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6itral>rirr Snflfpnutenl
(Inr year. *2.00 ;; Six months. $1.00
fTudav. mahch IN. 1 92 iT *
Owner and Publisher.
l.ast year. > <>u will rcincmhet .
Itepubl iraiis wen* loud in iNpre^
mg their indignation bocause or
Democratic opposition t *? tlu Knox
resolution f<<r a separate peace with
(ivrniany. Now romes the report
from Washington that Judge Unfiles
Mr. Harding's Secretary of St.itr. is
?opposed to such a resolution, that
Kopublicans in Congress ha\e lost
interest in it and that the rejection
of the resolution. should it h? ? brot
up again, is assured. The probab
ility is. however, that it w ill never
1m' heard of again. It is almost
eertain that Mr. Kn??\ will not
t?ring it forward again unless he
can feel assured it will go through
and this us sum nee he is not likeJy
to get.
All of which but confirms the be
4ieJ, at the time, that the resolution
w*;i s not oflercd in g<?od faith but
simpU to anno\ Mr. Wilson and to
?Icroivc the people.
Veril. Verily, many and devious
were the tricks and ?leceptions of
that partisan Congrrss. ltepublioan
in both Houses, which assembled
in Washington on the Mil of March.
1919. not to perforin its constitu
tional functions, but to play politics
to find wa\s :md means to anis
ic-ad the people and to bring the (?.
?O. P. back to power.
When Dr. .lepson, of Wheeling,
resigned, ;djuut six months ago. as
State Health Oommi&sionutr, (iov.
(j)ri)\vi'll appointed I)r. Hirliard T.
Davis, of (Charleston, who had made
;tn excellent record as Health Otlicer
of that city. lUit when the Legisla
ture convened in the preliminary
session in January the Senate, over
whelming^ Kepublican, refused to
?'oulirm the appointment, and ad
journed with the Governor's rc
cevs appointments left high ami drv
With no hope that his appointmcut
would be confirmed when tin- Scn
ale meets again this month. Dr.
Davis, short I) before the Jth of
Mareh tendered to (iovernor C.orii
wcJ 1 his resignation of the ollice
fn his letter to the (iovernor l)r.
Davis points out that he was, "in
lluenccd in accepting Uiis oflice by
the attitude taken by you and the
Public Health (Council, namely, that
the Health Department should not
he organized or conducted as a po
litical agency, and feeling that the
wisdom of this policy would be ap
preciated and continued. I decided
to retire as active 1'. A. Surgeon in
the Public Health Service, and dc
vote mv i ik rjiics to the ii^li! lor
better heaitl: conditions in Ihc
I 'at her tiian take anv part in a
political sipiabble ovci the poolioc.
Dr. Davis stepped a * ide . ( m \ . i n.n
( Corn w ell then appointed Dr. \ iiiviii
of i I u u 1 1 p !_'l on . I! is lair to pic
su;ne Ilia! the St nate \? ill rein .c In
CO.! li I' I II I >! . \ I i I '** 1 1 1 ; i . li 1 1 ;i \ 111^
< iovernor Morgan io make the .ip
po II : 1 1 1 . e i . ' .
NO POLITICS ;n federal reserve bc;p.j
'i he m?r o. '.!??? I Yd< r.:l lie
M i \ e 1 1 o a I ? I . \V. P. <?. liar- 1: a.:. who
is .i D? aio- i a! . . j ; : hi : \ !et I I ? \ I
? It ill \\ i I on. 1 1 ? >iii ilirmiii.-j:; :ii.
Alabama, will m?l be ewpccltd !o
resign bv Presidcnl D.irdiny. and
will not take the oHice of Pre id -n
o| ;i private bank I'M ton i^a Iratlc
but will eontinm in l:is position
until the end of his term mi l!!J'_\
and i I 1 1 1 a \ e o 1 1 1 i d i ? 1 1 1 \ be e : . p . . ? I . - d
will then lie reappointed for aiiolli
1 r I en- v ear III? .
