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?lnit Shall be IniUgcrtut^o o? which Advances the Causo of Tnul. ami Morality, or which Coucerns the Welfare of the Community In which we Uve.
lij. siiii'iili* of Miss Donna Mason.
, _v, oiil daughter of Mr. and ;
n-, \t. Msison, of Drenncn, was >
i I n . ? saddest tragedies occur- {
? 'v Nicholas in iiinii \ years j
ift ? I ?>n the 4 ( ii at Yaughan. ;
i, ? *i;c was leaching. When tin* |
?r>? pupils arrived at llu* .school
.truing thc> found Miss Mason I
t\ iug coinlilion in Ihc school- j
from Ihc circcts of carbolic '
inlcnially. A note was 1
i addressed I ? ? her mother ami
jil, i :ii S:l."> o'clock a. in., giving!
I,.- .s the time when she took the I
l.vidcnces were found that she
|t,i (lihitcil Ihc acid with water
(|U! ,|t . ink it from the couuuoii <1 ij?
H.r ;,t the school. Dr. Dunbar, of
was called, but found that
,?l!i!ii^ could be done to counter
K\ Hi,, cll'cets of the poison, and j
I,'jitc ended her sufferings at aboul !
t)11r ,/riock in the afternoon of that |
An inquest was held over the j
mi--, .aid Hie conclusion was reach- |
,1 tli.it sin' was insane pt the time i
took the poison, as she had
:i signs of an unbalanced mind J
or wcral days, attributed to the |
,|>po?ition of her parents to her
sarrieage to John Bryant, of Sum
;icrsvillc. to whom she was engaged
\<] , Ajuiiiiialion of the body dis
!omiI i<> physieial condition which
nig! it have caused her to commit
hi r;t<h acl.
iJovrrnor Morgan last week nam
,1 the Capitol Building Commission
maided for in the passage of the
impropriation bill at the. recent scs
iun of llu- Legislature.
I in-> Commission consists of seven
n, lu<liiig (iovernor Morgan as Chair
nan o\-oUieio. Others are. Win.
li-Kcli. of Fayette; former Cover
i?r.l;?lui .1. Cornwell; <?. C. Arnold,
?resident of the Senate; E. M. Kcat
(v Speaker or the House; N. Prte.c
Vliit.ikiT, manufacturer of Whcel
,lio was a member of the House
ii I'M 7 and F. M. Staunton, Charles
on business ma.
This Commission is authorized
n!ii empowered to enter into con
r;tfis for the construction of swit
ililc capilol and ollicc buildings
mil to purchase, acquire, sell and
xchaii.ue real estate and co-operate
villi tlie city of Charleston on an
(!? .t.il>lc basis in ac(|uiriug Jand
Aliicli to creel capitol and ollicc
lite Commission is also author
a-iI in cuter into contracts for the
il?'M- named purposes in a total
iiol to exceed .SO. 500, 000
>lu> iiie amount reveived from Ihc
';d?' <>i land. Appropriation of
iXtilin was made for 1022 and
fol- ^j1(. succeeding year,
mem-ding Legislatures will ap
Topriutf the remainder.
I k;;l'iU'cll, aged 5, 1U1(I MlII'V. ?> j
.>ld . daughters of Mr. and (
i.. ij. Wihnorc. early on Hit' |
?'< were playing dolls with a pair
?' kiiii-ns, tlu' scene of their past- j
|i:'i !u iitg on [he ends of two e.ross j
?? -i tin- Norfolk and Western .
?i;n!v.;i\ nt Weleh, this State. Slid- 1
Bf:1'. }>;i *?si ? 11 j?c*r train No. 2, swung
B"<m'H ;i curve and before the en- i
B>> - ; could stop, the little girls
Bv-v Miiu k. As a result Kathleen
Bn'' l;?,r kitten are hoth dead and
B'11 ' i- in ;i local hospital not ex- \
i i |(i recover,
I Irngcdy was wit mvsscd hy
1 persons not far from the
i1' i' home.
? ;i sufferer from insomnia,
II I W. Thomas. IS, editor of the ,
??;.!?! i-rly Heview, of the Methodist
?i?!y , South and one ?
B| inosl propiincnt men in the
eonferenee of the Church.
