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sr.vn: <>!?? wi.sr viucima.
Oil \ i \ (?r C'?!iIll.N 11!iIi.i?.
\t a Hcgula'- session of tin- Coun
ty * lout! ??i (irectihiier Couuty. lioUl
un the lltii ?ly> ??f ?t. 1.
Present: I hos. \V. Shields. I'n si
dent. ami It. C. Williams. Commis
In accordance with section 'J.
chapter 0. Ai ts of tlu- Cxtra Session
??t tilt,- Legislature 1010. I in* t.ourt
proceeded to make up an cslimati
of l!u* amount necessarx to lie lc\>cd
for the current li*t*?i 1 war. ami doth
determine and estimate the several
amounts Jo he as follows:
ccnkhac ct>i N'l'v i i i;im?s::s.
Insinuated itcccipts (except taxes
to be levied lor eurreni >car?
iJa'atice due from Sherill
* 3.*?c>.no
.'ur\ fee I I.Oti
l-ees lor countx ollieers
a.I nu.no
Interest from CouiUn de
positories I..Mm.ltd
Total receipts. $10,000.00
Estimated Disbursements
Outstanding orders, June
30. 11)21 s KiiS.OO
Clerk of Countx Court
Deputy Clerk Couuty
Court. I in number ami
Tynist. 3,300.00
Clerk of Circuit Court
Deputy Clerk Circuit
Court. 1 in number 000.00
Sheriff ami Treasurer
Deputy Sheriirs. 3 in
number .0,300.00
Prosecuting Attorney
Stenographer Prosecuting
Attorney 000.00
Assessor 3,000.00
Assistant Assessors 3 in
number 2,100.00
Office Assessor 1.alio.no
County Financial Secre
tary f,00.00
County <iommi.ssioners
Hoard of Itevicw ami
Ki|Uali/alioii laO.OO
Count \ Itoad Engineer
2. i0M.no
* Sealer of Weights ;md
Measures NOO.OO
Countx Agricultural
Agent. l.2."?o.oo
Countx Health Otlscci
and Nutse .*>.000.00
Janitor Court llouse and
Jail tiliO.UO
hxpenscs <11 Circuit ami
i ntei'im.'diate Courts
I.> pi ;ist? .iu.stiees* Court*
Transportation to Slate
institutions alll).DO
.! Kxpcnse A. Jailor
Mepaii^ .*>00.00
Water. i.i;;lj?. i'ue! A lee
Meeo:*.| Hooks .*>00.00
Sla!ioner \ and (Olice
Supplies 1.000.00
I tents-- i'r? >seeut i ng At
tormx's olliet. 220.00
l'??s|age I .OOU.OO
l*':'eig:it uml Draxa.ue
\dx ertising 3.000.0O
I i h phones Mali.00
Count.v Inlirmarx 2.00c.on
: ?ulsiije I 'our and Mothers
Pensions 3.000.00
!.una''\ a.uou.oo
ln<;ucsts ,'>00.00
Support of Patients in
Slati- institutions 1 .,'>00.00
Audits |jy I )epa: ti'li-nl of
Stale lax ( oniin i ? -.ioner
hxom'rai !i ::is aiio.no
Di limpu nl I a >rs 100.00
InU rest on Pond i-';in<is
to l>e i i. paid .>.000.00
Mi- -ice!hincoii- a.oOti.OO
io',.,! (? , t-; Is > 73.07?S.UO i
I o 1 a| ?.?.?( i p? ?, I o.iloo.oo
.\i><:>?:i ; i ? |raised -I
; t i. ! a >?es -I'd \ ablation
!a\..iiie piop
v 2a.a00.0ii0.00
i ? >' > i > n ? ? 11 i ? a. < i a i r v \ 2 ? > i( n t s
Oi ll>
! STI MAT!-. ?"'>!< Col N i v HO.\D
?? i NI) i*i >;in o'i;s.
Cdimali'd I,<?( cipI(.M-epl ta\es
h? !?? Icvii >i ! cum ill x i :ii I
Hali.m i1 cine Item
. S'?e:-in 1 i:>.7so.;>o
I."i\ -ali-s ami redemptions
Capi hi! ion road t.i\
I 2a.a0
total receipts s t .">.:!,SI .no
l.s! i:: Kited I )i s burse in en t s
Current accounts due ami
unpaid, June 30, 1021.