President Hardin;., on l!'e -au
gcslion id some ol his advisers. lias
delermin.d to take advantage oi
his oppoi I ti hi I \ pi finphasi/c the
m?n-part isan < diaraeler of tins imli
tulion. and lo en-ate foi it that most
important tradition of dignilv and
immunitv Ini-n politics thai is d
tached to Ihc Supreme < ourt of the
I n i ted Slides. In the opinion < I
llioimlilt ul persons ilc i roil s thai tin
l ederal Deserve Pond should have
the author i I \ and the public con
fi deuce tli.fi mi s with a< k now led;,
ed impart ial i t v, tins is one of tin
finest things in President Harding's
'?'indiicl of tin beginning of his .id
Opinions about the tasks oi ih<
i oiiiii;^ <^1 ? ial session in (lon^r. -
were exchanged hi t ween President
Hardin;; and the ranking leaders ol
his parlv in Senate and House re
?eenll.N at a While House dinner in
augurating the i ev. chit f executive's
pot i< \ of < on ultation niiiinii. ,?ub
lii ollieials.
\ score of Senators and Itepre
senlalives. including chairmen ol
the i tiiiiiti ; t lees which are expected
Ui most tc do in the special
session, vv.-n in flic troupe invited
lo the dinner. It was umh r:dood
that Ihc principal Mibc' Is on v.hii h
Mr. I larding sought a comparison
of views were thi* tarill ami ta.sa
lion program. the <pn stion of a
peace resolution, d is ti manu al, and
Ihc date for which the ses.vi jj".
should he called.
(!hair:nan Fordncy of the Jlousc |
Ways and Means Committee visited
I'roidont-flwt Harding while In*
was in Florida and reported that ?
he \va.s in favor of the re-enactment
of the old Payne-Aldrich Taritr j
Law at the special session of the
new Congress to meet next April. ,
liut the Sun's Washington corres
pondent writes that "a prominent
member of the Senate" has also
been visiting Mr. Harding onl> to
he told that he opposed .1 revival of
the l'a\ ne-Aldrieh hill "under any '
,1-irciunstanccs." 1
, This seems to indicate. says the
World, that while Mr. Harding may
have detinite ideas of how to gr!
hack to normalcy in other ways he
h;ts s?>tne doubts of being able to
get back there b\ way of more tarill
When Chairman Fordney tried to
show him that normalcy found its
most pel feet expression in the
j Payne-Aldrich bill Mr. Harding
probaDly recalled how that act s,)lit
the Republican Party wide open,
[gave both Presidency and Congress
?to the Democrats in 11112 and en
! sibled President Taft, who had sign
led the bill against his own judgc
Iment, to carry a total of the two
'States of I'tah and Vermont.
The Payne-AJdrich bill of HIP4.)
wa.s the direct lineal descendant of
the McKinJcy bill of 1K1I0, and if
.any one should advise Mr. Harding
| that normalcy pointed to that meas
ure his apparently excellent mem
ory would remind him that the Mc
I.Kinley hill at the next election turn
jed a House which had been Repub
lican by twenty-three majority into
? one which had a Democratic nuijor
:ity of 1 P.i and in the elections of
1NH2 gave both Congress and the
Presidency to the Democrats.
Mr. Harding has at times seem
ed to define "normalcy" as Repub
lican harmony. That being so. the
enactment of old tariff policies
which have had the habit of split
ing the party and putting Demo
crats into power at Washington and
'enabling a Republican President to
carry only I'tah and Vermont 011
;a bid for re-election cannot easily
j impress him as leading the way tu
j normalcy.
There is no kind of surxex nor
opinion based upon supposed sur
iveys that will do businevs :iny jjood.
! I-lach must lake his j ? I ;it* ?? .is a
1 booster, ami. regardless of causes
in the past, we must push tin- wagon
uphill. The "change" is here
' whether \vc voted for it or not. and
and whether the voting had any
thing to do with it or it came along
in response to conditions. Tin- good
times will runic attain, hut not till
j we plan, work :md puli. each in his
own vineyard and .it his own joh.
| Our worst is hctler than the beskin
i most of the other countries, .rise
; why d<? the people of oilier lands
want to come here? What we have
is what the majorilx \oted for and
nohodx wants to live in a counlrv
where the minority controls.