??!?iiii||((| suicide* hy hanging at
?JAv nig (Ircen, Ky., Monday the ,
"ls h?d> was found in a thiek
W 111 !iis home. He had heen dead
W s;vi-r;il hours. Dr. Thomas was
known in Kentucky, where
Bf 'n ld several pastorates, in- t
PUdiiijj churches in fXHiisvillc, j
?y'frson, Owensboro and Morgan- j
r \l one time, he wsis presid- j
?^'Mcr of the Louisville district.;
I Hii- World correspondent at
?wisiii js informed on high auth
B/'N ''nit .lapan has decided to re
? 1 tin- Pro vi nee of Shantung to
B"'1'1' 'nnnedlatoly and uncondi
?y'Miiv. ll,is decision is due to a
?J:"'- the Chinese policy.!
??'?^"nglon authorities ha\e not i
I '> Informed on the* subject,
? .K,: 'he Chinese lynhassy at
? ' ??J!,,ig',,n. t l,t* ollicia! circles j
? ' ?> disposition to discredit
? ' ,k'sp;itcji.
Here is a brier and much con
densed statement of what the Legis
lature did at tin* session recentlv
adjourned :
Knacting a general system ol
State road construction. Laws re
organizing tin* national guard, in
creasing and enlarging tin* State
Police Force, providing for tin*
summoning of juries from counties
other than that in which the trial
of a case is lt? he itad. creating a
sinking fund commission: impos
ing a ta\ on gross sales; providing
punishment for the crime of lynch
ing; abolishing the oilier t?T Siat,
(iaiue Warden and creating a State
game commission; empowering the
Governor to remove officers and
e,inployes at his will and pleasure,
providing for the supervision of
rate making associations; estnblish
a "1-11" camp institute; providing
for normal training in high schools
relating to the adoption of text
hooks; providing for the standard
ization of one-room schools; relat
ing to the sale and lease of school
property; providing for a course of
study in lire prevention in the
schools of the State; authorizing the
expenses of county superintendents
to be paid out of the general county
fund; relating to teachers' element
ary certificates; increasing the sal
aries of secretaries of board of ed
ucation: increasing teachers' salar
ies; relating to the erection of dor
mitories for high schools: relating
to the sale of goods in bulk; aid for
agricultural fairs; changing the law
relating to license taxes; authoriz
ing the valuation of bonds and oth
er securities held by life insurance
companies; assessment life associ
ations, etc.; providing for the crea
tion of a municipal bond fund;
changing the membership of the
State board of education from 3
members of one party and II of an
other, to 1 and two respectively;
prohibiting children placed in the
State industrial school for boys and
the State industrial home for girls
from working in the industries of
the State without first securing per
mits as provided by the child labor
law; increasing the salary of the
State lire marshal and his assistants
relating to exits at moving picture
theatres; authorizing county courts
to aid county farm bureaus in the
cmploycmcnt of county agricultural
agents: relating to speculative se
curities; amending the prohibition
law: crating the bureau of negro
welfare; changing the law relative
to assessments and assessors; in
creasing the number of State min
ing inspectors; providing for the
licensing of non-resident insurance
brokers; icrcasing the rates on in
heritance taxes; relating to money
advanced on contract: equal guard
ianship; increasing the salary of
the State law librarian at Charlesl
ton; relating to the formation of
building associations; relating to
the powers of , municipal corpora
tions; relating to absent voters; re
lating to the marriage of a female
representative; refunding license
fees collected on tractors, etc.; es
tablishing a State institution for
the treatment and training of men
tal defectives; providing for the
payment to county comniissiners
for services performed, other than
for services in court; empowering
the (lover n or to make temporary
."ppoinlmcnts to the ollice of 1*. S.
Senator in case of vacancies; pro
tecting the rights of voters; relat
ing to the age of consent; relating
to liic control and eradication of
diseases among bees; revision of
the Stale printing law; providing
for the licensing of dental higicn
ists; relating to the powers and
duties of the Public Service Coin
mission; establishing a State indus
trial home for colored girls; regu
lating the practice of the profes
sion of engineering; relating to
vital statistics; relating to mouth
hygiene and the treatment of pupils
in the public schools, relating to
coroners' inquests relaitng to l^ie
care and disposition of delinquent
children; relating to surety com
panies; providing for the examina
tion and registration of architects;
relating to delinquent children
establishing a State industrial
school for colored boys; amending
the law with reference to a State
board of children's guardians; re
lating to the prevention and unlaw
ful practice of the law; relating to
the compensation and fees of the
commissioner of banking.