-1 ::.3.">o.oo
i o-" cor. m?'ticlion. iui
p ov? maul nro niain
"e::;ni. e of County -dis
''ift road- io.ooii.no
' ' I itl.'sl I'll:' I iou ami
nriiulenasjce of bridges
" : Co ?,*, (Iis!j'i?? 1 roads
2.">. i no
'.'I'Jd iiKiy. et?'..
I ,2.">0,0i)
' 'laI di.sbttrscinenls $70,73a.00
' "I'd receipts I.">,081.00
\ointiid in be raised
lr b-v\ 03,7.VTOO
!oj>osed rale of le\y 2a cents
I'l l!|'( ?si-;s.
J.slim di d licci-ipls (( \eej>t taxes J
lo he ic. led loi I'lirn nl \ ear t
l>i'il>iiii'c due I ioiii Sherill
* I SO.00
Ta.\ sales and redemptions
(aipilidions 220.oo
Total receipts > lOa.OO
J -si I milled Disbursements
Delinquent faxes and ex
oneralions and discounts
1'ijr construction, im
provement and main
tenance of Count v-<ii,s
Tot:;! disbursements > l.a!>7.00
'lol.il receipts tu.">.ou
Amount to i>.- mvil
I? \ lev \ '.WJ.U'I
Total assessed valuation
??? taxable pi ;.pi ft v III
distric! ~r'.21. t
l'ri>|?UM'i! rate of !cv\ 1.? cents
o( >o
cstimati. ioi: district i;t>.\!>
rt i:i?( ?ss:s.
lii.i'!-: si i.I'm i; distkm r.
Kstimatcd Kcccipts (except taxes
t<; lit* levied for current vcar>
i :i\ sales and redemptions
> I O.ti'i
Capital i( ns .'ilili.llil
Total receipts ftftHi.OO
L ilniah d Disbursements
Delinquent taxes ami ex
onerations ami discount?
and owi'dra! t > '.M 7.'.M>
I'or construction, im
provement and main
tei: u:ce of Coui'tv-d:
trie' ro;i:|s 2.i.M.lo
Total disbursements s.'t.070.00 j
Total receipts (WiO.OO i
Amount to In* raised
b\ levy 2.110.00.
Total assessed valuation
of taxable propertv ir?
district sl.(?07.1?s:S.00 |
Proposed rate of !ev\ Icents!
?o()o ?
l'l KI'OSKS.
Kstimatcd Kcccipts (except taxes!
to lie levied for current year) -
Tax sales and redemptions
< ~?.00
Capitations Npj.OO
'Total receipts >M0.00
Ksitmated Disbursements
Delinquent taxes and ex
onerations and overdraft
For consti urtion. im
provement and main
tenance of (bounty-dis
trict roads 2.X27.00
Tola! disbursement X 12.00 I
'Total receipts . ... K10.00
Amount to lie raised
. !?> ,iv> :*o:>2.oo
lotal assessed valuation
of taxable property in
district $2,01 N.OOh.OO
I'roposed rate of lev> . | .*? rents j
pi i:p(>si:s. !
m:anki <>kd dis i uict.
j*.>t imateil Keceipts (excepl taxes.'
to he levied fi#r current vear) j
lax salt's and redemptions
* 11).On
< apilations -100.00
'Total l eceipls s JI 0.00 '
I.' itniated I)is|)iirsement.s
Delinquent (axes and ex
onerations and overdraft
* .'iaCt.OO
ror conslruelion, im
provement and main
tenance of County-dis
trict roads 2.S.X2.00
J ota! disbursements >2.7HN.0o
Tola! reeeipls . . llu.aot
Amount t<> ln. raided
..!>> ,l(,vv 2.T2X.OO J
total assessed valuation
of taxable propc.rlv in
? 'si.a:.2.:i i.cti ;
(Topou-d rate of !i vy Irents.!
0< )i;
i:si imat f-: R)i? jhs?i.*i<: i ii:?\D
I'OfiT V.PKIXC Ii|S I l; 1CT.