The carlx hird will .yet the \xorm.
the hu?-th r x\ ill gel the husiness; the
; faithful. clhcicnt xvorkers will gel
the jolts: and tin* people xxi:o hax?
inonex to spend will no where Ihex
'know Ihex tail yet the things that
thcx want. We yet now lieri hx at
t e n 1 1 1 1 1 1 g i < > li>. Maine now 1101 h X
tixinu l<> l ead the stai s. Let us
huild homes: yet re.nlx 1 < ? pi. >1)1
, something thai wit! jjsoxx as x\ ? ? 1 1 in
hard times as in j-ood: ami do <uii
!?>!? heller t!i. in it w.iv rxer done In
lo.e. il we can add tills a lillh
more cult ival ion of the spiritual
?ide and eau li\ a correspondence
x'. itli lieaxeii. as llohhic Hums ad
xi ? !. il xxi'i i n| he long lill "hard
I. in s \xii! as\ (or an armistice.
t . hi. ' ??> i i hi { nizi't ' v.
I phraiiu I-. Morgan. (loxcrnoi
I'.oin at I'liruhaui. Marion counlx.
W . x'a.. .lanuarx Hi. iMi'.i. lalucatrd
in public schools of Marion counlx
nine x'cars. (iraduatcd from laxx
s( hool of West \irgiuia I nixcrsilx
in 1 N'.iT and engaged in pracliec of
laxx at l a i iiiioi: I m IMIN. I'rom l!M.".
I" I !H i he xx.is .bulge ot llu inter
mediate court <-l Marion counlx and
at Hie expiintioii i>| In- term, lie re
sinned laxx practice in l airmonl. 1 1 ?
x. as appointed a iticnihcr of lh.^
I'llhlic Service ( '.ommissioii hx < > ? ? \
ernoj- 1 1 . I), llalliehl for a loin xeai
term, commencing .lanu u x 1 l!Ha.
lie became chairman of the Out:
mission .him I. 1 ! ? 1 1 . and resigned
in l!'l!' to hecouic a candidate foi
the Hcpuhlicalion nomination h>:
i ioverm ?r.
!'ii .i n ill Wilson, in conforinanci
%x i " ? i i i ? 1 o 1 1 1 . xvaitcd upon Congress
linal hour in his room oil Ihc
v'ni.ir (handier. signing a fexx las'
minute measures. Aiming these were
the siindr.x cixil appropriation hill
and Ihc l.anglcx hill appropriating]
s I S.MKl. (Mill fin hospitalization of!
former serx ii e ;m a.
Itcpiil.licaii li nlci's plan lo dralt j
suhslihilcs for Ihc ai nix and nax.x
hills as soon as Ihc < \tra session is
con veiled hx President Harding,
pn-hahlx eai lx in April, and rush
tin in through. Ihc iniuiigi ation ,
i est i id ion measure also will In"
1 1 lie o( Ihc In si li ica xil res com id' i < I g
at I i i ? cslra session.
I'fie Slate I .fv{i slat lire coiix-eiM .' J
i| < ha' lcston again en Wcdncsdax J
act on incisures submitted .? t lh< i
? , ii,p i , v >..? .i. it i tl in I > fi ii if ?
A new basis of negotiations, be- ?
lievcd by officials of the State Dt- .
jKirtnu'nt to be acceptable to both j
Panama ami Costa Hica in settle- |
'incut of their boundary dispute, was
outlined in a note dispatched to j
Panama on the 11th.
Hcplying to Panama's vigorous
protest Secretary Hughes' announce'
hnent tljat the arbitral award of '
'Chief Justice White must he put in-'
to effect in its entirety, the latest
communication, while adhering to
i the previous declaration regarding
'the Pacific end of the boundary,!
opens the door to amicable settle- j
'incut by agreeing to further discuss I
the Atlantic end.
