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Cmgre&ionai Committee
(Continued from page one)
financing and settlement problems,
weeded construction and agircultural
The Lower Yellowstone reclamation
project will be visited July 17. and
that night spent in Sidney. On reach
h* the Poplar the following day the
congressmen will spend until the
evening of the 20th on the Fort Peck
Indian reservation. After an over
night stay at Glasgow the committee
is to leave early the morning of July
21 for a day on the Milk River recla
mation project, spending that night in
Malta, The following day will be spent
on the Fort Belknap Indian reserva
tion and the 23rd and 24th on the
Blackfeet reservation.
On the way to the Flathead reserva
tion Glacier park will be visited, where
particular attention will be paid to
the trans-mountain road. July 30, 31
and August 1 will be spent on the
Flathead. After an overnight train
ride the party is to leave Great Falls
early August 2 for the Sun River pro
ject the committee will go to Great
Fells to entrain the next morning for
Billings. August 5 is to be spent on
the Huntley reclamation project and
the next day on the Crow Indian reser- !
ration, after which the committee j
leaves for Wyoming. j
Do you know that seven
teen thousand twelve hundred and j
eighty-two elephants were needed to
make billiard balls last year."
Dumb Dan: "My, oh my—and isn't
is wonderful that such big beasts can,
be taught such exacting work?"
Sir vrd
I Op ><*■
I ^ &
( r„ ...
I j
mtd h
tjj WHATwr
|j WHY dr.. .J
|( WlvEr-i vv;ib
Cl>cop6 bull» ;i
HOW can you cisttngu'bh a n>a:artk.i
tncaquito ?
j WHERE is Canberra? Z:„
j WHO was the Hkîiîlbry th
Are tfccsç ' i
I Olvothcr. .
ic lb. D -I
j,,' i
j,; I
■ !
j ■ :
jj ,
j !

ol j >
G !
in your home, A
school, office, {. /£
club, library.
Authority" j
knowledge offc rs ec
taimcdiatv, c: .ctor
woniiy. /,t;r
lions. A ce:
il 1
> tre: - . î
P-c'l ltir.de ef quo.- j ! I
■my of d.vclofinc, u |
on " r 8»ng, ono perfecting under e:. :
acting care and highest scholarship |j
insures accuracy, completeness,
compactness, authority.
Wfrlte for o remple paac of tiic Mw Word.
JSSJf? -ii a *'* ul ,t r °, cd »'« Btn-, aho
owjSJct you are the Jarv, prices, etc To
Oloeo nŒl^thupttblfeation we will mil fret
öwWbeia, M», u. s. a. £•*. î as î
Showing of
Featuring America's finest rugs con
sisting of Karnak, Koran, Akbar, Mais
land and Axminster rugs.
All Rugs Especially Priced for This
I his is an opportunity to see an assortment
of rugs not usually found in cities five times
the size of Red Lodge.
French Wilton 9X12 regular price
French Wilton 9X12 regular price
Uayaf Wilton 9X12 regular price
Velvet rug 9X12 regular price ..
Axminster 93^12 regular price
Axminster 9X12 regular price
Axmimter 9X12 regular price .
Velvet rug 9X12 regular price
8145.00 Now selling $133.50
125.00 Now selling
97.00 Now selling
39.00 Now selling
09.00 Now selling
59.00 Now selling
52.00 Now selling
42.00 Now selling
All other rugs and kinds—Prices in pro
portion. •
Red Lodge
Country Must Adjust
(Continued from page 1)
for reg,Stered mail WlU * cent f :
at p , resent they are ,ncluded ,B the
re * ular re « Istry fee
on m ° ney orders are ra, * ed by
8 sl,dln * scale ' av '' ra * ln * around two
f nts on orders f0r " U Up , to
$20: most , , money " rder8 " re for
am ° unts of le8S than thal ' u
F ' ,r ,nsurance on P arcel *> the char *'
es »re raised two cents for amounts
up to $5; making the new rate five
cents and three cents is added on in
demnity up to $26, making the new
rate 8 cents; return receipts for in
surance will cost three cents. The C.