T.sl una led .!:-?<? v- i |?;-. (except taxes
.Jo ii, levied in; currcui v, ,,i i
C.dance our fion Siierill
>?!.<? I2.5
! :i\ s;j!' s ; 11: r; di mp'ions
it i ? > i * s .":>n.:;u
Tela! : i|?!s ? J "ju.L'.i
i! !j?:?!???! Disbursements
i).ii!".?ptcn' i'ul ex
onerations ... .<?<mat'
I Ju.ui;
l-\ir > <in^!rue!ion, im
prov em: n! I m.iin
I.'S i :ce nl Ciiunlv-dis
iri'-1 roads !."i<2.2 !
I'olai disinu'senicals !; 1.1 .*?2.2a
I 11!:? i receipts U. 1 Ju.l|!>
\mo:i(il to t;rai ed
':>> levv 2,0^2.00
!'o'ai assessed valuation
rt" lax.dile proporl> in
? i is! r icI t I / ti.lMi
i'roposed rah' of lev \ l > ills
of )o
ISTIMAii: I* < > I? |)!STI!ICT l:<!\l>
'i<?sii (oi;m:u nis i t.ic t.
I'NIimaled lUeeipIs (excepl lavs
In lie levied for current v 'an
Ual.inee due front Siierill"
T:i.\ sides and redemptions
Cap'!:ilion.s .*>00.00
receipts >2.170.(ia
I'.sitmaleil Dislxirsi'iucnts
I>eiin<iuciil taxes and ? x
oneralious and discounli
s | | 0.(10
i? ( i construction, im
Ijrovcinen! and main
Iciiiiuce of Count v -ilis
!rid roads l.'.W.Ui.")
IC'.al dislnirsemenIs ^."..OJllMia
Total receipts 2,I70.U?~>
\uiount iu lie raised
bv lew 2.(i20.00
Iota! assessed valuation
of laxalde properly in
district >'1.7a.'>..">71.00
l'rojiose?I rab* of levy 1 cents
o( )o
r.stimaled Keceipts (except laxes
t(v lie levi"d for current vear;
Kaloncc due from SherilF
# I. la I.8S
Tax sales and redemptions
Cop it ul ions 12a.00
Total receipts ?I,D8C?.XS
I'.sitmated Disbursements I
Delinquent taxes and ex- '
titui'titiu"1! itiscouitU
S 111 7.00
l*t?r construction. im
piovenic.it and main
tenance <>f ( . Mlllt > -?i I
liiads 1 .NS
'i i'.i! .'ibin n !iS s.?.n;:,s..XN
Total receipts 1 .'ASti.N.S ,
Amount to be raided
h> !rw ;;..v.2.oo
Total jism'SnC'I valuation
ot taxable propertx in
district L'S.IMI
Proposed rate of lex x . 1cents,
o( to ?
!? i rposks.
\r:ad<?\\ di.cff district.
listMinti ?! iirci'ii'N l.i\r>"'
to t?. !; . icd for current xcai 1 -
Ralant c iliir from Shcritl
> 31.SI
Tax s.'U ; and red* mplions
Capitation > OilO.OO
To!:.I receipts . s(...I.SI j
Estimated Disbursements
I?*? IiiU|Ui'nt taxes and ex
onerations and discount
Eor construction. im
prox-cmcnt ;ii*?I main- ? I '
I en nice of County-dis- .
trict roads .">.17 I.SI
Tola! disbursement -Sa.37 I.M I '
Total receipts ti.M.Sl j'
Amount In In* raised I
by Icxx -1,723.00 j I
Total assessed valuation
of taxable propertv in ! '
district *3.153.331.00
Proposed rate of lew .. 15 cents
Estimated Receipts (except t:i\es
to l:e levied far ?urrent yean ?
Balance due from SherilT
I ax sales and redemptions
Capitations 500.011
Total receipts ->'2,331.00
Esi.maled Disbursements
Delimpient taxes and ex
oncratious and discount
si 00.00
For construction, im- L
provenient and main
tenance of Count v-dis
trirt roads 5,552.90
Total disbursements *5.7 j
Total receipts . 2,33 1.00 j
Amount to be raided
J>> b'\ > . It. |tl,S.tilt
1 otal assessed valuation
of taxable propertv in
district *2.272,101.00 J
1 t oposcd rate of levy J.? cents:
Wll.UA.MSlH |{(i DISTiRICT. ?
Estimated Receipts (except |a\e.
lo be levied lor current year)
la\ sales and redemptions
,. . . s ."?.00
Capitation, iiSl).lilt
Total receipts .. . s;i,S5.nti!