I The 11 \ ? t e is considered by diplo
mats 1*) have deal! a death blow to
any pns-dhilil\ that IJie League of
Nations might he called on to act in
Hhe question b> citing provisions ? ?f
| a treaty drawn in I'.M.S whereby
| Panama and Cost a Hica agreed to
I submit disputes to the I'nited States
'as mediator. I his treat\. signed h>
|the three powers. was negotiated
'by Willi;', m .leuning Hr\an, tin n
(Secretary of State, as a means of
! safeguarding American interests in
' Panama.
i i ?
'. Statements regarding appropna
' tions, presented in both branches of
I Congress, showed a total appropri
ation during Congress of about SH.
210.000,000, of which about >>.'1.500,
000,000 was made during the las!
session. A general deficiency biii
carrying hundreds of millions of
dollors to make good the lopped off
appropriations last year for a cred
itable campaign showing, was pass
ed. This, as we have said before,
was a Congress that played politics
for all it was worth. So they lopp
ed off needed appropriations last
year ? a campaign year you reniem
i her ? only to inake them up at this
jlast session in the form of deficiency
i bills. This to deceive the ignorant.
?Put now when the (). P. lias won
by this and other deceptions wen
worse the deficiency bills shaw
l how the political game was played
' to the limit.
j Dr. C. K. Sawyer the Harding
I family doctor at Marion has been
t chosen as Hit- President'* physi
jcian ami was nominated as a
; brigadier general in <he medical rc
serve corps, it was announced by
Secretary Weeks, of the War depart
| men I. Mr. Weeks said Dr. Sawyers
would be culled to active service
by llie President. He will thus
|ha\e the rank and pay of n regular
jarm\ officer while .serving at the
While House.
! Hon. Claude Kitchin, of North
j Carolina. probably will be the
I Democratic leader on the floor in
the new House. He has sent word
I to House Democrats that he will be
| able to resume most of his Congres
sional work within a few days. Mr.!
| Kitchin has been ill for nearlx nine
{ months, following an attack of pa- 1
'ralv^is while speaking against the
resolution to declare peace with 1
( ierman\ .
Secretarx of the Nav\ Deuhx will
leave Washington Snmlav for (iuan
taiicmo, Cuba. where he will wit
ness target praclice and winter
battle maneuver^ of the Atlantic
Hi ft. I.ater he will go |<t !Iati and
"lie I >om i 11 ica 11 llcpiiblic to inMieei
the marines ^lalioncd on the is' ind
and will return to Washington a
I mmi I \pi il .Mil.
\ v|)t?i.il session ot tlie ( ? < ill
( onyre^s ? -ailed b^. President
Harding !i> meet on tin illli d.i> of j
">lv wife. Nealie Milliner, left 1 1 1 v j
bed and board \pril L'7. I !HiO. with- 1
on! iMiisc, I w ill not be rt sponsible j
lor an\ debts slie mav contrai't.
II. W. Mil. |. INK J !. |
i \sburv . W. \ a. 1 i?w '
j _ j
l hi yli - !.i\ i n g Strain \nt"i ;a. ;
and I '.nil Leghorn Cliiikcn?-. I'.LtJSj
ot either Kind fur sale. 1 . > for >l.7.?
or .'III (or >:K(IU. ililiveretl b\ I'. I'. j
* >n I ? I* carl\ and yet ,miIIi !s ready;
for laving In ' ?( lobcr when et^u%j
are high. I for haieiiin:; thron-l
out season. < I. AH \ I . I'd lill. Mr. !
I .ooiioi I . V\ . \ . ! I 1 -o\\
CONKI.IN WAl.tiNS. We have;
bought a ear o| the famous (.ouklini
Wagons to he delivered at Si eberl
about \pril Is!. An attractive price)
delivered along the C. \ O. ?'!. I?.. in j
I'oeahontas and (irecnhrici Voun
ties. I. el ns K now \ our iiimmIs. |
MMISIIM.I.A S 1 1 ' I . I . , Hil.l.siioi'.o, W.