W. V. Meadows, aged 78, ;i veter
an of flic Civil War, was shot at
tlie battle of Vieksburg in 1802,
couched out the Imlli't that blinded
lii.m at tin' time, lie is in good
health, although lie earned the slug
in hi.? head for lifly-eigU years. 1
' Charles \V. Masters. of Ihr ( I:? I ?l -
well vieinity. ? I i t-t i al Stale Hospital
at Speneer on Monday, the Kith,
I aged f>N years. The hod\ was
? brought home and laid t<? rest in
j the hnrying ground at Adwell
| (/hnreli. lie was an honest, ron
seientoiis man who was nineh re
jspeeled l>\ his friends and neigli
i bors.
lion. Franklin K. l.ane. Secretary
<.f I In- 1 1) I oi'ioi* under President Wil
son. died u? angena pectoris ?in a
hospital at Rochester. Minn.. 011 the
l.Sth. am! Chief Justice White of
the Supreme Court of the I niU'd
Stall's, is reported by liis physician
to be 1\ ing in a state of coma and
I his death is looked for at any tiine.
I Congressman Frankhauscr, of the
Third Michigan district, commit ted
suicide in a sanitarium at Battle
I ('.reek. Michigan, by cutting his
j throat with a razor. He was found
in a bath tub by JiLs attendants
sometime after the deed. Despond
ency over ill health is believed to
have prompted the act.
i Mr. John E. Barry, well-known t )
many people of this end of the
county, died suddenly at his home
at Roncevertc, Wednesday Morning
May 11, 1921, while reading a news
paper, liis death was due to a
disease of the heart, from which he
had suffered for >cars. In the pass
ing of ".Johnny" Harry Roncevertc
loses one of its loyal citizens. His
eonstant purpose was to serve oth
ers faithfully. courteously and
I whole-hearted. His last position
jwas bokkeeper for Rurkholder and
' tireen, and was on duty there as
Softer as liis physical condition per
! mitted. Mr. Harry was about 51
>ears of age. and leaves a wife and
two children. An aged another,
Mrs. Mary Harry and two sisters.
Miss Mary Harry, of Roncevertc,
and Mrs. B. \V. Slellale, of Coving
ton. Virginia, survive him. Funeral
services were conducted at St.
Catherine's Church followed by
I bururi in the Catholic cemetery.
I Calvin Price Erwin passed away
Frulay, May (*., 1921, aged 72 years,
1 month and IS days. He was
slrickcn down with paralysis two
weeks before his death, his sufler
ings during a part of the time be
i ing intense. But he bore his suff
ering patiently until the end. He
i had been a member of Salem Fres
i bylerian Church nearly (>(? years
land an ofliecr over "iO years. Fu
neral 'services were conducted Sat
jurday, May 7th, by his pastor, llev.
1 F. l\ Sydenstricker, assisted by
! Mevs. R. L. Kinnaird and T. li.
! Steward. The largest crowd gath
ered at the Church to pay respect
to the dead, that was ever seen at
la funeral at Salem Church. lie
was twice married, his first wife
J was ;i Miss Van Stavern. To this
I union seven children survive ? Mrs.
J. W. I.onganaere, Sinks drove.
\Y. Va.; W. Jt. Erwin. Fairfax, Mo.;
| H. F. Erwin, Weyerts. Neb.; H. L.
Frwin, Monroe county; J. P. Erwin,
Charleston; J. E. Erwin, Bluelleld,
and H. C. Erwin, of this county,
and one aged brother, J'. F. Erwin.
I Tarkio, Mo. His widow, Mrs. Mary
IF. Erwin. also survives hiin. lie
will be sadly missed in the commu
nity?our loss is his gain. His les
s limony was, "l a,m read> to go."
! From a copy of the Alliance ((>.,>
' lleview and Leader" of May I. 'lil
j we learn of the death of Alexis Os
I borne, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.
Sam'l W. Osborne, of Sewell Valley,
this county, which occurred at Ihc
'.Alliance C.ily Hospital May I?. 1921,
! the cause of his death being bron
chial pneumonia. Filtering the hos
lpilal on the l.Sth of April he undcr
l went an operation for appcndicilis.