Iv it mated 1 > ? dm r semen.
Delimpient :;.\es am! < \ ?
oneratson- discount and
overdrafj s l
For con ' m lion. jln.
provemci.i ;: 111! luain
lenrmcc .. Coutdx-di.s
Irict la.ad > L'.Ml'.t.aJ
Total di .bu'^cmenls - I.I 77.00 t
're ip'* :;,s;?.oni
Amomit !?? be r;j .-d
. !?v ,'' v> :;.7:u.(jit'
h.tai :i> ;'ss-.?d valuation
of t:i\a* properly i:i
distri- '. >'2.."?2S.7tt:i.OO I
Pi "j)i)Me<i r.i'f of le\ \ 1 cents |
11' '? \' ? i '< ' N i > 1M ' I Si'OSl I.
Iii" ( oiii'l |'"oeeeded lo make u >
at* >? tiinab . . ie amount necessarx ?
lo !>.' Ie\it d f. r i!ie current lisra! .
\iv.r to pa" !!:?? in!i*rest on .?ud j
pvo\ ide a sia! ? fund for the li>-j
cliarije <>f l!tc '??'ii'.eipal of a i' .ad ?
I a.r-d Is^lle > ! !l 1.000.00 in I 'due i
sulphur 10-m! a !. aidbori/.ed I?\ a1
'."N <<n lif is;.; da\ , ?f SepteniJ''i, |
I'.'L'ii. to bn!!d permanent roads, as j
provided ?.* section 2(! and U",
cbapler C.t'. Acts Kej-ular Sessi., i
I'.tl/. and ?!?.?]? determine and csii-;
mate that i! v.i!J be nrcess.irx
raj?-e I In amounl of 10.00* fori
said pur,)o /.? .. and to pa\ the same ,
v.ijl require a lcv> of Forl>-!ive|
( l.?e ? on ? . !i one luindred doll Us j
I o| tin* vain 11 ? iin t.f the tiroperlv |.t\- !
able in satd blue Sulphur DisP ief, !
based Ujnm the last assessment of i
real and percmal itroperlx lb r< .n !
as follows:
Deal Estate < 1 JO.
| I'ersona! I'rop
????!> NCia.
I 'oblic i iii Jy
l'roiierl\ J |.NSC,
ilOAD l'< \J) PI DI'OSI S.
i I be (.ourt proceeded to nial.i* up i
an estimate of llie amount neecss.irv !
I to lie levied ff.r the current Jiscsil J
year lo pa\ flic interest on ami I
provide a sinkiny fund for the diM-l
charge of I In* principal of a lioad !
! Dond Issue of 1 ll,'!.000.Oil in Fori!
! Spring District, authorized |>\ a I
; vole on the Tlii da\ of October. l!)|i; I
! lo build periuaucnl roads, as pro
vided in sections 20 and 27. chapter'
| '*.('? Acts Regular Session MM 7. and!
doth determine and estimate thai i
il will be neeessarv to raise the -i
j mount of s7.!l7."i.OO for said pur
poses. and lo pay the same will re-?
'pure a lev\ of Twenty-five (2.")cij
I on each one hundred dollars of ij,c!
: \ultMdion of the proper!\ I isabl- i
in said i'orl Spring Dislriel. based!
j upon Hie !.????' assessinen! of real ami ?
| personal properlx Ihcrein as i
Deal I. dale s 1.00 |.?.?S.">
I'ersonal I'rop
crly t?7.'l,l?()0.
! Public riilily
('roper',x l?7.'l,37 I.
'I'olal . .^.2:?H,(II!I!
The Court proceeded to make up
i:i male of the amount ncci*ss;?r>
o In- levied for tin* current lineal
i. .ir to pa\ the interest t??i ae.d
i*i.? i ie a sinking fund for tnc di-.
,marge of the principal of a P.oad
llonti i .ik* t>l ? IJ ..">nn.00 in Frank
on! District. authorized l?> a \otc
m lilt* I/III da\ of April. 1020. to
liuiid permanent roadv .?> provided
ii: -cctions 2f? and 27. chapter on
V ts Session i'.MT. and doth
..Urmiuc and estimate that st will
?e ni'ci'ssarj 1" raise the amount oi
<."'.07.">.00 tor said purposes, and to
?a\ tin" >ame v. ui require a lcv\ of
rwent\-!ivc i2."?e> ?>n eacii one >
lumlrcd dollars of tin* valuation of
In* pro,?i*rt> taxable in s.ud Frank
"ord District. based upon tin* last
issessmciit of real and personal
?ropertx. therein. as lullow.s:
Ileal Instate >'.'7 2.7."?n.
i't rsoiisd Prop
erty IN:{.7ii'?.