O. D. fees are raised to twelve cents
on collections up to $10, and to fifteen
cents up to $60, instead of ten cents,
as at P re * ent -
Mail Order Houses Affected
The mail order business is hit hard
by the sudden postal increases,
order business is not limited to the
few widely known houses, but is con
ducted by a multitude of small mer
chandisers, located in cities, in towns
and even on rural routes. They sell
concievable kind of articles,
from pilis, lingerie and card games
.to stoves, tractors and houses. They
! elicit by mail, ship by mail, collect
j by mail, even visit by mail. A 50 per
j cent increase in the cost of mailing
j is a serious thing. It means millions
of dollars to mail order houses, with
j their "fliers", or circulars, which test
'be market; and to big publishers of
{books and popular magazines, which
out tens of millions of circulars
week. For this reason,
mail users will modify their
. unsealed
ordinary postage
the same shape and size as;
( -cent stamp, and bear
a r.bbon be-j
The one-half cent
evei 'y
mailing syf
of tin
and one-half cents
in -many ways,
raise from one cent to
! envlopes.
The New
The ne
1 V
stamp is
j the cui rent
the name "Harding' on
neath the portrait.
stamp is the same shape and size as
the one-cent
rmp, and hears the
name "Nathan Hale", patriot of the I
Revolution on a ribbon beneath thel'
portrait. The sepia color is the
as that of the 30 cent Buffalo stamp. J
Several thousand of the stamps were |
sold to stamp collectors and dealers
when first put on sale.
f ,
-' Z** /
' ^
The Carbon County News
Mrs. Thus. Saysell and daughter
Marjory were Red Lodj^e visitors on
Mrs. T. C. Schrumpf went to Bil
lings Monday for medical treatment.
Mrs. Herman De Vries was a caller
in Roberts on Thursday.
Lorin Lochridge and Lee Clark
motored to Red Lodge on business
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Rose Wickierak was a caller
at the T. C. Schrumpf home Monday.
Joseph Marsh was a Roberts busi
ness caller on Monday.
Mrs. W. E. Lochridge has been on
the sick list the past week. I
Mrs. Charley Larson spent a few
days of last week in Red Lodge.
Mr. and Mrs. Baptist Obert and
daughter Lorenn and Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Obert and son Jack motored to
Red Lodge Monday.
Miss Emily Wickierak visited on
Mrs. Clarence Bjordahl and two
children, Edna and Aaron were Tues
day visitors at the John Norris home.
Ned Russell motored to Roberts
Friday on business.
J. C. Lochridge of Laurel was a
caller at the Harry Clark home Sun
Clark home.
Frank McFatc and family of Red
Lodge spent the week end at the J.
J. Ley and Herman De Vries homes.
Mrs. Ira Stinson was on the sick
list a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marsh were|
| callers at the John Norris home on
[ W. W. Ballard made a bnsine
I to Roberts on Friday.
Herman De Vries and daughter
. .
Ruth visited Sunday afternoon with
I d, ;V R - A. R"»H
!, Mrs - \ etvr ( 1 )he ;' t , vis ' ted on *: day
{^ week at the Wm. Halten home.
and Mrs. E. ». Creed visited
|sl Sunday at the \.. I. Kebschull
10 '" e ' j
_ Mlsa Hazel Ballard is staying with
ucy Wanlcss this week, while !

Mr. Norris is in Billings.
vo! '
J ''
L e
who haa
lier near Big Horn j
Jionth-J, returned toi
„ ' , _ ;
Mr. and Mrs. John Letcher were j
iu; . at the Hen:, De Write home
for the pa
on iUoaay.
( Mrs. Harry Clark and son Harold)
ers in Roberts Monday.
I Mrs. Rose Wickierak and daughter
Emily were Wednesday visitors at the
Turunen home.