,ilis successful response to the op
eration gave promise of speedy rc
jcovery but pneumonia developed
and (ieatli came putting an emi to
j the life of a very worthy, indust
rious, ambitious and promising
young man. He was horn at his
j father's home in Sewell Valley April
I 18, 1980. liis father being a warm
i persona friend of Capt. Alexis M.
Buster, of Blue Sulphur Springs,
named his first born in his honor
Alexis. His associates in the rail
road service, particularly conduc
tor Win. J. Mathias, on whose train
lie served as brakeman, speak in
high terms of his faithfulness and
j efficiency and felt confident that
he would soon have been promoted.
His father was with hi.ni in his last
hours and his grief was pathetic
as lie watched liiin while he breath
ed his last. Alexis leaves his father,
J mother and seven brothers and sis
ters to mourn his untimely death.
Mr. Osborne took the body in
charge and after having it p'cj . i-t
for burial he and Capt. M r:;"
i companied it back to Scwcl! ? < ?
whereon Friday, afkr an ip}? < ?
ale funeral service, it v. tis i ? ? : i. ; . " t
ed to the grave in cis r.i ?> "" i ?'?<..
A number of relatives and friends!
of Mr. and Mrs. 15. A. (!. Nickcll. of I
near I'ickaway. gave tiiem a pleas-!
? aut surprise tut Friday. M:iy lith.
Hit' double hinhday ? ? f Mrs. .Nicked. |
and lift* twin hroilirr. Mr. Kdward :
II. Young, of Iteuick. (ireenbricr :
county. All nunc with well-lilled !
baskets ?>f good things t<> eat. The J
ladies took possession of too dining-:
roni ami ;it 12 o'clock everybody)
was invited to |>;irtake of the sump- j
lions birthday dinner spread before j
jthem. The long table extending a - ?
cross the dinningroom was hideued f
with an abundance of the very best [
that the good women of Monroe
are capable of getting up. The dc.
licious dinner and social day were
greatly enjoyed by all. It reminded
one of the social events of bygone
days. Many pleasant rejoin iseen
ices of school days and youth wree
recalled, many of which were of a
humorous coloring. Mr. Clarence t
Nickell was at his best ? well you
k now !
The peope were most graciously
received by the host and hostess
Mr. and Mrs. Niekcli, who made
every one feel at home thrice wel
come. The entire company had a
delightful time and -all unite in
j wishing the good brother and sister
many happy returns of the day. ?
Monroe Watchman.
The State Road Commission Ikis
prepared a table showing the pro
i portionate distribution of the State
! road fund to be derived from the
j first issue of $15,000,000 of State
i bonds authorized by the Legislature
'which adjourned May 3d, based on
the Class A. mileage in each count>
The average per county is 8273,373.
The amounts for Greenbrier and
nearby counties are as follows:
('.lass "A" Appor
County Roads tioiunent
Greenbrier Hi) $382,882
Kanawha 151 405.105 1
Mercer 00 308,880
Monroe 81 270,270
Fayette 101 331,020
Nicholas 1)2 206.010
Pocahontas 127 108,023
Summers 80 257,400 1
Webster 101 324,008 j
Clay 78 250,00.~> j
Sunday, May 8lb, was Hilly Sun
day's lirst day at Bluclicld and the ,
Tclet/rapJi says the total nu,mber of I
those who crowded their way into J
the Tabernacle to hear the famous ]
I evangelist, morning, afternoon audi
J night, was in excess of Hi, 000.
} The morning crowd was estim.it- 1
Jed at 5,000. the 'afternoon at 1.000:
1 anil the night meeting 7,000 or ]
I more. Three times Hilly Sunday |
preached and each sermon saw him i
, increase bis vehemence until at j
i night he was pouring forth his de
i nunciation in rcdhot diction that !
seared its way through petty cam
! oullagc and laid bare sin in the iiigh
j (daces as well :>s the lowest, leav
! i ng no opportunity available for a
'.misconstruction and putting the
j ages-old, yet ever-new gospel in box
j car letters in front of his auditors.