Public I ltli!\
I'ropertv I0."?..V?1.
I otal . s| ,tj~>2,0r?l.!
isoad i i .vh puiposks.
1 he Court proeeeded to make uj)
ui estimate of I lie amount necessary1
o he levied for the current tiscal i
ear to pay the interest on and
uovidc a sinking (unci for the dis
?liariu* of the principal of a lioud
Jond Issue iff sl.Ki.aOO.OO in Lewis-|
nirg District, authorized 1?\ vote on
he loth day of April, 1 0 1 (i, to huild
>ernianent roads, as provided in
ections 2(1 and 27, chapter GO Acts
tegular Session l!M7, and doth de
ermine and estimate thai it will
>c necessary to raise the amount of
'I.!.4a0.n0 for said purposes, and to
?*?y the same will retpiuire a lew
>f lhirty-fivc (3a) cents on each
me hundred dollars of the valua
i?n of the properly taxable in said
.ewisburg District, based upon the
last assessment of real and personal
>ropetiy therein, as follows:
'Heal Estate ?2,:r2t>,5l5.
Personal Prop
erty I.:i07.:?t0.
Public Utility
Property 201.10a
Total ... S!l.!l2."i ^''O.
I he (.ourt proceeded to make up
;ui estimate of the amount necessary
lo be levied for the current lisca!
Near to pay the interest on anil
provide a sinking lund for the dis
charge of t!u- prineipal or a Itoad
Pond Issue of ?>"12ii.fHMt.no in Mcatl
n\\ Mull District. ;:ulhorixcd b\ a
\?>te of the Klli day of April, l!)!<;.
lo build permanent roads, as *>
vided in sections 2ii and 27. cha-der
lili A? ls (tegular Se>sion I??I 7. '-snd
do h delenuine and estimate thai i!
will be necessary lo raise tin
mount of si l.;?(iu.o?i ror
p' ses. and to pay Ihe same will rc
'l?"ie a levy o| Tnirtv-iive (.">.")?
c cuts on each one hundred dollars
"I I lie valuation of f|,e properlv
taxable in s.ii,| M, w I '.lull Dis
met, based upon the iasi asscs.s
? >1 real .mil personal properlv
thei ein, as follows :
ileal Kslale v2.(i!7.."{I
Per.son.ii I'rop
i',!> I
Public I !i|it\
!': <.|>t !*:.\ ' ill*.
_ r'.i.l IU..S72
ItOAD i i \D ."! ni'o.SKN
I.:'.ri?.{ ATI:.
llu* '.our! pro.'cede,i ]<. niai\c :? ? >
a:i I'siimatf ??! ihe ainounl net essai \
It# Ii*- icvic?i! inr Ihe nirrrnt fisc.ii
v ear lo j?a\ the interest on ami
provide a .sinking fund for the di.^
?harge of the principal of a Moad
?oiiu I - st:i? of s J,').oni|.uu i >i While
Sulphur District. a;ithori/.l(| |lV
Vote I?f -i'.e Mil 11:of Apr:!. I !)1 (i.
Io bujo. in ; manenl roans, :-s nro
vided ;n Sections 2(i and "7. cliaoti*!*
'?'? Ai ls iiei'uiar Session 1.U7. and
dot,i ' I'tei :ii:?K and estimate thai i!
v. UI be nee: -. , r;!jM. pu.
".."in: of .r7..S7."?.oo ror .;,!<! pu,
.mt. lo p.p. x;t;:i'? \\ ? ji re
'I .i' ;i ll'v> " Twcii!\ live t2."?)
eenl.s I.n ear., |,:i:i i;: d dollars
l ,' l i xi.'b.an.on of |ne pj-operlv
a\ab!e in sani \\nilc Snlolair his
upt.a II.?? last assess
?Mi'id of real an,| person:.! properlv
l.ierein. as ?m!IoV n :
Ileal iv ; 7 IS I Ci'i
Persona: . ; . '
.(T!> r?(?i.