Miss Beulah Hufford, Selmcs school !
teacher spent Sunday at Fox with
Miss Lola Weast.
Mrs. Turmbull and son Edward were
Roberts visitors on Saturday.
Thos Saysel! and daughter Beatrice
motored to Roberts Saturday.
Mrs. Dominic Obert and daughter
Irma visited Thursday at the Bert
and Baptist Obert homes.
Miss Mildred Clark was a caller at
the R. A. Russell home Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Lochridge vis
ited in Red Lodge Sunday with Mrs.
Nellie Hitchcock.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wayne and
daughter Janita visited Tuesday with
Mrs. Lucy Wanless.
The Cherry Springs school children
and their teacher, Mrs. Lorin Loch
ridge had a little picnic at the school
house on Friday.
Mary and Louise Wiekierak of Red
Lodge spent Saturday and Sunday
with their mother on the ranch here.
Emily Wiekierak were call
Enio Warila was a business caller
at Red Lodge on Wednesday,
î G. C. Nordman was a business caller
j at Roberts on Wednesday.
Mrs. John Boyd has been on the
sick list for the past week.
1 A. G. Anderson and son attended
' lodge at Laurel oi#Friday evening,
j Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Davis motored to
the Yellowstone on Sunday where they
{spent the day fishing.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hughes are the
proud parents of a baby girl born on
Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor and
children of Fromberg were visiting 1
friends and relatives in this vicinity ; I
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith and ;
son motored to Laurel on Thursday.!
Myrtle Dullenty who has spent the
past week visiting relatives at Bil
Bngs arrived home on Sunday.
I John Normile was a business caller!
j at Billings on Thursday.
! A large cn
;ended the Ladies j
! Aid which met at the church on Thurs
'.ay afternoon. •
Dr. Morgan of Roberts made a pro
j fessional call in this vicinity on Fri
' L. L. Huddleston was a business j
caller at Roberts on Wednlesday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Goff and Mr. and j
Mrs. J. T. Rinker motored to Bil
lings on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McFate and
children of Red Lodge were guests at 1
the J. J. Ley home on Sunday.
morning about eight o'clock and Mr.
ucas Immediately notified the sher
iff« offtee of hifi loss. Sheriff Albert
" a< " a lc r*>rted the crime to the of
^ cers * n surrounding towns and gave
them th « engine number and such
other d a t« as they should have in iden
f> th ® property. However the,
"uick was found below Roberta
Saturday " orninfr 1 ' he car was dam
^ed only to u slight degree.
Thieve* alro entered the garage of
ex-sheriff Tom Smith of Joliet Satur
(day evening and stole his automobile,
The car was found by the sheriff's
force of Bilings along a ditch near
Billings Sunday evening. Every effort
Ls being made to apprehend the crim
I ioals but as yet no trace of them has
Leen found.
l*aet Friday night thieves broke the
lock on the door of Carl Lucaa' garage
and escaped with his new Buick Coach,
The theft was discovered Saturday
Juniors Entertain
(Continued from first page)
enjoyed the dinner and program of
H. L. Hussong. j rincipal of the Car
bon County High School acted as
toastmaster and presided over the af
fair, Walter Aho, president of the
Junior class,
address and Nino Lbmelio, Senior
s president, gave the, Senior re-i
made the welcoming
c j.,
During the course of the evening
the Seniors gave a class song and also
gave a yell to the Juniors, to which!
the Juniors responded. Later both the
cInssM united in Bivinjr fifteen rahs
for the facility.
At the close of the banquet the
8hldent8> teachera and Kuests enjoyed
sevcra l hours of dancing and visit-1
, ng in the Higl, School gym, which
was beautifully decorated irt .he!
co ] ore of the two clnS(
5GS. I
sVith the exception r»f the annual
: . or From, the Junior-Senior ban
ft closes the high school, social 1
■ .son for the present year and mem- !
bers of the class of 1025 are already!
planning their farewells to the insti- 1
tuition which has their soda! and ,
^ eenter for th(1 past foul . years. I
Appetizing—Wholesome and Satisfying
Fresh Meats are Always to be Had Here—
and at Lowest Prices.
