record of service, and the
•State Auditor shall endorse upon such
discharge or release or record of ac
tive sendee to the claimant and shall
forthwith draw his warrant in the
name of the claimant upon the Vet
ran's Compensation Fund for an
amount equal to Ten Dollars ($10. 00)
for each and every month of active
service, or major fraction thereof, sub
sequent to the sixth day of April,
Nineteen Hundred Seventeen, not ex
ceeding however a total of Two Hun
dred Dollars ($200.00), and the State
Treasurer shall bay such warrants
from the Veterans' Compensation
In cases where application for com
pensation is made by the widow, chil
dren or parents of a deceased veteran,
such person shall furnish the same in
formation as though the application
were made by the deceased veteran,
and the State Auditor shall prepare
an appropriate form of certificate to
cover such cases. Compensation al
lowed to the children of deceased vet
ran, and the State Auditor shall pre
pare an appropriate form of certifi
cate to cover such cases. Compensa
tion allowed to the children of de
ceased veterans shall be paid to the
guardians of such children, which
guardian if appointed by the courts
of this state, shall serve without com
pensation and in the discretion of the
court without bond, and it shall be the
duty of every county attorney in this
state to appear in the courts or render
any other necessary legal assistance
in behalf of such children in so far as
the provisions of this Article are con
cerned, without compensation and no
public officer shall collect any fee
j n an y proceeding brought in behalf
f h children to
0 f RUC h children to secure compensa
tion under this Article.
The State Auditor is empowered to
make such additional reasonable re
q u irements'from applicants as are
necessary to prevent fraud or the pay
»-nent of compensation to persons not
entitled thereto.
"Section 4. The State Auditor
„hall furnish free of charge, upon ap
plication therefore, the necessary form
of certificate to all persons entitled
thereto, and may establish at different
points within the State of Montana
offices at which there shall be kept
on file for the use of persons covered
py this Article a sufficient number of
forms of certificates « 0 that there
may be no delay in the payment of
this compensation. The State Auditor
may authorize the county auditor, or
county clerk, or both, of any county
of the state to act for him in receiv
ing applicatibns under the provisions
of this Article, and shall furnish such
person with the proper certificates to
enable him to accept such application,
The State Auditor is hereby author
ized and directed to procure such
printing and office supplies and equip
ment, and to employ such persons as
may be necessary in order to properly
carry out the provisions of this Ar
ticle, and all expenses incurred by
him in the administration of this Ar
»tide be paid by warrants drawn upon
the Veterans' Compensation Fund.
The Adjutant General shall advise
with and assist the State Auditor in
1 the performance of the duties of the
! Auditor under this Article. j
1 "Sections. For the purpose of pro-:
j tiding means for the payment of com- 1
I pensation hereunder and for paying 1
he expenses of administration,
Itato Board of Examiners of the State !
of Montana is hereby authorized em
powered and directed to issue, from I
time to time, as may lie required for Î
the purpose of this Article, bonds of,
and in the name of, the State of Mon- j
tana, to and in the amount of the gum
of Four Million Five Hundred Thous-1
j and Dollars (4,500,000.00) in exrcss j
the constitutional limitation of in
j debtedness of the State of Montana, 1
and over and above any bonded indebt- |
edness of said state heretofore created
or incurred for which said state is
j c -w obligated. The bonds provided 1
for in this Article shall be issued in !
denomination of One Thousand Do!-)
lars ($1,000,00) each, and shall bear j
interest at a rate not exceeding five
and one half per cent (5'-j per cent) j
per annum, payable semi-annually on
the first days of January and July of
each year at the office of the State :
Treasurer of the State of Montana, or.
at some hank in a city outside of the !