V I I - i w
I n \ViI< # \ 1 II v| \ N CnNCKHS.
\ i! i . t j v i;? i i b v ki v en that at a
mes'iu.i i?f the S I ? ? ? K hoide: s of the
I \oi Stone ( .mip my. ,i corporation
created ami organized under the
laws ot the Stale of We-t Virginia,
held at Ivor. K\.. on the 'Jlth dav
ol I i bru ai \ l'.?!'l. "I !i e fallowing
resi 1 ii I i( mi s wvre adopt -d
I' I .S< >1 . \ I I ? ; b> a lull vote of the
Ivor Stone Compan\. all belli}; pres
ent in person. That the Corporation
be dissolved, and that there being
no out standi 114 liabilities, that all
proper! > belonging to said < ompanv
both real and personal, be trans
fe;vil to I*. T. McClintie, to lie tlis^
j os.-d of ind accounted to the pres
ent stockholders as per shares of
stork held.
K. I\ Met I IS 1IC. I'n sideilt
of said C.orporalion.
\\ \b Mlister. V e'\ \ I re. 1 .
:i 1 s ?w
lly virtue of a deed <"?X trust dated
the 6th day of March. 1007. made
by 1). H. Thomas and Mary < t.
Thomas, his wife, to the undersign
ed trustee, and recorded in the of
tiee of the <llcrk of the Count. \
<k?urt of (ireenbrier County, West
Virginia, in Trust Deed Hook No.
7. at page 01 U. I will seH at puhlie
ilUCtion. t?j the highest responsible
bidder. r?;i
SATl WU>.\ Y. MAltCII 10TH. 1021 j
commencing ??t 1- o'clock noon, ii j
front of the Hank of l.ewjsburg'
building, in the Town of l.ewisburn!
Greenbrier Omnty. West Virginia. i
the following described real estate,
| 111 at is to sav :
That certain lot or parcel of
1 ground, with the improvements
thereon, situated and fronting on
II.ee Street, in the said Town ??f
: l.ewisbur*. (ireenbrier ('ouniy.
, West Virginia, and adjoining the i
! property now owned by I.. S. I>avid i
j son. Mivs K. P. Mathews and W. C. |
j lieard. and containing one acre an<l
? 1 :i anil l-'J poles, be the siune more
i or less, being the same prtipcrty
i lately occupied by l>. H. Thomas
! as a resdeuce.
I TKltMS: ? Sufficient c.'ish to dis
charge and pay off the tfole sccur
, cd Ly the aforesaid' trust deed, or
! ney renewals thereof, in whole cr
i in part, the accrued interest there
ton. and all taxes and insurance
! premiums remaining unpaid at the
i time of executing this trust, and the
j residue in two equal installments,
I payable in one and two years re
! n?ectively, from date of sale, for
: which deferred payments said trus
j tee shall require notes with good
i personal endorsement, bearing in
i teres! from day of sale, and re.ten
|tion of legal title as further security
; in the premises.
j 2-2.>4w . T rustc^e.
} prune: sale.
of personal properly.
I will offer for sale on
] TI KSDAY, M AI1CII 2U. 1!?21.
I :it my home one mile south of llug
[hurt, the lollowing property:
! 1 Tca.ni of Work Horses, weight
? 3,000, 7 and 9 years of age.
I 7 (iood Mileh (lows; and one three
* > esir-*?l?l heiffer.
12 Sheep,
j i n?>gs,
J I 3 1-4 Milhnrn Wagon,
I 1 flood Svrirtg W-agon,
I I lluggy and Harness,
I 2 Sets of Work Harness,
J 1 Set of Double Buggy Harness,
Farming tools, mowing machines
j rakes, cultivators, etc.,
1 Set of Blacksmith Tools,
?1 Iron Kettles and one lot of
One lot of corn, hay and wheat.
Household and Kitchen Furni
ture, andtothcr things too nuiuerous
! to mention.
! TKHMS:? Made known on dav ol
! Side
! The Ladies Aid will serve lunch
'on dav of Sale.
| H. V. KINC.Ml).