Poultry, Eggs, Fish and Butter too-Strictly
Henry Schmidt, Prop.
How Sure Are You

r ~i*. -■
that the title to your real prop
erty is good—

The next witness was F. N. Zriny,
who had been in the employ of Camp
bell as a geologist. He claimed to
have overhead a conversation bfe
tween Campbell and Wheeler to the
effect that Campbell was worried ovér
some of his permits and Wheeler said
"don't worry. They will be taken care
of but on cross examination he be
came badly tangled. It developed he
*, had 8old Kto «k and had kept the money
and was discharged and that from the
office in which the maps were made,
1 he could not have heard any conversa
tion from the Campbell office.
The government's star witness
Clyde Glosser, was called next. He
identified a number of letters and
' telegrams supposed to have been
eeived or sent from Campbell's office
I while he was Campbell's private
I retary, to which the defense offered
(Continued from first page)
general, was plainly annoyed.
no objection, except one telegram
s which was supposed to have been sent,
j by Senator Wheeler. Walsh stated
I this one had not been sent by Wheeler.
1 While it was not damaging, he did
^After EveryMeaf ^
Kl ~
- »kV : ; ' ■ a
. » \
riGMT» 7 ]
'■* -w
'• s :
Pass it artnuid
after every meal.
Give the family
the benefit of Its
aid to digestion.
C.szi-j t_. di too.
Keep it always
In the house. ftt ,
(* Costs little - helps mach "

. -
"Y (
. I
! not want it in the record. The court
I sustained the objection.
i Glosser related the meeting of Sen
ator Wheeler and the deal to employ
him in the receivership »«it but made
a very bad witness for the prosecutor.
Told of meeting Blair Coan and m ik
j » trip to Denver with Coan at
-1 Goan's expense to see William Rhea
j «nd Ket an affidavit from Rhea and
that he had made a second affidavit
i in Denver. He got badly mixed under
the rapid fire of cross-examination by
(Senator Walsh. *
j The next witness called was H. J.
Coleman of Billings an attorney of
the California Oil Company
| Coleman was asked the preliminary
questions but got nowhere, as Senator
i Walsh objected to the first questions
1 regarding a permit which was not
1 pending at the time Senator Wheeler
was employed and was not charged in
the ind : ctment.
The Legal Battle Smarts
The Judge excused the jury until
Monday morning and the argument
started. Stewart, special assistant at
torney general, was plainly exercised
and pleaded not to throw this out
without hearing an expert witness
to regulations. Baldwin was on his
• feet and asked the court if he felt the
j court needed an export to tell him
j what the law was, to which the Court
i remarked that he wanted no argument
j Then Sen. Walsh proceded to present
I the law as he saw it and after an hour
I -L___ .,,, ,, ,
the court stated he would rule Monday
■ , , , , ,
I morn'ng but unless he found some
I law to the contrary, he would sustain
Jibe motion of the defense.
>v •> j » U» i of Department of
.fafetîèe non at the expense of the
i , , , , ,
(.'»yernmeat, eves y hotel having five
. , , ,, ,
It was asserted there was be
,. . , . ; ,
(.tween twenty and thirty sleuths
1 . , ■ , .
watching newspaper men, friends of
, , ...
: \\ heeler and jurymen. It is thought
,, ■ , . , ... ... , y
this is why Judge Dietrich locked upi
. , . .. ,, , , *
I the jury, but it was« t so baa for the
, . .
jury at that, as they have rooms at
t , ,, ,, . , ... , „
the Park Hotel, get three one dollar
' „ I , , , , .. .
meals each day, two of which are at
,, r • » tj . »
Ihc Rainbow Hotel.
or six.