For the third time in his career
! Georges Cnrpenlicr. heavyweighl
! boxing champion of Kurope, enter
led the I'niled Slates when the
| steamship La Savoie docked at her
pier in New York on the night of
'the l.'dh. This lime Georges comes
for the lest of his career, a battle
j Jul) -2d, with Jack iJempscy for
the heavyweight championship of
; the world. According to wireless
! despatches. Carpcnticr stood the
| trip well and managed to get in
enough exercise to keep him in
condition. He will go into train
ing at once.
P. L.Dysard, of Hichwood, was
at Siuumersville last week in the
interest of the Old Time Fiddlers
Contest to be pulled oil in the High
School Auditorium there on the 10th
The old timers h id a contest of
skill with the fidd.; and the bow at
Webster Springs jnie months ago
which proved to be an occasion of
much interest.
Approximately .$1,000,000 for
three new buildings, the law build
ing, gymnasium, and chemistry
building, were included in the ap
propriations of almost $3,000,000
?viiicii ?v, i o made by the recent
i.e.. i <!aiu. e of West Virginia I'ni
.? rsity for the next two years. Bids
na\e alrecdv been asked for the law
The Executive Council of tin. I
Eightieth Division Veterans Asso- j
ciation. lias set August I. o, and
Otii, as the dates of their second !
annual reunion lo he held at Pills- !
burg, I'a., this year. The Cit\ Coun
cil of Pittsburg has favorahl\ con- j
sidered an allotment of for J
this reunion. Beduecd railroad
rates will he in force from all point i
lo Piltshurg. The reunion wil he:
assisted h \ The Pennsylvania Au\- j
iliar> No. 1. Eightieth Division Vet- J
erans Association, an organization ,
composed of Pittsburgcrs, origin
ally the Welcome Home Association
which welcomed home the Veterans !
of Inlander's Fields and The Wood- '
ed Argonc. The Eightieth Divis-j
ion was composed of men selected
from the three States of Pennsyl
vania. West Virginia, and Virginia,
and trained at Camp Lee, Virginia.
The Division went over-seas in May]
11)18 and returned one year later j
in the Spring of 1 I i) after much
service in France. Many former
members of the Division from this
section will attend.
Hubert Neal, Lewisburg and
Unfits II. Fogus, Sue, have been ap
pointed to awaken interest in the
Reunion and urge the attendance
of the veterans.
Mrs. H. M. Humphreys of Hox
alia. this county, sends us a pecu
liar egg laid by one of her Plymouth
Hock hens last month (April). It is
really a double egg. each twin metis
uring about one inch in length, the
junction between the two covered
with the shell, and the whole weigh
ing less than one-fourth of an ounce
We'll bet it is the smallest egg in
North America. Now maybe Green
brier can find some kind of a
"varmint" over in that county il
wants to match against the product
of this perfectly respecttible Mon
roe hen. ? Watchman. ?
Now, Brother Johnston, it is pos
sible, tho hardly probably, that we
i might tind or hear of some Green
J brier "varmint" willing to compete
with the curiosity or monstrosit.N
you report from the /toxalia barn
yard; we doubt if the genteel digni
lied matrons of any hennery or
barnyard in Greenbrier, whose
sense of propriety is acute, could
easily be persuaded or coaxed,
to enter the contest you invite.
Greenbrier hens rebel at the mere
suggestion of "twinzes" as wholly
irreconcilable with barn-yard prop
riety and a caper they would blush
lo own.
As the Slate Senate, in a partis
an spirit Honorable Senators seem
ed powerless to resist, refused lo
conlirm any of Governor Cornwell's
appointments, among them the ap
pointment of Dr. Lindsay T. Vin
son, of Huntington, to serve out the
limine of Dr. It. T. Davis, of Charles
ton. who resigned the otlice he
cause the Bcpublicans, eager to
hog every job in sight big or little,
had clearly indicated an intention
to allow no Democrat to hold this
position. Governor Morgan has now
appointed Dr. W. T. Ilenshaw (He
publican) of Marlinsburg, to serve
out Dr. Davis' term.
. We can see no wisdom nor bene
fit to the people in such narrow
partisanship as is shown. It is
clear lh;i! Wesl Virginia Bcpubli
cans both preach and practice
thai, "lo Ihe victor belongs the
The lalcst recruit in Washington
law circles is William .1. Bryan, lie
has become associate counsel in in
ternational matters for law firm
there. It is said that Mr. Bryan
will probably give up his citizen
ship in Nebraska and take up his
residence in Florida, having already
a winter home at Miami, where, in
'recent years, he has spent much of
?his time. It is also said that after
his citizenship in Florida has be
come well establshcd, lie will be
come a candidate for the IJ. S. Sen
ate to succeed Senator Trammel.