I'ublic I !iJ:; v
''"t'.-i'ly D7
2.S j.2!M.
slab* of WVn! Virginia,
'?ounh of (.reenbrier. To-Wit:
1 :!"yst !i. Clerk of tbr
Uninly | ?r si.id . **,
"f * ,l" hereby cerhfv lha! (lie
fo.e-oin.M conform lo orders made
ami eiijered b\ s;ii,| Counlv Court
? hi 111'- .Mb day of August, 1021.'
,!} V\ n ll".('(T band liiis loth
Ua\ o! August, J 021.
Clerk Count> Court.
iisriM \tm.
State of Wi'sl Virginia,
of (Irccnbrier. To-Wit:
hislricl of Mc;i(l(?\v lihill.
At ;i regular session of the Hoard
of I.duration <.r Meadow Hlull dis
Iri*.-t of (irecnbricr count.N held at
the regular Hireling place thereof,
on I In* second Tuesday in August,
I tt'21. Present: .1. I?. Hedges, Presi
dent of s:iid board of education,
iind .1. (i. Ilepler and W. I". W.
Morgan. ?annmissioners.
! 11 accordance with chapter IN.
Acts 1!?L?I. the board of education
proceeded S?> make up an otinudc
of the aniotnd necessary to he lev
ied for the enrrenl iiscal \car. to
cover all district debts and liabil
iI it s payable during the >ear, in
cluding the probable cNpeuditures
for district purposes, and proper
allowances for delimjtienl taxes, ex
onerations and contingencies, Ind
d( dueling the money in the treas
ury applicable to the service of the
years and district claims dolh de
termine and estimate the several a
mounts to be levied as follows:
M\ISI| WNII fl'NI) i;stimai?:,
(:ii Tin' amount due utul tsie a- j
mount !hu! will become due and
co!lcc!ib!e from e\er\ soiiiw lor'
maintenance fund purposes. except
I nun tin* It \ \ o| taxes |iir such pur- .
pose- to In* made tor Itio current
lisial \ear.
Amounl * I in* from Nlie'iH"
s2.."> }
bclintpi-iit real estate
t edcii.ption? ami sa!
1 5.00
est/mai ed disechsemex ts. i
<b? 1 ill' debts and demands
owi'd bytin- district. and pavabh
on! of the llutinlcHoiicc hunt for
current Iiscal year.
Outstanding orders .luni'
?i'-M s 1
fotal $ 1 ,V> ?)(> '
ic) All expenditures payable'out!
, ,l'x \ ,(" maintenance lund our
|?osis tor current lisral vear. '
Delinquent taxes, dis
counts and exoner
.. VI,<m,n * 152.SI
Salaries of district of
hcers and employees M2.no
rdcclion expenses 200.00
Janitors 2,100.01)
?Matioiufry and supplies
, I0.0O
Postage |-,.oo
Advertising 50.00
??spcction 100.00
.Miscellaneous supplies
I olal ?_ *4 !>U5 '10
lota! disbursements .". $5 jofn'iO
I olal receipts >52.557 ???
Amount to be raised .. ?S2,507!iil
estimated heceipts.
(a' Tiie amount due and the a
mount that will become due and
collecti.de from every source for
teachers* fund purposes except from
levy of taxes lor such mirposes to
be made for current fiscal vear.
Balance due from Sheriff
i, l. , *W1.21
delinquent real estate,
j redemption and sales
i Tola' $1,936.21
I (hi I he debts and demands
j J) wed by tin- district and payable
oul of the teachers'fund for i-urrent
! iiscal \ t ar.
j (airrenl accounts due and
unpaid, .1 une 30. l!t'j|
I ol.ii v?>
i . .it ------ - A /..tit
r' A" expenditures pa.xable out
o tc\ \ lor teachers lund purpose
? >>'" current year.
Delinquent taxes, dis
count -and exoneration*
... . . * 1,01 iS.Oii
; I udjo:i <jf eienientary
j pupils transferred to
! other district
j . 200.00
jInstitute attendance 025.00
ii.oupor.s oi credit | lo.uo
j 2.) teachers *105.00 per
i . .."I"15'1.1 I iS?'{75.00
i Hi teachers *80.00 per
! nionlli Ji.'.MiO.OO
! I teacher* UH per
I II ."{..'.?{??.Mil
: I ? > 1 11 k ??., ,?