Monday's Session
! Court convened pt 10 A. M. Monday
land sustained the motion of the de
. , , , ,.
( tento bar an; tesliinoiiy a ■ ai ding
I the Lincoln permit. The first witness
I called was Gladys Moore, a former
I stenographer of Gordon Campbell's
j who testified she had typed the list
of all Campbell's holdings, which was
given to her by Mr. Bishop, who was
Mr. Campbell's land man. This list war
to be sent to some one in the East, who
was trying to assist Mr. Campbell in'
raising some finances. Her testimony
was not damaging to the defense.
The Government next introduced a
stipulation entered into with the coun-1
sei for the defense, regarding what
Mr. L. V, Beaulieu of Los Angeles,
California, a former attorney of
Gordon Campbell, would testify to and
what he had testified to before the!
Senate investigating committee. Sen
ator Walsh read most of the testimony
given before the Senate which was
very favorable to Senator Wheeler.
Mr. Beaulieu staling that Senator'The
Wheeler was to represent Mr. Camp
bell only in the state court. The next
witness was L. J. Wertheimer a Jew
stock salesman. It was brought out
that Wertheimer had been indicted and
plead guilty to using the mails to de
fraud in Texas in a stock selling cam
paign. It appeared from his testi
mony that he was in Great Falls at the
time of Wheeler's employment by
Campbell and trying to get to sell
stock for Campbell and was not sue
ceasful. It also developed that Wert
heimer was a friend of Jack Kearnes
j and Tex Richards, the fight promoters,
j and was in California at the time the
J Brookhart committee was investigat
j ing the Department of Justice at
Washington, and that he went from
California to New York with Kearns
and others and was entertained by
Rickards and later event to the De
partment of Justice and made an affi
davit against Senator Wheeler. This
witness was discredited before he left
The next witness was E. S.
former State Senator from Fallon
county, and former Solicitor of the In
tcrior Department, who stated he had
the stand on cross examination.
known Senator Wheeler for a long
time and that when Wheeler came
down to Washington, he, Wheeler,
Willed on him and during the time
there bad sa ! d that Gordon Campbell
had some matters regarding permits
wiiich he, Wheeler did not know any
thing-about, but that Campbell could
coins.down and talk to him about it.
DooH' stated he bad introduced
v, Commissioner
Wheeler to Wm.
of the land office and had suggested
Spry that Wheeler was interested
constitutionality regarding some
to which Wheeler replied
in a
, !
only to the extent that (Campbell hv
given a square deal. Booth also stated
he had talked to Wheeler regarding
helping or getting some one interest
ed in financing Campbell's holdings;
that he had talked to others about
but had only talked to Wheeler
time about it and that was a day I
or so
before Wheèler went to Europe,
and that he, Booth, had talked to
Campbell on the subject of financing
The next witness was Wm. Spry,
Commissioner of the General Und
n ,
0fftCe " nd f ° rmer Govcrnor of Utah -
who corroborated Booth as to what
Whaler had said, that he was only
at interested in seeing that Campbell got
a square deal He also tesnfod that
-u-h l hi
^ "T P™ct.ced before
? * ' ° C< 1 at a >s name did
n ° aj1pear on records
* sent any one, and thfi there wasn't
J. j"*Whiter" to him ' lntr0<1UC '
^ tar ^ or Government
called, George B. Hayes of New York,
who Eaid had met wheeler 8t the
Wald orf-Astoria Hotel, New York
Martdl 16t h. A923 hy appointment of
: Booth He said he had Wheeler paged
and lhat he had never seen him before
as repre
The mystery witness was next
; or heard of him and he had only
{ known Booth since August before, but
Wheeler had asked him if he would
not represent Campbell before the In
terior Department on some govern
ment permits and he said to Wheeler
) "I don't know' anything about the
practice before the Department" and
1 Wheeler said "That doesn't matter.
I You can do it as you will only be a
i figure head". Said Wheeler was leav
| ing for Russia the next day and that
1 therewas a matter which must have
j j
immediate attention. He htought it
{was a Lincoln Oil will or something
! , ,
v bout c;L He said Wheeler urged
I .• . , , ., , .. a
j him to take the cases stating he,
j Wheeler, a U. S. Senator and he
' would split MS fee with him fifty-fifty
and that it would run into millions.