On Tuesday, April 2Gth, a relig- j
ions serviee was held 011 the beaeh !
I at Cape Henry, Va., in coinjnein- j
monition of the landing ol Capt '
11 S111 it li at Cape Henry ill!
years ago when the first religious
[service held by Protestant Christ- j
linns on Ajnei'iean soil \v;is eondnet
ed. The address delivered by
Bishop Tucker was .1 scholarly one
There are 1,569 cities in the
lTnited States with a population of i
000 or over.
I : licit* Sil ill has * XII, 000.01 10 (>r
some people's money wailing in tin*
treasury for tlic.ni to come and get
it. according to (in* 1:itrs| otlicial
ligurcs of outstanding temporary
libert\ bonds. This sum represents
Hit- interest tltio hoMers of tenipor
i nry liberty bonds wlio have not ex
changed tlieir bonds for permanent
c oupon bearing securities on which
the regular interest is paid. The
figures show how that there are
I 7. IT LIT I .separate temporary bonds
I of various denominations, amount
ing to *l,i:i2.7:i0,200 still in the
hands of owners who have not ex
changed them for coupon bonds.
Against these ligurcs on the treas
urer's books, stands s83,H>">,8C7 in
! terest money that bond owners
have not yet claimed.
Ground was broken for the new
Presbyterian Church at I'nion Last
Monday, May 9th. Mr. \V. C. Camp
bell is the contractor. He has com
petent assistants and will push the
work. The plans for the new build
ing which will take the place of the
old one burned in 1017 have al
ready been outlined in this paper.
It will be a graceful brick edifice.
It is good to see that the excava
tions are providing for the base
jnient ? an- after-thought for which
|an additional thousand dollars was
j needed. The contributions there
! for now exceed $1)00 and it is fell
i safe to make the basement dciinite
| ly a part of the plans. - Watchman.
A despatch received in London
from South Africa, says a strong
force of police, armed with machine
guns, is concentrating in the
j Queen. stown district, where a large
! n iun her of blacks, claiming to be
| long to one of the Lost Tribes of
j Israel, have seized large estates and
(committed a number of crimes
against the Kuropean populace.
I These blacks, the despatch says,
'(declare they are waiting for a l)i
| vine call to return to Palestine, and
. tliat their present activities are in
preparation for this,
j ? L m
Miss Lai4ra fHronrweH^ 211-year
old aviatrix, on the lath broke the
j world's loop the loop record when
her plane, starting at the height of
1 8,0(10 feet performed 100 complete
loops (somcr.vaulls) before landing.
; The lliglil took place at Curtis Field
' N. V. Miss Hroinwell wore the uni
i form of lieutenant in the New York
i aerial police department.
j Last year she established a rec
jord of N8 loops during a single
, Might Her entire tlighl on the 15
| consigned one hour and twenty
Ilir I ?{-> ear-old daughter of
Hubert Tyree, was accidentally
hanged in a window of 1 1 n? Sandy
linltoni Church, near Madison
Heights, Vn., recently when she at
tempted to enter 1 1 ? c* Church hy rais
ing a window. Apparentl\ she al
lowed the sash to drop and was
eanght and held hy the neck. When
found later a physician said she
had been dead an hour. Her neck
was not broken.
beginning May Kith, employes of
the Ford Motor Car Company will
be paid an average of about one
day's pay extra every two weeks.
The bi-monthly bonus plan decided
upon several dajs ago will go into
cll'ec.t then. The men will be paid
according to the length of service
and rate oi" present pay. Last year's
bonus amounted to $8,000,000 and
it is understood the 101! I payments
will be about the same.
The printing trades strike was
ended in Chicago Friday when ?!,
oOO printers, book binders and
press feeders returned to work un
der an agreement by which Uic em
ployers granted a ?! 1-hour week
and the employes accepted a wage
reduction of $'1.35 a week. The
wage reduction was deeided upon
by an arbitration bo.nu on t.hirh
both sides were equally represent

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