! ' "!:d evti'iialed dis
i 'rVV1 V1 *?>2.(?!I5. 10
I '?{;,[ estimated ic
i ?"cipls s | ;)?{<; ? ? i
Amount to he i ar; -d
,,v ,l*v> >:i0.75!?.25
( ) And the I'oard of lalucalion dolh
? J?fiei mine and estimate thai il will
f/'r . ' V:il "V ?" r,!isi' s2..")!)7.<il
I or uia in! en a nee fund purposes and
leachers' iiin.i i>u:-_
jpuses Jo conduct ||je schools in
: mw o"! ": U 'i U" h! !" ?f M'Vlll
.1oa._ is, and to pax the same will
I . 'J ,l'vv ul seven cenls (7c >
; . ,!,?iiiienanec fund purpose, and
for leachers' fund
.pin poses on each one hundred dol
; valualiiiii or id! ]iro|ierlv la\
j. s;,!il ^b'adow Itlull' districl.
' ;.'M <I noon the Insl {is>c.s.jm.|!i o!
; leal am! uersonal propert\ tliercin.
: .is lohow.s:
I '1 Ileal estate *-2.0 I7..'J|5.
(!?? iN-rsonal iM'op
. V,r\V .. :?5f
? c ) I ubiic ! 1 i ji|\
Property 111,502
io,',! -S5.71 O S72.
J f I(? 11 SCJIOOI. |'( UpoSl-'S
I n*-.\ciii:MS' KIM) lis riM\?V;.
, (.i? The amount due and the a
i niounl liiaj wiM become due and
j<oUictil)le from every source for
.teachers fund purposes for high
I vehoolss, except from levy of taxes
, lor such purposes to be made for
, current Iiscal year.
[balance due from ShcrilV
i I % . i! .. 11 i
I'eliiKpient real eslate.
77." s 11.;,(}
I ' "n7 1V. J' ' 1 ls ES EM EM'S.
? (b I he (||>|||S and demands
jo\wid by the ilislrict and payable
out of the leachers' fund lor high
I hsi? a 1 *\ea'!'1'^'s r<"' tin- eurrenl
!f cxpiMidilures payable oul
I :.?i for tcjichers purposes for
"... M'. schools for eurrenl vear
l uilion of high school
,>l,|M's s1.15 I.,S2
I idal disbursement s| | ~,.| vv
(olal receipts s 'm"'-./;
Amounl lo be raised
')V l('vv - SI. 113.20
And the hoard id eilMcalion doth
I h lei mine and estimate Ibid it will
I or necessary lo raise *I,I1.V>0 t.,
, p?.v In11 icin of high school pupils
ill VYrv w'" reipiire ;i
, Uxv of three cents Cio ?? leacli
;< in fund purposes on each one
(hundred dollars' valuation of ',||
IK, ""1' i" -nl.l
liiuu (11sii lei based uiion the l ist
I assessment of real and persi'ird
i l.,,!('l/,in- ns follows;
I Jl'i I'/ !|1 labile S2,(M7,:U5
< >> "ersofud orc?n
ert\ 0.7
(v- > Public 1'tility
l'ro?;ert> 111
M.W Hi ll.DIM. ,\N!> [\\ ??
(Elementary and High S<
(a> The amount due ;u?i
mount that will become ?Ih(
collectible from evoiv
new buildinu an,I .
///.'/purposes. except fn.;? 1
levy *>!' taxes for such purp!,... ,
I)-.' made for the current - '|
Halance due from Sheritl '?
^ 1 2ti. i 1
Delinquent real estate.
redemption and sales
I ."j.iii)
Total sp. -.
?1 ? < 1
(1>) The debts and detn ('?.
owed by the district ami the
and demands that will become YmS
and payable during the current !?
cal year, and payable out
new build in <j and im;>r<>r,- c!fi
fund. '
(c) All expenditures pav;i!>U
of the levy for new b'ltildin,,
improvement fund jmrposcs f'.,.'
current year.