( n ... .,
On cross examination the witness said
1 . . , ,
: he next saw Senator Wneeler when he
T1 , , . . ..
Hayes was subpoenaed before the
a ,. . ^ * ... . . ,
Brookhart Committee, n which
.. , . , .
Wnce'cr rad tried to find out why he,
„ . . , . , ,
Hayes, had not done certain things as
' .. . . „
an attorney in Ire man Case in New
York re'cardu r a: • .:.bu-.o;i natters,
rr .. ., . , . ...
Ihr: witness was tne pinch hitter as
, ,
i ■ l.e ivciiur.ent , aa eonii'letely fallen
, , ,, ,
ucv.ii aca would have 1. -, a di
of a man that had bt
m iersijig link.
■■diet. ■
8 manner was that
n fixed to snp
„| v (i,.-, ,
1 " , . ,
Fueaday g Session
j . !,l ' : lH lt ' >,,im y by
i; ' 11 ,! ie poeernmont rested
' t8 :i ' c ' ' e ' ,Ui ' adjourned until
t Tuscday moBlin 8- Tuesday m-rning
Senator Walsh asked io recall George
I Rayt ' s ^ or f u 'tber cro
j vas <*; ne,
{ briruduevd to Senator Wheeler during
td)t ' ^ mc 0: l « lc Brookhart Committee,
j ' nveß ti8ating the Department of Jus
i * lce and taÿiug ibc foundation 1er ihe
! impeachment.
: being
Clyde Glosser was called for further
j cross examination for the purpose
t of laying the ground for impeachment.
( At this time Mr. Stewart, prosecutor
! for the government, stated that in
view of the fact that tha dsîcnts bud
called government witnesses for fur
j.ther cross examination, that the gov
! eminent desired again to offer proof
I as to what Coleman would testify to.
jury was excused and the court
over-ruled the objection of the defense,
Coleman was called and could not be
found. The first witness for the de
fense was Tom Stout of Lewistown,
the owner and publisher of the Lewis
town Democrat News and former con
gressman. He went into details as to
all his connections wiht the employ
ment of Wheeler and Baldwin as at
torney for Gordon Campbell and that
he had gone to 3utte to see Wheeler
and had made the proposition to
Wheeler and that Wheeler had stated
he could only represent Campbell in
the state courts and that Baldwin
would have to do most of that and that
Wheeler at no time had agreed to do
anything regarding government per
mils. He said that he was in the room
when Wertheimer was phoning to Chi
cago and that Wheeler's name was not
mentioned or any statement "that he
would fix it up in Washington",
Baldwin, Wheeler's law partner, who
testified as to what the firm had done
in way of court matters for Gordon
Booth,'Campbell and identified check as to
fess and as to what matters they were
to represent Campbell in.
At the conclusion of Tuesday's ses
s j or)j Senator Walsh, chief counsel for
de f e nse, announced that he had
.summoned four witnesses from the
ens t w ho would disprove the state
ments made by the government's star
witness, Hayes. A twe-day adjourn
men t i s imminent, if Judge Dietrich
,. ran », 3 the requests. (At the time of
going to press, the decision had not
been announced.))
First Aid Ineificieuey
It was nt the scene of an automo
bile accident; An elderly old lady in
one of the first cars to be stopped by
the debris of the smashup, leaned
from her car as a very much battered
up man, with a hastily arranged ban*
dage around his ankle, hobbled by.
"Oh my," she said, "Did you hurt
your ankle?
both eyes.
"No lady," replied the man, "I lost
This bandage slipped

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