State of Montana designated by the
State Treasurer: such bonds shall U
dated on the first day of January or
the first day of July and shall become 1
due and payable twenty (20) years !
from their date and be redeemable at J
the option of the State Board of Ex- |
aminers at any time after ten (10)
years from their date at any interest
paying period. The bonds herein re
ferred to shall be in such form as may
be prescribed by the Attorney General
and approved by the State Boai-d of
Examiners, and shall be signed by
the members of said board and issued
under the great seal of the State of
Montana, and shall be registered in
th e office of State Treasurer.
Said bonds shall have interest coupons
attached thereto covering the interest
doe semiannually, which coupons shall
he executed with facsimile signatures
of all the members of the Stale Board
of Examiners, and the signing of said
coupons with said facsimile signature
shall be recognized as sufficient exe
cution of said coupons on behalf of
the State of Montana.
The bonds provided for in this Ar
ticle shall be disposed of by the State
Board of Examiners in such manner
as they shall deem for the best inter
ests of the State in carrying out the
provisions of this Article; provided,
that no bond shall be disposed of for
less than its par value.
Bonds issued under the provisions
of this Article shall be a legal invest
ment for any of the funds of the
Section 0. The money arising from
the sale of each issue of bonds shall
be deposited in the State Treasury to
the credit of a special fund to be
known as the "Veteran's Compensa
tion Fund" which shall be used for the
payment of the compensation provided
in this Article and for paying the ex
penses of edministration thereof. First
the purpose of carrying out the pro
visions of this Article there is here
by appropriated from the Veterans'
Compensation Fund the sum of Four
Million Five Hundred Thousand Dol
lars ($4,5084)00.00) or so much there
of as may be necessary.
All payment« ar «Ißw- ;
ances made under this Article shall be
exempt from all taxation and from
levy and sale on execution.
"Section 8. That there shall be
levied annually a tax not exceeding
one mill on the dollar on all property ;
in the State of Montana, subject to j
taxation, which said tax when collect
ed by the County Treasurers of the
counties of the State of Montana shall
be by them accounted for and paid in
to the State Treasury of the State of
Montana and to be by the State Treas
urer placed in and credited to a fund
to be known as the "Veterans" Com
pensation Bond Retirement Fund"
and which fund shall be used exclus
ively for the'payment of the princi
pal and interest accuring on said
"Section 7.
"Section 9. No charge made by
any agent, notary public or attorney
for a service in connection with ob
taining the allowance as provided for
by this Article shall be recognized by
the state and any person who for a
consideration discounts or attempts
to discount, or for a consideration ad
vances money uon any certificate or
certificate* issued pursuant to the
terms of this Article shall be guilty
of a gross misdemeanor.
"Section 10. Any person, who with
intent to defraud, subscribers to any
false oath or makes any false repre
sentation, either in the execution of
the certificates provided for by this
Article or who with intent to defraud,
presents to the State Auditor, or to
any other officer of the state, any cer
tificate for the purpose of obtaining
funds provided for by this Article
which do in fact to such
which do not in fact belong to such
person, or makes any false représenta
lion in connection with obtaining any
funds under the terms of this Act,
shall be guilty of a felony.
"Section 1L The legislature may
provide additional means for raising
moneys for the payment of the inter
est and principal of said bonds and
this Act shall not be deemed to pro
vide an exclusive method for such pay
Section 3. That separate official
ballots be provided at the general
election to be held in November, 1924,
which shall have printed thereon the
■For the amendment to the Consti
lution relating to the payment of ad-1
justed compensation to bona fide res
hients of the Slate of Montana who
lerved on active duty in the Army,
Navy, or Marine Corps of the United
States in the world war, and to such
of said persons who, being citizens of!
• he United States, served in the Naval
Military or Air forces of any of the
government» associated with the
United States during said war; auth
orizing the incurring of an indebted
ness: authorizing the issuing of bonds
in an amount not to exceed Four Mil
lion Five Hundred Thousand ($4,500,
000.00), and providing for the levy
of a tax.