( ;( >.\L\I I SS K ) N KB S' NOTIC K.
All persons holding claims against
I the estate of Fannie Lipps, deceased
i are hereby notified to present the
: same. with full legal proof thereof.
| before the undersigned Commission
' er of Accounts for settlement .it hi*
I ollice in the Hank of (irccnbrict
I Building. Lev. isburg. West Virginia
' on <<r before the !Hh da\ ? ? f April.
ITJI. at which lime ami place the
j rights between the creditors <if
i said estate and Nettie 1*11 lis. Admin
idratri\ theri'or. will be adjudicat
\ d i; ! ribut ion scltleincnl hclv.vcn
' 'lie heirs ui' s;i i 1 1 estate, \\ ill be made
af!? r I ! 1 1- rich's < f the creditor*
thereot have been adjusted. AP
j in h s arc bereb\ u'diiied to present
1 h , ? proper proofs i?i' t!:eir rights
'before the unil1'!' signed (ioinuiis
ioner al tin- place and tune as
hen iiibcfi ?re si I out.
C.i mmissioner t?f \ecounts ,
? 7 5.000 Ftm SEM1NAHY POltMlTOHY.
It's Just This Way.
If you spend everything tc-day
there won't be anything left
for to-morrow.
But if you save something to-day,
and every day, and let your sav
ings earn interest, a fine sum
will be ready for that to-morrow
whose needs or opportunities will
be most vital and worth while?
when that to-morrow shall
be to-day
Bank of Lewisburg
Capital and Surplus, $250,000.
By virtue of an execution in iny i
hands :is Sheriff. issued by 7 the j
j Clerk of the Circuit Court of Green- j
i brier (bounty, in favor <?f S. F. !
i Hoxvser Co., against C. K. Connor,
for >'123..'iG with interest from May!
,11, 102(1, and >'25. 10 costs and also!
by reason of a reservation of title
! to see ure the unpaid purchase
; money, 1 will sell at public auction
; to the highest bidder at the point
i where located in the town of Lewis
! burg, one Bowser Pump and con
j nections and also one gasoline tank
and connections, now buried on
: the South side of and in Main Street
, in the town of Lewisburg just West
lof Richmond & Hobbs Garage. The
j tank and pump and connection will;
be sold as they are, the purchaser 1
to dig up and remove at his own
' expense.
This sale is also authorized by
S. F. Bowser Co.. under its title
retained of record.
The sale will be made on
MARCH 10T11, 1021,
:it J 1 o'clock, a. m. at the location
of the pump and tank.
Terms of Sale '.?-CASH.
2-2.">- 1 w Sherill".
cool) FARM FOR SACK: In llie
hest farming seetion of Cecil Conn
t\ . Mars land, 1 I 2 acres of good pro
ductive soil; ?S0 acres of cultivating
land can farm with ail kinds of
improved machinery: Hi acres pas
lurc hind; 22 acres timber; 2 large
frame barns with water in barn
yard. Corn house, tool shed and
hog house, all in good condition.
.Vice 7-room house practically new
wilii w.h-r in Ionise. surroundi-d
h\ an elegant orchard of line fruit.
Included with farm I good work
horses. I'ricc sin, 7(H). l or further
information, write or see owner.
\V. \i. CCCil., Colora. Maryland. 1-1
Ily virtue of the authority vested
in me as Trustee, by a certain Dml
of Trust, rcxt'culed on the 1st day ?>t
October. 1920, by Samuel Reed ami
Anna Reed, his wife, wihch deed k
of record in the oiHce of the Clerl
of the County Court of Creenbriei
County, West Virginia, in Tru^'
Deed Book No. 15, at page 56(5, ?It
fault having been made in the pa>
ment of the note secured thereby,
and having been requested so to do.