Delinquent taxes, dis
count and exonerations
* 50U.AO
New Huildiugs 4,078.0.7
Equipment and Buildingss
Furniture 75.00
J tent 500.00
Iniproveinents of old
building 500.00
Total -<715
Total disbursements __ 7 ."i(i;{ j-,
Total receipts 111.71
Amount to be raised
by levy .? -S7.Ul.7j
And the board of education <Km.
determine and estimate that it w-ui
be necessary to raise ?7,421.71 for
new bliildiilff and improveincnl
fund purposes, and to pay the muv.c
will require a levy of twenty eenls
(20c.) o'i each one hundred il(?ll;?rV
assessed valuation of all property
taxable in said Meadow lilull ?lu
trict, based'upon lite last a?essn e:ii
of real and personal property ther;*
in. as follows:
(a) Heal Estate *2.0 i7.Y.
(b) Personal Property . 1
(c) Public Utility property lll. 'ij
Total sli.TH' >*j.
State of West Virginia.
("ounly of (ireenbrier.
District of Meadow Blnil. !u-v.':
I. M. I., (iillespie. Secretary :>f
the Hoard of Education in ami 1 ir
Meadow Hluil" di.-trict of said cd:;m y
and State, do hereby certify !h.,t
the foregoing conform to
made and entered by said board si
I he Dili day of August. 1021.
(liven under my hand lh:
dav of August. 1021.
M. I.. (aU.ESPIK.
Secretary Hoard of lMu<
Meadow HlulV District, 're
I brier County. Wesl Y.i
C.tmdciisi'il /ram Ihe Issue <>j .1 .j
S. LSN!>.
i (i. W. Saver, of Sweet S in ..
I Monrot' cuimly. h:is lost 10 sh--.;
( by dogs in the last I wo weeks.
I The eoroncr's jury i:n estii,;i!i 1
: Ihr lynching of .John Carier. <
! here. on .Inly li'Jd. heard cvidt
| on Monday and Tuesday iin-i
Ijonrned over till Friday.
1 Lewis P>. Sliuirt, :i colored "i
i from Charlottesville. Vii..
j he;:'ing his wjiy buck home <?.< ;i ,
| freight train fe'l o1V neat* I'." -
! verte and v as killed.
A parly from the While dr< ??
?over lo Lew isburg in ;i c.ini
! yesterday afternoon. The c;;r
jriage \v:is ovi-rlnrui'd. in I hi*
i suburbs ;ind .Nicholas Levoroni. "
j Dalian I'aron. had his right i
i broken helween the elbow a" I
| shoulder and also got several
j cuts on his he:ul.
! (iilhert Wahlen, of Virginia. ? r
| ;i pleasing entertainment in i? ?
i ow n ll.ill 'i ucsda\ evening, i
i numiior of Ihe voung people of t ?'
j town furnishing the inu- ir. M
V/jj'den is a render and cloeu'i > -
isis of decided merit. Mark IV: y
assisted with a good dcclainalioii;
J A. J. Li ve.sa> read a selection <l
I Sam*I C. Mrighl rendered the Lord's
j I'rayr in Ihe sign language.
i Bright, lale of Lewi dnirg, is
j teacher in the Deaf Mule InslihiU'
j in Little lioek. Ark.
i Dr. and Mrs. .I. (i. Cumphcli. of
| r.loominglon. III., lost their IiI!N rt
j year-old daughter as Ihe result of a
i fall from a pony she was riding
Mrs. Campbell before marriage U-!S
j Miss Kale Jarrott, of Mudd> Creek
j this county.
! Died: On July (>, \81>, at the
j home of his brother. Calvin Ilann.i,
in Palling Spring district. Joseph W
? Ilanna. aged ,">G years.
j John D. Van Pelt shot and s. v
iously wounded a man named Cur
ry .it p.ig IJcnd Tunnel on Tluns
day last. Van Pell had dischai'.-'td
Curry and when the littler relum
ed seemingly with belligerent pur
poses Van Pelt warned hi,ni and. a.s
Curry continued lo advance *">'?
I him.
Miss Linda Kivkpatriek is :d
j home from an extended visit with
t friends in Mason County.
| Hev. Chas. \V. Peyton, of Texas,
j is visiting his falher. Chas. L. P? v*
| Ion, I*)s(|., and other kin and friends
i in this his native county.
John L. Ilines, who succeeded
Mason M. Patrick id West Point,
from this Congressionsd District, i>
enjoying a vacation al his home af
\V'?''e Sulphur.
Miss Mary Cary Waller, of Sl'1^"
ford county, Virginia, is visit''1#
( lire sister, Mrs. J. N. Caldwell at the

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