Agamst the amendment to the Con
stitution relating to the payment of
adjusted compensation to bon* fide
residents of the State of M Milan:»
who served on active duty the
.Army, Navy, Marine Corps ».f the
Unites! Slates in the world a |
to such said persons who, be
sens of the United States, s. I r ,
the Naval, Military or Air for
of the governments a
with the United States dur',;, -, i ( 1
war: authorizing the incurrin .o .a
indebtedness; authorizing the ,
of bonds in an amount not t • 1
Four Million Five Hundred i . d
Dollars (? 1,500,000.00), amt ; I
ring fur the levy of a tax.
Each elector shall design.
pre'Vrffnc* by making an "X - re
the proposition for which said »•!.<•• .
desired to vole.
Section 4. . That the votes ca r
land against the amendment above pr
: sc ! shall be canvassed and • •
mined as provided by the gener.il , .
tien laws of the State of Monti, a.
Section 5. All Acts and n>
Acts in conflict, herewith arc I
Section (!. This Act shall take 1
feet upon its passage and approval,
Approved March 8, 1923.
United States of America.
Slate of Montana. ss.
I, €. T. STEWART, Secretary nf
State of the State of Montana, do
I.* j *■!«>■ certify that the foreg dug is
a true and correct copy of an, act en
titled; "An Act to provide for the
Submission to the Qualified Electors
of the State of Montana of an An !
ment to the Constitution of the Stale
(Of Montana by Adding thereto an Ar
State of Montana for their approval
or rejection at the general election to
be held in November, 1924.
tide to Be Known as Article XXII,
Providing for the Payment nf Adjust
ed Compensation to Bona Fide Re-',
dent« of the State of Montana W
-- Served on Active Duty in t h«|
'Sc///. Army, Navy or Marine Corps
' of the United States in the
world War and to Such of Said P» r
sons Who Being Citizen» of the Unit-1
ed States Served in the Naval Military
or Air Forces of Any of the Govern
ments Associated With the United
States During Said War and Author
izing the Incurring of an Indebted
ness; Authorizing the Issuing of
Bonds; Provinding for the Levy of a
have hereunto set my hand and at'
fixed the Great Seal of the State of
Montana, at Helena, the Capital, th:.
1st day of August, A. I). 1924.
Secretary, of State,
Chapter 134.
"An Act to Submit to the qualified
Electors of the State of Montana an
Amendment to the Constitution of the
State of Montana, Adding Thereto a
New Article, Providing for the Ac
ceptanee and Administration by the
State of Gifts, Donations, Grants and
Legacies for the Creation of a State
Permanent Revenue Fund, for the
Creation of a State Permanent School
Fund, for the Creation of a Perman
ent Revenue Fund for the University
of Montan«, and for the Benefit of
other Useful, Benevolent and Worthy
Objects; and Authorizing the State
to Administer Other Funds Together
with Those Hereinbefore Indicated."
Section 1. That the Constitution
of the Stale of Montana be amended
as hereinafter provided, and that the
question of such amendment bo sub
milled to the qualified electors of the
Section 2. That the Constitution
of the State of Montana be amended
and the same is hereby amended, by
adding thereto a new Article to he
known and designated as Article
Twenty-One (21), reading and being
as follows: ,
Section 1. (of Article 21).
State of Montana does hereby
and covenant to accept from any nat
ural person, or persons, from inside or
outside the State, gifts, donations,
grants and legacies in any amount or
value not less than Two Hundred fif -\
ty ($250.00) Dollars each, for the ere
ation of a State Permanent Revenue
Fund, for the creation of a State Per
manent School Fund, for the creation
of a Permanent Reenue Fund foi the
University of Montana, and for the
Benefit of scientific, educational be
nevolent and charitable work, subject,
however, to all the provisions and
limitations of this article.