I will sell at public auction, on
1921, at 11 o'clock, a. m., in front
of the Rank of Lewisburg, in th>
Town of Lewisburg. Greenbrier
county. West Virginia, to the hi^li
est bidder the following described
tract or parcel of land:
FIRST : That certain tract r?
parcel of land conveyed to the said
Anna Reed by II. U. Fisher and wift
by deed dated on the 2t>th day oi
December, 1919, and recorded in
the ofliee of the Clerk of the Counh
Court', of (ireenbriet* County, \\>
Deed Hook No. 95, at page 415, run
tainiog 87 acres, adjoining Heard.
Thomas and others.
SECOND : That certain tract <>
parrel of land which was conveyed
to said Samuel Reed ami Anna Heed
by N. A. Mann and others, by deeil
dated tin the 23rd day of November.
1911, and recorded in the
Clerks Olliee, in Deed Hook !?!!. at
page 1510. containing 25 acres, ami
adjoining the lands of 11. I'. Fi>m
and .Ino. \V. Thomas.
TI-iHMS OK SALE:? Cash in hami
on day of Sale.
H. L. MeMillion. Trusl...
Auvl ioneer. 3-1 S l >.
The !< .'lowing account is liel'?ii<
me f f s ii'i im mI: Edward l.\ii<-:
Ad'iiinist' ai.i;- t > t S 1 1 s : ? ! ? .1. Ncal. de
(liven under it^ hand this 17'
das ii!' March. #l > Li I .
I ?' I N ? .!?; V M. \ I i I > I CKI.I .
I X-2\\ ' oannissior.cr ol Accoin
Slight sul)l;i\;il ions (slight displact nicnl > :il l'i: , j ? 4 ? 1 : > t v. ill
* ?? : i ti st* I it'ii < I ;ie Ill's, eye disease, deafness. epi!cps\. i i 1 : n
ni l. wi n neck, facial paralysis., :i t ;i \ i ;i . i-lc.
A slight siil)l:i\:il ion of :i vertebae in this pari of tin- spine
2i> :i cause in ihroat trouble. neuralgia. p:? i 11 in f!it' shoulders
:? it ? I ;< rn is. i{oitrc. ncr? "lis prostration. In grippe. ili/./i
ni'ss. J i Iccdinu from nosi'. disorder of uiims. crlarrh. etc
I lie iii row head marked .No. locales the p;irl of the spine
v herein sn!ti:.\;il ions vill ? aus<.- bronchitis. felons. pain
Im Iwci'i! Ill" shoulder !?'??! I **s. rheumatism of Ihc arms .mil
shoulders, liny fiver, writers cramps, rlc.
A vertebrae suhla\ation ."I this point causes nervousness,
hear' discus''. :is|l)in;i. pneiimoiii'.i, tuberculosis, dillienlt
breath i 11K. oilier hin^ !?? nhli's. etc.
Sloimieh nnd 1! 'er troubles, enlargement of the spleen
plurisev. ;i seore ol other troubles, are canscd b>
nerves hein?4 pinched l;\ p ;i t*l id' the spine, sometimes so
li^ht ;is to remain unnoticed h> toilers c\eept the trained
( '.h iropractor.
Here we find 1 cause of Kail stones. dyspepsia of lij'prr
liowel. fever, shingles, hiccough, worms, 1 te.
Jirinht disease, dialietes, lloatiuic kidney, skin disease, boils,
eruptions and other diseases, are caused hy nerves I >011 ?
]>inched in the spinal openings -it this point.
Herniations of such tronhles .is appendicitis, peritonitis
lumbago, et'j-. follow Chiropractic adjustments at this
Why have constipation, rectal troubles, sciatica, et<\, when
Chiropractic adjustnienls at this point of the spine will
remove the cause?
A slippage of one or hot!*, innominate hones will likcwiM
produce sciatica, together will* many "diseases" 01 pel
vis and lower extremities.
I lie Chiroprac tor. alter locating tlic place of the pressure by vertebral palpation
and tracing of the tender nerves, adjusts, by hand, the subluxatecl (dis
placed) vertebrae which removes the pressure and enables "Nj
ture" to restore to normal condition ? HEALTH.
Pearl Swearingen,
Bonk of Lewisburg Building. Lewishurg, West Yirj(ini?
Phono 218. Residence, 8^.

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