Section 2 (of article 21). The State
further agrees and covenants to hold
in trust all such contributions (gifts,
donations, grants, and legacies), to
administer the same perpetually, and
to apply the net eanrings thereof as
therein directed, subject however, to
the provisions and limitations of this
Sections (of Article 21). The or
iginal amounts of all contributions for
State Permanent Revenue Fund, for
the State Permanent School Fund, ,nd
for the Permanent Revenue Fund for
the University of Montana, shall Ire
added to such funds respectively and
become inseparable and inviolable
parts thereof. Contributions for . h-j
er objects may contain a provision to
the effect that the net earnings th c-•
of, or part of the net earnings, gb ill
be added to the principal for a cerbdn
length of time, or until it has readied
a certain amount, or until the happen
ing of a certain event, but such c n
tingent évent shall not be more re-1
mote than permitted by the laws ■ f
feeling perpetuties; but no contribu
tion containing such provision as to
accumulation shall be accepted by the
| State until it has been approved by
; the supervisory board hereinafter con
I stituted, which board shall have pow
; er to reject any such contribution that
it may deem unwise.
Section 4. (of Article 21). The]
State Treasurer shall keep a perma
nent record of all such gifts, don »
lions, grants and legacies, showing
the names of the givers, the purpi
of the contribution, and other essen
Hal facts rotating thereto. A dupli
cate of this record shall be kept by the
Secretary of State. These recoi
çhall be preserved perpetually a*
lasting memorial *6 the givers and
of their interest in society. The Leg;
lative Assembly shall from time
time make provision fur suitable pub-'/
deity concerning these benefactors of |
their followmen.
Section 6 (of Article 21 ). Tb> -.»me
State Board and officer- that have
charge of the investment and udminis V.
nation of the Public School h and of ;
lha State tall have eh . f the in 'ii
•. cd ment and administrai
the funds administered uo 1er this Ar
tide. All these funds shall U invc <
,| as common fund t
G signaled as the 5L>
. gacy Fund. In cm
u is in some other
uch board shall convert ! into cash j
ns soon ns practicable,
Section 8 (of Article 21 )i. All in- 1
ve intents of these fund • |
safely and conservatively made Prcf
erence shall he given I long term:
loam secured by fil t mortgages onB
•• a and c.ty or io Ti nted and f
-producing farms in this State free!
ft >in «11 prior lien; and encumbrances, i
and also to Montana Bonds i, sued for
educational purposes. All such loans
m,| bonds shall be payable on the nm
irrigation plan. No loan in which
he security is a mortgage shall ex-1
-d fifty per cent, of the actual cash -
Milne of the real estate given as sc
verity. No farm loan shall he for a
longer period than forty years, and I
no loan secured on residence property j
shall be for a longer period than
twenty years. No loan secured on i
town or city property shall be made r
until the particular town or city and !
Mibdivision thereof in which it is 1<>
rated has been accepted and approved
f the
known and
i Tr
sh ■
shall be
hy the State Board, having charge of
the investment, as permanently
tabli bed, having an assured future
may also be made in other safe in
tercst bearing securities; provided,!
however, that no part of such funds
»Wl ever be invested in obligations
of the State of Montana except gen
oral fund warrants which will be paid j -
within one year from the-time of the
investment. No discrimination shall
be given not only to the amplcness of
the security, hut also the character
and earning capacity of the applicant
and to the purpose of loan; and pro
vided further that so long as the
available funds are inadequate to
meet the demand, preference shall be
given to the smaller loans. The rate]
able rate, ensidering the charter of
the loan or investment, but different
rates mav be charged for different
classes of loans and investments.
and being in every way nafe security |
for these investments.
Investment i
of interest shall always bo u reason- 1
Section 7 (of Article 21). It is _
the meaning and intention of this Ar
ticle that all investments of these |
funds shall be confined exclusively j
to safe loan investments, drawing a
fixed rate of interest and being in aid I
of home making, framing and edu-1
rational work, ortherwise conductive
to the progress and well being of so
All long trem investments shall be
on the amortization plan. Further
regulations and limitations concern
ing these investments shall- be pro
vided hy law.
Section 8 (of Article 21). When- v.
ever the security given for a loan is
liable to damage or destruction by
fire, the insurance company accepting
the risk shall lie absolutely liable to
the Slate for the full amount of the
policy, and the policy itself shall spe
dfically recite such full liability. The
State, may itself provide for insurance
on any property constituting socuri
ty fonts loans.
Section 9 (of Article 21)). The
Legislative Assembly may provide
other and additional ways and means
for beginning or increasing any of
the funds created or authorized by
this Article.
Section 10 (of Article 21). The
State of Montana shall accept for in
vestment and administration togeth
er with the aforesaid funds consti
luting the Montana Ttrust and Leg
acy fund, but as separable parts
Thujthereof, sinking funds, permanent
agree;funds, and a cumulative funds belong
ing to the State and its political sub
divisions, and also other funds dcsig
nafced by the Legislative Assembly,
when requested to do so by the auth
orities having the care and custody
of such funds. All such funds and
the secured interest, less the State
compensation hereinafter fixed, shall
be repaid when due. The provisions
of this section shall not apply to the
Public School Funds of The State,
which school fund shall be administer -
od separately as already prescribed
hy the constitution,
Section 11 (of Article 21). The
State shall be entitled to receive as
compensation for the administration
of all the funds administered under
this act one twentieth (1-20) of all
the interest collected thereon each
year. On the lust day of December
of each year, the Stae Treasurer shall
transfer to the State General Fund
, such*one twentieth (1-20) of all the
interest collected during the year, less
) all the loses ascertained during the
year, which losses shall be deducted
from the one twentieth constituting
the compensation of the State,
balance of the interest collected shall :
be the net earnings and shall be crod-;
\ ited pro rata to each and every fund
constituting the Montana Trust and
Legacy Fund that was in the keeping
of the State on January 1st of that
| year, baaed on the total thereof on
.that date, and shall be added to each '
fund, or held available for the bene
; t'iciaries as (he case may be.
i due beneficiaries shall 1* paid
during the ensuing month of Janu-i
ary, as far as practicable.
Section 12 (of Article 21). All the;
i net earnings accuring to the State
i Permanent Revenue Fund shall nnnu-i
j ally be added thereto until it has !
! reached the sum of One Hundred Mil
lion Dollars ($500,000,000.00). There
1 after only one twentieth of the an-j
j mal net enrings shall be added to the
Fund itself, and the remaining nine-;
teen twentieths of the net earnings
»- hall be used for the general expenses
of the State.
e Section 13 (of Article 21). All the
net earnings accuring to the State
Permanent School Fund shall annual
ly be added thereto until it has
ls reached the sura of Five Hundred Mil
a lion Dollars ($600,00,00.00). There
after only one twentieth of the annual
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!*««■ 9m I
"If Your Property Don't Suit You. Why Not Trade It for
Something That Does"
Red Lodge, Mont.
U. S. Land Commissioner
Good Homesteads and Relinquishments, close to market,
timber, coal, hunting and fishing.
"Come to Carbon County, Where Adam met Eve. A good
place to raise Cain." »
Carbon County
Bonded Licensed Real Estate Broker
Physician & Surgeon l
Office Phone 77; Residence 114 I
United States National Bank
Licensed Embalm er
Justice of the Peace
Office in Improvement Block
Phonos: Office 7; Residence 7
BUT—how much for how litt)».
NOT—how little, for how much;
Member U. C. A.
Palmer School Graduate. Three Year Coursa
...,U. S. National Bank Building
Office: Meyer-Chapman Bldg.
J '•a.
Theresa Opltz
Over Grave
Office over Bed Lodge State
Bank Building
Room 3,
Red Lodge. Mi
For All Kind* of OIL
— and —
Texaco Products
Improvement Block
Meyer - Chapman Bank Bldg.
\ r
O. J. Simmons
Fire Insurance
Improvement Block
N —
Musical Instrument?
Select Your Desired Instrument
and Give Yourself a Trial at
— J N

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